Dressed Up for a Good Cause…SheLift

Good morning! I hope you all are having a beautiful and relaxing day. We are off to an event today. Normally I probably wouldn’t go to an event this late in my pregnancy because I’m trying to slow down, but today’s event is to honor an organization that is near and dear to my heart!

Many of you probably remember Sara Herron from the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. She’s an incredible woman that started an organization called SheLift after she was on the show. I admire her so much for using her platform to do good. I really encourage you to check out SheLift HERE, they help empower and unite women around the country and world with physical differences. It’s a truly incredible organization that Sara started and I highly recommend getting involved in any way you can. Even if it’s just a very small donation, every little bit helps.


So today I’m off to an early Mother’s Day brunch/event where I will be presenting Sarah as she is honored by the Open Hearts Foundation. I feel truly honored and proud that Sarah asked me to be part of this with her. It’s probably one of the very few things at this point in my pregnancy that could get me to get all dressed up and go out for the day on a Sunday. Ha!

Anyway, just wanted to share this incredible organization with all of you and of course link to my outfit because I think it’s so beautiful. I have a feeling I’ll be getting some questions on Instagram story today. So I tried to think ahead and do this blog post before I left so you guys could have details on everything! It’s not a maternity dress but it totally works as one. This dress comes in a few other colors as well. Jewelry and sandal information is also linked above and below.

Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!


7 Thoughts

7 thoughts on “Dressed Up for a Good Cause…SheLift

  1. Hi Ali
    I remember Sweet Sara. What a meaningful event that will help many people. Congratulations to Sara for being honoured. ☺
    I plan on making a small donation.
    Have a nice time at the brunch.
    you look lovely!

  2. Hi Ali!! You look gorgeous!! What a great cause 😍

    I was wondering what the latest is on Molly’s sleep routine with naps/nighttime. I’ve been following your ups and downs because my son seems to go through very similar trends; he’s about 14 months now. I feel like he’s ready for one nap a day?!! He isn’t sleeping super long through the night (8pm – 530 am) with two 45 min naps but the afternoon one is a struggle! Any tips?! Thanks so much in advance !

  3. Looking fabulous Ali! When I didn’t see a post yesterday and earlier today I was hoping we’d be hearing Baby Boy Manno news! Sending those baby delivery vibes your way!! Wishing you well as always.

  4. I am so happy to learn that Sara is being recognized and honored for her tireless and important work! I’m not surprised that she asked you to present her with your generous, compassionate heart and advocate and supporter of many worthy issues and organizations and people who need and deserve to have a voice!❤️
    You look lovely in this white dress!

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