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So I feel like the conversation for last night’s episode is so similar to last week still. All about Luke! Ugh. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think. Let’s jump right in!

The Battle of the Lukes

I want to say right off the bat that Luke S has nothing to be ashamed about. He said in the episode that Luke P made him look really, really bad. And yes maybe that’s true that Luke P made Luke S look bad to Hannah. But Luke S is a standup guy in my opinion, and I think most viewers would agree with me. I feel sorry for him that he was dragged into all Luke P’s BS. And I applaud him for holding his head up high and choosing to go home. Not everybody is going to agree with me on this one. But I think he just knew that it wasn’t fair between him and Hannah and I think on top of that he knew he probably couldn’t recover from the situation. He was dealt a really shitty hand and he left with his head high. I also thought it was really nice how respectfully he told Hannah to keep her eyes open. It seemed like he genuinely wanted to give her advice.

The Rose Ceremony

And as we all know now, Luke P got a rose. I know a lot of you probably speculated that Luke S was also going to get one, and think that’s why they took away a rose at the beginning of the ceremony after he left. But I don’t think that’s necessarily true. At this point in the game you want to send way more guys home each rose ceremony then you’re allowed to. And I know that sounds harsh but it’s just the truth. Like do you honestly think that she think she’s going to end up with Dylan or Dustin at this point? I bet the majority of you don’t even know who those two people are. Because they get barely any screen time. Because she’s just not into them and isn’t forming relationships with them. I guarantee if she could have, she would’ve sent both of them home tonight too. So when Luke S left on his own, it allowed for more drama by adding speculation that by taking another rose away  it makes it seem like he would’ve gotten one. Trust me, Hannah wishes production took at least three more roses away.

And even though I knew Luke was going to get a rose even before she gave it to him, I was still holding my breath just hoping he wouldn’t say his name. He is just the worst! I know she knows that deep down. But since they had such a strong connection from the get-go I think she’s just not willing to say goodbye just yet. But I have faith that she will figure it out and send him home.

Bar Scene

I love that Jed put Luke in his place. It’s not a secret that he’s my favorite of the season! If he doesn’t end up with Hannah, I really hope he’s the next Bachelor!

But the main thing that had me surprised during this whole bar scene was that the guys got to go to a bar in the first place! When I was on the show, if you weren’t on a date, you didn’t get to leave the hotel! Heck, you didn’t get to leave the hotel room! The only time I was ever able to leave the hotel room if I wasn’t on a date is when they let me go to the gym supervised one time. There’s a reason people go crazy on the show. And that’s because they’re locked up like animals! Ha! I’m serious! I bet the guys felt like it was Christmas morning that they got to go to a pub and have a beer even if it meant they had to talk to Luke P.

Mike’s Date

The very first thing I notice about Hannah‘s date with Mike is that when they walked into the candy shop, the whiskey bar, and the restroom, she always walked in front of him. I feel like if she were with Peter, Jed, or even Luke P, she would’ve been holding their hands walking in. She just didn’t really seem super connected to him physically right off the bat.

I feel like I’ve heard her say multiple times that she felt very comfortable with him. But the way she said it just seemed like she was talking about her friend and not someone she was romantically interested in. I think she also talked about being comfortable with Jed, but when she said it she had hearts in her eyes and I’m pretty sure giggled while saying it. When she says it about Mike it’s almost like she’s trying to convince us and him that something is there when it’s not.

Which is fine! Just because they don’t have chemistry doesn’t mean they’re not both awesome people! I’ve had plenty of guys in my life that we’re great friends but I was not romantically interested in at all! That said, they are damn good catches and the women that landed them are super lucky woman. And that’s how I feel about Mike. I think whoever ends up with him is going to be super lucky! But it’s just not Hannah.

Group Date

When I saw that this was going to be a date with the wrestling in it, I just rolled my eyes. I get that the Highland Games are a Scottish tradition (and I enjoyed all of the competitions except for the wrestling). But I just don’t understand why they had this date and the rugby date in back to back episodes. It’s just too much. I don’t care for it.

And as much as I love Jed (is that not clear yet? Ha!), his wrestling move on Hannah was very strange. I thought he was going to pick her up and gently lay her on top of him. I don’t think it turned out like he meant to do. Ha! Although Hannah sent some very clear signals to all the guys that she’s super into Jed when she kissed him in front of everybody.

While I appreciate Peter’s attempt at a really hot and steamy moment on the pool table with Hannah, it failed miserably! From the get go! The way he pushed the balls to the side so calculated really just set it up for failure of the gecko. Never mind the fact that he hit his head on the lamp. But I just find him so endearing and precious that I can’t help but love him. He reminds me of a little brother. I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the whole thing.

I’m not trying to be a prude, but I thought Hannah took the super passionate making out too far on the group date. She had very sexual steamy make out sessions with Jed, Peter, and Tyler C. To the point where I felt it would’ve turned into much more if they weren’t on a group date. I honestly don’t ever remember kissing anybody like that except the guy I chose in the end. I could be wrong. And this isn’t meant to be something where I say what I did is better than what she’s doing. I just think that the point of dating multiple people is to get to know multiple people – I kind of felt like she was just taking advantage of getting to make out hard-core with multiple guys. And if it was the Bachelor doing that and the tables were turned, I would annoyed with him t00. I don’t know. I’m on the fence about this. Part of me says go for it girl! But the mom side of me thinks it’s inappropriate.

But I will say this, there’s no handbook on how to be the Bachelorette. You just go with what feels right in the moment. And I’m sure that’s exactly what Hannah is doing.

Luke’s Date

Before Luke left for his date with Hannah he tried to be civil with the guys. But it’s just too late. He’s dug his whole too deep to be able to have any sort of normal conversation with them. He thinks that he can go back but he can’t after everything he’s done. And then when he was on the date with Hannah, he said that everything he said is blown out of proportion by all the guys now. And I kind of agree with him. But he deserves it. He has shown time and time again that he can’t be trusted and that he’s a liar. So he’s right – he can’t say or do anything right at this point.

The second that Hannah said that this was either her first date with her future husband or her first and last one-on-one date with Luke made me think right away that he be going home. They wouldn’t have shown that on the show otherwise, right? Otherwise she would be saying she’s picking him in the end. The show would kind of be over.

But as we saw from the previews we have not seen the last of Luke. In fact, I think all the fighting that was happening with the guys was still with Luke. They just didn’t show him in the preview. I’m guessing she didn’t give him the rose but she didn’t send him home either.

Tell me what you think!

