The Bachelorette – How is Luke Still There

From more drama to steamy hot tub scenes, tonight’s episode was as “Bachelorette” as it gets – minus the actually falling in love part (I’ll get to that in a minute). But once again I have so much to say about the episode that I couldn’t wait until tomorrow – so I’m posting tonight!!!! And adding cute pics of me and Molly in a hot tub cause I don’t have any photos from the show yet – so why not 😉 Ha! Let’s get into this…


Naked Bungee Date

I freaking love this date so much! Honestly I found myself at the edge of my seat waiting to see what was gonna happen. At first when they saw that the other bungee jumpers were naked, I thought for sure there was no way they were going to get naked too. I thought maybe bra and underwear but not naked. I’m still not 100% convinced that they both took off their underwear because I feel like that’s a level of intimacy that could potentially be unsanitary. Ha! I don’t even know if that makes sense. It doesn’t really, but it just seems way too close to somebody that I’m not super into. And I don’t think Hannah is super into Garrett. Her taking off her bra and even surprised me. But I don’t think chest to chest is that same level of intimacy. You guys might disagree with me.

At first I thought it was way too over-the-top and not appropriate for the naked bodies to be touching one another, but then when I really sat back and thought about it – what an incredible experience! I wish Hannah got to do it was somebody that she’s more into. Like Jed or Peter or heck even Luke P at this point because it probably would’ve been good for them! Then again we probably would’ve had a softcore porn0 going on and I think we can all do without that. So maybe it’s good that it was with somebody she’s not super connected to. Ha! And I loved how down for it Hannah was! I honestly probably would’ve chickened out. Not necessarily chickened out of the bungee jumping, but chickened out to take it all off with someone I didn’t know that well.

Just can’t imagine the rush and feeling that they must’ve had with their bodies pressed up against each other in the cold doing something that terrifying. Honestly it’s kind of on my bucket list now! I feel like that would be such an incredibly intimate experience to share with my husband.

At the end of their day when they sat down for dinner, I definitely felt more of a connection between them. And let’s face it, Garrett is just a standup guy! I mean, how could she not fall for him just a little bit after everything he said! I think he’s so great! I just think something’s missing. And I think it might be the physical chemistry. Because mentally and emotionally it seems like they are connecting.

Group Date

Tyler C

I’ve always really liked Tyler. I’ve honestly always thought he was just really funny. But tonight I feel like we saw a different side of him. We saw a softer side of him. And saw that he really is starting to fall for Hannah! I didn’t see it between them so much before, but now it’s clear as day to me! I feel like he’s a front runner for sure! Top three – no doubt.

Luke P

Ughhhhhh Luke!!!!! I do not know where to start with this situation. When he called her body a temple that she should save for her husband, I wanted to slap him! But in the same breath I understand why it seemed a little bit like crossing the line. But then again sleeping with everybody in the fantasy suite is kind of crossing the line too! But it’s something you have to do in this experience… That sounded kind of bad. Not everybody has to sleep with more than one person in the fantasy suite, or anybody all. I only did with one… and it was the person that I got engaged to! But my point is that a lot of people do and that’s because you’re forced to figure out who you want to get engaged to in such a short period time. You kind of have to throw all rules out the window! Or at least most of them!

Plus, Tyler C says it perfectly. She was living her life to the fullest! She was presented with something crazy and out of the box and scary and she just went for it! I think so highly of Tyler C for seeing that and saying it. What an awesome guy!

But I also completely understand why it was so upsetting to Luke. He’s really into her and it hurt him. I get that he’s on the Bachelorette, but just try to put yourself in the position of dating someone and finding out they did something like that with somebody else. It’s hurtful even though it’s part of this process. So I wish he talked about it that way. Coming from a place of hurt. Instead, he acted like a complete a-hole which shouldn’t be surprising to any of us.

I’m actually surprised that Hannah didn’t put him in his place right away. I think she might’ve been struggling internally because she told him to open up and be real and that’s what he was doing. I just think it took her a little bit of time to realize that the way he opened up was so disrespectful.

Peter Date

I seriously burst it out laughing out loud when the woman was singing and they thanked her in the middle of the song. I totally thought it was over too. I’m still laughing about it as I write this! It was one of those really funny awkward moments that is just really good TV!

Five minutes later, I found myself laughing just as hard! Once again I burst out in a super loud laugh that probably almost woke up my kids. It was when Peter tried to be all manly and push her down in the sauna and start making out with her. It started off so awkward! I feel like all of their make out sessions start off super awkward. Remember the pool table incident?! Ha! But then of course seconds later I had to start diverting my eyes because they got so hot and steamy! I’m really trying not to have judgment because there’s enough of that in this world. But I do think Hannah needs to pump the brakes a little bit. So far I feel like she’s gotten very steamy with 4 or more guys. And if she was the Bachelor I’d be super pissed! I’d feel like he was using the women. So I feel like I can’t have a double standard and not be disappointed with her for the same reasons. But that said, I’m not in her shoes right now and neither are any of you so we have to be careful to jump to any sort of conclusions and judgment for what she’s going through.

When they were in the hot tub, I was really proud of Peter for respectfully telling her how much it hurt him when she grouped him in with the other guys the night she got upset at the cocktail party. That’s how a man should express his feelings when he’s hurt! Luke should take some lessons.


And sidenote, was this the first hot tub scene of the season? I think it was! And as much as I like Peter and like them together I much more prefer Molly and I in the hot tub and our kisses. Ha! Once again because I’m posting this blog post on a Monday night instead of a Tuesday morning I don’t have access to ABC’s photos. So I had to use some of my own! And my photographer Ashley and I got these super cute photos of me and Molly in the hot tub with roses a month or so back. I figured I could use it for a scenario just like this! When I wanted to post about the show but didn’t have any photos! Thank goodness for the first hot tub scene of the season so I can use these cute pics! Ha! I linked my bikini and her rainbow suit below the photos. My bikini top is sold separately from the bottoms. I linked both, but I only bought the top and I wear it with other black bottoms I have.

Peter is also a top 3 guy for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve been saying that since the beginning. But I can’t even remember at this point. My brain is fried. All I know is that Jed’s her guy in the end. I’ve said that since the very, very beginning. Do you guys think Peter has a chance at being the Bachelor? On one hand I’d love to see him as the Bachelor. And on the other hand I feel like there’s something too innocent about him. What do you guys think?!

