I Totally Thought I was in Labor Yesterday…

Last night I was so sure I was in labor. It’s funny, you’d think I would know what going into labor feels like since I’m a second time mom – or about to be a second time mom. But the truth is I have no idea what it feels like to gradually go into labor! And that’s because my water broke unexpectedly at 38 weeks and 6 days with Molly. But contractions didn’t start so I had to be induced so I pretty much went from no contractions to extremely painful contractions in just a few minutes. So basically, I have no idea what it feels like to gradually have contractions get stronger overtime.

So yesterday, I woke up feeling very nauseous so of course the first thing I did was Google it. And it said at 38 weeks pregnant nausea can be a sign that hormones have been released in your body that are about to start labor. Then by late afternoon my belly had totally dropped out of nowhere. Every sensation in my body changed after he dropped. I had extreme back pain that definitely felt similar (back not as painful) to the back labor I had with Molly. And a lot of cramping. I was so sure that I was in labor around 7 PM that I even called my doctor to talk to her about it. But based on the frequency of my painful contractions she thought that I was in a very early stage of labor or just having painful Braxton Hicks because of where the baby is now sitting.



So needless to say, I’m not in labor this morning and I’m still pregnant. I don’t mind. I’m still in my 38th week. I think I’ll feel more ready next week. But I just want to give you guys an update!

And while you’re here, check out my blue maxi dress in these photos. It’s from Nordstrom rack in super affordable at only $29! It comes in a bunch of different colors –  have it in two different colors! I think my exact color is out of stock, but a bunch of other colors are still available. I’m guessing I’ll be living in this dress all summer. Details on everything else in these photos are below the pictures.

Anyway, I hope to keep you guys updated on Insta Story on when I go into labor!!! I want to try to share everything in real time on there! So when we go to the hospital – you guys will know! Love you guys!



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  1. Was thinking about you this morning when I got up & I checked IG to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Glad to see that all is well with you. I am sure you’re ready for your little man to make his debut! Definitely will be any day now! I hope when it comes time, everything goes smoothly for you!


    1. Thank you Chelsea!!! I’m certainly not in a hurry for him to come. But it’s so weird thinking you are in labor and then not being in labor! I never went through any of this when I was pregnant with Molly. I really feel like he is coming soon though!

      1. Wow! I keep waking up Ali to Check to see if you’ve had the baby already and thought you’d be in labor over night. It’s crazy to know two pregnancies and labor’s you experience can be totally different from each other. I only have one daughter as well who’s 9 months so kind of freaks me out what could or could not happen the second time around! People think you could be more prepared because you’ve done this before but totally doesn’t seem the case. I had major contractions gradually with mine but my water never broke. I don’t even know how that feels. Guess I’ll find out (maybe) when it’s time for baby #2!

      2. When its time you will know! Trust me 🙂 baby # 2 is always different! Take a nice walk and use a exercise ball to sit on (if you haven’t already) it really helped the pressure on my back and pelvis. Hope you have a easy delivery! Sending positive vibes!

  2. Ahhh I’ve been checking your insta and stories religiously for updates!! So excited to see him and finally learn his name! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers💗

    1. I wanna learn his name too! We SERIOUSLY don’t have one picked! I mean, we have a few that we like, but nothing we love yet! I am hoping we love something when we see him for the first time!

  3. Wow he did drop! When I had my second daughter, I had a hard time knowing if I was in labor too because I was induced with my first daughter. Actually, I think I was in denial. HA! When I had my son I got to the hospital to be induced because I had preecamlpsia and was having contractions and I didn’t even know! A woman’s body is so funny!! I will definitely be watching your insta story!! Wishing you a quick and uneventful (not like last time) labor and delivery!

    1. So funny that the experiences can be so different! And crazy to know that you didn’t even realize you were having contractions!

  4. I’m seriously so excited for you and your little family!!! I keep checking every few hours for a baby update in case you have gone into labor. That dress is so stunning on you and your bump is so perfect!! Wishing you all the best and for a safe and easy delivery!

    1. Thank you KayLene! He should be arriving soon! He will be here before the 30th regardless. My doctor wants to induced before then because he is so big!

  5. I am 39 weeks 6 days today and this has happened to me twice in the past two weeks. Still waiting for my guy! Maybe we’ll have them on the same day. Praying for you and safe delivery!

  6. This is a little weird, but you were in my dream last night! I think since you keep mentioning the baby is measuring big, in the dream you had your baby boy and he was so big we weren’t sure if he was your baby or your adult friend recovering from surgery in the hospital😂 too funny not to share! Anway, good luck in these coming weeks! I have a 4.5 month old baby boy and he’s so fun!