I’m so over the entire situation with him. I found their date infuriating because he kept saying the same thing over and over and over again. And then Hannah kept saying the same thing over and over and over again. Let’s discuss!

Oh! Because you know I love talking outfits….

Here are a few pieces she wore in tonight’s episode, along with some more affordable versions!

And while you’re here make sure to check out some of my cute looks from my blog last week! The office look below is honestly one of my favorites ever!


Truly this is one of my favorite looks ever, and I wanted to make sure you all see it. Ha! I love that the blazer can make an otherwise pretty simple outfit elevated and perfect for work. The cami tank is also so cute and delicate with the floral and scallop detailing! Also can we talk about how amazing the heart earrings are?!

Jump over to last week’s post if you want more details on everything, and also another outfit too!


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103 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Luke

  1. AMEN!! ALL THE THINGS!! Just Go Home Luke P!! (But, I have the same feeling, no rose for Luke, BUT they are not sending him home just yet… stir the pot!)
    Jed… oh Jed… Fan Fav for sure!!!
    And… Peter… pool table fail…
    BUT… Hannah… well you can for sure tell who she has chemistry with. (Makeout session much… that mom/wife life must have me all screwed up, but she definitely likes a good makeout session)

    1. This date with Luke was painful to watch, but the first one was too! She has zero connection with these guys. She seems insecure, or immature, I’m not sure which,(or both!)
      She’s a beautiful girl but ugh, not liking this season, aaaawkward 😳🤪

      1. I agree. Terrible season. Hannah is so mean to these guys and talks to them like she’s better than them which will never work in a real relationship. Every one of these guys deserve better on my opinion. I honestly have to fast forward half the show because I can’t listen to her talk to them the way she does. Plus, it’s just boring. Can’t wait for this to be over. Lol the only reason I’m half watching is so I know the cast of BIP!

  2. The Hannah/Luke P date was just painful. It’s like she knows what she should do (SEND HIM HOME!!!!!!!) but just can’t let go!!! It’s so hard to watch. Cannot wait for him to leave!!!

  3. Hi Ali, I completely agree with your takeaway from last night. I am soooooo weary of Luke! Quite honestly I hope Luke S. Gets another shot on the Paradise show. He deserved much better than what he was part of.

    I agree the making out was over the top. Does anyone else think about how gross it is to kiss someone after they just had a huge session with someone else? Yuck!! Gargle people!!!

    I think they are dragging out this season with too much of the same thing. I think too many wrestling matches and too much Luke! Hopefully it will turn around soon as I’m losing interest! After watching the Outlander series, I’m finding myself looking at the scenery vs. the shows story line!!

    I love your blog outfit!!! So pretty!!!!!!

    Enjoy your week!!!

    1. Lisa I completely agree the make out sessions were way overboard , she barely knows these guys, and one after another in the same night, yucky

    2. Oh my gosh, girl I agree with every line of your takeaway here!! Would love to see Luke S on paradise and think that the physical violence/wrestling is just too much. She seems to really like the barbaric dates, kind of strange…

  4. When you were the bachelorette, was it ever weird trying to get to know people on a personal and intimate level with a camera pointing right at you? Obviously you got the overnight dates to yourself but did you ever get any other time to just talk and get to know each other without the camera directly in your face?

  5. I’ve said from the very beginning to my best friend, before the show even aired, but when Hannah met the 5 guys when she was announced as the Bachelorette on After the Final Rose, that Luke P was cute but my gut said to run for the hills. I just feel bad energy when I look at him. Even just seeing a picture of him, I just feel bad energy. I don’t think he’s genuine. I think he’s fake and not genuine. I don’t believe “people love him”. Seriously, I highly doubt his report card ever said he “plays well with others” in his younger years.

    I felt like when Hannah said she wanted to talk about things like “do you like Mac & Cheese or Spaghetti better?” Or “tell me what your relationship with your father is like..” he didn’t answer a single question. He just avoided them to talk about the same crap he’d been saying already. He’d always turn it back to the other guys. I think he’s got some deep rooted family issues. I think he’s insecure and trying to be this perfect person and trying to say all the “right” things because his life is a mess/chaotic. Like, in the past, speaking for myself, I behaved similar to Luke P, because my family situation was messy and I didn’t feel like the person I was dating at the time would still like/love me if he saw my family dynamic. So I tried hard to be perfect and say and do all the right things. It came across very insincere because it was. I was crumbling on the inside. He was a jerk because he didn’t allow me to feel secure enough in him to be myself and when I did eventually crumble, he dumped me. With my husband, I was a hot mess from the get go. He saw the hurt and the turmoil between me and my family and he wanted to marry me. He saw that I was myself. He saw the good, bad and ugly and apparently didn’t mind because he proposed 1.5 months after we started dating and we got married 2 weeks later. We will be celebrating 13 years of marriage this year. My point is, if you can’t show someone who you truly are, they’re not right for you. If you feel the need to be perfect and won’t talk about your family, you need to fix that and yourself. If you can’t, just worry about fixing yourself. I couldn’t change my families dynamic or my relationships with them. It was what it was. All I could do was better myself so I could be the best wife to my husband and prove to my family we wouldn’t be divorced in less than a year. My family seriously placed bets on how long my marriage would last and they all thought we were rushing to get married because I was pregnant (I wasn’t). Glad to say none of them won their bets (I should have gotten the money from those bets).

    Anyways, Luke P needs to do some major soul searching and try to mend what’s broken inside himself.

    1. Laura, thats such a great story! You’re right about Luke needing to work through whatever issues he has holding him back. It’s only going to get worse if he doesn’t take the first step of admitting to his own faults and forgiving himself for whatever things are NOT his fault. Otherwise, honestly, Hannah is going to take the brunt of his way of dealing with things. And she’s not mature enough to handle it on her own.

      Also, I think Hannah and Luke must have known each other in a other life. That’s why they are so drawn to one another, but not meant for this life together.

      Run away now Hannah! Is Luke all bad? No. Is he good for you and ready for a healthy relationship? Also no. Haha! He’s just gonna bring her down (probably not on purpose), but that’s what will happen.