Final Thoughts

It’s funny because normally at this point I would think that the only reason Luke is still around is because the producer’s are begging her to keep him for the drama! But I think it’s pretty clear to all of us that that’s not the case. She’s keeping him because she chooses to! If producers were the reason she was keeping him around, she wouldn’t admit to Chris Harrison that she could possibly be falling in love with him. She just wouldn’t play that far into the game! He’s got to go home next week. Right?! I feel like after next week, if he is still around that she is going to lose a lot of viewers. I just am ready for the love story! She has such beautiful connections with some of these guys and I want to see those relationships flourish! She’s wasting her time with Luke and I know she’s going to see that soon. She’s a smart girl. Love can blind us but I’m hoping her love for herself will help her see more clearly.

While You’re Here

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I LOVE this tunic – I have multiple, and have kept it around for quite awhile! It isn’t a maternity top, but it was perfect for when I was pregnant with Riley. I love the lace details and the way that it flows so loosely. It truly is a great top for maternity, or after!


Time to talk about this super adorable dress. How beautiful is this!? I just adore it – especially the neckline and the sleeves. The squareish neckline really is so flattering, and the loose fit of the dress makes it so comfortable.  I like to wear it when it’s that time of the month and putting on jeans is just way too uncomfortable.  I just feel so pretty when I wear this dress!



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208 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – How is Luke Still There

  1. Ali! Have you seen all of the news about Jed having a girlfriend?! I am dying to know your thoughts and what you think Hannah must be thinking about all of this. If you are right and she picks Jed (I like Peter or Tyler for her but would love to see either of them as the next Bachelor!) it may be a very awkward After the Final Rose! Considering how pissed Hannah was on night one about the one guy having a girlfriend, how could she be okay with Jed’s situation?! SO disappointing!

      1. I can’t believe you haven’t heard about the girlfriend. What seems odd to me is why is just now something coming out about her. The spoilers were saying Tyler was her final pick but now saying Jed. If not picked a I think Tyler would be an awesome Bachelor. I liked when he told her if was happy within himself that he is ready to share himself with someone.
        Ali I am with you about all the making out. To me this is the most erotic season and really difficult to watch. Knowing someone was filming would being that intimate would be difficult.

        1. I think * erotic * is being generous, Elaine.
          To go from the hot and heavy Peter sesh to the Jed bed straddle ON THE SAME NIGHT was pretty messy.

          It’s like having a feast and then gorging hours later.

          Any future spouse cool with that is questionable.

          1. I can’t think of another bachelorette that has “straddled”, in an evening gown, almost every man she spends alone-time with! Yes, her body, but I guess she is okay with being portrayed that way. SMH…

          1. Last week somebody posted one person as winner in comments.

            At least Elaine gave us a maybe /maybe.

            Agreed: POST SPOILER ALERT if you are going there.

          2. I would normally agree with you, Pam, but it’s in People magazine this week so it’s pretty out there already. 🙁

          3. I totally agree! Even though I know the spoilers, I never write them out! However, don’t worry! Sometimes the fun is seeing IF the spoilers are correct. They aren’t always! In fact, Reality Steve got Ali’s all wrong (I think he changed it the day of the finale but I didn’t see his post so as I was watching the episode I kept thinking, “WHAT is going on?” lol! Same with Desiree’s season!! The spoiler was so wrong!)

          4. I agree, Pam. Please people, do not post spoilers! I don’t read People magazine and do watch my local news, but had not heard a thing about that.

        2. Elaine why are you posting spoilers in these comments? If we wanted to know the spoilers we would look them up. SMH

      2. Yes it was on the news last week. I really really like Peter too. But my gut aka women’s instinct somehow feels she will end up picking Tyler C. 😀❤️

      3. Ali … I didn’t know either. If true, very disappointing! As far as the annoying ‘Luke’ situation, I believe he is still there for the ratings. The show always keeps the lunatics longer for the drama!!! *LOL* Afterall, it may be a reality show but there is some ‘acting’ involved. 😉 I have no doubt, he will be leaving soon! In the meantime, I am voting for Tyler or Peter. As much as I like the southern- romantic-musician Jed, (now that I just learned about him having a girlfriend), one must wonder if he went on ‘The Bachelor’ to be ‘SEEN’?! 🤔 The truth always reveals itself sooner or later. For Hannah’s sake, let’s hope that it’s ‘sooner’.🤞

        1. I agree. Luke is around for the ratings. She does see it, she won’t pick a guy that is such work. She even seemed cold giving him the rose compared to the other guys. #teamTyler

          1. She told Luke she knows there is a good man inside him. And Chris asked her why she kept Luke and half the answer was that she might be falling in love with him. I think she is stuck in that lane (sorry, only phrase that came to mind!) and even with the attraction to others, she can’t get herself out of it yet.

      4. I saw that too. I got angry that she let Luke stay. I seriously just can’t🤦‍♀️ At this point I do t care who she picks as long as it’s not Luke🤷‍♀️

      5. They had the girl on the Bobby Bone shows this morning explaining the situation. He was up front about it that he was going on the show but they were only 4 months in to the relationship. When he got back to Nashville he ghosted her until they ran in to each other at a music event

    1. I did see in Hannah’s instastories that she said she had underwear on at all times during this episode. I can’t watch it until tomorrow but I think she did leave her panties on.

      The whole Jed thing having a girlfriend has really thrown me. Hard to tell if it’s true or if it’s a jaded ex wanting to get back at him.

      Also, I had asked before but I think it got buried in the comments on a previous blog but when you have 25 guys to give roses to, do they put the names on the roses? Everyone always looks down at them first so I just wondered if they put names on them! Love the blog and look forward to it all the time!

      1. Fruit of the Loom copywriters are beavering away.

        Topless is still kinda gross, even though he didn’t stare .

      2. I think Kaitlyn Bristowe said on her podcast that it is an editing trick so they will say three or four names when handing out roses and then go “backstage” and get a few more names before coming back out and hanging out roses and so on and so forth but it is shown as if it is one long sequence with no breaks. Does that make sense?? Ha. Hard to explain in writing.

    2. Dates went way better this week! I think the bungee was fun but would only do with my husband if the “thing” without is the nude thing; but honestly, don’t think I’d bucket list it.

      Group date was finally normal. For me, she’s making out too much with the guys in the group date. What if another guy comes in like she’s had happen and then feeling guilty???

      Luke uggghhhhh!!!! He NEEDS to GOOO!! He confuses everyone including himself with his own words that are just showing out BOOT HIM!! He’s the one getting air time instead of Luke S. Ugghhh!! I’m just done with him.
      I loved that Jed serenaded her. Not necessarily after a date with Peter, but Ok. At least, I like you think he’s the one, and he knows how to carry himself.

      Peter is super humble and cute and I also like the way he communicated his feeling, they make a great couple.

      I like you hope Luke is gone next week for the her and the shows sake.

