The Bachelor – Never Been Kissed to Nothing but Kissing

Oh my gosh, I have so much to say about last night’s episode! Let’s dive right into it!

Heather Date

Gosh, Heather is such a sweetheart. But I have to say on their entire date I just keep holding my breath hoping and praying that she wouldn’t kiss him! Kissing is thrown around on the Bachelor and Bachelorette like it’s sharing candy. Sorry, that’s a terrible example. But it just doesn’t mean anything on the show. Because he’s kissing everyone! The fact that she’s waited this long to kiss anyone in her life she should absolutely save that moment for someone that she has something special with. Maybe he did it because he knew she would be upset if he didn’t!

I don’t know. Maybe some of you have different opinions about this and think she should just get it over with so it’s not hanging over here anymore. And I guess I see the argument in that too. But kissing just isn’t special on the show. It’s not saved for someone special. Everyone kisses! So I just wish Colton had refrained from kissing her. I know the producers were encouraging him and telling him how much she wanted him to kiss her. But it was just so awkward. All of it! I’m sure we will hear from her at the Women Tell All and I’m sure Heather will say that she doesn’t regret kissing him. And maybe she doesn’t! I just felt bummed for her when they kissed. And I couldn’t help thinking if she had any idea what he was doing or if it were felt super awkward to. Ha!

And I don’t mean this in a mean way whatsoever. Because truly I think Heather is one of the sweetest people on this earth! But she is nowhere near ready to get married. Everything from them holding hands to him kissing her I felt like I was watching a 16-year-old on a first date. And again I’m not saying this to pick on her, but I think she said that she was excited about 30 times during the day. Again, she is a absolute sweetheart but the show just isn’t the place for her. But look, if for some reason Colton ends up picking her, which I don’t think he will, then I will eat my words on this. But for now I’m saying that I don’t think that kiss should’ve happened.

What do you guys think? Do you think Colton should’ve refrain from kissing her? Or are you glad he went for it?

Elyse Situation

I completely understand where Elyse is coming from. I know it might be hard for other people to understand why she so upset after only having one date with him and then hanging out with him in groups a couple other times. Out in the real world it would be absolutely insane if someone got this upset after only spending that amount of time with a guy. We would think they were crazy! But what you have to understand is that on the show you invest so much to take time away from your life to be on it and then when you’re on the show the producers have you talking about or basically thinking about the bachelor 24/7. I can really mess with your head! And think about what she said. She said that she wouldn’t be able to except her proposal after sharing her time with him and other girls over the next few weeks. Doesn’t that make complete sense?! Really the insanity is getting engaged after a guy has been dating multiple people including you for a couple months. Right?!

I was curious about why she wore the dress though. Maybe since it was her so-called “statement dress”, she was saving it for a special night and she wanted to go out looking hot! I tried to find this dress for you, but it is sold out, bummer!! I linked a similar one below!


Group Date

Major props to the girls for hanging in the jungle. I don’t think I would’ve been super down with searching for grub and worms. And I definitely wouldn’t have eaten one! But I have to say the girls that hitched a ride to get burgers are kind-of geniuses! Ha! I just think it was cute and creative. I’m glad Colton saw it that way too. I feel like the other girls could’ve gotten upset and none of that petty stuff happened which was cool.

Cassie Date

First, how the heck has he not been on the one-on-one date with Cassie yet?! She’s been my favorite since day one and I totally didn’t even realize until last nights episode that she hadn’t been on a one-on-one yet. And neither has Hannah G, which I also find crazy because she and Cassie seem like his favorite girls so far – and she got the first impression rose!

