Celebrating Our Bodies – Breastfeeding & Beautiful Nursing Clothes!

I want thank you all so much for all of your incredible support and positivity on my blog yesterday. Sharing those images of myself in a bikini was definitely something I was nervous about, but you guys made me feel so great about it once I finally gathered up the courage to post them. I honestly found myself crying at points throughout the day. Tears of happiness! Because I was so moved by all of the incredible support from all of you. So thank you! You guys absolutely help build me up and I hope that I was able to do the same for some of you.

And really, yesterday’s post inspired me to write today’s blog post. I want to continue celebrating a woman’s body and today I want to talk about breastfeeding. In fact, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month!! I know I know, I’m a little bit early celebrating. But again, yesterday inspired me and I’ve gotten so many questions from you guys about my favorite breastfeeding friendly clothes. So I thought, why wait until August to talk about it!? As many of you know, breastfeeding your child is a huge commitment and I know many moms out there struggle to find cute clothes to wear while doing it. So today on my blog I’m sharing a few breastfeeding friendly looks that I own and absolutely love!

I want to start by saying that even though I am celebrating breastfeeding in this blog post, it’s important for me to say that I absolutely feel that “fed is best!” Some mamas are able to breastfeed their children and others aren’t. There are a variety of reasons why a mother either chooses not to breastfeed or in unable to breastfeed and that’s OK. One mama isn’t better than the other and I truly believe that. As many of us know, raising a child is really hard work. As long as you’re keeping your child safe and fed during that time I think you’re doing a pretty good job!

Ok, now let’s talk nursing clothes! I, like many of you, have struggled from time to time finding clothes that are breastfeeding friendly, flatter my new shape and are really cute! But the looks I’m sharing on my blog today are some of my favorites! Starting with this maxi dress (keep reading for a code to get 40% off the dress!). It’s so pretty that I’ve actually had friends borrow it recently who weren’t even nursing just because they wanted to wear it to a Sunday brunch. That’s the great thing about finding super cute nursing clothes that don’t look like nursing clothes. You can wear them well after you’re done breastfeeding! The material of this maxi dress is very stretchy and super comfortable! And I love that it provides coverage for the top of the breast while breastfeeding so it can be done super discreetly without the need for a nursing cover in public.

That’s why I included a couple photos of me nursing Riley in this dress. So you guys can see how discreetly I’m able to feed him without the need for a cover. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer not to use a nursing cover when it’s hot outside and it’s SO hot in LA right now. That’s why I love a dress like this that doesn’t require a nursing cover. The dress is from Motherhood Maternity. In fact, all the clothes I’m talking about in today’s post are from Motherhood Maternity. I bought a few maternity dresses from them when I was pregnant with Riley and I love them, so I came back to buy nursing clothes because they have the cutest stuff! And they gave me a code for you guys to get 40% off one full priced item!!! Yay! Use code ALI40. SUCH a good discount! I’m so excited to share it!

And I keep coming back! I just bought this dress as well which might be one of my favorite dresses in my closet! So I’m so psyched that it’s a nursing dress! But again, I’ll wear it well after I’m done nursing Riley.

I’m sharing a bunch of photos so you guys can get a good feel for the maxi dress! But scroll down to see another favorite of mine. A nursing top that’s just the cutest and totally doesn’t look like a nursing top!

Nursing Tank

How cute is this tank top?! I really feel like many nursing tops look similar and I can tell that they’re nursing tops when I see someone wearing them. But I don’t feel like you can tell this tank top is a nursing top at all! It comes in this pretty floral pattern and in solid coral. I think both are beautiful! And since it’s loose fitting, it’s great for postpartum since many of us have loose skin or extra weight around the midsection. And as you guys now know from my post yesterday, I am one of those people!

Nursing Cover/Duster

The last thing I want to show you is this duster/nursing cover. I own a few pieces of clothing that are super similar to this. I love them because they’re great to throw on with an outfit when you want to cover your backside. I wear them all the time when I wear more form-fitting dresses. Especially when I was pregnant because I’d like to show off my bump in the front but didn’t necessarily want to show off my backside. So this is a great piece to get if you are expecting so you can wear it with your form-fitting dresses and then wear for nursing afterwards! It has little buttons at the top so it acts as a nursing cover. It’s pretty cool if you ask me! And it’s on sale right now for under $20! I’m tempted to buy multiple of these and give them to all my friends who are expecting. In fact, I’m totally going to do that!