      1. I read a comment that Hannah was going to give both Lukes a rose at the last ceremony and Luke’s date was intended to be a two on one with both of them. I also saw Luke S on GMA and he said he left because he knew Hannah had lost trust in him and he felt it was going to be difficult to get back and without it there could be no relationship. I think he knew it was not going to be him in the end and left on his own terms. He did apologize for his part in the drama which is something Luke P has yet to do.
        Luke P date was so awkward and at one point he was talking being attacked by all the other guys and he really didn’t think it was her fault, really.
        When he got the date card he said he was going to use the time to see if he should stay which is 2nd time he said that and then lied right to Mike’s face and said he didn’t say it. He is being crucified in social media and is going to have difficulty turning this around for himself after the end of the show. Hopefully he is watching it back and realizing how he comes across and finds some way to redeem himself.
        I really like Jed and Tyler C for the top 2 guys.

        1. Elaine – I saw LS on Strahan ans Sara and he said he stood by his actions,.and thsr he was true to himself.
          I was disappointed because he offered no remorse for the name calling.
          I wish i had seen the GMA regrets comment.
          Good to know. Thanks

        2. I’m hoping Luke P.has a some redemption on next week episode.

          All the name calling has been deplorable.
          On and off the show!!

    2. Your on the money with something being off with Luke P I honestly believe he is a sociopath. If you look it up he is textbook. Which is cool if he can acknowledge it and work through it but I don’t think he has a clue. Poor Hannah kept saying tell me how you feel and he just isn’t capable ! Be interesting to see how it all pans out. But feel bad for the other guys.

  6. I was dyinggggggg to read your thoughts on last night’s episode! When they were showing Hannah and Luke’s date I was actually thinking, “I wonder what Ali will have to say about this?” Ha! Even though I think Luke is a complete train wreck at this point, I could not stop watching their date with my mouth dropped open because I LOVED how Hannah handled the whole situation. She was not going to accept all the BS he was saying to her and just kept pushing and pushing him. I just loved that. I think it’s evident that Luke has some severe emotional issues that he needs to work on and being on the Bachelorette isn’t doing him any favors.

    1. It was deja vi for me watching Hannah and Luke’s date because it reminded me of her awkward date with Colton in the outdoor hot tub. Do you remember that? She was being too perfect and not opening up and was coming off as fan. Colton called her out on it and she eventually started to be more genuine. The difference here is that Luke P was never able to reach that point and kept answering what he thought she wanted to hear no matter how many times she pushed him. He is not a good person. The eyes say a lot about a person, and his eyes are creepy and full of hate. I wonder what Hannah is thinking when she watches her season. I really hope she gets rid of him and puts him in his place during the men tell all. He needs therapy to stop being a pathological liar. I was really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the episode as it was happening.
      Cute outfit Ali!

      1. I completely agree with all of your statements about Luke. Is it too far to say he might be narcissistic??

      2. To Ellie:
        ” is it too far to say he is a narcissist “.

        Compared to all the other inappropraite names he’s been called?

        Probably not.

        Just pile on, because that makes you…what exactly? A viewer agreeing with Tricles hateful eyes/ bad person/ liar condemnation of a guy whose reputation is at stake, just like anyone else.

        If you are so convinced he sucks, let his actions speak for themselves – and site examples. Trash talking shouldn’t be neccessary. Unless….you have some problem * we * (viewers, strangers) need to pathologize, name call and condemn.

        I respect people’s feelings – whatever they honestly feel – but the name calling HAS GOT TO GO.

        It’s wrong. Period.

  7. Please tell me that you don’t actually think the saying is failure of the gecko instead of from the get go hahaha made me laugh out loud!

    1. I CAME HERE TO SAY THIS. It’s actually a common mis-saying- “gecko” instead of “get go” and it cracks me up every time.

    2. I was gonna write the same thing. She totally does!!! She always says she is so bad with sayings and it cracks me up! My best friend is the same way. 😂😂

      1. This is what I was going to comment. On ig she says she always gets sayings wrong and this one is a great one! So funny. I am definitely saying failure of the gecko from now on! Love you Ali!

    3. So funny – I snort laughed – too cute! Never heard that before and I couldn’t keep reading until I checked the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed. We love you Ali!

  8. I do believe that someone can change their ways- even quickly- and realize their mistakes, etc. It’s never too late to make things right in my book. If others aren’t accepting that someone has changed their ways, etc…- then that says more about them then the person they aren’t accepting forgiveness from. I believe Luke can/could completely turn around in a moment and realize his negative part in all this- if the guys or Hannah cant except that than that is their issue- not Luke’s. That may seem harsh- but I believe it’s an example of not holding a grudge. Holding grudges, even if one thinks it’s justified, really only hurts ourselves in the end and not the person we have a grudge towards…

    Someone’s lack of accepting my forgiveness or apologies doesn’t veto it. It puts the ball in the other one’s court. Their unforgiveness towards Luke, for example, only hurts them in the end, not the person they are choosing not to forgive. I bring this up because I think forgiving/apologizing are great characteristics of a partner. Also not holding a grudge towards are significant other! The fact that my Husband and I make mistakes and forgive/apologize to one another is critical- it’s love. If Hannah makes a mistake in their marriage- are these guys going to give her the cold shoulder like they do Luke? Is Luke going to be able to admit when he is wrong and is Hannah going to forgive? If it’s truly a person she wants to marry and does marry- I personally believe this is important otherwise you are expecting to marry a perfect person with no faults. That is a set up for disaster!

    No one is perfect in this! I know I am still working on it 🙂

    1. Love this! I also know editing of this show can make someone out to be horrible when they end up picking and choosing what they’re gonna show. 🙁 I have no doubt Luke P made mistakes but the group of guys are making them too, by being mean, unforgiving and harsh with him. It’s like the guys are feeding off the drama and egging each other on.

      1. Agree. Their bullying was hard to watch. I get Luke is a lying jerk but they were being cruel on purpose. Lukeness monster was funny, but they took it too far. I even saw Jed trash him on IG on his post about the salmon jacket. He talked him Puke P. The cruel name calling and bullying him and Tyler and all the guys really, do on IG has made me lose respect for most of them.

        1. Wow.

          Head shaking.
          Are any of these guys is showing grace or true power? A giant would see the wounded Luke. The grief Mike and Luke have inflicted upon him is one of the worst things I’ve seen on Bachelor ever.

          The only one who seems above the frat is Connor – and Luke valiantly above.

          Serious hate speak going on.

    2. This is great wisdom! I, too, agree Luke has mad some mistakes. Hannah even admitted on her date with him that she made mistakes when she was on the bachelor. What’s hard to watch is the mean and immature comments the other guys make, as well. Your point about will these other guys treat Hannah this way when she makes a mistake in their relationship is such a good thing to think about. I’m not only ready for the producers to stop focusing on Luke but I’m also ready for the guys to stop being mean back to him.