But after watching last night’s date we all agree that everyone else can just go home now right?! If he doesn’t choose Cassie in the end I would be absolutely floored. He kisses her so slowly and passionately and from everything he said about her I think it’s obvious that she’s the one for him. So unless something crazy happens and he learns something about her that’s too much for him to handle, she’ll get the Final Rose in the end. I was actually pretty surprised when watching that the show didn’t edit out a lot of their date. But maybe they just couldn’t because if they edited it out there be no date to show! Maybe their connection is just that strong! And it kind of seems like it is. But here’s the thing I’m concerned about. First, they barely even spoke on the date and we obviously saw an edited version of their time together. But I just don’t think it’s in the best interest of the show for the editors to show us them making out the entire date and how strong their relationship is. The show doesn’t want us to know the winner right now because then it doesn’t make the rest of the show as fun to watch. Or maybe they don’t care anymore. Who knows. So I think it’s safe to say not many conversations went on during the day. Just a whole lot of lip locking! That said, maybe they spent a lot of time talking on the group dates. But again, that was all edited out if they did because really we only see them kissing on the group dates. Or we don’t see much of them at all in the group dates. Were the producer’s trying to hide their connection up until now? And now they’re just putting everything out there for all of us to see? I have a lot of questions about all of it! But needless to say if they haven’t spoken much and if this continues I feel like they’ll definitely get engaged at the end of this and just truly not know each other.

I’ve said this a bunch of times on my past Bachelor blogs, to love someone is to know someone. And you just can’t really get to know someone completely on the show. Your time is stretched way too thin! You probably spend a total of 48 hours max with the person you end up getting engaged to. And that’s a generous guess! 24 hours might be more accurate. And that’s including an overnight date! I think before I got engaged on the show I had 2 one-on-one dates with the guy I got engaged to and a handful of times we hung out on group dates. So that doesn’t leave much time to get to know someone. So when that time is spent making out the entire time you certainly don’t get to know that person! I just hope they can pump the brakes on their insane physical attraction and have some real conversations before the end of this. But does this mean they won’t work out if they get engaged? No, not necessarily. Sometimes you’re just a match! But they’ll have to get really lucky. Because right now they have no idea of who the other person is. Even though I don’t know the relationship, I do know what it’s like to be on the show and I can confidently say they don’t know one another.

But I want to leave talking about this date on a high note. I think the cutest couple and I’m truly rooting for them! Rooting for them to end up together at the end of the show and rooting for the relationship!

I found a few pairs of striped pants like Cassie’s from the date! I’ve linked them below!

Drama Between Onyeka and Nicole

Onyeka should of just apologized to Nicole once she was told by Tayshia that Nicole never said she was using the show to get out of Miami. She could have SO EASILY apologized but instead she got defensive and ended up looking silly in my opinion. I wish the drama ended with the episode and I’m not looking forward to more of it next week.

So much to discuss! Let’s chat in the comments below! I want to know ALL your thoughts!


64 Thoughts

64 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Never Been Kissed to Nothing but Kissing

  1. I felt super awkward the whole time watching Colton and Heather waiting for the kiss. I think she wanted it so badly and was anticipating it the whole time that it just seemed awkward. Although kissing is thrown around a lot, I do think Colton was respectful and tried to be mindful and make her first kiss good. It seemed there were a lot of times throughout the day he could have kissed her but didn’t. I agree, she has some maturing to do before she settles down.

    I think Cassie is for sure the one for him. The way he talks about her and looks at her is different. I also agree that they need more talking! My husband and I talked for 2 1/2 months one summer before we started dating. We were not in the same area, so we literally just talked on the phone and got to know each other so well. It was the best thing for our now marriage. I hope they are getting to know each other more off camera than we are seeing. I love how he told her she was safe with him. I truly believe it with him.

    The group date was interesting to watch. I would not have wanted to eat anything but I would have been okay going. And yes, Oneyka and Nicole just look silly and petty and like two high school girls with drama. I did love how he just went and sat with them while they argued! I think it was his way of letting them know he knew what was happening. Although, I think I just would have sent them both packing at that point!

    Love reading these and am a long time Bachelor/Bachelorette fan!

      1. I thought it was Cassie UNTIL I saw their date! Now I think it’s purely physical and that they are trying to throw us off. Now I think it’s First Impression Girl (the “feels like home” girl). Top two.

      2. But why did he take her to his bed? Did they go all the way she said “Colton showed me how much he likes me”…..

        1. That is so annoying. I found out last year who it was on here as well. I love this blog but don’t want spoilers. I started following wo years in a row and both years people spoiled it. It’s clear Ali doesn’t read spoilers.

