The Bachelorette – Hometowns

To start, don’t read this if you haven’t watched on the west coast yet! Can you believe that we are already on hometowns? Everything just feels so uncertain, and even after this episode, I am still not certain what’s going to happen! Let’s jump right into my thoughts on tonight’s episode so that we can chat about it and the upcoming fantasy suite episode!

Peter’s Hometown

As always Peter is adorably awkward. I find myself laughing out loud multiple times whenever he’s with Hannah. He’s just so sweet and precious and such a dork and I love him for it. I honestly watched his date assuming he was going home this week just by process of elimination. I knew Luke needed to stay around for the drama coming next week, and her connection with Tyler and Jed is just too strong. So I kind of watched his entire hometown thinking it was the last week see if him and was really bummed about it because I just adore him so much!

But we get more Peter! Yay! When they were in the plane I was having a mini panic attack watching. For those of you who have been following me since the OG days, you probably remember that I had a huge fear of flying when I went to the Bachelor. And of course my date was a date similar to this one in a tiny little plane. But even now, 10 years later where I have flown over 500 times since then I still get nervous. And watching them kiss while he’s not paying attention to what he’s doing just give me so much anxiety! Obviously, I know he’s being safe but the chicken inside of me couldn’t help.

Onto his parents house. What an adorable family! Which doesn’t surprise me at all because I mean Peter is a product of that family. Their little German prayer at the beginning of dinner just made me smile.

And his parents!!! Seriously I want like to somehow magically have another sibling that can marry Peter so their family can be apart of my family. Ha! I just love everything about them. I cried right along with his mom and dad when they both broke down. I feel their love for Peter. That’s how I feel about my kids. And I never want that to go away even when Molly and Riley are in their late 20s looking for love. I’m confident I’ll still have that intense love for my kiddos when they are older like Peter’s parents obviously do for him. Peter’s dad reminds me a lot of Kevin’s dad. He isn’t afraid to be emotional. I love that about him! I truly believe that Kevin having a father figure that is so emotionally intelligent, sensitive and loving is why Kevin is that way. His mom has a huge part in that too! But I think there’s something to be said about men having exceptional male figures to look up to who aren’t afraid to cry. I have no doubt that my unicorn husband and I are raising a unicorn son. If you read my blog regularly than you know exactly what I mean by that.

Can I take back what I said about not knowing whether or not Peter could handle the role of the Bachelor? I actually think he would make it fantastic Bachelor! I think we see this adorable awkward quirky side of him because he’s not completely sure of himself in the situation. But I think the Bachelor would give him so much confidence that it would take him over the edge. And with a heart like his, women would be jumping at the bit to sign up! Again, I wish I had a little sister so I could set them up.

Tyler’s Hometown

Don’t they just kind of seem like they fit together? I don’t know what it is about the two of them but I feel like they look like a couple. And they just seem so similar in so many ways. I really feel like if they end up together at the end of this, they’re gonna have a really good shot at making it.

I also cried like a baby when they went to Tyler’s parents house. When his dad was talking to Tyler and just really opened up I found myself in tears. I just love these families!

Weirdly I don’t have a ton to say about this hometown. It was pretty standard. I think in general it just made me understand more why Tyler has shown so much class throughout this experience. Minus the one time last week where he picked on Luke’s height. But I think Luke is just such a toxic person at this point that I don’t really blame anybody for saying something to pick on him. Sometimes when you’re bullied and lied to over and over and over again you have to push back a little bit.

Luke’s Hometown

I found his hometown to be extremely interesting. I know he’s not the first “villain” on a season of the show that made it to Hometown‘s. But I think he’s the first one for me that I had a hard time empathizing with. But then to sit there and watch this show and see the people in his Bible study say such nice things about him, it kind of made me take a second look at him. Was I missing something? Should I empathize him? Am I being too tough on him? I truly always try to see the good in people every time I watch the show. I try to remember that I was once in their shoes and it was hurtful to hear the things people would say about me on the Internet. So really try to keep that in mind but I’m writing these blogs trying to be fair to everyone. It’s just very hard to see Luke’s side when he was so mean hearted throughout this process. He just told lie after lie after lie and I felt it was a form of verbal abuse to Hannah.

And then we get to his parents house, I felt like a terrible person for having these thoughts. Watching  him talk to his mom and dad and seeing how much his parents love him. It just kind of reminds me that even though people do shitty things sometimes, most people are deep down good people. When he was talking to his mother I kept trying to imagine that I was his mom and he was Riley. And 25 years from now Riley sitting in front of me talking to me about how he maybe didn’t make the best choices. My heart would break for him. I know my kids are gonna make mistakes and possibly do stupid things like lie to people to save themselves. But it doesn’t make him all bad. I don’t know. I think this is the sappy mother in me just wanting everybody to get along.

All that said, I know a big week is coming up with Luke and Hannah. All I know, all any of us know, is that he is going to tell her that if she has already slept with someone it would be a dealbreaker for him. And it’s hard to comment on that situation when we haven’t seen it completely unfold yet. As of now my thoughts are this, I feel for him. If I just told someone that I love them and have them meet my family and then found out right afterwards that they slept with somebody else it would really, really hurt me. On the other hand, with fantasy suites coming up it’s a pretty well-known fact that that tends to happen. It doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s just something that happens. Not with everybody but with a lot. But what I wholeheartedly believe that everybody has a right to feel hurt by it. It just depends how it was handled. I guess we will see you next week.

Jed’s Hometown

When Jed brought Hannah to a music studio at the beginning of this hometown I was screaming inside: “NOOOOOOO JED! Come on! Enough with the music”. At the same time I was thinking how ballsy it was considering the fact that he recently admitted to her that he came on the show for his career. But then the more we got into the date I realized that music is a huge part of him. And that became even more evident when she sat down with his family and they all talked about how important his music was to him. So I guess it really wouldn’t make sense for him to do anything else with her during his hometown. Music is his life! The whole point of hometowns is to see how you would fit within somebody’s life. Also, the song they wrote is incredible! I have no doubts that he’s going to do huge things with his career. He’s super talented. And it’s just so romantic! I’m for sure buying it on iTunes when it comes out. Because it will be on iTunes after this, assuming the show lets him release it. I think it might be owned by them because it was on the show. But I’m unsure.

Anyway, I get that a musicians life isn’t necessarily the easiest life. He’s not gonna have a steady job therefore unsteady income. Actually scratch that. Before the Bachelorette he wouldn’t have had steady income. Let’s face it, everyone on the show is immediately Instagram famous when the shows over now and can make a living just though their Instagram. But I get that before the show, it’s really unstable. I guess I just don’t really understand why that means he can’t get engaged. I’d love for any of you that happen to have more insight into the music world to give me your thoughts on this. Sure he would be on tour and it wouldn’t be easy, but if you’re in love does it matter? Hannah can go on tour with them!

And even though her hometown date with him seemed really negative, and the shots we saw with his family seemed very stoic, I still feel like we saw very limited bits of it. I feel like there was probably a lot more laughs and smiles then we were shown. I mean, obviously it wasn’t great because Hannah said that it didn’t go the way she wanted it to. But I don’t think it was as terrible as we were led to believe.

Rose Ceremony

Jed has every right to be upset about the Rose Ceremony. Luke should be more upset too! At this point to still be so unsure that you can’t send somebody home is just so unfair to the guys. I understand that she’s struggling, but if you’re serious about being with someone I feel like you need to have a more clear idea of who you want to end up with at this point. I told you guys this before but I knew my top two guys day one and that never wavered throughout my entire experience as the Bachelorette. So to have a top four and only have 2 1/2 weeks left until you get engaged and still not be able to narrow it down to even three is very concerning. So I get why the guys are upset! However, I have no idea what’s going on at Hannah’s head. I’ve no idea what she’s really feeling or what she’s gone through. None of us really do. So I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. I hope she knows what she’s doing because I think she really hurt Jed with this one. What are you guys thinking?

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173 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Hometowns

  1. Is it just me or did she seem kind of uncomfortable around Peter? Like she wasn’t feeling it? And can I just say Tyler C’s dad just seemed so sweet. I hope they end up together. He’s so calm and I think they compliment each other so well.

    Thank you for taking the time to write every week! I look forward to reading your thoughts. ❤️

    1. I agree! I felt like she kept kissing him at the end so he wouldn’t tell her he loved her. It seemed like she was trying to stop him from saying it.

      1. Yes! I thought this same exact thing. I thought it could be Peter in the end, but after last night, I don’t think so.

        1. And yet- she gave P first Rose at the RC.

          Are producers telling her we need a lead – keep Peter ( since she is really down to Tyler and Luke)

      2. I was thinking “Hannah! Stop kissing and let the guy talk!”
        She did something similar before. One of the guys was saying how great she was (I can’t remember the circumstance, but I think it was how strong she was during all the drama). She didn’t let him talk, she just started kissing him! She says she wants them to open up, but she seriously needs to keep her hands and lips to herself long enough for them to get a word out!!

    2. I agree with Raven, I wonder if she was doing that because if Peter did say he loved her then she would feel worse about breaking his heart.

      I think she fit right in with Tyler’s family, she seemed the most comfortable there! I hope that’s who she chooses.

      Luke and Jed should’ve both been sent home last night. Luke seems to have multiple personalities and seems very manipulative to me, I just don’t like him. And Jed seems to into his music career and his family was just odd. Maybe they’re just wondering about his girlfriend he left to go on the show? Haha.

