My Bachelor Blog is Back!

Hey guys! My Bachelor blog is back! As you guys know, I’ve watched every single season of the show since I was the Bachelorette back in 2010 and I’ve  blogged every single season since then too. So even though I’m crazy busy right now (two kids and working is no joke), I’m going to do my best this season. However, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t feel super invested in it. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just getting older or if it’s because I’m a mom now and busy, but I really had to force myself to watch this time around. I missed last weeks episode so I put it on and fast forwarded through a bunch of it (mainly to get the jist of things). So I might be totally wrong in my assumptions of the dates from last night since I didn’t really see the dynamic between the girls during the first week of dates. So I apologize if any of this seems way off.

But mostly I wanna start by saying that I support Colton! It truly isn’t easy being the Bachelor or Bachelorette and it’s so easy to judge someone that you see on TV. That said, in last weeks episode we see Colton say that he’s excited for the first group date of the season and that the first group date is going to set the tone for the entire season. It really bothered me that he kept using the word “season”. He’s way too aware already that this is a TV show that they’re filming a season of. That’s honestly one of my main problems with the show taking guys from Paradise to be the next Bachelor. Once you’ve been on the Bachelorette and then go on Bachelor in Paradise, you’re too aware of the cameras and the fact that everything you do is going on national television. You’ve done it before and you’ve seen the aftermath and what you do in front of the cameras becomes calculated all the sudden. I’ve seen it time and time again with people on the show. Whereas when I was the Bachelorette I was on the bachelor and the season hadn’t even finish airing before I was swept off to do the Bachelorette. I never really got the full experience of the aftermath or the fame that came with it. I was still pretty naïve. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m basically just trying to say that the more seasons of the show you’re on, the better chance you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m not saying that Colton is in this for fame. But it’s just a bummer to me how aware he is that they’re shooting a TV show. He doesn’t have that naïveness that most people have when they go into this experience. All of the girls there obviously know they’re in front of cameras but you never really think about the consequences of your actions or think about how the fact that millions of people are watching. Just because it’s all new and exciting.

Today’s blog will be a mix of the first two date episodes since I didn’t’ blog last week. And I’m not going to be able to get to everything because well, aint nobody got time for that. Ha! But here are my thoughts so far…

Hannah G will be in the top 2 for sure. 95% of the time whoever gets the first impression rose is in the top two. And most of the time they win. So I think there’s a very good chance for her! I would say that Cassie is going to win just because let’s face it, she is gorgeous, super likable, ridiculously cute, and heck I want her in my life! She’s one of those people that seems absolutely perfect but not in an intimidating sort of way. She is a girl’s girl and a guy’s girl. But I also think there’s a chance she could be our Bachelorette. But I definitely think she’s either the next Bachelorette or Colton‘s fiancé. Calling it now! We will see.

Elyse is so great. I don’t see her and Colton together so I don’t see it lasting with them, but I do see them being really good friends! And I absolutely loved their date! It made me see Colton in a whole new light. What he does with his charity and what he does for children is incredible. No one can argue that the work he does makes him a saint!

Colton sending Caitlin home on the group date seemed a little premature. I mean, let’s face it, there are a bunch of girls that are still in the show that he doesn’t have a connection with after that. Trust me. Coming from someone who’s been in his shoes you pretty much don’t have connections with most of the people on the show from the get go. The show was just trying to play up drama and show how serious he is about this. But I think it was done poorly. Sidenote, does anybody else think Caitlin looks like a mix between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Kendra Wilkinson? I soooooo do!

Anyone else think the drama between Caelynn and Hannah B is elementary? I definitely think it was producer encouraged from the beginning. I get that they don’t get along but I honestly don’t think Caelynn even wanted to talk to Colton about it. I feel like somehow a producer made her feel like he wanted to talk about it further after the group date. And then as soon as she did bring it up at the pool party, and he got upset, you can tell she regretted it immediately. It really seems like she didn’t even want to talk about in the first place. I could be reading the situation wrong but that was just my thoughts when I saw it. And then Colton going to talk to Hannah B just seemed dumb. They were trying to make this big dramatic situation out of it and it just seems so silly to me. I don’t know. I’m curious to know what you guys think. Maybe because I’m older this kind of stuff just doesn’t matter to me anymore? I’m not trying to say I am all righteous and more mature than these people – I like all of these people! I’m just older and when you’re older your priorities are different. A woman in her mid-30s has different priorities than a woman in her mid-20s especially when that woman, a.k.a. me, is married with two kids. So I’ll be curious to hear what women of all ages think about the situation! I also feel bad for Hannah. I just don’t think this show is bringing out the best side of her and she is coming off as a bit out of control.

It wasn’t surprising that Hannah B stuck around though. However, I just don’t think it will be for much longer.

And TOTALLY unrelated, but I need all your advice. I am getting my hair colored tomorrow and I am thinking about CHOPPING it again! Thoughts? Should I go for it? Pics below of how I wear it down now and another pic of when I chopped it – both pics with me putting my hand in my hair the exact same way. You have to be able to compare apples to apples right? Ha! I am SOOOO torn! Tell me in the comments below. And you know I am going to link my outfit details too, this blog started out as my fashion blog after all and my sweater dress below is only $35!!!!!!! Oh annnnnd let’s chat Bachelor too! So much to discuss!



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162 thoughts on “My Bachelor Blog is Back!

      1. Hi Ali!
        Gorgeous no matter what but I truly love the shorter hair on you. Especially since you wear it back so much you won’t even notice as long as you can still tie it back easily enough!

        I agree on your blog and Hannah and Cassie are my top favs too!

  1. Yes! I thought the group date send off was really unnecessary, and actually thought back to your previous blogs about how at this point there probably wasn’t a connection with many of the women yet, so why do this now? Just to hurt the poor girl’s feelings?

    I also am over the pageant squabble — but I’m in my 30’s too! I think the mature thing to do would be for the two ladies to just squash their drama with each other and move on. It should have never been brought up with Colton. And I agree that it is making Hannah B. look out of control, but I think that’s just the storyline that’s being conveyed. We’ll see what happens!

    Glad you decided to still do the Bachelor blog! I know it is a lot of work, but I really enjoy hearing your perspective.

    1. There’s something about being a little older that just changes your perspective on a lot of the situations that happen in the Bachelor mansion. I’m interested to see what happens next!

      1. I am 50 agree, but I think they are probably both good people. I would love to see the two of them talk and work things out. Have to say I am really disappointed in Heather’s role in the drama.

  2. I think Hannah is making up stuff and Caelynn seems actually genuine and like you said, almost forced to have this conversation with Colton even though it’s rather silly! Caelynn is trying to lay low and focus on her relationship with Colton but Hannah just can’t handle that she might be “losing” another “competition.” Hannah won’t last long.

