3 Must-Have Pieces -That also work for hiding a baby bump! Or a big lunch ;)

Hey guys! With all this talk about baby registries, I was trying to think of a way that I could do a post about a few cute outfit ideas, that appealed to my followers, and the newly expecting moms out there! SO here we are! In this post I am going to list a few pieces a love, that are not maternity, but work for someone who is newly pregnant and trying to hide their baby bump. There are so many good options out there that can help to camouflage the belly area if it isn’t your favorite, or if you are newly pregnant! And NO, I am not pregnant. Haha! Just trying to be helpful and more inclusive of everyone! Let’s begin, shall we?!

Look #1: For Events

 1. DRESS | 2. HEELS

This first dress is one of my favorite new additions to my closet. It really would be perfect t0 wear at a formal event this summer, such as attending a wedding! I love the way that it is structured, because it really gives you a waist, even if you feel like you don’t have one! It also really helps to hide the tummy area because of the way that bodice fits. It lands just above your belly button. It truly makes me look and feel my best. You guys know I usually like to hide my arms a little bit if I can, but with this dress I don’t even feel like I need to! It is slightly pricier than a dress that I would normally recommend but I really do think it is worth it. Especially for an event! As you can see though, it would be perfect to wear earlier in your pregnancy and also be able to wear for years to come after your baby is born!

I also thought that I would mention that my purse is back in stock! I know some of you were bummed that it was sold out when I did my outfit post last week with my favorite blazer and cami, and I don’t blame you. The best part that I hadn’t even mentioned is that it is only $30!? It also comes in a black print and a snakeskin print if blush isn’t your color! Truly, I would pick up this purse while you can!

 1. DRESS | 2. HEELS | 3. PURSE

The other part of this outfit that I want to mention are the shoes. I tried to find the exact pair, but it looks like they might not make them anymore, so I’m going to a link a bunch of alternative options for it below. I feel like it’s so important to have a bold shoe color like this in your closet. It can dress up an outfit so easily, and can even be worn with jeans!


Look #2: This adorable tunic!


This tunic is one of my favorite tops that I really just love and have kept around for awhile. These pictures were taken when I was pregnant with Riley. I want to say around 7 months or so. I actually don’t really like tops on me when I’m pregnant in general – especially loose fitting ones. I tend to go for dresses because I just feel like they look more flattering. Again, this tunic is not maternity. But because it’s a tunic and fits very loosely, it totally works with a baby bump! And isn’t it just so pretty?! I love the lace details and the pretty colors. The blue that I am wearing here is sold out now, but they have a few new colors in the same top! I might just have to snag another one! I have on in a S/M in one print and another print in a L/XL. The only difference is the arms are smaller in the S/M.

This is another great one that can be worn before, during or after pregnancy. It would be a great option to hide your belly in the beginning, when you are just starting to show, and it is so flattering as well! I love the fact that it is a pretty breathable material, because even though it is long sleeve, you could still wear it on summer evenings in most places. The lace allows “wind” to cool you down. Ha! And I am wearing a normal nude bra underneath, but you can choose a pretty bralette is you’d like.

Did you get this the first time I posted about it? Do you love it? Tell me in the comments below!

Since these photos were taken awhile back, some of the accessories are not available anymore. Thankfully the heart necklace is in stock! Linking them all below. Which piece is your favorite?

Look #3: Loose Fitting Dress

I’m so excited about this last look because I just adore this dress. I think my absolute favorite thing about it is the neckline and sleeves. Something about this type of square-like neckline is just extremely flattering. The only thing that kind of is annoying about this kind of neckline, is that your bra straps can show if you don’t wear them on the outside corners of your shoulders. If you want to avoid dealing with that just wear a strapless bra. I’m wearing a regular bra in these photos. And I don’t think my bra showing in any of them.


This dress is absolutely perfect if you’re trying to hide an early pregnancy or if you’re just feeling extremely bloated for whatever reason. I like to wear it when it’s that time of the month and putting on jeans is just way too uncomfortable. The dress is meant to have more of a loose fit so really it would be flattering on almost anybody type! I dare to say it be flattering on every single body type! And that’s because it has a sleeve so it covers some of your arm if you’re self-conscious about your arms. I am, to be honest with you. And it’s got a loose fit all the way through out. I just feel so pretty when I wear this dress. It’s got a farmhouse feel that I also really love.

Because of that, I decided to wear my hat with it in these photos. But you definitely don’t need a hat when wearing it. Sometimes I feel like my hat completes a look. But in this case I just think it adds another element that I don’t necessarily need. Makes me feel more farm girl. I wish I was in a field of wheat in these photos. Ha!


