Bachelor Nation
June 24, 2019

The Bachelorette – How is Luke Still There

From more drama to steamy hot tub scenes, tonight's episode was as "Bachelorette" as it gets - minus the actually falling in love part (I'll get to that in a minute). But once again I have so much to say about the episode that I couldn't wait until tomorrow - so I'm…

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June 21, 2019

3 Must-Have Pieces -That also work for hiding a baby bump! Or a big lunch ;)

Hey guys! With all this talk about baby registries, I was trying to think of a way that I could do a post about a few cute outfit ideas, that appealed to my followers, and the newly expecting moms out there! SO here we are! In this post I am going to…

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BreastFeeding Friendly Fashion
July 17, 2018

Celebrating Our Bodies – Breastfeeding & Beautiful Nursing Clothes!

I want thank you all so much for all of your incredible support and positivity on my blog yesterday. Sharing those images of myself in a bikini was definitely something I was nervous about, but you guys made me feel so great about it once I finally gathered up the courage to…

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May 18, 2018

Barefoot and Pregnant annnnd…..BIG NEWS!

Epppppp! I have some exciting news! Ready for it?! We will officially be a family of 4 (plus poochie!) by this time next week! I mean, baby could decide to come sooner than that, but because I am measuring so big and the baby is estimated to be over 1o lbs, the…

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May 17, 2018

I Totally Thought I was in Labor Yesterday…

Last night I was so sure I was in labor. It’s funny, you'd think I would know what going into labor feels like since I’m a second time mom - or about to be a second time mom. But the truth is I have no idea what it feels like to gradually…

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May 8, 2018

Choosing to LOVE the Last Weeks/Days of my Pregnancy

Today is my last day of work before I go on maternity leave. It also just happens to be the day I am exactly 37 weeks pregnant. I always thought that I would work right up until I gave birth. But as many of you know, this baby is measuring a few…

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May 6, 2018

Dressed Up for a Good Cause…SheLift

Good morning! I hope you all are having a beautiful and relaxing day. We are off to an event today. Normally I probably wouldn’t go to an event this late in my pregnancy because I’m trying to slow down, but today’s event is to honor an organization that is near and dear…

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