  3. Both lengths look great on you, but I’m partial to the longer locks! The sweater dress and tall boots also look great on you 🙂
    Also, I am hooked on both yours and Reality Steve’s blogs, and I agree with both of your recaps from this week (his are just no-filter style, ha!).
    Lastly, what do you think of the sweatshirt with sequin sleeves from Wal-Mart? I bought it too, and I’m curious what you think of it!

  4. Hi Ali,

    I like your insight as you KNOW what happens behind the scenes and you also have your “age” “wisdom” to cut through the “stuff” PLEASE keep sharing.

    Also, this season seems contrived. Maybe it’s MY age talking, but it seems like we have a very young group of players this time around. I find myself getting annoyed!

    Thanks for the blog! I sure enjoy seeing your pics of home and family. I’ve watched you from the very first moment you arrived on the Bachelor series!

    1. I too love the blog- and agree! Wasn’t sure if now that I’m in my 40’s that I’m having issues with it- or just that these girls seem SOO immature! Or that everyone is on the show now to help their instagram out?
      And I say short hair all the way! Love it! Love short hair though 🙂

  5. Ali, you mixed up Caelynn and Hannah B in your recap. Hannah B is the one who initially talked to him and Caelynn is the one who got the group date rose. Anyway, I thought it was so unnecessary for Hannah to bring that up to him; she couldn’t even describe to Colton what her problem with Caelynn was!

    1. I should also say, I like it short but short is more high maintenance (pretty much have to style it). I often go through phases where I chop my hair but then tend to regret it because it’s harder to throw up in a ponytail or bun. Just my $0.02!

      1. ^Agree, at least for thicker and/or curly hair. Have to style it if it’s shorter, and more options if it’s longer (pull back or leave down).

    2. Hi! I just updated the blog to add a little more clarity – I was referring to when Caelynn talked to him at the pool party!

      Thanks for the opinion on the shorter hair! I will take that into consideration!!!

  6. You look go both with long hair and short hair! However, I can totally understand how much easier short hair is to maintain. Especially with kids! Lol

    Also, I am not sure if I sent you the correct way to show you. But there is a sink that real water comes out of that molly can play with and gives her “responsibility” in doing dishes! My daughter has it and loves it so much!

  7. I love your hair shorter. I think you should chop it. Also, you’ll save time getting ready in the morning. Being a mother of 5, back in the day when they were young, short hair made life so much easier.

      1. Change is good and I luv the shorter style also. You might just get a little more pep in your step!! Best wishes – have been following you like forever.

  8. I def say chop it! I just took 4 inches off mine, and mom of 2 boys, our youngest is 6 months! My hair was falling out like crazy, and my hair was not looking near as great as yours! Felt SO much better and you won’t regret it! Easier to dry and style too! And with two littles who has time for that!

    Love your take on Colton and the bachelor so far! All spot on in my opinion! Can’t wait to see how the season turns out!

  9. 1) Short hair is SO much easier to take care of! Chop it off! It will grow back if you hate it, but you look adorbs with your hair long or short. As long as you can do a ponytail to get it out of your face- that is always important to me.

    2) Thank you for doing the Bachelor blog- i love your insider prospective! We know you are crazy busy, but I always look forward to Tuesdays to hear your thoughts on the show. Absolutely love everything you put on your blog though 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  10. Oh my goodness where do you even begin. If i was going to give Colton any advice it would have been to get rid of both the pageant girls. And Demi is definitely not for him, in my lil ole opinion. He has alot of nice girls there, that are there for the right reason. Hoping he ends up with the other Hannah. She seems like a good fit for him. Happy watching and Ali you are too sweet to take time out of your busy day to chat with all of us. Best wishes for 2019

    1. I totally agree with you about Demi not being right for Colton, to me he needs someone more mature and I feel like Demi is acting like a brat most of the time.

  11. I love your hair long!! But you do look super cute with it short too! I vote keep it long for a little longer!

    I totally agree with you about Hannah G and Cassie being the top 2 but I think Cassie might win. They had a connection as soon as she got out of the limo with the butterflies, I don’t know I just have a feeling she will win!

    K, this drama between Caelynn and Hannah B LAME, I don’t know just so stupid and every time they talk about it I want to change the channel lol I agree I don’t think Caelynn wanted to bring it up at all and I do sort of feel bad that she was sort of forced into it. Hannah B needs to go, I do feel bad for her too but you are right, the show is bringing out the worst in her. I agree with how you are feeling about it too, just does not seem important.

    Also Demi and Tracy….ahhhhh those too I don’t know who is worse, Demi for being a brat or Tracy for constantly talking about Demi and getting upset with every little thing she does. Stop focusing on her and focus on Colton!! lol

    I also feel like Colton hasn’t really made an appearance on the show, like hasn’t really opened up to anyone, my husband even made a comment when he came into the room while I was watching it and said “Uhm where is Colton? he is never on the screen” haha I feel like we haven’t seen much of him or heard him talk about any connections, besides maybe Cassie and Hannah G. I dont know, not sure if I am feeling this season either, but I can’t stop watching it lol

  12. I agree that the drama between Hannah B and Caelynn is ridiculous and I don’t see Hannah B lasting long she just seems to be different since her one on one with Colton. I don’t see why she had to bring
    up the fact that she and Caelynn knew each other from before. I am curious as to what your thoughts are of Demi, I personally don’t like her. She seems fake to me but that could be just the way the show is portraying her as well.

  13. I would wait a few more months until the weather heats up and then chop the hair! I swear it was just a few weeks ago you were coloring it a lot lighter ( I recall you let us know!) ? How often do you color it? Just curious!

  14. Love both hair lengths on you, but I like the shorter one a little more! You are beautiful either way!

    Glad to see your Bachelor Blogs are back! I love reading your perspective on things.

  15. Love the short hair 👍🏻👍🏻
    So glad you’re doing the bachelor blog. I really like reading your perspective since you’ve been on the bachelor and the bachelorette!!

  16. I REALLY want to like Colton and this season, but geez… it’s hard. If I hear one more thing about him being a virgin…. and Demi. Don’t even get me started. That girl drives me insane.

    Side note – LOVE your hair short.

    1. So agree with Sammie…the “virgin” talk needs to stop. But I find myself not as interested in the Bachelor this time, either. Somehow it seems…after all this time it is constructed to just be another show of kissing & carrying on…and another avenue for LOTS of commercials. We as viewers don’t seem to see much of the conversations of those involved….so it is hard for me to make an opinion.

      Ali…your hair is nice both ways, but I vote to trim it short.