      1. As if only Luke P is to be held accountable – it’s gross to witness the gang mentality against one castmate.
        It reflects one if the worst/scariest traits in humanity.

        Mike, in particular ( with Luke S in second place) has shown severe limitations there.

  9. Totally agree with almost everything! The steamy make-outs were a little over the top in my view, and I can’t even play the mom card. I think in general, Hannah seems to definitely be showing her age in the last two episodes. I tend to question whether she’s really ready to be in a long-term committed relationship, let alone ready to get married. Don’t get me wrong — there are so many endearing things about her! I just think some immaturity is coming through, and how she’s handling Luke P is a big piece of that. Just my two cents!

    1. Hey Jessica, Relating to your statement that HB may have a ways to go, before successfully tying the knot.
      My take – after her Nick Viall interview is that she is a giant personality, wonderfully so, and I am hoping she knows that cast is just the tip.of the iceberg of what is accessible to her.
      Almost like the leaps.and nounds she has made since Colton’s season are just starters compared to where she will wind up

      ( Or she and Luke P reconcile/break thru and kismet Happens – but that is My fantasy sweet!!)

  10. I always love reading your thoughts!!!
    Side note.. failure from the get-go, not failure from the lizard. 😁

    I agree with everything you said! The making out drove me nuts, and her date with Luke drove me nuts. Haha

  11. This has to be the SLEAZIEST season of all! I liked Hannah when she was first selected to be the bachelorette; however, she just seems to want to jump in the sack with everyone. I’m just not into it this season. What a disappointment. And people like Luke P. Ugh…………….

    1. BINGO!!!! I’m truly SHOCKED at her ease with the full body, steam kiss contact!! Especially when it’s being filmed and she has quite a few men she is still “dating.” Very disappointing!

      1. JoAnne – YES! Fully agree with the “extra sexual” visual/image that’s starting to consistently show. I think she’s going straight to the steamy kissing, caressing, over the top make-out sessions because she’s struggling with the communication piece?! She’s a sweetheart – but it appears she’s really having a hard time verbally expressing herself. Agreed, now disappointing and a bit embarrassing for her! ♥️ (Observations/opinions from a Speech Language Pathologist)

      2. I have been a Hannah fan from the start but lost some respect from tonight’s episode. When she sent Luke home she asked him to respect her decision which he didn’t and then she didn’t respect herself enough to stick with her decision. But also found it convenient that sh was still there for him to come back. Really?

        I blame Garrett for the drama. When he asked Hannah if Luke talked about anyone and she said yes but in response to conversations she initiated. That should have sufficient and made it a closed subject. He also egged it on after Hannah came in told everyone else what she had told him. Enough give it up.

        Ali you made the comment about no one going to her. I saw that differently and thought it showed respect to give her the space she needed.

        There are also comments about all the making out. Yes it is every women’s right to set her own boundaries but I personally don’t like seeing such intimate exchanges. I think some of the more intimate exchanges she be for those involved and not shared with everyone. When it is on display it becomes less special.

        On a lighter note did anyone see some of the BIP people. They are bringing back a few from some older seasons and a few veterans of past seasons and yes a wedding.

        I am so excited for Chris and Krystal and wish them much happiness. There were the villains of their season and came to BIP and was able to redeem themselves and find love.

        I think Luke is getting a lot of backlash on social media and feel it is going to get worse for him.

        I am an avid fan and ready for it to be like it was in the beginning people really looking for love and much less drama.

    2. Who cares who and how many people she wants to jump in the sack with its her body and she can do whatever she wants with it! It is 2019 stop putting other women in these tiny boxes saying they cant be sexual beings! If sexual attraction is important to her in a relationship then so be it, just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t give you the right to slut shame her! Luckily I’m sure Hannah doesn’t care about someone who doesn’t even know her being “disappointed” and I bet she is not embarrassed considering so many women have said she is the most relatable lead they’ve had for women in today’s dating world!

  12. Omg Ali! Not a word on Hannah’s insanity during her date with Luke P? She spends so much time trying to coach him on what to do, what to say, how to say it, and how to act while saying it. “Don’t say that, say this.” ??? And she dislikes literally everything that comes out of his mouth, yet somehow thinks she can teach him to just BE an entirely different person. It’s one of the craziest scenes I think I’ve seen on this show.

    1. You are spot on!!! It made me think that she really didn’t like him too much but that the producers encouraged her keeping him around. I didn’t respect her behavior towards him at all last night! I really don’t care for his persona much either, but being unkind and condescending was irritating to watch. I feel like I’m losing confidence in Hannah as well. Not cool!

      1. I think the producers are making her keep him around as well. If you listen when she went to talk to them on the one on one date, they say “it takes time”, or something to that extent. But no one else seems to be having those issues, and he gives me lots of red flags. His same words “clarity”, “right”, and the same statements over and over about the men talking about him was exhausting to watch. That said, he doesn’t deserve the constant backlash that the men seem to give him, but editing is everything. I just think by keeping him around, she’s making herself look stupid. There’s far too many other guys out there that seem like good guys, and she isn’t even kissing Luke P, yet she’s all over all of these other guys. It doesn’t add up.

        I really like Hannah’s relatability as the Bachelorette this season. She’s outgoing, she’s not scared to be herself, she’s funny. But I think straddling multiple men on the same night seems a bit off putting. Yes, it’s all about chemistry at this point because these people barely know each other, but she had to have been thinking at some point that the man who gets the final rose is going to be watching this, likely with her beside him.

    2. I feel the same way!! I was so tired of her trying to tell him what to say, that she needs more, he shouldn’t say this or that… it really turns me off of her! You cannot change people and that’s what she’s trying to do with Luke, she wants him to be someone he’s clearly not (but she thinks he is based on only a couple of encounters with him).

    3. yeah– soooooo uncomfortable to watch– she was all over his every incorrect reply and then it made me cringe to see his reactions-he seemed so confused and worried about saying the right thing and just looked like a deer in the headlights!

      1. Hannah and her girly men are bullies…there is no need for the abuse which they continue to inflict on Luke P. She is not worth his efforts and the other men have nothing to brag about…..Chippendale dancer, no talent musician, model?? Yikes

  13. Hello Ali,
    I 100% agree with you’re thoughts of last nights episode. I too am over the entire Luke story. I do wish Hannah would stop the circle with him instead of perpetuating it with the endless talks that go no where. I would never want to judge somebody else’s actions, especially not walking in their shoes, but as a women, wife, mother, seeing Hannah make out so intensely with 3 different guys in the same night came across the wrong way to me. I’m definitely not a prude either, lol, but maybe it’s just an age thing or life experience thing that makes me want to be conscious of how my actions come across to others or maybe it just comes down to that all three steamy make out sessions were the same night that have me going No, No, No!