      1. I agree she was stirring the pot with Hannah! I don’t believe she was with a guy for 8 months and he never tried to kiss her. But Heather was so awkward repeating everything Colton said on the date. If he didn’t say something and carry the conversation it was dead. Very uncomfortable for her to repeat everything he said because she had no conversation. Also putting her arms way around his neck made it look like she was choking him and would not let go. The last thing she comes back from her date and spills everything in front of the girls that are dating him too. She is very immature and nieve. Not my girl for Colton. I think Cassie was made for Colton. They sure are comfortable and like each other. Even the other girls said on a group date he makes time for her. They just did not show it and they thought she was special to him also.

    1. Even the girls know that it’s Cassie! They see the connection too. I could see them maybe leaving together after but not really getting engaged. They’re both soooo young. I mean I was 23 when I got married but not many people are ready at that age.

    2. There are many sweet beautiful girls on this season and most of them seem to get along and cheer each other on when they get a date card..,so nice to see that! I think Heather wanted to be kissed, so Colton picked the best moment to do it, when the fireworks went off, ( for both of them too)!!! I think he really likes her too so he had to kiss her. As for Cassie, yes they are so into each other, but it seems so much chemistry but not enough conversation. I like her too though! As for Elyse, he really got over her quick after she left, he liked her but she wasn’t the one. What a great season..thanks for fun!!!

  2. Every season lately, when it seems so “obviously” one person, it is NOT them in the end and I get so sad!! So, part of me thinks they are trying to throw us off with Cassie like that.

  3. I’ve always thought Cassie was the one from the beginning and still do. Their connection is undeniable and the other girls obviously see it too.

    I also found it to be a fabricated story line of Heather supposedly never kissing a guy – maybe she meant she’s never had a deep make-out session?! Either way, I’m not buying it.

    I think the editing this time around is mediocre. I wish they expressed more of Elyse’s story line to get a better understanding what brought her to that point.

    Thanks for searching for her “final exit” dress! It was so pretty. I want it! lol

    PS – your kids are the coolest & cutest!

    1. I totally felt it could have been fabricated too! I know someone who went to high school with Heather and said she actually thinks that it is true so who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. I completely agree with what you said about Heather. I was also hoping that she wouldn’t kiss him. She kept saying how she was waiting for her first kiss to be with someone that was really special & who she saw a future with. And I think we could all tell that even though he likes her, she’s definitely not the one he’s going to pick in the end. So I think it kind of sucks that her first kiss that she’s been saving was kind of just wasted.

    I was sad to see Elyse go, but I completely understand why she did. And even though it was obviously a tough decision for her, I think it’s good that she did that now instead of waiting until like final 4, because that would have made it so much more difficult.

    Oh yea….Colton & Cassie definitely have some serious chemistry! But like you said, it kind of worries me that they are only focusing on their physical chemistry & not spending as much time in conversation & really getting to know each other. I kind of feel like it could be a toss up between Cassie & Hannah G. It seems like his physical chemistry is a lot stronger with Cassie, but he’s had a lot more emotional interactions & conversations with Hannah (at least that’s what we’ve been shown).

    Ugh, I got SO annoyed with the Onyeka & Nicole drama. They both made the whole situation get out of hand. Like you said, Onyeka should have just apologized when she found out she was mistaken & moved on (or even brought it up to Nicole before taking it to Colton). I feel like both of them got to the point where they were just focused on making the other one look bad to Colton instead of just trying to resolve the situation & moving on.

    Side note….love the new haircut! It looks super cute!

  5. Okay-love that you caught the “statement dress” comment-I had to laugh about that (great dress, but kind of funny that the other women referred to it that way). I love Cassie and hope they end up together (but yes, agree they should try and get to know each other). I am a little over the pageant girl Heather-pretty sure she is treating this like a competition (and that is why she said she was “falling for him” to get the group rose). As for Heather’s first kiss-super awkward date, but in the end, think it was kind of sweet. I don’t think she will be the one at the end, but I think she will look back and say my first kiss was special (Thailand, fireworks, etc).