Hope you guys love these looks! Since I plan on breastfeeding Riley for quite some time I plan on sharing lots of breastfeeding friendly looks on my blog in the future! Let me know what you guys think and let me know what else you want to see from me in terms of breastfeeding friendly clothes! And again, thanks for making this blog a place where women came come to celebrate each other and all the amazing things a woman’s body does!


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63 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Bodies – Breastfeeding & Beautiful Nursing Clothes!

  1. Loving all these posts. I just had a baby too so it’s been so nice and comforting to follow your journey and know I’m not alone. This was my third baby and I’m also nursing. You don’t realize how hard it is to find nursing friendly clothes. When I was pregnant with my first my friend started a nursing friendly clothing business. I buy all my stuff from shopburu.com. It’s so hard to feel stylish while nursing but she has the best clothes. I really appreciate your honesty with your post baby body!!

  2. How long are you planning to nurse Riley? Plus your body looks great and you will get back to where you want to be ir just takes some time.

      1. I nursed my first son for over 2 years and might have gone longer but was trying to get pregnant again, and I nursed my second son for like 2 1/2 years. of course they were eating food and drinking but every once in a while they still wanted to nurse and I still had milk (alot less though) so I let them. I enjoyed it as much as they did.

  3. Nursing in a restaurant:

    Ali, I notice you are sharing about nursing fashions, etc. I dont know if you will publish this email or not, but here is my experience. Recently, I went out to a restaurant with my Husband. A woman was nursing a table away. I felt uncomfortable with the situation. She had a vanity cloth, but you know what she was doing. She was there with her Husband and parents, hers or his, I don’t know. I didn’t appreciate it and ruined our experience.

    I might sound old-fashioned or may offend the nursing mothers out there but please get up and go to the ladies room. I feel it sets women back 100 years! Maybe your family doesn’t mind, but others do. It might be a natural act but should be shared intimately! I dont feel the sucking sound is something everyone wants to hear or see out at a nice restaurant.

    1. I respectfully disagree. A mother shouldn’t have to sit in a dirty restroom to feed her baby. If it makes someone uncomfortable, don’t watch. Feeding your baby isn’t shameful, and it sounds like the mom was trying to minimize any discomfort for others by using a cover. Moms and babies need to eat also, not sit shamefully in a germy bathroom.

      1. My kids are in their 20’s now but I nursed both until they were 2. I LOVE how there are more nursing areas in malls etc for young moms. I nursed my kids in a gross bathroom. We smelled when people were having their BM’s while I’m trying to feed my child. It was awful. You ladies feed those babies wherever you need to! I would suggest a little cover though just to be considerate of those around you. Some people are embarrassed by it unfortunately. For me I wouldn’t mind.