  14. I actually felt like Hannah seemed pretty inebriated in a lot of this episode. This may have been a factor in some of the conversations and the making out. I hope she pulls back a bit on that so she can be clearer.

    1. Yes! Agreed, Jessica! Okay, I’m also beginning to wonder if she’s over-drinking on most dates?! It’s really starting to feel that way! She does look quite tipsy during most of the episodes so far. Do the producers regulate her drinking during filming?! Huh. I’d love to know. Eek! I think she’s very sweet and genuine, BUT…

      This is all starting to be a huge turn off. Age is really starting to show!! 🙈

      1. Is it the red tipped nose that makes you say tipsy?
        ( It’s the * tell * to me )

        Just wondering what makes you think it.

  15. I agree with you about Mike! I said last night that he’s going to be friend-zoned for sure! He’s a great guy, just not for her! Hopefully we can see him on Paradise! The whole one on one with Luke was weird. I thought it was interesting when they showed her talking with producers and they told her she had to talk to him. I just don’t understand how she could get annoyed with everything he was saying (or not saying)and still question whether or not she wanted to keep him around…I mean how many times can a person use the word clarity!? Are they making her keep him around for the drama? I have a hard time believing she still wants him there after that insanely awkward date.

    And I agree with you on the make out sessions…it’s too much! I think we know who her final 3 will be at this point. I felt so bad for Kevin when he walked in on her and Jed, but I give him credit for how he handled that!

    Oh and back to her “final 3” and how she is with them vs Luke…I just want to scream through the TV and be like “look how you feel about these 3 guys compared to your relationship with Luke!” I really do think her age is showing and if production isn’t making her keep him around then I think she really is trying to force something that just isn’t there because of his looks.

    1. All of the guys look the same! There was some connections, some chemistry that drew her to him. And now he is not the person she wants him to be. It’s hard for her to let go.

  16. I watched the episode this morning and immediately looked for your blog! (I was too early.) I had several thoughts about Luke on the date.
    Emotions. Hannah wanted heart felt feelings. Luke is not going to be that guy. Many men don’t express feeling and when faced with a woman’s feelings, they just want to fix things. I think. Luke is like this. This is why he keeps trying to talk his way out of the problem. He also said he is trying to be perfect for her. Whether this is because he genuinely likes her or is just trying to “win” is the big question.I do think he enjoys the chase – like his toast about the “hunt”. Hannah really didn’t like that toast!
    The group date: the Highland Games are famous! I love that they did this! It’s a different vibe than the previous rugby date. Of course, some of the difference was definitely because Luke wasn’t on the date. He definitely does try to turn everything into the “Luke show” and make it all about him! The guys on this one had fun and really did make it about Hannah! And Hannah does seem to be into the physical side of the relationships – even as she says she wants to get to know them all better!
    And in light of her reaction to several others, I agree that she’s just bot into Mike! They did have fun. But I don’t think she has the same connection with him.

  17. Hi hi!!

    I agree with you on all your commentary, esp about the making-out, I don’t know if I could passionately make out that much back to back!

    I had a separate thought about the Luke P. situation, I actually really appreciate her internal and communicative struggle with him because that’s what happens in real life! This makes me feel like she will truly find something real and long-lasting this show (not with Luke P) but I think he’ll be at least in the top four because she’s so torn. But it’s so true about real life dating!

    Not all the guys you date are perfect for you and I appreciate her honest struggle with not just listening to her head cause we all fall for the guy who isn’t always great for us. I really hope she ends up with one of the guys who communicates better and is more genuine.
    Team Jed over here, but also think Tyler C is a stand up guy and would be a great partner. She has so many awesome guys this season! Can’t wait to see them find love on Paradise. Also, Peter for Bachelor!!

    Love you Ali!!

  18. I always wait for your blog! I think sadly Luke P is staying around. From the previews I think he’s who she fights with in the pink jacket regarding her sexuality. He is red flags left and right and she needs to get it together and give him the boot! I did think it was interesting that we heard a producer say “it just takes time” I think encouraging her to not just kick him out during the date!

  19. I had some of these same exact thoughts! I thought the steamy makeout sessions where she was straddling all these different guys was a little off-putting but wasn’t sure if that was just me.

    As far as Mike, I liked their date and thought he really opened up but I can’t get past the fact that he blatantly lied about what that other guy (annoying one who kept stealing Hannah) said to him when retelling it to Hannah. Felt really dishonest.

    I think the Hannah- Luke convo was so infuriating and just don’t think he has the emotional intelligence at this point in his life to give her what she needs. I think she’s trying to follow her heart and see it through but it shouldn’t be THIS hard to connect with someone. It’s crazy. I hope he goes home.

    I know he sucks, but didn’t like how at some points the guys were just not nice to him in any way- it isn’t a good look and I would hope anyone I was to date would be able to still be polite at the very least and rise above the nonsense. I imagine it’s really isolating in that house to have no one to talk to. I know he brought it upon himself but think some of the guys are doing a little too much considering he’s done nothing to them in particular. Just my two cents!

  20. Oh Luke P PLEASE just GO HOME so we can all move on!!! 😳 Seriously I found myself bored to tears watching this episode (and last week). She definitely has the most chemistry with Tyler C & Jed 😍😍 I see Hannah’s immaturity come across a lot…not to bash her, but she seems emotional, sensitive and indecisive….especially when she asked the producers advice on her date w/Luke P 🤪

  21. Love your posts!!
    1) although Luke is a slimy person, I actually feel bad for him. I may be the only one, but I do feel bad for him because he is ostracized from the whole group. Literally no one talks to him and when they do they make it very clear they don’t like him. The only one who follows him on social is Matteo Ovalles. On the one hand, you reap what you sow. But on the other, he’s just a person, and no one deserves to feel 100% ostracized. I think he’s the only villain for whom I have seen such a truly strong reaction from the other guys. Usually the villain has at least one friend or two and then after the season is over people superficially interact with them.

    2) Random side note—we never got to learn more about how Matteo father 114 kids as a sperm donor!