  6. Ali, I totally agree with all of your points in this week’s blog, especially the one about the drama between Onyeka and Nicole. Clearly, Onyeka was lying and she should have just come clean, but instead decided to keep making the lie bigger and bigger and then eventually tried to flip the script on Nicole to make herself look like the victim in all of this! (I’m sensing narcissistic personality disorder here…). I was surprised to see how much time Colton put into dealing with Onyeka and Nicole, especially when he overheard them bickering and went to sit down with them. That was surprising to me. Maybe he thought by doing that he’d help diffuse the situation, but clearly these two ladies are not interested in doing that anytime soon. I totally feel for Nicole and really think Onyeka should just woman up and apologize. Also, I felt the same way watching the one-on-one date with Cassie – definitely too much making out and not enough conversation. I can tell by the way Colton looks at her she’s the one he’s going to pick, unless there’s some major revelation he doesn’t like, like you said, so I really wish they would spend more time establishing a connection that’s not physical! This season is finally starting to grasp my attention and I’m really looking forward to next week!

  7. I totally agree! I wish heather and Colton never kissed. I know it’s just a kiss and not a huge deal but it was her very first one! But if she doesn’t regret it, then that’s great. I have a 1 year old and 3 year old and I never get a chance to fully watch the episodes so I love reading your recap and thoughts!!!! Thanks for doing this, I know it’s time consuming. Btw, LOVE the hair!

  8. I like Cassie too. She appears so down to earth. Heather is so young. I felt their awkwardness. Their silence and just a feeling I had. Colton seems to really care about people and I wonder if he kissed her to just be a gentleman in that setting?

  9. According to the other girls he always pulls Cassie aside on group dates which we don’t see and they talked about how easy to open up to each other so I’m sure we’re not seeing that talking part kinda bad editing .. Heather is sweet but drove me nuts she’s like a teenager still so not ready for marriage and babies .. Elyse I get it but she knew going in he was dating others and no way show will allow all his time with her , they had a great first date he saw something in her , but sharing is hard and she decided that with this little time she could accept a ring but I think if Colton told her stay trust me this will work she would have stayed so I think he knew she was not the one .. Nicole had a right to be upset Colton didn’t need this gossip and I think both will leave as the fighting was crazy he could not enjoy the cocktail party .. Cassie I would say is in the lead but she’s so young not sure she’s ready 🤷‍♀️

  10. I actually wore the “Statement dress” to renew my vows this past summer on the beach!! Could not believe it when she was wearing it! It’s a beautiful dress!

    And I pretty much agree with everything u said 😊

  11. I saw this dress online today and it looks like Elyse’s exact dress!
    I thought it was super awkward that she got so dressed up just to go home. But I do understand her not being ready to get engaged at the end.
    I was happy Colton kissed Heather. It may not have been a perfect first kiss but I think it is memorable and I was ready to “get it over with” for myself! Sick of hearing about it.

  12. I just felt like after he got done with the date with Cassie the drama to him was just so irrelevant. He knows he wants Cassie so he should just send them both home. Along with a few others. Would the producers allow that?

  13. I agree 100%, I know Heather wanted Colton to kiss her but I agree she waited 23 years why not wait for the right time. It was an awkward date to watch. The Elyse situation killed me as she was so cute with Colton, I couldn’t imagine accepting a proposal after that short amount of time either. I love Cassie and Colton together and I hope that they make it and he picks her. They just have an undeniable connection. The whole situation with Nicole and Onyeka was just out of hand. A simple apology could have solved it but they caused more drama.

  14. I don’t know why Elyse felt compelled to wear a wedding gown to say goodbye! If she was going straight to the airport I imagine it wouldn’t be comfortable attire for a plane;)
    Just an FYI, I created a silly Bachelor themed Coloring Book which is up on Etsy. Ali, I sent you one in the mail. You get to design a tattoo for Kasey Kahl so he can guard and protect your heart! Hahah! Hope you liked it!

  15. Heather
    I actually thought he was going to not kiss her and send her home last night. While she is so sweet and kind and someone I would want as a friend – I see no chemistry and she is not ready for marriage at all.

    I didn’t understand the whole thing. She was upset Cassie got her first one on one and was hoping she got her second. She was so dolled up – it was too much I felt. What I didn’t get was not being ready for marriage and being so jealous. I guess maybe she didn’t understand the extent of it until she got there?! To me it seems we were missing something because after this many seasons it’s known you spend very little time with the lead as he spends a lot of time with other people and they almost always propose.