    2. Dear Debra-
      I am a mother to four girls, now in their teens and twenties. The first one, I was only able to breastfeed for a few weeks, the second I breastfed for almost a year, and the twins-well it was just too difficult.
      I was so disappointed by your selfish comments. I go to restaurants (even very nice ones!) all the time, where people are loud, eating with their mouths open, or belching at their table etc. How about the couples who are overly sharing PDA. Even others are constantly talking on their cell phones so everyone sround them knows their business? And believe me, not all of it is proper mealtime discussion! These are things that one has to accept if we are having our meals out with other people.
      I myself, am more offended with the other things aforementioned above, rather than a mother breastfeeding! I mean if it bothers you that much, why don’t you pick up your plate and eat it in the privacy of the Ladies Room? Then you will get the quiet, private dining experience you so desire, correct? Right now, you are saying gross, right?! Well, it is even more gross to consider feeding an infant, with a newly forming immune system, in there! Why don’t you cut these Mom’s some slack? She had probably been up since dawn, has worked around the house, and taken care of the baby all day, and just wants a nice family dinner. She is so thrilled that she hasn’t had to cook, and her family can finally sit down together and just enjoy each other’s company. Why should she be forced to leave her table and go elsewhere, anymore than you? You both are paying customers, and the baby is actually a member of her dinner party and thetefore deserves to eat with them!
      I guess you have never breastfed, so I am also going to let you in on some information. The more comfortable and relaxed the baby is, the better the feeding goes, the less air they inhale, and the more nourishment they receive. The more relaxed the Mom, the more relaxed the baby-and the quieter the child will be as others near their table are able to finish their meals in silence (well at least from the well fed baby that is!) Breastfeeding is a natural act, one which our bodies were designed for. You said yourself that she had a vanity cloth, so she was trying to be as tasteful as she could. People need to stop looking at women’s breasts as a sexual body part when they are breastfeeding, and just see it as a baby bottle. When a baby is nursing on a breast, they have to put the entire areola in their mouths to suckle properly. So, that sucking sound you speak of is just not possible. That is a sound a baby makes when trying to drink from a bottle, especially when it is close to empty. Maybe; therefore, you should complain about the sucking noise from babies being bottle fed next to you in a restaurant.
      I honestly think your comments set women back by more than 100 years!
      Sadly, my own mother did not understand my desire or need to breastfeed. She made me feel so ashamed about this beautiful, natural thing, that I was too embarrassed to breastfeed my daughter in any public place. I was forced to supplement with bottles, as babies cannot wait to eat, and therefore lost my milk after 2 weeks of breastfeeding.
      I learned from my mistakes. I relaxed with my second daughter and just let nature take over. I fed her wherever I had to, covered by a cloth, never supplemented with bottles, and I breastfed until she decided to stop, at around 1 year of age. She is my healthiest and has the highest IQ of all of my girls.
      Please think about my comments the next time you see a breastfeeding mother. She is not there to ruin your evening or meal. She just wants to do what is best for her child in the most relaxing and healthy way possible for both of them. Let her be and maybe comment to her on your way out about how proud you are of her for putting in all the extra effort, time, and commitment it takes to successfully breastfeed a child.

      1. Amen sista! Wow some people are really something! Breastfeeding has been around since humans have!!! And will continue to be around as long as we are! For heaven’s sake!

      2. Thank you Andrea for this response! What Debra said had me fuming. You wrote the perfect response to completely and eloquently. Couldn’t agree more.

    3. Dear Debra:

      Full disclaimer: you just ROYALLY pissed off a breastfeeding mom. Watch out for the hormonal rage to come. My daughter is 2 and boob obsessed. Is it easy to nurse her 24-7 and be there for her all day and all night?!? NOPE, but guess what, she’s a BABY! She doesn’t know what it means to eat in public or eat at home or that Mommy needs her sleep too or anything other than what it means to get fed and comforted by her mommy. Simple as that.

      ALSO, Are you even a Mom? If so, I’m guessing your also a Grandmother or maybe in that age group / category and in that case why are you even following a young Mom blogger whose trying to help us all support one another in all things body image, feeding our babies and supporting one another?! Your thinking is SO DATED.

      Also, news flash: it’s hard to be a Mom, especially a new Mom who is new to breastfeeding and being needed every 2 hours of the day or * cover your ears * a baby who is going through a growth spurt and latched to you constantly. We want to feel human and see the isles of Target, other humans, and be taken to restaurants, too.

      This whole description especially “you new what she was doing”…

      You make it sound as though someone was getting a blowjob under the table. I hope you realize how ridiculous your entire post sounded and I hope you think twice in the future about even offering up hurtful and negative comments. Why would you even bother?!

      1. I am a Grandma and a Great Grandma and even though I am old, I also disagree completely with Debra. I nursed my 3 babies in the mid 70’s and early 80’s and I nursed in restaurants, shopping centers, even on an airplane. (It was that or she would be screaming for the whole flight). I can tell you that I never once felt that people looked at me in disgust and I never felt that I offended anyone. I don’t understand why someone would feel that way today, in an even more modern time. To be asked to nurse sitting on a toilet in a public restroom is a ridiculous thought, By the way, all of my grandkids have also been breastfed and my daughters and daughter in law are comfortable with nursing in public as well. I just want to be sure people know that not ALL of us older folks feel the same way as Debra! Nursing is a beautiful natural act and I smile when I see a nursing mother. And I know that baby is getting the best start possible.