  17. It honestly kills me that the “cougars” are 27 years old and older…I think it’s super telling about Colton and what he’s into. Also, chop the hair! Short hair is was less maintained for mom life!

    1. I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think this tells us anything about Colton. He hasn’t called any of the women cougars, that’s all coming from the mouths of the younger women on the show.

      Also, for a Bachelor Colton is YOUNG! I think he’s only 26. I haven’t looked at the ages of all the past bachelors, but I think they are normally older than that, close to 30 or in their 30s. So when the women call othwe women who are 27+ “Cougars” I think it’s just because they are older than Colton is.

  18. I think Hannah B really shows her age.. I think she is just very young and immature, I think she should take a few tips from Caelynn about being mature and moving forward and seeing why they are here for Colton and not try and bring each other down. I thought it was so funny that Hannah got so insulted that Caelynn said things about her when Hannah started the whole thing and was the first one to talk smack about her. I didn’t like Hannah from their first one on one date it was so awkward and she’s just really immature.. she needs to go ASAP.. I think Colton makes it really obvious when he doesn’t have a connection with one of the girls.. I felt that on his date with Hannah and even he was unsure so I’m really not sure why he kept her

  19. Hey Ali,

    I wonder if the things the girls are saying are bringing up his fears. He seems to have a fear of believing someone who isn’t there for the right reason. And honestly it seems to happen every season. There is always someone that makes the bachelor fear that he’s making the wrong decision. I am with you that I hate all the drama. It makes me not want to watch until later on. Do you think there will be a 2 on 1??

    On another note I have really missed your blog: I love reading your opinion and your looks on the inside. I love your instagram and Facebook and you being so honest. Thank you

  20. Love love love your short hair Ali!!

    I’m 25, almost 26 and I completely agree with you when it comes to the drama with those two ladies. It seemed forced and off.

    I look forward to reading your bachelor blog every week 🙂

  21. #1 and most important… chop the hair!! Haha your hairs beautiful long but I loovve your hair short, I think it just matches your personality and since your not big on wearing it down, maybe you would more if there weren’t so much of it? Either way it will look great tho! And #2 I tried to watch the Bachelor and I made it about 5 mins. I too am in my early 30s married with two babies and I honestly just feel like I don’t have time to care about it anymore. I’m trying to tackle things like teething and potty training and the show it honestly, with all the drama… just wears me out.

  22. So glad your recap is back! Thanks for making time for it! Priorities- chop it! I am a working mom of two and I chopped my hair! It will always grow back!

  23. There are such few likeable girls this season! It’s so bizarre to me. Very few genuine normal girls and I’m losing interest. Demi is a mess too, interested on your thoughts on her!

  24. Hi Ali, ( My Blog Friend)

    Long time since I’ve replied to you. So much has gone on. Time just gets ahead of us and as we get older we’re like where did it go.

    First of all you look great and soon Riley will be one! I’m sure each day you spend with your children you also wonder where has the time go and each day I’m sure you’re so thankful of having each day with them.

    Yes, some days you feel like pulling your hair out and then there are days that are the best days. Us mothers have all been there and there’s nothing that you did wrong. It’s bring a human being and a mom!

    You will see as Jolly Molly and Smiley Riley begin to grow with giving you and Devin Kevin respect as well as any one else you can then say “Yes I did an awesome job of raising my children up” I usually never say awesome much since I really only think God is awesome, but I’m sure God would agree with me on saying awesome to you! 😘🥰

    And for us on helping you decide on what to do with your hair.. Ali, your beautiful inside and out either way you look at yourself you can’t go wrong! ♥️

    With Love to Jolly Molly,Smiley Riley, Devin Kevin & Wags to Fuzzy Owen. 🐕

    di, 😘🥰

  25. He does refer to it as a “season” but you referred to one of the women as a “winner”. They often emphasize its about falling in love and not a competition. Hard to shake that mentality though.

  26. I’m in my mid-20s and I’m already over the petty squabbles of this season (i.e. the pageant stuff). I think part of the problem is that we’ve seen a few seasons when the majority of the girls get along and seem to be genuine friends, even while on the show. After seeing relatively “peaceful” seasons with fun bloopers and nice moments between the girls, the petty squabbles and drama just seem more annoying to me. Lesley and Catherine from Sean’s season, Becca and Jojo from Ben’s, the girls from Arie’s season sticking up for Becca but not bashing Lauren. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I enjoy the show much more when it portrays the women in a more positive, realistic light rather than playing up the competition aspect of it for drama.

  27. Your hair looks great both ways. I’m planning on chopping mine off today too. Love your kind point of view on the bachelor. I am in my mid thirties also and the drama is almost too much because in the grand scheme of life it just doesn’t matter.

  28. So happy you are back blogging about Colton..often i miss things or i think..
    You are right… now that i see the other side of things.
    Busy times in your life and i remember way back when i worked..hubby and 2 boys…one child being disabled and running to Shriners hospital in Montreal so often. Its a busy life but we all make it and you will too.
    Now hubby and I are retired…3 small grand children who live far away but we enjoy the “empty nest” too and our disabled son in our finished basement apartment of our home.
    Your kids are soo sweet and lucky to have you and Kevin.

    As for your hair…I love it up and down but partial to short hair. It really changes your look i find…your cute smiley face shows up so much better.

    Love having my coffee cozied up in a big chair and catching up on your videos…you’re soo cute and brighten anyones day. Have a good one.

  29. I agree with your sentiments so far on the season. The pageant drama seems super fake and forced from Caelynn’s side. I feel bad for both of them because I feel the show does things to portray certain situations how THEY want to and not necessarily how It actually is. However, that drama is annoying. I feel Caelynn is actually genuine though. From the first one on one with Hannah B I felt Colton should have let her go that night. It was super awkward and then when she “opened up” it seemed fake. I also like Elyse and Cassie. He seems super attracted to Cassie. We’ll see!

    Also, I know you wear your hair up a lot so it may be easier for you to keep it long. With the summer coming up, shorter would be cooler in the hot temps, but longer is easier to put up. Either way you look great. And in your 2nd pic you posted with the short hair, your kids both look just like you!! Love reading your blog! And I love how real you are!

  30. Hi Ali! Yay so glad your blogging on the Bachelor again! We def share most opinions about this show- but I am really really on board with colton and I was not originally- I absolutely think the kid date showed his true colors, and I think the whole Tia thing put him in some bad light and made people skecptical, including me, about him being the bachelor. But already in the first 3 episodes, you can totally tell he is super genuine and looking for a long term partner- I think sending Caitlin home showed that he was serious, when she responded that she didn’t have anything deep to share and that she wants him to join her “night club life”, you could tell that he didn’t like that. He’s looking for a wife! Yay! Anyway? Love him him, love Elyse! I think top 3 will be Cassie, Hannah g and Tayshia- yay! Also, we have the same bday! sept 16th!:)❤️

  31. Your hair looks great at either length but chop it! I just did with mine and so much easier to get ready for the day! Can’t wait to see what you decide 😬

  32. Also, I ama newish mom, baby is 11 months, I cut my hair short and totally regret it! I can’t do a messy mom bun anymore:/ I understand the feeling of wanting change but long hair as a mom is so nice!

