Molly’s Ice Cream Themed 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is three years old. I know every parent probably feels this way but it’s just so crazy how quickly she’s growing up. I could probably write a novel about how proud I am of her and what an amazing little girl she’s growing into. But I’ll make it short and sweet. My sweet girl. There is a light in you that shines so bright. You are kind, imaginative, funny, beautiful, and so very smart! I have no doubt in my mind that you are destined for great things! I can’t wait to forever sit on your sidelines and cheer you on!

Ok let’s talk about this ice cream party shall we?!?! After Riley’s birthday, I was really trying to think what theme I should do for Molly. We had already done unicorn and Pinkalicious (with Elmo, ha!). I asked you guys to comment on a post with some ideas, and Vanessa Jaimes gave me the idea for an ice cream theme! I immediately knew that was what I wanted to do, and that Molly would LOVE it, so thank you Vanessa! I had such a blast planning this cute party that was just as sweet as my girl.

Photos by Stephanie of @Ographr


I recently found out about this super cute preschool that doubles as a location for kids parties on the weekends! If fact, I can’t really take credit for “finding it” since my girl Ashley has a party there a few week prior with her kiddos and I just thought it was such a fun spot. They have tons of swings, slides, tiny cars to ride around on a “track”, animal exhibits, water games for when it’s hot out, a bounce house… really just a place where all the hopes and dreams of a kiddo could come true. We decided to have Molly’s party there instead of at our house, because we figured that there would be so much room for the kids to run around and play! It’s called Camelot Kids. I highly recommend throwing a party there if you are local to LA! It was just so easy, and the staff is so helpful during the event. Not to mention the kiddos all had a blast!


How stinkin’ cute is this balloon backdrop?! Complete with an ice cream cone! I mean come on! Popped! Balloon Designs created this incredible ice cream wonderland. It truly elevated the party about 100 notches, from a fun party to an adorable and fun party! Molly absolutely loved the ice cream cone! I had never seen anything like it! We figured out how to disassemble it, bring it home, and put it back together because we just didn’t want to part with it yet. We would have left it all together but it was so massive that we had to dissemble to fit in the car. Ha! Jennifer (the owner) is just so talented and I couldn’t recommend her more for your party balloon needs! So adorable!

As you guys know, our family LOVES Polkatots cakes and desserts! We have used them for our last few events, like Riley’s Little Manno 1st Birthday Party, and obviously we had to use them for Molly’s birthday! I am still blown away by how cute the cake turned out!!! I couldn’t have imagined it any more perfect. The cone melting on top was the best touch. Doesn’t it look so realistic!? We also ordered ice cream shaped cookies, cupcakes inside of ice cream cones, and some rice crispy bars! To say Molly loved it, and was in sugar heaven, is an understatement. She kept running back over to the cake table to just stare in amazement! And so did I!


I custom ordered her sprinkle dress from Etsy! The shop owner offered this dress pattern with a different fabric and was so sweet to alter it to this super adorable blush and rainbow sprinkle option! She even added it to her site so that you can now order it! You can find the original on her Etsy store, Sydney Jade Co, and here’s the version I got for Molly! That’s why I love ordering from Etsy so much, it is beyond easy to customize products!


I thought it would be really fun if the whole family was dressed in rainbow sprinkle attire! Kevin and I wore matching shirts and Molly had her dress… but I struggled to find something in Riley’s size so I had to get creative! I ordered a blank shirt, felt and some Fabri Tac and made it myself! DIY for the win – I linked all the supplies below!! He looked so stinkin cute and I am so happy to have this family photo of us!

How cute are our mommy and me matching Converse?! I couldn’t resist. Oh! Also, these are the $35 jeans that I love from Nordstrom, they are out of stock right now but I am really hoping that they bring them back soon! Another pair that I have that are really similar to them are these ones, and they are only $24. I would definitely recommend sizing down on these though! They run big but I love them because they are GREAT for women with curves!

For the favor bags for the kiddos, I put customized coloring pages, crayons, slime, pop-up ice cream cones, and inflatable ice cream comes! Don’t worry, I remembered to put the coloring pages in the bags this time! Ha! I found the crayons and slime at Walmart, and I ordered the rest of the goodies online!

I’ve linked some items below from the goodie bags, as well as other Ice Cream Party decor!


Last year we said no gifts, so this year Molly couldn’t believe her luck when we got home and there were a pile of presents for her to open! We actually split it up into two, and kept some in the garage until after her nap. So it was even more fun for her! We bought her this Ariel doll last weekend and gave it to her as an early birthday present during our trip to San Diego. We had seen it at a friends house and she fell in love with it, it’s easily becoming one of her favorite toys!


