Affordable Friday
February 26, 2021

Affordable Friday 1st Spring Edition – All About the Tee!

Oh my gosh, I just realized as I started typing this that this is my very first Affordable Friday from Nashville! Yay! And on top of that, it’s my first Affordable Friday spring edition of the year! You guys know how much I love a good t-shirt and this Affordable Friday is…

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Bachelor Nation
February 22, 2021

The Bachelor Final 4 and Chris Harrison

Hi guys. Thanks for coming over to the blog today about Matt and the final 4! I apologize for not getting a blog up last week. Quite honestly I just had too much going on in my own life to give the blog the proper attention that it deserved after last week's…

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Affordable Friday
February 20, 2021

5 Best Ways to Save Money

Hi guys! I really hope that by coming to the blog today you take away something useful and valuable for your life. I do a lot of blog posts about things that I like to buy and products that I love, but today’s blog post is a bit different and I’m really…

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Bachelor Nation
February 8, 2021

The Bachelor – Will The Drama Ever End?

Welcome to my Bachelor blog today and happy Monday! I hope all of your weeks have started out great so far! You might have seen on my stories but I started my day sharing my bowl of breakfast pasta with Riley. Ha! Anyways, let's get right into today's episode because it was…

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Bachelor Nation
February 1, 2021

The Bachelor – The Demise of the “Queen”

Hi! Welcome to my Bachelor blog today! I really want to jump right into it today because I can't wait to discuss all these personalities with you!!! What did you think of tonight's episode? Let's jump into it!

I have to start by saying that it is absolutely incredible to me that…

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Bachelor Nation
January 25, 2021

The Bachelor – New Girls Shake Things Up

Happy Bachelor Monday everybody! There is SO much to discuss in tonight's episode and I can't help but start with chatting about the new girls! Let's get right into it!

Normally in past seasons I would not have been okay with new women being introduced mid-season. I would’ve thought it was super…

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January 25, 2021

Keeping Kiddos Busy

Big thank you to Walmart for being a sponsor of my blog!

I’m not gonna lie, being a parent this month has been a challenge. The kids have been a handful to say the least. Not that I can blame them, we did just move more than…

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