    I honestly barely noticed her before last night. After watching last night I would be surprised if he didn’t pick her. They remind me of Sean and Catherine. When she was on I didn’t notice her but he picked her and clearly he loved her a lot. That is what I think.

    I am so over the gossiping, fighting and name calling and she bullied me accusations. It is a bit much and overused this season. I feel for him. Onyeka should never had said anything to him from the beginning. That is pot stirring. She should have asked the group – if anything. Then it would have been easily cleared up. Since she brought it up she should have apologized to Nicole AND told Colton she was wrong. I think it would go a long way for her. Instead she made herself look way worse. I feel very bad for Nicole.

    1. I thought the same thing about Cassie. She is the late-front-runner dark horse, just like Catherine was on Sean’s season. I thInk Colton will pick her.

  16. I was embarrassed with the whole Heather 1st kiss situation…you know she wanted him to and I think the producers might have pushed for it! Done! Now no more about her 1st kiss! Lol!…..Agreed, Cassie/Colton have a lot of chemistry…kissing and groping….but can they carry on a conversation? I also love Hannah G….I love when they’re together! She likes adventure and not afraid to try something. I think if not Cassie, she could be the one.
    The bickering between Nicole and the other girl drove me crazy!! I think they both should leave! Too much drama!!

  17. I’m surprised that I’m actually liking Colton. He is such a gentleman & so sweet with all the girls-& so patient! Cassie is the one for him for sure.

  18. I actually thought the kiss with Colton & Heather was so sweet & cute. You could tell she wanted him to be the first – even if it is kinda a throwaway – but when she explained it was just sort of ‘circumstances’ & not really like a choice, then it felt like more of an OK thing for him to kiss her. My question – how was she in a relationship for 8 months with no kissing? That’s weird. … & come on, who doesnt want their first kiss to be that romantic with a hot guy & fireworks? I’m all for that kiss!

  19. I agree 100% about Heather. It was extremely awkward to watch. Cassie has been my favorite from day one so I’m hoping this will continue on the path that it’s going. And Nicole and Enyaka… those girls need to become friends asap because they’re both leaving asap if Colton has any sense to him!!!

  20. The whole date with Heather was awkward! I’m sure he felt so pressured to kiss her, especially since there would have been many kissing sessions by then, had it been any of the other girls.
    It was almost watching a big brother/little sister kind of friendship. Awkward!

    As far as Cassie goes – she’s my favorite! Apparently we haven’t seen all of their interactions because the other girls were saying it was obvious to them, by the way Colton is always paying attention to her, that she’s a favorite of his. That leads me to believe they’ve had more interaction than what we’ve seen.

    And, here’s my wish for next week’s episode…..I hope he tells Nicole and Onyeka to go home. They are petty and totally wasted an entire evening fighting with one another, rather than making the most of the cocktail party.

  21. I agree with most of your comments, Ali, but I do have a few other opinions.

    Heather: She is a darling girl and I’m certain she really thinks Colton is an awesome guy. I cannot believe she dated a guy for 8 months and they never kissed! What, really? I cannot believe a guy close to her age would NOT kiss a girl he was dating for that long unless his religion mandated no kissing until marriage or he had made the decision not to kiss someone for the same reason Heather had that plan. She is so young and naive. She’s a very fun-loving, positive, happy girl and she will find her a Prince Charming, but it isn’t Colton. I think they could be very good friends, and that is it!

    Group Date: I would have been terrified every second because like Colton, snakes are my biggest fear! I couldn’t believe Hannah B. ate a bug! Yuck! I assume it was one Joe said was fine to eat!? I do like Tayshia a lot and think Colton likes her, too, but wow, she is so much more mature than most of the girls AND Colton. She MAY be one of the final four, I think. I wish she had just told Colton what she told Onyeka and the rest of the girls— that she was present when Nicole spoke to Elyse and that Onyeka misunderstood—and the entire drama could have been avoided! Onyeka stirred up drama earlier in the show, too. She and Colton and Nicole and Colton do not have strong enough ties for either girl to remain in the running, I don’t think. I hope he sends them both home next week! I think Colton was flattered by Hannah B.’s confession of falling in love with him, but I think she is in love with the IDEA of being in love with Colton. She’s fun and pretty, but I think she is too self-absorbed and too into being as showy cute, and to me, put-on, for Colton.