  33. It seems more fake than usual. I don’t have any respect for Demi. Some Girls should learn it is possible to be both classy and sexy not just cheap and nasty. short hair is so easy but long hair is easier to throw up. When you need it to be and made special when you want it to be . Keep on writing and loving those wonderful babies .

  34. These young ladies at this point don’t need to get engaged! Sooo immature. Also Ali, i looove short hair on you!

  35. My pick was Hannah G. I do Not really care for Cassie but I guess he likes her . I do Not like Caelynn Miss North Carolina she seems fake to me and talks fast and jerky. I however do like Hannah Miss Alabama to me she is more real and genuine ! I am glad he let Catherine with the Lucy dog go. However he needs to get rid of Demi! She needs to grow up he is very immature !
    However I like your hair Blonde and longer. Did you move to Chicago? I live by Fort Wayne, Indiana

  36. I suggest you cut your hair to be about as long as the lowest part of your collarbone. That length still allows you to pull it back into a ponytail or a bun, but also the ability for a sophisticated style. I think short hair requires daily styling and attention, just compounding your busy life!
    I am hoping for a Cassie and Hannah G. for the final 2 with Cassie winning Colton’s heart.
    I don’t see a very strong, positive, long-term connection between Colton and Courtney, Demi, Nicole, Onyeka, Sydney or Tracy. I haven’t seen enough of him with Heather, Katie, Kirpa or Tayshia to decide how they might be for Colton, but he does seem to like them.
    I like Elyse, but agree with your opinion, Ali, and I certainly don’t like the name calling and personal attacks either Hannah B. or Caelyn are doing. Hannah B. is history, soon, I think. Her last comment as the credits rolled, “I HATE her!” just shows her immaturity, lack of focus on why she’s there and a mean-spiritedness I am sure Colton is completely opposed to in a partner. I really want to like Hannah B. because she seems like a fun person, but this obsession over her past relationship with Caelyn truly takes away my ability to like her.

  37. Glad you’re doing the blog! I always love your perspective. You have insight to production aspect but you don’t come off jaded either, which I love. As someone who isn’t quite 30 yet, mom of 2-our kids are very similar ages! I feel like he’s going to have a very hard time making this work long term. Either girls are way too young to know what they truly want and they’ll end up growing apart. Or it seems they just aren’t taking it too seriously. Idk?!
    This whole season has been slightly uncomfortable or awkward. First of all, what first date(s) would you ever go on and talk about your sex life?! He also seems to be forcing flirtation and not just genuinely getting to know them.
    I didn’t mind the early send off with Canadian Caitlyn… he was asking about her and what made her her, life experiences, where she sqw herself… and she said I don’t have anything to share with you?! I just hang out with my friends. It was just pointless for her to be there.
    Another note, I think your short hair is perfect and so flattering and fun.
    Ps. Just have to tell you a funny story. A few years ago (probably almost 4 now), I was in vacation in LA and my husband and I happened to hit dinner at California Pizza Kitchen near Rodeo dr and you happened to walk by, walking Owen. You were my only ‘celebrity citing’ while there! I wish I had the opportunity to say hello! 🙂

  38. Your hair is great at any length but personally long blonde hair is so common right now. I say “chop it” for a more chic look! Hair grows, so it’s a win, win.

  39. I LOVE your short hair! I say chop it 🙂

    Also, I can’t get in to this season either… I have 2 boys around the same age as your kids so I appreciate the too tired to get in to it just like you!

  40. 1. Definitely short!
    2. You’re busy. You’re half watching it. You’re not into it. DON’T watch it or blog about it. Simplify your life. There are things more important.

  41. I’m having a hard time with this ‘season.’ As a 44 year old cougar I have no patience for the drama.

    Love your hair short!

  42. Not going to lie I scrolled through the Bachelor comments because I have watched it yet….#momlife…

    I’ve been debating a chop too!! your hair looks amazing no matter what, but there is something to hoping it off as freeing yourself for the year to come! Can’t wait to see what you will do.


  43. Yay!! So glad your doing your recaps! I was super bummed when you didn’t post one last week!

    So I have been watching the bachelor/bachelorette since it started…. I know forever!! So I have grown up with this show and I completely agree that your perspective changes as you grow, age and life happens! Can’t wait to watch this season with you!

    Love your blog!!

  44. Girl!!! Your blogs about the show is the #1 i look forward to!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts ❤️

    And for hair, I vote keeping it long!!! But that’s just me, I love long hair on everyone!!! Perhaps new color!?

  45. I’m for chopping your hair! I’m a mom to a toddler and 2 month old and I just chopped my hair…it was just getting in the way!

    Love your commentary on The Bachelor so I’m glad you’re back at it.

  46. I like your hair both ways.. u look great either way☺️ So I say go with what is easiest for you on a day to day basis

  47. I don’t even get the “issue” between the two girls. It makes no sense, there has not been a definitive clarification of what the heck the issue was between the two girls, other than they had a falling out. It doesn’t make sense to me that it is being blown out of proportion. It also doesn’t make sense why Coltin is feeling so worried about it all. He should just tell both of them to grow up and keep their drama out of it.
    SHORT HAIR, is adorable on you! Love it!
    I love Elyse (spelling?) but I agree she and Coltin aren’t “the ones” – I told my honey that she needs to meet some of the older men that are still single from previous shows. She is a great catch.

  48. Thank you Ali for squeezing the blog in for us. I love your Bachelor blogs. I will vote for the short hair do It will be a nice change.

    I am tired of hearing about Colton’s virginity. It’s like the girls are lining up to be the first. I liked the other Hannah right off the bat. I agree with you there. I will have to see who Cassie is, I don’t remember her. It has been a struggle to watch it this time because of all the attention on Colton’s virginity/sex.

  49. Definitely chop it!! I love the shorter look on you. But that being said, you look amazing in both. Just last year I cut my long curly hair short or I should say shorter (into more of a bob/shoulder length). Best decision I made. I’m absolutely loving it!! Way easier to maintain than longer hair. Super excited to see what you decide to do! 🙂

  50. Definitely short! It will look super sexy and sassy. Plus it can always grow back. I think women who change their hair more often are cutting edge, confident and stylish.