    3) I agree that Hannah’s steamy makeout sessions with multiple guys was a bit much. Not out of prudery. But Primarily because the guy she chooses will have to watch that. I think that when bachelor and bachelorette couples break up it’s often because of issues throughout the season that the person they choose can’t get over (Ben saying I love you to JoJo, Kaitlyn having slept with Nick). I also didn’t like that she kissed Jed in front of the others—what if she kissed him in front of her future husband? It’s just insensitive… honestly it if we’re not on camera, I would say go for it, because at the end of the day they know you are kissing other guys during that stage, but at least they don’t have to see it… but when they have to watch you in bed on top of another guy (or 3), it’s a lot. It would take an extremely secure person, man or woman, to not feel jealous watching their partner do that. It’s one thing to know it, and it’s another thing to see it.

  22. First, John Paul Jones was trending on Twitter in the US last night lol everyone was going crazy about him. It was funny to read. And I agree with you about Luke S. I’m glad he gracefully bowed out and took himself out of it. It was a mess. Luke P I felt was ready to go do “the fun stuff” and had no desire to dig deep and talk about anything. And if he can’t make it work while living in a mansion and traveling the world, how would he ever make it work in real conditions in Alabama. I’m ready for him to go!

  23. I have been watching the bachelorette for as long as it’s been on- it’s my guilty pleasure . But I’ve found this season to be so hard to watch. The whole Luke p thing is just beyond ridiculous and Hannah seems so immature to me so much of the time. I’m sure it would be hard being in her position but she’s always so emotional and acts so immature. I wish they would have picked someone else to be the bachelorette!

  24. I love that you said above in your synthesis, “failure of the gecko.” Hahahahaha. The phrase is, “failure from the get go.” You’re so cute and I look forward to your bachelorette comments each week.

  25. I’ve said it before and this episode really made it stand out to me how very immature and unprepared for this that Hannah B is. Several others mentioned it above too. The conversation with Luke P drove me insane, with the like, like, like…..and she should have ended it way before she did. I think she’s going to feel pretty stupid when she sees this back. I hope she finds her true love, everyone deserves that…..but I don’t think she was anywhere ready for this type of show. She’s just very very very young acting. I do love Jed, still, and Tyler.

  26. You are so corrrct when you mentioned her age really showing. Between her emotions and the making out with multiple guys on a group date, it’s so clear she’s not ready for any of this. Not feeling this season, but as a fan of the show I’ll keep watching.

  27. I was so sick of the waaaaaaay too long conversation with Luke, that I just turned it off. Wish more time would have been aired with the great guys that are still there!!

  28. Ok, here is my thing. I get how Luke P. looks and all but I also feel like every single season they have that one person who every hates and is there way longer than needed. I feel like some editing along with maybe some stupid behavior makes the person seem wayyy worse than they are.

    1. I watched that date and thought God if we could have a communications expert come in a do a lesson re-do.
      For all of us.
      It pained me when Luke came forth and said he thought – no he Knew- the group bullying was wrong…and…Hannah didn’t really absorb it.

      Someone like Andi or JoJo would have drawn him out. Hannah’s spark is wonderful, but her fire was too much.

      Luke, to me, looked frightened and pained. I think words are not his strong suit, and her anger and impatience (understandable as Some of it is ) r e a l l y made things worse.

      We see Luke – for all the criticism of being manipulative – really not be able to help himself.

      I felt he was lost. And I felt she was vexed, and it got very muddy.

    2. Katie..we could make a list.
      For some reason Moana comes to mind from the Travis Storks season.
      Like, really, what was there to hate in there.
      It’s sad at best, abuse at worst.
      I think B Nation needs to protest the abusive parts.

  29. I love your post as always. You seem to be spot on with everything. I feel the date with Luke was just wrong. Either keep him because you like him even though the guys do not or send him home. Even though he is the villain this season, I kind of felt sorry for him. He looked absolutely confused by Hannah. This was a bad show of emotions for her.

    I wish I could like Jed but to me he just seems slimy with a creepy element. Sorry! I know you like him. I just cannot get there with him. If Peter does not get to be with Hannah in the end, I would prefer him for Bachelor.

  30. I think you’re right, about the rugby & the Highland Games being back to back. And they had the derby skating date too (which was hilarious) but she likes to see how rough they will take it. I’m not sure if that’s a good trait or not 😬

  31. Luke’s date was annoying because of Luke in general, but can we take a moment to talk about how many times Hannah said “like”?!? It was brutal!

    1. Agree 100%! She obviously has a hard time expressing herself or coming up with real words and the constant ‘like’ is cringe-worthy. I’m sure she is an educated woman, but it sure isn’t showing. I’ve thought all along she was a poor choice, and the more I see of this season, the more I think it. She is absolutely beautiful but has an awful lot of growing up to do, including expanding her vocabulary, before she is ready to chose a husband.

  32. I completely agree with everything you have said. I’m not even a mom but all of the hardcore makeout scenes and on the group date was a bit much. A few other things I noticed that weren’t commented about were with the men not wearing anything underneath the kilts when doing the wrestling and during when Hannah told them all to bow down to their queen. I know it was meant to be funny and harmless but I didn’t care for the way it came across. The whole Luke P situation is frustrating and will hopefully be a lesson learned but we obviously have not seen the last of him.

  33. Luke P…is an egotistical jerk! I have not liked him from the minute he stepped out of the limo, there was something that rubbed me the wrong way. He’s a liar and when he gets called out he tries to turn the table and make it about everyone but him. He has thought from day one he was going to the end and that was his first mistake.
    I feel Hannah knows Luke is bad news but she just can’t let him go yet for some reason…but she will soon.
    I respect Luke S for what he did and I hope we see him on an upcoming show.
    I’m pulling for Tyler C, there is obvious connection between them.

  34. I agree. I think it was trashy. And if it were the bachelor I’d call him dirty. If I was chosen and I saw my fiancé doing that we would definitely end up in counseling. It’s not right!

  35. Hi Ali! You said on your seasons you weren’t allowed to leave the hotel. Just curious how Casey left to get his infamous tattoo?! I’m guessing that was producer encouraged?! Love your blog and the recaps!

  36. Ali I totally agree with u on everything u said in this blog. I really cant stand Luke P either. I like peter tyler c and jed the best. I think is a different bachelorette that we’ve seen in the past. Shes more daring than any of the other ones. It’s more physical attraction to her I think than emotional. At least that’s how I feel. Much love! I’m a huge fan of urs!

  37. Luke P just makes my stomach turn. He is so manipulative!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out what she sees in him. I truly believe it’s just all physical. He seems to lack depth and personality.

    Every week I read your blog and I keep forgetting to ask….in the beginning, do they put the names on the roses?? I give kudos to everyone if they don’t! I can’t imagine trying to learn everyone and remember their names at the same time!

