The Bachelor – Who isn’t “Ready”?

Anyone else think last night episode was boring? I feel like things always get a bit boring at this point in the seasons. It’s when the drama dies down (except the little bit we see of Oneka and Nicole which I’ll get to) and the real serious relationships haven’t quite started yet. But one man was the teaser at the end good! I am so excited for next weeks episode. But let’s discuss last night first!

Onyeka and Nicole Drama

I found it a bit silly that Colton was so involved in the Onyeka and Nicole drama. But I’m glad it’s over with. I will say that I do feel like Nicole got dragged into all of it and it wasn’t her fault at all. I truly believe she didn’t say anything inappropriate and Onyeka started something that Nicole couldn’t help but get dragged into because it was about her. Oh well, both girls are gone and I think it’s safe to say that Colton wasn’t really feeling either one of them even before all the drama started. He probably just used that as an excuse to say goodbye at this point.

Hannah G. Date

Did anybody else feel extremely uncomfortable watching his date with Hannah G? I felt like I should look away because I was seeing something too intimate and personal. And I’m not gonna lie, it kind of upset me seeing him being so hands-on and intimate with her after he had the exact same experience with Cassie just the other day. After last weeks episode with Cassie, I was so sure she would make it to the end but now it totally seems like it could be Hannah G! And look, I get that on the show people make out a lot. But there’s always a line drawn. I might be mis-remembering past seasons or maybe I’m just more sensitive to it because I’m older now. But I don’t ever remember this much intimacy on back-to-back dates in past seasons. Do you guys? It just feels wrong to me. 

Group Date

So many of the seasons have physical fighting dates like this. On my season it was olive oil wrestling. And the guys really got hurt fighting each other. So I want to point out that Colton doesn’t plan these dates. Just like I didn’t plan the date when the guys had to fight on my season. I hated it! I hated every single second of it! And I’m sure he didn’t enjoy this either. At one point he said something about how it was supposed to be a fun playful date. Really? Girls (or guys) putting on boxing gloves and punching each other is not going to end well.

Sydney Leaving 

Good for her for leaving on her own accord. She knew, and all of us watching knew, that Colton just wasn’t into her. If he was, he would’ve fought for her to stay. Imagine if Cassie or Hannah B said they were leaving. It would’ve been a different conversation. 

I’m glad that she realized she wasn’t getting enough for herself and therefore wasn’t as into him either. I think it takes a lot of self awareness and strength to see that. I’m a fan of hers for sure!

Kirpa Date 

I don’t have a ton to say about this one because to be completely honest with you guys I zoned out a little bit while watching it. Not because I found it boring. Just because I don’t think he’s going to end up with her. So I kind of didn’t feel like I needed to watch because I don’t think she will be around much longer. Sorry if that sounds mean. Nothing against her! I’m just a busy mom of two and it’s hard for me to watch these two-hour episodes as it is so I have to multitask and do other things while watching when I can! Anyone else surprised she got a rose?!


I’ll miss Demi. She was young and she came off a little rough around the edges but I think she was a good soul. I liked her and all of her whit! I hope she had a beautiful reuniting with her mama when she got home!

Who Isn’t “Ready”?

Colton’s wondering what he is missing at the end of the episode and I am wonder too! Who are the girls talking about? Who isn’t ready to get engaged to him? My only guess is Heather but only because she is so inexperienced. Not because her heart isn’t in the right place. What do you guys think? I wish Katie said more before she left!

Last night’s episode was kind of boring but I am soooo excited for next weeks! Looks intense right?!?! Why do we see Cassie crying in what looks like an “exit car?” There is no way she gets sent home is there? We must discuss everything in the comments below! But no spoilers please!!!

My Looks

While you are here, I will give y a few details on my looks this week! Some of you have been asking on Instagram. We have been having the best time in Illinois and Indiana! It’s been so fun to wear all my winter clothes! But this first look is from LA at the beginning of the week. It’s just a really fun jumpsuit!


I LOVE this “snow” sweater. It’s pricier than I normally spend, but I got it for this trip. So glad we got the snow I was hoping for! And my boots are on sale for 50% off right now! You guys have been LOVING these boots every time I wear them.


