Bachelor In Paradise
August 13, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – I am HERE for Demi!

Wow! It is so exciting to see where the Bachelor franchise is heading after this episode! So much went on during last night's episode but it’s really hard for me to focus…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 12, 2019

Bachelor In Paradise – Jordan Kimball is Back!

Wow! So much has happened since last week's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and SO much happened in tonight's episode. I cannot wait to chat with you all about it!

Jordan Kimball!!!!

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 6, 2019

Bachelor In Paradise Day 2

Welcome to Night 2 of my Bachelor in Paradise blog! I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t planning on posting a blog after every episode, and would likely only be posting…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 5, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise Begins!

Welcome to my very first Bachelor in Paradise blog! I am so excited to dive into this season with all of you - I truly love BIP!

First let's starts with a…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 11, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

So many couples! I love that I can break my post up by couples now. It means paradise is doing it's thang! Not every couple survived and I am soooo shocked by…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 4, 2018

Our New Bachelor….

Bachelor in Paradise was once again sooo good last night and we must discuss! But I want to start with discussing who ABC chose as the next Bachelor. If you don't want…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 14, 2018

Bachelor In Paradise – I’m Obsessed!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog about Bachelor in Paradise last week! But I hope to blog about it every week moving forward because I am soooo obsessed! This show…

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