The Bachelorette – Drama drama drama

Sooooo much drama on the show tonight. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a bummer because at the beginning of the season I had such high hopes for it. I thought it was going to be one of the best seasons ever! It’s just not turning out that way. I found myself having a hard time finishing the episode. And you guys know I normally wait and post my blog posts the next morning but I think I was just so annoyed with the episode that I needed to talk about it now. SPOILER WARNING: If you are on the West Coast stop reading now if you don’t want to read any spoilers!!!!! Come back once you watch 🙂

But before I get into that, I wanna say even though some of the photos in this blog are pictures of me and Molly with roses pretending to watch the Bachelorette, that’s just what we were doing “pretending”. There’s no way I would let her watch the show and especially not tonight’s episode! But I did think they would make for some cute filler photos for this blog post. And since I am posting this so soon after the episode, I can’t get any pics off ABC’s website yet. And honestly, I just really love my top. I like that it covers my arms and I love the color and print. You guys know how much I love this color and print because I had the exact same print/color in a tank top that I styled for this FABULOUS office look. I also want to link my wine glass since every single time I do an insta story drinking from one. I get SOOOO many DM’s asking where it’s from. It’s the BEST right?!! I love the long stem! I guess it’s the same glass Olivia Pope used in Scandal. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Molly didn’t really watch the show from the get-go so none of you think I’m letting my two-year-old daughter watch the craziness of The Bachelorette. Ha! And of course I’m gonna link everything in the photos below each pic.


The Guys Versus Luke

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually think I was kinda on Luke’s side tonight in terms of his drama with the guys. I can’t remember what he said about the other guys on his date with Hannah. I’m sure he said lies. So in a way the guys had a right to be upset with him for bringing up their names. But at the end of the day Hannah was the one asking about it and he had to talk about it with her. I remember him saying that Luke S didn’t seem to be there for the right reasons. But I certainly don’t remember him saying anything negative at all about any of the other guys. And it sounds like he didn’t. For some of the guys to be so hung up on the fact that their names were said at all even though it wasn’t in a negative context is so childish to me. That said, I do get that Luke has just lied so much up to this point that the guys can’t stand him and therefore can’t see anything that comes out of his mouth. That I get! I just think he’s dug a hole so deep at this point that nothing he can say or do will be right. I just think the guys should’ve kept it together a bit more like Peter, Mike and Jed did.

The only blurry photo I could get – hopefully will replace this tomorrow!

And I think the fact that all the guys stayed in the room when the argument continued (after Hannah came in) also says a lot about how they feel about Hannah. No one got up and left and said, “Hey guys, she’s over this and said she wants to continue the night so I’m not gonna sit here and fight with you. I’m going to go see her.” And another thought that I had was she kind of talking down to all of them. If I was on the show and the Bachelor came in and talked to all the girls the way she talked to the guys, I’d be disgusted by him. I just don’t think she’s showing them a ton of respect. She’s kind of acting like the queen with all the power or something and feels like she can talk to them that way because she’s the Bachelorette. But I want to make clear that I don’t think she’s a bad person. I think Hannah is wonderful! I personally believe she is a little bit inexperienced and is making mistakes. The same mistakes I made in dating when I was her age. Gosh, I was awful in my early 20s. I would pick fights with my boyfriend over nothing! Or I’d say I wanted one thing even though I wanted something completely different. Ha! You live and you GROW. So I think Hannah has some growing to do and needs to practice a bit more restraint. And I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this. But it’s how I feel about this season – it feels like she needed a good couple years before this experience. And I think it’s good if we have different opinions. We can talk them out in the comments below. As long as we do it respectfully 😉



Sit Down with Chris Harrison

The sit down with Chris Harrison at the end was absolutely ridiculous. You all realize that they filmed this after the season ended right? Or at the VERY earliest after Hometowns which is the only time everyone goes back to LA. The reason I know this is because it was filmed in the mansion. But I think when they filmed it the show had ended and she’s engaged to someone (or maybe not), and she’s going back and pretending to be back in the place she was when they were in Latvia. It’s absolutely impossible for her to do that! To be completely honest with you guys I almost shut the show off and stopped watching 30 seconds into the conversation. It was all just so scripted and felt like an act. No fault on Hannah. If the show asked her to do then she had to do it. I just wish they didn’t! It took all of the realness out of the show. At one point she said she had a “glimmer of hope” that it would work out and you could TOTALLY see the excitement behind her eyes. This girl is ALREADY engaged ya’ll. Which is why having her film this after the show is so silly. I wish Chris just said, “I know you can’t talk about where you’re now emotionally since the show ended, but let’s go back to Latvia and talk about how you were feeling then” That would’ve be more real!

One thing I do sympathize so much with her on is that it seems like a lot of the guys don’t care to get to know her. She straight up said that no one in the house knows anything about her because nobody asks. And I see that. Do you? They really don’t ask about her or know anything about her. And that makes me worry for her! Are these guys really into her? Are they just saying what they think she wants to hear in order to get further along the season? Possibly.


And I also feel like the sit down with Harrison is the shows attempt to try to justify to everybody why Hannah was so upset. They wanted to show us all the drama in the house and why her being SO upset is warranted. Do you think it is? Honestly, I don’t know. I get that there was drama in the house but isn’t there every season? And a lot of the drama is because she’s keeping a guy that is pretty terrible. I feel for her because I know she likes him. But I also want her to wake up and realize she can fix all this by just sending him home. So on the one hand I feel bad for her because she seems to genuinely care about somebody that is causing all this drama. But on the other hand I feel like she’s doing it to herself by keeping Luke and by being a bit dramatic herself. Yup, I said it. She’s being dramatic about things! Sorry! I feel bad saying it but it’s true. (And again I was the SAME way when I was on The Bachelor – I was young) I do get that love does weird things to people. It makes us blind to things that seem obvious to others. And honestly, I feel like Luke is kind of emotionally abusive. I’ve been manipulated in my past they same way he is manipulating her – it’s a form of abuse in my mind.

But on the other hand I feel like the show is showing us all this past footage to make it seem like she has the worst group of guys and the most drama ever! But is that just because of the guys? Or because of her a little bit too? I just truly don’t know. I’d love to hear what you guys think! We have to discuss this one. I need your help to sort it all out this time. That is why this blog couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I had to post it tonight!

I will say however, that the rest of the season looks gooooood. Can’t wait to see it what happens!

And now that I’m done writing this I realize how weird it is that I’m using these pics of me and Molly for this very intense post about the show. Ha! I didn’t have anything else! #BloggerProblems

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  1. But how can the guys truly be into her when she talks down to them? Honestly, if I was one of the guys when she had her blowup I would have quit. She is no woman I would want to date. I am very much over this season! I could watch half of last weeks episode and turned it off halfway through this episode too. I just can’t deal with the crying and whining from everyone.

      1. From the very beginning she made them all feel like she wanted them and could see them together! Jumping up in each one’s arms and kissing each one so passionately, sometimes on top of them showed immaturity to me, especially when she hardly knew them! But most of the guys were so dense they fell for it and none of them would take control and say Hey, let’s talk about you! She didn’t slow down and give herself a chance! Worst season ever and very juvenile!! Sorry😪

        1. This season is SO juvenile. It’s like watching college kids and not on a good way. They’re way too young and so immature.

        2. Worse season ever, I agree…she is totally immature and I think is keeping Luke around to create the drama for the show ratings…………….I turned the show off last night and I am an avid fan…Worst bachelorette ever!

        1. I think Hannah is the worst bachelorette ever. The fact that she let Luke weasel his way back in after she was going to send him home just flabbergasts me. She’s admitted she sees red flags and realizes he’s just telling her what she wants to her, he even did that after she tried to send him home and she still keeps him?! It’s just crazy! It would be one thing if she was completely oblivious to his actions because of rose colored glasses but she’s not.

          1. EXACTLY! Why would you keep someone who sends off “red flags” this early into a “relationship”??? Just because you want to have sex with him??? NO THANK YOU!!!

          2. Omg yes!! Great point! Beginning of the season she acts like she means no business when she sends girlfried guy home and CAM…yet shes allows Luke to do these things to her and treats the situation much differently all bc her “attraction” to him. Very contradicting to me! Also, how she basically told all the men they were all just as bad…definitely wouldn’t have tolerated that if I was the guys.

        2. Totally agree. Taped the episodes and was deciding if I wanted to watch because I was never excited about her being the Bachelorette. Just started watching over the weekend and it’s exactly what I thought it was going to be. Can’t wait for this season to be over.

    1. I watched part of last week and haven’t watched this week because in my opinion I am over the drama. I am not turning it back on until hometown dates.

      1. Don’t even bother watching this week’s episode, Pamela! I am a die-hard Bachelorette/Bachelor fan and I can’t stand this season.

        Also, in my post I meant to say “I could only watch half of last week’s episode….”

    2. Omg! I’m so glad you said it? She is acting like the “Queen” instead of the bachelorette. I feel there has been many moments where she has talked down to the guys not only as a group but some in particular. What’s that about? In the episode where they cut to her frustrated at Luke as she told the producer or whoever it was on the side lines to just go talk to him about what she was wanting from him…they told her she needed to do that herself, I knew she let it all go to her head. She’s become full of “power” so to speak. It turned this season ugly fast. I hope there is an upcoming episode where I see the girl I adored and am able to love her again.
      I’m with you on your interview perception…clearly it’s after shes engaged or not so what’s the point of it? If they had mentioned this was a reflection interview it would have made sense. It still seems like a weird insertion spot. Waste of Episode time.
      This season has been disappointing so far. It’s become very hard to finish watching my recorded episodes, like seriously I force myself to watch just to free up my TVR space.
      I hope this season turns around and soon.

      1. Fast forwarded through the entire interview with Chris Harrison. Such a waste of time…the whole show left me feeling that way. UGH!

        Why did the previews show the guys who were left at the end? What a spoiler. Annoyed with that as well.

        1. Totally agree with that! The preview looks like it ruined it and even if it turns out different Tham what it seems, its still annoying they did that!

          1. That’s what I was thinking! I was like…. no Peter in the previews? He must be gone. The upcoming scenes and even end interview was like a huge spoiler that should have been at the end if anywhere.

      2. I 100% agree with you! My husband and I watch the show together and we are both surprised that the guys haven’t got up and left her after the way she speaks to them sometimes. That being said, we do like her and think she’s got a super funny and awesome personality! She just has some maturing to do 🙂 Wishing her the best of luck!

      3. I had high hopes but she is the worst bachelorette ever. ABC makes mistakes in casting the bachelor all the time, but this is the first time with the bachelorette. It is a waste of a season. So sad. I do hope she finds love, I just don’t want to watch her try anymore. Here’s to hoping bachelor in paradise is better!

        1. This week while talking with Chris she divulged she has had her heart broken many times that she has a problem trusting men. I think that it is obvious this poor girl wants out of this.

      4. i think that moment is not about power but rather immaturity and not being able to handle to conflict and conversation – same way in middle school you get a friend to talk to the guy you like or you want to break up with – she was hoping if a producer spoke to him they’d get through to him better

    3. I like Hannah. I love how she is herself. She says exactly what she’s thinking. She seems to be really analyzing Luke and trying to make her own decision. I do think here is still manipulating her. He honestly scares me and I want her to run fast. When he came back after she asked him to respect her and her decision to send him home I was like noooooo!!! I do think it was crap how she came down on the other guys. The majority of them weren’t saying anything or causing any drama. The ones that were had a reason to be upset. Luke continues to talk about them. They don’t trust him so regardless of circumstances they aren’t going to believe a word he says. Luke is the cause for the drama, not the other guys. Her comments last night were not fair to the others at all. I am excited to watch the rest of the season because it looks good. I just wish Luke was gone.

      1. I’m thinking that the other guys should just walk out and let her have Luke…she’s beginning to show the same immaturity that Luke has…they may just be great together…she doesn’t deserve the other guys.

          1. Peter’s bio says that he lives at home with his parents- this is not normal for a man who wants to marry, eh???

      2. Ugh I completely agree with you! I’m having such a hard time watching Hannah because she is seriously acting like a brat. Yes, a brat! She’s throwing fits constantly, she’s definitely talking down to the guys, and she’s acting like she can do no wrong. I absolutely hate how she addresses the entire room saying things like, no one even knows her at all, no one respects her, she’s not comfortable with any of them. If she truly feels that way, no way will any real relationships develop. Didn’t she even say they were annoying her last week? I get she is overwhelmed by it all but she’s just acting like she walks on water and she really doesn’t. However, I also feel like so many of these guys could care less about her and just want to stay on the show. I truly don’t see any real relationships at this moment. Hopefully it’s just the editing and there’s more to it, but the drama is getting to be a little bit unbelievable and I feel like I’m watching a teenager. I think Hannah is just a bit inexperienced. I’m not trying to hate on her, I think she’s cute and sweet, but not right for this position.

    4. Agreed!! I wouldn’t want to date her with the way she talks to all of them. She’s very rude and disrespectful. Worst bachelorette ever and I’ve seen them all.

    5. I’m sorry, but she is a horrible bachelorette, maybe the guys would like to get to know her in a deeper level, but all she does is makeout with them, I have not seen one conversation with any of them that has been worth listening too. This has to be the worst season, she asks like a queen, I just can’t tolerate her, and if I was one of those guys, I would of left. I don’t see her getting married, she’s to young and and inexperienced, I mean, she’s like a sexual being, flapping around birds, it’s almost like I think she would of had sex with Luke if they were not being filmed. She needs to grow up. Worst season of men, and excuse me but she sucks.

    6. Totally agree with you! She’s very young and it’s showing! I’ve watched every season since Trista and she’s the first bachelorette who’ve I’ve been disappointed in. It’s one thing to address your concerns with the group but to do so in the manner that she did was disrespectful and immature! I feel like she’s loving the drama and attention! Chris is just feeding her ego by saying things like, “it’s because they’re all crazy about you and Luke getting attention is driving them crazy!” How about these stand up good guys can’t understand how a woman who has any respect for them or herself could have feelings for an idiot like Luke? She’s going to miss out on a great guy while she wastes her time with Luke. I feel like she’s trying to make him into what she wants but it’s just not there! They have physical chemistry but that’s it! There’s no depth and for that matter there’s no real depth to any of her relationships. She says she wants to open up and have these conversations but she’s not. She seems very insecure and I’m not sure she knows herself or what she wants well enough yet to get into these in depth conversations. I feel like she doesn’t know how to have a mature conversation so she just makes out with everyone or talks about Luke cause it’s an easy topic. I’m over it and this season! Looking forward to BIP! Thank you, next!

    7. My thought, is the constant fighting in the background stresses her out and she talked down to them because she was flustered, upset and wanted some shock & awe since they didn’t stop fighting after her first comments. I would not want a husband that was always picking fights with people he didn’t agree with. People like Luke are everywhere in life. You have to find a way to carry on! At least they are all showing their true colors and not only showing their best selves. Haha. I really like this season. I think she’s quite fun/funny and I laugh out loud more than most seasons. Love to Hannah!
      Oh and yes, that sit down with Chris was terrible. Felt like filler bc they didn’t have enough footage but your hunches on why they did it were probably right.

      1. It would stress me out too! (And I’m 52)
        I was thinking the Chris Harrison talk was definitely filler to get them back on track. I also read on Reality Steve that Bachelor in Paradise start got moved which also added a week to Bachelorette. So, getting them back to week by week rather than going into the next week required some finessing!

    8. GET RID OF LUKE !! He is the culprit!!! As for Hannah… I like her, she is adorable, but… stop now! Ok! Grow up, suck it up, you are on TV…. pick a guy or move on! Really annoyed about last nights show..just insane!

    9. I think she is standing up for herself and looking for a genuine connection. I think a bunch of these guys are there for the wrong reason and she knows it! I also think she’s set up to fail because everyone who watches is a woman and critical of other women. I feel bad for her! She’s 23 and trying to navigate through a bunch of sleezy guys who want to be influencers unboxing protein shakes for the next ten years. And all the ladies in America will crucify her for it.

    10. She was sending Luke home and asked him to respect her decision. So he doesn’t, and comes back, and she allows that! That is when I lost all respect and realized she is too young, not mature, or something. Then when chris asked her who was the best kisser….”Luke “, ugh! That’s why she’s letting him get away with everything, she likes kissing him 🙄🙄🙄😳😳😳

    11. You nailed it! If a man, I was potentially going to be in a relationship with spoke to me that way as we were just getting to know each other? I would be O U T as fast as I could! Major red flags! It’s no wonder none of them went to check on her. Who wants a second chance of the Wrath of Hannah! This is the side I saw of her on the Bachelor and was shocked she was chosen to be the bachelorette. Her sweet southern charm just doesn’t feel genuine! Let’s just say, “If Hannah ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

    12. I actually thinks she’s way too immature for this experience. She’s very dramatic and I’ve picked it up from episode one how she speaks to them sometimes and she just comes off rude and disrespectful to them sometimes. She definitely needs to have more respect for them. I don’t think you’re wrong in saying these things or thinking them because honestly I was picking that up from episode one myself. I truly hope she finds love and happiness and I know it’s possible to find that at a young age, but from what we’ve seen so far of this season she just doesn’t seem ready or mature enough for this experience.

    13. I would be gone,,I no longer respect her if I were one of the guys,,she keepe Luke around because she likes the drama,,,poor Hannah,,gloria

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  2. I really think she has a good group of guys! Jed, Pete, and Mike are a few examples- I think they are stand up men and genuinely interested in her. So it was frustrating for me to hear her make blanket statements such as “You’re all pissing me off.” I agree, I think sending Luke home will end the drama and allow her to build relationships with the rest of the men

    1. I like those guys too! I think she has LOTS of good ones! Sorry if I made it seem otherwise. I’m just not sure they are all super into her.

      1. Oh for sure! I’m just hoping she sees the good ones in the pack and doesn’t group them all together based on the behavior of a few. But that is a good point of questioning how many of them really are into her and not just getting caught up in telling her what they think she (and everyone watching lol) wants to hear!

        1. Was really excited to watch this season and I only lasted watching two episodes. This show is getting ridiculous… She’s all over everyone and constantly crying saying this is too hard. Give me a break you knew what you were getting into. This show is just becoming too scripted and unrealistic.

          1. I have watched the show for over 15 years and I haven’t been able to watch a whole episode this season. I agree she is young and lacks experience. I feel the show has been more about the drama then about dating and finding love and I miss the fun Monday night show.

        2. Yes when she did that it immediately reminded me of a teacher or something because I had a teacher in elementary school who would do the same thing. One or two people acted out and the whole class was horrible apparently. Hannah should have just pulled the ones aside she was frustrated with that she clearly heard arguing. It really bothers me that she defends Luke and is so blind to everything he does. Actually she’s not blind to all of it but she still puts up with it! So crazy!

      2. I agree with you about Luke. I was shocked when she gave him a rose. Not sure if they encourage her to keep him on to create drama? She needs to get rid of him!

        1. It’s becoming suspicious about her keeping him. Especially after the blow up she had and her comment about how she can figure things out on her own. Yet she kept Luke. She also acts like a randy (trying to be polite) young stallion wanting to mount every fully he sees. Some of those scenes….whew! It was hot hot hot!!

          1. Agree! I can’t remember a bachelorette being so forward with the guys sexually. If I was her mother I’d be mortified!

          2. Less making out and maybe the guys would have the time to ask the deeper personal questions to get to know her. Totally not ok that she blamed them for not getting to know her. Communication is a two way street and I don’t think she is asking them deeper questions, so why would they ask her?

          3. Haha! The guys act trapped and pinned down. Instead of being hot it looks smothering.

      3. Agree with you Ali. Like one guy spoke up on Hannah’s behalf. None of them went after her either time that she left the room upset. I began wondering if any of them are there for her. I do wish she would send Luke home. Why would you want the drama he brings every time he is present. He sucks the positive energy out of the room. I really want to turn the tv off…but I don’t. I just multi-task and half listen..hoping Hannah comes to her senses. Agree, Hannah is immature when it comes to dating. She said she had only kissed 5 guys prior to this show. So keeping that in mind I will give her a pass on her slowness to send Luke home. I do hope Hannah finds love.

        1. I can understand why no one followed her. I seriously think Conner and Tyler both made movements to follow her. I do appreciate that Jed, Peter and Mike stayed calm and centered. I just wish Garrett would stop pressing the Luke thing. We get it, she gets it, and the drama is wherever Luke goes. She admits she could make out all day with Luke so it’s her loins that keep him there. I wish she would have appreciated Kevin more and kept him instead of Luke. My goodness the man suffered physical injury. Plus he is delicious to look at in my opinion.

          Never have I seen a Bachelorette so dang horny. What the heck? Also all the dresses where the one leg sticks out because the hem is at her pelvis.

          1. At one point Hannah speaking into the camera said something about the Fantasy Sweets coming up and was all excited. I think she is keeping Luke so she can get him in the fantasy sweet. She admitted that he is the one that she could make out with all day long.

      4. Yes they totally are into her. That is why they are sooo bothered with Luke because they feel threatened.

      5. Ali
        I have watched every single season of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Yes some were much harder to stay with until the end. This is one of those. I do really love Hannah’s personality. She has a huge heart. Yes she is young we all were that age at one time. But I certainly agree with you so much of this drama would have been over had this Luke character left earlier. Putting it nicely he is an odd duck. He appears abusive and quite a bad temper. Hopefully in the end she will pick Jed, Peter or Tyler. Course I really like Mike. But I feel she is not into Mike as much as Jed or Tyler. My $ is on Tyler. 🤗

        1. Ali, isn’t there a way you can tell Chris Harrison that they need to NOT have such young leads on anymore? For example the comment you made that you think she’s too young, I totally agree! but a lot of the contestants and leads are this age 🤷🏻‍♀️
          Why do they do that ? Lol

      6. I agree! I’m so glad you posted about tonight’s show! I have been a fan of the show for YEARS&I have to say, I cannot remember an episode so completely boring&like a waste of time! I too, felt like the second half was filmed later! After all, she&Chris had already had that sit down talk in Latvia! I ended up fast-forwarding through most of tonight’s episode! The previews definitely look better:)!!

        1. I totally agree! For the first time EVER while watching this show, I laid down on the couch fully knowing and being okay with falling asleep during the Chris Harrison interview. What a waste of 2 hours (at least PVR made it more like 1.5 hrs, but still!)

      7. It doesn’t seem that they’re that into her, but honestly I can see why too. She keeps saying what she expects, however it works both ways. I would have been out of there after the way she talked down to all of them. This has been a very hard season to watch. Last nights episode was a complete joke and she definitely has a lot of maturing to do. I watched your season too and I definitely don’t think you were anything like her. I’m not trying to be mean, but she is so much drama too and the way she is all over each guy is a bit sickening too.

      8. Ali, you like Jed who had a girlfriend going into the show? Did u see the people article from today??? Sleeeezy

  3. I agree that she is being a bit dramatic in the situation. It’s almost like the drama keeps getting brought up because she keeps acknowledging it. As a fan, it almost annoyed me when she was saying she didn’t know how the process worked for people. Especially as a fan that has backed her the whole time. I do hope she can look back on this experience and grow.

    Thank you for taking the time to post your blog tonight. Love your pics!

      1. Watched last night and thought all the same things you did! Very immature—she’s so young! Just “rewatched” her tirade with the guys on GMA— and you’re absolutely right about her acting as the Queen— really it’s just her immaturity because each season/like you said/ there is always some amount of drama! I just really felt so much of the show scripted last night— her talk with Chris and her evening with Luke when she told him to leave and then he came back! I will watch the rest of season because I’m curious! Tbh— I hope Peter is the next bachelor! 💞

      2. So I feel like this is just how Hannah is. She expresses herself… I mean not only has she shown us her temper tonight but just last week or was it the week before, she was crying saying how much this experience means to her before the rose ceremony. I honestly don’t think it’s a horrible thing and quite honestly, someone had to set the guys straight. It was getting ridiculous with the back and forth. I think it’s pretty cool how real and unfiltered she is.