      1. I agree! Luke puts a black mark on people of faith. I would have sent him home. As she is watching the show now, she should be
        really upset at his behavior with the guys. Not in to Jed at all!!! Peter is adorable and I would love to have him in my family….Tyler, I don’t think their relationship would last.

      2. hi aly – She SEEMED to fit Very well.w lukes fam – almost LIKE they knew each other.
        at this point im thinkjng its a karmic relationship. sigh.w h a t are they here to learn from.each other?

    3. I just want to give a shout out to the families! I mean Peter, Tyler and Luke! Beautiful encouraging families with hearts of gold. I feel that Jed’s family were really not that into Jed with Hannah. Maybe he did break up with girlfriend to go on the show and they really loved her and it was all too soon for them.

      1. Those families we Wonderful!! Even Jeds mom had Right Reasons for her dismay.

        Hometowns is often mu favorite week. It did strike me that Hannah’s lack of experience ( w Colton) didnt help her this round.

      2. YES <3 <3 <3 Big shoutout to the families. This might sound silly but it's very authentic: watching the hometowns is such a healing experience for me. :'-I <3 They display so much of how I would have wanted to raise a family of my own, had I come from that sort of setting.

          1. not sure why part of that POST was in caps

            wosh we had the datestamp feature – .missing it

    4. I think he for sure like her more than she likes him. I felt the same way as Ali, I thought he was going home this week.

      1. The show feels so f**ked up this season. Perfect storm of intense production hijinks, extra harsh edits, and a mixed up cast.
        It’s been hard to enjoy the ride.

        1. I was unsure of HannaH as the bachelorette, to be honest, but then enjoyed the first CouplE of episodes. I’m not sure what happened after that. I feel like i’m watching a comBinaTiOn of MTV’s “Real world” and “The jersey shore.”
          Hannah was too younG and inexperiened to be part Of this process. Dont get me started on Jed and the girlFriend back home.
          To tyler and peter: you can do better and deserve better.

          1. IT d i.d feal.PROMISING the first few weeks. and now, aje rrally.omky jas the Greek island and rose – hows that gomma work!
            feels like oh, its summer AND then BAM LABOR day. all.over – whaaa happened!?

  2. Tyler C’s dad just seems like the sweetest! I so hope they end up together as I think his calmness compliments Hannah’s more anxious personality so well.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write your blog every week. I always look forward to reading.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more about Jed’s hometown! Enough with the music already – we get it!!!

    But I can’t believe she couldn’t send someone home tonight. I agree it’s unfair to be guys! Love her and Tyler together I feel like they just fit perfectly

  4. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Jed’s mom and sister are obviously very skeptical, which was awkward. I felt the most love connection between she and Tyler at this point. I feel very sorry for Jed in this episode and don’t blame him for being upset.

  5. I didn’t know it was possible to say..hey I’m not ready to send someone home.. lucky Hannah now has 4 guys for fantasy suite week!! Tyler and Peter seem to have the sweetest parents.. cheering for them both!!

  6. Ali, love reading your blog and getting your thoughts. Do you think Luke will end up on BIP? And what do you think of having older bachelors/ bachelorettes? I think Claire would be a great bachelorette!

    1. I’m ALL for older cast members getting a shot but I honestly think Claire is an awful person and definitely would not be a good choice for bachelorette. She’s very moody and entitled. Honestly, I don’t know if anyone will make Claire happy ever…

      1. I would love some of the older cast for B lead.

        I think they go with younger leads because they are easier to pump emotional drama from

        1. If we are recycling old bachelors/bachelorettes, dear God let it be Roberto! 😍 He’s my favorite guy to ever step foot in Bachelor Nation!

  7. I just watched the hometowns and really liked them. They all have such great families but the one that really stood out for me was Tyler’s and Tyler himself. First for his parents to be divorced but his mom stepped up to help his dad after what he has gone through with his health spoke volumes. Many divorced couples can’t be in the same room, so to help each other in time of need spoke volumes to the type people they are. Then his brother said Tyler ran his dad’s business for him and became their rock. This is someone who is going to be a good husband and father. I think Jed, Peter and Tyler are all good guys but Tyler seems the most ready for engagement, marriage and a family. If she doesn’t pick him he has my vote as the next Bachelor.
    Ali I agree she probably hurt Jed and knowing what they have seen of Luke to be torn between them would leave me frustrated and hurt.
    Luke, still don’t have much good to say about him. I know much of what we see is edited but they have taken him beyond being a villain. How we see such a different person than his family and friends is definitely a red flag to me. He always seems condescending.
    What I saw of Jed’s family and what has been said about them on social media doesn’t line up. They seem like very nice people and to be getting such hatred towards them is frightening.
    When men and women make a personal choice to come on this show they open themselves up to comments based on what we see, but their families did not make that choice and do no deserve any negativity. I thought all the families were kind and treated Hannah with the utmost respect.
    My last thought, I am not a Luke fan but how the other guys distanced themselves while waiting for Hannah to come back was disrespectful and rude.

    1. It was sad to see the guys wall Luke off – and actually slam him to console Jed.
      Like, there wasn’t any other choice?

      The * Scum Bag * rant from Jed was pretty awful. Another low – and to think Jed has the gift of writing/voice. Even sadder.

      1. I agree. Them walling him off and saying such bad stuff…like, if Luke is REALLY that bad, then be the bigger man and shut up. It seems like the producers tried to team everyone up against Luke and it became a match to see who could put him down the most. And I think editing could actually play into if Luke was really lying about stuff. We don’t see whole conversations or anything.

        1. Shadiest Season In Bachelor History.

          Too many unanswered questions – for the entire season!!

          The edit has been too toxic and hard on everyone – including us viewers. For the first time I question whether I can handle viewing it.

          The group bully aspect has been The Worst. I think your observation about the guys vying for Best Put Down is sadly right. I get it- they are bonding and going nuts. but verbal abuse is unacceptable.

          It makes Peter stand out even more as a true gentlemen – he is with the gang. but has been able to voice complaint without condemning and slurring anyone. The guys should take his example – but they seem too full of hate or rage to get there.

    2. I totally agree with your post.. especially the part at the end, how the guys distanced themselves and even spoke so rudely about Luke . So unnecessary.

        1. It’s hard to imagine Men Tell All going well – or resolving any past hurts.

          I hope Luke is doing well after all the slings and arrows.

          I hope I am wrong ant MTA.

  8. I didn’t know it was possible to say..hey I’m not ready to send someone home.. lucky Hannah now has 4 guys for fantasy suite week!! Tyler and Peter seem to have the sweetest parents.. cheering for them both!!

    1. I wonder how 4 suites will affect the episode roll out…I would love an extended night of 3 hours as opposed to *To be continued next week *.bomb.

  9. I felt bad for Hannah when she met Jed’s family. His mom is clearly very protective of her son, and I get that. But, she certainly could have been a little more welcoming. Hannah was definitely holding back tears during their conversation.
    I loved the Peter hometown and he has been my favorite for a long time, however, I really hope she chooses Tyler now. They have an amazing connection and his family seemed to love her!
    I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode!!!

    1. Peter really leapt up to Next Bachelor status for me.
      Really lovely fam. When the parents waved as he flew over…all good stuff there.

      1. And doesn’t she realize what a great life she would have with Peter? He’s got the best career path already in place, flying with the best airline for pay and benefits to be a provider for his family. They would travel the world and provide an incredible education and world view for their children.

    2. Hannah’s conversations with Jed’s mother and sister were the most leery I have ever seen on the show.

      It was impossible not to feel the deep misgivings they have. If I was 24 it would make me want him more – because even now, over 40, I get snared by things I can’t have. It would also make me want to run – bc marrriage is hard enough without blood relative naysayers.

  10. I can’t put my finger on Luke. I think he feels like Hannah belongs to him so these other guys are in his way. This show brings out his ugly.
    I honestly believe that if Jed would’ve said I will walk if you need to pick Luke, I think she would have told Luke to walk. Sometimes a girl needs the chase.
    I love your blogs Ali! They’re always insightful!

    1. Maybe Luke sees this as a destiny match. A test for him – to endure and win Gods chosen mate?

      I think he has been grossly misunderstood.

      I don’t believe he thinks of Hannah as his possession. I found the comment from his dad about Hannah’s heart softening to Luke, and being a prized gift, suggestive of two things: this family/church community has their own style of language (which may be part of the disconnect- and perceived arrogance – ) and that Luke’s family has a humble regard for love/mates.

      I am not saying Luke is a perfect dude. But I have often enough been impressed by his endurance with the hater slams, and touched by the depth of his wish to be loved by Hannah.

      I can relate to Jed feeling frustration. It was alot to endure the waiting game. I *get* it – it’s normal/human/average – yet not very exceptional .
      Hannah is a unique bird. Not sure she is up for a lifetime committment yet but her ability to honestly expose herself, to ehe world basically is extraordinary. Vulnerable and powerful.
      I see an exceptional desire for love and honor in Luke. There I think they match – two unforgettable, not easy to figure out, people.

      1. I totally agree, Luke is misunderstood. I think his belief in God and morals may be throwing people off. I don’t think he’s the monster that ABC is portraying him to be.

        1. Beautifully said, Jen.

          In the end it may be Luke’s goodness that the house cannot stand.

          His morals, plus the deceit around Tequila Luke, drew the gangs ire. Almost like how dare he t r y and be better than Us, or his own faults.

          Potent stuff. Presses a l o t of buttons.