    4. Dear Debra,
      Next time you see a mother feeding their child, the natural way God intended us to do so, I recommend that you pick your plate of food up and go sit in the ladies room. Please sit on the toilet, balancing your plate of food attempting not to get germs on anything or contaminate your hands in the process. I hope you enjoy the privacy and sanitary conditions there while eating your meal!!

      A proud breastfeeding mama

    5. How does it set us back 100 years for a woman to sit in a restaurant and nurse her baby? I find it amazing that people are so self centered that they think a tiny baby should be forced to eat in an unsanitary bathroom because grown people can’t handle the sight of a nursing mother. You stated that you couldn’t see anything but still knew what she was doing, as though nursing is somehow wrong or dirty. It’s a mother using her breast for the exact purpose it evolved over millions of years to fulfill. It is natural and wonderful, and certainly not something that should be shamed or hidden.

      I think comments like yours are what set women back 100 years. Nursing mothers have other things to do as well (buy groceries, run errands, take older children places, etc.), and shouldn’t be prisoners in their own homes or forced to sit in smelly disgusting bathrooms just to feed their baby when out in public. If you are uncomfortable with a mother feeding a child, that’s something that you are going to have to deal with. A baby’s need to eat in a clean place trumps your delicate psyche having to face the horror of a nursing mother.

      1. Could not agree more Vanui-when I was breastfeeding it was important for me to be able to be out and about and not feel confined to the house! It was important for my supply to breastfeed as much as possible when with baby since I had to pump while working. I am disappointed that there are still people that feel that it is wrong to breastfeed in public (and that think it is okay to banish someone to the restroom)!

    6. Debra,
      I am so very saddened to see you feel this way. You do not eat your dinner in the restroom, nor do I, and neither should babies. If you have not breastfed before, I know it is difficult to understand. Breastfed babies eat very frequently, and they deserve comfort and respect while eating, too. Breasts are made for feeding babies, period. Normalizing breastfeeding is what sets women forward. Criticizing a woman for feeding her baby, in whatever way she is able and chooses to do so, is what sets women back.

    7. This is the most rediculous comment that breastfeeding in public sets women back. As a breastfeeding mother it is my right to nurse my baby wherever he is hungry. It’s trolls like this that incourage me to nurse with or without a cover! I think it’s Truly sad that a women nurshing her baby makes you uncomfortable.

      I had a wonderful older lady come up to me and tell me what a wonderful job I was doing and to keep it up when I was nursing without a cover in a restaurant. More people need to learn from her! Breast feeding is one of the hardest things to do and sometimes babies do not nurse under a cover! You see way more at the beach.

      I truly believe people like you set us back 100 years

    8. What?? Have you seen public bathrooms? Where would you even sit to nurse a baby in there? So gross. Baby number 4 is 7 months and I’ve nursed them all at restaurants, parks, planes, church, sporting events. Just look away!

    9. Debra: Your views (and resulting comments) sound sooooo outdated. Either that, or they are extremely ignorant and/or selfish. I’m 58 yrs old myself. I breastfed my son (firstborn) for a few months but bottlefed my daughter who was born 18 months later. I 100% support all breastfeeding moms. What they do is completely natural, highly ADMIRABLE (especially while in some of the conditions they’re forced to feed their babies in..🙄), and sooooo good for baby. You’re offended by the sound of a baby taking necessary nourishment from his/her mother..????? Are you for real..?!?? Smh. By the way, a baby sucking on a bottle (or a pacifier!) also makes that same sound. Just FYI. Of course we’re all entitled to our own opinions in life, but unfortunately, it seems your opinion is actually quite ignorant. Maybe if you’d educate yourself a bit on the benefits of breastfeeding (and just how challenging it often is, too… I mean, have YOU ever experienced the “joys” of painfully sore, dry, cracked, bleeding nipples or the excruciating pain of a clogged milk duct? I bet not….), you’d enlighten even yourself. It’s never too late to open your mind and educate yourself..