        1. I just think she needs to better articulate herself and reign in her emotions a bit. I think Bachelorette Rachel did such a great job of expressing her emotions. The guys always knew when she was pissed but she was so direct that the guys understood her and responded well. Hannah is coming off as whiny and a bit too emotional. I agree with Allie- it’s her age. I would cry and yell at my boyfriend too at 24! At 29 I’m able to have calm conversations about what’s bothering me with my husband (usually, ha!). I think the guys were afraid to go after her when she went off- there’s no point in trying to reason with someone when they’re throwing a tantrum. At this point a lot of the guys are probably thinking a relationship with her would be exhausting. I think she’s super sweet and I hope things to find a way to workout but I think she has some maturing to do before she walks down the aisle.

  4. So I agree with you!! I really wish they wouldn’t have done the sit down!! We’ve all been watching so idk why they needed to sit down with Hannah and explain everything?!? I feel like we are got chipped on the amount of show!! And you are absolutely right! If you don’t want drama why keep Luke! Thanks for being so honest!!

      1. Yep, feel the same, we only got 1/2 an episode. We pretty recently saw everything they recapped tonight, so why? I feel like the producers are making her keep Luke around…maybe too boring without him!😅

        1. I agree – perhaps there isn’t enough drama with anyone else. And we did only get half an episode. This is the worst bachelorette ever.

      2. I have been such a fan of hers but truly lost some respect for her tonight. When she sent Like home and asked him to respect her decision then folded when he returned showed a lack of respect on his part but hers as well for letting him back in. There have been so pretty “villainous” people on this show but he has to be the worse and he is going to have some pretty heavy backlash in his personal life when this is over.
        I like Garrett but he was totally in the wrong. Hannah explained the conversation and how she initiated the conversation that brought other names into the conversation. That should have been enough to make it a closed issue.
        One thing about the “drama” in the house is she has heard a lot of it first hand. Often the lead hears “about” the drama but often doesn’t witness it firsthand. From the previews it looks like Luke is on the way out but also finds a way to worm himself back in but I blame that on the production staff. When someone has been sent home or has not been part of the season from the beginning the have no way of just showing up without someone getting them there.
        I am ready for this franchise to get back to the way it was before so much social media came into play. Let’s make it about love again not drama and or ratings. I think most fans are over the senseless drama.

        Ali your blog is the first thing I go to after the show then I also love listening to the Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iconneti. So many wonderful relationships have come from this franchise.
        Let’s talk about BIP. There are a few from really old seasons coming back. I also see there is another wedding which is exciting. These are two people who didn’t fare well on their seasons but came to BIP a little wiser and definitely more mature and found love. I am so excited for them.

        1. Agree about Garrett being totally in the wrong!! I feel like he was being a bit of a sh%t disturber!! He also sort of twisted Hannah’s words a bit when he reported back to the men. There was no need for him to tattle! (Although I’m sure a producer encouraged him to!)

      3. Is it possible they needed to fill some space for editing purposes- so they added in this weird sit down + reflection?

      4. Ya I’m quite disappointed the episode didn’t continue and that it went straight into the conversation with Chris. It led nowhere besides leaving us hanging for next week and the weeks after. 😬 I am hoping she chooses Jed or Tyler in the end ❤️

        1. I totally agree about Luke being emotionally abusive. He has her fooled! And I agree that Hannah needed to take her own advice and “stay in her lane” by just continuing to get to know the guys and ignoring the house drama. Instead she tries to control it by scolding them. I don’t think this season has been any more or less dramatic than other seasons yet she acts like it’s the craziest thing ever. I’m sure for her it has been. But I agree that a bit of maturity to just keep plugging along would go a long way. It seems like she gets there though. I still like her and will totally watch on pins and needles!

          1. I totally agree with you, Amy! About Luke, following her own advice and the scolding! I feel like she’s just making it worse!

    1. I feel like most of the guys aren’t in to her. It seems like they all have there own motives. Peter, Tyler, and Mike seem to be the only genuine guys. I don’t really blame her for getting frustrated that everyone is fighting instead of trying to get to know her more every chance they get. Also, I felt bad for Luke P. this episode Hannah told Garrett she asked Luke P. questions and he answered them. Then Garrett went back and made it out like Hannah said he was coming to her with information. Complete lie! That sit down with Chris Harrison was so annoying and a waste.

      1. Tonight was a mess and honestly they need to go back old school and get some mature people , this is way too much drama .. I kinda felt bad for Luke tonight guys were rent-less on him .. when I saw luke on after the rose i liked him , thought good looking and a Christian everything she wants boy are looks deceiving , but he wrote on his IG this was hard to watch and he has some growing too do .. hope the rest isn’t the luke show because I hardly know a thing about the guys there !!

      2. I completely agree with this! I think she said it perfectly when she said none of them really know her. And sure, that will come with her opening up. But I really appreciated when she said she doesn’t feel like she can based on how everyone is acting. I agree she could shut down everything with Luke P., but I also think producers could easily be like “ok let’s keep things moving…” and instead allowed the focus to be kept on Luke for good drama and what they think will be good ratings. I also feel like because Luke drama started so early, some of the guys who are really genuine, don’t know how to handle the situation (i.e. no one taking her aside or following her after the drama).

    2. I think the sit down gives the audience zero credit and is a waste of time as well. We’ve been watching this show twist and turn through lots of drama over the years. We don’t need a “look back” to let us know what’s happened. As far as what part Hannah is to own, I agree! She’s keeping the problem around (Luke!) She’s giving that guy who can’t even express himself a chance and that detracts from other guys getting to know her. The only thing I really don’t like is that she says she needs to be asked to open up and that’s not entirely fair. She’s expecting dudes to just offer info and so should she.

    3. I am so tired of Luke P. he keeps saying the same thing about the other Luke promoting his liquor business, too much fighting amongst them why do they keep fighting and get to the real REASON they are on the show.

    4. I agree with you, I think it was a failed attempt to show Hannah that she should have hope as there are some good guys on the show and that she should keep pushing through! ♡♡♡

  5. I agree so much with everything your saying. I’m going to try very hard to not quit watching after tonight’s episode. I LOVE all things Bachelor Nation & even some drama but this is getting ridiculous….

  6. A few short months ago, when she was on colton’s season…she was the center of all the drama, and talking about other girls names on her one on one dates. So it seems contradicting that she is making a big deal and being so dramatic when people are doing the same thing.

      1. Hannah is actually causing a lot of confusion. What exactly is it that she wants? Only 3 or 4 of the men are troublemakers, the rest have sat there and watched the drama, why blame them all?

        1. Why blame them all?

          Because they all let it continue. No one put their hand up to.say Cut The Shit .

          Peter seemed recognize that he coulda/shoulda said something before it got to HB full meltdown.

          Points to him.

      1. 100% agree. She is the worst Bachelorette and so immature. She acts like a Queen and doesn’t let the guys get to know her. Seems like all she wants is to hear the guys to tell her they want to marry her after like 2 dates.. not real life.

  7. SO much drama tonight and felt like such waste of time. Did we really need an entire episode for that? They are just dragging this out and it feels very forced. I agree she is feeding the drama…I still think she is great but there is a very easy solution to all of this by sending Luke home. Not sure what to think of the preview for the rest of the season but I think she will turn it around!

    1. I completely agree complete waste of episode. And sit down w Chris H was absolutely filmed after season ended.
      I kept thinking when will they go on dates?
      Way too much drama ! I can’t deal w it. My question to Ali is does the show make the lead keep the most drama filled person, so in this case Luke ?
      It seems like every new bachelor / bachelorette lately there is always one or two that cause SOOOO much drama, get rid of the drama ! I didn’t like how in Scotland Hannah said bow down to the queen To all the guys. I’m like really ?? Anyone who calls themselves a queen has some issues seriously .

  8. I’ll be honest…I’m losing interest fast bc I don’t feel like they are showing connections or relationships- just drama. It’s the same ole stuff every week and it gets so boring to me. Nothing against Hannah- I’m just tired of all the nonsense. I want to see dates and connections forming, and I don’t feel like we are getting much of that! Am I crazy?

      1. I agree with you guys! Only a few of the dates shown this season were actually about getting to know the guys on the date, and not about Luke P, or some sort of drama. I don’t know hardly anything about anyone on the show this season. Including The Bachelorette!

      2. It’s like she needs to get back to the one on one dates, ditch the group dates and cocktail parties bc that’s the only time she’s getting to know anyone. The group situations need to be less and her one on one time with the guys much more!

        1. Agreed. She complained that they didn’t know anything about her. She doesn’t really know much about them either. She is adding to the drama by throwing temper tantrum fits. Why not have dental two on one dates? That way she gets to know them more. Send Luke home. I don’t see what she sees in him. He cant express feelings, he just gives phrases. And he is emotionally abusive. She has four really good guys. Send the rest packing. I’m tired of the drama.

  9. I certainly agree! I turned it off during her “sit down” with Chris Harrison. It felt like an old sitcom where they throw in a filler episode of flashbacks. I think Hannah is trying too hard to keep perpetuating the drama, possibly to keep the season interesting. The truth is, I’ve watched EVERY single season of the bachelor AND bachelorette and after tonight I realized I’m either too old for this petty drama or the producers are reaching too hard. Either way, I’m about done at this point.

    1. We got sick of watching it too. She is just as much part of the drama as the guys. She has a lot of growing up to do.

      1. Like seriously. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but she says LIKE so many times. It is so annoying and so is she. Worst season ever.

        1. Hmmm
          LIKE – I agree!
          Since I’m so bored with this season I planned on counting the number of times she says “like” on next week’s episode. Someone please explain to me how this “girl” was crowned Miss Alabama?! I am sure there must be an interview whete she actually has to “like” speak!

          1. Agree, Cindy. It drives me up a wall. I’m sure she is educated but she doesn’t talk like she is. I’ve heard young teenagers speak better….ABC made a poor decision chosing this very young drama-filled lady, and I fear they are going to hear about it as they lose viewers.

          2. arg the like!!! So frustrating. This girl, yes girl, has Zero subStance And the only thing shE has shown is That she’s only interested in making out. Get to know her??? Whats there to even want to know.

            Guys get out while you can! Jed, Mike, Garrett, peter, tyler all seem like Stand up men. Luke is a tool. Hes abusive and manipulative and hannah loves it. Ugh, im So disgusted. What’s a 23 year old doing on this show. Every season it seems like they get younger and younger.

    2. I’ve watched every episode of every season and tonight I came the closest to just turning it off. I didn’t (because who can stop looking at a train wreck ?) It was awful and I miss the beginning when they were truly great eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, not on for fame and glory.

  10. I totally agree with everything you said! I was uncomfortable for the guys as it did appear she was talking down to them. It was like an adult yelling at a child for doing something wrong. It set the tone for the rest of the episode.

  11. So agree with everything you said! Most of my friends stopped watching this season because Hannah is a little much. Seems like a sweet girl, but the way she talks to the guys at times seems demeaning.

  12. The sit down with Chris was painfully boring. I would have preferred that they ended the episode 30 mins early rather than sit through that! I’m slowing losing interest this season but will try to stick with it. I love seeing your Bachelor blogs and also all these adorable pics of Molly!

  13. Oh man!!! I feel you girl! I feel like she is totally doing this to herself. And this could all be fixed by sending the problem child home where he can’t hurt anybody or manipulate her anymore!! I am very quickly losing sympathy for her though as she blew the whole night way out of proportion and could have handled it way better and more maturely. I also agree with you on the interview with Chris. Seemed incredibly scripted and I actually did shut it off. Thank you for posting so early!!! I loved hearing your thoughts!!!!

  14. I completely agree with everything you just said. I was really hopeful at the beginning of this season but I’ve lost a lot of respect for her. I just don’t think she is ready for all of this and I don’t think she’s ready for marriage. The guys don’t know anything about her because she’s too busy making out with all of them. Tonight’s episode was a waste of my time.

    1. I honestly surprised by how many people are agreeing with me. I thought so many wouldn’t because she has such a strong fan base. And I’m her fan! I will always support her. But I have to call her out on this.

      1. Do you think maybe the recap was a reminder (for herself and everybody watching) that she does have a few really great guys that do seem to like her? I do agree, they aren’t really asking her a lot of questions about her. . . We also don’t get to see everything that happens. . . I have to admit, this season has kept me interested (I didn’t watch Colton’s). Maybe they are trying to do something different for the show? It is always dramatic. . .

      2. Not really sure why you feel entitled to “call her out” and the fact that you only address comments that support you is the reason you don’t see the people defending Hannah. Someone who supports Hannah doesn’t open a door for slut shaming, age shaming, telling people they are stupid, or too emotional.

        1. Her fan base is going to dwindle if she doesn’t change her actions. The immaturity, drama, constant crying, and rudeness is not attractive or endearing. She simply isn’t ready for this and it shows, no matter how much anyone likes her. And the constant making out and more is NOT the way to chose a husband at this point and definitely not showing her best side. I’m just glad I’m not her mom watching this. It’s not ‘shaming’ her, it’s just calling it like it is, if you’ve watched the show. You can support someone, but not like how they are going about what they are doing.

      3. Why do you have to call her out? You have a large following and people are often going to just agree with you because you said it. It’s like you literally just opened a page for bashing Hannah. Which is sad because you were a young bachelorette once and I’m sorry you literally chose the guy that wasn’t into you. Don’t claim to be someone who hypes up women then post the way you do. You have more of a responsibility then the average person that is a part of bachelor nation. You were a female lead! How can you be so unsupportive and not try and be more understanding.

  15. Oh mannnn I am so glad you blogged tonight! I could not wait to see what you thought. I agree with everything you wrote.

    I felt the same way about the Luke situation. I can’t stand the guy but the guys fighting really didn’t need to happen and I felt like Garret didn’t have to bring that up in front of everyone so they all could pick on Luke again. I’m just tired of it. I mean he does deserve it he is awful but just drop it. Look what happened to Luke S it really doesn’t get you anywhere.
    BUT I cannot stand him and I do not understand what Hannah is doing… how does she not see it? And if you watched that sneak peek that pretty much showed us what’s going to happen with Luke, she really shouldn’t be surprised.

    I do agree with you that she is also creating quite a bit of drama herself. Yes it does seem like the guys aren’t asking the right questions but I also feel like there hasn’t been time for them to do so. There have been ridiculous group date settings and then whenever there’s a one on one she’s upset about something and the date seems to be ruined somehow. And yes it’s about her finding love but it really shouldn’t be ALL about her she needs to build these relationships too and give the guys a chance. Relationships should be about 2 people not just one.

    The interview with Chris was just a waste of time. I actually didn’t watch all of it because it was just a clip show. They literally showed the scene that we JUST watched. I just found this episode extremely hard to watch.

    Hopefully next week is better LOL

  16. The fact that the second hour was all footage we JUST watched was ridiculous. Seems like so much wasted time…but that’s how they get you to watch every week I guess! I keep saying how much I like that Hannah sticks to her guns for what she wants but then she does something like what she did tonight (sending Luke home then turning around and letting him stay). I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t end up with anyone at the end. Love reading your blog and watching your cute fam on Insta stories! Been a fan since your Bachelorette days 🙂

  17. Hey Ali,
    I said to my husband tonight while watching, “I can’t wait to read what Ali has to say about this?” (He just said, “who’s Ali?” 😂) Any who… I just had to shut this episode off before the end. I keep coming back every week with hesitations, but tonight just really turned me off I have to say. I am not here to shame Hannah, but I totally think she was badgering the guys in tonight’s episode, and quite honestly made herself look stuck up and mean. Yes, they were being ridiculous, and I couldn’t stand one more second of them bickering, but I really thought she was very unkind to them. And to put them all in the same category was pretty unfair- especially someone like Peter. The sit down with Chris Harrison was so hard to watch- ugh I was cringing- thanks for pointing out the reality of it all! I hope things take a turn for the better this season. (And Hannah wakes up and gets rid of Luke!) Thanks for posting early, Ali! ♥️

    1. Yes!!!! Get rid of Luke and things will calm down. Also I agree. She was very rude to the guys. Especially when she had her own drama on Colton’s season.

  18. This honestly might be my least favourite episode of the Bachelorette to date! You could tell it was an editing thing and they were just trying to feel time and as a viewer it was pretty frustrating to watch. They recapped stuff that was shown already in the episode, like why?
    I do think you make a lot of really great points about Hannah’s attitude toward the guys and them not trying to get to know her. I hope for her that this is something they’re leaving out in the edits due to all the steamy makeouts they have to fit in, but from the way she’s feeling at this point it doesn’t seem like it is. I am VERY interested to see the part when Luke confronts her about physical relationships. I am completely and 100% on Hannah’s side on this and I have honestly been in a similar situation with an ex, so I’m curious to see how she handles it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ali! Xo

  19. I totally agree with you that Hannsh has some growing to do. She is still very young. I don’t understand why the show wants to focus on younger women looking for a permanent relationship. In this day and age, I think women are taking their time and settling down in their late 20’s early thirties. I also felt most of the show was pretty useless, tuned out once Chris was interviewing Hannah. Sadly, many of my friends who are Bachelor/Bachelorette fans have tuned out this season. Hopefully, things will pick up soon. Love you and your family Ali!! You are both amazing parents!! ❤

  20. I hated the interviews with Chris Harrison. I actually fast forwarded because I don’t know why I’m watching a recap of the season in the middle of the season?! Literally all we saw was the rose ceremony from last week. Nothing new happened! It was a waste of an episode.
    As much as I think she’s being dramatic as well, I think the producers probably have a hand in it. I think they’re grooming Mike to be the next bachelor because they need diversity (I see no connection between them) and they want Luke around as the villain. Otherwise the season might be too boring since all the other guys get along so well. It sucks because Hannah impressed me by not falling for Luke being the robot that he is, and she IS being emotionally abused by him (he IS being manipulative); but she kept him around which kind of negates her being strong and intuitive about realizing he’s speaking in circles. I think that has to be the producers telling her to keep him around.

  21. Agreed! I have felt the same way all season! She is treating them like she is in charge and they better shape up. I don’t feel like she is being respectful of them as fellow adults. Also, I think she must thrive a bit on drama because the only guy she seems to like is the cause of it all. I kind of feel like she’s acting like a horny teenager…is it just me?! Hoping the rest of the season gets better!

    1. Horny teenager is a great way to describe it. Sometimes I think she forgets that she’s there to find a spouse.

    2. You are so right! She was climbing on guys and making out from the get-go…and based on last night’s clips from what’s coming, looks like she would’ve been better suited for Bachelor in Paradise! The fact that she’s not sending Luke home based on the fact she is lusting after him/has a strong physical attraction even when seeing he has major issues (yes it’s emotional abuse and manipulation) shows where she’s at- and she’s got a looooong way to go before being ready for a real relationship.

  22. I feel like every week you are age shaming her. I think it’s so refreshing that she is addressing the drama head on. I keep reading your blog feeling the need to defend Hannah. She is doing a great job. she is 24, people can be ready to settle down and get married in their 20s. I know I was.
    I did think the drama recap was really annoying.

    1. I agree with you Natalie. I feel like it has nothing to do with her age. You can be older and still be immature. Age has nothing to do with how she is. It’s her personality. Everyone is different and we all handle situations differently. On top of that she’s in a high emotional situation/environment. It would be an overwhelming experience for anyone because it’s out of the ordinary dating environment with millions of people watching you. It’s hard dating one guy let alone multiple!

    2. Agreed! I don’t like to judge someone when I haven’t been in their shoes… Hence I like to read your opinion Ali, but you literally always post negativity about her and try to preface with supporting her and liking her…. id think you’d have some more support knowing what it’s like to go on a show like this!
      The recap was pointless but that’s abc! Just like all the sponsored crap. As much as it’s real life it’s also a business abc is running!

      1. I can’t agree with this more, I’m 24, found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and settle down with, and I personally think she is doing an amazingly well! Her speaking to the guys was purely out of frustration. If I heard all the guys bickering like little school boys, I’d address them in the same way! If she spoke nicely to them then nothing was going to change at all. I love reading your blogs about the bachelor/eye but this season I have to say I don’t agree with you saying you’re a fan but then negatively speaking about her is necessarily showing support? Last point I promise! Regards to her making out, the guys are initiating it nine times out of ten. She said in an interview she can be with them for 20 minutes so the editing makes it look worse. I hated the phrase ‘horny teenager’ above and think that was a bit nasty! The rest of the season looks fab and can’t wait to hear what you think! And yes, the sit down with Chris was pointless.. X

        1. I agree with you ladies! I struggled reading the blog this week. We have no right to judge her. Of all people, Ali you know what she is going through. She’s tackling the issues head on and trying her best. We shouldn’t all be sitting her shaming her. Not okay. We should be lifting her up.

  23. I wish they would put older single people on the show! People in their 30’s or 40’s. There is more maturity there and we could something more real and long lasting. So many couple break up because they were to immature. They were not ready for marriage. They want young hot and sexy. 30s and 40s can be sexy for sure! 😁

  24. Luke P had so many warning signs and she just keeps falling for it. It didn’t bother me that she told off the guys because I think they really deserved it, they don’t ask about her and it seems they think it’s a competition rather than falling in love. Could the producers be telling her to keep Luke? And then it looks like he comes back at the end to propose…? Idk. Feels less like the bachelor and more like springer to be honest. I’m totally team Peter!

  25. I agree with Ali. Hannah is causing the drama. I think the producers are running the show. I like to watch love and romance and beautiful locations. Not a woman having a meltdown every week and complaining that no one is paying attention to her. It was embarrassing to watch 😖

    1. Exactly. I’m also really embarrassed for Hannah. Ahh. SHAME on the producers if they’re making her keep Luke there. The constant meltdowns, crying and high school behavior is painful to watch. I’m so bummed – I had high hopes for Hannah B. I do think she’s a genuine, sweet and kind hearted girl, but too immature, inexperienced and emotionally unstable for the show. I hope she turns it around very soon and sends Luke home! 💙 I do think she’d be functioning a bit better if Luke was gone.

  26. I agree with you on so many levels! First, I think that the maturity and immaturity of MANY of the guys showed tonight! Second, I love Hannah and I totally get why that was awful and stressful, but I don’t think it was fair how she grouped all the guys together in saying they were all making her act insane. She has some really great guys this season (Mike, Jed, Tyler, Peter, etc) and they weren’t really involved in the fight but she spoke to everyone as if it was all their fault.
    But again, Hannah is fantastic and it’s a VERY difficult situation!
    And the previews have me excited for the weeks to come!

  27. Oh my god. That sit down with Harrison was SUCH BS! Episode 6 and already doing a recap… unnecessary. What a waste of time. I sure hope these guys man up sometime soon and start acting like men, and not preschool boys!

  28. I totally agree that she should have sent Luke home. He needs to go home, grow up and find love somewhere else. Ali, love the pictures and as always you took beautiful. Let’s hope next week is better? 💙

  29. In my opinion, true or not, I just do not believe Hannah was just not ready for this. Plain and simple. She just wasn’t. I absolutely agree that she was talking down to them and she think she’s the queen with all the power. It was just hard to watch. I felt like the guys were being scolded. She needed to get rid of Luke. I definitely agree he is emotionally manipulative and abusive. I have been there and done that so it all looks too familiar. The guys definitely needed to just drop it, but they couldn’t seem to move on. I don’t know if that was planned by the producers, but it was just a bit much. The drama this season just seems so made up and it’s been hard to she anything genuine in it besides the fact that she does want to find true love at the end of this. I believe she has had a great group of guys and only a couple bad eggs, one of which is still there. This episode was hard to watch for sure, but so was last week and the one before that. I really wanted to get into this season, but I’m just having the hardest time. In the end I truly hope she has found love and is truly happy. That’s what matters. Keep the perspective coming Ali! I love reading your insider POV!

