July 9, 2019

Molly’s Ice Cream Themed 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is three years old. I know every parent probably feels this way but it’s just so crazy how quickly she’s growing up. I could probably write a novel about how proud I am of her and what an amazing little girl she’s growing into. But…

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Bachelor Nation
July 8, 2019

The Bachelorette – Hometowns

To start, don't read this if you haven't watched on the west coast yet! Can you believe that we are already on hometowns? Everything just feels so uncertain, and even after this episode, I am still not certain what's going to happen! Let's jump right into my thoughts on tonight's episode so…

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Bachelor Nation
June 17, 2019

The Bachelorette – Drama drama drama

Sooooo much drama on the show tonight. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a bummer because at the beginning of the season I had such high hopes for it. I thought it was going to be one of the best seasons ever! It’s just not turning out that way. I…

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June 12, 2019

The Bachelorette – Luke

So I feel like the conversation for last night's episode is so similar to last week still. All about Luke! Ugh. I can't wait to hear what you guys think. Let's jump right in!

The Battle of the Lukes

I want to say right off the bat that Luke S has nothing…

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Bachelor Nation
February 12, 2019

The Bachelor – Who isn’t “Ready”?

Anyone else think last night episode was boring? I feel like things always get a bit boring at this point in the seasons. It's when the drama dies down (except the little bit we see of Oneka and Nicole which I'll get to) and the real serious relationships haven't…

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February 5, 2019

The Bachelor – Never Been Kissed to Nothing but Kissing

Oh my gosh, I have so much to say about last night's episode! Let's dive right into it!

Heather Date

Gosh, Heather is such a sweetheart. But I have to say on their entire date I just keep holding my breath hoping and praying that she wouldn’t kiss him! Kissing is thrown…

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Bachelor Nation
January 22, 2019

My Bachelor Blog is Back!

Hey guys! My Bachelor blog is back! As you guys know, I’ve watched every single season of the show since I was the Bachelorette back in 2010 and I’ve  blogged every single season since then too. So even though I’m crazy busy right now (two kids and working is no joke), I’m…

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