  4. I absolutely love love love following you and your little family! I had my first baby a few weeks before you had Riley and I am able to relate to everything that you post. It is refreshing to have someone post honestly!

    I love the nursing clothes you linked. I will honestly say that has been my biggest struggle with having a baby! I got through labor without any issues (thank you epidural!!), Max has taken to breastfeeding very easily, he’s generally a great sleeper (let’s not talk about last night though 😩), but what the heck do I wear to be able to easily breastfeed that has really tripped me up! I love all of these options! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Courtney! I am so glad you found this post helpful. I am with you. It can be hard to find great nursing friendly clothes. But I think these options are so great! If you get any make sure you use the discount code for 40% off and let me know what you think when you get them!

  5. Ali,

    I am a c-section mama of 2 and the body image roller coaster is REAL. I was 19 when I had my first. Seeing all my cute tiny friends made me hate my body and “what I had done to it”. Now, I am 31 and so thankful that I was healthy and able to bring two healthy babies in this world. Our bodies were created to do something so miraculous!!! Thank you for being real and sharing your journey and letting us other mamas know we’re not alone!

  6. All of these styles are so cute and I love that they look like “regular” clothes! Thank you so much for mentioning that “fed is best”. At first when I saw the topic of the post my heart sank a little, because aside from trying to as much as I can in the hospital I most likely won’t be breastfeeding for a handful of different reasons, and it’s something that I definitely am not sharing with family or others until they figure it out on their own because there’s so much judgement out there on momma’s who don’t breast feed. The Facebook posts I see about it are the worst and it makes my heart ache for those who truly do want to breast feed but actually can’t for one reason or another.

  7. Thanks for sharing these options Ali! I’m almost six months into nursing my second (2 under 2, 18 months apart!) and always searching for discreet options!

    Since we’re crkebrating our bodies, I think it’s also important to note that we can celebrate women who do not want to use a nursing cover when feeding their child in public, for whatever reason! It’s all about preference, and women should be empowered to feed their children in whatever way is comfortable to them! Whether discreet or not, feeding our babies is a hard job and we shouldn’t feel pressure to do it in a way that doesn’t offend others. Just my two cents!

    Thanks for your posts!

  8. Hey Ali! What size tank top are you wearing? I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old and breastfed my 2 year old for a year so I hope to make it to a year with this baby as well! Love your posts and how you keep it real ❤️

  9. As a working breastfeeding/pumping mom, I bought a TON of wrap dresses on Amazon of all places and they’ve been serving me well. I also picked up some at Banana Republic Factory for $20 apiece during one of their big sales. The best part is that they’re not maternity, so I can wear them when I’m done nursing.

    I also found a small boutique brand called Milk Nursingwear, and have been living in their three maxi dress styles this summer. I throw on a jean jacket over them for work and it’s smooth sailing.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your bf-friendly style choices!

  10. Hi Ali your posts have been amazing & very encouraging. You have shown media what it truly is like after having a baby! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. However, I had my other 2 when i was in my early 20’s now I’m 36 & although we planned this pregnancy it’s still very different. I’m worried about my pp body & if I’ll be able to bounce back like i did with my other 2 🙁 I work out ( I box & lift weights) but still Im older now. Was wondering if your using any type of waist wrap or pp belly wrap? And which kind? Thanks again for being so real!

  11. Thank you! Will be checking out these nursing friendly clothes. I am a first time mom to a sweet 12 week old baby girl. It is so nice to read your posts and blogs for some insight and encouragement. Great job and you have a beautiful family!