  30. I agree- it seems like she wants to control everything and you just can’t in a situation like this. While I agree it would be nice if they focused on her, the fact of the matter is the guys had a right to know what was said about them- Dylan and Devin at least. The guys spend wayyyy more time with each other than they do with Hannah, and without tv, phones, or even getting out of the house, what else is there to do when not on dates but spin their wheels thinking about this stuff, which does ultimately play a role in what Hannah thinks about them.

    I also wanted to see her spend time with the ones she knows are not caught up in the drama- like Connor who was with her when it all blew up!

  31. She is perpetuating some of this drama. The “queen” stuff is sort of true. I like her, but find her extremely immature.

  32. I’m confused. I agree that her sit down with Chris was stupid and obviously filmed after the show had already ended. But they weren’t pretending? It literally said that they were in LA ??

  33. I respect Hannah’s ability to be bold, speak her mind and address problems head on. But, I’ve certainly never seen a bachelorette get quite so involved in household drama! This is turning into the Luke P show (gag) and I’m over it. I 100% see the manipulation there. Not healthy!! Especially this early on in a relationship. RUN! Man, why can’t she just focus on the amazing guys she has like Jed (😍) Tyler C, Peter, Mike! Even Connor is so cute/sweet. I’ll even go out on a limb and say I like Garrett! He just seems frustrated and let it get the best of him but he was very mature overall. Anyways, I hope Hannah can get focused! She’s asking these guys to focus on relationships but she’s getting just as caught up in the drama as they are. I also agree that she shouldn’t belittle or talk down to the guys like she’s the boss in this all. It’s a 2 way street! That’s gotta be a big turnoff, no?! I wish her the best. I hope she & the guys turn it all around!! I don’t even want to watch next week, but who am I kidding, I’m sure I’ll be tuned right in for another week of chaos!

  34. I agree Hannah did have a condecending tone speaking to the guys. I wish she would have let Luke go home but I feel like the show wants him to stay to play up the drama. I was really enjoying this season until tonight. I think the producers decided to try something different with the sit down with Chris Harrison and I agree with you I wanted to turn it off. Thanks for taking time out and bogging tonight while we are still shaking our heads!

  35. I feel like Hannah REALLY likes Luke, and that’s why she was pretty reactive tonight. I also think she hopes she can change him in a way, and that it’s frustrating that he won’t (I’m personally so over him, and just feel like everything he says is a lie), especially after she talked with him on how 1: 1. I feel like he puts on an act around her too. I think she has blinders on right now and that’s why he’s still around. I think they’re slowing coming off, but not 100% there yet. I have liked her as a bachelorette, I’m sure she could’ve handled tonight’s situation differently, but still have enjoyed her as a bachelorette. I’m just focused on the good guys out there (Peter, Jed, Mike, Tyler) that it makes everything better.

  36. I agree with you on this! So far there’s only a few guys I love and see her making connections with. But the guys are ruining it for themselves and her. The last thirty minutes I had to shut it off and I never do that. But I was so happy to see you posted early tonight😁love your blog. I’m also excited for the rest of the season it’s looking pretty interesting.

  37. I agree with everything you have said. Hannah is not ready for marriage. She reminds me of my younger self. Bossy and has to be in control! Although I think I would have a little more control over my emotions. She was disrespectful to all the men. Sometimes it makes me wonder if they are all there for her. The talk with Chris Harrison was not necessary. Last week and this week’s episode was boring. I’m not a fan of Luke but I can’t believe he didn’t walk out after the way she talked to him. She loves to point out his flaws but geez, girl, you were a “hot mess” tonight. I wonder if she is keeping Luke around for the physical chemistry because she appears to not think highly of him.

  38. I completely agree with you Ali! I really thought this season was going to be a great one because Hannah is a great bachelorette and she does have a handful of great guys. I immediately turned off the show when she sat down with Chris for a conversation. It was very irritating and confusing that they were filing a conversation in LA while the new destination was in Latvia. Anyways, even though I do not like Luke for Hannah, I feel bad for him when the other guys attack him and single him out every chance they get because they should be more focused on building their relationship with Hannah. Part of me believes the producers are telling them to stir the pot to create drama for the show (let’s face it who doesn’t like watching the drama)?! I was frustrated with tonight’s episode and hope next week isn’t like this. I’m really rooting for Peter and Jed! (To me, they are the only mature ones who stay out of the drama and are 100% genuine and looking for a future wife).

    1. I really like Peter, however, I was disappointed last night when she walked out after she yelled at them and he started a conversation again. He took a different approach, but they all should have stayed far away from any conversation regarding the drama.

      I think this season is turning out exactly as I expected, too much drama and she at times has difficulty finding the right words just like her toast with Colton although she has improved a great deal.

  39. I agree! But I wonder whether it’s reciprocated… like she says, “nobody’s trying to get to know me or knows anything about me!” But… does she ask insightful questions to the guys? Why not ask them, “hey what’s your favourite meal, colour, memory, vacation, way to spend a Saturday?” It just seems very surface level all the time or she’s crawling all over them, making out when they have alone time, like, no wonder they don’t know any of the little, cute, important stuff about each other.

  40. Sooo glad you posted tonight!!! I always love to see what your take is. Monday is always better because it is Bachelorette night…..:until tonight! I have watched every episode of both The Bachelor and Bachelorette and I honestly do not know what the point of the whole second hour was. Thankfully I record it and watch it back so I fast forwarded through all of that! Sooo disappointing !!

    I am still hopeful for her but I am not understanding the reasoning behind her keeping Luke! I really think it is consuming her and holding her back from progressing in any of the other relationships. I don’t know if I can remember another person taking up so much of the footage besides this season. I hope that changes in the rest of the season. The previews do look good!!

  41. Well I officially stopped watching last week and after reading this it sounds like I made the right choice. It was getting ridiculous with the drama and I wasn’t even having fun while watching. It felt like a chore. I have little kids and my TV time after they go to bed is VERY valuable to me. I’ll keep reading your commentary on the season though.

    On another note, Ali, who are your picks for the next Bachelor?!

  42. I feel like the interviews with Chris Harrison were such a time filler. I think how they edited the episodes they were like….crap. That episode was only 1 hour and 15 minutes, let’s go film some interviews to fill the time. *eye roll*

  43. Honestly, we fast forwarded through it because I just could not handle it. First and foremost I think the guys acted like toddlers (and i work with toddlers every single day). It’s glorified tattle telling! But in the same breath, I wonder if they truly are being any worse than the guys were on Becca or Rachel (or any other bachelorette’s season)? I don’t doubt Hannah and I do like her but I just feel like she is getting easily frustrated and then taking it out really harshly. What do I know though. I just wanted to tell her to go sit in a quiet room far away and take a minute to breathe! I don’t think she gave herself the chance to react fairly. Not judging at all! Just speculating.

  44. I love Hannah and I loved her confronting the guys. Honestly, it’s just refreshing to watch something that doesn’t seem as staged. I feel like as she thinks it she says it. Is that always right? No. Is that how we all act in life sometime? Yes. The whole group confrontation reminded me a lot of situations in my classroom as a teacher. I may have a whole class acting up and the same 2 or 3 students doing right and I may say something like “y’all all need to…” The ones doing right know that the reprimand doesn’t apply to them. I felt like we saw that. Peter and Tyler even stood up at the end and addressed the whole room saying this needs to stop. I felt like they knew they weren’t the ones she was talking to. Again, does that make it right? No. Did I thoroughly enjoy a bachelor/bachelorette walking into a room and squashing the crap in a group setting for a change? Yes.

    Also, her age thing is a big topic of convo. As a fellow deep southerner, 24 is NOT old for marriage in our culture. I was 24 when I got married and waited longer than most of my friends. Hannah has mentioned in interviews on other podcasts that all of her friends are already married so I don’t think this is “young” for her or her normal culture.

    Love reading all the perspectives each week 🙂

  45. At the end I was like seriously? That was 2 hours of basically drama. I was surprised they weren’t even doing a part tomorrow. I agree some of it is Hannah, I feel a lot of the drama wouldn’t be like that if she had just sent Luke home weeks ago. But with that being said I do commend her for standing up in front of the guys and say that none of them know her. It’s not really something we’ve seen before!

  46. I totally agree with you about her coming off being the queen. She’s kind of always been like that, she wants to be held very high but telling the guys they are all really annoying her was rude!
    PS more importantly why do all the guys this season have amazing hair??

      1. It’s my least favorite too. I didn’t even watch the Luke vs. Luke episode and I barely watched last night. I find reading Reality Steve the most entertaining part. His column today was pure craziness then the story about Jed on!!!!! Oh boy! I can’t wait to hear what Ali thinks about that…and how she thinks Hannah will react. Maybe the After the Rose show will be crazier than ever…

  47. I agree with you in everything you said she is rude, dramatic and liking the power. Seems like she doesn’t know what she wants herself. Sit down was a waste of time. Feels like picking her as the bachelorette was a big mistake and waste of a season.

  48. I completely agree! Honestly I was confused by the episode. I kept waiting for it to go back to a date. Or thinking I missed something- because surely they weren’t doing a portion of “man tell all” already- right? Anyways- I like Hannah (more than I thought I would) but she is keeping Luke around for the drama. For her big moment. Because maybe she likes to fight a little. Keep up the good work- you are spot on with this one!

  49. I totally agree with everything you said! I noticed her immaturity from before she was even chosen to be the bachelorette. Which is why I was so surprised she was chosen to begin with. I feel like the guys aren’t taking her seriously because she got physical way too soon. I feel like when women throw themselves at men too soon, it makes it too easy for them and in the long run makes them lose that respect and any expectations. Although a couple of guys in the mix I feel
    do rly like her, I just hope she chooses wisely and begins to get deep. So far, for me this season reminds me way too much of high school…

  50. Like you – I had a hard time wanting to finish this episode. I don’t think Hannah or the guys are really into it and it’s affecting the whole show. Nothing against her but she wasn’t the right pick. Everyone was shocked and that’s because she is goofy and immature still.
    I may bail which is odd because I’ve watched all of them. Finally Luke is nuts- how he has lasted this long is crazy and if Hannah is intimate with several guys I think it’s kinda sad – you don’t need to do that to find love.
    Anyway Alli – you have a great Monday night! And rest of the week!

  51. I totally agree that I saw this season going totally different. She has a group of good guys like Jed *my favorite*.
    I’m so over talking a about Luke and what he said or didn’t say. The rest of the season is looking interesting.

  52. I’m not even through watching it…(West Coast) but I’m so frustrated that I came to see if you’d said anything. This season is so messed up. Do you have any pull with the producers to real this thing up? Like we want real dating and love and not so much drama!!

  53. I am ready for Luke P to go! I feel like every episode is all about him and the drama with the other guys. I just want to shake Hannah and tell her to get past the physical connection so she can see how manipulative he is.
    I do feel bad for her becuase like you pointed out, nobody really has gotten to know her on a super personal level and its scary to think that in a few weeks she’s expected to be engaged.
    I 100% agree with you about the second 1/2 if the show. My boyfriend and I actually skipped the whole interview with Chris. I felt like it was unnecessary to recap about the people who got sent home this season on this episode. Isn’t that what the Men Tell All is for? I understand wanting to keep us invested in the drama but I personally want to see more connections and dates, rather then giving all the guys who were/are disrespectful to Hannah and everyone else on the season, more screen time.
    I am definitely disappointed with the last few episodes but I’m hoping next week is different. The rest of the season looks so good!

  54. I agree with your thoughts! I almost turned it off with the second hour….several times! I was hoping it would get better…my biggest issue, and there are many, is what you said about not one man went to comfort her!!! Competition? Not caring? Just weird! Not loving this season for sure! Why don’t these good guys step up?? They say they really like her but certainly aren’t showing it! There just seem to not be much, if at all any depth….

  55. I am just reading all of these questions and responses and I love everyone’s different perspectives! And then it hit me that Chris Harrison asked her who is her favorite to make out with….and she says Luke. And then my mind went to you, Ali, saying that she’s probably engaged as they’re filming this. Well hells bells if that isn’t 1) telling us she’s engaged to Luke? Or 2) going to be super hurtful to her current fiancé as they watch this back together as an engaged couple?

    Something I read triggered those thoughts so I thought I’d throw it out there. Could it have been the editing of the show to try to further convince us that she does have strong feelings for him in order to keep the drama alive? Or could they have completely edited his name in if she said someone different? I don’t know how all the production logistics work, it just seems like they’re scrambling for content if – like so many have said – they’re doing a recap halfway through??

    And I love Hannah and think she seems very real and genuine and sometimes just weird. Lol but I go back and forth between finding it totally endearing and then over the top/somewhat immature. I think part of what’s difficult to watch is we are watching Hannah’s quest to find her strength. She has strong opinions, she thinks she knows what she wants. But even in the upcoming previews as Luke shares concerns with her about not sleeping around (which I do think he’s asking for respect in a weird “as much as Luke can be respectful” kind of way) she turns it into a women’s stance on being strong and a man can’t tell her what to do or who she can be physical/sexual with. When really, it’s mature and insightful to consider that all the physical stuff can definitely mask genuine feelings and/or distract from intimate conversations that may need to occur instead. But instead of trying to hear him out, according to the preview (which I know can be editing, so I’m just throwing things out there) it looks like she gets defensive and sends him home because “he doesn’t control me”. It seems like shes really trying to figure out her strength and power and sometimes it’s very awkward and difficult to watch. And I’m sure is even more awkward and difficult to go through, with millions of people watching, so I mean absolutely no disrespect toward Hannah.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Totally agree with the part about finding it endearing or immature! When they announced her as the bachelorette I knew she wasn’t ready for this. She needs to grow as an individual first! I’ve been watching this show since DeAnna’s season and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the premise of the show really is ridiculous! These bachelors and bachelorettes are so focused on engagement that at the end that they forget that it’s about the journey (like my bachelorette vocab😏😉) and not the destination, meaning I wish people would just take more time to talk. In the end, it really should matter whether you know if your partner likes Mac n cheese or spaghetti more, not whether or not you have a proposal and a ring. They wonder why they now have just about an equal number of successful BIP couples as bachelor/bachelorette couples- it’s because they spend SO much more time with people in the time they have. I do really think Hannah has a solid group of guys left! I like Jed, Peter, Tyler C and Mike. Obviously she sees Mike more as a friend but he seems like a good guy so I’m sure he’ll be around for another 2-3 weeks. I also found it strange that Hannah said Luke was the best kisser! I do think that that talk was filmed before hometowns though because that’s usually wen they do the normal recap about how hometowns went. I don’t see her getting engaged to Luke so there’s no way that was filmed after the show ended because she would have picked the guy she’s engaged to….which I think will be Tyler C. She’s SUPER into him and I’ve seen interviews of her and when they say his name her face lights up. The rest of the season looks crazy so hopefully it all ends well and she finds what she’s looking for. I just hope she takes her time and thinks with her head and not other parts of her body…

  56. This is the first season without Elan producing right? They need him back ASAP because this was by far the worst episode in the history of the show( and I’ve watched very single season since trista!)
    I was hoping you’d comment on the previews for the upcoming shows. Her Romaric/physical seasons made me so uncomfortable:( this season started off soooo well!!! Can they turn this around?

  57. I completely agree with everything g you have written, hair just me but one thing that was asked was who was the best kisser and she said “Luke” so that threw me off thinking god I hope I am wrong AND they purposely did that but if she happily engaged to someone else wouldn’t that torment their relationship her admiting after the rose or in the mansion that Luke was the best kisser yet -sorry (one I picked” your kissing didn’t match up to his or is it a hint she picked him? Or does production want me to be questioning such a small part of the show tonight or questions asked and disect this one kissing question. Lol, just thought that was off to ask if she is without someone else that’s setting her up with a isue they can develop after watching it I’d they choose too, do o even make sense now hahaha!

  58. Ali, I’m not sure I agree with you. I loved that Hannah stood up to the guys and the drama tonight! It would have seemed forced if she continued the evening without addressing the elephant in the room. I’m not sure she should have generalized the group as a whole but like you mentioned, she is young and inexperienced at this point. I felt like the sit down with Chris was ridiculous. A total waste of time.

  59. While I keep reminding myself that editing is (almost) everything with this show…I agree that it doesn’t seem like anyone is trying to get to know her. We are seeing sooooo much drama and pretty much none of why we all watch the show (the relationships).

    Also…how dumb are all of those guys that not ONE of them went to check on her after she left the room?! They all sat there and continued to argue like a bunch of teenaged girls!

    1. Yes – the boys are so enmeshed w each other.
      But I also think they were afraid to incur her wrath.

  60. My main thing is that she’s 24. that’s a very young age and it’s hard to blame anyone for acting the way they are at a young age. Simply put, the lecture to the guys was a little immature, and disrespectful. I was really turned off by that. I watched it in a room of women who were equally turned off. It shouldn’t have gotten to that. I think she has a lot of great men left but she needs to reconfigure her plan. I know this can’t be easy, but seeing seasons past I know love can be achieved. She needs to work through this. Oh yeah, and get rid of the poison!!!

  61. We literally had a whole episode with no dates and she wonders why no one has really gotten to know each other? I love the show, but I’m honestly beginning to not care if she finds someone or not. Tonight’s show was a complete waste of time.

  62. Completely agree with you, Ali! She seems like a great girl, but handles drama in such an immature way. I totally understand why Hannah was frustrated with the situation but yelling at the men the way she did was so disrespectful and childish. Who wants to get into a committed relationship with a woman when you’ve only known her for a couple weeks and she’s already talking down to you and acting so emotionally immature?!

  63. I totally agree with everything you just said. The episode tonight was painful & BORING. Luke seems like a plant to me. How could anyone take that guy seriously? I’m also a little disappointed, b/c I just don’t think Hannah’s that cool.

  64. Ok! So I have to agree that the whole sit down with Chris Harrison was pretty ridiculous but honestly I’m not surprised by it. It has been done in the past so I just took it for what it was worth an attempt to justify the outcome.

    That being said I think we are all being a bit rash about Hannah and I say we because I have said stuff too. I mean look at the end of all of this… This is about Hannah and her experience and her journey, not yours, not mine and not anyone’s. To say she talked down to them is not fair in that moment you have no idea what she was feeling what other things were happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of. I think that as a women sometimes you have to speak your mind/ stand up for yourself and guess what not everyone is going to like what you say or how you say it. Could she have handled it differently of course but in the heat of the moment that’s what came out of her mouth. She’s looking for love. It’s her heart on the line. Shoot I’ve seen people really talk down to people over a parking spot in the heat of the moment. I think that the men who have strong connections with her knew that what she said was not intended for them because of the relationship they had built with her or because guess what maybe they aren’t there for the right reason and don’t want to miss out on the pay day coming to them once the show wraps.

    Luke P.: I love Jesus but man I’d love to punch that guy (there I said it) He makes me Chad angry (remember Chad) Ali you have mentioned in the past how on your season you made the mistake of kinda of picking someone and then in a way going through the motions of the show but having this one person in the back of your mind. I think you told Rachel not to do that at the start of her season. Well I think Hannah did that with Luke P. I think on paper (and in the smoke and mirrors that he created)Luke P was that guy for Hannah. He’s good looking to her, he seemed caring, loyal and he has a strong faith and all these things were what she wanted in a relationship. That initial attraction I think blinded her a bit. He is very manipulating and abusive (emotionally and mentally) We can all see it as outsiders looking in but I know when I was in that type of an relationship I didn’t see it or better I didn’t want to see it.

    All that being said I think that Hannah’s season has actually been pretty good to watch. Her age shows for sure. Reminds me of typical 20’s but I think love can still be found at that age if you dig deep. This season so far has had a lot of awkwardness, grit, sparkles, and just down right moments of What the What!! which I think are so true to Hannah and who she is. As viewers the frustrations are very real but I’m sure my mom and friends had their frustrations watching the mistakes I made at her age.

    I’m hoping this season delivers and that she does find real love after this.

    Going to finish my Rosé and rest my fingers.

    Ali you’re one of the best bachelorettes if not the best ever thanks for giving us a place to vent and sound off.

  65. Good lord the last few seasons are so boring. Focusing all on drama instead of the people’s actually personalities. I thought this season would be so fun to watch because hannah is silly and spunky… but it’s boring immature drama. I mean they are all so young… last season too… it makes for lots of pointless episodes. Like tonight. This whole show has lost its magic. Just celeb wannnabees.

    Over it.

  66. I find this season very hard to watch. I get distracted on my phone because it’s just blah. I think Hannah’s age (or immaturity) really shows through and she isn’t ready for marriage. She says the guys aren’t getting to know her but is she getting to know them? She’s more wrapped up in the drama and the physical relationships then emotional.

    I totally agree about Luke being emotionally abusive. I cringe when he talks. He is very possessive of her and manipulative. I liked Garrett but after this episode my mind has changed of him. The guys need to focus on Hannah and stop with the drama. Save the drama for the Llamas haha

  67. Hey Ali! I think because of the last episodes didn’t finished with a Rose Ceremony, the editing got difficult and they had to do the sit down on this one to fill. I just only hope they don’t do it all over again when Hanna is on the Men Tell All. 😑

    On my part, when I realize it was going to be a hole hour of that, I went straight to shower hah! So disappointed.

  68. My question is-if this is season 15, why haven’t we seen drama like this before? I think it is because Hannah is immature. Ali, you would know, is it common to have all the meltdowns and crying like we have seen so far? I too have watched every season, and never seen anything like this. Not a fan of this season.

  69. I usually just read these and skip the comment part but this was honestly one of the worst episodes I’ve ever seen and I have so much to say!! First of all, the sit down with Chris Harrison to me was a time filler to take up the rest of the episode and get the episodes back to caliber so that we don’t see previous week’s ending episodes and then the start of a new one each week, if that makes sense. It’s like they wanted to realign everything—which was a dumb way to do it because it’s been done in better, more viewer-friendly ways before. I agree it is so obvious she’s engaged. If Chris wanted to “sit down and address” the important remarks she made when they were having tea in Latvia, he should have done so WHILE THEY WERE THERE. They could have given that conversation more screen time and cut the whole mansion scene and then maybe it would have made more sense. I’m not sure why they recapped the season in the middle of the season and started talking about the highs of the season so far when we had just previously watched a scene of her crying trying to figure this mess out. It was just awkward.

    Additionally, I agree her immaturity is showing a bit through all of this. I thought her storming into the room with all the guys sitting there not once but twice kind of diminished the effect of the first time she walked in. There were better ways to go about that, like having Chris come in and cut straight to the Rose ceremony. In this type of setting I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to talk about thing as a big group as if they’re all in this together—because quite frankly they’re not. I also found it alarming not a single man (Peter, Tyler, Connor, Jed) comforted her during all of that. Makes me think exactly what you’re thinking—that no one is really into her! I also think her immaturity shows when she keeps Luke around but all they do is argue. Like she has to know he isn’t the one. Why would you want to be with someone who makes you so frustrated? Additionally, the only thing she holds on to about him is their sexual chemistry. I’m not married yet but I’m pretty sure you need more than that to build something that will last forever. I agree though, Love is blind. I’ve been emotionally abused like that before in past relationships and knew in the moment I had to let go but part of me always wanted to hold on, too. Once you let go of all of that and stop listening to your heart it’s so freeing. (Praying Hannah can do the same) … (and praying this season gets better)

  70. I love Hannah, but this was the most boring episode ever! I can’t even imagine what she sees in Luke P. I want to fast forward whenever he’s on, but he’s ALWAYS on! 🙄

  71. I feel exactly the same Ali, I do feel that she is way too young to have been chosen to be the Bachelorette! I found the one on one date with Luke sooooo painful and way too dragged out…..anyway she seems like a nice girl and I hope she finds love.