          1. Totally agree Missus. “Luke’s goodness that the house cannot stand.” I so agree with that comment. I get he’s made some mistakes. The way the guys treat him though is gross.

            It almost seems people shame him because of his religion and morals.

    2. At the rose ceremony WheN Hannah left for a bit Jed’s voice was saying that he Felt HanNah put him in the same category as Luke. I thInk mOst people would have said to her.. “I’ll make thIngs easier for you”. Then They’d leave. If One feels they’re being lumped in with Someone who is nothing but trouble & canT be trusted;lies constantly; & is controlling the for sure I’d leave. Also HannAh Needs to stop crawlIng inTo the guYs’ groin everytime she kisses them.
      Normally i rather enjoy the bachelorette/bachelor shows but This one seems rather Sl*tty To me.

  11. Am I the only one who felt like Luke’s whole first portion of the date felt really contrived? It seemed like his testimony was just an almost word for word repeat of what he said to Hannah last week. It was as if he went, “well, this worked to keep me around last week, so I’ll try it again since I don’t have any of the other guys to villianize this week.” Also, I felt like Jed’s family was so awkward and uncomfortable because they know why Jed initially went on the show, and know about the girlfriend he left behind. Seeing him talk to his mother was almost painful!

    I love Peter, and think he would be an amazing bachelor, and I feel like Hannah and Tyler could be a good fit if they take it slow after all this.

    1. I agree with you 💯 about Luke’s hometown! It was completely contrived. I think he’s the type of guy who would expect her to be subservient.

      1. Luke’s mom didn’t come off as subservient to me.
        Nor did his dad or brother look like psychopaths or scumbags.

        One of them may have been 5’8″ though…hard to tell – tv screens are so small, compared to real life.

    2. Yes!!! This is exactly what I said. I think his mom seemed so standoffish becuase of the ex/current girlfriend and his ulterior motives for going on the show

    3. I agree completely, that the first part of Luke’s date seemed contrived. That was my first thought, as well. The Luke we saw each week and the Luke portrayed in Hometown don’t match. Yes, I understand that editing plays a big part in formulating our perceptions, but the evidence is there of him lying and manipulating. That doesn’t jive with his Christian group. I totally understand his mama’s love though.

      Jed’s mom and sister were quite rude (especially the sister). For a minute there I thought the sister was just going to stare her down! I felt bad for Jed though to see that Hannah couldn’t chose between him and Luke. She had no trouble picking the 1st 2. I get that they were all frustrated with that whole thing and the caustic feelings Luke had generated made them say things they shouldn’t. Was a pretty intense few minutes.

      I don’t have any faith that whoever she picks will last. That’s too bad. Somehow though, I don’t feel like Hannah herself is really ready to settle down with one guy. I think this show will have opened so many new doors for her that she will want time to explore those avenues.

      Can’t wait to find out who was in the windmill with her…I think maybe Jed. ???

      1. *…feelings Luke generated made them say things they shouldn’t *

        Blaming anyone- beside the speaker – for calling someone a scumbag is wrong.

        No one made Jed read a script and Luke didn’t taunt him at the RC.

        Calling out abusive namecalling is important to me because it’s ABUSE, Barbara. Jed is allowed to feel shitty and make mistakes, but please don’t justify or normalize it by blaming Luke.

        More than criticizing you personally, what I am Absolutely Opposing is degrading namecalling, size-shaming and verbal abuse .

        Say how you feel. Just don’t slur others doing it. It can be done – and Has Been done by imperfect Luke- of all people.

      2. Tyler posted something on his instagram story yesterday about windmills. something along the lines of “talking windmills with nick” or something like that. I just tried pulling it back up and it’s gone.

  12. Tyler’s dad had me crying! I thought it was cute he called her “Hannah B.” In hindsight I bet she wishes she didn’t give out a final rose that night.

    P.S. love you and your blog!!

  13. No offense, but I feel like the writing of this blog, particularly about Jed, is ignorant. By this point everyone who watches the show knows that Jed came on the show with a girlfriend. And while dating that last girlfriend, he actually cheated on her with another girl. Considering Ali follows enews and they have done several posts on this (including a couple posts today) I would think this would be discussed in this piece. I understand we can’t hear Jed’s side of the story yet, but the “evidence” against him is pretty damning and I find it ridiculous that we should feel bad for him that his feeling are hurt because he got put in the same category as Luke. Jed is trying to put himself so far above Luke, but was Luke the one coming on the show with a girlfriend? No.

    1. I completely agree with you! I cant believe Ali didnt even mention anything about Jed’s girlfriend, or how awkward his hometown was. It is so obvious that they were all shocked to see him home with her when he has another girlfriend waiting for him to come home to her, that they have all met and spent holidays with and liked. And why should we feel sorry for Jed at all at this point? He is worse than Luke in my opinion, like you said, at least Luke is SINGLE and trying to be with Hannah, yeah he is not the greatest person but it is laughable that Jed, of all the guys, is talking the most smack about Luke this week considering everything we know about him. Luke should be offended to be lumped in with Jed, not the other way around. I was hoping to come on here and see more posts about the Jed situation this week seeing as how his hometown was the worst. Of course he isnt ready to be engaged, of course it is all about his music, of course the family is really shocked to see him and Hannah together. Thank you for commenting on what we really all wanted to be talking about, how much of a scumball Jed is.

      1. Hannah’s conversations with Jed’s mother and sister were the most leery I have ever seen on the show.

        It was impossible not to feel the deep misgivings they have. If I was 24 it would make me want him more – because even now, over 40, I get snared by things I can’t have. It would also make me want to run – bc marrriage is hard enough without blood relative naysayers.

      2. Luke held himself so beautifully at the Rose Ceremony – he was G r a t e f u l to get the rose.

        Jed’s anger was really about Hannah. Calling Luke a scumbag was a a sloppy easy cheap shot.

        He is right- Luke is in a different category than Jed. Luke is an admittedly flawed gentlemen struggling with himself -and the gang of men .
        Jed is an frustrated artist pissed he almost lost out because he has feelings for Hannah, she lacks certainty, and he put his image on the line.

        Hopefully Jed learns from his misplaced and degrading scumbag speech.

      3. Yes exactly I just hope she finds out about jeds girlfriend at the end of this if she picks jed that is and if that happens I hope she go to tyler cause I really want her to pick tyler!

      4. I don’t agree I feel Jed is getting a bad rap. He’s 25 years old how do expect his mom to react, it;s not exactly a natural way to meet someone. also they all have baggage. I bet his parents never met his girlfriend ( not many guy’s bring a girl home right away). And if he was her boyfriend you don’t let him go on the bachelorette. Also if he really had loved her he wouldn’t have gone. And it’s not like she’s being all holier than though. She’s all over the guy’s more so than any other bachelorette. She has the most chemistry with Tyler but is the oldest guy there and you can tell.

        1. It could be that the Jed *gf* is not 100 percent honest. Looking at how Music First his family was, they may have been like that toward gf as well…meaning she is blowing things up for revenge.
          Also, why not contact the show and expose him there? Surely ABC would have flown her to Crete to drop a cheat bomb?

          The biggest validity to her claim is Jed’s silence…and the mother/daughter Get Lost fest – so I don’t know. But it feels pretty yucky on the Jed front, amd I qish we would hear from him.

        2. All I can say Paula is that you’ll see once everything is aired how very wrong Jed is, and that his behavior is indefensible. He has been maybe one of the most deceitful men I’ve ever seen on this show. If you knew what he has done, you would see how self righteous he is acting especially when having the gaul to call Luke P a “scumbag”.

    2. 🙌🏻 Agreed. Luke actually wants to be with Hannah unlike Jed who just wants fame. That’s besides him having a girlfriend. 🤦🏼‍♀️

      1. Luke’s focus- on Hannah – has been above and beyond anyone else’s there.

        Not a single behind-the-scenes slur against Any of the men.

  14. I totally respect your viewpoint (being that you actually were on the show) but I am having trouble feeling any positive things about Jed after knowing what we know about him.

    I literally don’t feel bad for Jed at all. He went on the show with a girlfriend and continues to show he does not have good intentions by always bringing his music into it.

    1. I am lost how anyone would give him money for a song after the whole Scumbag Speech .

      I mean, he wasn’t upset he might have lost Her, but that he felt bested by Him.

      Not worth much in the love department.

    2. It appears Hannah endorses his aspirations and encourages the performances, so it isn’t All Jed. But. ye-ouch, I would think both of them are displeased by how badly it’s going over.

      Why is he waiting to defend himself? Hmm.

  15. I totally thought Peter was going home this week too. His family is adorable and I think he’s such a sweet genuine guy. Mike is still my pick for the next Bachelor but I wouldn’t mind if it was Peter.

    I totally agree with you on Tyler C. too, they just seem like they fit together. Maybe it’s because he’s closer to her age. I loved seeing him with his dad & I absolutely loved what his brothers said about him. I think he’s such a class act.

    I found myself rolling my eyes throughout Luke P.’s hometown date. I’ve known “Christians” just like him. They’re one way at Church & completely different outside of it. They use the Bible to shirk responsibly for their own behavior & shame others. I’ve already seen Luke do that to Hannah multiple times. Based on the previews it sounds like it’s going to happen again. His testimony during the Bible study was the same thing he told Hannah last week. As for his family, they just confirmed my prediction that he’s their “golden boy” who can do no wrong. I really wonder what his family & congregation think of him after watching this season.