  12. Just ordered that cute duster/nursing cover. On sale today for $8.98 and free shipping!! Awesome deal!! Thanks for sharing 💕

  13. Ali,
    Thank you for sharing all of this. For some of the comments above (one in particular) I chose not to breastfeed when we had our daughter. It was just something I wasn’t comfortable doing. However, shaming women for doing so is completely unacceptable. I have been to nicer restaurants and have seen women breastfeeding that if you really weren’t paying attention you would never know. I really believe we need to build other women up and not tear them down. As a new mom, granted mine is 4 now, you get so many people giving you “advice” and making comments that make you feel like you’re doing everything wrong and this is just wrong. Every parent has their own way of raising their kids and tending to their family and we should be supportive of this. Ali, thank you for sharing your journey and the pictures of post baby body. It’s very easy to forget that people in the spotlight have the same issues as everyone else like the tummy flab. 🙂

  14. Hi Ali,

    Not sure if you will actually get to read this but it’s worth a try. First off I have never written to and or followed a celebrity blog before. I’ve been reading your post lately and something just connected. I am 2 months postpartum and having a really hard time emotionally due to my physical appearance. I had really bad PPD with my first baby (now 4.5yrs girl ) and now with this one I’m having a really hard time with confidence and body image. I have so much extra stomach skin after having my son I feel disgusting, I don’t even want to go out in public. I’m so self conscious about it. When I saw your photos the other day it made me wonder where you get your self confidence from. I wish I had the courage to do something like that. You are glowing and look beautiful in every photo. My husband tells me I’m beautiful and he loves me but I can’t for the life of me figure out what he sees. All I see is gross fat,loose skin and stretch marks. How do these women/celebrities get their bodies back so quickly! I admire your beauty and confidence and would like to know if you could help me with some advice, diet plans/routines ect.

    1. My heart broke reading your comment. While I’m not a Mom myself and am unable to relate in that way, I have my own health issues that have impacted my body and created self-esteem issues. Until recently, I had a difficult time accepting them and only now am I much more confident and comfortable in my body. Despite all its faults (appearance wise & physically speaking), I’m proud for how strong it continues to be for me. I’ve made small goals and found active activities I genuinely enjoy doing. I suggest looking into pilates if you haven’t (I do semi-private reformer classes- started at 30 minutes only and now do hour-long classes because I’ve built my strength & stamina!). I’m obsessed and give all credit of my muscle tone/strength to it. It’s given me the ability to be proud of what my body can do. Aside from that, be gentle on yourself. Make small, achievable goals and find something you love about yourself (mind, body or soul) each and every day to better recognize what a gift you have. Best of luck.

      1. Hi Taryn,

        Thanks you for your response. I will definitely look into Pilates. I have done it before and loved it. I wish you all the very best throughout your healing journey to a life of health and happiness.

  15. Hi Ali!! I am a first time making to a two month old little boy as well. Nursing is for sure a commitment!!!! I have slot of reservations going out in public because I don’t have many nursing friendly clothes. I don’t care to nurse in public but others do not feel the same way so I look forclothes that I can easily nurse in discreetly!!! I love the maxi dress and think I absolutely need it!!!! Love your recent post on body positivity!!! I am rightvthere with ya!!!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing such vulnerable things! I’m really happy that you wrote “Fed is Best”! I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first child due to a condition he was born with, and I have had a lot of mom shaming from having to formula feed him, but we have another on the way, and I’m really hoping to be able to breastfeed this time because it seems special.

    1. For sure, the sign should NOT say, “Breast is best,” it should say, “The most important thing is that you feed your child.” I nursed and pumped and gave my first son formula and had the freedom to get away and finish grad school. With my second I nursed exclusively for 18 months, never pumping even once and I thought I was going to lose my mind. What I did the first time was 1000000x better for everyone because I was a happier and saner mom.

      1. I forgot to write that I nursed and pumped for my first son for 7 months. Once he got two teeth, nursing was over for me!

  17. Ali,
    What do you wear for a bra when breastfeeding? While the clothing seems super convenient often a bra complicates this so I’m curious as to your thoughts and recommendations

  18. Omg love love love the nursing cardigan! So fashionable and discrete! And the price! 😍😍😍
    I’m due with #2 in December and am always looking for good nursing clothes. I nursed my first until 21 months when he weaned the night before I found out I was pregnant with this one, and plan on nursing this one as long as he wants to.