    Cassie: I think the most telling point of all is that so many girls mentioned how Colton always seems to grab moments with Cassie on group dates or other times they’re all together. I think the editors over-did showing almost non-stop making-out, but then again, there was absolutely nothing on that island for them to do but swim in the ocean, eat a picnic and make-out! I did like her bringing up her concerns about the whole world judging her because she’s now shared her non-virgin status. I’m sure they’ve spent way more time getting to know each other than we have been shown! I do recall you saying many times over the years, Ali, that the physical lust you develop with the person or persons you are really attracted to, makes you think you are in love! Hopefully, these two WILL end up together and grow their love in many ways as they get to know each other.

    Elyse: Her choice to leave is totally understandable based on how she felt about how this whole show/process works. It was heartbreaking to see her so broken. I thought her decision to get all glamorous to visit Colton was so dramatic and kind of pathetic. Was it really her hope that he would see her and decide she was the one and call of the rest of the show? I cannot imagine she would think that would ever happen. Colton is way too fair a guy AND he’s also so afraid that he’s not going to find and be accepted by the woman he hopes to become his wife. He is still trying to determine just who she is, and he had not even had his one on one with Cassie, yet.

    Other girls: The time we have seen Colton with Sidney, Kirpa and Katie has been so minimal. I’m quite certain Demi is still there because she adds drama and is entertaining for us and Colton is amused and flattered by her words, too. Friend zone for him regarding her, I think. This week he literally had no interaction with Caelynn and Hannah G., both whom I think he really likes.

    I do think he will choose Cassie in the end with Hannah G. being number two, Caelynn number three and Tayshia, number four.

  22. I totally understood why Elyse wanted to leave. I think it’s true that sometimes you don’t realize what you’re getting into until you’re in it. To be romanced the way she was by Colton, to then have her feelings for him surface as a result, and to have to watch him going out on dates with other women was just too much for her to handle. It is surprising to me that other women can seemingly do so well with it. She is sensitive and was protecting herself, and I think it was a smart move.

    As for Cassie and their connection being so obviously strong — it wouldn’t surprise me if the producers are trying to throw people off. I’ve noticed they often play up connections that appear to be very strong and downplay the winner. They sure do seem smitten with each other, especially Colton, but we’ll see.

    I hope Colton tells both Nicole and Onyeka to go home. Too much drama, and not enough connection with either one of them to keep them.

  23. I agree with most of your comments , you have great insight.
    Although Heather seems like a very sweet girl, in my opinion just doesn’t seem believable that she has never been kissed before at her age. She has been in a somewhat lengthy relationship.

  24. I agree with you on how much kissing at see. I feel like it makes it hard for us as an audience to get to know them until the end. I’d like to see more of their conversations to get a sense of each relationship.

    I thought Onyeka was way out of line. I don’t even think she was being fully honest about what Elyse said. Elyse was leaving & she obviously cares about Colton. She didn’t seem to think it was a concern or she probably would’ve told him before she left. I hope Colton finds out the truth. That said I don’t think he’s super into either of them, I just hope Nicole goes home for the right reasons & not a lie.

  25. I agree about Heather! I really wish he would not have kissed her, it should have been really special for her and he could help control that but he didn’t. He kissed her knowing that he would go on another date shortly after and kiss other women. I liked Colton during the bachelorette but he started to go downhill for me on BiP and now even more so. He seems like a really nice guy but I can’t shake the thought that he is here for publicity and he is not ready for marriage.

    Cassie- LOVE her!! How did she become a fan favorite so quickly and with such little air time? I have no idea but she hooked me on night one! Their connection is obviously strong, she seems like a breath of fresh air for him every time he sees her. I agree, how did it take so long for her and Hannah G (next week from the previews) to get a one on one? Both of those girls are amazing, no drama, gorgeous to the eyes, sweet personalities and that’s just what we get to see. Back to Cassie, totally think he’ll end up with her but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll last. Neither one of them see ready for marriage to me. Especially after seeing her YouTube channel and Instagram, she does not seem like she wants to settle down at all.

    Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of this season is pushed by producers? It just doesn’t seem authentic to me. Also this is a great group of girls, I love so many of them and they’ll obviously be great for BiP but it’s hard to think that any of them are “here for the right reasons” after checking them all out online I feel like most of them are looking for their little bit of fame or chance to make money. I think production needs to switch gears a little and make the next bachelorette someone older and with older men, it’s hard to believe that a 23 year old would be going on a reality show to actually find love and marriage, it seems like they would more likely be going for fame. You know who would be an amazing bachelorette, Elyse!!!

  26. If I was Colton I would have been like you both can go right now, your obviously more interested in arguing with each other and acting like preschoolers.

    I hope they both go home

  27. I was bothered by how Onyeka handled herself… but, I’m 43.. and realize she is still very young and learning and still immature. I can guarantee she’s going to learn from this experience. I would not be surprised if they argument gets both girls eliminated. There needs to be a house Mother. LOL. Keeping these girls in check:).

  28. Aw I feel bad for Heather. This blog post kind of opened the door for everyone to make comments about how awkward she is and what not. Maybe I am just too nice but I just think of how she would feel reading this post about her and then the comments to follow. It’s nice to call her a sweetheart but that wont be the part she remembers if she were to read this.

    I think Kassie and Colton have talked more than you think. Every girl in the house mentioned it and their connection and how often he pulls her aside to talk. I’m sure this episode is very edited and showed more of the kissing than the talking! They do say to each other that they feel like they have known each other forever. And I do believe that does happen with people. So although you say there is absolutely no way they know each other – you can’t necessarily say that just based on your own experience.

    Totally agree about the Nicole drama. People just need to be humble and apologize. Too much of the episode was taken up by that.

    Hanna G next week for one on one for sure. She and Kassie are the two favourites for sure. Caelynn and Taysia for top four as well but final two I think will be Kassie and Hanna (first impression rose).

  29. Cassie posted on her Instagram that they did more than just make out! Of course it was edited that way. Have seen so many people comment on this and talk about them only kissing the whole time. How can people not realize it was edited that way??

  30. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole Heather situation. She seems like an awesome girl but I definitely agree that she is more than likely not the girl in the end. I don’t necessarily think that she will regret it (and hopefully she doesn’t) but I’m kind of in the middle on this one. As for Cassie, I absolutely love her and think it will definitely come down to her and Hannah G.

    Oh my goodness I am just over the Nicole and Onyeka situation. If Nicole would have just stopped after what she told Colton at the cocktail party and just let everything with Onyeka go, it would have shown her to be the bigger person. I do agree with Onyeka should have just apologized for the misunderstanding but Nicole necessarily wasn’t any better after what she did. Colton had way more patience than I ever do because I would have just sent them both home then and there.

  31. Did anyone else find Cassie’s whole conversation about not being a virgin off putting? Enough with virginity/lack of, and no kissing discussions! Either way it doesn’t matter. Just keep the information to yourself. Its not a life defining or life changing occurrence. This seems to be tagline in the past few bachelors. Very immature.

  32. I agree with alot of others above that both Nicole and Onyeka should be sent home. They BOTH showed their immaturity in a big way last night and neither is ready for a commitment. There is a time to just let things go and last night was the time. The more they ‘talked’, the more they sounded like a couple of teenagers. I wouldn’t trust either one of them.

    And I also think Hannah B needs to go, and soon. She is a little too fake for me.

    I don’t see a clear cut ‘winner’ yet, but I do like Hannah G and Caelynn. I’m not quite on the Cassie bandwagon yet. I guess we will all see!

  33. I agree on the group date drama, Cassie and Colton need to have more than just a physical attraction. I swear I see more of a connection with Hannah G. Maybe I’m the only one lol. Props to Elyse for being mature and open and honest.