    Nashville is music city so I wasn’t surprised by the songwriting date. I think Jed is genuinely in love with her. I think his family’s reservations are valid. This process is unusual so I think it’s refreshing when we see someone’s family question the bachelorette’s intentions as well as the process.

    I would not have blamed Jed if he had declined the rose. His frustrations are completely valid is to why he’s on the same level as Luke. I’m guessing it wasn’t necessarily a toss up between him & Luke. It just seemed that way since Jed’s hometown didn’t go as well as the others,

    I’m looking forward to next week & Luke finally going home. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of him. I think Hannah is a good person who probably wasn’t fully prepared for this experience. I think she has some growing up to do. Whatever happens I hope that she finds love & happiness.

    1. I would have been impresses if any of them said I’m leaving.

      Hannah saying this was the one tine she didn’t have clarity of choice won me back…but it stinks for the guys – Alot.

      All her questioning about Readiness to the families made me think it was actually herself she was unsure of.

    2. I totally disagree. I don’t think Luke should be “religionshamed.” He has good intentions towards Hannah unlike Jed who has a girlfriend.

      1. I find Luke’s willingness to admit fault l i g h t y e a r s ahead of the rest of the guys.
        Connor, Peter hold your head high. too – but the other top guy s: mediocre shit-talkers – Mike gaming for Bachelor, Jed gaming for radioplay.

        1. Totally agree missus. I just think Emily religionshaming in the original post is gross.

          Adding to insult, they all leave Luke standing there alone at the rose ceremony to talk more shit about him. These men are all immature and sad.

          1. i startes the seasin thjnkjng w o w reakky great cast…NOW. there jas been so mjch crap, ONly Peter has been abke tk stay a gentleman ay all times – AND Connor.
            i beleive in Luke. but its been HARD TIMES with him – understandable that he finally got demonstrative TOWArd garrett – but it WASN’T great, even if garrett ESSENTIALLY asked for it.

  16. Agree whole heartedly with your comments! I too couldn’t imagine with 2.5 weeks left not being able to narrow it down to 3 guys.

    I know all the spoilers but here is my wish: Peter – next bachelor: Jed – goes away to never never land; Luke – BIP to create more drama (even though I wont enjoy it); Tyler – him and Hannah end up together! ❤️

    Thanks for being Awesome Ali!!!!

    1. I whole heartedly agree with you and how you see these guys at the end. Peter is my favourite… but not for Hannah. Let’s see him as the next bachelor! It will probably be my favourite season yet!! And Jed is phoney to me.

    1. Agreed! I don’t think Jed has the vocal talent to make it in the music industry. Maybe as a songwriter, but I haven’t been much impressed by that either.

      1. I Never liked Jed, there was FRom the beginnIng SomeThing aNnoying and fake about him. SoRRy, but he cant sing and he is not that hot either. Not tO mention clearly he came On the Show for his muSic. I dont understand ali glorifying him In every post.

  17. I think she wants to love Peter! She just doesn’t. She just seemed to be a bit uncomfortable around him, but I totally hope he is the bachelor! The fact that she is saying “I’m there with Luke” really makes me believe we have not seen a lot of him. I do NOT care for him, yet there is something there we aren’t seeing. I feel like the show has only showed his negative side, and that’s not fair. But that’s tv I guess.

    1. Is it acceptable though?

      ABC has gone beyond with shading the truth on this season.
      The whole Nude but Not Really Nude date…the missing footage of Luke …

      What if everyone who was over the dishonesty let Halo Top know we’ll won’t buy their product because they suppory Shame TV?

  18. Love your blog as always! I just had to comment on one thing…Am I the only one thinking Jed’s sister looked EXACTLY like Lacy Faddoul?!?! I can’t get over it-like twins. Anyway, keep blogging, love it from another momma trying to keep it all together 🙂

  19. I think the dates with Tyler and Peter both seemed very natural, very relaxed, and she seemed to be very welcomed by their families. The date with Jed was awful! Even if music is his life, surely he had something else he could’ve shown her for the day, or at least part of it. She knows he plays music, is there anything more to him? And the way his family didn’t welcome her was a horrible put off. Even if they are skeptical for all of the obvious reasons, they still could be friendly and welcome her as a guest in their home! I am all for people following their dreams and pursuing them, but not at the expense of someone else’s heart, and if his talent wasn’t enough to propel him before the show..

    Luke is a whole other topic because I’m more confused than ever after tonight. He’s been an absolute monster this entire season, but I can’t even imagine the worst villain in history making up stories about faith and taking someone to Sunday school for part of their date-?? It seems so bizarre. He looked very comfortable amongst everyone during Sunday school. If that was all a lie then that kid needs to win some Oscars! Nothing excuses his behavior this season, but if he was truly as lost as he says he was in the past, then maybe he really is struggling with finding himself and adapting to what kind of person he really wants to be. Surely that many people on there couldn’t be fooled by him. If they are, then I am shocked 😂 I am glad that all signs lead to his exit next week, and I just wonder if it’s him that shows back up to propose later in the finale. Either way, once she sends him home, I hope she’s over it for good. And, I’m sure we will see him on BIP 🙄

    1. We have had many seasons now and there is always someone that doesn’t get along with someone else. But I’m beginning to think that beyond editing, Luke was a bit ganged up on. He made himself a target by declaring week 1 that he was falling in love. It’s also been obvious that he and Hannah have a connection. This doesn’t mean I think he is the one for her or that he is totally innocent. But I do think he and all the guys have made it a contest more than a journey for love.

      1. It’s been so tense.

        The look of glee on Hannah’s face when Luke declared his feelings must’ve been unbearable for the others. I see LP is a competitive person, too, but I don’t think Hannah is a game for him. I think he was trying to Be Bold, as HB requested, and fearless, inspired by a religious ideal.

        Luke’s runway pose came up alot with the guys – all the way to the Bungee Jump when Tyler asked LP. how the nude jump was any different than Luke * parading around in a Speedo *.

        The resentment and fear around Luke was very strong – before he actually screwed up and gave them the Tequila lie. That and his naive way of offering himself to her in front of others has made this the harshest season I can recall.

        Thanks for posting.

  20. I really like Peter but I still don’t really seem to see him for Bachelor. I do really love his parents though, you can just tell how much they love him!
    I adore Tyler! He lives in my hometown and he is just the sweetest guy.
    I think Luke’s date this week really confused her. She’s had so many red flags and then such a positive hometown.
    On the flip side, she’s had so much good with Jed and now his family isn’t on board. Jed’s hometown was difficult for me to watch. Anyone else feel like his family was told to be negative? I just feel like it would fit the narrative of going on the show with the purpose of promoting his music. Get to the top but then put so much doubt in Hannah’s head that she doesn’t pick him. Just my opinion.
    So glad you were able to do the blog tonight still; I wasn’t expecting it. Glad you got positive news for now, praying it stays that way!

  21. I loved Tyler’s hometown. He really opened up and showed her so much of where he’s from and what got him to where he is today. I feel like the two of them click. They seem so comfortable around each other. When they went on the date (I think in Rhode Island) and she was so sad and upset, he was what turned that day around for her and made her smile. I think they bring out the best in each other.

    As for the extra rose…I feel like it took a while for there to be any depth to the relationships this season because of all the drama. Granted we don’t see all the conversations, but so much negativity has revolved around Luke, it seemed as if Hannah would shut down when things would get rocky and I think that had an impact on her not being confident enough to send one guy home tonight.

    1. I think that too, about her pre- empting cocktail parties limiting her knowledge.

      But then I think how we haven’t been shown her deciding not to have them – and that she has had certainty and saw it as a waste of everyone’s time.

      I believed her when she explained her choice, but it seemed weird how Chris H responded to her…I think she went in believing she qlhld awnd Jed home, but ultimately couldn’t do it.

      Sadly, he didn’t feel rescued or rewarded. That seems a bad sign.

  22. Tyler all the way, he is really the only stand out option here. The way his dad kept calling her “Miss Hannah B” was so incredibly sweet. I just want to hug his daddy.
    Jed – I think he early on played his cards right. He “admitted her came in for his career” but then realized he was ibto hannah and there for her. So they layed low about his music for a few weeks, then BAM it’s been all about his music but in this underhanded way. – he definitely is there for his career and not for Hannah. I am sure his mom and sister know that and are mad he let it get this far.
    Peter for Bachelor!!!!! He is adorable, and would be amazing. But he is not Hannah’s person! I could totally see him with blond Hannah G though!
    Luke P needs to be with Demi – I am sure we will end up seeing him in Paradise!

    1. Y e s.
      Mama and Sister Jed seemed p i s s e d – and resigned to this failing.
      The toast abt voicing honest things – from Jed’s mother – even if its hard because it leads to good things : wow ! that felt like the heaviest toast e v e r.

      Jed just seemed like Damn I’m totally f*cked. HB doesn’t really want me..Mom threw me under the bus…my songs are up in the air..

      At this point it’s like I dig your dream Jed, you have talent and look like Adam Levine, but if I want Adam Levine I can have Him..why should I choose y o u ?

      And Hannah..well she can date a real life pop star…and down the road marry a nice country singer.

  23. If the rumor about Jed having a gf is true, I’m wondering if he had his family say those things on purpose so that Hannah doesn’t give him a rose and he has a way out.. can’t help but think that.

    1. It seems bad that Jed hasn’t offered a n y statement. Weeks now we all are thinking the same bad things.
      Of he had some defense cocouldn’t he say I look forward to filling everyone in after the show is complete?