  72. I agree. There seems to be so much more drama than usual! I feel like with any other bachelorette in the past if there was a “Luke” character he would already have been sent home. I think Hannah is just wanting to keep Luke to prove to the other guys that she can make her own decisions. Which is SO dramatic. I think she knows that their isn’t an actual future with him. I feel like Garret and the other guy (don’t even know his name!) was the one taking it wayyy to far with Luke. The other guys I agree we’re just sitting there while Luke and mainly Garret argue. And the fact that Hannah had to go in the room twice to break up the argument was ridiculous. They should have took the hint the first time. Anyway I think the rest of the season will still be good and I admit I wasn’t paying attention AT ALL during the Chris Harrison talk. Me and my mom were like “umm what is this??” Love reading your posts each week!

  73. I literally stopped watching the episode with over 30min left. I don’t even care anymore, it’s awful!!! I feel like it’s a second “men tell all” with them just yelling at each other and the extensive recap.

  74. I thought tonight’s episode was great TV bc of all the drama. My husband even watched some of it bc it caught his attention haha. I had to pause a lot to fill him in! Haha.
    I wanted to “high five” Hannah after she called out all the guys. That guys discussion should have taken place at the house and NOT the cocktail party. They ruined the night and they needed to hear it. I think the guys who are seriously into her will understand it had to be said. She was being real, and couples fight! Seriously though I hope next week takes a turn and is more focused on the relationships! Oh and the sit down was unnecessary!!

  75. Thanks for sharing Ali! Oh man you may not be able to read all of these! But my hubby came in after the show ended and asked if she got rid of him (Luke) yet?! Lol We were speculating that perhaps the producers have some say on the timing of when some guys are sent home. Ali did you have complete control over that? Maybe they encouraged her to keep Luke around?

    Also, I had a social psychology class years ago in college and I remember reading something about how it is human nature for groups of people to single out and bond over not liking someone. It happens every season of this show! Does that make sense? I think Luke might not be that bad of a guy but he has become that singled out guy because of this thing I read about?

  76. I feel like there’s a person every season that the show demonizes a little so I’m skeptical to jump on the Luke hating bandwagon … (editing editing editing) tonight was so frustrating because I thought Garrett was extremely petty – because Hannah had already clarified that the reason other people were brought up was because she forced the convo and had questions seeking clarity — (also thought generalizing all the guys instead of calling out the exact guilty parties was annoying) that said … would I be attracted to him – no but she did say if she had one guy she could make out with all day it would be him –

    Ali – I would love love love for a bachelor/bachelorette to come in on night one – have some conversation and literally send home everyone but the top 5 – then date them for the time frame – I feel like there are so many fillers and fluff from the getgo!

  77. Ali- you are my absolute favorite bachelorette. After every episode I can’t wait to read your posts!!! As pretty much everyone else has said, tonight was really frustrating for me… to the point where I was actually feeling sorry for Luke. One mistake I see Hannah making over and over is sharing too much information about other conversations. I understand she is trying to “be 100% honest” with all of the guys but when Garrett asked Hannah tonight if Luke had said anything on their one-on-one, I feel like the mature thing to have done would have been to say that her conversations with Luke are not his business. But instead, she just spills specific names which created the whole drama in the first place… which I feel like has definitely happened on previous dates as well!!!

  78. There is something about this season that seems so scripted to me. As if they are trying to manufacture something interesting because it is utterly boring. Also she is very very obvious about who she’s into and who she’s not… I mean those straddling make out sessions don’t lie.

    Luke P is the epitome of a guy who tells you what he thinks you want to hear to manipulate the situation. I’m sure there are plenty of women who can attest to that. I can only imagine what lies he’s told to get women to sleep with him and then bounces in the AM with no remorse. And Hannah buys right into it… I mean she let him come back.

    I usually love the Bachelorette seasons but this one is just painful.

  79. I can see why Hannah had the reaction she did to the men arguing, but I think she let her emotions get the best of her and overreacted. She could have said something more straight forward and in a calm manner to them about focusing on their reasons for being there. I do think she lost her cool and was a bit disrespectful. I feel the same about almost being on Luke P.’s side this time.. weird.

  80. I completely agree with you, Ali! I think she is extremely dramatic and is definitely the cause of many of her own issues.
    The worst part in my mind is when she made that hand motion to tell Luke P to shut up. My jaw dropped… so disrespectful!

    1. Or…was it so locked in with him?
      And maybe even protective?

      Lot going on there.
      I feel like we”ll never really get the full story.

      Everyone – Hannah with her career goals included – is playing the game. Not saying that it is all fake, at all, but the show must go on opportunity is in full swing.

  81. The sit-down was such a waste of time. It doesn’t even make sense to have it at this time in the season. I can see doing it before The Men Tell All, but they are still mid season. Drove me crazy to watch it all rehashed again. It was boring the first time.

  82. Girl I totally agree with you! When the sit down with Chris happened I was kind of bummed. However when it showed the preview of the rest of the season I was so happy and replayed it twice! It definitely looks like Hannah sees Luke. I haven’t liked Luke at all. I know they have strong chemistry but like I told my husband that doesn’t mean everything.
    Your family is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  83. I completely agree, Ali! This season has a different feel to it, and I’m not impressed. I feel like I barely know Hannah or the guys, and I’m so tired of the Luke drama. If it’s not the Luke drama, then she’s making out with the other guys. I hope the season gets better from here.

  84. Seems like the rest of the season is about sex and physical relationships rather than getting to know if they prefer spaghetti or macaroni & cheese!!

    As you said she’s a little young for this and it’s showing. Granted we’ve seen older women (not old just older than her!) who are not ready for the nature of the show either.

    I will say each week I’ve been surprised and shocked that’s for sure!

  85. First time to
    Comment-I was curious about her as the bachelorette but I do not like how she handles this. She belittles the guys and keeps the guy that causes the drama. Peter spoke up and while I agreed with what he said I also don’t understand why he stayed. She is immature, seems like a nice person but if I am guy ready for a commitment is she really who I choose to spend my life with? Sorry if I sound like a brat but I’m a little older than Hannah, married and a great career. She wasted so much time on the wrong things

  86. You say it best when you say she needed some years before his experience. I’ve always felt that way about Hannah (and a lot of the girls on Colton’s season). They found a lot of you women, 23 and 24 year olds who haven’t experienced enough life to be truly ready for marriage. And this is coming from a 24 year old who 100% sees, understands, and did the same as what Hannah is doing with Luke. They should have thought more carefully about who the bachelorette should have been this season if they wanted “better” tv. This is petty childishness on all parts and I don’t ever recall ever happening before to this extent and it’s because Hannah doesn’t have the experience to see the manipulation. She is too consumed with Luke’s looks that she excuses all the warning signs. I feel like the whole last hour was an attempt to save Hannah’s image because of how awful everything has turned out to be. I’m surprised none of the other guys have quit.

  87. Yes she went over board with how she talked down to all the guys and I really think she should have done better with that, but I truly think that a lot of the guys are super into her and that’s why they are still here. And she really needs to open her eyes and see that there are some really great guys on this journey with her and once she does that she’ll definitely see the hope. She just needs to send Luke P home cause he’s obviously all the cause to all this drama that’s driving her nuts. And the sit down with Chris Harrison was so boring and I didn’t see the point at all to that. And if she is engaged already while shooting that and she said that she would make out with Luke P all day long, do you think she is engaged to Luke??? I really hope not but if not then why wouldn’t she say the name of the man she is engaged with? Cause that would upset me so much if I was engaged to the bachelor and he said he would make out with another chick all day long. Even though it was just a pretend play back. You know? Idk? I might just end up not watching the rest of the season cause it’s just annoying a dumb now haha no offense to anyone though!! I’ll still read your blog obviously Ali love this blog and pics of your daughter so sweet 💕

  88. I don’t know about any of you but, I miss actual cocktail parties, I NEVER thought I’d say that. They usually are boring but I am like craving to get tk know some of the guys more and even know Hannah more and the dates have been so full of the Luke BS that we don’t get any of that. We see her make out with her obvious favorites but no one else and we see no relationships really forming and I am sooooo confused why Dustin is around because I have never really even seen them talk?! Personally if she wants more from the guys she needs to step up and be an example to them and challenge them and ask the hard questions too, not just wait for them to take a hint, if she truly is the strong independent woman she says she is. Peter, Tyler, Mike, Jed, and Connor seem to be the only ones TRYING (and i say that loosely because they have all made mistakes too and been part of the drama) to make a real relationship happen but even they lack something that other seasons have had. You may be right maybe she is just too inexperienced… I didn’t think that until you brought it up. Tonight was yet another painful watch night, I hope they improve soon.

  89. I agree with you on most things but I kinda like how she freaked out on them! She had just told the guys to stop arguing and 3 seconds after she leaves, they start arguing again. The guys were acting like children! But I do agree that by keeping Luke P around, she’s keeping the drama around too and he needs to go. The recap of the season was SO pointless! I’m so annoyed they did that. Love reading your recaps every week!!

  90. Ok so I agree with you on some things but definitely not all. First of all, the guys were being so ridiculous tonight. If the guys don’t want Luke to bring up their name then they need to give him the same respect and not bring up his. One of the guys was name calling Luke P a “psychopath” that is a pretty strong thing to say to someone and that is verbal abuse in my opinion. Luke P has kept his cool through it all. It’s not ok for all of them to team up on him like that and tell him what he can and can’t talk about with Hannah, he is a grown man and can do what he pleases. Yes, there will be consequences but he still can talk about whatever he wants with Hannah. Secondly, I disagree with you about the guys not being into Hannah. I think they are super into her but have gotten sucked into the drama and lost sight for a minute. It’s hard to walk away from that stuff especially if you’re worried that one of the guys is going to say something to Hannah that could ruin your chances with her. So, I think that they like her so much and that’s why they are so upset with Luke: 1. Because they know Hannah is into him and 2. They are scared he’s going to bad mouth them to Hannah. Thirdly, I think Hannah is a bad A and handling it great! I’ve been watching this show for a looong time (I originally started watching you Ali, because I was friends with an ex boyfriend of yours and he was talking about you and I wanted to watch you on the show) and I can tell the guys truly like Hannah. They were sad when she was upset and I’m glad to watch a bachelorette where the men are literally fighting over her. So many seasons in bachelorette history, you can tell the men aren’t into the girl and they drop like flies and don’t have much drama because quite frankly, they just don’t care! Chris Harrison hit the nail on the head when he said, the fact that they’re so bothered with Luke is a good sign, it shows they are really into Hannah and therefore feel threatened! Anyway, it’s a great season so far in my opinion. Hannah is coming into her own and showing these guys she isn’t messing around!

    1. 👍I agree with the thoughts you shared in your post, Lindi. I think Hannah has been a very darling and interesting Bach’ette; however, I am very disappointed that she has canceled 3 ( I think that is correct?) cocktail parties very early and gone directly to the rose ceremony. Other than the 1-1 dates she has had with Conor, Jed, Luke P., Mike and Tyler, we have seen very little time with her having meaningful conversations with any other men save for Peter and Garrett. The cocktail parties usually allow us to learn more about front runners and get to know a little bit about other guys she hangs onto or sends home. I am absolutely blindsided that she continues to keep Luke P. around when she got NOTHING from her 1-1 in last week’s episode or tonight’s that she says she wants in a relationship. He is so controlled and robotic. There must be something seriously off regarding his emotional well being. He has given her nothing for weeks. Tyler seems the best fit for her long term.

      1. So true. I believe either he has serious anger issues so he doesn’t know how to show a little emotion or he will explode OR he just doesn’t have feelings…either way, it doesn’t give the men the right to bully him. Yes, we need to see more meaningful connections. This is not Luke Ps fault though. It’s Hannah’s fault just as much. She could’ve backed Luke P up in saying he didn’t bring up other guys because quite frankly, he didn’t bring them up, she asked. And who cares if he lied to the other guys about it. He doesn’t owe them anything and I am almost certain they have all lied to each other. The only person that deserves to hear their truth, is Hannah.

        1. So true! Through many seasons of viewing The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, most wise contestants decide it is best to reveal almost nothing of their conversations or experiences with the lead. All any revelations do is create more stress and jealousy. Garrett played a role he should never have taken on. They ALL need to stay in their own lanes, as Hannah asked!
          So much time has been wasted this season. I hope that Hannah is just dating the last man standing! She has lost so much valuable time she should have used getting to know as many of the men she thought she might share a future!

          1. I think only dignified contestants should be rewarded with becoming Bachelor. Big Mouth Mike was the most verbally abusive, and deserves to be left in his own misery.

            Luke is flawed/human. but he hasnt deserved the harsh way the group has treated hkm

  91. I agree with you on this whole episode! It was a complete waste of time. I do like the majority of the guys she has there and still hope she finds love. I just wish she would and Luke home already! She wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for him. Also, I was thinking spent all this time on that recap to bring the show back to its normal pattern of having a rose ceremony at the end of the episode, but I don’t think that was very necessary.

  92. In Latvia, when Chris was talking to her, I felt so bad for her, I thought they should have flown out a former bachelorette to talk to her, encourage her, sympathize with her. I felt that would have helped her. Instead they were suddenly back at the mansion, and I didn’t buy it either. I even skipped ahead during some of the recap footage.
    I did like the previews tho, and I’ll be back next week to keep watching.

  93. I agree, the sit down with Chris made me roll my eyes. Super frustrated watching the whole episode tonight.
    I wonder if this is because Elan is not a producer anymore? A lot of people were wondering if Bachelor would be the same without hm behind the scenes. I wonder what you think, Ali? Since you know him

  94. I watched this by myself tonight and wanted to “talk it out” with you when it was over! So glad you posted earlier than usual because I agree so much with you. It was really hard to get through the episode and I was appalled at the interview portion too. It was so unnecessary, fake, and I felt like the show just robbed me of an hour of my life. I was actually mad when I realized they were going to use the whole last hour as a recap clip show!!
    Anyway, I also kept thinking that Hannah would solve many of her problems by sending Luke home. Love makes you blind but dang girl, get it together.
    I think most of the guys are not totally into here but there are a few who are. I’m not surprised that no one went after her when she scolded them at the cocktail party. I thought it was a weird situation where maybe they thought she needed some space to cool down since she had gotten so upset.
    One last thing…the rest of the season does look good but I think they showed us too much with Luke! All this drama and buildup about how she can’t let him go and then the show us exactly when she sends him home. Leave a little mystery, right?? I was sad they already showed us how that plays out in a tiny preview after making us watch them drag the current drama all out in such an annoying way.
    Thanks for your input Ali! Your posts are always therapeutic after each episode!

  95. I have a question Ali…do you think there is extra pay to keep the crazy ones around? I ask this because Something just isn’t quite right with Luke. He was instantly possessive and hasn’t backed down. She’s smarter than to mess and waste time on him. (Isn’t she).
    The sit down with Chris….honestly I dozed at some point and woke back up and thought they were ending the show. A very oddly placed segment to be sure.

    What do y’all think about Hannah being all over the guys? Like “all over” them. Seems she has no sense of decorum and this could cause issues if she does pick someone and he has to sit back and watch her straddling, laying on top of, rubbing every guy she finds remotely attractive. That’s what the fantasy suite is for correct?
    Love your blog and insta post Ali! 💕

    1. I think it’s totally inappropriate and all I can think about is her mom and dad watching the show. Gross. She is immature and not ready for any of this. She should go back to pageants. With that said, the show is so fake and scripted and I don’t believe a word of it. I used to be a fan.. not anymore.

      1. I think her, her mom, and her dad wouldn’t really care that you think her being all over the guys is embarrassing. What is embarrassing is a woman slut shaming another woman.

  96. I haven’t been able to watch this season. I watched episode one and half of episode two and the entertainment was underwhelming. I am only following along with your blog to keep up. I think they need to get an older bachelorette (28-30, even older) and an older group of guys. I’m not saying you can’t be ready when you’re younger, but most aren’t, and Hannah has an immaturity about her. The guys don’t seem into her, even from the beginning. I hope it works but I’m not very optimistic that any of her relationships are going to last.

  97. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one watching last night thinking, “what the hell is this?!” What a waste of time- this is by far the worst season I’ve watched in a long time, if not ever! She comes across rude and immature in every episode.

  98. I genuinely believe the only reason the second hour was filmed and aired was to get the episodes back on format. Starting the episode with the week’s first date and ending with the rose ceremony and sending people home. The last few episodes have not ended in a rose ceremony and the rose ceremony was the beginning of the following episode.

  99. I honestly couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I feel like she is just so young, and although I do think she can just be a number, her maturity in handling this seems to prove it. She has some great guys there, and it seems like she is also so focused on the drama, (and let’s face it, she’s letting a lot of it go on by keeping Luke), she’s not giving them any notice! I skipped through most of the interview with Chris. You’re right, it was so staged, and felt like either filler or like you said, something to try and convince us that she is the victim in all of this because everything around her is just so awful and dramatic and we should feel sorry for her. I’ve watched a lot seasons of the show, and I really was hopefully, but this is just too much. I think I’ll try one more week, but I just dont know! So glad you wrote about it right away so we had someone to commiserate with Ali!

  100. I honestly couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I feel like she is just so young, and although I do think she can just be a number, her maturity in handling this seems to prove it. She has some great guys there, and it seems like she is also so focused on the drama, (and let’s face it, she’s letting a lot of it go on by keeping Luke), she’s not giving them any notice! I skipped through most of the interview with Chris. You’re right, it was so staged, and felt like either filler for the formatting, or like you said, something to try and convince us that she is the victim in all of this because everything around her is just so awful and dramatic and we should feel sorry for her. I’ve watched a lot seasons of the show, and I really was hopeful, but this is just too much. I think I’ll try one more week, but I just dont know! So glad you wrote about it right away so we had someone to commiserate with Ali!

  101. I agree 100% about everything you wrote, especially about the way she spoke with the guys. It was beyond rude and disrespectful. And what was up with that “zip it” hand gesture? Terrible! And really not ladylike at all.

    I tried to like her but she, besides being young, seems like she’s missing some good manners.

    I love you Ali, greetings from Croatia!

  102. I just don’t like that she made general statements about the guys. Not all of the guys are involved in the drama, yet she said they’re all pissing her off. How could Peter and Jed be pissing her off? They just sit there and say nothing. If I were them I would’ve been totally turned off by her blowing up like that. She has a lot of good guys in the house, she’s just too hung up on Luke to see it. And I just don’t understand the appeal. I’m so confused. He’s a robot.

  103. Possibly the worst two hours of TV I’ve ever sat through. When it ended I cancelled taping it on my dvr….done 🙄

  104. hi Ali
    I like your polka dot skirt (& your long stem wine glass!)
    the picture of Molly ‘cheering’ you with her sippy cup is so cute.
    I like Hannah & hope she finds love.

  105. I agree with everything you said. It was hard to watch and so boring. A waste of an episode. Are they trying to prolong the season for some reason? They could have done without either sit down. And what is with all the rose ceremonies not being at the end of the show? I think the show is trying too hard to come up with more ways to make it dramatic to keep viewers.

  106. I agree with Ali. I don’t think the guys act very into her either. I think a lot of them might be taken back a little by her personality. She’s very dramatic and I think that can be taken as a negative sometimes. I think she just needs time to GROW as Ali said. I think overtime she will look back at her season and ask herself why she did the things she did lol. It cant be as easy as it looks being on national television though so I will give her that!

  107. I agree, Hannah is causing this drama. Well her and Luke. It seems like all the other guys get along so well! Like when Kevin saw Hannah making out with Jed they were able to laugh about it. They all seem like great guys! And she has had good conversations with a lot of them. Luke is totally clouding her judgement. Has she ever watched the show? There are always going to be arguments with the contestants. But she doesn’t need to keep inserting herself. She says she doesn’t know the guys and they don’t know her…well maybe Bc she keeps canceling things Bc she’s inserting herself in the drama and causing more of it. She needs to focus on her one on one time with the guys and not defending Luke and talking down to the guys. She is def acting like the queen and all about her.

  108. I couldn’t agree with you more, on all accounts! It took all I had to finish last nights episode & to be honest I have no desire to finish the season.

    I feel bad for these men, I feel like they haven’t even been given a chance to get to know Hannah.

    Usually the “villain” only reveals themselves to the other contestants and not the Bachelor/Bachelorette so early on. That’s why I understand when they stick around, but this seasons villain has shown himself from day one! It makes me believe Hannah is not ready for a meaningful relationship.

    Good luck to them all.

  109. I so agree that a lot of the drama has to do with Hannah’s immaturity. And of course Luke being there causes drama too (who it seems like she sends home later anyway after he inevitably says some form of sexist or manipulative comment to her – surprise!) Of course I don’t know what it’s like to be in this situation, but I’d have to think of every person there told me the guy is a snake – what reason would I have not to believe them? I honestly think it’s the fact that he is good looking and they have physical chemistry that she keeps Luke around – but sorry honey that doesn’t make a relationship. I do think Hannah is funny and I like that she stands up for herself, but to criticize everyone for starting drama when she was in the middle of the house drama on her season is just kind of hypocritical. She stuck them with a person she knows they all hate because she won’t send him home and she expects them to get along and I don’t know that that is fair. She should be able to see that one effect of keeping Luke around is that it’s going to upset the other guys and she needs to be okay with that if she keeps him, and I’m not sure why she doesn’t get that. At the end of the day I don’t like the way she talked to all the guys last night – yes, this is your show, but you are not the queen and you should have some humility too. I love some female empowerment and I like that she says what she wants, but anyone who says “I just say what’s on my mind all the time and that’s me” is really just immature and hasn’t learned that there are ways and times to do so with tact rather than just spew out your emotions all the time no matter who it hurts. Agreed that Hannah needs to do some growing herself, but I will say that I was worried she wouldn’t be able to string two sentences together and at least it isn’t as bad as I thought! I like her more than I expected to. Okay – lastly, the whole intro about his Luke P was some reformed player guy who had a ton of “relationships” with women and now loves Jesus and the gym of course is just so not believable. We should have know from the intro that he was a jerk.

    1. OMG YES (to all of this)!
      This season has been a complete joke. I definitely think her age has something to do with it, when she was on the bachelor you could see her immaturity, so it was kind of silly to me that they chose her to be the bachelorette. Some people are more mature at younger ages, but most of the time they’re not. I thought I was going to marry my boyfriend when I was 20, and then 22, and it wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I actually realized what marriage and partnership meant.
      I also agree that Hannah has been nothing but disrespectful and outright rude to the guys – at times they seemingly deserve a strong talking-to, but I think her immaturity really showed.

  110. Personally I think she should have stuck with her decision to let Luke P go home. She sent him for a reason and he talked his way into staying.
    I do agree that the guys made it into more than it needed to be… but if she had have stayed with her decision, this whole episode would have been completely different!!

  111. It is good that Hannah is pushing Luke to express himself, however it seems like she isn’t open to any other way of expressing emotions other than her own specific definition of what that should sound like. This is another example of how she’s a bit immature/inexperienced. She needs to relax a bit, ask questions, and then just listen and take things in.

  112. Luke has to go! He is totally Gaslighting Hannah and she is not see it. He is totally fake and emotionally abusive.

  113. I thought Hannah was doing a great job asking Luke all the right questions and calling him out on their date last week. I am shocked she kept him, she’s listening to her heart not her brain. The interview at the mansion was frustrating, just recapping literally the current episode we all just watched and I could tell it was after the show was done too! So silly.