      Great post Ali!! Love the Mommy and Molly pics

      1. I didn’t like Jed from the very beginning because I felt he was an opportunist- constantly “auditioning” with his guitar. And after last night’s episode, I’m convinced that he’s only in it for his music career. He is trying way too hard and it’s so obvious he just wants a record deal. And when I heard about this girlfriend thing it didn’t surprise me one bit. What a creep. She definitely picks him which makes me sad for her because I’ve been duped like that before. Also I hope it Tyler and not Peter for Bachelor. Peter is sweet but not much personality and looks like he’s 12. Tyler is a man; strong, confident, funny and such a gentleman!

        1. I agree! My first thoughts on Jed were that he was only on the show to make a name for himself. But then I really respected how he was honest with Hannah about that. BUT then when I read about his ex gf and saw how much air time he got playing his music this last episode, I’m a little concerned about his intentions.

          1. He’s annoying and I don’t even think his voice is very good. I don’t care for him at all and I COMPLETELY think he is there to make a name for himself.

          2. I was thinking the same thing as Jamie. His voice was just so-so. And I think it’s been that way with all the “musicians” who make it on the show.

        2. Yes!!! Everything you said! I dont have a good vibe from Jed since the beginning. Def in for his music career. And he is not that cute 🤷‍♀️.

        3. Yes!!! I dont have a good vibe from Jed since the beginning. Def in for his music career. He is fake. And he is not that cute 🤷‍♀️.

    3. I just cant with Jed. I really feel like he is faking it. Every alone scene he has with her is about his music. When I am watching him, all I think about is this guy is phony and only there for his music career.. I cant be the only one?

          1. Hi Brittny
            The song – and dance – around the piano with Jed that was shown after the episode – sort of the *outtakes* section.

      1. Agree w all Ali said! Seems very intimate to completely Jump naked with someone you barely know.
        Also not sure on Jed , I read about GF too and that would be awful. They did show a lot of music scenes w him last night.
        Luke has to go and anyone who says I would never be controlling ….most def will! He’s a lunatic !!
        I agree about Hannah pushing breaks a little w Making out too!

    4. I would love to know for sure if they were wearing underwear or not. If not that would mean their private bits were touching each other which I think is way too intimate for this early. Even if it was real life and she was dating the guy and hadn’t had sex yet. Also it was filmed. The fantasy suites are later on and not filmed. I blame ABC for suggesting an inappropriate date. However, she also got super hot and heavy with Peter. There is plenty I don’t like about Luke p and he didn’t handle the situation great but I don’t blame him for having a problem with that date.

      1. Applause from Missus.

        ABC has GOT to do better. They are abusing the No-Suing-For-Slander Clause.


    5. In my opinion of all the bachelor/bachelorette shows and I have watched from the beginning I find the behavior a bit over the top with the laying on top of each other and everything and I am really disappointed in the franchise

  2. Curious of your thoughts of the Jed drama this week considering you put him as your finalist! I liked him a lot up to this point too but now don’t know what to think!! You and molly are so cute!

  3. Love your recap! Peter is incredibly awkward, but he just seems like a normal guy and I like that about him! At the end of the episode when they previewed next week, Luke starts going off that someone went home and I heard Tyler say to Luke “now there’s 5 guys who can’t stand you” which leads to me think someone goes home next week – and it’s NOT Luke! I scream at the end of every episode when he gets a rose, but I know it’ll be Peter & Jed at the end so that’s what I’m holding on to! The other guys are great but she definitely cares about them the most.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I wonder about Tyler saying something crappy to Luke not getting criticism, if Luke’s bad behavior does.

      I get people complaining abt the weird stuff with Luke, but not when they excuse or ignore bad behavior from the others.

      Two wrongs don’t make a Bachelor!

      1. Mike for Bachelor! Something about Peter is too innocent or young, I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe he’s the one in the end though!

  4. Oh my god. I cannot believe Luke is still here. Even my Hubby who doesn’t watch the show with me usually watched some of this episode and almost fell off the couch when she called his name at the rose ceremony.

    Also I’m sort of getting tired of her cancelling the cocktail parties. If this dude is upsetting you this much pretty much every week GET RID OF HIM. Last week She said the guys don’t know her well or at all… how could they?? She either cancels dates or the cocktail parties. I would be so upset if I was one of the guys to be honest.

    I’m really liking Tyler and I’ve always loved Peter!! Tyler did not look impressed at all when Luke’s name was called eeeek!!

    PI’m going to say Tyler , Peter and Jed for final 3!!

    1. About Cancelling the RC:
      It’s funny how the men blame Luke.

      I think Hannah really deserves the credit.

      Who would the men blame for her hot and bothered ways if Luke wasn’t there?

      This week made me think a lot of shit going on with or without Luke.

      Yeah – he complicates things. Nit the * men * act like goons around him. And Hannah is just a tornado. A funny and interesting one. but this week I really wondered if the good outweighs the bad.

      1. Totally agree with you actually. It definitely isn’t all Luke’s fault! I think the guys maybe just thought it was his fault because he just came back from having that conversation with Hannah? I don’t know. The editing is also weird this season

        BUT I do think if she’s going to cancel every time she has to have a difficult conversation she’s really not going to get anywhere with these guys. Totally agree she’s got way more going on with herself than just the Luke issue.

  5. Hi Ali,

    I was waiting to hear your thoughts. After the show aired, my husband saw that she kept Luke around and said “oh cmon, are you kidding me!? And he doesn’t even watch the show!!! He picked up on the negative Luke vibes immediately!!!! I think as a viewer, we see how he conducts himself and we scratch our heads wondering how she keeps him around. The producers definitely need to be spinning the story to add drama. The trouble is, it’s very distracting. Although I really like the guys this season, it seems like a cloud of Luke always hovers. YUCK. I wish there was more time dedicated to the other guys. Tyler and Peter seem like the best guys for her, and of course by now, we all have heard the story about Jed! That sure has cast another shadow over the season for me. I hope reality Steve is dead wrong. Ugh. I read an article today that mentioned that this season is a mess. What do you think? Too manufactured!? I like Hannah… she is pretty real, but this season doesn’t seem very real!!!!

  6. I saw Hannah’s stories earlier today and she said her “no no square didn’t touch anyone else’s no no square” so safe to say underwear stayed on. I’m not even going to comment about the Luke thing because he doesn’t deserve any more attention. I’m so over him

  7. So it looks like Garret & Luke might be on a 2 on 1 next week. & they alluded in last weeks episode that Luke brings up sex outside of marriage and that could be when he’s going home. I don’t disagree that her and Garret’s connection is just blah – but this whole Luke thing is just getting old! It was entertaining in the beginning but now it’s getting boring & she looks insane for keeping him! Especially when she has some great guys! I think that it’ll come down to Jed & Tyler…Peter and Mike are a toss up for me for the 3rd. Reason being is I think Mike might sneak in & surprise her. Something about him I like! But yet he’ll also be perfect for paradise, ha! Peter is great but yes, awkward! She might be too – feisty – for Peter in the end. While I like him, I’m not sure he’s bachelor material.