      I mean Tyler made that defense of Hannah statement after the Nude Jump Hatefest (which definately made me think theu arw together)

      Where is Jed??

  24. I’ve loved Peter from the get go. It surprised me to hear her say he wasn’t one of her initial looks, because I thought they had one of the best first impressions. I think he’s just not the kind of guy she’s typically gone for. But she said it herself, it’s the kind of guy she used to dream about! I LOVED seeing him fly and his family. Ugh, so genuine!!
    Tyler and her are so cute! I always kinda had that player vibe but enjoyed seeing their connection. I think Hannah seemed to enjoy the FL lifestyle for sure. His family was also very special. It seemed like Hannah truly had a care for Tyler’s dad.
    Luke, oh Luke. Can we move on? We knew he was getting a rose… I just don’t even know what to say. Do we even know him? Idk…
    Jed… now I have NO clue the production side of things on family and editing…. but to me, knowing what has come about now with Jed…to me his family was straight confirmation of that! I know we still haven’t heard his side. But to me his family just couldn’t get on board knowing what they know. Aka… he went on for music and left his girl to go promote that. It seemed like every single member of his family had that on their mind. Idk where their fantasy suite date is going to turn out. But this could be a turn of events in their relationship?!
    My thinking is Jed ACTUALLY did surprise himself and fall in love with Hannah (and I’m thinking he actually has stronger feelings for Hannah than the girl before the show and his whole date was basically convincing his family that his feelings are legit and they’re having a hard time believing him).
    We’ll see how these fantasy suites go next week!

    1. Jed was so pissy though after the RC.
      It doesn’t sit right.
      Like..are his feelings there. but has his ambition stoked it..and its really a bad mix of the two – amd not a true love?
      IDK. I think he seems likeable…but fame may be a heavy drug.

  25. I enjoyed tonight’s episode. It was a nice change to watch an episode that wasn’t the Luke drama show. I am so team Peter! I think he is such a sweet, nice, genuine guy. His family seems like they are just the sweetest people. When you get married, you take on a whole new family, and there is a lot to be said about a family that is warm and welcoming. I would love to see Peter as the next Bachelor 🙂 Tyler’s hometown was another great one. No doubt, there is a chemistry between Tyler and Hannah. Again, like Peter’s family, Tyler’s family was just as welcoming. Listening to the stories tonight about how Tyler stepped up to help his family, gave me a whole new respect for him. The relationship between Tyler and his Dad was heart warming to watch. Luke’s hometown did not interest me as much. I’m not sure if it is that I am so burned out watching Luke at this point, or if there just didn’t seem to be an excited family vibe to me, but the whole thing left me feeling underwhelmed (is that a word, lol) To be fair, I’m not sure what Luke could have done differently on his date to make me interested at this point. Jed’s hometown was the date that actually seemed awkward to me. I’ve gotten so used to Luke creating the uncomfortable situations, that I was left feeling bad for Hannah when it came to Jed’s hometown. Jed’s family had such stoic looks, and shared there concerns to Hannah with this relationship, that it had to be disappointing for Hannah to hear. She has already said that she loves Jed, and to meet what could be your future in-laws and feel so uncomfortable had to be hard. I read all the gossip and articles about Jed’s past, and as much as I hope these are untrue, I am with holding my thoughts for now. There are always two sides to a story, and Jed has been unable to share his side. If in fact Jed or anybody for that matter did come on the show with a girlfriend at home, then I feel so bad for the bachelorette being used and deceived for personal gain. I do feel bad for all four guys having to watch Hannah unable to decide tonight. How are any of them supposed to feel confident enough to propose in a couple weeks if Hannah is still so unclear herself. One last note, thank you so much Ali for your thoughts and blog each week.

  26. Do you think that maybe Jed’s family was more skeptical because 1) they know he went on the show to further his career and 2) because they knew he had a girlfriend when he left? I don’t know. He and Tyler were my top two since the 1st of the show but ever since we heard Jed had a girlfriend, I am so jaded and skeptical of his dates.

    As for Luke… God bless his family. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when they see how he acted. And maybe it’s just me, but I really feel like he is using his “religion” to manipulate Hannah a lot. He knows that she is a Christian and that it important to her. The whole “small group” thing seemed like it was all for show to me.

    1. That was impressive if it was *just* for show.
      How many people could you get into a hall – to be filmed on broadcast t.v. – just to cover up and lie for you?

      Seems the ones we have to stop lying to may be ourselves.

      I’m sure Jed’s family was delighted he called someone a scumbag and bitched about getting a rose. Sure as Tyler’s family must be proud he tried to body shame Luke last week. Just like Garrett’s, Mike’s, and Luke S family must have loved seeing them sneer,tattle, and name call the contestant who – omg – lied, and – get this – admitted it on national t.v.

      Only Connor and Peter amoung the core contenders have a clean record in how they treat others.

      I imagine Luke’s family IS displeased by his lying. but I also would think they are chilled by the verbal abuse and name calling on and off the show – and Super Proud of his effort and ability to stand and speak as a gentleman – especially as an outsider residing with the gang of guys.

        1. Me too!! I felt they were bullying him all the way and that he reacted to it. Wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. He had no support all these weeks, and it all started when Hannah showed interest in him, and he professed his feelings to her in front of others. Still he didn’t deserve all the bullying..

  27. Ali, I’m giggling because you say you always mess up common expressions and sayings, and you wrote “jumping at the bit” hehe the correct term is “chomping at the bit”!

  28. Peter and Tyler will down in Bachelorette history as two of the best, regardless if they win or become the next Bachelor. They are wise, responsible, supportive, funny and humble. Genuinely good men.

    Sadly, I can’t say the same for Luke or Jed. One has been brazen, manipulative, controlling and dishonest. The other has used the platform (admittedly) for self-promotion and continued to do so at every opportunity despite saying his motives changed to Hannah. I understand her confusion at that rose ceremony. Luke’s date was a full-on PR event from a room full of friends testifying how “great” he is. Then the family backs it up. All a direct contradiction to her own concerns and observations and those of others over the past 6 weeks. Reason for concern, to question which Luke is the real Luke. As for Jed, the family had a collective of concern and pessimism and a less than enthusiastic welcoming of her potentially into the family. What had she missed about Jed that caused that reaction among his family? I can see where her conflict came from.

    Did her indecision hurt Jed? Perhaps. But she is in the driver’s seat. She has been painstakingly concerned about careful decision-making and agonized over hurting others. The bottom line is that everyone goes home, except the last man. They all know that. It appears to me that Luke and perhaps Jed have forgotten. She was solid on Tyler and Peter. Luke and Jed were a concern.

    It may seem odd that she does not have more clarity at this juncture, however, I am reminded that she lost a significant amount of time with these men. By my count 3 cancelled cocktail parties and multiple after parties or cocktail parties where all focus shifted to Luke-centered drama. Perhaps in the early weeks there are so many guys you don’t lose that much time per guy. However, by the time she is down to European travel and parties are cancelled or high-jacked, the precious time was not there for the remaining men. Perhaps had those conversations occurred, she would have had more clarity.

    I have great respect and admiration for how she has handled herself and her men during and following her season. Is it next Monday, yet?

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the lost time with the men. She does seem ‘behind’ by normal Bachelorette standards so I think keeping all four will allow for the clarity she needs.

      Based on last weeks spoilers, I wonder if Luke won’t make it to the famtasy suite so maybe it will only be only three. I didn’t watch the spoilers this week because I want to be surprised by things.

      It is certainly interesting watching Hannah’s season with four men remaining compared to Colton who jumped fences, sent everyone home early, enjoyed quiet time with Cassie and left without an engagement!

  29. Tyler is appealing, but wise supportive people don’t belittle others.
    Peter and Connor have been the gentlemen in these final rounds – Tyler fell short.

    As for which Luke is real – let’s give ABC some credit for villian edits – clearly very important content, to Hannah, has been kept out of our view. I see the good and the flaws in Luke – and I believe he is a decent, but misunderstood, person. Where you see brazen manipulation I see a wounded person fighting to win love.

    It’s almost next Monday already – tempus fugit – how is Hannah B, gonna be ready to be a bride by seasons end?

  30. At the end of this I see it being Tyler and Peter. Tyler being the final choice. I think Peter would be a wonderful fit for the next bachelor.

    For the rose ceremony- this is what I think happened. Although we all knew Luke was sticking around, I think she probably had a gut instinct that he would be the one going home. Then she had the date and interacted with his family which caused her to rethink her feelings of him and how everything played out to this point. As for Jed, I think she thought they had it in the bag and he would be one of the last 2 standing and his family made her question everything. If there was a cocktail party or if her and Jed had extra time before the rose ceremony for herself to gain clarity- I don’t think the rose ceremony would have gone the way it did. That extra rose was needed for her to get the answers she needed. I am disappointed in Jeds reaction, yet I completely understand because it’s not like she expressed to him during the good-bye at home town date that the evening took her by surprise and tries to gain clarity then.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  31. I, like everyone else, love Peter and Tyler and hope that they go on to find love in their lives after the show because I think they both have been genuine and sweet this whole journey, which let’s face it has GOT to bring out the worst in people, which I guess is part of the process.

    I don’t know if all the buzz about a girlfriend is true concerning Jed, but regardless, he seems to have an agenda that doesn’t really include Hannah or falling in love. I still think he’s there solely for his career – sure I think he developed feelings for Hannah – she’s a gorgeous, fun, funny woman, but deep down he’s ready for the show to be over so he can become Insta-famous and take a stab at making it big in Nashville.