And I have to link my jacket below. The EXACT jacket isn’t in stock right now but this one is basically identical. And I found the exact one in black too. I’m also wearing the boots I just talked about that are 50% off inthe second picture below. More winter fashion to come!


81 Thoughts

81 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Who isn’t “Ready”?

  1. I feel there is more chemistry between Hannah G than with Cassie – even with their conversations of course, but we shall see! Going forward I just feel 23 year olds are way too young for the purpose of this show for an “engagement”. Trust me I know that people get engaged and/or married at that age, close friends and family have! But of course, it’s under different circumstances. They have either dated for years or they weren’t with 19 other women. Idk. It’s just truly the reason I’m really not into this season. The “cougar club” is where it’s at! 27 and up! Ha!

    1. Side note – Bekkah from Arie’s season was 22/23 seemed way more mature! I was shocked at her age! I know maturity has a lot to do with it .. something just seems off this season!

      1. Well Colton isn’t exactly what I would call mature. Unfortunately all of the girls that he’s most in to are on his level. None of these people are ready to get married, including Colton. I think he’s just so into the idea of marriage, but needs to mature a LOT.

    2. I definitely agree! I got married when I was 23, but I had been dating my husband for over 4 years, so it didn’t seem too soon or like I was too young. So you’re right that it depends on the circumstance. But I’m getting tired of hearing some of these 23 year old girls cry about how they can never find love, but they’ve only dated like 1 person before. So I agree that it would be nice to have some women on the next season who are in their mid to late 20’s to even it out a bit. I think that will help with some of the immature drama as well.

      1. There were 17/30 women who were 25 or older when this Bachelor show began. Perhaps Colton is more drawn to the younger girls, save Tayshia, because he is so inexperienced with woman and dating/ relationships.

    3. Agree!!! I can’t say it enough this season, whoever he ends up with I just don’t think it’ll be lasting. These young girls have so much life ahead of them and I really like so many of them but I think they aren’t ready for marriage.

    4. I agree with you about Hannah G. I feel like I have seen a connection from night one. Also, I think back to all of my friends at 23 and relationships we were in to now – oh my gosh! We were nowhere near ready!

  2. Unrelated Bach question: when traveling do the women get to go out and explore? Or do they have to stay in their hotel rooms??

    1. I believe she has answered this before. I think they have to stay in the room and obsess about the bachelor / bachelorette.

  3. I totally agree!! I found myself being soooo bored last night! Also, I’m super over those steamy scenes-it’s like the show is trying to prove that he’s sexual despite being the “virgin bachelor.” Also, I totally agree about the serious nature of the makeouts. I’ve heard past leads say they worked really hard to protect the relationship of the person they felt strongest for and it doesn’t seem like Colton is doing this. But who am I to judge? I’ve never been the bachelor or bachelorette.

    I’m also really intrigued about the coming episodes but it seemed like the scenes they showed were fromthe rest of the season, not just next week’s episode. I still think Cassie is the one he’ll pick but who knows :-).

    1. I love Cassie, but I noticed in the previews that other than her crying in the (hopefully not) “exit car” they don’t show her at all!! And showing Hannah B meeting his parents must mean she’s a final 2, which I’m not thrilled with. I’m team Cassie.

  4. I agree that his date with Hannah G. felt very intimate. I think it’s definitely a toss up between her & Cassie. It seems like he’s had more conversation with Hannah at this point, but in reality we don’t really know that since they mostly just show us their make out sessions (which is starting to get a little hard to watch over & over again).

    Yea, the date with Kirpa was a little boring. I do like her…she seems pretty laid back & just down to earth. So I wasn’t surprised that she got a rose, but I know she won’t end up in the final few. However, I actually think she would make a pretty decent bachelorette. She seems level headed & knows what she wants. And since she’s already been engaged before, I think she’s more ready & mature enough to be in a long term relationship/engagement as opposed to some of the other girls who have barely even dated in the past.

    Based on the promo for next week, I think they’re definitely trying to throw us off & confuse us. So I’m very curious to see what the next episode will bring!

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in Indiana & Illinois! I live in Central Illinois (about 3 hours south of Chicago) so I know the weather right now can be a drag, but I’m sure Molly is enjoying playing in the snow!