    1. Mike should go to Paradise.
      Kiss all the girls.
      Call them My Queen.

      I don’t know how Hannah takes that line week after week.

    2. I think it’s actually a 3 on 1 because there are two roses in the tray on the table.
      Hannah is not in that scene because she is off talking to the third person.

  8. I was wanting you to talk about all the talk with Jed! I’m honestly hoping he’s not the one she picks in the end. I hope it’s Tyler! I think peter would be a great bachelor.

    1. Hannah herlsef said they were wearing underwear and there was a promo circulating yesterday that showed she definitely had her bra on. I think they just said naked to create more drama. And Luke P. Fell for it.

      Also, Jed?! Ew. He is so fake. Ali, you need to go read about his gf. I hope that if she did pick him she dumped him

      1. Not sure I get *had her bra on *.
        We saw her take that off, on screen.

        Underwear on is better than no underwear on – but topless is still topless.
        If she was jsjy dating ine guy, fine. Six plus left in the mansion- it’s gross.
        Bad judgement best.

        1. I agree, Missus! But I’m not a Hannah fan at this point, so I don’t think she has good judgment to begin with. She thrives on drama that she herself causes, and is way too immature to handle this whole thing. Funny that someone has to actually state somewhere that you were ‘wearing underwear’. I mean, what does THAT say??!?

    1. Two minds on this. Yes, it’s a horrible thing to go on the show with no intention of falling in love but just to get exposure. But, most of them know this is how the franchise is. Now, adding a girlfriend is also a horrible thing. But I can’t help but think about it being a 4 month relationship. I dated a guy while I was in high school. He told me he had gf. She went to a different school (just as I was not from his school). I also ended up going out with other guys. But, the end point is that at the end of the school year (his senior year) he went to a party elsewhere and met a girl. He told me about her and said that she truly was “the one”. He’s now been married to her for around 30 years.
      So, Jed could really have fallen for Hannah just like he told her when he told her why he I initially came on the show. I’m going to try to be non-judegmental. It’s awful for Haley and not the best character trait but in the end it will be Hannah’s judgement that matters.

    1. Shockeroo ~
      Garrett dropped trou.

      Not worth much, either of them.

      Wish Hannah had the balls To Just Say No – that she wouldn’t make her future husband have to watch that on national t.v.

      Hate on Luke P all you want, at least he would have refused making the jump so cheap.

      That Ali likes the idea, with her Spouse is a while different thing.

      Naked, and filmed, during a group dating situation is disrespectful. Not marriage minded AT ALL – unkess you want a swinging type of marriage, OR a look hiw hot my spouse is exhibitionism marriage.

      Perhaos her insta story is some proof that she regrets the decison

  9. Love Tyler! I think Hannah is holding onto the initial connection she made with Luke and that’s why she’s making excuses for him. We’ve all been there with someone who might have been toxic for us but in our eyes seemed to have redeeming qualities. Hopefully, she’ll see it before the show ends. Sadly Jed disappointed all of us with having a gf that he was planning on going home to after the show kicked off his music career. Ugh!! FYI, love you, your blog AND seeing you on Home and Family on Hallmark. Keeping being you girl!

    1. Sadly Jed couldn’t stop performing his material on the show.

      I wonder if the show edited in More Jed Music since the GF scandal came to light just before this episode. Probably, right?

  10. You keep saying Jed is her guy – Have you seen the news recently about him potentially having a girlfriend back home throughout the run of the show? I feel like there’s no way the producers knew about Jed at the time of filming, or it would’ve come out on the show – and if it was going to be revealed on TV they wouldn’t have let the story leak elsewhere. I was pulling hard for Jed until I heard about that, and now I’m just hoping something else in his character makes her see that one of the others are the guy for her (Tyler C and Peter are my guys!)

  11. Here we go.
    Ali “Don’t judge me or I’ll cry on Instagram.
    But I’m happy to judge others and make a living off it.”

    Double standard, much???

    1. You know, you don’t have to follow her and you don’t have to read her blogs or follow her on Instagram. I personally don’t feel like she’s judging, she’s just saying her opinions. And after reading some of the comments people left on a blog post a few days ago, I would be crying too. People were harsh and it wasn’t called for.

    2. Dear “Timmy” really?

      Obviously you follow her on Instagram and read her blogs, so I won’t recap what she said. What I will say to you is this, this is a former “bachelorette” who has a knowledge of the system that we aren’t privy to. If you don’t respect her input, stay off her blog. If you continue to read the comments below, you will see people respect what she has to say and have various opinions. Contrary to your post, respect is what this “Ali luvs” blog is all about. Now go away… we have some Bachelorette comments to read!

    3. Ali doesn’t judge anyone she’s just blogging about the show, which entails giving her perspective on Hannah & the guys. If you don’t like it why do you follow her? I’ve followed Ali since she was The Bachelorette and she’s an absolute sweetheart. I’ve seen her kindness towards others come through when she chats with us on her blogs. In fact if she saw this she’d probably have a kind response to you. If you don’t like something she said then be respectful.

        1. Oh Timmy,

          You’re that “guy” the troll that leaves an inflammatory remark on a strangers blog. You feel strong and superior as you stir up trouble, and when you get a “reaction” you’re just so surprised! Spare me…. find another blog to zing, “Timmy”

          1. Ahh you ladies make this so fun.
            First of all, I’m not sure why you keep putting quotations around my name…
            Unless you’re just like Joey from friends and have no idea how to use them properly.
            Untangle your panties and have a nice day.

            “Timmy” (since you insist)

  12. What gets me about Luke is how controlling he seems to be. There’s no way he’s never been intimate with anyone, so why is that ok but not for Hannah? And I feel if he was on that date he would have had no problem with it and would have been telling the other guys right away when he got back all about it.

    I love Tyler, Jed and Peter. I’m sure those will be the final three. I’m not so caught up in the Jed rumors. I feel like it’s more someone just looking for their 25 minutes of fame. But maybe I’m totally wrong about that too. Peter’s make out to start with was awkward, same as his pool table one, but I honestly like seeing that. He’s just a normal guy who doesn’t seem like he has all the moves but he’s just such a cutie.