  7. Ali! I am seriously going through the same thing. My issue is, at 30 weeks, I had preterm contractions that had to be stopped by my midwife. I am 33 weeks now and swear that baby dropped two days ago. Like you, I went from feeling normal uncomfortable pregnant to a whole new set of feelings, cramping, more severe Braxton Hicks, back pain. I’ve been keeping an eye on the BH and they are still irregular but I’m just so uncomfortable now! I’m hoping baby stays in me for a few more weeks but I hope your little boy comes ASAP!!! Can’t wait to follow along in real time!!!

    Sending labor prayers your way!!!

    <3 Alexa

  8. Hi Ali! I think this part about labor stresses me out the most as a first time expecting mom…When do you actually know it’s time to go to the hospital and that you are in labor!? So I am actually hoping that my water will break, to have that proper sign – it’s time to go! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and love reading your blog and all your tips! Keep us updated, it’s great to learn from your experiences that you share! Wishing you and your family all the best for your little baby boy’s arrival 💙

  9. FORGET the royal wedding! I’m on Ali baby watch!😝 I’m such a big fan of yours! Read all the blogs and watch all the stories! Thank you for bringing us along on all your journeys. So selfless of you!!! Come on Baby Manno!!! 💙👶🏻💙

  10. Hi Ali
    You’re in my thoughts & I include you in my prayers.
    Sending you a hug.
    Can’t wait to meet the little one 💙

  11. Eeek so excited for you guys! When/If we have #2 (im 35 so I know it’s harder to get pregnant sometimes older) I hope to go through contractions at home. I know it’s weird to say that but I had to be induced with our now 3 year old son at 41 weeks and 4 days. I mean I had some contractions at the hospital but eventually got the epidural. Good Luck with evyand wishing you all the best. Molly’s little brother will be here soon!!!

  12. Ugh I totally get this!! My second baby had me in the hospital thinking I was in labor – they hooked me up to all the machines – the contractions were real, everything was happening- and then she didn’t come for another week!!!! My contractions stalled and they sent me home!

    I had prodromal labor – and it’s literally the worst. Contractions, cramping and the like for an entire week!! It was exhausting. And then I woke up on May 8th, 2017, 8 days after my original trip there and knew that these contractions were different and my sweet crazy second baby arrived at 356pm.
    So be prepared for this little guy to come fast and hard once he’s ready!

    Good luck!

  13. OMGosh… between you and Catherine Lowe, I’m not even thinking of the Royal wedding happening this weekend. 😂
    My eyes are fixed on both your insta-stories. Far more exciting!

  14. What bralette are you wearing under this dress and do you think you’ll be able to nurse in this dress? Super cute but breastfeeding now and wondering if it will be good for this summer!

  15. Oh girl I feel ya, my first one came 5 weeks early when my water unexpectedly broke and then my second was 2 days late but I was feeling alot of “labour” for like 5 weeks, I was 5cm dilated for 5 days and my water didnt break, and then my third tried to come at 29 weeks, shortening my cervix and everything but then was 10 days late!! Such craziness is pregnancy and so different with every pregnancy. Hoping its soon for you, cuz these mind games are no fun!

  16. I’ve been checking for updates all evening and morning! Labor is different every time. With my second one, I just thought I had overdone it and pulled something in my back. It felt NOTHING like labor with my first. I didn’t even call my doctor. I was just trying to take it easy. Then I thought the baby had rolled over on my bladder because I kept having some “leakage”. After that went on for about an hour and didn’t stop, I did call the doctor. My water bag was leaking but had not fully broken. My babies are now in college and high school. Oh, those early days and years of excitement are so fun! Prayers for a fast and easy delivery!

  17. Sending prayers your way!! All 4 of mine were completely different… but trust your gut! With my 3rd I didn’t even have contractions – but weird twinges that were somewhat regular. My mom made me go in just to be on the safe side and when they checked me I had no cervix left and was completely dilated 😳. Your symptoms sound like it will happen very soon! Prayers and hugs!

  18. Ali, I’m so excited for you!

    Not to sound creepy but your belly is beautiful!! What do you use to help with stretch marks?!?

  19. Hi Ali!

    I’m so excited for your little family! After yesterday’s insta stories I for sure thought I would wake up to you being in labor! Thinking of you and your family! 💙

  20. Hi Ali! I am pregnant also (28-29 weeks) and I love this Maxi! Maxi dresses have been the easiest thing to wear recently for sure – did you go up in size to a M/L or stick with a S/M to fit the bump? Thanks!!