  114. This show has been fake for a long time. I don’t know why people still watch it. There is a villain every season. Coincidence? C’mon. There are so many better shows on TV than this garbage. It’s just a money making empire. These women are fake. The contestants are there for instagram fame. How can you trust any of these stories?? I guess entertainment. I think it’s pure garbage.

  115. You know I thought about something. The key words or characteristic that both Hannah and Luke each brought up about themselves were that they both try to be perfect. My question is does she see herself in him personality wise to keep him around? We don’t know what goes on off camera. I do agree Peter, Jed, and Luke seem like a great group. I would pull for them any day. Just playing uhmmm?

  116. Do you think producers are making her keep Luke for the drama he brings? For “good tv”.

    I’m legitimately asking. Because she didn’t even cry when he left the date without a ride and was “going home”. She was broken over it or if she was, it didn’t show that so I have a hard time believing she’s really that torn over it.

  117. I agree 100% Ali!! It was like we only got to see half of an episode, she could of handled that situation without all the drama but she really added to it. She’s really lost my respect for keeping Luke P on there. She gets mad about the drama but the source of it is LUKE P AND SHE KEPT HIM ON THERE!!!!!

  118. Drama, drama, drama…if you have drama in your life then look at the source…it’s always you. Luke is the drama and if he was gone I honestly think she could move forward and really find what she is looking for in a spouse. The chat with Chris was mundane and I too lost interest. However, next week looks great. It looks like she finally realizes how dramatic and manipulative Luke is and finally let’s him go.

  119. This was the worst episode that I can remember (and I have watched every single season – including Prince Lorenzo). You can tell this was filmed after the season and it was filmed as “filler”. There probably wasn’t enough true drama to compete with Colton’s season and so they are adding this in to drag out the drama episode.
    People say age is just a number… but that’s not the case in situations like this. We are seeing why we shouldn’t have 23-25 year old leads. They just don’t have the life experience and they cause some drama on their own.
    If the next episode doesn’t pick up… I may end up calling this season quits.

  120. Completely agree that why didnt any of the guys go after her when she left the room?? I feel like in past seasons if the lead has left the room upset, someone has swooped in and followed them and helped calm them down. I was shocked Tyler or Connor didnt do that last night.

    Love your recaps Ali!

  121. I have been a huge fan of the show since Day One with Trista. I don’t necessarily agree with how they select people for the show, however, that is just my opinion. In brief, I applied to be on the show because I am 37 yrs old, previously engaged, know what I am looking for and what I want and truly looking to find love. I don’t necessarily agree with their “so called method or way” of selecting candidates. After applying I received an email saying they need 10-16 more photos, including close ups, etc., and a short video. But why? So they can basically pre-judge you which is not necessarily fair. Regardless of race, weight, height, career, etc., it’s obvious this is what they do. As of late, they seem to be going younger and younger for the show, which if they keep going that direction, I think the viewings and ratings will drop drastically. Just my opinion. I like Hannah and I have never heard so many people just bash her on social media from Colton’s season and in general when they don’t even know her. I mean everyone makes mistakes when they are young. That’s just inevitable and the nature of who we all are at young ages… It clearly causes drama, and makes people uninterested to watch, which leads me to last nights episode.

    Ali, I couldn’t agree more with most of the items you touched on and shared. A couple things that really stood out were: 1) Hannah talking down to all the guys letting them know they are all making her psycho and not just Luke P. 2) Luke P. is clearly toxic in more ways than one and needs to go already. Hannah just needs to come to realization that he seems a little too much, may have some anger issues, communicating issues and that it is just “lust” between them and send him home. 3) The sit down and recap with Chris Harrison was so staged and in my opinion a waste of time. Assuming that was just their way to drag another season out more than needed. The drama is just way out of control this season.

    The previews for the remainder of the show looks good, however, Luke really just needs to go and I truly hope he is not the next Bachelor considering that always seems to be the case that someone from the previous episode is always the next one, not to mention he has been getting a lot of unnecessary screen time… Thanks for sharing your blog!

  122. Hated this episode felt like such a waste of time. 🙄
    I feel like most of these guys are very immature, with the exception of mike & taylor ect

    I was never a huge fan of Hanna but gave her a chance, and now i just feel like she is trying to stir up drama, the same way she did in Coltons season and playing victim.

    The sit down was soo stupid i wanted to just shake the tv and scream NOOOOOO – please producers, what are you thinking

    They should have called this season on the wings of luke P. Every thing is about him even the sneak peaks

    I can’t

    Vent session over

    BTW Ali you are my all time favorite person and bachelorette

    Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  123. I agree with you on some things, but I totally think she owned the situation and should be respected for the way she did. In many past seasons I hated seeing all the drama and having it not be addressed BY the bachelor/bachelorette. She’s been proactive in a healthy way to bring it all up front and show them where she stands. I commend her for her vulnerability in being frustrated…I think that’s what the guys needed to hear and moving forward they will (hopefully) drop the drama and focus on her. She is ultimately picking a husband at the end of this and has a right to be selfish in wanting attention and needing more from them.
    But what the heck was up with that interview!? I feel like the whole recap was a waste of freaking time. Wonder why they’re dragging it out.

    1. Agree with you! I love that she stood up for herself! And was transparent. I love that she said “I’m a grown ass woman I can figure this out for myself!”

  124. I totally agree with everything you’re saying. I can’t believe she got so upset when she knows and understands why the guys don’t like Luke. When she was saying all the guys were making her feel how she was. No, you are responsible for how you’re feeling. No-one can make you feel anything. This drama wouldn’t be going on if she sent Luke home but of course this is TV. I also couldn’t believe it when she used that hand motion to Luke to stop talking. It’s like he’s a puppet.

  125. I blame ABC. The producers allowed Jake back in to talk to Hannah. She sent him home! I don’t think she’s being disrespectful of the men at all! Are you kidding? She’s speaking up for herself and I love that she walked back in to the room and told them all off. I think it’s mature, not immature. Wouldn’t you want Molly to stand up and not tolerate a single thing? Jake is emotionally abusive and shame on ABC for encouraging his presence there. This (all this discussion) is exactly why they wanted him. They didn’t consider Hannah at all.

  126. We had tornado warnings during part of the sit down so the local station broke in for about 20 minutes, and honestly, the break was ok. Luke is scary and very manipulative. Hannah has some great men and I think she will eventually see that. Like Jeb, Mike, Peter, Tyler. I’m thinking she is engaged to Tyler and I hope it works out for them. Peter is my pick for the next bachelor.

  127. Definitely the worst episode ever. I had to force myself to get through it and ended up folding laundry and filling the dishwasher while I watched. I think none of the guys went after her to calm her down because she was giving off a vibe that she wanted to call the shots. Either way, I was glad when the episode ended!

  128. I’m with you! I fast forward through the whole sit down talk. I think she is causing a lot of this drama. You get rid of people who are toxic. She went back in there TWICE. And to say “you all are doing this to me” is unfair to the guys she does have a strong relationship with. I was really irritated with her this episode. BUT can we talk about how great the Paradise cast is??

  129. I wouldn’t say Hannah is immature… of course she has a lot to learn and will experience hurt and grow from this experience… I just think she’s the type of girl who has expectations about things (like herself, wanting to be perfect, etc.) and was getting let down about the journey at this point.

    I also think people are being a little hard on her for being “disrespectful” to the guys. If you all think the guys aren’t that into her, she probably feels that too! And is wondering why she’s there doing it all! I hope it works out for her.

    More than anything, the way this season has been edited and produced has been the most disappointing! I have no idea why the producers put that recap in last night and made Hannah sit down to talk with Chris when it was so obviously filmed after the fact. Very strange.

    My favorite is Jed and I hope she chooses him! I think he does genuinely care for her but has been trying to stay out of the drama. He seems like a good balance to her fire. She’s a queen, go girl!

  130. Hannah May be a “great girl” but she’s just not cut out for this. I wasn’t excited about her from the get-go but now I’m completely turned off and just wait for next season. The way she SCOLDED the guys like children was hard to watch. It was ridiculous. My husband happened to catch that seen and his reaction was “oh hell no” he said he woulda been out of there and not allowed her to talk to him that way. (My husband is huge on respect) I agree, I wouldn’t be interested in dating someone who can talk to ANYONE that way much less their future husband. Just sayin’

  131. I always love your opinions – especially from having hands on experience… but man, poor Hannah is totally showing her age. & I thought the same thing with the way she talked to them. So degrading. & ALL of this would have not even happened if she just let him go when she originally asked him to leave & asked him to respect her decision… well yeah, we saw how that went. It just really shows her immaturity that when he comes back & pulls that stunt of “yelling” to show how ‘upset’ he was… she fell for it. It’s all just sad at this point. She’s missing out on some great guys over this stupidity

    1. maybe it isnt her age…maybe this is how she basically is.

      booze, hormones…looks like those contributed too

  132. I agree luke actually didnt feel like the villian all that much last night..except i still think he should be sent home.
    Also i had to fast fwd thru the majority of the interview because i was just annoyed and bored with it.

  133. I honestly think the only guy who may truly be into her is Peter. Not to say I don’t like other guys and think they are good guys but I just don’t see them fitting together well. Peter has been more intentional with his conversations and time with her and the other guys just seem to be putting on a show to look good for Bachelor in Paradise or life after the show. Hannah is very sweet but has a very distinctive personality and I just don’t think a lot of the guys personalities match up well with her. Had they not been put in this particular situation I do not think most of these guys would chose her in the real world. We shall see. Hopefully she finds the perfect guy for her!

  134. Can we talk about how they are going to do NAKED JUMPING?! It just seems wrong to me on this show.

  135. 1. Too much showing past footage. Especially from that night’s episode! Advertisers should ask for make goods! We all get ripped off!
    2. I like that she told them off but it wasn’t fair that she yelled at them all. Only a few like Garrett (who started the whole thing last night) and of course Luke P. But she kind of went off the rails. Tell them to stop and pick someone to go talk to. You have to know there will always be drama. And if you want it to end send Garrett and Luke home.
    3. I thought someone should have followed her. They were more interested in the drama than her.

  136. Today is my first visit to your blog. Glad I found it through Instagram. I don’t know of anyone else watching this season so it’s nice to read what others thought about the episode. And I completely agree with you Ali. I have never given up on a season but I’m getting real close to doing that this year. I want Hannah to find happiness but I think she has some maturing to do first. The emotional breakdowns every week are exhausting. Marriage is hard as it is… I have been married for 17 years. Yes, she’s the bachelorette but the world doesn’t revolve around her. Relationships are a two-way street. I think if she were more open she’d learn more about the guys too. I think I’ll start my wine drinking earlier next week so I can get through the episode.

  137. What bothers me the most is that she SENT LUKE HOME! And she asked him to “respect that” and he came back anyway AND SHE LET HIM STAY! Like, what?! Not a great foundation to build a relationship. I agree that she really showed her inexperience and immaturity in this episode.

    On another note, how annoying was it when Garrett apologized and Luke “appreciated his apology”?? Give me a break. Ugh! I can’t stand Luke P. I agree that he is manipulative and emotionally abusive. He’s gotta go.

    I think she has so many great guys on her season. But I hope she doesn’t pick them so I can nominate my sister for The Bachelor. 😇😂

  138. If the interview was recorded after the season was over, and Chris Harrison asked her who the best kisser was and she giggled and said Luke and smiled. Makes me think she ends up picking him. 🤮 because if she picked one of the other guys and then said Luke was the best kisser, you would think that would upset her guy! So I’m thinking that maybe it wasn’t recorded after the season??? In the previews it looks like she gets rid of Luke after he shames her about sex! Who knows what’s going on! Lol! Thanks for the blog!

  139. This episode was SO unsatisfying! It seems like the Luke P drama has been going on forever and it has gotten real old real fast. When the episode was over I thought to myself “Well that was a big fat waste of my time!” lol The sit down with Chris was totally ridiculous and unnecessary. I don’t understand why Hannah is doing what she’s doing but hopefully she gets it together soon and we get a big payoff in the end!

    1. How does Luke recover from all this in his Real Life now, and after the show?

      Does he even watch, knowing how bad it got. I think I would be massively depressed if I saw the edits, at his age, or any age.

      Luke watching Luke could be a reality show. Surviving Luke.

  140. Hi Ali,

    First just wanna say I love you and I think you’re the best I have loved watching you since you were on the show to now raising your family 🙂 So I just wanted to say that I am not surprised how this season is going at all. I have never really been a fan of Hannah so I wasn’t happy she was the bachelorette but I’m a loyal fan of the show. But honestly I feel like she has always been super dramatic and excuse my language, a shit starter. I mean the same thing that Luke is doing she did on Colton’s season by bringing up her past with Caelynn saying how she acted during a beauty pageant, like come on, and she did that from the start so she is being hypocritical now by telling her guys to stay in their lane. She and I are the same age and I feel like the decisions she is making are because of who she is and not her age. There are plenty of people our age who are not like this because we are already more mature or because we have had more experience in relationships. Since we saw her in Colton’s season I feel like she came across as someone who if things aren’t going her way she is just going to turn up the drama. So to be honest you are right I don’t think the guys are that into her because literally every week she’s being emotional or dramatic about something and that is a big relationship red flag. Honestly I think she likes Luke so much because she sees that deep down they are kinda the same person. And also I feel like bachelorettes before,you can tell they were truly in this to find a life partner and husband, but I feel like Hannah is just in this to have a good time. Again, I don’t think this is an age thing because I know plenty of 24 year olds ready to be married and settle down. It’s a maturity thing, and there are plenty of people in there 30s and 40s that are immature. She flipped out at the guys for not asking her deep questions, but literally last week all she did was makeout with her three leads (Jed, Peter, Tyler) so what goes around comes around she has to open up to them and ask them deep questions if she wants the same in return. So if she is truly in this to find a husband, she needs to do some soul digging, stop acting like a queen, and make the effort to truly get to know and develop a deep connection with these guys. Or else, I don’t think this will end well… again love you so much hope to hear your thoughts on my thoughts haha 🙂

  141. I agree with you on so many levels. I don’t know if it’s because I’m 36, married, with a 3 year old but they all seem so young and childish to me. I would really love to see this show evolve from the same 25 something cast that just wants to have a good time and may not really be ready for marriage. My relationships were so different from the time I was 22 to when I met my husband and got married at 29.
    I didn’t particularly agree with her yelling at the guys. She did make some valid points about them not being able to grow in their relationships. Honestly, it’s been all make-out sessions and superficial talks. I don’t know the guys or her very well and we are halfway through the season.
    Sometimes I just want to be her friend and tell her that she’s bringing a lot of the drama upon herself by keeping Luke around. I’m frustrated as a viewer.
    Hopefully the rest of the season will have a bit more substance, but judging by the trailer I’m not sure.

  142. I completely agree with everything you said! My poor husband (he doesn’t care at all) was getting an ear load during the show last night. I am not sure why any of the guys are sticking around because even though she is sweet I am not sure what they are so into because they don’t know her and we haven’t really seen much of her other than her drama and tears and she clearly isn’t emotionally ready to handle anything that has been thrown her way so far.
    She also is the reason they don’t get to know her because she has cancelled so many of the cocktail parties and spent so much time trying to figure out drama rather than avoiding it she doesn’t make enough time for reach conversations.

    Can we also discuss her face when she handed Luke P. the rose?! She didn’t want to give him that rose at all and was so annoyed with him. Maybe she likes him so much because he will fill her life with drama? Also, when she sent him home on the one on one she wasn’t that upset. I think she is trying to find a way to keep him around for drama because she is being told to keep him around. I don’t necessarily think she likes him as much as she leads on.

    The producers are taking a really fun show and making it not so fun to watch anymore. It was a huge waste of time last night

    1. Hi,

      I totally agree with everything you said. I kept saying to my fiancé last night “if you were one of the guys, wouldn’t you run for the hills with the way she’s speaking to all of them” and he said that he 100% would- he’s always thought she was too much drama and I 100% agree with him. I can totally understand why she was upset because the drama is just SO childish, but in my opinion she made it so much bigger than it needed to be. All the crying, cussing, and yelling was 100% not needed and just made everything seem so yucky. There’s drama every year and I haven’t ever seen any other bachelorette act like that. I get that she’s trying to be more “real” but it just wasn’t a good look in my opinion m. Honestly- some of the guys HAVE to be concerned with that. In my opinion, she doesn’t seem ready to be doing this because if she was- she wouldn’t have reacted like that and caused that big of a scene.

      Anyways- I love your blog and your Instagram. Your children are the CUTEST and you and Kevin are such great parents! Thanks for sharing your life!
      XOXO- Jessica ❤️

  143. Sometimes I think Hannah is great and then sometimes she’s drives me crazy…I think because she is young and very dramatic. I completely agree with this whole blog post. Luke P is clearly a problem and it’s early on; this should be when he’s on his best behaviour and he’s not. This is the first season that I can hardly get through because it just seems so stupid at times. That being said, I really hope Hannah picks someone good and worthy of her love because I think she has a lot of love to give. It’s so easy for us to sit here and critique her – it’s obviously a very high stress and high drama situation. I’m writing this as I catch up on the episode and OMG I cannot believe she gave Luke P a rose again this week! Luke P needs to go. I do not understand what she sees in him. Ugh, this is so frustrating! Love your blogs Ali! 🙂

  144. I turned it off when I realized the sit down was going to continue the entire last half. I’d watched every episode didn’t need to rehash the drama. I’m over the drama.

  145. Ali,
    You could not be more right about everything that took place this episode! Very well put!! Always love reading your posts about the show. Thanks for sharing your true thoughts and always being so open and honest!

    All the best!

  146. My take on this as I read through the comments about how bad she is in this, is that we KNEW she was a drama queen, immature, whiny, and disrespectful on The Bachelor. So why would it be any different on The Bachelorette? ABC made a huge mistake picking her for this and is going to lose viewers this season, I do hope she finds love…..everyone deserves that, but I would give it very little chance of lasting, and can people please stop posting spoilers??? I like Mike and Jed, personally, but not sure either is really into her,

  147. I feel like she doesn’t have enough “emotional intelligence” 😂 to be the Bachelorette! She is so young like you said and I wish I could just shake her to wake up and let Luke go!!!!

    I can’t wait to see what happens when he judges her about her past/current physical relationships… maybe finally she will see what we have seen all along!

  148. Totally agree! I was waiting for one of the guys to get up and leave for good after she went off on them over a guy who is clearly causing trouble with EVERYONE. She can’t be surprised by the drama if she keeps someone around who seems to be a bad egg. Oh and the sit down with Harrison was ridiculous, I almost turned it off too. It was boring and came across way too manufactured.

  149. Hannah is immature and definitely was not ready to be the bachelorette. I think she is secretly loving all the drama but is mad because the attention isn’t directed to her (who can blame her, the show is supposed to be centered around her and not Luke P). To me, she doesn’t seem confident in any of the decisions she’s making and she’s just going through the motions for the sake of the show. I hope this season gets better!

  150. I totally agree with you that the drama is mostly being created by her. She is very young and doesn’t know how to control her emotions or even play them out. Remember she comes from a pageant life and she’s used to being the queen, the center of attention and a lot of drama that goes with women. Here the drama is basically one of the guys and everyone warning her about him and she insists on keeping him and that’s her fault! I’m tired of seeing her cry, over and over. I think she’s not mature enough and really is a very anxious person that cannot handle a reality tv show like The Bachelorette. I don’t remember seeing you this way in your season. For me, she’s the first bachelorette acting this immature and people are getting tired of her childish behavior.

  151. Hi Ali!

    I love reading your blog! I must say last nights episode infuriated me. I am so annoyed that Luke P stayed. He clearly didn’t respect her when she basically said “Your time is done here and I need you to respect my decision” and if I were her, that would have been another red flag that he came back anyways. He is clearly an emotionally abusive narcissist and I know its easier said then done to leave that kind of “connection”. Guys like that are good at what they do. They can make you feel a certain way and sometimes its hard to moved passed that, but I have faith that she will and she will make the right choice in the end.

    I actually do have more respect for her after this episode. If I were her, I’d be super upset about everything too. She came into that rose ceremony with good spirits and was excited for the night and it just went to sh!t all over again. I do think her yelling at all of them was a little much, but I do also understand her frustration. Along with that, I hope she saw the guys who didn’t partake in any of the yelling/arguing. Peter, Jed, Connor, Mike and Tyler all got dragged into a whole lot of BS and didn’t say a word. With that said, I do wish one of them would have gone and checked on her. I actually almost shed a tear watching how upset she was. It would have been a great opportunity for one of them to step up and show the others what their main focus should be about. Yeah Luke P is the villain but come on, you’re not here for him you’re here for Hannah, so make that more apparent.

    The whole Chris Harrison therapy talk was a waste of an hour. I am not sure their reasoning behind it but I do agree with you saying it was basically a filler to show why Hannah was so upset. I also think the Bachelorette producers knew that Hannah picking Luke again would stir up an uproar so maybe they added this to show her justification on why she picked him and why she is having a hard time.

    I also cant believe they showed so much about the upcoming episodes!!!! I think they did that to show everyone that Luke eventually does go home so to make sure to keep watching it to see that happen. I also wonder who goes and buys a ring and is trying to propose?? Is it Luke P after he gets sent home? Is it an ex? Is it one of the sweet guys who we all love? Is that how she gets engaged?? I have so many questions!

    I also want to add that Peter/Jed were always my front runners, but my heart is leaning more towards Tyler and I think Tyler is going to be the last man standing. He has impressed me a lot recently. She is going to have a tough decision because she does have a lot of genuinely great guys and I think she knows that. Once Luke P is gone everything will be easier for her I think. He like blinds her and its so sad to watch!

    & I would love to know who you think is going to be the next Bachelor?!?! I guess its too soon to assume but I have theories.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  152. Ali if when you were the bachelorette and a previous lead went on her blog and said over and over in one blog “i dont think any of the guys are into her” how would you feel? At the age of 24 especially. How would you feel? Especially after the way you behaved on Jake’s season. And your own! Just an example is when that guy had a girl friend – clearly super wrong of him of course but look how you behaved in thst situation. No class. So dramatic. You were the queen of speaking to people like you were better them. I am just so shocked for your lack of support for another bachelorette knowing how hard it is. And you then think it’s okay to say these things because you follow it with “oh but I think Hannah is great!” You are literally opening the door for people to come on here and put her down. This blog was just so disappointing to read. I think hannah has a handful of great guys who definitely are there for her. Some of them may not be (like every season).
    I remember listening to Kaitlyn’s podcast and she said she literally lost hair from being on the show. People judging and making these comments are not okay. And especially the latest seasons with how social media is and online bullying.
    My point is that I would feel awful if Hannah read this coming from a previous bachelorette. It’s so unsupportive and judgemental. Very frustrated reading it.

    And who cares if the part with Chris Harrison was filmed after. I am glad they did the flashbacks because it was a reminder of how Hannah got to that breakdown point in front of the guys. Because in case you forgot she is only human. She had a moment. That you judged her for quite hard.

    If you don’t like the season or Hannah as the lead then don’t watch. But don’t set her up like this for your followers to come on here and bash her. Knowing very well some will go straight to her page afterwards and bash her there too.

    Come on Ali, do better. Especially since you are claiming to have grown so much since being Hannah’s age.

    1. It is so sad to me that this comment session is literally just bashing Hannah… I thought this blog was about women supporting women and encouraging, this post was none of that…. and I agree, EVERY season the bachelor or bachelorette is the King or the Queen! That is the premise of the show…
      And all these people getting so upset about the epsiode… ya’ll realize you voluntarily watched it!! Go do something else with your time if you don’t like the show.