    I just hope Hannah sees the controlling behavior that Luke is showing and stands up for herself. She seems like such a sweet girl and I’ve been enjoying her season. It’s refreshing seeing someone who isn’t so polished and what you see is what you get.

      1. When Luke confronts the guys, sometimes I think he feels like he is the Bachelor and he already picked Hannah for him and on his mind, no one should touch her or date her. He is a jealous freak and almost like a ‘boss’ to all guys.

        Also, Luke’s behavior is almost like scripted that maybe before he went on Bachelorette he already knew what to do, what to say, and behave.

        Tyler, however, is the most matured and understanding of all. I like his disposition and connection with Hannah.

        As for Jed’s gf, why would she allow Jed to participate in a show that [hopefully she knew) will jeopardize their relationship. She should have broken up with him so she won’t suffer all these consequences.

        Don’t you notice that Peter looks like a young version of Nick Vial without a side beard. Heheh…

        1. Watch the interview where Jed’s girlfriend was asked about it. She explains that they met 3 weeks before the show, both fell hard for each other fast. He told her he had to go on the show to promote his singing career. She explains it in the interview. After seeing last nights show and how often he was singing and playing the guitar it was so cringe I couldn’t hardly watch it. 🤣😳🙈

          1. Jed and his gf Haley dated for 4 months and they had gotten to the I love u point with each other. Even went to Bermuda with her for her birthday a month before filming.

            Jed told Hailey 3 weeks into the beginning of their relationship that he did apply for Bachelorette to help his career, hoping to make it to at least final 5. Takes time and months to get chosen so when he told her it seemed like a long shot he would even get a call from casting.

            Read the US weekly interview Haley Stevens gave (It shows the last I love you from Jed from his cell and last text exchange the day he flew to LA on March 12 to begin filming then production took his cell away.)

            Also the video interview she gave with Lauren Zuma. They were both good and telling. Wasn’t a fan of Jed the minute I saw him, esp playing that guitar. He is another Was Hayden but is a better actor and coming across nice and believable that he is into Hannah. What a douchebag.

            It also has come out our BELOVED baby face, popular PETER had a girlfriend as well before the show and broke it off. She was going to come forward and interview with Reality Steve but changed her mind yesterday with all the backlash Haley is getting for outing Jed.

            Hannah has quite the meatheads this season it seems the more we learn.

            My favorite is still Tyler C. Hope he isn’t a scumbag like the other two above.

  13. Luke Scares Me! He twists her words around and back tracks every time Hannah confronts him. His eyes are scary. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on him after she watches this season! I hope she now sees what a complete asshat he is. I think Tyler is coming in hard now! Their relationship was slower to build but seems more solid and genuine. I like Peter, he is classy and a cutie, but I just don’t think he is her guy. Mike has an amazing smile, but I still don’t feel like I know much about him. However, maybe he will be the next Bachelor.

    1. YES!! His eyes freak me out too. His behavior scares me too. He belittles her and the other guys. He’s so manipulative, I can’t believe she doesn’t see it.

    2. I was getting a physically reaction to Luke last night. (and not the good kind) He reminds me so much of my hot-tempered, manipulative, mind-twisting, asshat of an ex-husband. It brought up memories I haven’t thought about in 10+ years. He also has the crazy eyes. It feels like watching a 16 year old me make bad decisions about guys. She should know better by now.

  14. I just think Luke wasn’t wrong when Hannah was talking about being naked with Garrett on the group date! Very inappropriate…and then she wonders why there is fighting…

    1. AMEN!

      Since when is a naked date normal – anywhere?

      If the others really don’t feel bothered by it, then they have llw standards or don’t care about her much.

      1. This is what I think too. If they don’t care, they don’t want Hannah as a wife, they want to “win” the show.

  15. Peter is my absolute favorite! He’s funny, awkward, genuine, and charismatic. His awkwardness makes him so normal and a complete down to earth guy. I’m rooting for him in the end but would enjoy seeing him as the next bachelor for sure.
    Luke is seriously the worst and so draining to watch/listen to. I don’t see the connection between the two of them together. A relationship shouldn’t be that hard. I hope he goes home next week.

    You and Molly are adorable!! Love the pics and thanks for awesome blog posts! Really enjoy reading them!

  16. I agree with a lot of what you said! My top 4 are Mike, Tyler C, Peter and Jedd!! Honestly feel like she has a stronger connection with Peter than Jedd at the moment. But still a big fan of Jedd. I agree and don’t understand how Luke is still here it makes no since to me. She can’t seriously think he could be the one right??

    1. But she does.

      Autumn – she did that little whisper thing when she gave him the rose. ( Typically a * for real * sign )

      She annihilates any guy she thinks is screwing her over ( Cam, the other one who had a gf on night one).

      I liked Luke. I think the men hate that he was the frontrunner. They’ve kept him in the outsider slot while they routinely speak poorly about him – gossipy gang – and, worse To Him.

      He was better this week, standing up for himself and explaining where he was coming from to tbe guys. But it is warped, too. Some drama or trauma triangle with Hannah – who did a really bad job of confronting ( and confronting and confronting ) Luke about the Naked talk.

      To me, he looked like a mix of frightened/scrambling and strong/honest in the Hannah RC convo.

      But Hannah and Luke are not a good combo. They bring out the extreme in each other. I think she relented from her attack because she felt she had been too harsh when she spoke to him. After this episode I just felt there is little chance of her doing well with marriage. She needs to outgrow the fire and brimstone stage.

      That Luke showed more ability to diffuse a blow out is to his credit, but that strained exchange shows neither one is ready to say I Do.

  17. First of all – this is the ONLY blog I read every single week. It’s almost like I look forward to your blog as much as the Bachelorette!
    Ok so yeah Luke has to go… but I am hoping that she doesn’t choose Jed, he already said he came on the show solely to promote his music and in tonight’s show he played his music in 3 different scenes! I think he is there for one reason only and it’s not Hannah. If she does pick Jed it won’t last very long. I hope she picks Tyler!!😘

    1. After last night – and seeing Hannah not * fight fair * – I doubt any relationship could last.

      She is interesting – and has shown a lot of growth, so maybe I am wrong.

      The one improvement in her confrontatiion was that she dropped the * I gotta think abt it * insta exit ( which has meant Youre Gone • I Can’t • WhatEver)

      We’ll see, but my faith in her plummeted after Monday’s show.
      She is not balanced in adulthood yet.

  18. So glad you put this up tonight! LUKE P NEEDS TO GO! I was watching with my boyfriend who usually doesn’t care about the show but even he wanted to punch Luke in the face. He’s annoying, manipulative and so aggressive. He’s not letting any of the guys actually enjoy their time there. I think the guys will be so focused on their dislike for Luke P that it’s even going to be hard to concentrate on Hannah. I get it, there’s always a “villain” but Luke needs to go home.
    Also: if he’s in paradise i’ll kill myself.