    1. I own this dress and it’s so flowy i stuck with my pre-pregnancy size and it fit throughout my entire pregnancy!

  21. I went into labor on my own with my daughter, and there was so many times when I thought I was going into labor before. My mom and everyone kept saying “you will know” and I hated that! But boy, did I know!

  22. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! The anticipation can bring on such a range of emotions! I had 4 Kids and experienced different labor and deliveries for each one! I actually had one emergency C-section and 3 VBACs.
    All that to say, as uncomfortable as the last few days/weeks can be, try and take it all in! It will all be a distant memory too soon!
    My children are all grown now, and they are my world, but I won’t lie, I miss the times when they were tiny and we were pregnant!
    I remember getting so impatient at the end of each pregnancy, to the point where I just wanted them out!! But today, 19 plus years later, I sometimes wish they were back in my belly!!! Oh how I miss those moments, the movements, that mother child bond that is only yours…
    I wish you the very best with this second delivery! One thing I can guarantee is, you won’t believe how much love you can have for another child!! ❤️
    XO Monica

  23. Thank you for sharing about that dress! I’ve bought it from a boutique in two cute floral patterns, but twice the price. I loveeeee it!

    More importantly – so excited your baby boy will be here so soon. I totally know what you feel about not knowing how labor feels like as a second time mom to be. I also went into labor with my son at 38+6, slow water leak, and slow back labor. I have no idea what to expect this time around! Such a strange feeling to be an “experienced” momma and not know what to expect! Wishing you the best as you wait!

  24. Ahh so crazy! I’m 29 weeks pregnant so it’s been fun to go on this pregnancy journey with you, Ali! I’m also having a little boy and we haven’t picked out a name yet, haha! Did you have any issues /concerns with either of your babies flipping to head down position? My little guy loves to be transverse in my womb, so he’s laying like a little hammock in there. So sweet to think of. I’ll be thinking of you and your family and saying prayers. You got this mama!!💙❤️💙❤️

  25. So excited for you & baby #2. It’s always hard to tell when it’s REALLY happening. Toward the end of my first pregnancy I felt like a ticking time bomb and was afraid to make plans. The second time around I just lived life as normally as I could and she came when she was ready. Going for walks and doing things as normal as possible really helped me enjoy the last days of my pregnancy as best I could. Prayers for you and a speedy and safe delivery. 💙

  26. I had the same thing happen to me with my son. I had all sorts of false labor pains. It was so frustrating because they were legit painful and I called my doula 100 times. I went 2 1/2 weeks past my due date though until my water finally broke and things got real. 52 hours later I had my son in my arms (3 infective epidurals didn’t help me with how long I labored, let me tell you)! Can’t wait to hear how this one goes for you. Maybe it’ll bring me hope when I have my second! So scared it’ll be a repeat! But every labor is so so different. Can’t wait to see baby Manno!!! Woohoo!! You’ll do great, Mama! ❤️❤️❤️

  27. That’s what early labor felt like with my third! Exactly how you described. When I went into labor *for real* it felt exactly like all of the early labor/Braxton Hicks I had been feeling, but the only difference is it didn’t stop and gradually kept increasing! I was induced with my first, with my second my water broke while I was asleep (well, woke up real fast!), and with my third I went into labor in the mornings and had him the following morning (I know, right). Anyway, so exciting, he is definitely coming soon!! 🤗

  28. Thanks for the updates Ali! Its so sweet to keep us updated on your life. Hope little guy makes his appearance soon, which I think will be VERY soon. How exciting! I’ll be watching your posts for his arrival. 🙂 All the best!

  29. Woke up thinking about you! The internet says everything is a sign of labor at 38 weeks…so unhelpful! I slowly went into labor with my first, but with my second I had Braxton Hicks for three weeks. Every single night I was sure I was in labor, and then I’d wake up the next morning still pregnant. What a mental trip! I was embarrassed that I couldn’t tell the difference, but just like every baby is different, every pregnancy and birth is, too… Hang in there, no woman in the history of time has stayed pregnant forever!