    Luke I’m sure got a raw deal in editing but still… some of the things he’s said and his facial expressions and repressed anger really make me nervous. Like he’s stalker material after the show is over. I am kind of reserving judgement until next week when apparently he melts down and Hannah finally sees the light so to speak.

    At the end of the day, and I’ve said this since even before the season started – after Chris was at Hannah’s parents – I kind of half believe that Chris will get the final rose from Hannah. As this season has progressed, I’m even more firm in that belief. Has anyone else noticed an unprecedented amount of footage and air time of Hannah and Chris? I don’t recall any other season of Bachelorette focusing so much on any kind of relationship between the Bachelorette and Chris. There was so much chemistry between them when they were at her parents, riding in the car, etc. and I honestly don’t see ANY of the final four as viable choices for her in the end. Much as I love Peter and Tyler, I just don’t see her IN love with them. Their relationships seem more physical than anything…. I guess time will tell.

    BTW I love your weekly recaps Ali!

    1. Chris is very happily dating Lauren Zima, she’s an ET reporter. I think the last few seasons have really shown Chris almost being a mentor through each lead’s journey. They have no communication with anyone else, so I would imagine you become close with Chris and the rest of the production staff

      1. GTK abt CH and his ET gf.

        I’ve seen tbe Chris/Lead convos greatly diminish over the last five or six years – and I prefer having screen time with him. (ike we have this season.

    2. Yes – I don’t actually see her with any of them, ultimately.
      I do see that she and Luke are very engaged, but I think she is more global – and wants the world – and he is more secular and wants His world.
      She doesn’t fit in any of the guys lives. Too big.

      I also l o v e d the ice cream chemistry between HB and CH.
      But last night Chris seemed a little over Hannah belle. And she seems to have a bit of daddy’s girl about her.

    3. Yes tp Lisa- I don’t actually see her with any of them, ultimately.
      I do see that she and Luke are very engaged, but I think she is more global – and wants the world – and he is more secular and wants His world.
      She doesn’t fit in any of the guys lives. Too big.

      I also l o v e d the ice cream chemistry between HB and CH.
      But last night Chris seemed a little over Hannah belle. And she seems to have a bit of daddy’s girl about her.

  32. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Love Peter, and agree that he would be a great Bachelor. Tyler is genuine and if she doesn’t pick him, she’s crazy. Jed, he’s in it for the fame in my opinion. And his family, geez, if looks could kill. And Luke, I think it’s unfortunate that the show has made him out to be so awful. I’ll pray for his recovery from all the hate after the show. Sadly, it will go on for awhile. I think he’s more genuine than he’s portrayed but he’s immature and not ready for marriage in my opinion. And Hannah, I cant figure her out. She just doesn’t seem genuine- is that harsh? I just think she’s messing with all of them and I will be surprised if she ends up with anyone – I think that little preview clip of her reaction to whomever questioned her about her sexual activity showed us a different side of her – she’s pretty sassy and planted in her ways. Idk. I’m just not buying the sugary sweet, red nose, girl next door act. Sorry. Looking forward to next week! I think we will see Peter and Luke go home. It’s pretty obvious to most that they are the ones who will be leaving. Always love a good Bachelorette episode! Thanks for sharing Ali!! Love your Insta videos!

    1. If looks could kill For Sure, Kim!
      It wasn’t just good-natured suspicion it was spare me this crap, and let’s get through this dinner.

      Re: Hannah flipping the bird. Thanks for bringing up the Beast in previews. I give credit to Luke for asking about something of real importance to him. It takes guts to question the one who holds the roses. And I have wondered about Hannah’s f-off vibe. It reads more as
      * what ever * – and not I just lost a man I hoped to marry.

      It looked like bad sportsmanship – like this has become a tired game for her.

      Since the Fake Nude edit – and Hannahs l a c k of criticising ABC – I believe Hannah’s main goal is careerism. She has not slammed production for their dark ways. Certainly she was preparing for fame as lead , but I think she started with Love as a goal, too. After she saw production ambush her by having a castmate walk in on her making out with half dressed Luke P – I think she started to play the game – Primarily For Hannah B.

      At this point it’s more telling what she d o e s n ‘ t say. Truly honeat Hannah has left our screens.

  33. I love your post. I agree about Luke I think we learned a lot about the real Luke during his hometown- but their relationship is solely based on who he was pretending to be up until this point. It worries me that she couldn’t narrow it down to 3- i was hoping Jed would pull her aside then and let her know how that made him feel, he has every right to be upset at the rose ceremony!

  34. I have to completely disagree about Luke’s hometown. I am religious, my husband and I go to church every Sunday with our 1 year old son, but his date seemed very forced and fake. Just brought Hannah there to hear a bunch of good things about himself. I feel like he knows religion is important to Hannah so he chose to do that because he thought he would look good to her. It just didn’t seem as genuine as Tyler’s and Peters dates.

    Now as a mother of a young son as well, I understand you having a soft spot watching him with his parents. However, that doesn’t excuse him of the way he acted all season. No one wants their child to become “the bad guy” on a tv show watched by the entire world, but I would be very disappointed in my son watching the episodes back, if he acted the way Luke did. You just have to hope he learned from this and matures in his future!

    1. Completely disagree. I’m religious and go to church too. What’s wrong with Luke showing that side of him? I didn’t think it was fake at all. How could he convince a group of people to say good things about him? He’s talked about his religion all season…

      I think the problem is he’s a God fearing, moralistic, man. Something we aren’t used to seeing on this show. He’s done some shady things, but he who is without sin, cast the first stone. At least he’s owned his mistakes. Jed took a cheap shot at the rose ceremony towards Luke. He’s the last person to say anything if he did in fact have a girlfriend while coming on the show.

    2. I thought the Bible study group was gratuitous too, and that Luke is a total hypocrite. Good Christian men don’t lie, manipulate & gas light, and they don’t strip down for a massage during a cocktail party~just sayin..

  35. Jed used to be a stripper in Nashville. I don’t like the guy AT all. I really wanted her to pick Peter but I think Tyler is a better fit. Peter for next bachelor!!

    1. Jed seems truly discontented with his life. Good om him for being candid with Hannah ant his career angle, and good on him for pursuing a big dream. But the depth of his unhappiness suggests something needs changing in what/ how he pursues his wishes.

    1. Dreamboat movie star looks.
      Dean, Montogomeru Clift, early Gregory Peck, early cowboy Dennis Hopper. It’s all there for me when I gaze his way.

  36. First, Jed’s family seemed so against this whole process. I found his mom hard to watch. My guess is Tyler, and he has an awesome family. When you marry, you have to be accepting of the family — at least it helps! Luke is a skag; why would they pray over him with him being so conniving, evil and just not liked by anyone on the show? That says something. And again, Hannah has to jump in the back seat and straddle one of the contestants — I was so shocked I couldn’t remember who it was! She’s too ‘experienced’ for Peter; I think Jed is too young and into his career. He can’t focus on a new wife and his career at that age. And finally, why is Hannah’s nose always dark pink or red????

    1. It’s alcohol.

      I flush from it often. Celtic blood. I suspect. I never drank much, but after 40 I had to limit myself to 3 sips – on rare occasion only.
      If I didn’t the redness was allover my face and would cause painful swelling.

      I also worked with a fair-skinned woman who would get the red nose from wine – and it would stay for a day. She drank a fair amount.

  37. Tyler and Hannah just seem like they fit. Peter is awesome but I’m not sure she is his person. Don’t see long term with Jed and I am beyond ready to not see Luke on my TV screen.

  38. I really hope she picks tyler at the end of this and for jed I just think he got on the show for his music and he had a girlfriend when he came on the show I just don’t think that right! And Peter is a sweetheart but don’t think she will choose him but who knows and I’m not a fan of luke at all!

  39. To this old crow…. the families

    Peter’s – Solid, emotionally available and healthy, realistic, loving – A reflection of Peter’s warmth and maturity – My fav

    Tyler – Kind, fun, loving, sentimental and open, bit of the ‘guy’ crowd mentality but good to the core – A reflection of Tyler’s realness

    Luke – All I have to say is that if Luke needs all of this reassurance and validation to remain high in character and integrity, that it doesn’t run that deep or in grained into his psyche. It’s easy to be something when you have influence around you its clear he changes when he is around other circumstances. Not solid and I see signs of territorial, aggressiveness, the ill side of ‘christianity” that can be forgiven away but damages along the way.

    Jed – hostile, defensive, not so welcoming… Are they reflecting Jed’s intent and caught up in the truth of his intent? Did they not understand the show – hello? Do they have something invested more than is shown? Was going on to get exposure something they supported too and now they are throwing roadblocks? Are they supporting Jed or his old girlfriends or his possible fame and success over Hannah. Music industry is hard…. you need your person beside your family…. doesn’t feel good that she has to mold herself to their standards, or gameplan. She didnt deserve this negativity.

    1. It’s funny abt Jed. Like what was his Actual Plan? Oh. I’ll be on for a few weeks, get to sing, then she’ll eliminate me and no harm done?
      Was it really hard to figure out Hey Jed, you are going to have lie to her about being interested if you want a one-on-one song set?
      How was t h a t part ok? Like, ever, as a plan?