    Colton is super hot. He seems like a really good guy. I’m just glad Im able to watch it a few days later. I can fast forward all the minutia.😜

    I love your blog especially your clothing picks!

  51. Chop it now, it will be great for spring and summer. It will grow back if you don’t like it short. But I think you in short hair is a great, sophisticated look for you. It’s also a lot easier, and with work and two kids, you’ll be so happy you did cut it.

  52. I was really hoping that Colton would send both Pageant girls home. Something definitely happened there, and the girls are both hurt, but it doesn’t need to be focused on so much.

    I also really hope that the Hanna G stays around, maybe our next bachelorette?

    I really like your hair both ways, I tend to keep mine long because I love mine short or long but not the in between stages. So I always like 6 months in think why did I do this. Long is easy to put in a ponytail or messy bun.

  53. Ali – THANK YOU so much for bringing back the Bachelor blog. As I’ve said before, the Bachelor is how I know you and why I started following you. I appreciate all of the other stuff you post, but I was so disappointed when you didn’t blog on the Bachelor after two weeks. Thank you again.

    My comments are that both pageant girls need to hit the road. I don’t like either of them and I think that Caelynn is pretty fake. Hannah B is just immature and needs therapy but I prefer her to Caelynn. There’s something about her I don’t trust. The conversation with Caitlyn was so awkward, I was glad he sent her home. She had nothing of value to contribute to that conversation and Colton was struggling to find something else to say to keep it going. I don’t know why he keeps Demi and Tracy, other than they must be producer picks to keep the drama going.
    I like Cassie and Hannah G. I think Colton has a thing for Elyse and for Katie but I just don’t see that going anywhere for some reason. Time will tell!
    Unfortunately though, the show is so predictable. Even my husband, who I kinda force to watch with me made a comment that all seasons are alike. They have dinner and then there’s a surprise concert where they dance and kiss in front of a crowd or there’s *surprise* fireworks. Certainly, they can come up with something new?

    So glad the Blog is Back! 🙂

  54. Glad to see the blog back because I can’t get into it (newborn and working) but I still want to know what’s going on! As far as the hair I’m loving the chopped look!

  55. I feel like the whole thing with Caelynn and Hannah B is way overplayed. Neither one of them could come up with examples. They just wanted to bash each other and I feel like it’s all for TV! I really like Hannah G and Elyse though! I definitely agree Hannah G is going far. I really didn’t see the chemistry that Colton was talking about with Onyeka.. so I’m interested to see how that plays out.

    On another note, chop chop! Chop the hair!! You’re beautiful either way!

  56. I like the longer hair on you for now. On busy days you can throw it into a ponytail. When the weather gets warmer, get it shorter but with little maintenance. You look great either way. Off the subject, do you have a set schedule on Home and Family? I love watching you on the show and especially when you are co-hosting. Have you guys decided to move or stay in LA? You have a beautiful family!

  57. I love that I’m reading bachelor recap and then all the sudden we’re talking about hair lol! It made me laugh. Love it! On that note I vote for your longer hair! My thoughts on the bachelor stuff:
    Did you watch his miss Alabama 1 on 1 last week? I feel like he almost cut her that night. She had zero personality. He asked her to make a toast and she literally had nothing to say! I’m on board with your Cassie pick. I think/hopes she wins too. I wonder if Colton refers to it as a “season” because he’s a professional athlete and just has that mindset already…

  58. I say chop it!! Looks adorable short. I have last nights episode recorded so still have to watch. But Hannah’s date last week was one of the most uncomfortable things ever!!

  59. Your beautiful with long and short hair however for this time in your life, you’re a BUSY MOMMA and you need to feel great….so I say CHOP IT! You’ll love how quick and simple and still trendy it is!! Sending love from the Palm Springs Desert 🌵 ❤️🥰

  60. Hi Ali!

    LOVE the Bachelor blog ALMOST as much as your fashion blog- so excited to be reading again 🙂

    I, too am a little older (31) and hopefully wiser haha, I don’t know if it’s just me but this season seems SO YOUNG… I know most of the women are literally 23 but they also seem just SO SO young, I almost feel like I’m watching a sorority in college and I’ve never felt that way in any other season. With the exception of maybe 3 or 4 women, I feel like none of them are on the show for the right reasons and rather there for fun and media exposure. Pageant drama seems 100 percent producer manipulated. I trust Caelynn more for some reason however! I sadly don’t think this season will result in a forever union but you never know.

    Love your hair all ways but chopped is especially chic and you pull it off so well!

  61. Gorgeous both long and short but I say chop it!
    Would love to see a blog post on things for moms or expecting moms who are new to LA. Hubby and I are moving to LA soon and also just found out we’re expecting (call us crazy!) Basically I’m terrified.

    Thanks for always being so open – Love following along with you and your adorable family’s journey 🙂

  62. Hannah B is CRAZY!!! When she hissed…oh my dog!!!
    I feel sorry for Caelyn.
    Anyone who has EVER watched seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette KNOWS that the minute you start trash talking other contestants…its pretty much game over and you won’t be around much longer.
    Girls! Concentrate on your relationship with the BACHELOR!
    Who gives a rats about the other ??? Focus on yourself.
    I hope Hannah B. cracks up and is sent packing!!!

  63. Hi Ali! Excited you are blogging about this season – however I completely understand why that’s hard for you. I’m a mother of 3 and working full-time as well.

    Hair – keep it longer for a little while. It’s gorgeous!!

    Bachelor – I actually really like Aleese (sp??). I also adore Cassie. I really hope she is in it for the long haul. She is so natural and seems genuine.

    Have a great week!!

  64. I just chopped mine (2 small kids too)! But my hubby prefers mine long. I love your color right now but a blunt shorter cut seems just easier for a busy mama. You are so darling either way! I appreciate your openness about the challenges and roller-coaster of motherhood. We need to stick together. 🙂

  65. Thank u for making time to do the bachelor blog. I am like you…not quite into the show like I did before. However I still watch it. Agree with your thots.

    Abt hair… you look great in long or short hair. I personally think long hair is easier to take care of…ponytail or messy bun.
    Just be sure u can still do that w short hair.

  66. You look great with both long and short hair… but I say chop it! Not everyone can pull off short hair… but you totally can!!!

  67. Ali! Love Hearing your perspective on the Bachelor! Caitlyn (from Toronto) has been compared to Alexis Dziena and I think they could be twins! Alexis played the role of Gemma in Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Look her up and you will agree 100%!

    As far as the hair, I think short looks great on you! And agree, it’s easier when you have two kids. Are you wearing extensions now? In any case, it will always grow back.

