Barefoot and Pregnant annnnd…..BIG NEWS!

Epppppp! I have some exciting news! Ready for it?! We will officially be a family of 4 (plus poochie!) by this time next week! I mean, baby could decide to come sooner than that, but because I am measuring so big and the baby is estimated to be over 1o lbs, the doctor doesn’t want me to go past my due date. So an induction has been scheduled! Not gonna lie, I am pretty nervous about being induced. My water broke with Molly and I didn’t go into labor so I had to be induced with her and it was a horrible experience – up until I held her in my arms of course. But my doctor assured me that I had a unique situation with her – loooong story but my epidural didn’t work and my Pitocin levels had to be be increased quickly because I wasn’t contracting. It wasn’t fun (among many other problems), but pretty much no ones birth story is right?!


So needless to say I am soooo excited that we will have this little angel in our arms so soon!!! Like I said above, he could totally come on his own beforehand and I really hope he does! But there is something so exciting knowing a final date of this pregnancy! I feel like it’s allowing me to REALLY enjoy these final days. Plus it’s so nice because Kevin’s mom was able to book her flight out (and my mom will come shortly after) so we will have help with Molly. I can’t tell you how stressed I have been worrying about the baby coming in the middle of the night and us having to wake Molly because we can’t get a hold of anyone to come watch her. Or that I go into labor so quickly that we have to wake her because there is no time to wait for someone to come over to watch her. I guess that could still happen before the induction. So who knows!



And you know me, now it’s time for dress details!!!! Would you believe that this dress is NOT maternity? I think it is absolutely darling! I see myself wearing it this summer with cowboy boots! But for now, I am all about being happy, barefoot, and pregnant!!! I also linked details to my faux flowers on my kitchen island (and the glass pitcher I put them in) because I am obsessed with them! Aren’t they so pretty?! For $25 they are worth every penny!!!!

Anyway, I am so so so excited that I will have my baby boy in my arms next week!!! Excited and so very scared. I still don’t know how I am going to love anyone as much as Molly but everyone tells me your heart grows. I am counting on that! I love you all sooo much! Thank you for loving me and my family!

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225 thoughts on “Barefoot and Pregnant annnnd…..BIG NEWS!

      1. I had to be induced with both of my babies. My daughter was eleven days overdue. With my son I requested to be induced…so I don’t know any other way. Prayers to you and your beautiful family!

      2. So excited for you giys. We just had our 2nd baby a month ago and i couldnt be happier. I was induced with both and all went smooth. Best wishes to a fast and safe delivery

    1. good luck mama, I am due 07/16 baby boy can’t wait as well : you look BEAUTIFUL : I was induced w/ my daughter 11 years ago I know what you went through: fingers crossed you have fast and easy delivery xoxoxoxo

    2. Ali, Best of luck to you as you meet your little boy💙. A lot of times when an Induction date is set, it seems ladies go into labor on their own, I Did!
      Best wishes and enjoy your family of 4

    3. You’re looking super beautiful & adorable at the same time. My two epidurals didnt work, nightmare of a birth story! Ended up in a c section and my birth plan was so opposite.. He was so worth it though!

  1. That is similar to me. My water broke and I didn’t have contractions. Pitocin made them come but it took a while. I know you are ready to meet this sweet little baby.

  2. My little girl weighed 9lbs 13 ounces! I didn’t think my belly could stretch anymore! You look great though! Prayers for a safe Delivery, healthy baby, and a smooth transition for your little girl! Babies are the best 💙

  3. You’re going to do great, try not to panic about being induced. I know everyone’s different BUT you already went thru labor once so your body knows what to expect. I was induced with my two boys and it went flawlessly! A few things: have your doc check you: If you are naturally progressing (Dilated and effaced) then starting the induction process should go great. Once they break your water, everything starts and since you’ve dropped so much, you really shouldn’t have a problem. Praying for you sweet Mama! I love love watching your life journey, you’re an amazing mother! ❤️

      1. Good! 😘 the more relaxed you are, the better too! You should go get a pedicure today while you’re on your Mama free time!

  4. You are the most precious pregnant woman ever!! Congratulations and you’ve got this! 🍼💙

  5. Exciting news, Ali!! I hope everything goes well and that you and the baby both come out happy and healthy on the other side 🙂

  6. You make such an adorable pregnant person! I was a nightmare with all 4 of mine lol good luck and best wishes for a quick and safe deliver and also a healthy mommy and baby boy!!

  7. Sooooo exciting. I’m being induced next week with my second as well!! Who is also measuring quite big. I’ve been nervous about having to wake my first in the middle of the night. We have 2 people “on call” still anyway and all bags packed if necessary. Plus my husband is a fireman so hopefully he’d be calm. Sending good vibes your way!! I am definitely over being pregnant this time around as I imagine you are.

  8. 10lbs?! I’m surprised that your OB is not suggesting a C-Section. I recently just gave birth to an 8.8lbs baby at 39 weeks via C-Section because my OB did not want to risk my baby getting stuck in my birth canal. Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you and baby Manno 2! Molly must be so thrilled!!!

    1. We plan on a vaginal birth. So we will see what happens! I’m nervous but I know my body is built for this!

      1. Ladies have 10 lb babies vaginally the time. Good luck to you Ali! It’s been so fun to go through this pregnancy with you! Can’t wait to see pics of the new little guy!

      2. I was in labor for 54 hours until they decided to do a C-section I just hope you don’t have to have one

      3. My sweet boy was 10 pounds when he was born!! All natural birth with no pain medications and everything went great! It can certainly be done, our bodies are amazing! And yes my lady parts are all back to normal, if not better thanks to pelvic floor exercises, haha! 😂

      4. Ali, 26 years ago I gave birth to my 9lb 9 3/4 oz son naturally. I had no pain meds and no inducement.
        You will be fine. Enjoy your time right now just the three of you. Your blessing will be here soon and believe me the depths of love you discovered when Molly was born are about to expand exponentially! ❤

  9. I’m so excited for you and your family! I’m not much behind you, with Molly or #2! My daughter was born September 2016, and I’ll be induced with my son on May 29th! It’s been fun feeling like I’ve been experiencing all this with you 😉

  10. My doctor told me she would bet money that once I scheduled my induction, my little boy would come shortly after on his own. In my case it was true! I scheduled my induction for March 6th and I had my little boy February 26th which was 4 days after I scheduled it. Here’s hoping he comes on his own..and soon!!