  5. OMG-I was SO bored by last night’s episode. But hopefully next week will make up for it. And seriously, your hair in the picture with Molly looks so amazing! I have a similar cut, but always wear it straight. I may be daring and try to style it like yours!

  6. Ali you’re SO judgemental considering you were THE whiniest bachelorettes of all time. And we get it, you’re the only busy mom of 2 out there who watches this. Give me a break, stop with the I’m such a busy Mom card. It’s getting old.

    1. Gillian
      You seem to have missed the lecture that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. No value added!

      1. Wow shut up! Ali was my fav bachelorette hence why I’ve been following her all these years! You obviously have no idea what it’s like to be a mum! I take my hat off to Ali to find the time to write these blogs FOR US when she works and has 2 kids. You’re just jealous. 🙄

    2. Wow …if you are a hater, then dont read her blog. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Your comments are hurtful.

    3. She was an amazing bachelorette and one of my faves. Plus I don’t think she is saying she is the only mom watching this. Just that she is doing things while the show is playing. Let’s be kind and uplift each other. Too much hate and shaming. It’s actually quite sad. You’re great Ali! Keep being awesome.

      1. I totally and 100% agree with you!!! Ali is great. One of my favs. Don’t read blog if your going to be negative nelly! 💕

    4. Why read her blogs if you don’t like her opinions? Ali don’t pay attention to people like this. Most of the time its because they are jealous of you and hate their own life. Be kind, it might get you some place. I love reading your blogs and I totally understand I watch the show and multi task with 4 kids. We all know exactly what you are talking about. Love Love what you have to say. Don’t let people like this get you down. You’re the best!

    5. You you think that’s a little rude to say this to Ali. She is so genuine & honest and real. And real the only past bachelorette that I enjoy following.

      Go job Ali!!!

    6. If you dislike her so much why do you follow her blog?? It amazes me when these keyboard warriors come out and spew such hatred, have you forgotten that these bloggers are real, live humans who have feelings too?! Constructive criticism is one thing but outright insults are just rude and unnecessary. This is her blog, she can write whatever she desires. If you don’t like it, don’t read it…move along.

    7. Feeling a little cranky, eh Gillian?! It’s so easy to be so condemning behind your anonymous keyboard. I think you forgot the axiom, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” we could do without your comment.

    8. Why not unsubscribe from this blog? You, miss, are nasty and mean. I have the feeling you likely have a shitty life, from that post, so I will work on good thoughts for you.

    9. I love Ali and think her opinions are great and love her blogs but am also tired of the “busy” comments. We are all busy.

      1. I love your blog Ali and love when you have great insight into the Bachelor world. But if you can’t keep up to write an in depth blog about it, that’s okay. I get it. It’s a low priority for your life right now. The reason I follow along is for your fashion and family life anyway. As I think many people do. So maybe the previous poster did not use constructive criticism in her post but I kind of get her gist.

    10. If you find her so judgemental, why are you following her blog? Here’s a tip to help you in the future – just unfollow her. No need for comments like this – just so unnecessary. The only whiny one right now is you, Gillian.

    1. I agree that I think the two who aren’t ready are Hannah B and Heather! I’m curious to see what comes next week!

  7. I don’t think being physically attracted to someone necessarily = meant to be. (Hannah G.) I think even though there was a lot of PDA on the date with Cassie, they seemed to have a better connection. 🤷‍♀️

  8. I totally feel like this is a producer’s doing. EVERYTHING is geared towards sexual/physicalness due to hyping up the fact he’s no innocent virgin here and totally going to lose his virginity. They aren’t showing ANY conversations with women. I was shocked about Kirpa’s rose! But all other goodbyes, predictable. The previews were a bit shocking! Cassie looks to be leaving, Hannah B meets parents (which is usually final 2) Taysia seems to stick around and we didn’t really see much of Caelynn?! Very interesting. As to being ready, idk?! I was 23 when I got married. I was a year into my career/out of college. Now we waited about 4 years for kids. I also thought the conversation Taysia had with Kirpa at what is usually the ‘toast’ was rather strange!?!

