Affordable Friday
April 5, 2024

My Faves from Sephora Beauty Insider Savings Event!!

Hi Happy Friday!! Coming to you today with some of my favorite items from the Sephora Beauty Insider Savings Event! For those of you with Rouge status, it starts TODAY with 20% off! For everyone else, it starts on April 9th!

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Affordable Friday
March 15, 2024

Affordable Beauty Options for Spring/Summer and Vacay!

Hey guys! I was in Miami last week and there’s a few products that I was using these that I think are absolutely perfect for vacation and/or spring and summer! They’re all really affordable so I wanted to share them with you guys. Plus, most of them are on sale right now.…

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Affordable Friday
August 29, 2023

Affordable Beauty Products!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I wanted to do a blog today about some affordable beauty items because I know beauty routines can get expensive and I found some really amazing affordable products from all different brands at Walmart and wanted to share them with you guys. Walmart actually has a…

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June 9, 2022

My Fave Makeup Starting at $5

Oh my gosh you guys, I had to get the word out to you guys right now because Tarte has some of my favorite makeup products for as little as $5 right now! But the sale is only until the end of the day so I had to…

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February 2, 2022

A Crazy Foot Peel Mask!

Warning. Gross pictures ahead!!!!

I thought for sure nobody was gonna wanna see my gross peeling feet from the mask I did a few days ago but I am getting hundreds of DM's on Instagram from people saying they want to see, so I decided to do a blog…

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January 15, 2021

Best Makeup Products for Dry/Cracked Skin

Hi guys! Thanks for coming over to the blog to see some of my favorite makeup products for the winter time to help with dry and cracked skin! I did an Instagram story the other day asking you guys if you’d be interested in a post like…

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December 29, 2020

The Perfect Neutral Lip

Hi guys! I’m so excited about today’s blog post because I think it’s gonna be super helpful for anybody looking for the perfect nude lip. I wanna start off by saying the term "nude" is very relative. Depending on your skin tone your nude shade is completely…

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