  11. I had a regularly scheduled induction and it wasn’t that bad! The additional dose of pinto in every hour wasn’t too bad, and felt more gradual than it sounds like yours was. My husband and I watched movies and hung out for the first 5 hours or so! It got a little more serious after that, and I also had an issue with a not fully effective epidural, so there was definitely pain, but it wasn’t so bad! It was nice to have doctors nearby the whole time and no “will my water break in public” fears. All this said, I was over 41 weeks at the time, so I didn’t care HOW they got the baby out!

  12. Ali! You look beautiful and you so deserve to enjoy this time, with Molly, by yourself to grab a pedi or a cup of coffee, or relaxing with your husband on the couch (with a foot massage of course!) Best of luck, we are all excited to hear when Baby Boy Mannino arrives and pray everything with your labor and delivery goes smoothly! He will be here soon enough! Rub that belly, Mama, and soak it in! 💙

  13. Wishing you a safe and easy delivery!! So excited for you Kevin and Molly! I keep checking updates to see if you go into labour!

  14. This same exact thing happened to me with my first. I went almost two days without contractions after my water broke! My midwife recommended castor oil (TOTALLY GROSS) but it started contractions within hours of taking it! I’ve also heard that it can start contractions late into term as well 😉 if one REALLY wants a baby to make an exit.

    Good luck and sweet wishes on the arrival of your new bean!

  15. Best of luck for a safe and easy delivery. I’m in the same boat – due today but getting induced next week. And I had to be induced the last time too because my water broke (and it was tough!) Can’t wait to meet my new little love (boy or girl) and soaking in the last few days as a family of 3 with my toddler boy.

  16. I was induced with my first and induced with my second. The second was soooo much easier. They actually ended up turning off the pitocin because my body was just rolling along without it. Not all inductions are bad, especially for 2nd babies 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  17. You are the cutest, Ali. Even at the end of your pregnancy, you still look gorgeous as ever. Wishing you good luck for an quick and healthy delivery of your baby boy.

  18. Not a mom but LOVE seeing you rock this whole pregnancy! You’re glowing and so excited for your family to grow to 4! Will send lots of prayers your way and can’t wait to see your little baby!

  19. Good luck with everything! I’m sure you’ll do great. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my baby boy today and can’t wait to meet him. My doctor is monitoring because he is measuring big too and they might not let me go past my due date. My first pregnancy with my 5 year old son went smoothly so I’m hoping this one will too.

  20. So excited for you and your family!!!! Good luck during your labor and delivery! Praying it’s smoother than your first!

  21. So exciting!! You are such a beautiful pregnant lady!! (Of course not pregnant too!) I hope everything goes as smoothly as labor can. Enjoy your last days as a family of 3. You got this mama!

  22. Congrats having an end in sight is always lovely, helps you enjoy the final homestretch. I have a 14 month old and am due with my second beginning of September, trying to enjoy all the moments of pregnancy while cherishing all the time with my first sweetie! Good luck with your delivery!

  23. Best wishes to you, I’m 5 months & have been following all the awesome clothing sites for maternity clothes. It’s so hard to find cute maternity stuff in stores. No matter what happens during labor what counts is you & baby being healthy. Drink lots of red rasberry tea it’s great to get your body ready for labor, drank it with my others.

  24. Ali,
    You are going to do great! Your first labor experience sounded just like mine and by the time I had my second, my body knew what to do.
    Good Luck with everything. Here is to a smooth delivery and healthy baby:)

  25. I’m so happy and excited for you and your family. Molly will be one amazing and happy big sis. Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see the pictures of your beautiful baby boy xoxo

  26. Congrats so exciting. I’m currently a gestational surrogate andim nervous too cause with my daughter I was induced and the epidural only worked on half my body and it was miserable to say the least until it was over. I’m due in August and hope he doesn’t come sooner than the due date cause the couple won’t be here u til 2 weeks prior:)

  27. Ali congrats! Even though I am not a mom yet, I wish to be some day, you are an inspiration to me, the way to balance work and family is amazing! You have a lovely family and I enjoy watching every story you make! Sending all my positive energy all they way from Colombia!

  28. The same thing happened with my first! After being induced and then doing the epidural FOUR times and it never working, I was so nervous when about to be induced with my son a couple months ago. Luckily it was a night and day difference. The epidural worked so well and I felt nothing… no pain at all! I will pray that your second time around is that good!! Regardless, once that sweet boy is in your arms you won’t care! 😘

  29. I’ve been keeping up with your pregnancy on IG! We are almost in the same boat 🤗 I have a little girl at home who is 3 and I am currently 37 weeks and 6 days. Hoping our little bundle comes on her own and have our bags packed but I got an induction date scheduled too, just in case! Best wishes and prayers to you and your growing adorable family 💕💙

  30. You are THEEE cutest!!! Just had my second baby too – and don’t worry, everyone is right about your heart growing! Don’t spend any more time worrying – it’s going to be AMAZING!! Hope you get one last date night in with your hubby before your little one comes ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  31. So excited for you and your family. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a good and fast delivery. Can’t wait to see the new baby. 🤗😝

  32. Good luck Aly, everything will go fine! I’m due any day now with my second baby and I have the same anxious feelings.

  33. You are really a gorgeous pregnant Momma! I certainly was not. Let me assure you, the first moment you see your little boy will be just as exciting & fulfilling as when you saw Molly for the first time. I didn’t think the feeling you get with your first could be replicated but it is!
    Wishing you a safe, easy delivery!

  34. When I had my second baby, I read something somewhere that when the 2nd baby comes it feels like you are cheating on your husband (1st baby) with your boyfriend (2nd baby). That explanation felt so appropriate to me- I loved my first baby so much but here was this brand new baby to love at the same time. The mix of emotions is so odd and strange and wonderful all at the same time. Enjoy this unique, wonderful time in your life. No doubt it will be exciting!!

  35. Hi Ali!

    My mommy story is very similar to yours!! My water broke with my daughter 2 days after my due date…. but I never went into labor and had to be induced. After a very long, very tiring labor she came out 18 hours after I started being induced and 4 hours after pushing ( and 5 minutes before they were going to do a c section). So like you I was clearly traumatized, but my little guy came quick and easy (mommas boy from the get go). We are going to have more and I’ve actually considered no epidural because they say my little guy would have come sooner but the epidural slowed my contractions down 🤦🏻‍♀️.