I’m wearing nude heels in these photos. but I definitely don’t think you need to. A little white loafer would look absolutely darling. I even think wearing it with the rain boots would be really cute. I found these white ones for $24 that I think would just be adorable with this look. Again, I’m taking the farm girl thing to a whole new level! I should really live in the country! Ha! And then I just carried a woven tote bag to complete the look. It’s on the pricey side, so I am linking this woven bag that is only $33, has great reviews, and will give you a similar look.

And a lot of you have been asking me about the key necklace that I wear often. It’s from my friend Caitlyn’s company, The Giving Keys. She such an incredible person and her company gives back to those less fortunate which is such a beautiful thing. So definitely check out her website.


Well there you have it! I wanted to write this blog post for a couple reasons. Because I know what it’s like to be in early pregnancy and not know how to dress your body as it starts to change. So I was hoping I could help out some soon-to-be mamas! Also, if you’re in your early pregnancy, chances are your so nauseous and tired that you don’t want to have to put a lot of thought into your outfits. So hopefully this takes some of the pressure off. Ha! Hang in there ladies, the first trimester doesn’t last forever.

The second reason I want to write it is because some days I just don’t feel very comfortable in my clothes. I need to wear something where I don’t feel like I have to suck in and I can just let it all hang loose. And I feel like when I wear these three outfits I can do that!

And lastly, I realize not everybody has my body type. And that’s a good thing! It’s great that we’re all different! So I thought that these three looks would potentially look nice on most body types and sizes. And I want my website to be a place that people can come that have all different shapes and sizes and find something they would feel good in.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Would you like me to try to do more posts like this? What look is your favorite?

24 Thoughts

24 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Pieces -That also work for hiding a baby bump! Or a big lunch ;)

  1. Sooo pretty! I’ve been having a hard time finding anything flattering on me right now. I’m 2 months postpartum and still have a good size belly going lol. Definitely will be looking at some of these pieces! I feel like your blog posts are always perfect timing for me 🙂 hope you have a great weekend with your little Famjam!

    1. These are perfect for postpartum! If you don’t get these piece hopefully this blog just gave you some inspo!!!

  2. I’m a grandma and great grandma and man, I wish these pretty clothes had been around during my three pregnancies. You’d laugh at some of the ‘tents’ we used to wear. I could have used these….you young mamas-to-be are very fortunate! I did try to ‘hide’ my third pregnancy for awhile due to a job situation, and these would have been perfect. And also so beautiful! I would have bought all three of them.

  3. hi Ali
    I’d love to live in the country, again.
    I’m saving for the jeans you’re wearing in the photo with ‘Owen’.
    Hope his paws are better.
    have a nice weekend!

  4. Aww Ali your efforts to be inclusive and thoughtful to all of your followers is noted!! You’re doing a great job. We should be able to celebrate and embrace our similarities and differences in all aspects of our lives. Whilst also celebrating the things we like about ourselves and being honest about the things we don’t like, want to change, find hard. Without fear of judgement or worrying about upsetting others. You are definitely striking this balance. Everything is open to interpretation and how people chose to interpret is up to them.
    I love seeing all the tales of you and your beautiful family.

  5. not pregnant any more, but still not totally back to where I would like to be after having my baby girl (though she is almost a year old now!) but I had to buy that first dress in navy blue for a wedding this summer! Thankfully the only size left was my size. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

  6. Please do more mom fashion! It’s so hard to get to a store & try things on w/2 toddlers. So I love when you are able to show us other mommy’s what outfits will look like on! Gives me a better idea if I will like something or not. Thanks!

  7. Why did you post an apology on your insta story about not posting enough today. I think that is what so many commenters were pointing out (perhaps just not in the nicest way). You somehow feel the need to over explain everything. Just do you.
    And coming from the kindest place possible, I don’t think it would hurt to talk to a professional. Therapy is fantastic. I’m a huge advocate for talking to someone about your feelings/emotions/struggles/worries/accomplishments.
    Think about it. What’s the worst that could happen?

    1. That is the most condescending bullshit, my god. Seriously? “You need professional help” coming from a complete stranger. And coming from the kindest place possible, you should probably stay in your lane.

  8. Thank you! I’m just over 8 weeks with my second and feel like I’m already showing! Way faster than my first. I have an event this weekend and wish I had seen this sooner! Love that 3rd dress. Great post!

  9. Hi! I’m only 4.5 months along but it’s my second baby and man am I showing faster. I’ve looked back at your previous posts but some is sold out since it’s been a while. I’d love to see your ideas for affordable maternity/non maternity that works for full on bump. Thanks!

  10. All 3 of these outfits are beautiful! I love your blog and following you on IG. You are lovely and genuine. I tend to wear darker colors because I’m always afraid with kids that if I get a stain on something, especially something not cheap, I won’t be able to get it out and that would really stink, but I love the light pinks and blues you wear. I may have to try some light colors and hope for the best, although I have 3 chocolate finger prints on my white jeans that I’m still trying to get out from my 1 year old nephew.

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