  9. I agree with some of the other comments on here- a lot of these girls are so young and it’s not that I don’t think you can’t be young and have a successful marriage but maybe the bachelor isn’t the best platform for it. There seems to be a lot more gossiping and telling on other girls and Colton seems so invested in all of it which really shows their age in my opinion. I’m starting to lose interest, especially since I’m not sure he’s going to be able to make it work with the Hannah or Cassie at this point unless we see more than just the physical aspect of their relationship. We get it!

    Also, welcome to Chicago Ali! Born and raised here and glad that your kiddos got to enjoy the snowfall the past couple days! Xx

  10. Did anyone notice Cassie was only seen in the car possibly going home on the promo? They showed the other girls going on dates and only that one scene with Cassie. So either she goes home or they are trying to throw us off- which I think is what they are trying to do! I still think she stays til the end!

  11. I love your blog, Ali! Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. I totally agree with you about the level of intimacy with Hannah G on their date. I told my daughter to look the other way when they were all over each other. Ha! Hannah G. is a beauty though. I was just surprised that ABC decided to show all of that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Enjoy the rest of your time with family!

  12. Am I the only one that was thrilled to see Demi go home? She seem to like a troublemaker from the start and a little too big for her own britches. Even after she got let go, she didn’t seem very humbled as per her latest Instagram post. I don’t know, but she reminds me of someone who would be in full control of the entire relationship. She wasn’t exactly nice about the other girls and a little part of me enjoyed seeing her get pummeled by her opponent in the boxing match LOL

  13. I personally like hannah g for him because she seems like a right match. Calmness that she offers he seems drawn too.
    Im glad demi left, she was pursuing him like a high school crush not a woman in love.
    Kirpa date surprised me when he said slow and steady burn, which it seems he’s drawn to in a few of the remaining girls.
    Sad about Sydney but I loved what she said about shiny objects. Great explanation for a man’s thinking. Keep focused on what you want to see not what they do.

  14. HI Ali, I’m also a mom of two wonderful girls (2 and 6) (from Belgium) and watching the episode last night wasn’t with my full attention. I feel there are beautiful souls there, but still inexperienced and still have a lot of maturing to do. Maybe they should cast above 25-26 years old women in the next season. I get the producers love the drama, but like you, i don’t enjoy it as much anymore. We must be growing up 😉
    I want to say I loved your post about your mother-in-law What a warm family and you truly are very lucky (even though you go through all the struggled we moms go through. I love how honest you are about that as well. It makes me feel less alone 😉
    Love your new hairdo too btw!

  15. I think Hannah B and Heather are the ones who aren’t ready! I like them, but I don’t think they are ready. I also felt super uncomfortable and awkward with both Cassie and Hannah G.’s dates. So intimate! I am also a busy mom of 2 so I totally get having to tune some of it out, I usually fast forward through a lot of it! 2 hours is a big time commitment!

  16. I’ve been wondering who “isn’t ready” either. My only thought is the girls may have found out that Cassie was previously (and currently) on another reality tv show called “young once” and maybe the connection there with her ex boyfriend has the girls worried that she isn’t there for the right reasons or ready to get engaged so soon since filming? This isn’t a spoiler at all, since I haven’t read anything, but I’m trying to think outside of the box. Also would explain why we see her crying in the car. Maybe this wasn’t news all along but the producers chose not to show her talking about her experience on reality TV until now for the shocker effect! At any rate I still think she’ll be a top 2… along with Hannah G!

  17. Hi Ali! Off-topic but wanted to say that I love your new haircut. It is perfectly designed for your face and bone structure!

  18. I said the same thing to my mom..boring show last night. As far as Hannah G…I think it is just lust towards her…he talked about her blue eyes,etc. However, when he talked about Cassie it was just more personal and he even mentioned in one episode feeling butterflies around her. I noticed last night that once again he pulled her privately to the bedroom for alone time. He seems to make her priority on the group dates and I noticed several times in the background he was standing next to Cassie. I definitely think the preview of next week is to throw people off especially since the high drama people are off…gotta put drama in somewhere right?

  19. I actually liked the show last night and I realize I’m going to be in the minority here…but I really liked Demi. I thought she had a great personality and made the show fun, but not mean spirited. I could see her as a Bachelorette someday.