    Best of luck!!

  36. I have a very similar story. Like you, with my first my water broke but I didn’t have contractions, so I was induced. Then with my second (14 months later) I found out on a Friday that I was going to be induced on Monday. Now my kids are almost 3 and almost 2 and I still remember that last weekend with our son before our daughter arrived. There is something very unique about knowing your second is coming, but having a couple days with just your first. Those last few days were so special to just spend time together, to focus on my son, my husband, and myself. Having two, while often challenging, has been the best thing I have done. Congrats and I have very happy for your family!

  37. Royal wedding…….meh, waiting for your baby to come…… exciting! I’m am so elated for you and your cute little family.

  38. Hi Ali! My name isCindy. I’m a grandma 👵. I live inTemecula. Not sure if you recognize me haha but I’m one of your biggest fans and just adore you tremendously!! There, we’ve met!! Whew! 😝 So feel free to call on me anytime day or night to come help out with your sweet angel 👼 Molly hehe. In all seriousness I am so beyond thrilled for you guys ☺️ This is such an exciting time for you all! Ok so you hold onto my offer because once Grandmas leave and your baby boy gets through the initial “sleep all the time” stage , you’d be surprised who you’d consider watching your toddler after being up throughout the night with the baby 👶 🍼 hahaha. Love ya Kiddo!! And praying for a safe smooth delivery
    🤰🤱 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👵<—that’s me (your biggest fan/ “go to” babysitter when desperate lol)

  39. I was induced with my little girl at 39+6 because I’d had a bleed at 30 weeks, I over contracted and she did a number down there on her way out BUT it wasn’t half as bad as I thought and it was over within 10 hours (from induction to birth) Whether you’re induced or he comes along in the next few days you’ll do amazing! So excited for you, a beautiful new baby will be perfect no matter how he enters the world and Molly will make a super big sister xxx

  40. I was induced with my baby boy on 4/29 and has a wonderful experience. Nothing went according to plan but it as a great experience – hoping the same for you!

  41. My first birth sounds very similar to Molly’s birth. And then I was induced with my second. The slow induction without having my water broke was so much easier and way less painful. Wishing you the best!

  42. I am so incredibly excited for you Ali!!! I have followed your journey from Day 1 on The Bachelor and love the beautiful life you have created for yourself. As a mom of an almost 3 and almost 1 year old, I had the same fear of being able to love the 2nd baby as much as the 1st. Trust me…it is possible and makes me tear up to think about how sweet that love is. Being a mommy is truly THE BEST thing in the world. God Bless You and best wishes for a smooth delivery of your baby boy!

  43. aww your post just made me cry! i’m 33 weeks right now with our second (a boy) and I have zero idea how i can possibly love anyone as much as i do our little girl. It’s a total fear I have but i guess totally normal! Good luck!!

  44. My first labour was horrendous everything that could have went worng did because of that reason I was induced 2nd time and from starting the drip and them breaking my waters was 6hrs of easy labour yes it hurt like hell but I was in control so much more and it was the best experience ever. I had pains for days too and was already 1 to 2cm dialated so i think if your body is showing signs the induction process is better. Lots of luck. Love your blog from here in the UK xx

  45. Congratulations Ali. You look amazing and your lil man will be here soon. I’m cheering for you all the way

  46. So, happy for all of you. Your such great parents and Molly is so fun to watch. Your so, BLESSED!!

  47. So excited for you and your family!! I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 16 years, I know All about how much pitocin makes a difference in your induction/augmentation process!! Those epidurals come in handy! So I pray Yours works this time!! Especially with a BIG boy on board!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  48. So excited for you! Can’t wait to see the munchkin. Can’t wait to see mollys interaction with him. So cute.

  49. I was induced with both of my babies and both were very different experiences. I hope the same for you and that the little boy makes it easier on you!

  50. With all three of my girls my water broke, and had to have Petocin. I’ve never felt a true, natural contraction, only ones caused from Petocin! They are doozies! Praying for you and baby! I had all those same concerns with waking my other babies but it will all work out.

  51. I had a very similar story and our kiddos are about the same age. Water broke with my son, labor didn’t progress, Pitocin to get labor going, epidural didn’t work, long hard labor with over an hour of pushing to get baby out.

    I was just induced with my second a few days ago- checked into the hospital at 7:30, started Pitocin around 9am, baby was born with only three pushes by 2:15, it was amazing! I was also scared of being induced due to the trauma of the first time. Hopefully you’ll have a similar experience to mine. Good luck!

  52. Very exciting!!! Best wishes to you!! My son was an induction (and no prior active labor). With my epidural, it was such a serene, relaxing experience ❤️

  53. You look beautiful! Praying he comes naturally and you don’t need pitocin. Praying that for myself as well with my baby boy! I’ve heard pitocin is awful because it brings on contractions so fast and painful. I’m scared of it! Do you think dad’s worry a quarter as much as us mama’s, haha!😉❤️💙

  54. Our sweet girl is 1 weeks old today! She was born on 5/11 at 11:11am. This week has been crazy going from a family of 3 to a family of 4. We are surviving but so so in love ♥️

  55. I always worried about having my babies in the middle of the night too and no one answering their phones!!! Luckily with all 3 of mine, they came during the day! Good luck Ali!! Best wishes on a quick and pain free (or as little pain as possible) delivery!

  56. Have been following your journey! So excited for you and your family! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  57. Hi Ali
    Thank you for the update! You’re going to be fine, deer.
    (if i can get through an ‘induction’…..YOU can too, if you have to be)
    Your dress is adorable & the colour is very flattering on you.
    You are the cutest preggie & barefoot gal ever!
    I’m soooo excited for you & your whole Family!!
    sending you a hug
    (one for Kevin, Molly & Poochie, too)

  58. I was induced with both of my boys. I always say I would be scared o experience my water breaking 🤣 complete opposite. I liked being able to plan. I showered before going to the hospital and shaved my legs!!! All the important things!! Best of Luck!

  59. Okay — so let’s hope for Tuesday, May 22. That’s my birthday.. PLUS, you got married on my anniversary – March 3rd… So there’s that too!

    Good luck!

  60. My boy was 10lbs 6 oz and a natural birth so yes our bodies are amazing!!! Just be ready for three month clothes for him sooner than expected!!!! Best wishes to you~you will do great and all things will fall into place with Molly…trust me I’ve done this five times. Stress less!