    2. Couldn’t agree more, I have been thinking this since Ali’s first blog post. I am so glad you said something!

  153. I agree with almost everything you said. I think this whole Luke P drama is just outdated and getting boring at this point. Do you think the producers are pushing her to let him stay around and that’s why she’s keeping him? I just think Hannah is way smarter than to keep him around. I feel like if she’s watching the show back she will realize all the Luke stuff was so unnecessary and this will definitely be a growing experience for her. I really hope she finds love though, she totally deserves it and seems so down to earth and fun! All the best! Xoxo – btw- your kiddos are the sweetest and so cute!

  154. Hi Ali! You know what I noticed about her sit down chat with Chris?? She had what looked like an engagement ring on her opposite hand. Would they really only swap it to the other hand and not just take it off for the interview?? I am on the same page as you…I believe that was taped after the fact!

  155. I TOTALLY agree with what you are saying. I think she has been overly dramatic this entire season and she could easily resolve all the drama if she just sent Luke P. home. That being said, I don’t think she has a bad group of guys AT ALL. I think she has a GREAT group, they are just being overshadowed by all of the drama that has been going on all season. I honestly think production might even be showing less of the actual relationships and more of the drama happening between the men because they think it makes for a more interesting season. But if you look at Jed, Tyler, Connor, and Peter… like those are all SOLID men and Hannah is just wasting so much of her time with Luke when she has other amazing guys there for her.

  156. I’m so happy to know that I’m not alone with how I feel about this season . Once I heard she was going to be the bachelorette , I instantly thought that maybe she wasn’t mature enough for it (at least right now) & I feel like every episode she proves me right .
    Her constant emotional flare ups , whether it be crying & yelling at the guys , is not only unattractive but it’s disrespectful . Maybe some of the guys feel like what they’ve seen of her isn’t worth getting to know but their 15 minutes of fame is so they stay ? Not to be rude , just the reality of the situation is that contestants gain a lot of attention the longer they’re on the show …
    And about 5 minutes in to the staged sit down with Chris , I turned it off . It was obviously done after the show ended & seemed scripted in my opinion . I want to watch SO BAD because I love the show but I feel like this season is as bad as Juan Pablo’s .
    I just hope Mike can be the next bachelor because he seems like one of the most genuine guys there .

  157. I am an original bachelor/ette fan from the very first episode but this episode made me cringe. I was bored, annoyed, confused and appalled all at the same time LOL. Did not like the Chris Harrison sit down. It was so obvious it was filmed at a different time. He even said they were at the mansion! I too felt a bit sad for Luke but I believe they edited out a lot so we did see all he said.
    I almost felt they were doing a little damage control for Luke to make us all feel a bit sorry for him.

    I have no idea! I’m still CONFUSED…..

    PS I have the same wine glasses and LOVE them!

  158. I had very similar thoughts last night. I got home late from work so I started watching late. Part of me wanted to stop at the conversation and wait until later but I just wanted to finish!
    I understand the men wanting answers from Luke. But after she came in the first time, why did they start up again? (Rhetorical question!). It made no sense. They should have just stopped! They didn’t need to go off to Hannah (I think she needed space) but to start arguing when it is obvious she can hear it in the house is completely dense!
    I did feel for Luke last night. And I feel for Hannah with what she said about no one asking questions about her and focusing on themselves and Luke and all the drama! Best foot forward and win attitude isn’t building a relationship!
    Love your pictures! Nice relief from the drama!

  159. Ali,
    I just went to the Nordstrom page and the blouse you’re wearing is already sold out in all sizes except XL and small 🙁 It is so nice – I hope they get a return so I can scoop it up! 🙂

  160. Age is definitely showing itself here! The frontal lobe isn’t fully developed in a man until about age 28 and it’s 25 for a woman. And geez is it showing this season! A mature frontal lobe helps you discern and understand the consequences of your decisions before you make them. It’s why we look back at our teen years and early 20’s and think “OMG I can’t believe I did that or said that!” It also helps you be more self aware. I don’t think Luke P is the worst guy ever, but he has ZERO self awareness. I definitely don’t think he is as calculated as the guys think he is. In fact I believe he thinks in very simple and impulsive terms which is what gets him in trouble. Hannah seems to lack some self-awareness as well even though she talks about it a lot, because she is trying, this has just been too much for her which she has admitted. I like Hannah too, but I feel like this will be the first and LAST season where the producers pick someone this young.

  161. Hi Ali, I cant help but being honest here. I undestand when you say you adore Hanna because you guys are in the same bachelorette family, and as women we need to support each other and not put each other down. However, I also think Hanna is not only immature but I think she is rude and disrespectful. The way she acts, talks to the guys is not the way we talk to people if we want to be respected. This is just her personality. She thinks she can treat them the way she wants and talk names (she has a bad vocabulary)
    sorry, I dont mean to put her down but I think she is the one putting herself down. Maybe the show is not for her. Maybe she is lost! I dont know…

  162. Ali, I love reading your bachelor blogs since you can share more behind the scenes intel that we don’t know as viewers, so thank you! I had to fast forward through the Harrison chat. It’s was like a recap episode we didn’t want. We’ve all been watching, we know what’s going on [outside of the blooper of Mike ripping his pants 😅]. Regardless, I agree, it’s time to cut Luke and move on. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he’s causing so much turmoil in the house she’s risking all of her other great relationships. Also, am I the only one who was shocked NO ONE went to console her when she stormed off? I mean, I get she was pretty heated but that’s a major opportunity to be there for someone in a tough time. She actually stormed off twice and no one went either time. Ugh. I agree, I just hope this can turn around and I do wish all the best to Hannah. Hopefully she finds the one and it lasts for her. 🌹💕

  163. I just hope she is mature enough to realize that it takes a lot more than sexual or physical chemistry to make a long-term commitment/marriage work.

  164. She should send Luke home if she doesn’t like drama- she is dragging it out so enough tears and do something about it! I don’t like her talking down to them either and turned it off. Very disappointed in the Luke show.

  165. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again this week: Hannah is a hypocrite. She acts like a little kid and stokes drama while proclaiming to want a “real man.” She’s confusing rudeness and bossiness with confidence and strength, and they are not the same thing. I don’t think she can handle a stable, level-headed guy—which kind of perfectly explains her attraction to the train wreck that is Luke P., even if he’s not her final pick.

  166. I’m SO glad to see your post and all the comments because I have been so frustrated with how this season is going. I’m sure Hannah is a great girl, but *girl* is the key word because she is acting incredibly immature. She seems to forget that these guys are supposed to fall in love with her too, and acting like a brat and “queen” is probably making it difficult. My boyfriend is watching this with me (he would say unwillingly) and he is really bothered by how she talks to all of these guys, even Luke! He also can’t get over all of the pinned down makeout sessions lol!

  167. I disagree with all these negative comments towards Hannah. She has a strong personality and down to earth and isn’t afraid to just be herself. She called them out so they can get back on track. It’s so easy for us to criticize everything she does. I can’t imagine being in her shoes. She’s young but sweet and honest and strong. She will figure things out. She’s refreshing to watch and so cute and funny.

  168. Usually I love love this show. I make dinner, clean up, get everyone set for the night and jump in front of the TV at 7 🙂 but I am so frustrated with this season that it’s becoming aggravating to watch. I’ve said it before, but I feel as if Hannah is perpetuating the drama by feeding into it. She talks about the Luke drama over and over and over again, but yet her actions don’t match her words. Hannah constantly strings Luke along. It comes across to me that she is keeping Luke as her back up. If things don’t work with anybody else, here is a guy that wants to marry her. As far as Hannah’s recent queen bee behavior , again I am back to frustrated. I get that the guys are all probably scratching their heads wondering what now, but it is so wrong how she talks to them. Hannah likes to say she is a strong woman, but I think she is confusing strength with bossiness. Personally, I feel like a strong woman just shows it in how she carries herself, and she doesn’t need feel the need to tell everyone that she is strong. But having said all that, it’s also an age thing. I know personally, when I was Hannah’s age I didn’t have it all figured out either. Oh my goodness, each year the kids grow brings new life experiences and another year of figuring it all out. I do hope Hannah finds her happiness through this crazy journey.

  169. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her reaction. Some of the guys were acting incredibly petty and it needed to be addressed. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who likes to point the finger at someone else and gossip when I’m not around. It was enough already and she addressed it like she should have. If they can’t handle someone sticking up for themselves and being in charge then I don’t think they are the right person for her in the first place.

    On another note, I find it so strange that you are comfortable critiquing other bachelorettes when you were once the bachelorette. Was someone critiquing your every move for the world to comment on? If you are “in the bachelor family” I am surprised you would criticize her season like you do. Just a thought.

  170. Ugh! I had to fast forward through most of that dialogue with Chris. It was just so unnecessary. Why can’t Luke just accept his demise and leave already. He’s gotta be the one that gets sent home and buys the ring.

    I was so hesitant on even watching this season and now I can see why! It’s a total let down 😥

  171. I just wish she would open her eyes and truly see Luke P for who he is. Stop telling him to open up and express his feelings. HE CAN’T because he is a sociopath!! Get over the good looks. They fade. And they will fade fast with such an ugly heart.

  172. I wonder if they aren’t having her keep Luke?!? Seriously, I do not care how great a kisser he might be, he lies constantly, can’t remember what he has said even if it was just what came out of his mouth. He is so manipulative, he can have his hands all over her butt one minute then in the previews it shows him “slut” shaming her.

    I will give credit to Jed, Mike, Peter for keeping their mouths shut. However, if I had been one of them, when she was going off on all of them, I would have got up walked out and never look back. She wants them to open up yet she holds her “stuff” off and then says no one is trying to get to know her. Kinda hard to get to know you because you have your PrimaDonna attitude going all over the place.

    I do not see Hannah lasting with any of them seriously. I mean in the long run. Years down the road will she even be with the one she is “engaged” too?

  173. I have always looked forward to Mondays for this show and The Bachelor. This season I haven’t finished a complete episode! My coworkers who watch 100% agree and have the same experience. Hannah is too hard to watch. She’s a trainwreck!

  174. When she’s upset about something and wants an explanation, she doesn’t listen. They try to explain their side and she cuts them off and starts talking over them and going off on a tangent.
    I think she’s scaring the guys away with that kind of attitude.
    I think it’s safe to say that most people want a partner who will hear out both sides in a disagreement, not someone who will just raise their voice and talk overtop about why their right.
    She definitely has some maturing to do. I agree with you though and I can also say that I was the exact same way in my early 20’s with my boyfriends. It comes with growing up and learning from mistakes.

    1. Sooo True.
      Really makes you wonder about the guys motives.

      There is no age where that reactive response wins someone over.

      Is she seeing it as she watches? Can she change it? It is so toxic to relationships.

  175. I don’t even watch these shows, I just came here to say your arms look great!! You don’t have to worry about always wearing things that cover them!! 😉 😃

  176. I didn’t feel sorry for Luke last night at all. I think the guys are worried about what he’s going to say that will put them in a Luke S situation. I think they all can see just how blinded she is by Luke P. He definitely has an abusive quality that is slightly scary to watch. Watching the episode last night, I got the impression that she was in over her head and may not be completely ready. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of drama at all compared to some other seasons, because all of the drama stems from Luke only. What kills me is she saw this on the group date that Luke wasn’t on, and she even commented about how calm and peaceful it was without him. I think so many of the cocktail parties have revolves around Luke that the guys aren’t even able to ask about her. They just haven’t had the time to progress to the point of being able to have intimate conversations. I felt like the sit down with Chris was to justify her Luke situation. I felt like I was watching After the Rose or something. Im wondering if it’s because she decided to cancel Latvia or if we will pick back up there. The last thing I have to say is I completely HATED how Garrett took ownership of the mess at the cocktail party and apologized, and then Luke had the nerve to thank him for his apology since he didn’t get to talk to Hannah because of it all. It was Luke’s issues that started all of this to begin with. He had the opportunity to apologize to and own up to everything, but instead, blamed Garrett and was completely obnoxious and disrespectful by telling Garrett he appreciated his apology. Anyways, that’s just a few of my thoughts about last night.

    1. Looked like rhat Luke interview saying he was glad Garrett took responsibility was set up by producers

  177. Ali,
    I completely agree with you about Hannah not quite being ready for this experience and talking down to the guys. I think she was right to be upset and frustrated but I think she could have chosen her words and tone differently. If a Bachelor had done that, all the girls would have left! Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING her season and sincerely hope she finds the love of her life. I just hope she’s careful! Men need respect just like women need love. Thanks for being honest in your post! ❤️

  178. I do think she still has great guys; Jed, Peter, and Tyler are my favorites and they all seem to genuinely care about her. This is the reason I don’t understand why she’s being so dramatic in Latvia and acting like there’s no possible happy ending! She acts like because things are rocky with Luke that the show is over; EVERY season of the bachelor/bachelorette has drama! Demi caused it on her season and Hannah was part of it herself with Caelynn.

    I hate to agree on the Queen bee thing but I do. It’s great that she’s confident that they all love her, but is it really automatic like that? I think that would be my fear on this show- all these guys get the ‘opportunity’ to date me, but what if they just aren’t into it? She deserves love and respect like anyone else but I would tone down the Queen act.

    Finally, I think some on this thread should refrain from slut-shaming Hannah! Saying you’d be horrified as her mother is very sexist; Colton made out with every girl on his season very intensely and no one said he was too sexually forward. I respect that she makes out with whoever she wants; you have to try before you buy!

    I hope ABC gets their act together for the rest of the season. I actually like her personality and think she’s fun/real, but all we’ve seen for two weeks is a very young person and absolutely zero conversations with cool guys! Let’s get back to fun dates and romance!


    Still hype for bachelor in paradise with these guys :~)

  179. Ugh! I am just so over this season. She’s just way to immature to be taken seriously. You can tell she’s not in a place in her life to seriously be looking for a husband. It reminds me of my early 20’s as well. Horny and Emotionally unstable! Haha!!

    1. You should pat yourself on the back for commenting about someone who has opened up about their anxiety and depression and mention being emotionally unstable. Apparently with age you just get rude and judgmental.

  180. I think she’s really talking Luke into being something he is not..she is young and has high expectations for what she wants. The way she is going about it, is young…this season has turned into a mess in my opinion.
    I like guys this season. She may need to lighten up…

  181. Yes! I posted a similar opion on a facebook fanboard that I was on and people started accusing me of “victim blaming” for not taking her side in all of this. I can’t imagine how frustrated she is but she has some really good guys there who she hasn’t been able to connect with because of the Luke P drama. I know it’s hard to let go of someone who you feel a real connection with but she has acknowledged the red flags and just wants to keep trying. Don’t even get me started on the whole “he bought a ring and he demanded to see you” (we all know that is going to be him) after the sex talk explosion and how angry she was at that. Like, why or why would you KEEP giving him chances after you see so many red flags and getting so angry with him on more than one occasion? That is not what love is supposed to look like and it makes me so sad for her. I know what she wants, it’s what we all want and she is never going to get that from Luke P.

  182. I completely agree and want to add that my experience of this episode was a waste of my time. I wondered if this second half of the Chris/Hannah discussion was a filler due to 1) In real time they needed to give her time to figure out if she wanted to remain in the process and didn’t want to present what actually occurred. 2) Felt the audience wasn’t aware enough of all that had happened in past episodes 3) Was a warm up to hearing she did not complete the process 4) Decided to make this the most dramatic season by allowing her to make her choice to go home without a choice and end it at this juncture after justifying it all in a review of 5 episodes. 5) Postpone episode 6 content and move it to episode 7 content that they teased to fill for future episode that may not have alot of content. I dont know… but it was a waste of time to watch. All of the key points that took place on episode 6 were on YouTube prior to the we didn’t get much of anything new. This seemed even more cheesy and a cop out of some kind to rewrite, script and refilm after she had obviously moved past her confrontation with the house men and other experiences. Why, again, did we need to review 5 episodes in episode 6?? This bachelorette had a really good point and made this clear. She is not going to disclose her most deep vulnerabilities with people he doesn’t trust or doesn’t see interest from. Why she has kept Luke P on for so long…..who knows.. But he has definitely tapped into one of her vulnerabilities and exploited it to stay on.. First lie he should of been gone. Its easy to be an armchair quarterback with these realty shows but she has made it clear she has lived life, learned lessons and is not willing to blur boundaries that are healthy and support her goals and self respect. That point keeps getting lost even though she keeps stating it….These guys and the producers need to get it together and stop making her life a circus.

  183. You said it all! I completely agree with the manipulation part too & I would love to know what a professional psychologist think about his personality type.

    Furthermore, she might be great & all. I really hope that she finds a great husband (he will need to be extra great in my opinion). However, too much drama! Too much “queen” behavior & too much down talk.

    In a marriage, it will never work if you are a “my way or the high way” kind of woman. It’s just so inconsiderate & selfish. I would never want my son to marry a woman who down talks, who always wants her way & who are dramatic about every little thing.

    Don’t know how I feel about continuing watching……….

  184. Okaaay, I am beyond annoyed with last night episode. First, what a waste of Bachelor Nation fans time. We’ve all been watching, we’ve seen the drama. They did NOT need to replay all that, especially the whole part of her yelling at the guys, we JUST WATCHED IT. (Insert facepalm).
    Second, did ANYONE catch that there were two roses on the table, she picked one up, and while she was saying “Garret” there were FOUR roses!!!! Terrible editing. She clearly did not wait until the second to last rose to call him. They switch it to look that way.
    Lastly, Lupe P, GO HOME. You know he’ll be on Bachelor in Paradise so why not just announce it already? It’s obvious he won’t be at the end. If Hannah is actually taking this serious and wants a husband, she will choose, Connor, Peter, or Tyler. The producers are doing a terrible job with this season. It’s been a boring watch.

  185. Let us all just be real and state the obvious.. Luke P. sticks around way longer than he should (significantly putting a damper on the whole experience for her and all the other guys from the beginning), because Hannah has a lady boner for him. Excuse my bluntness. Her judgement concerning him, and the plethora of red flags and comments about no connection she constantly brings up (but does not sufficiently address, because if she did he would be gone) are completely clouded by the fact she is sexually attracted to him. Nothing more. You know it can not be his personality, because she complains about how he essentially does not have one, nor the ability to emote. She either seems confused, annoyed, angry or upset whenever is has to do with him, his actions or something coming out of his mouth. The only time she does seem to be into him is when he is feeding her what she wants to hear and kisses during makeout sessions. That speaks volumes.

    You absolutely can not have an honest, open, communicative, respectful partnership, when it is mostly a fantasy, based on exterior attractions or a facade of what you hope for or think you can change someone to be. If getting the real stuff out from someone is forced (as in you have to pretty much goad any genuine thoughts, words or feelings out of them), then it is just wishful thinking. People are complex and sometimes things are harder for them to express, but there is a difference between that and telling someone what they have to say or be in order to be with you. That is not fair to either person. Not even Luke P. who I loathe at this point, as he is obliviously stuck in an immature, egotistical, unaware, deceptive, state of ignorance surrounding his character and hypocritical nature. That born again, holier than thou, “now that I found god I have the right to pass judgement on everyone” attitude, while not realizing how ridiculous he comes off. He was fine with using females as sex objects he did not care about for years, until he decided that HE felt unfulfilled (bored?) and wanted more in his life. Or someone to dote upon him with full dedication. Hopefully one day he can learn some humility and truly grow.

    I hope the same for Hannah as well. For as much as she talks about herself being a strong and mature woman, I really feel there are insecurities and ways of going about social interaction with others that could be expanded upon. Drama tends to follow those who bask in it, and she certainly seems to always be involved in perpetuating or instigating it. I know she does take this seriously (although I notice quite a bit of drinking on her part?.. maybe editing), but hopefully she can look back on her season and realize some of her behaviours as well. It has been harder and harder for me to watch her every week, and although I am sure she has many good qualities in person, I am sad to say she has become one of my least favorite to follow. She expects a lot, and needs to be held to the same standard of respecting and getting to know the men that are there too. I have not really seen her elaborate and open up, or make that a priority with others or herself on one on one time. It is a shame that relationships with what seem like many decent men were not explored more due to such trivial moments involving herself and a couple of specific people. Imagine how much more could have been discovered or enjoyed with Mike (a great choice for the next Bachelor), Tyler, Jed, Peter, Connor, and Kevin & Dustin (both who were obviously never going to make it to home towns, but have shown thus far to be respectful, kind, and classy and I rather like them). Who knows what could have been with any of the people who did not get the time they should have because of all this ongoing lunacy with Luke and Hannah.

    I think in relationships and love people just need to try and find someone that they do fit and mesh with, regardless of differences and flaws. A person that does not feel like a draining, emotional, stressful full time job. Relationships are work, messy and can have moments of absolute hardships (something you know is worth it with the right person.. who is not only your partner, but friend and support beside you for the ride), but there should be an ease, communication and understanding between you two that is something you can not install by battering it in to the other. In the end we all deserve love, so I hope that all these people are able to find their person.

  186. I know that there are a lot of haters, but I still absolutely love how real Hannah has been in this experience. She hasn’t been polished – she’s been emotional, dramatic, and awkward – which is something we haven’t seen before. I think it’s great because we live in a world right now where everyone is trying to only show their “perfect” selves. I think a lot of people would act like her if they were on the show – with the lack of sleep, the pressure, dating many guys etc. So I think that we should be more compassionate. I do think she’s young, but I think it’s good that she’s being genuine and not trying to be “perfect.”
    In terms of her frustration with the guys. Yes there’s a lot of drama and there is every season. However, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be on national television as the bachelorette and have most of the guys focusing on Luke P, rather than her – and feeling like they aren’t trying to get to know her. Then, despite numerous efforts to reign them in they just continue to fight, proving again that she isn’t a priority. Mixed in with her insecurities from past relationships, I bet she’s feeling pretty unwanted, a bit humiliated, and is scared that this won’t work out for her. That’s my take on things. That being said, I do think that her conflict resolution skills could use some work, but I also know plenty of adults with that same problem.

    1. Totally agree! Could she have talked to the mean different/calmer? Sure, but she was emotional and upset. If that’s not real life, I don’t know what is!

  187. You are right on target. I thing she’s young and has alot of growing up to do.(that being said I do see my self in her a lifetime ago, you learn) I feel like she’s perhaps making the most of all of her sexual energy (remember she had only kissed 5 people till now) because she does hope to be getting engaged at the end so have all your fun now and see who is best for you. Just my opinion and again, she’s young. Hopefully she’s watching back and regretting this Luke P debacle.

  188. I’m so glad you brought up Hannah’s actions. I felt it was a bit immature, and borderline controlling. I get her point, but I think maybe her delivery could have been better? More poised? I can only imagine how hard it is for her thought. But, wouldn’t you appreciate the guys telling you about someone who lies and has questionable character? Does she want to have to fight with someone to get him to express himself or just be REAL (and not lie)?? The whole Luke P thing is too much, and I found myself just feeling over it 💁🏻‍♀️ People watch this stuff for the LOVE, the relationships, the connections – IMO. Can’t we just get back to that?!?

  189. I’m with you on feeling sorry for Luke during last night’s episode. I think it was very unfair and childish of the guy (can’t remember his name) who talked to Hannah asking if Luke had brought anyone up during their date to have gone back to the rest of the guys and called Luke out in front of all of them basically twisting Hannah’s words and turning the whole situation into something it wasn’t. When Hannah told him that yes names were brought up, but that is only because I provoked him and just needed to discuss somethings with him, that should have ended the issue right then and there. There was NO reason at all he should have done what he did. It only made him look petty and put Luke into a very unfair position and caused a fight that didn’t need to happen. That said, I do agree Luke has dug himself into a VERY deep hole at this point, and if I were in his shoes, I would have just sent myself home by now. Even if I had feelings for the person who was the bachelorette, I would leave because clearly I was causing a lot of issues for them and everyone else in the house. I mean, is this show really worth it to risk your reputation like he is? He’s going to have to get through life now being known as “Luke P. from The Bachelorette” and I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t want to have those credentials…

  190. Chris has said in interviews that this whole season was off the charts dramatic and think we all can agree . Lots of people are long time viewers so can compare seasons . No one is loving that so hopefully the next season will be “ fresher”. You would think with all their brain storming sessions of dates etc that they could do better. I think the staff do follow social media reactions so hopefully will learn from it . They think it makes good tv . We all disagree ! The scene where Hannah takes the rest of her wine and polishes it off made me laugh … here she goes … watch out boys .. Hannah is yearning for a special someone to share her feelings , past history with and I sure hope she finds her long term happiness .