  68. Cut it short, cuz it looks adorable and let it grow long again in maybe 5 years or so when you have more time to mess with it. (Speaking from experience 😊) you look beautiful either way and I love your blog!

  69. Ali! Thank you for the Bachelor blog! Love it and yes, cut your hair! Will look so cute and bouncy with your adorable face!

  70. Bless! The Bach blog is back! I like Colton but some of the girls are really frustrating to me. I don’t like the split between the girls in their early 20s and the girls in their late 20s/early 30s. I’m not the biggest fan of Demi. She def thinks she knows all about the world and she’s only 2 years older than me. I also think the pageant girls are very petty and I want both of them to go. I’m sure one will make it a lot longer than the other though however I don’t think either of them are getting engaged. I also 100% agree that Colton has been on one to many bachelor shows. I feel like the show favorites people (Colton, Nick v, arie) and that’s not cool! Ps love you. I’ve been watching since before your season! PLEASE do a blog about secrets you never shared during your season or about the show in general!

  71. CHOP your hair, looks so fresh and playful short! Makes you look younger too (I mean that with all the love) not that you don’t always look FAB but I love your hair short.

  72. I agree that Cassie and Hannah G will make it to final 2! I was thinking cut your hair shoulder length with layers, then you could still tie it back if you want!

  73. I’ve been following you since you were one of the ladies on The Bachelor… first time to comment.

    I’m 25 and I can see how Hannah B. is coming across as the one portrayed poorly. I can definitely relate to the inferior feeling that she has clearly had to Caelyn for over a year and how it’s difficult for her to cope with. Especially in the environment. Not only was there a falling out that she’s having to work through again (and let’s be honest, at 22 or 23 when it happened she probably figured whatever I don’t have to deal with her again) she now is having to process all those former feelings of inferiority all while surrounded by other intimidating girls, too much alcohol, and cameras!
    Caelyn isn’t getting portrayed in quite the same manor, because to her, she has the upper hand. The reason they aren’t friends (evidentially) is Hannah’s personal problem. She’s not coping with suppressed feelings of anger, hurt, or anxiety to the degree Hannah is. Maybe to some degree, but from my personal experiences, probably not the same degree as Hannah.
    While I don’t think Caelyn should be blamed for how Hannah feels, I don’t think she (or the producers) should be exacerbating the situation.

    …. but that’s how we get “the most dramatic season ever!”

  74. Social media has changed the show massively. Or maybe I’m just getting older too! I feel like they get younger every year and more and more “social media managers” or “content creators”. I think everyone goes on the show for love… and fifty thousand followers and a chance to sell tummy tea. I know Colton has genuine intentions but underneath it all I really think he was plotting to be the bachelor ever since Becca.

  75. So glad you’re blogging this season! I’ve followed you since your season and have been looking forward to reading your thoughts. I totally agree about the caelynn and Hannah b stuff. I also wanted to bring up that I’ve noticed Hannah continuously looks at the camera when on group dates or around the other girls, almost like she wants to make sure the camera is on her. Just something I’ve noticed about her, I think she’s really likeable! What are your thoughts on Demi? Many of the girls seem to really like her but she rubs me the wrong way on the show. I like her confidence, but there’s a way to show confidence while still being respectful!

  76. Ali, thanks for the blog. You are adorable not matter what. With your busy schedule, you should decide which hairstyle is easier for you to manage. I did like your shorter style. Can’t wait to see your decision.

  77. I have a question, why do we never see the return portion of any dates? For example on a one on one, if they travel together do they come home together? Is that just alone time/no camera time on the way home?

  78. The whole sending Caitlin home thing was weird. He probably didn’t like her much from night one and they were like, keep her around and then ditch her on a group date to shock everyone. Do these producers not care they are dealing with real people with real feelings?? So dirty and brutal. And the beauty queen feud, no doubt they hate each other but I think Colton’s dramatic reaction to it was exaggerated and not very believable. In fact all the drama in this season has been pretty non-believable. Usually I can get sucked into the season but this time I’m feeling like they’re losing their touch and grasping at any pathetic thing to add “dramatic effect.” Or maybe I’m just one of those old 30-somethings now who is outgrowing this show and can’t be fooled anymore, lol.

  79. I say Chop it! You always wear your longer hair up, maybe with it shorter you’ll be more likely to wear it down more often

  80. You look great either way but I vote chop it! I like your short hairstyle so much that when I chopped my usually long hair, I showed your picture to the stylist for inspo! I feel like you wear it down more when it’s shorter?

  81. As far as your hair goes, I say chop it! Shorter hair is nicer to have for spring/summer anyway. I’m debating on whether or not to cut mine, too!

    The show definitely makes it look like Hannah G will win so that makes me wonder if the show is just editing it to make us think she wins. I’m surprised you didn’t comment on Demi!

  82. I always love reading your blogs and I think you look great with short hair! Especially since you usually wear it up when it’s long anyway 🙂

  83. Im a hairstylist, I vote Shorter! Im soooo happy you’re bachelor blogging, I love reading what you think, so thank you!!! Im also a working mom of two, its insane and incredible all at once, keep up the hard work mama, you’re amazing!

  84. Soo glad you are writing your thoughts again this season!! I’ve always loved reading them! YES, Cassie is the one. I just knew it from the moment we were introduced to her. Plus, they’re editing her in the usual “winner” fashion. We see enough of her to remember her, but not an over saturated amount where it’s obvious.
    The petty drama is just that. Petty. As a mom in my 30’s, I don’t have time for that. I think it’s overplayed and just made for the show.
    Side note: Colton seems to be an easy guy to read. Night one it was very easy to see who he really likes by his his smile and facial expressions. Which is another reason I can see him and Cassie at the end. It will be interesting to see how they edit around that.

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to write about this for all of us! Loved you since your own Bachelor/ette days!

  85. Don’t throw a shoe at me because I guess I’ve been living under a rock! LOL This is my FIRST blog participation EVER! Regarding the Bachelor, I’ll be glad when Colton weeds out a few more girls. I can’t remember her name but the one who blindfolded & spanked Colton on the group (Pirate) date needs to GO!!!!!!!!! but I have a feeling that she’ll be around to make “good tv”.
    As for your hair Ali, it’s gorgeous BOTH ways but the shorter look will be so much easier for you with a busy life & 2 adorable little ones! I so wish I could rock the shorter hair style you might be getting.