  61. So happy for you. You have the most adorable little girl and family. Love seeing all your post. Best of luck to you 💗

  62. Good luck with everything, you will do great and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much smoother the 2nd labor/induction can go in comparison to the 1st. Mine was sooo much quicker, smoother & easier (if we can ever call labor “easy” haha). I was so worried about my 1st son when I had my 2nd too, but your heart truly does immediately double in size and seeing the 2 of them together? Oh Mama, get ready for more love than you could have ever imagined. I’m SO excited for your sweet-beautiful-growing family 🙂

  63. Such exciting news Ali. So thrilled for you Kevin, Molly, and Owen. You will find a way to get through it all. If you’re looking for a babysitter I can help 🙂
    Worked with children for a few years now. And currently babysit on the side. Best of luck with what is to come.

  64. Oh my goodness! A 10 pounder?!? Poor you…I just keep thinking how are you carrying that little boy still who won’t come out and is full term song with running after a toddler lol?!? I hope for your sake he comes sooner than next week…your poor back oy!

  65. I sure can not wait to see this little boy! I just love your blog and all the Molly videos. That little girl sure makes me smile. Good luck to you guys! Please don’t worry once that baby is here you will have unconditional love just like you do with Molly. I felt the same way!

    Dee Dee

  66. Good luck Ali! I was induced with both my babies since they were happy to hang out until 42 weeks! You probably already know that contractions during an induced labour are often much more intense than natural contractions, so go in with the mindset that an epidural might be very necessary! I found that things progressed much more quickly the second time around, and the whole thing was so much shorter. Baby #1: 34 hours of labour with7.5 hours of pushing (yup!), Baby #2: 7 hour’s if labour with 15 minutes of pushing! I hope yours is similarly easier. Best of luck, can’t wait to hear your news!

  67. Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel. I just had baby #2 two weeks ago and I decided to be induced because I just couldn’t take it any more. I was a little nervous and sad at first because I went into labor naturally with my first son but believe it or not, it was a much better experience this time. I wrote about my experience on my blog I just started. I hope you have time to read it. Mommy

    Good luck! And I cant wait to see more updates about your family on your blog.

  68. I totally know how you feel! With my second my water Broke at 2:45 am and we didn’t have anyone to watch our daughter so we had to take her. We were 45 mins away from the hospital and I was literally having my daughter in the car. We ran upstairs to the l and d and because we had my daughter (oldest) everyone missed the birth! It happened so fast! Good luck mamma

    1. oh man. This is what I DON’T want to happen! I really want Kevin to be with me when the baby comes. Fingers crossed!

  69. Yippee!!!! Hope you get the chance to read my reply. Yesterday I was in the 60 percentile today I’m in the 80 percentile!! Ha! 💙💙🤷🏼‍♀️

    Soooooo excited Ali for you.. you have been through so much through your pregnancy 🤰🏼!

    Remember keep up with good spirits and remember along with the pain comes Joy!

    🤗 & 😘 not only to Jolly Molly and Owen, but also too the Dad! 🙂

    Keep Ali safe 💙
    💕🤗 di 💙

      1. Ha! I was hoping you looked for me! I had just read my husband my reply back to you and your reply too me.. he laughed with that and laughed a lot when I replied on my biggest embarrassment on me as a mom drinking out of Jason water bottle! Ha! When people actually thought it was vodka! Ha! Shame on me for doing that! Ha!
        Also, he heard me gasp when I had saw someone else named Diana replied! Ha!

        Luckily and hopefully she doesn’t use di for her nickname or I’m just going to have to give you my cell number or email! Ha!

        I’ll be praying for ya as always my blog friend! 💙💕🤗

  70. I had a rough first delivery dealing with the same (bad epidural and strong pitocin). I also worried like crazy about baby 2 coming and not having someone to watch baby 1. I measured ahead most of pregnancy 2 so my dr scheduled an induction for May 14th (8 years ago now 🤣) and go figure, baby 2 came the day before my induction and with fury! I woke up at 3am and she was in our arms by 6am 😳 and guess what, we did have to wake up baby 1 and drag him to the hospital where a wonderful friend came and picked him up.
    Moral of the story, it all worked out just the way it was supposed to!!! We all made it through and have a fun story to share about it haha at the end of the day, a safe delivery is all that matters. Good luck!!

    1. Honestly, I kind of hope mine turns out the way yours did. Even if we have to wake up Molly. I just would love if he came on his own! I don’t know what that is like!

  71. I had a similar story with my first born- water broke at 37.2 weeks, had to be induced because I wasn’t in labor and epidural only worked on half of my body. Just had my second and had to have an induction as well and everything went way better including the epidural working like a charm. Hoping all goes well and your sweet baby boy will be here before you know it. 💗

  72. Okay you don’t even look pregnant in that last picture straight on. So so gorgeous. My daughter is the same age as Molly and I just had my son 3 weeks ago… Crazy how my heart grew for another kid….I also didn’t think it was possible to love someone as much as my daughter. So happy for y’all. I seriously check Instagram like every hour waiting for baby news😍😍

  73. Good luck! I was also scheduled for induction and my little one decided to come on her own the very same day my induction was scheduled for. Hope it turns out for you the way you are wishing for.

  74. GOOD LUCK MAMA!!!!! I’ve been following along with you for both Molly’s pregnancy and this one and I’m so excited for you! I’ll be thinking of you. Induction is scary. For my second baby (and second induction) my dr broke my water after I was dilated a little bit. Now I don’t want to scare you but I had excess fluid as well and because they broke my water and I had so much fluid, the baby didn’t engage so there was space between the baby’s head and my cervix which led to the cord being able to move under baby’s head. I ended up having a prolapsed cord and needed an emergency csection. Don’t let them break your water too soon! Thankfully my baby was ok but it was a scary 15 minutes from the time they told me I was having a csection to her actually being out. My husband wasn’t even in there for the birth! I’m sure that everything will go smoothly for you. Just go with your gut. Can’t wait to see the little dude!

  75. I had a very similar problem with my first delivery (pitocen after labor started naturally / epidural didn’t work). I was so traumatized and scared for my second. But this time the epidural worked like a dream (I was induced early due to high BP) – such a different experience and made me want to go for baby #3! Good luck! 🍀 😍

  76. It’s so true that every pregnancy is so different. With my first my water broke at home and things progressed so fast. With number 2&3 I had to be induced. I’m now expecting number 4 in September so we will see how that one goes! Wishing you a healthy and stress free labor and delivery!