  19. So happy you posted tonight because I was thinking “I wonder what Ali thought about this date” LOL but I honestly was really disappointed in production’s choice for the bungee date. I would absolutely do this with my husband and I think it would be an incredible experience. But Hannah had to feel some pressure to “go all in.” she’s the bachelorette and everyone is watching. And I felt bad for her in that moment. What if deep down she didn’t really want to do that? She looked terrified when she saw the other couple. No one even warned her to give her time to process that she would be expected to get naked. Yes she said she wanted to and that she enjoyed it but I just felt it was shitty to put her in that position to be so intimate with someone on their first date. Not judging her for doing it! Just the producers for the way it was handled if that makes sense.

    But what Luke said to her was disgusting. So if she did feel a little guilty about doing it and what people would think, what he said would absolutely make her feel like crap. And so I felt bad for her again.

    She’s going to send him home eventually I just wish it was this week!!!

    1. Hi Melanie – I’d like to know why you felt bad about Luke bringing up his discomfort at her naked date – primarly because you also found the naked set up wrong.

      I give her credit for finding the good in it, but I give her a failing grade for not admitting how gross it was that Garrett’s penis was exposed to her body – even with underwear on. And I think we all know her nipples touched his skin – and that is disrespectful to Everyone – Hannah included.

      Where was her regret and anger at the producers? What stopped her from saying no? I think its more than production pressure. On some level – adrenaline? lustful curiosity? – it appealed to her.

      Are we just assuming boys will be boys? Why was he OK putting her in THAT POSITION? FILMING HIS JUNK TOUCHING HER BODY???

      They are NOT A COUPLE.
      And then he went and just happened to TELL THE HOUSE

      Kiss and tell just got a whole lot dirtier. Producers pulled a shit move, and Garrett grinned all the way through.

      The real exposure was how small minded and gratuitous Garrett is, and how abandoning ( of her higher voice, and of marriage process there) Hannah can be.

  20. I am beginning to think Hannah needs emotional drama in her life by keeping Luke P. I hope not! This is getting hard to watch.

    1. I agree, she thrives on unnecesary drama, for sure. He needs to go, and I don’t understand why he is still there. Something’s not right with her keeping him, but I think her immaturity in chosing a husband (like…the reason she is there?) is keeping him there maybe.

  21. Luke P. is the worst!! When she confronted Luke about how he spoke to her I just kept going “HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE HOW MANIPULATIVE HE IS?” He tried to turn it around on her and act like she wax twisting his words & then saying “I’m sorry you misunderstood” I was hoping she’d kick him out then and there.

    Honestly the guy has emotional abuser written all over him and I don’t understand why he’s still there. I’m actually a little upset that the producers haven’t just shown her footage of him flat out lying. I’m not the only one who sees the red flags with his behavior here. It’s starting to bother me that none of the producers have expressed these concerns, I can’t possibly imagine that none of them sees it.

    I still thin Jed is her guy too. I absolutely love Peter and think he’ll be in her top 3. Tyler continues to surprise me. I originally wrote him off as your typical “dude bro” but he’s really a great guy. I love how he told Hannah that he thought her naked bungee jumping was badass. It showed that he trusts her and that he has the maturity to handle this situation.

    I’m pissed that Luke is still there too. He’s horrible and he needs to go. I don’t even want to see him try to explain himself on “The Men Tell All”. Every time he opens his mouth I roll my eyes. I just don’t think he deserves a platform for his behavior.

    I do like how the other guys are supporting each other and reminding each other not let Luke get the best of them.

    I’m still rooting for Mike to be the next bachelor. I think he’s a great guy, not to mention super hot!!! It’s obvious he’s not the guy for Hannah so now I just want him to stay around long enough to be the Bachelor.

    1. Taking tour observation that Mike is obviously not the guy for Hannah reminds me how obvious his desire to become Bachelor is .

      That alone should disqualify him.

      He knows she is not the one. He is playing the game to become First Black Bachelor. And she is going along, in part to redeem her beloved Alabama.

  22. Dates went way better this week! I think the bungee was fun but would only do with my husband if the “thing” without is the nude thing; but honestly, don’t think I’d bucket list it.

    Group date was finally normal. For me, she’s making out too much with the guys in the group date. What if another guy comes in like she’s had happen and then feeling guilty???

    Luke uggghhhhh!!!! He NEEDS to GOOO!! He confuses everyone including himself with his own words that are just showing out BOOT HIM!! He’s the one getting air time instead of Luke S. Ugghhh!! I’m just done with him.
    I loved that Jed serenaded her. Not necessarily after a date with Peter, but Ok. At least, I like you think he’s the one, and he knows how to carry himself.

    Peter is super humble and cute and I also like the way he communicated his feeling, they make a great couple.

    I like you hope Luke is gone next week for the her and the shows sake.

    Great post Ali!! Love the Mommy and Molly pics

  23. Did anyone else catch the comment on the night portion of Peter’s date when she said she had been engaged twice. I had not heard that before.

    I am pretty sure her final pick won’t be Luke but can only imagine what she is saying to herself for keeping him so long. I find him very condescending and have hard time understanding why she doesn’t see that and have enough respect to send him home. It is one thing to not see what happens in the house but he is condescending to her directly.

    Ali I love your commentary about each ceremony.

  24. Is it acceptable to chicken out on a date?! I’m not sure I would have been able to bungee jump. Do producers pick things out of your element? Do they ask you all what you’re afraid of ahead of time? I feel it would make for had TV to chicken out, but I really may have.

    1. It could have been heroic.

      Especially if Garrett had protected her honor – and his.

      But no, theh both failed the test.
      Didn’t she even sau something about her mother having to watch this. So…the thought crossed her mind.

      Sad at best.

      1. Pretty sure when she was “Miss Alabama” in 2018 that she couldn’t be nude bungee jumping or straddling every man and making out with everyone. All about image.

        1. I like to think molds are made to be broken – but messy steps don’t feel like progress.

          Miss Alabama has left the building, for sure Michelle.

  25. I think the reason why Luke got so upset about the naked bungee jumping was that his expectations of Hannah were dashed. He thought that because she is a professing Christian, that she was not going to be sexually active prior to marriage as that is a common decision for Christians. And having your naked body pressed up against a man’s naked body you barely know, feels a little too sexual to him. I think he has different expectations of how intimate people should be before marriage than Hannah does but wasn’t aware of this difference prior to this event so he was a little shocked and disappoints. I’m not a fan of Luke at all, but I do think this is why he gets so upset and in the previews about the fantasy suite. I personally would have a real hard time with any part of my, um, “private parts” being exposed to a man and pressed against his body that I am not married to and honestly just think naked bungee jumping is inappropriate and probably something she will later regret, especially since it’s not with the one she chooses. Maybe I’m a prude (ok, I know I’m a prude) but regular old bungee jumping just should have been enough. I hate how this show pushes for extreme and drama.