    As far as who is not ready, I see Cassie, Hannah B (what’s with the Beast stuff!!) and definitely Heather not ready. Heather above all. She’s cute, but comes across as very childish. Will be interesting to see who wins! I like Hannah G and Tayshia.

  20. Well Ali, you have the most beautiful family. Molly looks just like Dad and your cutest boy, looks like his Mama

    As for Colton, Hanna G. Is gorgeous and I Love Caelyn too.

  21. I’m a little upset about that Cassie scene in the car… and the fact she wasn’t showed in any of the previews either! 😢

  22. I think several girls aren’t ready for marriage. Hannah B is so immature and I see so much drama in a life with her. She comes off super silly and cute but that gets old. Heather could no way be ready for marriage, she just had her first kiss for heavens sake. I don’t think she’d have bad intentions just super inexperienced. I’m a little indifferent with Cassie and Hannah G. I feel like they have that amazing physical chemistry but is their any depth to it? I could see them being in it all for the fame and it wouldn’t last long after. I heard Cassie is on some other reality show right now that was filmed before the bachelor. That’s a little weird to me and makes me think she wants the fame. I don’t think Kirpa will be on much longer but I do think she’s sweet and if they had a longer time frame then something could maybe happen there. I do like Taysha but I do wonder if she’ll be there in the end. I did think it was really funny and interesting in that last clip Of the night, that she turns to Kirpa and says “I think it’s going to be the two of us in the end”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say some thing like that. But they’re by far the most mature. I just wonder if it will bother him that Taysha has been married? You’d think he would have sent her home already if it did but it could be one of those deciding factors between her and someone else. Anyway, I’d guess that Cassie and Hannah G and Taysha would be the final three. I honestly hope Hannah B isn’t there. It’s just too much fake to me and immaturity.

    1. Read about Young Once. It’s a docudrama about people at her college. She and her ex had already realized they weren’t right for each other before the show contacted them for a second season. So how you stay friends with an ex was a big part of it. Filming was finished before filming for the Bachelor started.

  23. I love Contin’s connection with Cassie. She is so down to earth and looks ready for marriage. Hannah G and Colton are cute but I just don’t see their connection as deep enough. Can’t wait to see the next few weeks!!! I think it’s Hannah that isnt ready for marriage. Thanks for everything you do Ali and for keeping it real! You are amazing!! Don’t listen to other people’s negativity. Woman need to build each other up. ❤️

  24. I agree with you about Cassie and totally expected her to make it till the end, but I don’t think they showed her in the previews after the “exit car” or on dates presumably later in the season. Is this a producer trick?!? Could she really be leaving!?

  25. Umm, first of all, the first thing I need to discuss is how freaking amazing your hair looks, Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Your hair was super adorable and beautiful longer and is equally as adorable and beautiful with this short cut!!!!! Also, your family vacation pics are adorable!!!

    I think Hannah G and Colton are great people (and Hannah G is absolutely gorgeous) but I did look away during the more intimate parts of their date. It’s just not my cup of tea to watch those parts. I do find myself looking away and muting the tv often when watching, in general, but I do find many scenes that are more comfortable for me to watch! I don’t care if that makes me a prude- I’ll happily be called a prude 🙂 I am sure Colton and Hannah G didn’t want us all watching either! HAHA!

    Demi broke my heart. I saw a real raw endearing side to her and I’ll miss her too. I hope she had a wonderful sweet reunion with her mom! 🙂

    I felt really bad for Nicole- it was incredibly unfair for second hand information to get passed on to Colton about her. I hope he sent Nicole home because he genuinely didn’t see something with her before the drama and it wasn’t the drama that sent her home.

    Sydney was so sweet and I wish her well! I hope she finds a magical love 🙂

    They made it seem like Hannah B wasn’t ready for marriage because she was giggly and playing around with poles. I am almost 35 and I’ve been married for almost 12 years. Hannah B is totally like me being silly and giggly- I wouldn’t think that doesn’t make me suitable for marriage lol. Some of the girls seem to be insinuating she wasn’t ready for marriage because of her personality and I completely disagree with that. However, this is a show and it may have been edited to seem that way so I don’t want to state that as a fact. I realize I could be completely wrong and I hope I am! 🙂

  26. I agree with your comments….I saw a different side of Demi. Felt bad for her. But I think Colton is looking fur a blonde who is a like more reserved. His focus is on Hannah B and Cassie. I think that producers are trying to throw us off….cassie doesn’t have much air time but I think she’ll go to the end. Can’t wait till next week’s drama. Why did Colton run away?