  77. My son was born 11lbs 3oz.. wish you all the best. Fast and speedy delivery. Can’t wait to see the pics of the baby.

  78. Hi Ali! I’m pretty sure we are due almost on the same day and I’m a fellow big bellied mama! It’s also my second and my first daughter was so big – 10 lbs. 9 oz – so they are inducing me a week early this time (next Thursday is the day unless this little lady comes earlier!). I’m so nervous to be induced too even though I’m already 3cm dilated! I am stressing out about it, because I went into labor naturally last time and I don’t want any complications. But, don’t worry about birthing a big baby, my doctor had no clue my first baby would be that big and I ended up having her without a c-section. Good luck with everything – maybe our second babes will have the same bday! Love following along on your pregnancy journey because I’m right there with you! 🙂

  79. My water broke with my second at 11:30pm and my hubby had to wake my daughter up and take her to the hospital room with us until my in-laws could drive an hour and a half up from the shore to get her.

    She did fine and she was completely calm when we woke her to say that her brother was coming. It wasn’t ideal having her in the hospital room with us but she was a trooper and loved running to the vending machine to get snacks with daddy.

    Now, we are getting ready to celebrate her brother’s first birthday next Saturday 🙂

  80. I had to be induced with my first one after I was two weeks late and it was painful. With my second one I started having contractions on my due date like you, but it wasn’t advancing so we used the pill that helps thin your Cervix instead of pitocin and it still got painful but an hour after getting my epidural the baby was crawling her way out, less than two pushes. I didn’t even realize how horrible the first birth was until my second birth was so easy lol. But they do say the second one can typically be faster, so hopefully you have a similar experience. Wishing you luck!!!

  81. I had the same exact delivery with my first. So weird. I now have 4 daughters and had to be induced for each one. All were different but each got a little easier than the last except my last was breech right up until deliver the dr barely pushed her and she flipped. Dr was surprised. So they quickly induced me and half way through pushing discover d she was sideways. That was not a fun experience pushing a baby out sideways. But after she was out and they sewed my area up everyone was good. Hope your delivery goes smoothly and you’re both healthy and recover quickly. Love reading your updates!! God bless.

  82. My youngest was 10lbs 2oz. One thing I wasnt expecting was that any baby over 10lbs they automatically test them for diabetes (at least they do here in Canada)
    I didn’t know this, so it was scary at first but completely normal and routine.
    Good luck Mama! You were made for this!

  83. I had a lot of similar issues/problems with first delivery but second was a breeze in comparison. Best wishes to you, Kevin, Molly and Owen for a safe and happy birthday for baby #2.

  84. Same thing happened for me with both of my pregnancies just like you! My first girl my water broke, and I had to be induced and wasn’t happy with the overall experience. My second girl, I was measuring big and they scheduled me for an induction at 39 weeks and it went so much better the second time! Good luck, can’t wait to see your baby boy! It’s so nice having an end date in mind now, I totally get it and was there this time last May!

  85. So happy and excited for you! I’m sure you’re getting a lot of stories from others and everyone is unique, but I if it helps to hear I had a slightly traumatic delivery with my first induction and was induced again with my second and it was such a better experience! Both were a total of 6 hrs start to finish so I lucked out with that, but I feel like going into the second one with a different plan for what I wanted and knowing slightly what to expect helped. Good luck!!

  86. So exciting!!! I have loved following your journey! Have you decided on a name? Can’t wait to hear what you and Kevin came up with and see a picture of the little guy! Congratulations!

  87. Love to see your beautiful family grow. I’m sure everything goes well and soon you have Molly’s lil bro in your arms. A lot of love & blessings with big hugs sweet Ali. Wish your family all the best! 💖

  88. Ali…we are so excited for you, Kevin, Molly and Owen. Your heart is big enough for another baby. It just makes you even happier, because Molly will have a sibling now. Can’t wait to hear your awesome news!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Photos and videos of your two kiddos together are going to be so entertaining and heartwarming. Good luck!! You’ll do great!!

  89. I felt the same way about not knowing how you will be able to love your second child as much as your first because you just love the first so incredibly much! It was my biggest concern throughout the second pregnancy! But oh my goodness you can!! Your heart certainly does grow! I was also induced from the get go with my second and i LOVED it!! I would’ve done it again the next day! And the best of all is seeing the love between both of your children. You’ve got this! Good luck!

  90. Praying for a safe and smooth delivery of Baby boy Manno! I love watching your journey – thank you for sharing with us.
    PS Molly reading is my very favorite thing! Sweetest.

  91. My daughter was 3 &1/2 when I got pregnant with our son. As soon as the excitement wore off, I panicked. How could I love another baby as much as I loved my precious girl?

    I couldn’t!! There was NO WAY POSSIBLE!!

    I went through the entire pregnancy feeling sorry for the little boy I was carrying. He would always feel 2nd rate. He would know instantly that I loved his sister most.

    The moment I saw 👶👀 him, I knew how the Grinch felt when he heard the Whos singing down in Whoville. I felt my heart grow bigger.

    There truly is love at first sight. Ask any mom!

    Congratulations, on your little man. He will steal your heart in ways you cannot imagine!!

  92. I remember being woken up and dropped off at my aunt’s house in the middle of the night when my mom went into labor with my twin sisters 🙂 That was 21 years ago and I remember it all! It was so exciting!

  93. That’s so exciting!!! I was induced with my son and didn’t have the best experience. Won’t go into details.. but it was all worth it!!
    Wishing you the best! Hope he decides to come earlier! 😊❤️

  94. So excited for you! I too had polyhydraminos & all along they said I would not go over my due date… Well my induction was scheduled 5 days prior to my due date, and my body did not respond to the meds, so they rescanned me and because my fluid was 23.5 (less than 24) they sent me home! And believe it or not, he was born at 41 weeks and 2 days, by induction, and csection! And he was totally perfect and it was worth every minute!
    I wish you the best, no matter how he makes his arrival, you will be the perfect family of 4 soon! 🙂

  95. My children are 13 months apart, we had to take our son to the hospital with us, it was in the middle of the night and I woke up in hard labor, 3 hrs later our daughter was born, luckily my mother made it to the hospital in time to watch our son while I was delivering. Best of luck!! It will all work out!