  191. I totally agree with you Ali! Every season has drama among the “contestants,” but the difference with Hannah is that she’s completely playing into the drama! It’s partially her own fault that she’s not getting time with guys. She didn’t need to end her time with Connor (before it even began) and go in there. She didn’t need to push herself into the conversation. She didn’t need to cancel the cocktail party. Other Bachelors and Bachelorettes didn’t cancel cocktail parties when arguments were happening. They spent their time getting to know the people who were there for them and they let the arguments be unless it was absolutely necessary to address them. I really hope that Hannah starts taking this process seriously so she can potentially find her husband.

  192. I feel like Hannah wants to be ready to find love and she really wants to be ready for this experience but she is treating it more like dating then serious relationships. I am not bashing Hannah!!! I think she is great and she is really doing her best!!! I think though if she treated each relationship as they were all serious relationships she probably would have sent Luke home and there is a chance that the guys would seem more into her. I also think that then she would have emotional support in a few relationships so she could lean on those guys and this petty drama would not be as big of a deal. I feel sorry for her because she is so emotional and she does not have her girlfriends or her family with her.

    The entire thing with Chris Harrison was ridiculous…It was like After the Final Rose before that even happened

  193. I see some other Brittany’s in the comment section!! Woohoo! lol 🙂

    Dear Hannah, are you out there?? LOL If you happen to read this…I’ll pretend that you know me and we are friends! LOL 🙂 I love how confident and sure of yourself you are. To be 100% yourself in all situations, with everyone is something you will continually learn to do in life as no one is perfect. Keep having the courage to be yourself…

    It’s just as a viewer/fan some of the situations where you are talking to the guys just come off mean sometimes. I do believe that you are a strong, capable woman and should definitely stand up for yourself! I am not saying to not be strong and take a stance (be all of these things and more!!!!) but the perception I have is that there is some meanness (which is the opposite of what I know you want to have). You flipped someone off and honestly no matter how much you think someone deserves that I just think flipping someone off doesn’t send a peaceful message. It doesn’t make a situation better, it makes it worse. It sends a message and not a good one in our culture. If a guy flipped me off, for whatever reason, Id be really glad he broke up with me honestly. I don’t know, maybe flipping people off is just a negative trigger for me? Why not stand up for things in a peaceful way? Throw a peace sign his way as he gets in the limo LOL. It’s not weakness at all. You can stand up for what is right and do so peacefully. No one is perfect! The Lord knows I have been mean, flown off the handle, etc…and most of those times I feel like garbage afterwards because it’s not what I want in me at the end of the day. Whether I was right to be upset, or not, I always wish that I would have handled the situation with more peace and grace- leaned on the Lord more in those situations. It’s an ever-ending work in progress! I am learning to love others the way He has called us to love…

    I don’t want this to come off patrionizing or self-righteous and if it does then I need to immediately delete this!

    Anyway, this is what I am learning in life. The Lord knows I have never been perfect and never will, as I’ve said. I just believe in helping each other out, especially as women. I got you girl- keep being awesome! I don’t want to judge you and if I am- then shame on me! I just think we as women need to stick together and build each other up. That sometimes means having to admonish each other in love <3 If I am out of place, then I apologize. ~ Love from Oregon

  194. I agree with everything you said ! I don’t like the way she’s acting and we would never put up with it from a man..I forwarded thru the convo with Chris and thought the same thing about the mansion. She’s immature that’s it. And at this point she deserves Luke P .

  195. Last night’s episode was a HUGE WASTE of TIME! I absolutely love the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I look forward to watching it all week and they dragged it out with all that stupid drama and then continued to have her recap everything with ridiculous.
    I actually LOVE Hannah, she is doing a phenomenal job as the Bachelorette and despite her being young I do not think she is acting like a Queen. I think she is not the type to get a lot of guy attention and now that she has it she is not handling the drama that comes with it all that well. But that is understandable, she speaks her mind, and acts like her silly awesome self. I love Peter, Tyler C, Garrett, Mike & Jed the other guys at this point its pretty obvious aren’t going to far. Hannah is very real and believable there were a lot of great bachelorettes in the past whom I have loved but Hannah is seriously owning it. Luke is definitely very confusing, I do feel bad because I am guessing he is getting mislead by producers and is saying things he DEF shouldn’t. I do not question Hannah’s age, I do question Lukes. He is just so young and acts like he is Gods gift to the earth. I hope next week we get to see some good stuff.

  196. I actually disagree totally! I was NOT a Hannah B fan from Colton’s season and I was not excited when I heard she was going to be the bachelorette. However, watching this season has turned me into a fan. Do I think Luke P is a great guy? No. BUT the other guys are being just as childish. And I think that’s where Hannah is coming from when she yells at all of them. She was overwhelmed and disappointed that the guys were being petty instead of focusing on her. She was tired of the drama and needed it to stop right then to be able to continue. Could she have said it a different/calmer way? Sure, but she was emotional and upset. If that’s not real life, I don’t know what is! Hearing none of the guys were asking questions/trying to get to know her makes me so sad for her! Hopefully they can turn their focus back on Hannah!

  197. The sit down was totally staged! The first thing noticed was it was back at the mansion! This is the most boring and worst season of the Bachelorette that I find myself hardly watching it. I’m tired of the show forcing a villain in every season now. Why do they have to do that?! It makes the show seem so staged as a whole.

  198. Would the producers have told the guys not to go find Hannah after she yelled at them to stop fighting? It seems out of character for several of those guys to not go check on her, so I wondered if they were encouraged to stay in the same room and not seek her out.

    1. I totally agree. I think the producers told them not to go after her. There are some decent good guys in that group and they would have sure gotten up and went after her .

  199. I also think it needs to be said Garrett is such an instigator! He was the one that caused the majority of the problems, why is he so obsessed with wondering if Luke was talking about people. I feel like he wasted some of his time with Hannah talking about the other guys. He was the one that was dragging it out, brought it up to Hannah and then bought it back up to the guys to cause more drama. He knew exactly what would happen and he got it.

  200. I have to say I started becoming absolutely in love with the bachelor franchise, bachelor, bachelorette, bachelor in paradise .. honestly all after you! Ali, you you amazing! I am one of the biggest bachelor fans there is but along with others this season has been different and a bit odd. I sort of felt that chris harrisons sit down was just “filler” to the rest of the episode because they didnt know what else to do. It lasted way too long, along with the fact that you said it was also awkward and done after the show was done filming. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  201. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m glad Hannah stuck up for herself in front of the men. I know all the guys weren’t involved, but after several group dates and cocktail parties where they guys are just focusing on each other and she can’t get the quality time and focus she needs from them, I don’t blame her for blowing up. Everyone hits their breaking point and I think that was her moment. Maybe some of the men needed a kick in the butt to remember why they are there in the first place. I think they were almost more catty than some of the girls on the bachelor seasons. Yes she is young and there is so much more for her to learn on this journey, but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure it can feel one-sided when she is trying to get to know all the men and maybe it feels like that effort is not being returned. I can’t imagine being in her shoes and doing this in front of the world. But anyways…. Luke P still needs to go and based on next week’s previews, it looks like our wish will come true.

    1. I don’t think you are the minority I just think Ali’s blog posts have opened a spot for people to bash Hannah. A lot of people including people from the franchise have said she is the best bachelorette yet! I agree with you 100% I think she is great and loved how she stood up for herself!

  202. The sit down at the end felt so fake. It was almost like they were using it to drag out the season another episode, or get back on schedule where the rose ceremony is at the end. I feel like this is a lot of drama for someone who is only 24. I forget how young she is, it almost seems odd that someone so young would be dying to find “The one.” I think some of these things would be resolved if she had just a few more years of experience. Also…I’m ALL about a good make out session or two; HOWEVER…I feel like if she used some of her one on one time with the guys to talk then maybe they would know more. Last few episodes it seems like the cocktail parties are one steamy make out session after another. Now I feel like an old maid just for saying it… I haven’t watched The Bachelorette since Ali’s season so maybe this is how they’ve been lately?

  203. Oh my gosh, I am LOVING Hannah. I personally feel like she is SO real. She says exactly what she’s feeling and she’s not afraid to call the men out on things. I’m loving it. I dont think she’s disrespecting the guys, I think she is just calling them out. She’s hurt. They are supposed to be there for HER but instead they are focusing on Luke. And that’s gotta be so scary and frustrating when you are trying to find your husband. I was so frustrated with Garrett when she straight up told him “Luke only said names because I asked him. I initiated it.” Then Garrett had to stir up drama and make it way worse. At least he admitted he messed up and was being petty. I think she has a very strong connection with Luke and she doesnt want to let him go quiet yet. And like she said, she can figure it out for herself. She will eventually be able to see his faults. Let her figure it out! And the guys just worry about their relationship with her.
    Also, I hated the recap…that was so not necessary. But I LOVED the previews for the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see this all play out. Hannah has been a very entertaining Bachelorette in my opinion. She feels very real to me.

  204. 100% yes to everything you said!

    From your experience on the bachelor/bachelorette, do you think Luke is still there because Hannah still wants him there, or because producers are making/encouraging her to keep him? Like you said, when Luke goes, the drama goes.

  205. I agree with you, and so do so many others. The last two weeks have been a waste of time! The only season I have felt like that. Well, maybe Juan Pablos!!

  206. Hannah is really starting to get on my nerves. Every single season there is drama, there’s always one or two “villains” who cause it. Also it’s just normal that not everyone is going to get along in that situation. I thought her meltdown was childish. I agree she was talking down to the guys.

    How are the guys supposed to get to know her if she keeps throwing tantrums because no one likes Luke? I’ve said from the beginning I think his behavior is abusive & manipulative. Maybe they don’t trust her because she’s been told by literally everyone that he’s a liar, and she keeps him around. I wouldn’t.

    Luke’s behavior continues to put roadblocks up in her other relationships. Which is probably his intention. As long as she allows him to do that she won’t be able to get to know the other guys because she’ll be focused on him. How are they supposed to open up when Hannah herself focused on the drama he’s causing? Just last week she brought it into her date with Tyler. He was focused on making her feel better, instead of having a deep conversation.

    I found her sit down with Chris Harrison to be a bit ridiculous myself. I didn’t understand what the point was. If she had decided to end her journey it would’ve made sense.

    Anyway, I agree with your assessment. I don’t think Hannah is a bad person, I just think she’s really immature. I think she’s fanning the flames of the drama by inserting herself in it & bringing it into her other dates. She’s not giving the guys any reason to trust her or this experience when she’s allowing Luke to overshadow every situation. She can’t even trust every single guy there. They’ve ALL warned her about Luke. She can’t expect them to be vulnerable and dive into this experience if she keeps allowing the situation with Luke to affect every interaction with the other guys.

  207. Ali, it is laughable to read your comment in your blog about “we can all share our opinions as long as they are respectful” but you don’t address anyone who leaves a comment slut shaming, calling Hannah stupid or a “twit” (why don’t you urban dictionary that and see how respectful it is), how she’s too emotional and whatever other negative things are said.

    I am all for people expressing their opinions but can anyone explain to me what makes them all an expert of who is ready for a committed relationship or how these situations should be handled? I am just really confused why everyone commenting on this blog post/Ali feel so entitled to decide for anyone other than themselves how ready she is for marriage, how many guys she can kiss, how high her slit in her dress is. These comments are actually pathetic. For those who have “watched the show for years” dating has changed since this show started, women empowerment has changed since this show has started. GET WITH THE TIMES. Do you know how many men (including what Luke is doing now) have talked to women 10xs worse than anything Hannah has said? Its about damn time they allow the female lead to say everything she feels.

    Do I think it was fair for Hannah to lump people like Tyler,Peter and Mike in with the drama no…but we also weren’t there we don’t know what she is going through. Ali, you don’t even know because guess what NONE OF YOU ARE HER. We all handle emotions differently whether we are 18, 25, 36 etc. and the fact that this blog spot is a place where people feel comfortable publicly criticizing someone for speaking up for herself is disgusting. JUDGE YOUR OWN LIVES. If you don’t like Hannah don’t watch or at least stop publicly putting someone else down.

    Also do yourself a favor and listen to Hannah on Nick Viall’s podcast, she explains how she is verbal thinker and that sometimes things come off the wrong way when she is saying everything that is going on in her brain. She also has been through some tough past relationships. She is very aware of her flaws and herself and owns it 100% which I believe makes her very mature, ready for love and relatable!

    Finally please remind yourselves, there are 18 year old couples who are married who will last a life time and 50 year old people cheating on their spouses on marriage 3, their age has nothing to do with it, so stop shaming Hannah for hers. Also you’re watching a TV show that in no way actually impacts your life, but the negative nasty comments could impact Hannah’s.

    Clearly many of you commenting and Ali need to grow up a bit and stop posting negative comments about someone you don’t even know or in Ali’s case giving a platform to those comments.

  208. I completely agree with a lot of you! I am a huge Bachelor franchise watcher but this season just pisses me off! I find Hannah extremely annoying and immature. If she wants to come down on the guys then get rid of the bad seeds (Luke)! She seems to talk a big game but does nothing about it. I thought she was turning a new leaf when she didnt give him the one on one rose but then let him come back………I dont know what needs to happen to make this season worth watching but something needs to happen! All I loon forward to is Paradise cause at least that drama is interesting and fun to watch!

  209. I agree 100% with you Ali, with everything you said. She is very disrespectful in the way she talks to the guys, the faces she makes, the voice she uses, the language, everything….and then in the rose ceremony she changed completely her voice and used a soft like baby tone which sounded sooo fake. Like you said, we would never be ok with a Bachelor talking this way to the women.
    At this point, she and Luke would be perfect for each other, she deserves him 100%…she has some great guys which she doesn’t deserves at all!!

  210. Worst season ever! Even worse than Juan Pablo! Hannah reminds me of one of those people that get put into an authoritative position and immediately start to think they are IT. She is treating these guys like a nag and I’m so surprised they hung around after she chewed them out.
    She is trying way too hard to prove that she is grown and capable!

  211. All the drama would e d if she just sent Luke home. Is it her decision to keep him, or the shows’?

  212. I think your post is 100% spot on. Everything you said is what I said today in talking about the episode with my girlfriends. I’ll be honest I was never excited about Hannah as bachelorette and have actually lost my viewing crew bc most of my friends refused to watch her season but I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and I feel the more I watch the more I am eating my words.
    The way she spoke to the men was awful and if roles were reversed and that was a bachelor talking to a group of a ladies that would NEVER be accepted.
    I also agree she has totally created this drama by letting Luke stay after she tried to send him home.
    The sit down and recap was such a colossal waste of time that I turned the episode off at that point.
    I think she is feeding into the drama and I agree that she is also a dramatic person which fuels the drama even more.
    Lastly, in terms of the immaturity comment… I agree with this too! I get it she is young but even how it shows her asking producers to go tell people stuff for her – it takes away from making it seem like this is actually her journey to find love and really just a young girl on a show asking for moms help when stuff doesn’t go the way you want it to.
    At this point, I don’t know if the guys are into her but I can’t judge them bc I don’t know that I would be… and no they haven’t really gotten to know her but it seems like whenever a good convo is starting she is just interested in making out with them… again – not judging there are some good looking guys 😍 – but that isn’t going to cultivate conversation and a deep connection…
    Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to keep watching – I’m so unimpressed at this point.

  213. Just my opinion, when Hannah stated none of the guys are taking the time to get to know her personally I thought back to previous episodes when she could have been having deep personal conversations with the guys she ends up making out with them on a pool table or a bed. As much as passion is important in a relationship and it could be her love language to be very physical in relationships, it takes two to tango and I wonder how much she is asking them questions to spark that deeper conversation. She may only be giving them surface level information. I don’t think it’s ok for her to solely blame the men. Communication is a two way street and can’t be forced.

    1. First of all so annoyed by the sit down with Chris. It took away from the show, and was so boring. I wanted to turn it off but didnt in the hopes that convo woukd end and the actual show would continue and may go on an actual date. Imagine that! Lol. Also the Luke P thing, I was also annoyed that after she scolded the men for acting like petty teenagers not a single one went in to check on her and see how she was doing and maybe talk her down fron her ledge. The first thought i had was if that was me my husband would have ran over to me after I walked away from the group of men and gave me a hug and would have tried to reassure me that even tho most of the men are idiots that he is there for me. And not a single one even attempted to go after her. They continued to bicker and was ridiculous. I agree most early twenty somethings are prob too immature for marriage i also think some are mature and ready for marriage. She doesn’t seem ready. She has said herself during and post Colton’s season that she has always made mistake of getting into relationship with the wrong guy, she tends to pick men who dont treat her right and she is continuing to do that with Luke P. I dont think she even realizes thats what she is doing. She says she sees red flags but can’t seem to cut him. She prob has hopes that the men r causing the drama and that it isnt Luke’s fault. And] in that episode he came out smelling like roses because Hannah was able to hear some of the drama and it made it look like the men were just jealous of him. Which is so annoying bevause I do believe he sucks and isnt right for her. Or for anyone else until he makes a lot of changes. (Maybe get off the steroids) just a thought. And whomever she does wind up with will prob b pretty pissed that she said Luke P is the best kisser out of all the men to Chris Harrison. She said it reluctantly, but she still said it after he asked who the person was that she could make out with forever. It may b immature but if that was me and I heard my fiance choose someone else over me on national TV i would b pretty upset…I dont think Hannah talks down,to the men, i do understamd,why she was so upset and i like that she is speaking her actual feelings. But i dont think the drama the men r having is any worse then any other season. There is always one dude everyone hates and causes fights. Usually the bachelorette will cut him immediately but she hasnt yet because she loved making out with him. I dont feel that this fight is any more intense tho then previous seasons so i dont get what all the hype from producers is. No other bachelorette has gotten that uo set ovet house drama. That i rememebr and i have most seasons. Im pretty sure the only one I didnt watch was Deanna Pappas. Anyways, i worry that she is so upset becayse she thought Luke P,was going to be her guy in the end but nkw she is realizing he wont be and fears that none of the other men will step up. I be pretty pissed also if none if the guys even asked anything about me on our dates. And the fact that Luke P said he was falling in love with her on that stripper date in front of everyone us ridiculous and shows how awful he is. Because he either A. He Is lying just to win her because it is a game to him , or B. Is a complete stalker psycho bevause no one can fall in love that fast. And she def shouldnt wind up with an unhinged loony bird like that. Ugh, i hope the men get better for her sake. I like Jed,Tyler, Peter

  214. 💯!!! It must be hard to “grow up” on tv 😬 Thank goodness there wasn’t film on me in my 20s. Lots of emotionally unhealthy & relationships things in this seasons – drama & I think Lack of boundaries & follow through for Luke

  215. First off, THANK YOU for being so real and honest about the franchise. You are the only one that I have seen so far just tell the truth. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Its TV! And I love how honest you are! Makes us like you even that much more! I feel like everyone is wearing blindfolds and they need to wake up!
    Now secondly, I completely agree with you 100%! About it ALL! Get rid of Luke and there would be less drama! Until she takes off her blinders, she will truly let her guard down and be open to finding what she is looking for. A couple of men are on the show for her. She just needs to see them through the blurry crowd.

  216. First, this season started out great not much drama besides the one guy having a girlfriend and he got caught. Then, the first date and everything went down hill. Luke knows how to manipulate people and it shows. He lies and can’t be trusted. I get it’s a reality show but I wish that it would show more of the vulnerability that people have and show the things that would get people to tune in. What I saw last night, like you Ali, I was ready to turn it off and be done with it and I have watched every episode of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. This season it seems like the guys are not into her or she really is not into them. Last night the way Hannah talked down to them was so wrong. I get that she is upset with the drama in the house but it is her fault because she did not give the rose on the date with Luke and right there he should have left, but because she is torn with her feelings she let him stay for the rose ceremony. That was her mistake! If you feel that solid and not going to give the rose because he is not expressing himself then MOVE ON!!! With Hannah allowing him to stay it is showing that she could care how he treats her she wants him there and that is that. She really needs to think about that. He never opens up and you force him to open up and reward him for doing so. The rest of the guys should just go home now and not risk the heartache because allowing the dramatic Luke to continue just sets this season up for it to really just be a drama show. I get that there will be drama because they are all there to fight for one persons heart but you see where her heart is going and she is the one that is going to get hurt in the long run.
    The guys bring the drama on themselves. Ok they all have a issue right now with Luke. I understand that but just ignore him. Let him fall on his lies and it is going to happen sooner or later. Last night with her going off on the guys, well I get she is upset but to talk down to them that was to far and disrespectful.
    The sit down with Chris should have never happen. It happened after the show was done taping which was obvious and it made me lose interest in the show.
    I will continue to watch but this season is not what is was hoping for and may record and watch at later times instead of rushing to watch live or that night because I just lost interest in this season. I loved Hannah and thought she had a great group of guys but some of them really need to just say I am not here for Hannah and leave so the ones you know have that connection with her can open up to her.

  217. I agree with all that you have said Ally, I am so disappointed with all this crazy stupid drama, She says the guys are giving her all the drama, what about her. She’s more dramatic than most of the guys that are there. She preys on your sympathy of which I am tired of listening to her about. She needs to get a real life, leave the show and go about dating the way it should be done in the real world. I believe she is doing this for the publicity that its getting. Airing all that stuff to millions is not what love and marriage is. Be real…..

  218. So here’s my opinion. From the very beginning of the episode, Hannah sent Luke packing.. Why on earth, after at the least, a whole day of trying to get anything out of this man, would you let him stay, after what seems like a panicked last ditch effort to stay? You mean to tell me, that you gave the man all day to have one real conversation with you, he couldn’t, you sent him home, he didn’t want to, he finally said something half real, and everything is sunshine and rainbows again? Get a grip. She constantly says she’s not defending him, but that’s all she does. I get it, he’s attractive, but that’s the only thing he’s got going for him. And if he’s stayed this long, with nothing to offer but looks, what does that say about Hannah? I’m mad about all the good men she’s sent home, when it could’ve been Luke. There’s a reason NO ONE in the house likes him. I thought this would be the week Hannah smartened up, and took the trash out and saw through all his crap, but nope, disappointed again. And this sit down with Chris Harrison was a waste of an episode. I could’ve done without the “whoa is me, dramatic crap”. You mean to tell me, you created most of this drama, and now you can’t handle it? Get a grip. I’ve always been a huge Bachelor / Bachelorette fan, but after the episode tonight, it had me questioning if I even want to finish the season. I’m tired of the whole season being about Luke, and her being blinded by looks. That is so shallow. No one knows you, because you aren’t sharing. Sure, they aren’t asking many questions, but they are sharing personal things to you and you should be doing the same. This season is so frustrating. She has a great group of guys, but shes so stuck up Luke’s butt and this dumb drama, she’s missing out on it. She shouldn’t have been the Bachelorette. Ali, you were right when you said she needed a few years first before doing this. I can’t imagine being in her shoes, but surely, some of the drama, has come from her and how she chooses to handles things.