  27. I agree that this weeks episode was a tad boring. I honestly was a little surprised Kirpa got the rose because even though she seems like a nice girl I just don’t see them vibing well long term & I thought he had a better connection Katie, but ultimately I don’t think Kirpa will be around much longer anyway. I definitely think if his fiancée is watching this season that she’s having a difficult time with all of these super intense make out sessions & I hope it doesn’t hurt their relationship permanently. I think the girl that’s “not ready” is most likely Heather because she doesn’t have a ton of experience in the dating world, but she seems sweet & well intentioned. Although regardless of who he ends up with I hope they are planning for a long engagement because almost everyone, including Colton, would greatly benefit from maturing a bit before making a permanent commitment.

    P.S. Ali don’t take the rude haters comments to heart! I Love how of all the people I follow on IG you are so real with your everyday life, because life’s not perfect! You are rocking this mom, wife, work life balance & it’s so refreshing to see! You are so amazing at encouraging and supporting other women at every stage of life & I hope we as followers are able to return the favor by lifting you up a bit too!!

  28. I will preface my comment by saying, I have no problem or negative opinion on Colton being a virgin… with that being said the time with Cassie and Hannah were two of the hottest and more physically intimate episodes I remember seeing on either The Bachelor or Bachelorette before… this was surprising because of the fact that Colton is a virgin. I guess I thought it would be less hot lol…

    I am excited to see who he winds up with and of course only time will tell if they make it long term!

    I enjoy your blog btw and your family is adorable Ali

  29. I really enjoyed reading your blog this week! I felt last weeks was a little harsh. But I loved your writing this week! Did you mean if Cassie or Hannah G were to leave he would not react that way? You typed Hannah B and I don’t think he would care all that much if she left lol. Cassie or Hannah G on the other hand! He is an emotional guy – and he would have fought for them for sure.
    My predictions for final four are: Hannah G, Cassie, Caelynn and Tasia!

  30. I agree Ali on two fronts. So boring I hardly watched anything, mainly just to see what Cassie was wearing lol. Re the intimate scenes – they made me uncomfortable and I felt they were inappropriate and Im not necessarily conservative. Just not necessary. I’ve never liked the fighting segments either. I still think it’s Cassie btw so by now I’m not interested in anyone else bc his interest doesn’t seem to me to really be there for the others.

    And now your kids!! Way more interesting to watch grow up! You singing Ring Around the Rosies! Love it! You may be too young to remember but my sons LOVED Pat-a-Cake. They say in my lap and chanted or and loved when I leaned them over backwards! Keep up the amazing parenting, both of you!

  31. In the previews, I think it was a blonde, curly-haired young man that Cassie said “What are you doing here?” before she got in the black car. That is NOT her former boy friend. Perhaps it is her brother and something happened to a family member and he came to escort her home for a bit or to tell her about itin person. I saw a Tweet from her last night referring to the yummy drinks in Thailand, so whatever happened, I don’t think it was life changing enough to have her drop out. With editing, one never knows!
    I thought Cassie and Hannah G. would be the final 2 and Caelynn and Tayshia would round out the Final 4, but in the previews, it looks like Tayshia and Hannah B., for certain are 2 of the Final 4.

    The hot, intimates scenes with Cassie last week and Hannah G. this week, were too, too much! The girl he chooses in the end, will not be happy about that level of intimacy, I’m quite sure.

    I see no chemistry with Colton and Kirpa. She acted almost depressed and unhappy when they were having their serious chat. I see Colton needing and wanting a more positive, happy, fun and supportive partner.

    His inexperience and immaturity with relationships is very evident. I hope that he and the women he chooses spend at least a year getting to know each other before or if they choose to marry.

  32. I agree with the episode being boring but I haven’t found this season to be all that exciting. I think it’s very predictable as well. I felt like I barely knew Sydney or Katie. Demi I was not sad to see her go. She was rude to people and super catty.