  19. Another great post Ali!! Such a worthwhile topic and I so very much appreciate the inclusion of “fed is best “. As an OB nurse I never quite understood why mothers felt so guilty when BFing didn’t happen as they wanted it to. That is until I had my son. He was taken to the NICU 30 minutes after birth and I wasn’t able to hold hold him for 3 days. Those first hours are so vital for BFing and I missed them. My journey with BFing after that was incredibly difficult and I felt so guilty but at the end of the day fed is best, regardless of what or why you choose. Xx

  20. Ali, I am thrilled by the positive response to your posts yesterday! I really think it’s not even just about post partum bodies… it’s about the constant illusion online that everything is so darn perfect! I tell my mom/husband/counselor all the time that I can be feeling happy about my life…then I go on the internet. And it’s just everyone constantly sharing their highlight reels and you think, “What is wrong with me?! Every one else dresses nicely, loves being a mom, has perfect kids who are good sleepers, have gorgeous homes, weekly date nights, and annual trips to Disney and I have NONE of those” and you just can’t help but feel that way. I just started a gratitude journal based on a blog post yesterday by pbfingers (you’d love her) and I started a Facebook page called “Motherhood is Pure Bliss and All the Other Lies” to share the struggles of being a mom of two! Because I was tired of trying to pretend that it is easy and perfect because it’s not. I have 50 followers! Lol! But that is okay…if I can help one mom know that she is not alone it is worth it. And that is what you did… you let millions of people know that perfection isn’t reality and that is okay! You look amazing and how one should 8 weeks after having a second child! So thank you! Thank you for being real and honest and reminding us that Instagram is not always reality! We don’t have to be perfect! That should not be the expectation.

    1. Of course I cannot wait for your bachelor recap though! Especially on the backlash poor Tia is getting today. Ugh

  21. Ali,
    What size are you wearing? Only size m is available and I’m afraid it will be too big for me but I like it so much and have had the hardest time finding nice/church your outfits that are bf friendly.

  22. Ali,

    My baby boy is 7 weeks (5 days younger than Riley). I also have a 2.5 year old daughter who is not transitioning easily. How is Molly doing with her new brother? I admire your courage to post your postpartum body online! I do have to say, you look amazing for only being 8 weeks postpartum. Our babies are still newborns and in the “fourth trimester”!

  23. I’m 6 months post partum with my second. My first is a few months older than Molly, too! I remember feeling like a deflated balloon and my “new” body feeling so foreign the first time around. I knew it would look different, but it still kind of caught me off guard. It all seemed a little easier the second time around probably because I knew what was coming. Your posts are so refreshing! Anyways, what are your go to nursing bras? I can relate with the bigger chest!! I HATE bra shopping because I can never find anything that fits well! It’s so discouraging.

  24. I work at motherhood maternity in Howell Michigan! We have the greatest selection of nursing outfits on top of out pregnancy selections! ❤️❤️ You look so cute in the dress!!!

  25. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered the duster for under $10!! Perfect for summertime and breastfeeding.

    PS-Love, love your posts about body positivity. You are a gorgeous woman and mama. Our bodies are amazing and do miraculous things growing and keeping baby alive. Something we should be proud of and not hide away! Thanks for your boldness.

  26. Thank you! Will be checking out these nursing friendly clothes. I am a first time mom. It is so nice to read your posts and blogs for some insight and encouragement. Great job and you have a beautiful family!

  27. I am not the point in my life yet where my boyfriend and I are ready to have children, but it’s in the near future. I have watched my sister and my cousins go through all of the body changes that happen while pregnant/after giving birth. I’ve always been so scared about not being able to get back to my ideal weight fast enough and that I would be judged for it. Thank you so much for sharing and being so raw. You really help women feel their best when you are so open about your experiences.

  28. Every first time mom is conscious about the changes in their bodies. So it really is great that you shared all the things that some moms and first time mom’s are conscious about, making them feel a lot better. That it’s just the body that changes with them, they can still do what they want to do confidently. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Also from mom out there Try using the products of Qiara ( https://www.qiara.com.au/ ) it will really help a lot to keep your baby stay healthy. 🙂

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