November 26, 2021

My Favorite Deals So Far

Hey guys! I just want to send out a quick email because I know we’re all getting so inundated with Black Friday sales, so I just want to share a couple of my absolute favorites right now. I’m under no obligation to write this post from any of these brands they’re just…

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My Favorite Recipes
November 24, 2021

My 2 FAVORITE Recipes of ALL TIME!

Since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and a lot of you might be running to the store for some last minute things I thought I would share my two absolute favorite recipes with you guys! To die for cranberry sauce and the most delicious cauliflower rice you will ever eat! We’re making the cauliflower…

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Home Decor
November 22, 2021

Holiday Decor!

Happy holidays! My gosh am I so excited to share my holiday decor with all of you! When we left Los Angeles, we had to donate the majority of our non-sentimental holiday decorations because we didn’t have room for them in our shipping container so I re-ordered a…

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November 20, 2021

Change Your LIFE with Tonal. I Truly Mean That.

I really cannot even tell you guys how excited I am to be writing this blog post. For multiple reasons. First, when I tell you my Tonal is one of my absolute most favorite things that I own, I am 1000% telling you the honest truth. It has changed…

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Gift Guide
November 13, 2021

Early Black Friday Access for Walmart+ Members!

A huge thank you to Walmart+ for being such an incredible supporter and sponsor of my blog, and really just of my life! Ha!

Hi guys! You’ve seen me write about my Walmart+ membership so many times, but seriously keep reading because this is huge! I’m sure so many of you…

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Affordable Friday
November 12, 2021

Mix and Match Affordable Friday!

Happy Affordable Friday! This Affordable Friday is all about comfy and cozy clothes to wear as the weather is getting cooler! Although I will say I did include a short sleeve option that I thought was super festive for the holidays and would be great for anybody who lives in warmer climates.

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Gift Guide
November 3, 2021

Early Black Friday Deals for Days Starts NOW!

Oh my goodness, Deals for Days is right! Sharing so many of my favorite toys and games for kids that are only $5 right now on! Plus some other things as well, but oh my gosh the toy deals are just too good.


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