  86. Here are my thoughts. Hannah B put herself in this bad spot. It’s been very clear that she doesn’t like Caelynn and she’s the one that keeps bad mouthing Caelynn, not the other way around. I feel like Heather egged Hannah B on to talk to Colton about Caelynn. When I saw that, I was like “Oh, girl! Don’t do it. Don’t listen to Heather. That is terrible advise”. Hannah then went and started this drama by talking crap to Colton about Caelynn. Then, at the pool party, when Colton walks past Heather and Hannah with Caelynn, Heather pipes up and mentions Caelynn is probably talking shit about Hannah to Colton. Heather is giving her “friend” some terrible advise. I feel like she’s helping stir the shit pot. I feel like it’s very high school, but I don’t think it’s Caelynn. I don’t think Caelynn wanted to talk about any of it to Colton. I think she sees and understands how childish it is, but she’s being forced to defend her character I feel like. Hannah I feel like has taken every opportunity to bash Caelynn. There is that one person every season who focuses more on the person they’re “feuding” with than actually trying to progress their relationship with the bachelor/bachelorette. There is also that one person who is egging it on. This season it’s Hannah who is focused more on Caelynn than Colton and Heather is egging Hannah on. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I’m curious to hear what you think about Demi. 😉 She’s seem to be quite the little firecracker and has some serious issues with older women.

  87. I think his choice to send Caitlin home did show he was serious. She said “I don’t really have much to open up about, I’m looking for a guy to come hang out and have a great silly night with me and my friends”, obviously I know they showed us that on purpose but she just didn’t seem on his level.
    Hannah G and Cassie are my favorites as well and they are really it… I don’t think he had great girls…

  88. I agree with your picks and love reading your blog. I don’t think age has a lot to do with priorities but more life experiences. I am a mom of soon to be two, business owner, wife and I think the two are being immature and focusing on the wrong things. Oh and I’m 25 but I also know people that are immature and elementary that are in their 20’s and in their 40’s. Just depends on where your at in life, but age just seems to be a thing especially with a “younger” bachelor this year.

  89. Omg thank you for figuring out who Caitlin looked like!! Yessss Kendra and Kaitlyn! Gosh that was bugging me not being able to pin point that.
    And yes. The drama between the pageant girls is really boring and maybe I’m getting older too, but I wish the girls would just be smart enough to realize that talking badly about another contestant to the bachelor never ends well. It’s a petty waste of time. The bachelor will figure it out himself or make up his own opinion of her. Talking badly about another only makes you look bad in my opinion. And I feel like if you’ve ever watched any season, you should know it only causes drama. So it must be pushed by the producers.
    And I agree that I wish the show went back to the more authentic days where it wasn’t such a platform for fame afterwards. More back to finding love. Now people seem to mainly go on the show to try and just enter the bachelor nation of paradise and Instagram marketing.

  90. I don’t know if it’s a matter of age – this season is just simply meh. But I got to see Colton in a WHOLE new light on his date w Elyse like you did and I love that side of him and it made me more interested in him. I agree w you re him “acting to the camera” and that bugs me too. I thought from minute one that Cassie would be the perfect match for him. I don’t like the drama – and yes I think it’s contrived too – between the two pageant gals. I’m so uninterested in that and either one of them I can’t really even remember their names! I LOVED Elyse but don’t think it’ll be a match. She is just much more mature than him. Re hour hair – I LOVE it long and like how you can wear it short and long (when it’s up) with that style. But whatever works for you – and yes many moms chop it off just bc it’s easier! Love to read your blog and or course really love seeing your two wee ones growing up! I am so struck by how much alike they look and how much like Kevin they look like too!

  91. Hi Ali, I was so excited that you are writing the bachelor blog that I started reading it and forgot that I haven’t finished watching the latest episode..:) thank you so much for writing it, I love reading your perspective on things, all the watching experience gets an upgrade!! I agree with you on the Hanna and Caelynn drama, it feels not natural and immature, as if the producers trying to push it to a double date situation in the next episodes. Caelynn is portreid as more sincere and gentle person, she wasn’t the one to start this and she really is trying to focus on Colton. I love Casey’s and Colton interaction and Hanna G is the most beautiful girl in the group.
    I know that sometimes we feel the need to change our hairstyle (and did it myself couple of times) but in my opinion long hair is much more beautiful and easier to maintain on a daily basis. Although all the styles look awesome on you!!!

  92. Hi Ali!

    I am so excited you brought the Bachelor blog back! You were the first bachelor / bachelorette I watched and I really enjoy reading your opinion of the show! I was sad when I didn’t see anything on your blog after the first 2 episodes and then so excited when I saw it today! Thank you!!!

    As for the hair, I absolutely love your hair both ways. Just the other day you posted a picture and I realized how long your hair is getting! It looks fantastic. I saw someone else comment this and I totally agree with it – keep your hair long a little longer and then cut it in the spring / summer when it starts getting hot outside. It will be nice and refreshing around that time of year and allows you to delay the decision awhile longer, ha! You’ll get the best of both worlds!!!

  93. Yes chop it! It looks so great at that length Ali.
    Also – I feel the same way about this season’s Bachelor. Meh….we will see what happens.

  94. Shorter looks adorable! It frames your face nicely.

    Cassie for the win. She seems sweet and genuine!

    Happy to see your blogging about the Bachelor!! 🙂

  95. I have been so uninterested in this season too, but part of that is all of the talk about his virginity, just overkill. I might try to watch when they get to the hometown dates.

  96. Same here. Keep watching, not sure why.. but love it. I agree that back when you were on, it was more “real” and “genuine”. Now I feel like some just want to be on for the Instagram “fame” and chance at making a fortune being an influencer. Like its a game to stay on long enough to build their own fan base.

    I do like Colton. I think he’s a good guy. I also see him and Elyse being drinking buddies, but not a love match. I like him and Hannah G. but they haven’t had much one-on-one time and she seems low-key and no-drama so likely she won’t get much air time sadly.

    You didn’t mention Demi. I actually find her hysterical because although is very immature and basically a bitch, she is pretty real and makes no apologies about who she is. You get what you see with her.

    I don’t even remember who Cassie is. SO again. Probably won’t get much screen time since the drama queens seem to monopolize.

    I love your hair long. A ponytail is THE most maintenance-free hairstyle if you ask me. Which I guess, technically, you did!

  97. I completely agree that this season seems more “calculated” and “directed”.
    The drama between the pageant girls is ridiculous and being dragged out. I think anyone who has children finds this type of drama annoying. I am 22 but married with twin daughters and I find it elementary. So I dont think age has anything to do with it, I just think it has to do with your priorities whether you find it entertaining or not.

  98. I think Hannah B made a mistake bringing the drama between her and Caelynn up to Colton. They don’t like each other and that’s the end of it. Hannah seems to be making a much bigger deal out of it and the clip where she said she hates Caelynn certainly made her look out of control. I think she should have just let it go because she’s making herself look bad.

    Is it just me or do his interactions with Demi seem awkward?? Colton’s a virgin and here she is blindfolding him and spanking him with a paddle. I thought he looked a bit uncomfortable in that situation. In my opinion she needs to tone it down a bit.