      There is real self-loathing around Jed. I suspect his family thinks he is deceiving himself by getting in deep with Hannah. Like who could have imagined he’d go this far, actually become famous – and all for muddy reasons. Maybe he can survive it- he does care for her, and he is allowed his ambitions in life- but it looks pretty awful right now.

      Jed never came clean to Hannah abt the girl back home because he feared she would send him packing – amd then what, he loses the music edge And the girl he likes. I agree, Diane, Hannah was ambushed by Jed’s disgruntled family. She had no way of knowing what they were really disappointed in. I give them credit for being serious with her about his unavailability.

    2. Diane, I really like what you shared in this post and I think another one early this morning, @12:08 AM.
      I think Tyler has the maturity and stability to be a wonderful partner and he clearly adores Hannah. He is confident, thoughtful, compassionate and sweet AND he’s also playful, adventurous, funny and smart. He is a very accomplished man, too, having graduated from college, earned his MBA, been drafted by a professional football team and established a career as a contractor. I am hoping Hannah chooses to pursue a relationship with Tyler, perhaps taking the route Colton and Cassie have of continuing to date and get to know each other much better before deciding to get engaged.
      Peter is very sweet and it is clear his family is very loving, close and supportive of him. I think he is not enough for Hannah. I think he will be happiest with a quiet, ordered, simple life and Hannah loves spontaneity, adventure, silliness and fun. I think she would become bored with him.
      I completely agree with what you said about Luke, Diane. And what you said about Jed, too.
      None of us diehard Bach and Bach’ette fans are naive to abc’s editing of the show. I’m a bit tired of the comments from followers dissing the majority of the guys making snarky comments to and about Luke P. I have to believe that the guys’ have endured way more of Luke’s immature, deceitful behavior than we have been shown. He is so far from being a born again, righteous choir boy. He finds it very difficult to stay in that lane all of the time, and I think he has the potential for snapping if he doesn’t get his way. He has a lot of maturing to do before he’s ready to commit to a partner.

  40. My thoughts, bon mots
    -I think Jed’s family is so skeptical because he went on the show to advance his career & then he brought home a beauty queen. Jed is their star; how will he share the spotlight with a pageant girl that demands a lot of attention? That Hannah thinks she’s the Bee’s Knees did not help win them over, nor the fact that Jed went into this with a GF.
    -Whilst Luke probably got a bad edit, his family is probably shocked by his ‘performance’ on the show. I think the Bible study group was gratuitous, and that Luke is a hypocrite ~ good Christian men don’t lie, manipulate & gas light, and they don’t strip down for a massage at a cocktail party..
    -I don’t feel a tad bad for Jed or Luke; as you sow, so shall you reap!

  41. I feel like Hannah does not fully connect with any of the guys and is therefore really stuck and afraid to get rid of them. All four had some connection with her and also an awkwardness with her.
    Peter is maybe a little too into her and dorky and that scares her away. Jed and his music frightens her because that will be more important to him than her. Luke and his past issues and his weird come to Jesus moments are awkward. And Tyler and their lack of deep connection and just surface level relationship at the moment isn’t enough to seal the deal.
    I feel like she wants bits and pieces of all four, but not one guy completely.

    1. It does seem like her interest is decreasing instead of deepening with the men.
      Not a good sign for the long-term.

      Maybe Hannah Brown is the one she has to choose above the rest.

  42. Ali, I love reading your blogs and i agree with a lot of your thoughts- I cried during Peter’s hometown multiple times! Ha! I’m glad you changed your mind about him being bachelor- I think the innocent part is what makes him so attractive! This blogpost made me want to know why your experience didn’t work out- is that too intrusive? I’m just thinking this may not work for her… It made me wonder what about it didn’t work for you… again I’m so sorry if that too intrusive.. I just wondered if you had additional insight to help prepare us for this not working out in the end for Hannah!

  43. I love your blogs, Ali! This one is no exception. I always tend to find myself nodding along as I read through it. Also…just had to share that I freaking adore Peter and his family. He’s one of the best guys they’ve ever had on The Bachelorette and whoever ends up with him someday (sadly I don’t feel like Hannah is as into him as he is into her) will be SO crazy blessed! His parents are so stinkin’ sweet too. What a great hometown visit! I would absolutely love to see Peter as The Bachelor!

    1. Also, I hadn’t seen Tyler’s hometown visit yet before I commented. (DirecTV got rid of our ABC channel so I’m having to try to stream it through their app… slow going!) I also believe that Tyler is a stand up, fantastic guy! Total sweetheart, playful, seems very loyal & family oriented… wow. I definitely cried watching him greet and speak with his dad. Having been in a similar spot myself thinking I was going to lose my dad too (to throat cancer)… it’s horrible, I can relate to his reluctance to be far away from him. His dad is strong & a fighter like mine so I hope he will be around for a long time to come and get to see his son get married and have children of his own.

      Peter or Tyler are my top picks. Both wonderful guys so deserving of love – can’t go wrong either way. 🙂

  44. Am I the only one who thinks this episode really really showed Hannah B’s immaturity and indecisiveness and unreadiness for this process? Granted, I’ve not been her biggest fan for the whole season, but still. She has trouble expressing herself, clearly, with the like, like, like constantly in conversation, and honestly I don’t see a strong connection with any of them. At least not at the level of husband material. I know she says religion is important to her, but the behavior she has shown with jumping on the guys, and constantly straddling them doesn’t jive with the ‘religious’ component to me. I hope she finds someone and it works for her, everyone deserves that, but holy cow, I’ll be glad for this season to end. And I hope the producers do a little better with picking next time. Oh, and I agree with the person who said Chris appears to be getting fed up with her. No wonder!

    1. I think something similar – but not exactly immaturity. I think the further she goes the more she is outgrowing herself, the guys, and the show.
      It’s like some crazy growth spurt – the Hannah that walked in is not going to resemble the Hannah that walks out.
      I’d like to see her marry up 6 or 7 years down the road. Let her cycle through Big Career years. date like crazy, and encounter – organically – what she actually wants, t h e n put a ring on it.

      I think she is bigger than the show – I also think all the sandbags from production has exhausted her. That, and her faith that God would be delivering her husband, has worked against her. The bar was set very high, the experiences have been pretty low – and she hasn’t been supported much. She knows producers have been playing her. The experience that comes with age would have helped her there, but I don’t think her failures are due to immaturity, but more youth ( plus the whole * gotcha * set up that is Fleiss and Co.- of course ).

      Thanks for posting JZ

  45. I love Peter. I wrote that already last week here, when a lot of people seem to think he’s immature or young. I totally think and feel the opposite!!! I hope he’s the next Bachelor if he isn’t Hannah’s pick. Or Tyler. These twooooooooo!!!!

    This is one of my favorite Bachelorette seasons ever OMG who would have imagined!!!! And I was gonna boycott! LOL

    1. Hi Miya – I suspect Peter’s absolute sweetness reads as *too young * to some people. Anyone who makes their pilots license has got some grown-up chops. The only boyish part I see is the * boys with toys * stuff ( luvs his ride and plane – of course!).
      But, again, that’s something 60 year olds dig, too, so…

      I’m grateful for his kind demeanor, and Connor’s. There are waaaaay way too many Alphas in that house. Even Hannah- good hearted Hannah!- has aggressive energy. That’s not a slam, I’m just stressed by all the clashing of horns.

      The one thing I was concerned about with Peter is the *romantic * side he and his fam remarked on. Again that can seem young -but no matter how old someone is, being In Love With Love isn’t the easiest place to grow a *real* relationship. He is accompliahed and has A Great Family, so skills and support are there to rescue him from any fantasyland stuff.

      I hope he makes Bachelor. We’ll see, right?!

  46. First, Ali you’re awesome! I wish I could watch this show with you! I read your blog right after each episode to get my thoughts affirmed, haha!

    So I’m so torn about Luke too, especially after this episode, but I don’t think he’s such an awful guy (unpopular opinion) I think he’s just immature and socially just not so smart. I also don’t think he’s used to hang around those type of guys actually. And he’s been pretty bad with Hannah too… anyway, both me and my fiancé felt sorry for him standing there all by himself at the rose ceremony. The only one not hating on him is Peter. (I really hope Peter wins, such a great guy).

    About Jed and his music.., as a singer and musician I REALLY had enough with him singing in every episode. I love how positive you are about his music, but I really feel as weird watching that as watching Brad’s season with the girl that had a funeral company and put Brad on the stretcher or whatever it was, haha! Do you remember? And I don’t understand why he couldn’t be with her and be a musician at the same time. Maybe his parents think he won’t be able to support her, but isn’t obvious that she wouldn’t need him to? Like you said: Instagram.

    I’ve been wanting to ask you: I always appreciate you’re opinions and honest thoughts about Hannah and the guys… I’m always just wondering, since you always become such good friends with all the other bachelorettes (and other people that’s been on the show) don’t you worry about it getting awkward when you meet them… Like with Hannah? because they might read what you write, and then you get to know them. You’re always super sweet and supportive in your posts, but you’re not afraid to be honest either… do you know what mean? Just curious! 💗
    Love, Johanna

    1. Haah, Johanna- the mortician’s daughter. Holy cow- that was hall of fame stuff. I remember her family took out a tv spot during the show, and it aired near the end, after Brad sent her home!!!
      Meta. Priceless.

      I like reading your take on Jed’s mom. Her lack of appreciation that Jed’s exposure, plus Hannah’s profile, would boost his career is *curious*. More to come there.

      I also love your question to Ali. Make me wonder the flip side, too: How did Ali feel when meeting commentators of Her season!