  38. I felt like Hannah was trying to get Luke to say what she “wants” to hear, bechase she wasn’t liking his answers, she kept telling him I need clarity, I need more, so he was going to end up just saying whatever she wants to hear, even though she says she just wants them to be themselves, and natural /. Like begging him to say more is the complete opposite of natural – that’s forced. She needs to get over the school girl pretty boy crush – and move on from this dude. He has no substance.

  39. I will start off with agreeing you all about Luke P. I cannot stand him. I want to rip my face off every time I see him on the show. I didn’t like him right from the very first cocktail party. My exact thoughts were what is wrong with this guy. I don’t agree that the men are being mean or too hard on him. Time and time again he’s lied and twisted what the other men have said. Even when given a chance to be genuine and to not lie or cause issues, he still has and so they’ve just stopped any ability for him to do that to them or ruin their chance with Hannah. They’ve been subjected to all his antics 24/7 and you can’t force yourself to like someone. They’re uncomfortable around him, don’t trust him and want to put their time and attention to getting to know Hannah. The one-on-one date with Luke was so aggravating! He has zero ability to be genuine despite his very strong efforts to convince Hannah otherwise. He repeats what he says and asks questions that only help him try to become even more convincing that he’s such a “catch”. There’s nothing redeemable about him in my opinion. I honestly think he’s a sociopath. The “signs” of a sociopath are:
    1.Doesn’t respect social norms or laws. They consistently break laws or overstep social boundaries.
    2.Lies, deceives others, uses false identities or nicknames, and uses others for personal gain.
    3.Doesn’t make any long-term plans. They also often behave without thinking of consequences.
    4.Shows aggressive or aggravated behavior. They consistently get into fights or physically harm others.
    5.Doesn’t feel guilt or remorse for having harmed or mistreated others.
    – being “cold” by not showing emotions or investment in the lives of others
    – using humor, intelligence, or charisma to manipulate others
    – having a sense of superiority and strong, unwavering opinions
    – not learning from mistakes
    – not being able to keep positive friendships and relationships
    – attempting to control others by intimidating or threatening them

    Sound familiar?!?!?!?

    While I didn’t like the “make out” sessions, Hannah is not the first Bachelorette/Bachelor to do the same thing. In fact wasn’t Kaitlyn not a little bit worse on her season? Or Andy on her season??? So I don’t think it’s her age showing through, I just think it’s how immersed they are at that point with those specific people. Let’s not forget that it’s also an edited and scripted show so we are watching what producers want us to see. As for Hannah’s emotional moments……I think she’s getting a bad rap for this. I think she’s genuinely a person who gets very emotionally invested and going through this unusual process combined with the stress to keep producers happy and the constant drama going on, I can totally understand why she’s had her emotional moments and that just shows me that she is truly invested in the process of finding her life partner.
    I like Jed, Peter, and Tyler the best. I think Mike is a great catch but not for Hannah. I would like to see more of Garrett, Connor and Devin. Dustin is definitely not a fit for her and I think it’s only a matter of time before he’s sent home. I don’t think I like Grant and I wonder why he’s “unemployed”. Hopefully he’s not someone who can’t hold on to a job and went on the show hoping it would present him with “opportunities”. Kevin is a bit of a mystery at this point. Anyway, we see at the end of this past episode that Hannah doesn’t give Luke the rose but I think she tells him that he’s got “1 more chance” to show her something more real, which is why I think we see him in the upcoming previews. I just wish she’d stop giving him the benefit of doubt and see that all the men are 1000000% right about him and send him packing for good! I don’t think I can stand anymore time with him on the show. Sooooooo that’s my long-winded post. LOL

    1. Oh I forgot to touch on the group date! Duh!
      I’m not bothered by what she’s selected for the group dates. We have to all remember that she’s a huge sports fan and so she’s drawn to those kinds of activities and she wants to see her men in those situations. I also don’t think Jed kissing her in front of the guys is a big deal. Almost every single Bachelorette/Bachelor has had a kissing moment like this in front of everyone on a group date so Hannah is no different than those before her. I actually think that it was a relatively small thing because the kids was just a quick kiss on the lips. Unlike other Bachelorette/Bachelor’s that have had a bit more steamy of a kiss on a group date in front of the rest. Just my thoughts! 🙂

  40. I love your bachelor recap blogs, they are always so detail oriented and make so much sense!

    Also did anyone else think it was a coincidence that all the guys were wearing grey when Luke left to go on his date? Like they were all “feeling grey” he got and one-on-one? (1 or 2 might have been wearing black or white, but same color pallette!)

  41. I think Hannah did a really great job navigating the date with Luke P. While she might have also sounded repetitive, it’s because as the audience we could understand what she was wanting from Luke P – genuine emotion and not just words he thought she’d want to hear. Somehow he kept not getting it, or he wasn’t able to give her what she wanted. I also loved how she pulled him up on saying that ‘everyone loves me’ and told him to own his flaws.

    I think Luke P will be able to learn from this and grow into a better person if he takes Hannah’s advice and owns up to his flaws and then works on them.

    If anyone reading Ali’s blog also watched Bachelor in Paradise Australia you’ll know that Luke P is no Ivan. Now that guy’s behaviour was so appalling viewers wondered how producers didn’t step in and kick him off the show.

  42. I totally agree with what you wrote!! And I too LOVE JED!!!!! And at this point I see no connection at all with Luke P. Just let him go already!!!

  43. I am disappointed in this Bachelorette and it is frustrating how even when Luke S. Said goodbye she had no reaction to his leaving, like saying, I don’t care go already…Luke P. Is not a stand up guy and none of the guys think so. Why doesn’t she listen to the guys in the house who she likes. Sadly, I think she is too immature at this point. I don’t think she is ready. Also, Luke P. Is very juvenile as well. I am not loving this season.

  44. The Luke drama is so lame. I don’t know if it’s the producers who are creating it, but has been so boring and predictable. If any of them read your blog, dear god, please stop injecting so much of this petty nonsense into the show! It adds nothing to the story, and it only makes me (and clearly many other viewers) lose interest.

    p.s. Peter is still my favorite—I’m rooting for him!