    What does everyone think of “Never Been Kissed” Heather?

  99. OH!! And I’m for cutting your hair! I just got mine chopped off a few weeks ago and with two kids, it’s SOOOO much easier. It dries and styles so much quicker.

  100. SO thrilled you are back with Bachelor blogs – I love reading your thoughts. I am turning 30 in a couple weeks and I am so with you on the unnecessary drama between Caelyn and Hannah B. I cannot believe there is so much air time being focused on this. I also cannot believe Colton is involving himself so much. It seems as though he is taking everything they each say verbatim, and does not realize there are 3 sides to every story – each person’s side as well as the truth. I agree that Caelyn seems to be uninterested in sharing the drama, and therefore I am feeling as though I believe her a little more. I also find it interesting that Hannah keeps taking advice from Heather, who likely does not have much dating experience to go off of, seeing as she has “never been kissed”. Clearly Colton is very interested in the girls (my guess is Caelyn), otherwise I think he would be very “over” this drama.

    I agree about Cassie. I picked her for my fantasy team and she is clearly flying under the radar right now. I 100% agree she will win and/or be the next Bachelorette. She is SO natural, kind and likable. I want to be friends with her!

    Thank you so much for doing this and for engaging with us – Bachelor Nation is my guiltiest of pleasures! xo

  101. Hi Ali! I am a little late at posting a comment so you may never even read but just wanted to say I love your Bachelor recaps! I am 26 and married with a 10 month old. I think the drama is elementary as well. I think he should just go ahead and send them both home! Ha

  102. What I have learned as I get older is I don’t like drama. So why do I watch, “The Bachelor/Bachelorette?” I am a romantic!

    Ali, you are beautiful inside and out. I would opt for the short hair cut. Less time spent on your hair and more time with your babies and Owen! You look darling either way but I just love the waves with your shorter length hair.

  103. Your hair is gorgeous either way , but I think it’s SUPER CUTE CUT OFF..

    I have The Bachelor recorded but have been so busy, haven’t got to watch , so keep blogging , would much rather hear it from you 💗

  104. I’ve slowly been losing interest in seasons too and catch myself on my phone most of the time rather than watching. But I am a dedicated fan and can’t give it up yet. Were similar though, I turned 30 in September and have a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old 😂

    I also think Caelynn looks like a brunette Reese Witherspoon and Caitlin looks like Alexis Dziena 😂But.. I think Hannah G. will get picked in the end. She just seems like Colton’s type.. I don’t want to pin stereotypes on them, but they remind me of the football player and the cheerleader that we all knew in high school…. just sayin..

  105. Ali,

    I wanted to quickly comment on first impression rose winners!

    For the past several seasons on the Bachelor, they haven’t done as well as you mention, most not even making top 4.

    Juan Pablo – Sharleen
    Chris Soules- Britt
    Ben Higgins- Olivia
    Nick- Rachel (top 4)
    Arie- Chelsea

    Bachelorettes know how to pick ‘em! I think the past five have all won 🙂

    I do think Hannah G will go far, though! Maybe Colton has more going for him than I’ve given him credit for!

    You are beautiful! Can’t wait to see what hair you choose!

  106. I say keep that long hair for as long as you can! Even though you’re in your 30’s, you’re still quite young! I’m in my 50’s and long hair isn’t for me anymore. I would bet that your husband loves your long hair and his opinion is what matters most!
    Also, my husband and I kept thinking that Caitlin looked like someone and we could’t figure it out! I couldn’t believe he sent her home so soon. I really liked Caitlin.
    Your opinion on Colton being too used to the cameras puts things into perspective for me now. Hopefully he’s not getting over-produced and can actually reciprocate some real feelings for one or two of these women. It seems the producers have been trying too hard the last couple of seasons to find some drama ahead of time instead of letting the drama come to them.
    Glad to have you back Ali!

  107. So happy your bachelor blog is back!

    Anywho, so I am in my early 30’s and wasn’t really a Colton fan when watching the bachelorette or Paradise so I wasn’t really planning on watching this year. I fast forward with a glass of wine in hand with a friend of mine as we discuss how boring the season is and why in the world are these 22 and 23 year olds so ready to “find love”. Colton himself is young and whomever he chooses I sadly just don’t see it lasting. It’s very clear though that he is very aware he’s on a show, and it’s even more obvious which girls are aiming for instafame as well as those aiming for Paradise tickets *cough Demi, cough*.

    Also that convo with Cailynn seemed so force, I felt the awkwardness of talking about it. Well there ya have it, either I’m too “old” for the show or the show has lost it’s touch on the “30+ crowd”.

    Can’t wait to fast forward with you and read your views! PS love both hair lengths but I miss my short hair so I say chop it since I can’t!

  108. I love your bachelor blogs Ali, and I watch all the way over in New Zealand. I keep your blog up as I watch the episode!
    So glad you picked up on the whole ‘season’ thing too, that bugged me so much!! It made Colton seem so contrite about the whole thing. But he’s slowly growing on me as he does seem genuinely sweet.
    I’ll be keeping my eye on your pick for top two, can’t wait to see if you’re right 😊

  109. I love your bachelor blogs, thanks for finding the time. I know how it is with kids and not having enough time — I have 4 kids myself. I’m finding this season kind of boring. The producers need to come up with something different for drama. It seems so rehearsed. The same thing happens on each show. I still love watching though. Also I would keep your hair long. I personally like long hair better. Long is much easier just to put up or wear a ball cap and it still looks good. I think short doesn’t look good unless it is fixed.

  110. Yes for Cassie….b/c when Colton asked Hannah G for more info about her, she just said there’s so much to her and then in the next scene they were rolling around on his bed. I think no communication will get old for Colton. Unless he’s talked enough for one lifetime 😉

    Love your hair either way. I’m going back to long b/c I couldn’t manage it short but your cut and color are gorgeous.

  111. I think it will be Hannah G. in the end. Not a lot happening now together (other than that little make out session in his room!! But they are SO cute together! And she is very no drama, which I love!

    Your hair is very glamorous long, and darling and sassy short. Both look great on you, just depends on the look you’re after.

  112. I’m so late in thus but was away and just returned to find the best email informing me the Bach blog is back! Yay
    I’m liking colton so far, but I agree with you, I think my priorities shifted and find myself getting really annoyed by some of the petty drama?!
    So far I love hannah g. And cassie, but also hannah b. And elyse who seems like a really classy lady. I think caelynn will be bachelorette if colton doesn’t pick her

  113. Did notice the strangely uniform appearance with a certain type and look, none a little heavier apparently because women need to be only one type.

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