  219. Does anyone else feel like she had a past relationship with Luke and that is why she is so into him. Like how she gave him the signal to shut up last night when he was talking, was he going to say something from the pst? I don’t know. I say let’s skip this season and jump right to BIP!

  220. She’s not the greatest bachelorette… last nights show was definitely a waste of time … I really wish they would just pick a random new bachelor or bachelorette that we have never met before not someone off a pervious show …

  221. Totally agree with you! She’s definitely being dramatic. I’m happy she’s trying to be authentic but she took things way too far and I think it’s at least partially a maturity issue as you said. She was scolding the group like children and it was super uncomfortable to watch. No one deserved that level of disgust. I did not really blame the men for not wanting to go “comfort” her afterwards. It seemed she wasn’t in a place to be comforted even though she was huffy about no one coming to see her. Reminded me of when my mom would get mad at my siblings and I when we were kids and then the rest of the night we’d try not to bother her or be the next person to talk to her. Same thing here. I was excited for this season and actually really like a lot of the guys but Hannah Beast you are a little scary!

  222. 100% agree with all the statements in this post and don’t usually comment on posts but had to offer some affirmation for this one. I was super skeptical of Hannah as the bachelorette but ended up really liking her in episode 1 because I thought she was going to be real. However, I agree that she has a false sense of entitlement when it comes to these relationships. She wants them to be a two-way street yet she provokes dramatic situations – don’t make out with one guy on a group date and then not expect the others to respond negatively to it. The part where she thinks these guys are being “disrespectful” for not honoring her other relationships just erks me! You have to be considerate of their feelings too, no wonder they don’t engage with getting to know her on a deeper level, she is too focused on them behaving the way she wants them to when they are just human. If I was on the bachelor and the bachelor said he was over all of us and done for the night, I would be like peace ✌️ . That’s exactly why they had to do the sit down with Chris, so they could deter from her irrational behavior. I say all this knowing I would not be perfect by any means on one of these shows and fully expect to be called out for it. I hope Hannah does find the perfect guy (better not be Luke P) through this and has a happy ending like her eyes showed in the sit down. I will probably watch every bit of it they will show me as well. Thanks for the realness of this post!!! And for the cute clothes 🙂

  223. Hi Ali! I could not agree with you more. I am a HUGE Bachelorette fan and I rarely find myself wanting an episode to end, but last nights episode could not have ended sooner. I was very fired up at work today when we were discussing last nights episode. I thought this season was going to be great and do not get me wrong, it has been super entertaining, however, I am just over all the Luke drama. I totally agree with you that while I love that Hannah stood up for herself with the guys, she is just so young and definitely does not know how to address all situations with the most grace. I get that that is her personality but last night she really showed her age. I would have called out the guys too, but I just wish she would’ve ended the cocktail party after the first discussion to avoid the big blow up. I also agree that I wish one of the guys had stood up and walked out of the room. While I am sure they were not sure if they should follow Hannah or not, I think by walking out of the room, it would’ve showed Hannah and Luke that they were done with this petty drama and needed to move on. Obviously Hannah could not turn down the awkward interview and I usually love a Chris Harrison recap but last night SUCKED. It was unnecessary and I truly do not get why the recap was needed. My only thought is that they needed to fill air time to meet ABC scheduling and last night seemed like a good breaking point. With that all being said, the rest of the season does look awesome so I am hoping everything begins to turn around because I know regardless I’ll be tuning in! Love your recap!!

  224. I understand she was very overwhelmed during that cocktail party but it was such a small group of men that were fighting, she was overlooking the good guys like Tyler that did not pay any attention to the drama and are truly there for her! She totally disrespected the men, I know they should of had those conversations at a different time but don’t she remember the drama she had with Caelynn last season? Did Colton talk to her the way she talked to the men? No!

  225. Before the season, I was not a Hannah fan. After the first couple episodes I was team Hannah. After last nights episode I am completely over it. I feel she acted very immature, created more drama and is incredibly naive about Luke. It all felt very fake to me. The sneak peeks that they showed of upcoming episodes also made me unimpressed. Didn’t like the episode at all. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  226. I feel like like Luke p barging back in after he was “sent home” was scripted. To cause drama at the cocktail party . If she truly did send him home, what drama would have happend the rest of the season . None of that would have happend if Luke was sent home. The chris Harrison sit down was a waste of time, last night could have easily been a hour show. Anyone else feel that way about Luke?

  227. All the drama would end if she just sent Luke home. Is it her decision to keep him, or the shows’?

    1. I heard Rachel Lindsay say this weeks choice.was all on Hannah, that production wouldn’t push for someone like Luke at this point.

      Who knows.
      If Lindsay is right, then the Harrison insert/ previews could be there to make us think Luke screws it up and tries to come back with his own ring .

      Without Chris trying to convince us Hannah needed help continuing it would have read as Wow, shes really Luke – ok then, he is winning.

  228. I have just been waiting for more guys to choosing to leave like Luke S. did because of all the drama caused by Luke P. and even Hannah herself. I mean honestly. If she’s keeping Luke P., then she’s asking for drama…and I don’t see that as something the more mature guys want in their life.

  229. I know you won’t read this because there is a million comments but I just kept thinking if she got rid of Luke none of this would be happening seems like an easy fix. We know she isn’t going to pick him unless she has gone mad. So why is she keeping him there? I get why the guys are upset, she sent the other guy home because of a lie Luke told her so of course the other guys are freaked out.
    Is it a southern thing? but why does she put a K after almost every word like “thingk”

  230. Totally agree with you! Sometimes she tries to say the right things and instead it ends up making a big deal out of small things. She has the best group of guys the show has seen in awhile, the show is letting a few bad apples take everything out of proportion.
    Do you think producers are making her keep Luke??

  231. Just have to share that my favorite part of watching The Bachelorette these days is coming to read your blog after!!

    I have to agree that I think so much of the reason this season has felt off is that Hannah does seem so young! When she had a sit down with Chris in Scotland? she said that she had given away her heart before to guys she thought she was going to marry and it took years to recover. I thought — you’re 24! It would make more sense coming from someone older. But the rest of the season looks interesting and i’ll keep watching…

  232. First off I agree with you 100% on all of this from her being too young for this show. When I first saw she was going to be the bachelorette I was super disappointed because of how she was on The Bachelor. I was not a fan. She seemed too immature and phony. But of course I gave in and watched and started to actually really like her. She seemed way more confident and real but she really needs to stop saying “like” every other word or I’m going to lose my mind!!! She definitely started having a power trip and acting like a queen but I kind of get it because the guys are constantly arguing with Luke P instead of trying to get to know her. I get that the guys are upset because she seems so blinded and manipulated by his abusive ways but they need to let it go and focus on their time with her. Moving on. That sit down with Chris was so weird. I was thinking “why are they talking about Latvia as if they’re going to go back to Latvia from LA?” He clearly said “here in the mansion” and she seems so different so that was clearly filmed either after home towns or after getting engaged. It was a complete waste of time to flash back thru it all. Is it just me or does Chris seem like he doesn’t really care how people feel and only wants to see drama? I know a lot of people love him but something about him rubs me the wrong way as if he says things to get a rise out of people. Idk still trying to figure him out and I’ve been watching for a long time.
    Side note: I’ve been thinking about adding Bachelor related blog posts to my blog because I’m so damn into this show even though it’s not related to my blog at all but you kind of inspired me a bit to do some thought pieces as well lol.

  233. I have never commented on a blog… but after last nights episode I will be giving you my blog comment virginity.

    The way Hannah spoke to the Bachelor’s who are there for her, giving up their lives and time away from their family and friends was not okay. I personally would not have stood for that.

    I completely agree, the mansion chat with C. Harrison came off as completely staged but I imagine this had to be done after the way Hannah portrayed herself to win back some faith in this show and how people should be treated. I was genuinely excited to see this season and Hannah’s journey but was embarrassed for her and the way she behaved. Not cool!

  234. The only comment I have is . . . Why did they make us rewatch soooooooooo much of past episodes? The only episode was maybe 75% repeat stuff and 25% new stuff.

  235. I’ve watched almost every season and this is the absolute worst. I am so bored and told my husband I’d rather pay bills than watch! I agree the Harrison interview was bogus and was only filler content. Maybe they didn’t have enough content for a full episode. Nonetheless, I just fast forwarded through that part! So disappointed in this season and agree with your opinion Ali!

  236. Too much crying and drama. Very immature and too much time with chris at the mansion. We turned it off and not sure we will watch anymore or tune in for homedates. Maybe by then she will grow up and show some respect to those who are left . Worst season ever or am i just getting tired if it all. Not much fun in this season. Sorry for being so negative.

  237. I’m getting really, Really, REALLY fed up with her keeping Luke! I mean, you sort of get it in the beginning. It can take a little bit longer in the moment for the lead to catch on considering they can’t see what goes on in the mansion or behind the scenes. And lots of villains are kept around longer than they should, and it’s hard to tell if it’s for the drama factor, aka the show asking the lead to keep them around to keep things interesting, or if the lead is actually into them and choosing to keep them. In this case, there is no doubt that she’s keeping him. But it’s gone way past annoying. And last night, she even did let him go, and just when you think the torture is finally over SHE LETS HIM COME BACK. I’m not saying I’m perfect when it comes to reading people and not putting up with crap, but I would have kicked him to the curb SO long ago, and I think most people would have at this point. It’s past annoying, past ridiculous, and past insane. It’s just….almost unbelievable. And that is absolutely infuriating! If I were the guys, I’d be running for the hills based on that, let alone her behavior and treatment. Major red flags. You feel bad for the leads when there is lots of drama that they can’t control, but everything past…I’m not even sure when….is on her for keeping him. She’s doing this to herself, doing this to the other guys, and self-sabotaging, and it’s driving me crazy!!!!

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add, the end part with Chris Harrison was one of the stupidest, most pointless staged things I’ve seen in all the years I’ve watched this show. Sure, there are plenty of moments like that, but this whole segment was just…a waste of time and eye roll inducing. I mean, why? WHY?! Just…ugh. Lol. Ridiculous.

    2. Gah! Are you watching tonight? I seriously can’t stand watching this season and that makes me sad, because I love the show.

  238. 1. Can’t stand the drama BUT continously keeps the guy causing ALL of the drama!
    2. Wants to have deeper conversations with the guys BUT spends ALL of her time shoving her tongue down their throats instead of talking.
    3. DEMANDS respect BUT then totally disrespects the guys by bashing the entire group.

    She totally contradicts herself at every turn.

  239. I just don’t understand how she can get so upset with the guys because they are doing the exact same thing that she and Caelynn did on Colton’s season. Their ex-pageant drama took up a lot of time and she initiated a lot of talks to Colton about how Caelynn was not there for the right reasons. I do think Luke is a lot more ridiculous than she was, but just my thoughts…

    1. Well said and I agree. She was the cause of a lot of drama on The Bachelor and why in heck the producers selected her is beyond me. She’s very immature, notice I didn’t say ‘young’…..and causes drama every step of the way. She’s clearly not ready to make a decision of this magnitude, or handle the pressures of this show.

  240. I just watched this last night (I was so behind!) and I was literally yelling at my TV! My husband was laughing at me! Hannah is just as guilty of the drama as the guys are in my opinion. She should have sent Luke home. He is flat, emotionless and she isn’t going to get from him what she wants, no matter how hard she tries. You cannot make someone into what you want them to be. That is a lesson you learn with experience and that is something I think she lacks due to her age.

    I also think the way she spoke to the men was awful. I get that she was frustrated however, if someone spoke to me that way I would be so put-off. That is not how you handle conflict.

    I have really high hopes for Jed and Peter – both of whom were amazing last night. I really hope Hannah ups her game too. She has great potential to learn and grow from this experience.

  241. I admire Hannah. Women are taught to be polite at the expense of their own needs, but she’s there to find a partner for life and I respect that she wants to hold the guys to a high standard. While she didn’t need to speak to all the guys so harshly (there are clearly some not involved in the drama!), she has every right to express what she wants. I do think Hannah is letting her emotions taint her experience on the show, but I don’t think that means she’s not ready for love. I’m still a highly emotional and sensitive person in my late twenties, and my husband is really good at being a secure base to help level out my emotions and reason with me. I think Hannah needs someone like that. Luke is clearly not a good match for her—he manipulates her emotions and gaslights her, making his actions seem like her fault, instead of helping work through her thoughts and concerns together as a team. He really scares me. I think she is very physically attracted to him and obviously had a great initial connection with her him which is clouding her judgement moving forward. I love the conversation and chemistry between Hannah and Jed, and I also think Mike would be a great match for her because he is very caring and mature! I’m ready to see her connect more with the guys (she’s got some great ones!) rather than watching drama and pointless recaps.

  242. Thank you! How is the guys drama any different than her drama last season!! Ugghhhh….this season is wearing me out!

  243. She is CONSTANTLY lecturing the guys. If one guy messes up, she goes off on all of them. SHE sets the tone and has focused on the negative then blames the guys. She let Cam ruin the entire tailgate day, was in a terrible mood on Tyler’s date, comes out crying for literally no reason in the beginning… She’s crawling on multiple guys in one day before seeing if they even pursue her. There are so many contradictions. This group is wayyyyy to immature. I feel like I’m watching a college frat party (not in a good way). 🤣 The guys should just opt out and give her Luke P!!

    1. Such
      a g r e a t idea!!!
      if.the men mutiny-ed and said
      Here, take him!

      Man- that would be the Epic Best!!!

  244. Monday’s episode was an absolute train wreck. From the start of the season, I have loved how authentic and real Hannah is as a person. She is unfiltered and she tells it like it is, however, that being said—I hope she can reflect on this experience and realize that respect and communication is a two-way street.

    From the beginning, I knew she was going to keep Luke P. even though he didn’t receive a rose on their one-on-one. Why? Because she sees something in him that she think she can change about him. When she told him to “respect her decision and leave,” what did he do? He went back to her and “fought for her.” When she took him back, it showed a lack of respect he had for her and a lack of respect for herself, which now Luke thinks it’s okay to further his not-so-great behavior. Like I said, she sees potential in him, however that doesn’t always mean they are THAT person. We have all been there at some point or another.

    I am mixed on the cocktail party. I understand that Hannah is having trouble opening up to the guys due to feelings of their lack of interest in her and instead focusing on the Luke P. drama. It’s all very frustrating and I understood where she came from with her frustration. BUT, developing a deeper connection is a two-way street. From my recollection, I don’t remember her ever asking the men about themselves. They have disclosed personal information to her, but she didn’t disclose any back. Possibly because she is scared to open up, given! It’s hard to open up and be vulnerable knowing millions of people are watching you. However, I don’t think she should blame every single guy there when I think part of the frustration is herself (not being able to open up as quickly) and keeping Luke P. in the mix. Also, it’s hard not to fixate all the conversations surrounding Luke P. because HE IS PHYSICALLY THERE. It’s hard to ignore someone when they are always there—like a bug that won’t go away. When he wasn’t there on the group date last week, she even noted that the guys didn’t focus on Luke and she started to get to know the other men better.

    Also, the recap was a waste and filler. I can’t believe that they have given so much away already of the season and we still have 4 weeks left to go.

    1. What have they given us?

      Clips of Luke hanging in there hard. And that weird Harrison interview. To set us up for the most SHOCKING season?

      Luke seems very comfy with the camera on him.

      What if we never got all the will-Hannah-go-on stuff? ( She is SO going on …and on…)

      This season feels full of dark motives. It’s heavy – and that has been awful.

  245. I am in total agreement with you! I could not believe the way Hannah talked to the guys! I think, if I had been one of them, I’d have decided to leave. I, too, think she is a great person but she definitely needs to mature a lot more before even considering getting engaged and/or married. She actually sounded like a crazy chick, in my opinion! I don’t like Luke and I think he should be gone, as he really is the catalyst for the drama, but the other guys do need to let it go a bit and concentrate on their relationship with Hannah. Have to say I’m really disappointed in this season!

  246. I totally agree about Hannah. Her immaturity at times makes the season hard to watch. I find myself cringing a lot of the time when she talks. I hope she’s happy but this season is very hard to watch. They need to cast older leads so the maturity level is there for marriage. I’d like to see an older wiser bachelorette next time. Is asking for a 30 something woman who knows herself and what she wants too much?!

  247. Wow. Super disappointed in all the comments calling Hannah the “worst bachelorette,” a “twit” or a “train wreck.” I can’t believe all the women on here who are being so mean. Why can’t we be supportive? I can see why Hannah is upset and yes, maybe she isn’t always handling it very well. But, she is young. She does need to do some growing and maturing, but imagine how hard it is to date all these men on national television. I don’t know how I would handle it (I’m 23) and who knows how everyone commenting on here being so rude would handle it. It’s a tough situation, maybe we should give her a break. I love your blog Ali, but very disappointed in all the rude comments (especially from women).

    1. Looks like Hannah is feeling pretty great. Any interviews or promo work show her glowing .

      I think she got what she truly wanted – a slammin’ start to an active media career.

      That said the verbal abuse by the so-called men (bullies amd malcontents) in the house, and any name-calling here is inexcusable. Let’s be better than that.

  248. First of all, I wasn’t pleased they picked her. I felt she was too awkward and insecure. That being said, she has started growing on me. I still think she is insecure and that’s why she is going to have a hard time finding a good guy. Even the fact that she is still attracted to Tyler shows her poor judgement in men. Her insecurity attracts controlling manipulating guys. Those guys can smell her type. She is gorgeous so that makes her even more of a magnet for losers. I am still going to give her the benefit of doubt because of her age. I am hopeful that with this large pull of men that she may have a better chance( if she is smart about her choices). I’m still not sure how smart she will be. Also_There are a lot of hot guys this season and it may be hard for her to pick a good one under these unusual circumstances. Lets be honest. This is NOT a normal situation. 1 girl dating a million guys at once. It def makes the guys more insecure and competative which in turn cause the fights too. Ok…back to Hannah. If she gets rid of Tyler P, it should eliminate it of drama. I’m sure the producers are making her keep him for drama. Lets not forget that they control a lot of what we see. I usually don’t like the show until hometown dates anyway. Its all too dramatic prior to that. On a positive note, she obviously has not had good luck with men in past so I hope she uses this opportunity to pi k a good one. I kind of like the other Tyler or Peter but don’t know enough about them yet to know if they are there for right reasons. Ally, I love you but don’t forget you picked the wrong guy on your season. He was a total player and you fell for his bulls..t. You gotta kiss a lot frogs to meet your prince. Lol 😂 You ended up with a unicorn❤

    1. Gosh those days seem so long ago – Ali on a ballfield with Roberto.

      Like what show was that compared to all toxic time on this season?

  249. I’d like to know if the Producers request the Bachelor/Bachelorette to keep the more drama contestants on the show for ratings. I notice this happens a lot.. where the one guy or girl is kept on longer than they should. Luke is the perfect example. He comes back. Did he come back because he wanted to or did the Producers ask him to for more drama. It’s obvious he gets kicked off in next weeks episode.

  250. I love reading your insite into the show…I miss stuff all the time. Your pictures with Molly are absolutely adorable!

  251. All along we have heard “Hannah the beast” and that is what I think she is trying to be when she talks the way she does to the guys. I totally agree that she shouldn’t have taken Luke back or even considered it. Hannah doesn’t have a good set of boundaries at all.

  252. I wasn’t keen on Hannah as the bachelorette from the get go, but I’ve continued to give Hannah and her season a fair go. However, she lost any respect I had for her when she sent Luke home and then took him right back. Ugh!
    I also agree with Ali and her comments about how none of the guys went after Hannah at the rose ceremony. I was waiting for someone to jump up and run after her and reassure her, but it didn’t happen…so it seems that really, none of them are that into her and while she may end up engaged in the end, I feel like it won’t last. They don’t seem into her, and she’s way too immature!!
    Let’s hope for a better season of Paradise and The Bachelor to come!

  253. I can definitely see what Ali was talking about when she mentioned that she thinks she has times where she can see actions that represent Hannah’s behavior. I’ve watched quite a few of The Bachelorette seasons and it stuck out to me that while the drama was going on she met with Chris Harrison who took the initiative to physically comfort her by giving her a hug. In all my years watching, I haven’t really seen a bachelorette crying in the midst of the drama happening. I think that’s a sure representative of Hannah’s age. I think that as you mature, you learn to self-soothe better so that even when you are struggling emotionally there’s not so much of a need for there to be external comfort. Just my opinion though. I don’t even know Hannah personally, so I can’t say much about her REAL personality. I think that possibly with dramatic attitude comes a lot of quirky personality, so that when you are laughing it’s a REAL good laugh. I’m honestly a little bit tired of this level of drama though. I feel like this is the 4th or 5th episode where they’re concentrated on this and her other relationships don’t really seem to be able to move forward because of it. I can definitely see how some people are beginning to feel bored.

  254. I had 2 major take away a from the episode:
    – The way Hannah had a smile/smirk on her face while she was hugging Luke goodbye after not giving him the rose seemed really strange to me. It was almost as if it was scripted and the whole thing was planned that he would walk away and come back. The whole dramatic Conversation they had where he told her he was sure he was meant to marry her or something like that just seemed super fake and completely contradictory to her saying “please respect my choice to not give me this rose.”
    – The other big Takeaway was that I felt one of the big reasons for the sit down with Chris Harrison was to make sure Hannah brought up that she had only kissed 5 guys prior to filming. I am no prude, but even I have found how aggressively physical she’s been so early on with so many guys to be a bit much. If it was just one of the guys that she felt physically strong towards, it would be one thing. But between the bed, the pool table and the chair in that last episode…. I think it was their way of doing image damage control 🤷‍♀️ But then again, the previews do show her taking a stand for her right as a woman to do what she wants with her body; which is absolutely true, so maybe I’m wrong.

    And yeah it wasn’t the greatest episode, but we’re all going to watch it anyway .

  255. *Game Changer*
    If she had walked into the room during the arguing and only said … “STOP – this party is OVER!” and walked out —
    she would have owned that room!
    She would have gained respect and worried everyone!
    That would have been amazing!

  256. I like Hannah. I think with a few years and some more diverse life experiences she will absolutely come into her own. But she’s not there yet. And it shows. Handling this show and this many men takes a level of confidence and self-awareness she simply doesn’t possess yet. And honestly- the men are immature as well. If they weren’t, they would actually ignore Luke, which would be the best way to get under his skin. She doesn’t know how to develop depth in a relationship in such a short period of time so she’s leaning into physical chemistry as a mark of how much she cares or doesn’t care. And that’s why she’s keeping Luke P. around. She’s attracted to him physically the most and so she’s focused in on him in her heart. Yes, people get married at 24 in the South but that doesn’t mean they’ve magically developed the type of maturity that comes with age, time, and life experience. The next Bachelor is likely to be similar because most of these men are 24-27, which is not the peak of male maturity and marriage age so you end up with Colton part 2 and that was like watching an MTV reality show- not entertaining at all.

  257. This blog and community is so satisfying because all of my friends have stopped watching. One thing I’m “worried” about. When Chris asked who the best kisser was she coyly said Luke P… if this was filmed after she’s engaged then I think he’s the winner. Why else would she say that and make her fiancé feel bad? And maybe for all the reasons everyone has shared, they will be right for each other… for a few months.

  258. Hi Ali – enjoy reading your opinions. I cannot figure out how Hannah cannot listen to what Luke says. He says something different each time; To get her sympathy he always my fault; and just says what he thinks he should say. He hides his temper with the others. She has some really nice men to select from and Luke is a phony. Just wanted to voice my opinion.

  259. I didn’t think about it that way when Hannah was yelling at the guys but you are right. If a Bachelor did that, we would think it was in poor taste. But when a female does it, it’s like we are supposed to look at her as being “strong” …. I don’t know, I’m not loving this season so far, but I’ll keep watching anyway

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