    1. I was so relieved when I saw her in the white bikini – until she whipped her top off.

      It was a new low in Bach history.

      We’ve got to hold Garrett accountable, too. Chris Soules wouldnt’ve done it. Ben Higgens wouldnt’ve done it. Brad ( from Emilys time) wouldn’t’ve done it.

      Nick Viall and Kristen Bristowe would have done it. And being physically adventurous is fine- but not observant of Christian ideals.


      ( And if she wasn’t super Christian how great would it have been if she said I think this is disrespectful to the house full of suitors WE BOTH HAVE TO RETURN TO ).

      Props to Luke, for taking it up with her. And not confronting Garrett at that time. ( Even though we know the gang would have shit talked Luke had it been he who exposed himself to Hannah).

      1. I’m just waiting for SOMEONE to be a lead on this show and choose to do it differently. Like start off night one by saying “I don’t know any of you yet and there is a room full of 30 guys so please don’t try to kiss me tonight. I’ll tell you right now, we aren’t there yet!” I was hopeful that Hannah would take a stand against how sex focused this show can be sometimes and focus on the emotional connections, build an actual foundation that isn’t solely based on sexual chemistry and be a good example to younger women that you don’t have to straddle every dude out there to figure out if the are the one for you. But again, I’m a prude (and ok with that) and I’m relizig this show is pretty much smut and I’m never going to see why I hope for. Emily Maynard was probably the best example. We hardly even saw her in a bikini!

        1. As I recall Emily had it in her contract to nix objectifying bathing suit shots.

          It’s a new era.and alot of 20 somethings consider it being *fully expressed* to reveal body parts.

          It’s amazing when leads c h o o s e freely. More please!!

  26. Gosh, am I the only one who thinks that Garrett is nearly as bad as Luke? The Luke drama is definitely exhausting and I can’t wait for him to leave. Hannah just isn’t his girl and the Bachelorette just isn’t his jam. But Garrett lives for stirring up the drama! He is such an instigator and and then just sits back and smugly watches at Luke implodes. And when Luke does try to talk it through Garrett is so arrogant about everything. I felt bad for the guys in the house when Garrett got the date card this week, He’s the only one who got to speak to her at the last cocktail party before he singlehandedly started that argument with Luke that sent Hannah into a tailspin. It’s like he was rewarded for his bad behavior. Ultimately I’m so over both of them and hope they both get sent home soon!

    1. I totally agree, Garret can never let it rest with Luke, and he said he would apologize to Hannah about the last cocktail party but he never actually did, he just said he learned a lesson. He’s sinking to Luke’s level!

      1. Garrett is worse.
        He is fighting to harm someone – Luke.
        Luke is fighting FOR someone – Hannah.

        Makes all the difference.

    2. Omg so glad you said this! I can’t STAND Garrett!!! He is acting like such a bully!!! When Ali wrote he’s a stand up guy, if I had water in my mouth while reading, I would’ve spit it out! He WANTS to piss Luke off! The whole “why should I promise you” conversation and how Luke ruined another rose ceremony when it was HIM last week! He’s the one that brought up the Luke drama with Hannah and she told him that he brought up names because SHE provokes it and then he has the audacity to go run to the boys to bring it up AGAIN! And Hannah had to come out and stick up for Luke! Not saying I like Luke, but he had a point…had Garrett not shared that information about his date he wouldn’t have gotten upset. Maybe just say you went bungee jumping, leave out the bare skin part. You KNOWWWWW it made the other guys upset/jealous (like too bad it wasn’t them) but they just didn’t say anything. I think the date conversations probably need to stop. Leave the details between the two on the date. I just don’t see much of a physical connection there either…. maybe that’s because she hasn’t MOUNTED HIM YET! (UGH🙄)

      Now Luke… she obviously likes him physically and just keeps fighting for him emotionally. She said in her talk with Chris last week that he was the best kisser. But is it just me, they haven’t kissed for like 3 weeks because they always have to talk about BS drama!?! They show way too many damn previews this season, we KNEW Luke was going to get a rose because the previews show a conversation in a much different outfit. There’s like ZERO surprises this season. And is Luke always drunk?! Could that be part of his problem? Anyone else notice how dilated his eyes always are?! Creepy! Also, he literally takes back like everything he says to both Hannah and the guys!!! 😬😬😬

      My top two from night 1 have been Jed and Peter! But I always liked Peter a bit more. However, this drama with Jed’s gf coming out and talking on good morning America… weird timing tho?! She claims they were dating and it was an agreement for him to go on to boost his music career. But the show is clearly over, why come out now?! She says she hasn’t heard from him since done filming! I love me some Peter tho!

      And now I’d say Tyler C is creepin to my 3rd. I probably would’ve thought Luke until he went cray cray.

      We’ll see, I always watch….but TRULY having a hard time watching. I also don’t think people are being “fair” and allowing her behavior. I really don’t hear her getting a lot of backlash for her sexualness that she seems to bring to every [lack] of conversation. If it was a guy they’d be all over him… hello, Kaitlyn Bristowe… think of how bad people treated her! Just for admitting having sex (I know sex is more than making out) but she’s practically dry humped every single one she actually likes! 😳 Like clearly she likes to be on top 🙈

      I always love reading your blog and recap, Ali!

      1. Garrett is worse than Luke, becuase he TRIES to screw with people.
        ( Luke just pisses them off, *as is* – and because tje gang made him the scapegoat ).

        Garrett deserves t criticism for the sleazy Junk Jump, Kissing and Telling, and Being A Hater. Not much to love there. The most compassionate thing I could say is Garrett must feel small in the world.

        Thanks for posting.

  27. Your navy floral dress isn’t as bright of a pink in the stock photos? Is it just me or the stock pictures or are yours just edited so it looks a lot brighter? I love it! But don’t think I would as much if it doesn’t have that pop of bright pink like in your picture!

  28. I think a lot of the guys are going to start questioning Hannah for keeping Luke around this long…why would she like them if she’s into someone like him type of situation. Very frustrating as a viewer to watch her and Luke’s conversations…he talks a lot but never actually says anything! HA! Also I think MIKE would be an amazing bachelor….I think people may overlook him but he just seems like such a nice guy who is genuinely looking for love! I also think he would be an amazing choice for the franchise’s first black male lead!

