Bachelor In Paradise
September 17, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise Finale and Reunion

I cannot believe that this season of Bachelor in Paradise is over already! What a great finale, and I am so excited for our new Bachelor! Let's get right into talking about…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 10, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – Who will get engaged?!

It's Paradise night!!!! Eeeek we are officially ending the road with this season. In just one week we will find out who is engaged! I am so excited for all these amazing…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 9, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – Caelynn and Dean Forever

Wow, I seriously am so happy with tonight's episode!! We are continuing to see these couple's flourish (yay Caelynn + Dean!) and grow and I can't wait to see where they all…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 3, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – Dean is Back!!!!

Forgive me in advance because today has been an absolutely insane day so I’m not gonna hit on everything that happened on the show tonight. But I did want to touch base…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 2, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – Angela’s Arrival + the Downfall of JPJ

I always say that there is so much to discuss, but truly, we haven't had an episode yet where there isn't a ton to discuss! Ha! Paradise is full of things to…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 26, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – JPJ

Goodness gracious there is so much craziness going on in Paradise! I feel like there is some drama with almost every couple. And two new love interests for JPJ!

New Rose Ceremony…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 20, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise – Demi

Tonight’s episode is truly all about Demi. It’s so important for so many reasons and I really wanna give that situation the attention and respect it deserves so I’m going to leave…

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