    Of the girls left – Hannah B and Heather I don’t see him picking and I don’t think they are ready. Kirpa, I am surprised he gave her a rose. That was such a boring date.

    I see the final four as Cassie, Hannah G, Tay, and Caelynn. I feel like most people picked this four and they were picked early on. I haven’t been able to do that in previous seasons.

    I like Colton. I just am not a fan of this season. The fighting is juvenile and the dates and conversations are super boring.

    1. The Katie exit put me on the edge of my seat! It intrigued me too that all 3 girls who left say the same thing! What on earth?! And that teaser is really going back and forth in my head!
      Not to sound mean but them casting Colton as lead was definitely their cry for help in the ratings department, and sadly it’s not working… this season is definitely a snooze fest. I find myself on my phone more than actually watching! I myself have 2 small kids so my “quiet time” at the end of the day is limited 😂😂😂 BUT hopefully the fence jumping episode will prove us wrong 😉

      One last random observation, Colton is a buff guy! Ever notice how when he hugs the girls he bear hugs them and they look so tiny?! So random I know, but he hugged Demi, then Katie, and I was like whOaaAaa!

  33. As a Texan I was rooting for home town girl Demi but knew she was not for him. He said once he wasn’t into too much pda and think she was a little over the top for him. She seemed sweet but immature, but the expression on her face when rejected her was so sad. She will be great for Paradise. There is something about Hannah B that makes me root for but was somewhat surprised to see her on a hometown visit. I don’t mind some making out but thought the exchange between Cassie and Hannah G to be a little too much and just a week apart seemed to take away from the specialness of both. He did however at the end of Hannah’s date did say he was falling in love with her and is the first time he has said that. I like Taysha but seems too mature for him. Don’t know if you listen to Ben and Ashley I podcast on IHeart Radio but they had Sydney on their show this week. She said the reason she left is because it was difficult to get Colton to have more than more than a surface level conversation and I see that with most of the women. He asks for it from the women but don’t see him giving it in return. The podcast also had the host and a producer from the Vietnam Bachelor on and talked about how more was required of their Bachelor and how several women on the first name rejected the rose because they didn’t feel a connection. I am still a long-standing fan but am ready to see more mature Bachelors. I feel the Bachelorettes are mature than most of the Bachelors.

  34. Am I the only one noticing that Colton hasn’t gotten “really” deep with maybe 2 of the girls? (Caelynn and Tayshia)? I am not a fan of all the make out scenes. Like is that all he wants? I got engaged at 23 and wasn’t married till I was 27. Some of these girls I think aren’t ready. I will miss Demi. Loved her. And Sydney.

    1. I have noticed it, all I have really seen is physical connections. I thought he had a connection with Elyse but she left, I think she was wanting more than he was giving

  35. I agree with you, Ali! This was a boring episode! And I totally get being distracted too, I only have one child, a 3 year old, and he’s very demanding of my attention! Don’t listen to the haters on here, you were my favorite bachelorette and the only one I still follow! I love how down to earth you are and I have appreciated all the parenting stories you’ve shared!
    The more I watch this show, the more I realize that Colton seems too immature for marriage, and not because he’s a virgin. It seems to me like he’s going after the girls that he’s most physically attracted to, but is there a deeper level of attraction there? Also, he seems to prefer blondes! My favorite this season is Caelynn by far, but I don’t think he will pick her. I would love to see her as the next bachelorette! She’s kind, beautiful, and seems to have a lot of maturity.

  36. For demi- I feel like a lot of her being and who she is, she uses her beauty and make up to really identify her charm. I feel like there’s and lot more to than Colton really didn’t see and it’s just a matter of time till she really could bring that out. When she said she didn’t want Colton to be a virgin, I really felt ashamed of her. Like Shea going to ruin that very intimate moment and all the girls would know and it’s premature especially that night cause she went home before roses.

    Sydney- I’m proud of here for acknowledging that her relationship just wasn’t getting there and slowly it’s just taming out to be that he has a very intricate specific type but I know she’s a great person as it seems. I’m proud of her for following her gut and that is so so crucial for everyone. Never distrust your intuition.