  45. I love that she’s enjoying her time with the guys. She is going to likely accept a proposal at the end, why not see if she likes making out with them?? Especially since this is going to be her last chance with any other guys if she really does end up with her final choice and marries him. I usually love your recaps but I felt that part was harsh, even as a mom. You aren’t *her* mom, she is a grown woman, and judging women for this stuff has gotten old. On your season, you had less amazing guys (I recall only 3 that stood out) so frankly it would have been easier for you to zone in on a favorite. I’m sort of jealous of Hanna, sooo many hot, smart, amazing dudes to pick from! She should enjoy every minute of this, she will never date so many handsome men at once again 😉

    Re: Luke P, he acts “on” all the time, like he knows what happens is going to be shown everywhere, so he won’t open up and be real (he doesn’t want the world to see his vulnerable side), so is rubbing everyone the wrong way with his facade. That, and his VERY immature manipulation of the Luke S. situation (Luke S. didn’t ask him to be talked up, he asked him to be HONEST). I don’t want to pick on his age, because there are so many mature 24 year olds, but for HIM, I think he has a LOT of growing up to do.

  46. In my opinion I think you’re being a little old school here! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I’m sure other leads have had heavy makeout sessions and production just hasn’t shown it. People have slept together before the fantasy suites for goodness sake! I personally do think it’s a bit rude and judgemental to bring attention to things like that that we’re capable of deciding as a woman. If I want to kiss the guy I’m gonna kiss the dang guy! I’m proud of her for not holding back, especially knowing how she could be judged by her faithful hometown and the rest of the country (like the majority of those commenting here!)

    It’s obvious that the physical part of a relationship is very important to Hannah, we see it in the preview. I think people are making her out to be some sexualized, young girl who isn’t ready for marriage literally because she deeply kissed a few guys. Honestly, she’s only been with 2 people prior to the show. She’s only kissed 5 guys total n her life before being the bachelorette (I learned this through podcast interviews).. I’m sure many of us surpassed that at her age! And if she’s kissed 5 guys or 100, who cares! At least she’s being real and not worrying about what production will show and what they won’t.

    I think it would benefit you Ali, and others, to listen to her podcast with Nick Viall. She really explains herself and it made me understand her so much more. I think she’s so so misunderstood still. She’s grown so much from Colton’s season and will continue to through this experience. And Ali, just because you weren’t ready for marriage like you thought you were, maybe she is! It’s not an end all be all rule. Maybe she’s the exception to the regular! That’s Alabama culture. I just think we should be cheering her on, not tearing her down or analyzing what she did and what we’re being shown. There is so much more to this amazing girl.

  47. I’m so sick of Luke P. I think she’s going to send him home & then he’s going to try to win her back. He’s a manipulative liar and it annoys me that he gets so much air time. I’m going to be pissed if he’s on Paradise. It’s one thing to bring in controversial people to give them a chance at redemption, and quite another to reward manipulative, narcissistic behavior.

    I absolutely adore Mike and I’m really hoping he’ll be the next Bachelor.

    I really respected the fact that Luke S. left. At the end of the day, if she really had a strong connection with Luke S. She wouldn’t have let Luke P. get in the way.

    I still think that Jed will be the one for her in the end. They seem to have a really great connection & he’s such a great guy.

    1. For me Mike’s verbal bullying to Luke P should not be rewarded.

      Bachelor should be for a loving man, not instigating hate.

  48. Luke P needs to go! She knows, and he will but either she is being forced to keep him or like she said her heart wants to keep him but head doesn’t. I like that she is very honest! And as she kept saying to Luke he is just always saying what he thinks she would want to hear, not something sincere..just another reason I think he is slimyyyyy.
    Go peter or Jed!!

  49. So I’m from Georgia about 45 mins from where Luke P is from. I have heard he was spotted in Gainesville which means he makes it to hometown dates! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
    I was hoping he’d represent Georgia well but that has gone out the window big time!
    I’m team Peter all the way!!

  50. Ladies ~ NOT TO START A BAD RUMOR>>BUT>>>Did Dustin ( I think it was Dustin) say in the interview parts of the show that they HAD SEX? Is that what I heard? Did anyone else hear that? I know I cannot understand their mumbling so many times, but did anyone else hear that? I think the show is allowing a little too much touchy feely now. The other shows the ladies acted more mature. Hannah acts so silly and immature! She is a bit too anxious to get with these guys and all that kissing and straddling these guys. Girl save something for the man you choose. Goodness!!! Slow down girl…you going to catch something before the show ends! And agreeing with many of you, LUKE P needs to go. He is not there for Hannah and he needs to get gone. But they have to have drama on the show you know so he will probably be the one she chooses in the end just to make people watch the show. You know! That would be awful wouldn’t it!! They really need to figure out a way to change up the show totally. It is getting so boring being the same ole same ole stuff they do every season! Why don’t they build a Habitat for Humanity Home! All that muscle there all at once. Get them to work for it! Let the girl date the guys all while building the home. Do something constructive but still get to date! Do a total new show doing something else for a change! LOL! Just sayin!

    1. If he did say that, that was not very gentlemanly of him. It’s not our business what she “saves” for the man she chooses, that is between her and her final choice.

  51. I wasn’t surprised to see Chris Harrison asking Hannah if she’s capable of continuing this journey in the preview for the next episode. I asked myself that same question about her as I watched this episode.

    I thought her handling of the Luke vs. Luke situation was less than constructive—she ordered the two of them to sit down and talk to each other as she sat between them, and then she got up and walked away in the middle of it without saying a word! She showed a huge lack of maturity there. She also talked to them like she was their mother. She clearly cannot handle conflict well.

    As frustrating as her one-on-one date with Luke P. was, I thought Hannah could have been more direct with him instead of trying to lead him to what she wanted him to say, but that’s a communication skill you gain with experience. At least she was self-aware enough to realize that she had not given the other men the same amount of time and leeway that she was devoting to Luke P.

    It doesn’t make sense that she was fighting so hard to make that relationship work. That’s every bit as crazy as *she* said *he* is for saying he loves every single thing about her. It’s hypocritical for her to scoff at him saying that but to think it’s OK for her to say she’s either going on her first one-on-one with her future husband or sending him home. How did Luke P. become her standard for husband material?!

    And to her own point, how could she possibly have that opinion about him so soon? Everything she wants him to talk about and show her are qualities that so many of the other guys possess. Wake up, Hannah!

    1. TOTAL let down that the L and L convo cane to nothing and ahe just walked out.

      We waited a whole freaking week.

      For nuthin’.
      What abt that one on one convo LP said LS had w him.
      We desreve to know.

  52. Hannah and her girly men are bullies…there is no need for the abuse which they continue to inflict on Luke P. She is not worth his efforts and the other men have nothing to brag about…..Chippendale dancer, no talent musician, model?? Yikes

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