  96. Awwww!!! Congratulations!!! Best wishes for you and your family!!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 💗💙

  97. Congrats Ali…very exciting! You will do wonderfully and love both children so very much! Look forward to seeing pics of your little guy. 🙂 All the best in this new journey!

  98. Good luck!!! I have a 2.5 year old girl and a 4 month old boy and I also stressed about how I could possibly love my son as much as my daughter but you will!! And it is the most incredible thing to watch your children love each other!

  99. It’s been so sweet watching you and your family take the journey to a family of 4! I cannot wait to see this sweet baby boy!

  100. Congratulations Ali!!! SO very exciting!! Can’t wait for the announcement of your sweet boy! My son was born at exactly 10 pounds!!! BIG boys are the BEST!! My sweet mama’s boy is turning 2 next month! Had an amazing natural birth with him, sending wishes for a great birthing experience for you! 💙

  101. Hi Ali! Congrats, have loved following along with you over the years! We are similar mamas! I would love if you would write a blog on your fears on expanding your family! I have a 2.5 year old son, and have had some fertility struggles in trying to grow our family, but beyond that, I so identify with what you’re saying about loving another child any more! Sometimes I cry just thInking about it! It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts after you welcome your sweet little man! Best of luck!

  102. Hey Ali! Never commented on your blog before, but figured I would since today I realized while watching your insta stories that I’m more excited for you to finally have this baby than I am for the royal wedding! LOL
    I’m sure everything will go great! Sending lots of love to you and your growing family <3

  103. That’s exciting news!! You are not going to believe how much more you love Molly and how much you love your baby boy as soon as you hold him!!

    My third baby was measuring 11 lbs the day of her due date!!! 😱 She ended up being 9 lbs 9 oz…… still big but not 11 pounds!! I was so scared by that prediction that I went ahead and got induced but I so wish I wouldn’t have. My labor was sooo much easier when I let my body just do its thing with my 2nd child. (He was 9 lbs 12 ounces 😩). Your body is made for this!!

    You are the most adorable pregnant person!! Hope you have a safe and speedy delivery!

  104. Good luck Ali 💛 hope this time around will be smoother. My first was traumatic and had me anxious with my second… but my second was so different and easier. Can’t wait to see your lil guy! So excited and happy for you! You’re still my favorite Bachelorette! XO.

  105. It’s so hard not to stress about all of it! It’s one of the most important days and experiences in your life, and you are completely out of control – drove me crazy! 😄 I know everybody has a different experience, but i went Into labor naturally with my first and i was Induced (this past Monday) with my second. The induction was a much better experience for me! Quick labor, plus i got the epidural early on so not as much pain. Really hoping that happens for you as well! Sending positive wishes your way.

  106. Ali by the time you get to my comment your son will be’t be afraid honey you will do great! Cant wait to see him

  107. I had my little boy 3 months ago and felt the same way Ali! Your heart does grow and you love the new one just as much. Stages are obviously very different which makes it so much fun. Watching Molly and him will melt your heart daily! I’m very excited to see you post pictures of her loving on him! My girl LOVES her brother so much!! Good luck pretty lady!

  108. Hi Ali!

    Oh my gosh our pregnancies are so similar it’s crazy! I’m 39 weeks and my doc told me today he is going to induce this Sunday as Baby girl needs to come now 🙂 this is our first. I have been following your pregnancy and it’s so great to know someone else is going through all the same things as me. Wishing you all the best for your little baba boy! All my love, Kim Sierra ( xxx

  109. Wow I was suppose to have our 2nd child next week too but I was low fluid and had her 2 weeks ago . I had her at 37 weeks with both girls … and I was more nervous with my second tben my first and I had a csection. But it’s all worth it in the end when Molly Catherine was born ❤️

    And I said the same thing when I was having my second I am so in love with my first, when tbe next one came alone my heart grew so big , tbey are the loves of my life ! Your heart ❤️ grows bigger …. good luck 🍀 and enjoy every min in the hospital lol 😂

  110. So excited for you and your family Ali!! 💕💕💕Baby boy will be here before you know it! I hope you have a lovely time with Kevin and Molly before his arrival 🙂 Can’t wait to see him!! All the best with the delivery!☺️💫😍

  111. Hello Ali
    Are you being induced on Friday if so that is my sons birthday he will be one. I hope everything goes well. I love watching your post and stories I also have a daughter who just turned two.

  112. Do you have a name picked out? Soooo excited for you! I have two exactly 12 months apart and that first year is rough but now they are almost 3&4 and it is AMAZING! They are best friends and so sweet together.

  113. OMG, same thing happened with my 2nd child. Water broke, labor never started and I had to be induced. The epidural never worked (which I didn’t know was possible at the time) and I had my almost 9 lb daughter naturally. I wasn’t a happy camper, until it was all over!

  114. Good luck! However it all goes down it will forever be your birth story and how you got to meet your little guy! My 2 girls are 13 months apart and I had so many of these same nerves but just wait, your heart is going to multiply more times than you ever imagined possible! And just wait til you see Molly as a big sis, I bet she will be so sweet!

  115. I was induced with my last baby (my second) and it wasn’t bad at all because I had been contracting for about a month so I was already 5 cm. Don’t know if you are already somewhat dilated but if you are it should make it easier. That being said I am due the 27th and told my dr I don’t want to be induced unless I go late which I’m hoping won’t happen since I’m already almost 4cm. My baby is measuring small though so there would be no medical reason to induce early. Letting the body do its own thing seems better so hopefully your little guy will come on his own soon. If not, I’m sure it will be better than your last induction since this is your second. Good luck!

  116. How exciting! Good luck!!

    I was induced with my son in March. After 23 hours of labour I wound up with an emergency c-section. It was all worth it though! It was not the birth plan I had in mind but knew ahead of time to be flexible because anything can happen when it comes to birth!

  117. Don’t be nervous, Mama! I was also scared about being induced. Turns out, the morning I was scheduled, contractions already started happening on their own! Praying for a safe delivery!

  118. Yay! So exciting! Try your best not to stress about everything! No 2 deliveries are exactly the same! I have 4 and each one was a different experience. 😁 Sending good vibes your way! Hope that epidural works wonders this time around!!! 🤰🏻👍🏻

  119. I was scheduled to be induced on a Monday after being a week over due and went into labor the night before. I always said my son knew I didn’t want to be induced. Maybe your little guy will do the same for you 😊. Wishing you a smooth delivery!