    Nicole and Onyeka- I’m very glad to see them leave. They were just not respecting each other and cutting each other’s throats and just not putting aside their differences. Colton has too much experience with the schematic game that he knew what the right thing to do was- just eliminate the whole problem.

    When Colton said the said episode that there might be someone girls not there for the right reasons, caitlins throat had acted up. I’m curious if she’s trying to get added benefits from being the pageant world that it would make her look good for being a step up fiancé to a ball player but that it would increase her image and reputation. I think it’s gonna be caasie, heather, taysha, and kirpa- left.

    From yours truly

    Pine grove, PA

  37. I think it’s Cassie that is not ready to get engaged. Didn’t anyone see the latest news that’s right before she started the bachelor, she was on ANOTHER dating show with her EX boyfriend??? Like back-to-back. That all seems a little sketchy to me, I do not think she is ready.

  38. Colton wasn’t confident enough for this role yet. He shouldn’t care what every person thinks of him and says. He shouldn’t be caught up in the drama. He’s acting like another one of the girls instead of the confident male lead.

    I really hope the editing will change. Either I’m getting too old or this season is sooo sexualized and raunchy. I had high hopes for this season after Elyse and Caelynn’s dates! Hopefully it will get better next week.

    Thanks for your recaps Ali! You were my favorite bachelorette and I love seeing your adorable family! ❤️

  39. Empowering other women warms my heart. 💕
    Gillian, you seem like a lonely soul. Take a moment to read these comments so that maybe you will be inspired by another woman’s stregth. Build your army…. don’t persecute them. 💕

  40. For sure the only woman (women) that would make him jump a fence is Cassie or Hannah G!! Something has to happen with one of them next week! I’m so curious to find out…I think it’s Hannah G, she leaves or he sends her hone.

  41. I think somethings off to and I think that we all know that Colton isnt ready to get mRRIED…IF A MAN HAS A PROBLEM FALLING IN LOVE WITH SWEET LITTLE UHHHHH i FORGOT HER NAME…THE ONE HE DATED ON PARIDISE..(act I’m sorry about all caps..dont wanna retype it tho) then I dont think he is even looking for anything serious..My opinion they just found a good looking sexy guy that all the women would want or at least Lust..Dont take me wrong tho..I do like Colton but he isnt Bachelor material

  42. First of all, I work right by where you took that family picture!!! I’m not gonna lie I probably would’ve fan girled the eff out if I had seen you. Anyway glad you enjoyed Chicago. I love it here.

    I’ve been thinking Hannah G. is the one from the very first episode. When Chris Harrison asked him about giving her the ‘first impression’ rose he got a little emotional when he said there was something about her that “felt like home” to him. Ever since then my $$ has been on her.

  43. Am I the only one that noticed on the ride to Colton‘s parents house in the jeep that Hannah B. did not hold Colton‘s hand? Her body language didn’t seem like she was open and affectionate with him. He had a big smile on his face and had his hand on her leg and she was not taking advantage of that. If I was in that situation I would have totally been holding his hand or his arm or leaning in towards him as much as possible. To her defense, she could have been extremely nervous because she felt something in him that we could not see or feel. But, my bottom line is, if you are into a guy and falling in love with him you would definitely want to be holding his hand.
    Also, on the group date when Colton talked to Kirpa during the day, I could not help but notice the pink notebook. It showed up again later when he talked to her on the night portion of the date. It was sitting on the table in front of the couch that they were sitting on. When the girls all three walked into the building for the night date, Kirpa was not holding the notebook. So, it was brought by someone to the night date. (Producers I’m guessing) I don’t know if it was her journal of her day-to-day feelings of being on the show and she shared some of that with him OR my other thought is that she journaled conversations (that actually did happen) of what Tayshia was saying that Cassie and Caelynn had said. I believe there’s more to that pink notebook that we will find out. 😉

  44. I am disappointed in sending Caelynn home. He tells her he’s falling in love with her gets her fathers approval. I just don’t get it. Her and Cassie stayed out of the others daily drama. I felt uncomfortable for Colton when Hannah took him to an etiquette class before he could meet her parents. Already trying to change him! I have no respect for Tayshia stirring all of the drama very immature.

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