  30. When I had my son it started with the same signs. I couldn’t sleep one night because I just felt kind of sick and my back was so uncomfortable and then at about 6am I realized I must be going into labor. I called and went into L&D but I was only 1cm and they said there was no way he was coming and it would probably last another 2 weeks. I thought no way. I knew my body. So they sent me home and that night the cramps got worse and more consistent so I went back in like they told me I should if it happened. Again- they said no, they aren’t real contractions. So they gave me some pain meds and sent me home. I had one last Obgyn appt the next morning and when I went she’s like, your water is going to break today and you’re having a baby. At that point I was at a 3 so she let me go home and take a bath and eat a meal and come back. Jacob was born just about 20 hours later.

    Moral of the story- keep an eye on your body. You know best! Sending lots of prayers your way and hoping for a smooth delivery. Boys are the best. 💙💙💙💙

  31. So excited for you! Question: how do you use the adorable bassinet in your photo? Is it something you just use in home, or does it travel with you?

  32. Hi Ali, omg super excited for you. I felt really nauseous on the Monday before I had my twin girls. They were then born early Thursday morning. So you never know. Baby boy could be here soon. I was also so thirsty my entire pregnancy and realised after, that just about a week before they came I had stopped drinking so much and had started to feel really hungry again as soon as I got up in the mornings, Which was something that happened me very early in pregnancy. I would have to eat as soon as I wakened, it faded off around 14 weeks but came back the week before they came. Funny how our body sends us all thoseittle was no g signs but we don’t realise it until after. Cant wait to hear your news. Xx

  33. I’ve been checking my insta stories just to see yours! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes 🙂

  34. Ali – you are such a glowing, pregnant mama…wishing you all the very best in the upcoming week(s) with your delivery.
    P.s. Miss Molly is going to be an awesome big sister.

  35. You’re not alone…I thought I was in labor 5 times with my second and each time I was not haha. The time I was really in labor I had no idea. I thought maybe my fluid was leaking slowly, went to the hospital and I was 6CM and my water was definitely leaking…oops! Happy waiting…your little guy will be in your arms in no time:)

  36. Hey Ali!

    Just know you are not crazy! With my second and third babies I had so much false labour and thought many times that it was time! The false labour felt like real labour had felt with my first baby. Regular contractions every 4-5 min. We even headed to the hospital just to be sure because I was so paranoid that things would go super quick and I wouldn’t get there in time. Once I’d get up and moving everything would stop and then when I’d sit or lay back down it would all start again! I found every time that when the contractions would continue when I’d be up walking around that that was the signal. I thought too that since I’d been through it all before that I’d know when it was time, but I felt totally crazy!

    I’m so excited to watch this journey unfold for you! I’ve watched your story from the beginning and think you’re an incredible person!

    All the best and can’t wait to see your new little baby boy!

  37. I’ve been going through the same thing. Almost a month now of strong contractions that aren’t doing anything but painful enough to think it’s the real deal. Every time I’m monitored they ask me if I know I’m having contractions.. I always say umm yes, I feel every one of them! They are inducing me on Monday but I was hoping she would come on her own before then but the membrane stripping didn’t work for me.
    Good luck with labor!! This is my first so this is all new to me but I love reading your stories because we’ve been experiencing the same things at about the same times because our due dates are just days apart! My daughter’s due date is the 27th but because I developed gestational diabetes they want her to come out sooner than later!

    All the prayers and love for you Ali,

  38. So excited for your sweet family! I’m a mother of two boys we adopted as infants, so it’s very fun for me to follow your pregnancy journey, having never had the chance to experience the wonder and roller coaster ride it delivers. Our sons are close in age to you!
    You have not shared how the wedding weekend went for your family. I hope it was fun and very special?💕💕

  39. I went 41 weeks 3 days with my First and 41 weeks 4 days with my second. (Both are STILL stubborn) I will say I had those same symptoms for what felt like forever and my OB said that it was really good that I was because it was my body getting ready. He was right and both of my labors went SUPER fast. Hopefully the same is for you and all of the uncomfortable days are worth it!

    1. oh man! I can’t imagine going that long! We will induce before my due date (because baby is so big) so I know he will be here in next 12 days!

  40. I love following your journey because I have almost the exact same as you! My daughter is Molly’s age and had an almost indentical birth story and I’m due in 8 days w a boy also and totally thought I had early labor but no idea what that felt like! Sounds like we’ll be pretty close birthdays this time too! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  41. I’m so excited for you! If it makes you feel any better, with my second baby I kept wondering if I would know. My first was induced so I kept wondering if I would know when I was in labor. The strangest part for me was I was dilated to 6.5 CM’s and not in active labor and I was about an hour away from the hospital. We were so paranoid we wouldn’t make it 😂 so one night when I was having small contractions we went to the hospital (per our Dr) and they ended up inducing me because my labor stopped but I was already so far along they didn’t want to risk it. Good luck with your sweet baby boy! Can’t wait to see pictures

  42. I labored at home for 8 hours before going to the hospital. I had no idea what a contraction would feel like so when they started around 9 pm I assumed it was BH, as I was only 38 weeks. Five hours later I woke my husband up and he started timing them. When we called the doctor and told him what was going on be said “it definitely sounds lol active labor.” My thoughts were “it better be because I do not want to do this again!” It was 😁 also I had a dream that you had your boy and named him Liam… weird!!