We had the best day celebrating our girl’s 3rd birthday and Molly had the best time with all of her friends! She spent her day going down the slide, playing the swings and steps, looking at all the animals like the birds, chickens, guinea pigs, and turtles. My heart was so full watching her, and I feel so lucky to be her Mommy!

I hope this post inspired some of you to do your very own ice cream party! If any of you have done it in the past, I’d love to see! Also, I’m currently brainstorming some summer activities to do with the kiddos, especially Molly. If you have any ideas, pass them my way! If I use your idea, I will give you a shout out in my blog about it! xoxo

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23 thoughts on “Molly’s Ice Cream Themed 3rd Birthday

  1. Now you officially have a ‘threenager’! Love everything about the party, the photos are great, and what an amazing venue! For summer activities, my grandkids love everything to do with water. Last summer, my youngest daughter, her hubby and my two little grandsons lived with us while their house was being built. If they weren’t at the pool, they were in the sprinkler, or shooting water guns at trees, or ‘watering’ my driveway with a simple watering can. The 3 year old spent over an hour one day ‘washing’ his little plastic dinosaurs in a big bowl of water, with a washcloth. Simple simple but he loved it. He’d go put the dino in some dirt, then bring it back to wash. My girls when they were young, loved washing their Barbies in a big bucket of water. All so simple, but fun! LOVE your blog and your very real refreshing style, SO much!

  2. Super cute, happy, fun, theme idea!
    I love how all the decorations were done but it does not look over the top and was still about the kiddos having fun and running around. Sometimes it looks as if children’s birthday parties are more for the adults than the children.
    Love love the sprinkle shirts and GREAT thinking on how you made Riley’s – looks like you bought it! Great Job!
    Happy Birthday to Molly!


  3. Where are Kevin’s boots from? My husband loves boots like this, and I would love to get him another pair. Also, do you plan to do any posts about men’s clothes. Your husband has great style.

    Love the blog!

  4. Ali I love ur posts! Molly’s party is so cute. I was wondering if you could post something on sleep and your sleep routine bc I remember you saying how you used to sleep in and now you’re waking up at 5am! You always seem to have so much energy and was just wondering how you became a morning person without feeling tired. How do u manage?!

  5. Molly’s party was so cute! I have a three-year-old, and my days of choosing the theme of the birthday are done! She already wants to make that kind of decision. Ha!

  6. Looked amazing! Glad everyone had a good time.
    Love Kevin’s non-mentioned wardrobe change, life of being a parent <3

  7. Loved this theme! I was going to do it for my soon to be three year old, next month 😭, but we decided in a barnyard theme instead. I absolutely love your family photo, great looking family!

  8. Hi Ali!
    You seriously throw the cutest parties for your kids! The balloon backdrop totally made this something special and elevated your pictures soooo much!

    Also, i absolutely love your new website. It is so sleek and FEMININE. It Perfectly captures your essence!

  9. That cake is awesome! I want it for myself and im 30! Ha! Your new site is looking so fresh! Love it.

  10. Love your new site! It looks so bright and pretty. Sort of matches with molly’s ice cream theme or at least gave me that vibe. Loved the party theme and the white tees such a great idea! I would have taken it to get a picture of sprinkles put on it but your idea is soooo much better and cheaper!

  11. Love this ali! So adorable and molly looks so happy! Also – website is amazing. So pretty and so you!

  12. Hi! Looks amazing!!! Are you go to pit your pics on pinterest? Would love to save to my party ideas for a fut bday for my daughter😀

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY!!! I seriously think she’s the cutest kid and I’m blown away at how smart she is! And you guys fostering a love of reading in her makes my heart so happy! But serious question – WHAT HAPPENED TO MR. WHALE?! He hasn’t made an appearance in a while!

  14. my little girl was born on the same day as molly (yay!) and we celebrated her this past weekend! she reeeeally wanted a princess theme, so we served brunch and rapunzel made an appearance. 😉 i absolutely love the ice cream theme… especially all of the fun sprinkle accents! and that balloon accent is incredible!

  15. Your new website is 😍i just wanted to pop on and say its been so fun to wacth moLly grow up and and watch you grow As a mom! You were the first bachelorette season i watChed and my favorite!

    1. Have you heard of tiNkergarTen? It is an AMazing outdOOr class where kids learn through play. It is multi-aged so you could taKe both kids. It is the best, Messy, hands on fun! Also, Don’t know why my comment is all caps. 🤪 love all your Mom posts.

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