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January 27, 2020

Bachelor – Victoria Dated Chase?

Happy Bachelor Monday, you guys!!! I am so excited to talk about tonight's episode with you because I finally feel like there was a good amount of substance to watch, and it…

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January 20, 2020

The Bachelor – What Is Alayah Up To?

Happy Bachelor Monday you guys!!! Lots of drama in tonight's episode and I actually have a few things that I need your opinion on... because I am just not sure what to…

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January 13, 2020

The Bachelor – Kelsey Drama

Happy Bachelor Monday everyone!! Hope you all are having a fabulous start ot this new decade. Everyone has been anticipating tonight's episode so I will jump right into it!

Saying Goodbye to…

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January 6, 2020

The Bachelor Premiere – Does Hannah Stay?

Holy smokes! The Bachelor Premiere was so good tonight and the teaser for the upcoming season st the very beginning of the episode was unreal! I was on the edge of my…

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March 12, 2019

The Bachelor Finale – Part 1

You guys are all just as obsessed with how the season is ending as I am right?! Can I go out on the limb and say this is probably…

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March 6, 2019

The Women Tell All and Your Next Bachelorette (My Theory)

Hi guys! In today's blog I'm not only discussing last night's Women Tell All but also giving my prediction for who will be the next Bachelorette (and yes, I've…

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February 12, 2019

The Bachelor – Who isn’t “Ready”?

Anyone else think last night episode was boring? I feel like things always get a bit boring at this point in the seasons. It's when the drama dies down…

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