  43. Hi Ali! Is that a Moses basket in the first pic? I am rooting for you guys, baby boy will come next week I bet!

  44. Hi Ali! I love reading your blog! My question is about the maxi dress, does it have pockets? I love dresses with pockets😍😍😍Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy and happy baby and mommy❤

  45. Hi Ali!

    I’ve been looking for a leaner mirror just like yours! Where is it from?

    Thank you!

  46. I’ve been following along especially closely the last several months because I’m only 3 weeks behind you! Ironically I did have preterm labor yesterday, but was cleared to go home. Now every movement or ache is making me paranoid! Looking forward to Being able to see your journey to your baby boy’s arrival (We are having a boy too!) !Good luck!!

  47. Much like Ashley (above) I’m just 2 weeks behind you with my first baby and have enjoyed following you on this journey! Appreciate your open honesty and willing to share so much with the world. Also, your daughter is a total crack up and keeps me giggling! Good luck with these final few days and can’t wait to hear the name you settle on.
    PS how fun will it be to watch bachelorette on maternity leave? I can’t wait!

  48. Have you gotten A burst of energy yet. I feel like that is my telltale sign of eminent labor. Usually 12-24 hrs before go time. I hope its soon for you!

  49. Hey Ali,

    I hope you get the chance to read my comment. I’m all the way down at number 68 reply! Ha!
    I actually got excited seeing that you had’nt blogged today.. so I just looked again 9:30 pm my time to see if you did blog.

    Let me tell you omg! Jolly Molly how adorable is she dressed for your brother-in laws wedding! She looks like a doll that I had sitting on my spare room bed at one time.. she’s so Angelica! 👼🏼

    Keep in good spirits now! When the apple is ripe it shall fall! 🙂💙

    Keep Ali safe,
    di 😘 to Jolly Molly!

  50. Thinking of you as you transition in to being a mom of 2! So fun following your journey. Also did you order your normal size in this dress or size up? I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and this looks like the perfect dress to live in this summer 😉

  51. I totally thought of you this morning and wondered if you were a momma of two yet! I was the same way with my second….I was induced with my first so really didn’t know what to expect the second time around! Can you finally breathe better?! I remember being able to breathe again after both my babies dropped that last week or so! Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about labor and you becoming a momma of two!

  52. It’s so crazy how different it can be with each one! I just had my third baby and I feel like looking back I was having a lot more contractions leading up to the birth Than I realized! With my first one I had bad back labor and then with my second the pain felt completely different! I remember waking up in the middle of night about a week before I had my little girl and feeling the worst pain! I woke up my husband and I was like I don’t know what that was and he just looked at me and was like im sure it was just a contraction. I felt so different from my first one I didn’t even consider that until he said it! Sure enough it was! My first and second labor were so completely different!! And then my first and third were both boys and they were very similar! Back labor with both of my boys! Good luck to you!! I’m very exited for you to get to hold your baby boy and to have one of each!

  53. I’m in the same boat! Literally. As I write this. At 1:26am. My water broke with my first and I only had one contraction on the way to the hospital. They revved up once I was already there and was hooked up to the monitor. I definitely know what an active labor contraction feels like but I’m not sure what the slow build up phase would feel like. When do I panic and call a babysitter for my 2 year old? I’m 37 +4 so who knows! I guess when it’s reaaaaally time I’ll remember that delightful feeling haha Best of luck!! You’re not alone!

  54. Ali, I went into labor the same way with my oldest as you did with Molly. 38 weeks, water broke, had to be induced because contractions weren’t progressing. With my second, I was in “early labor” from 38 weeks until I finally had her at 40w3d. 😣 I’m not saying this to discourage you at all because what happened when I did go into labor wad beautiful! I had her within 45mins of getting to the hospital because my body had been doing all the hard work at home! Try to relax and enjoy this time. ❤

  55. Just ordered this dress in black for myself! What bralette/cami are you wearing underneath it?

    Congrats on Riley by the way! He is beautiful!

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