  34. I honestly had a hard time watching Colton and Heather’s date. Only because it seemed forced and awkward. She does seem sweet but I agree, not ready to be married. They, together seemed very adolescent to me.
    I also agree about Cassie! He definitely likes her a lot. However, there was no depth to their date at all. It was sizzling with chemistry but how can you base a happily ever after off just making out?

  35. I’m glad Heather got her kiss! She feels something for him and she clearly really wanted it to happen. She got her first kiss on a beach in Thailand under the fireworks! It’s magical moment she’ll never forget and i’m sure she does not regret it. She even admitted she wasn’t saving it for the person she’s going to marry or anything like that… just for someone she felt was special, and she was definitely feeling that for Colton. Go Heather!

  36. I think the way Colton was grabbing Cassie’s butt while kissing her is the key there is a major attraction! Yikes!

  37. I love your comments Ali! I like Cassie but am afraid it is all physical. I love your new hairstyle and your kids. They are adorable and i enjoy all of your posts! Thanks

  38. Colton & Heather’s date was so hard to watch!! I think Hannah G should have gotten the one on one instead. She’s way overdue! But, this was obviously produced to have a sweet ending with a kiss, instead I found myself yelling at the TV to send her home. It was awkward and there’s no way their connection is strong enough to marry her regardless of her being kissed or not. Plus 8 months of being with someone and no kiss, were not hearing the whole story here!

    I feel for Elyse. Not everyone is cut out for this show. She realizes she’s not gonna get the time she wants and needs to get married. And that’s okay!

    Oh Cassie. I love her! And I’ve thought and said from the beginning that we’re not seeing much because it’s evident their feelings for each other. I think we’re not seeing conversations because they’re gonna give the ending away. You could tell from night one they had a spark. The producers are trying to throw us off here and I’m not falling for it. I’d like to think they did more than lock lips the entire show! Haha! I’m rooting for them to go all the way!

  39. I was so hoping Heather wouldn’t kiss him, at least not on this date! I don’t think she has to treat kissing as a crazy special thing because she has waited so long, but don’t kiss a guy who is dating so many other women right now.

  40. Ali, I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and think you make excellent points…but grammar, girl! So many grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes in this post. It is distracting and there needs to be some editing check b/f you publish!

  41. Great blog. I liked Cassie on night one. I actually keep a spreadsheet with notes on the ladies and I liked her right out of the limo. I felt the same way with them showing nothing but kissing and not much conversation. I don’t even remember him presenting her with the rose. All of a sudden they were in bed and there was a rose. The other thing that cracked me up and I text friends about was their “Private Island.” when the boat left. Daa – who was doing the recording? I smile just writing about it.

    On another note on another season, Catherine and Sean. They didn’t show much of them througout the season. I remember their one on one and the fun trip to the glacier near Banff/Jasper Canada – I’ve been there. In the end Catherine talked about how she would give Sean notes througout the season. And now they have two additonal Lowe’s.

    Thank you Ali for your blog – and you are so adorable.

  42. So happy you wrote the bachelor blog this week! I think that most of the first kisses are not with the perfect guy or super special, since most of us don’t end up with that person.. it’s just experiencing new things and it’s not always perfect, so although it is clear that Heather is not for Colton, I think it is good for her to focus on relationships and not on the kissed/not kissed thing…because it takes all the focus.
    Regarding Cassie, they just seems to have this deep feeling that they know and understand each other. It is truly special and beautiful. I think that connections like that are very special and are the reason people are addicted to this show 🙂

  43. Sorry a little late here… but I liked Cassie from the get-go also. Seems very down to earth. I will say final four are Hannah G , Cassie, Caelynn, and Tayshia. Probably Cassie in the end but I wouldn’t count Caelynn out. So much more to come! Ali… loved you from the year you were on the Bachelor also. You were my fav on the preview in the yellow dress😊. I think you probably would have won if you stayed but you left and you dodged a bullet👌

    My thought on Elyse… this is the show. This is the way it’s formatted. She can’t get a second one on one this early. He’s trying to get to know these girls. It is what it is. I was also confused on the dress.

  44. Why doesn’t anyone think Tayshia could be the one? Shes 28, mature, confident and crazy about Colton and he seems to love when she takes him away for a kiss and conversation. Everyone else seems too young but I think this season has many sweet beautiful girls.

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