  120. I can’t imagine loving watching anyone more than i do my granddaughter and Molly. She has really brightened my days so much. I have been sick for awhile and she is part of my everyday pickup thanks to Kevin. I adore his videos. You have the best partner and your the best so y’all got this. With your parents coming wow, you are so lucky. So focus on that and how blessed you are. I think you are due a massage don’t you? Thank you and Kevin for sharing your beautiful family with us. Luv you guys.

  121. I love watching you and your family through your blog! I’ve been a fan of yours since the bachelor! I hope you enjoy these moments! I’ve been a mom now for 17 years, back in the day, they told me to go on a bumpy ride and eat spicy food and have lots of sex to speed up tre process! LOL. I can’t imagine that advice is offered up today;). I hope you have an easy delivery and everything goes smooth for you and baby! Best wishes!!

  122. Good luck, ali!

    Inductions aren’t always horrible! I had one in September and it went really smoothly. I progressed really fast after the induction started. I went from 1cm when I came in to a full 10cm in just 6 hours. I heard so many horror stories about inductions that I was expecting to be in labor for days! Hoping yours is quick too if you end up being induced!

  123. Same for me! Our little man was measuring over 10 lbs and an induction was necessary when we passed our due date. Water broke on its own at the hospital and things progressed from that. Had our little boy in our arms in just a few short hours. This is such a special time. Thank you for sharing it with us! You got this mama!

  124. Hey! Love the dress and you look great! What size are you wearing ? I’m gonna order one and am about your size 🙂

  125. Is it weird that I’m going to miss the maternity posts even though I am not pregnant or have any kids right now? LOL. I just think it’s such a sweet time to observe from afar as a blog/Ali fan lol 🙂 Ok, yeah, I am weird. But seriously, reading about Molly and now this baby…what a sweet time in life! I’ve loved your cute pregnancy posts!

    Believe or not, your story about the doctor’s office and putting pads on Molly was reassuring to me because I’ve often been afraid that if God Blesses me with children, I am just going to be beating myself up everyday because I am not measuring up. That post was a reminder that those little “mishaps” are what make motherhood/parenthood HARD but SO BEAUTIFUL! Giving grace to ourselves, being able to laugh at ourselves (while we are crying, etc.) is key. Even without children, we just need to give ourselves a break sometimes because we are all just trying to figure life out 🙂

    Congratulations and good luck next week (or sooner!!!!) 🙂

  126. Hi Ali! So excited! Congratulations! I’m 34 weeks along with my first! 💕👶🏻
    Can I ask how far along you are? What’s your due date?
    I ask because ny baby is also measuring somewhat big and I wonder if she’ll be coming sooner than my due date as well. My doctor if of course monitoring me 🙂

  127. Yay for Baby Boy to make his debut next week! So excited for your growing family! Best of Luck making until next week or when Moms arrive. Can’t wait for your next blog! <3

  128. You look amazing! I COMPLETELY relate to being nervous about going into labor and having to wake your toddler in the middle of the night because that is EXACTLY what we had to do with our 21mo old daughter. Our (now 10 week old) baby girl came 3+weeks early and big sister had to come with us in the middle of the night…eek! She was in the room until it was time to push (when Grandma and Grandpa finally made it in from out of town!) But, long story short, it all worked out and she was a trooper and now we have this kinda crazy story/memory from that night. Wishing you all the best, you’re gonna do great momma 🙂

  129. Wishing you a safe and hopefully easy delivery! Can’t wait to see photos❤️ PS love the necklace what length is yours?

  130. Congratulations! I was induced 2/3 kids. Great experiences on both. You will do great! I’m sure that your experience with Molly was a fluke. All will be good!

  131. Best of luck on a quick delivery. You have the most beautiful family-I love watching your posts of sweet Molly-her giggle warms my heart. Can’t wait to meet the new baby boy. You are such a gorgeous pregnant woman-you carry it well! Good luck👍🏼👍🏼

  132. It’s an exciting time Molly is going to be a big sister! Don’t stress over waking her up… very exciting times.. I was induced with my 10.5 oz baby boy! Good luck with everything. Can’t wait to see updates.

  133. You got this! And your heart really does grow. My son was my whole world and I cried when I went into labor because I knew I’d have to give up some time for him. I was oh so scared but now my daughter is my whole world too. And I feel a little guilt for her cuz she never got to have all the attention. Mom guilt is tough! They are absolutely best friends now though. But I had a great experience being induced with my first, you’ll be in my thoughts for as smooth of a delivery as there can be. Your body knows what it’s doing now too so hopefully it remembers! Good luck, can’t wait to see your little man!

  134. Second baby comes so fast! Both my kids were 10 lbs vaginal birth! You will be fine! Good luck to you!

  135. Good luck!! My due date was for May 28th and my little guy decided to come on the 16. It was a super quick labor I was 7cm dialated when I arrived at hospital and baby was born in no time once they broke my water. Best of luck with everything!!

  136. Good luck Ali.. Can you tell us what day your induction schedule. I must log into my calendar. lol. Are you dilated yet? If so to what. Just curious though that may or may not matter. I had 4 kids with all different birth experiences Wishing you all well.

  137. I was scheduled to be induced and my little boy decided to come the night before! Excited for you to meet your new little boy! Congratulations Manno’s.

  138. That’s so exciting! I am past my due date currently with my first. I will have an appointment at 41 weeks to make sure baby girl is doing fine, and then can decide to be induced or wait until 42 weeks to see if she comes on her own! I am so anxious and nervous. I don’t want to be induced, but I am ready for baby girl to be here in my arms! Best of luck to you with your growing family!

  139. Don’t let the weight estimate freak you out. I have a few friends who popped out 10lb + babies naturally no problem – your body and baby will do amazing things 🤗. Plus, estimates are frequently wrong. Fingers crossed for a spontaneous labour before your induction date. Good luck!

  140. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to looking to see what videos both you and Kevin have posted, Molly is so cute. You will be fine as far as being a mother of 2, after the first one its like riding a bike but this time you have Molly to help because she’s the BIG sister.