  47. I thought it was for sure Peter going home. When she said his name first I was like umm WHAT?? Then who because as much as I wanted it to be Luke I knew from previews he was staying another episode. My husband was saying Jed was going and I’m like no way it’s been a top 2 for sooo long. (Yes my husband is awesome and let’s me make him watch it Haha) I agree unfair to the guys and I get it’s your life not just the way a show is laid out but ya I would like it wouldn’t be so hard when you’re so close to the end and would probably have at least top 2 if not “the one” in your mind already.

    Luke fam really through me off…so what freaking Luke did we see?? lol Was that the real or fake because obviously they’re are 2. Was that what he thought he should do for TV and attention or something?? Everyone in his hometown made him seem so different and better than what we have seen. I’m confused 🤷‍♀️ 😂

  48. All I can say is that if Tyler or Peter aren’t the next Bachelor, I’m going to be very upset! Hah!

  49. I was also freaking out when she was in that tiny plane with Peter and he was kissing her and not paying attention! I am terrified of flying and haven’t set food in a plane for over 10 years. As you also seem to be a nervous flyer, I’d love if you could make a blog about fear of flying and give some recommendations of how you cope! Thanks, Ali!

  50. *Ali*……are you not posting your blog link on your Facebook page anymore? Back to back weeks I’ve had to google it because it wasn’t posted that I could see.
    Anyway…….my thoughts 💭
    As I was reading all the comments I found myself getting confused as to why a lot of people were saying “Peter for the next bachelor”, like am I missing something here? Is there some reason you don’t want to see him and Hannah together? I truly love Peter. I think he’s super sweet and his family is so AWESOME!! After his hometown date I was routing for him even more than I had been. That being said I also found myself confused by comments about Peter having a girlfriend so I had to google the rumor. I’m seriously out of the loop on “gossip” I guess lol!! But these rumors bother me. I’m not sure what to think!! I can’t imagine him being dishonest.
    Luke’s hometown: this was all a ruse. I think Luke knew that he is sinking fast and needed a way to endear himself to Hannah. The first thing I noticed was that none of his family appeared at this Sunday school gathering that really wasn’t a Sunday School class but rather a gathering of fellow church goers that Luke felt could help him make Hannah soften on him. His speech about his “wayward days” was a ridiculous repeat of what he said to Hannah in one of their private talks, only he worded it in a way that was an attempt at saying things in a way that was a storytelling of his “journey” and it sounded just as retarded and made up as it did the first time he told it. The Lord came to him while he was in the shower…really?!?!!?! I’m sorry but I don’t like the guy at all. I think he has an outward persona that he shows to people around him because he wants to appear as though he’s this standup Christian man. That’s why they were all saying good things about him. In reality he’s not. The characteristics of a judgemental, controlling, manipulative jerk have snuck out a few times and he can only keep the act up for so long. His family wasn’t going to reveal on national tv that he’s acting different either. I’d hate to see Hannah choose him and then get locked in an emotionally abusive relationship with him once the cameras are gone.
    Tyler’s hometown:
    I absolutely adore Tyler and my opinion of him only grew exponentially after the family visit. We already got to see that he was an amazing person before hometowns and the depth of his character, loving heart, genuineness truly showed through seeing him with his family and getting to know even more about him and the things he will do for those he loves. He is my top pick for Hannah. I think their connection is real. He’s the only one she’s said “I love you” to so it makes me think that he’s her choice as well, and most likely the “windmill guy”. 😉 I do think that she’s torn between him and Luke (🤢🤮)
    Jed’s hometown:
    First let me say that his confession timing was because hometown visits were getting closer but I can see how it all came to be. He said that when he applied for the show he saw it as more of an “exploration” and it also provided a platform that would expose his talents at the same time but I think at the time…..and it’s just a guess….he was searching for love and he was also thinking heavily about his music journey and signed up for the show to open the door for both should he happen to get casted on the show. By the sounds of it, the casting process is long and uncertain. It was after he had applied to be on the show, he met and started dating a girl; again keeping in mind that he had no idea if he would be chosen to be on the show. He did the right thing and told the girl that he had applied. What his intentions were with that relationship who knows. He admitted that he underestimated the show and the chances of falling in love with a person in that environment and I think that honesty was refreshing to see. From what he’s said, I believe him when he says he went on the show to explore the chance at love and to create a future path for himself after the show that would help open doors for his music. I don’t feel he was intentionally going into it for the wrong reasons. That being said I think his family had some real insight into what stage in life Jed is at and that his attention to his music could very well cause him to lose focus on his “love life” and for Hannah she’s looking for something more stable and relationship-focused. It has nothing to do with not supporting his career but rather what would be put first. I was initially a huge Jed fan but during his hometown I also felt that he’s just not ready to be as committed as he should be.
    Rose Ceremony:
    I completely understand the reason Hannah felt she wasn’t ready to choose. She opened up about still having her walls up not long ago and given all the drama between all the men that she had to deal with and the canceled parties and the hospital trip, she was left with time lost to really explore her relationships at a deeper level and so her lack of clarity coming from her internal battle with feelings she has got for the remaining men put her in a place of needing more time to discover what connections are deeper. To me that just shows how serious she is taking this process. She does truly want to find love at the end of this. To find her “person”. I can’t imagine the whirlwind of emotions you go through being on the show plus you add in the producer’s “wants” and then sifting through all the drama and conflicting stories. It has got to put a person through the ringer! I think she’s hoping that with a couple more dates and then the UNINTERRUPTED time in the fantasy suites, that she’ll finally be able to dig deeper to sort through her feelings and the men’s feelings for her. I don’t see that as a bad thing. I’m really hoping that the preview for this upcoming show is right and Luke gets tossed on his behind! I truly looovvve Peter but I don’t think he’s one of Hannah’s top two. I think with the extra time she will gain clarity with her relationship with Jed and he will be sent home. I see Tyler proposing to her at the end and I hope she says YES!!

  51. Can I just say that I loved how Tyler’s dad called her “miss Hannah B”?! Like how freaking cute!!!

  52. I did not like luke’s HT date… stuck me as fake .. like it Was staged.
    It was too big of a contrast BETWEEN that Hometown pResentation And who he projects HIMSELF as NORMALLY.

  53. Was is just me or did luke’s hometown feel forced ? I feel like the way he arranged it (or the show , i’m not sure) , it was like they were wanting people to empathize with him . Don’t get me Wrong , i don’t think that His group was necessarily lying about him or thIngs he’s done … i guess where i’m Confused is how is he a completely different Person on the show ? If i was hannah , i would have sent Him home because if a man can not hold on to his true charaCter , that is not the kind of person i want As a partner .
    I also feel like peter Is too sweet for her ; he seems so GENUINE and kind that he should definitely be the next bachelor ! Or mike , i’d Love a strong , black male lead !

    1. Hey Hannah- is he completely different though?
      Part of it may be that he is r e c e i v e d completely differently.
      No target on his back with his home crew…who understand him, and care for him, more than anyone on the franchise.
      Not denying that he lied some on the show – just wondering if all the name-calling and hate, basically, from the ” gang ” makes it feel or appear that he is different – when he mostly isn’t.
      what really stood out to me was how hannah a n d luke were able to clearly speak of the troubles to the family.
      zero gaslighting/body slamming/lying/evil-psychopath-nuts behavior.
      the fam was on board, supportive of him, but z e r o denial…speaks well of all of them.

  54. Seems to me that hannah goes AGAINST the grain. Boys can’t have a girlfriend prior but she can have 25 boyfiends and THEN have sex with whom ever. She was told and warned about the bad boy luke and the not so ready jed. WHAT MORE writing on THE WALL does she need. SOME GIRLS think boys like safe tyler are too safe and boring. Its a crying shame. Love tyler.

    1. I Agree. She was very open about being sexual with alot of guys on the show. It was a little much for me. Every time she sees One of them, its an immediate straddle. Shes far from ready for any of this and I would Sure be disappointed if I was watching my daughter like that. I think shes just too very young to heed the warnings shes gotten. She has alot oF growing up to Do and i think she’ll be very embarrassed watching it back.

  55. I could Be wrong about luke but i think this environment just got to him. I don’t think he’s a bad guy i think he just couldnt handle this show and it made him a little crazy. I think his competitive side took over and it became about winning rather than loving which ended up with the guys all turning on him and he just kept digging himself deeper. Seeing his hometown and hearing what his friends and family say about him i just think he was misunderstood and wasnt made for bachelor world

  56. i think that Peter reminds me alot Of ben higgins as far as he was shy ish kinda awkward so i think they would be similar as far as BACHELOR styles and stuff so it should be int hiw everthing pans out!

  57. Could it be that the show wanted to do something different to add A new aspect of drama, so they told her to keep all four guys for tHe fantasy suite week? I feel like they love the line, “and foR the first time ever on the bachelor/bachelorette…”







  59. Hi! I loved getting your perspective on Hometowns and the four guys in general. But focusing in on Jed’s Hometown – and his career and how important it is to him. I think it was a great decision for Jed to come on the Bachelorette because – just from my perspective – I think Jed is marginally talented and as you stated- Instagram will probably boost his career. I live in Nashville and there are AMAZING musicians here with far more talent than Jed has shown. I wish him the best -but I really hope Hannah doesn’t pick him. My opinion of him as a person is colored by the scandal with his most recent song writing girl friend. But as a musician – he needs this show!! I agree with Aly – I just don’t think Jed or Luke are the best choices.

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