  141. Ali you got this! As a mom of 2, girl first than a little boy I promise you it’s instantaneous love for them both and Molly will love that little brother of hers! Best of luck to you mama

  142. Wait…did I read that right? Baby boy is estimated to weigh OVER 10 lbs??? You’re a rock star!

  143. Hi Ali! I am having my third around June 17, I always go past my due date – first was so long, I was induced , second time baby came on his own and it was a much better experience , contractions weren’t as bad as when you are induced . My advice is walk a lot this days and try inducing yourself naturally – spicy food , pumping , sex , etc . Baby will come and without induction it will run smoother and faster ! I took hypnobirthing classes and also feel are super helpful for the birth part even though I plan on using an epidural . But if you go on YouTube and listen to hypnobirthing meditation during labor it will calm you and the experience will be a lot nicer 😀😀. Good luck

  144. They told me my tiny 7lb baby was 10lbs! The weight can be off 2lb either way, they always forget to mention that part:) good luck!

  145. I pray that you have an easy breezy delivery! My water broke and had to have pitocin…but didn’t realize they kept upping it by the power of 2 everytime they upped it! My contractions were VERY painful! I went about half way before getting an epidural and Thank God my epidural worked! But I do have to say, even with all that….the delivery is the easy part…am I right! 😘

  146. I was just induced with my baby boy in February and I have to agree there is something pretty amazing knowing when you little one is coming! I really got to enjoy those last few days with him all to myself and we had some pretty good chats I must say! I pray that you have an easier induction then I did and an easier delivery! Sending you happy thoughts and many hugs! 💙

  147. I was induced with my little girl last year. It was actually a great experience! We went out to dinner the night of the induction then leisurely made our way to the hospital. The pill they used to soften my cervix actually was enough to start labor then I immediately got the epidural (so no pain…until after the birth, which was another story as I’m sure you know). Anyway, just wanted to share my positive experience 🙂 You’ll be great!

  148. Good luck Ali!! I had to be induced with my son, as he was 8 days overdue and showing no signs of coming on his own. I had a great experience with my induction and he was born weighing in at 10lbs! You can do this!! I just kept reminding myself, our bodies are made for this! Xo

  149. I was induced with my second baby, also a boy, because he was measuring so big as well! He was 9 lbs 3 oz, came in under four hours and everything was great! Good luck. And enjoy every minute!

  150. Oh don’t be nervous! I had the same experience with my first induction it was HORRIBLE..but I had another with my second and it was seriously such an awesome experience I was induced at 8am and had her by 11am with not a single problem at all. So there is hope 😉 Praying the same happens for you! 🙏🏼

    1. And don’t let the estimate of the weight scare you they told me the same thing with my first and he was only 7.4 😊

  151. Happy for you I just give birth to baby boy with h induce and it worth the pain I have a boy and it was surprise good luck Ali 😍

  152. Super exciting news!!! Can’t wait to pics of your adorable little guy!! Good luck and wishing you a smooth delivery!!!

  153. A few things…
    1. Since this will be your second labor and delivery, your body knows what to do. My first labor was 33 hours and my next two were 9 and 6 hours respectively.
    2. I had to be induced with my 3rd and I was SO nervous. I’d heard horror stories. My doctor kept assuring me that since my body knew what to do it wouldn’t be bad. It was (and I know this is a weird thing to say about labor) absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed it so much.
    Obviously everyone has their own experience, but I really think that now that your body knows what to do it’ll be smooth sailing!
    3. So excited for your sweet family! ❤️

  154. Awe congratulations you guys! You have an adorable and sweet family. So excited for you to bring your little man into the world very soon! My little guy weighed 10 lbs 2 oz and came on his own 6 days before his due date. I was scheduled to have an induction the night he was born. I hope you have a similar experience and that it goes much better than when you delivered Molly. 🙂 💙

  155. Wishing you the best of luck, Ali! I just had my third baby – he was my first induction! I was nervous about it, but it went very smoothly and I had a great experience! I bet your’s will be, too. Thinking of you!

  156. Miles. I just saw your IG and the note saying you still don’t have a name. I mean how cute is Miles Manno? Molly and Miles. Winner winner??

    Cheers mama!

  157. Boys are amazing. I have a toddler girl which I am crazy for as you are of Molly. And now I have an 8 month baby boy. The love is different. Your hearts grows to love both equally.

    I congratulate you for being so open with every step of the way. I love reading and seeing your insta story. They are so true. Best of luck. Wish you four the best.

  158. Hi Ali.
    I love following you. With my first My water broke as well and labor was nowhere in site so pitocin and 23 hours later she was finally out. It wasn’t the greatest experience but it could of been worse. With our second ( our son) he came two days late but labor started on it’s own and it was such a great experience. 6 hours start to finish he was out. Now I am 12 weeks away from baby #3 and wondering how this one will go 🙂 I am praying that labor starts soon for you naturally. Congrats!!

  159. Oh my gosh your first labour sounds just like mine. I never knew That my water could break before I was actually in labour and my spunky little sassy girl hadn’t even decended yet either. Ahh the joys of delivering a baby🤣😝 I truly hope this next labour is as smooth as it can be. I will be following and wishing you well. Xoxoxo

  160. I was induced with all three of my boys. The first one was hard. The next too were much faster. Both had a few complications of their own from coming so fast, but you’ll be fine! It’s so worth it all. Mom of 9, 7, and 3 year olds. Good luck Ali!

  161. Hugs and cheers to you, sweet Ali! I’m excited for you, Kevin, Molly and Owen and all who love you! I am blown away by how many comments you received re this blog! Wow!❤️❤️

  162. I am so excited for you!! You are going to do GREAT!! Just cherish every second and put those fears into God’s hands! He’s got this! Waiting with anticipation to see pictures of your little man!! Rest up as best you can!! Blessings upon all of you during this exciting time!!❤

  163. Congratulations Ali! I know you’re not asking for advice but I recommend learning about the induction process. I ended up being induced and I had no clue what was involved. I would have rather been informed. My induction took 5 days, there are a bunch of procedures and it all had to be done twice with me. I DOUBT this will happen to you but you should at least realize what is involved. You will do great! Xoxo

  164. Ali!
    I am so excited for you! I love seeing pictures of your family and hearing ur husband on the radio! So happy to hear your being induced I’m a labor and delivery nurse so from my standpoint and seeing many inductions I know how you feel. Your not alone to be nervous! Just know that even though your being induced your body has been through labor before so it will just kick into gear at a certain point. So happy for you family. Your beautiful and our family is adorable. Good luck with everything. You will be great!

    1. one more thing… I think Nolan is a great name… lol. It’s my sons name and coming from a nurse who hears a ton of names it not popular. Haha. Just saying! Hahah

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