    1. Hannahs reputation jmis akready pretty questionable:

      After the bad judgement of doing the naked jump, and weeks of her lambasting guys, then giving Luke roses anyway, and cancelling rose ceremonies I’d say no one makes Hannah look bad than Hannah.

      To her credit, she d o e s learn as she goes. Hannah post season will be transformed. And hopefully more amazing than ever and not completey fame chasing…we’ll see.

      1. You are right. Hannah doesn’t need anyone else to make her look bad. She does a darn good job of it herself. She was simply and obviously…..not ready for this venture. Too young. Too young. Too young. Too much drama that she herself causes. In fact, she thrives on it. I do hope she learns ALOT from this.

  29. What’s disturbing about Jed is not that he had a girlfriend before the show but that he had a girlfriend all during the show. He told her to wait for him and that he would be with her when filming wrapped. That’s a new level of disrespect.

    1. Well said, Kaley.

      I’ll also add that he then fell for another woman ( Hannah B ) so he kinda had Two GFs during the shoot.

      Shoot, Jed!

  30. Ok for real…..she wants them to ask what makes her her but anytime she has a moment to have a serious convo she straddles whatever guy is within legs reach….the convo is forgotten and instead replaced with a steamy make out session. 🙄
    Does anyone else think about that little old lady in the beginning of her season? The one who told her not to kiss too many boys and Hannah said “only the good ones”. That little lady must be mortified!
    I don’t remember you, Ali or any other bachelorette being this sexual. Is this our standard to relationships now? I feel like in previous seasons there was definitely more air time of the actual dates but because it’s all make out moments the dates seem short.
    I can no longer watch live. I DVR and fast forward…way too many cringe moments.
    Why is LUNATIC LUKE still there? More proof the Queen…er Drama Queen NEEDS that negative filler to thrive. He’s ridiculous!!!!
    Whoever she ends up with she won’t have after they watch the seasons….she went too far with too many…er all of them!
    Gosh darn it I was hoping this was the episode that would win me back 🙁
    Come on Hannah….where is that adorable crazy growling country girl I adore?! BRING HER BACK STAT! 😓

    1. Oh I remember that line – and the phrase Be Choicey. Adorable.

      Colton’s season gave us all the spread eagle hugs – which felt like a producer mandate.

      But I think the Hannah Straddle is All Hannah.

  31. Hanna does mention on her ig story that she isn’t completely naked in the jump. She’s wearing panties…..but she doesn’t mention what Garrett is wearing! 🤣

  32. Am I the only one who really likes Mike? I don’t think he and Hannah have the best connection, but I would love to see him as the next bachelor!!

  33. Oh my gosh! I’m so happy you posted tonight because I was dying to see what you had to say! Lol. I can not understand how Luke is still around and how she doesn’t see a future of restraining orders when she looks at him. BIZARRE!!!! I really actually love her with Tyler C. He’s always been very kind and protective without being overbearing and he roots for her feisty side. I love that. I like Jed too but someone wrote that he has a girlfriend and if that’s correct that really sucks! I think it’s going to be Tyler or Peter. ❤️❤️❤️


      1. I agree, I think he is just using the show for his musical career…so much singing its really become obvious…particularly now that the information regarding his girlfriend has come to light. I liked him but not so much anymore.

  34. The Jed and gf thing is a mess but I think he told her , because she had on IG snitches .. also she did a video saying she was wearing underwear and her no no square did not touch his no no .. I’m thinking she’s making out too much but seems to be her way of showing affection 🤷‍♀️Remember bens season and sex in the ocean , always something happens ..

  35. I have to disagree with you on your thoughts about Garrret. I feel he gives more info than he needs to and instigates some of the drama with Luke. He just won’t let it go. I’m having a hard time seeing him as a genuine guy.

    1. The Asshat Award goes to Garrett this week.

      Sneering isn’t a good look.

      Taunting Luke in the bedroom made him look like a hater. I thought it was dignified and well done when Luke said I SLEEP HERE. PLEASE LEAVE.

      It all adds up. The boys have been nasty in ways Luke has not.

  36. I hate to say it but I think Luke just is dumb as a bag of hammers. I think he lacks the intellect to carry a very very basic conversation. It’s so sad!!

    1. I think he is afraid.

      But maybe you need to think he is very very pitiful.

      Or, I’m wrong, and you’re very very right.

      Or, this whole season is pointless and very very….

  37. I don’t mind Luke P now, I would hope she wouldn’t like it if he was naked with another girl. He is ganged up on so of course he fights back. I think he will be around longer. I like Mike for the next Bachelor. He is not her guy but I like him a lot. The stylist for these guys hair is to much. What’s up with the high guy hair? I’d like to see them with normal hair. Make out scenes are getting to get out of hand, kissing hard on all the guys isn’t sweet like I thought she was. Be a lady girl.

    1. I heard on past seasons contestants did their own hair/makeup…but maybe that’s changed?

      I think the women get some comp clothes now, so that has def changed.

  38. Ok call me crazy! But I actually like Luke…he has expectations for Hannah because he cares about her… are we not all agreeing that she has been over the top scandalous with all of these guys? Well how do you think that makes a guy who has feelings for her, aka Luke, feel? Probably like shit and even harder to watch! I don’t blame him. He seems to be a true Christian man. He may have not expressed himself the best this episode but I see where he is coming from.
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way???

    1. YES!!!! He has a good heart and just isn’t great at expressing himself. The gang up from the other guys is getting a bit old. AND….why was SHE bragging to her group date about being naked on her one on one??? In the trolley or whatever it was???? Ummm??? Was Luke wrong to not be confident to take her home after that? In his mind it was just as it sounded- they were naked on a one on one…wouldn’t your mind go to the same place? She should have clarified sooner that a) it wasn’t sexual b) she had underwear on. Out of respect for those emotionally invested at that point.

      1. He has his faults for sure, and says all the wrong things but I don’t think she gives him any “grace”, like she does the other guys. I feel like there is no way he can say anything right and she looks for any way to jump on his every word. I would have no way to know how to communicate with her because it is difficult to know what her hot buttons are until you step on them.

        1. Props to Michelle:
          ” I would have no way to know how to communicate with her because it is difficult to know what her hot buttons are until you step on them.”

          She seems to know she is hot-headed since she semi-apologized abt the RC meltdown last week. It’s instructive to watch as in What Not To Do when having A Talk.

          I imagine Hannah is being seriously schooled watching The Bachelorette.

    2. I agree with you! His moral perspective on sexuality, (which he is struggling to deliver with Grace-and the struggle is real! As I do believe he cares for Hannah-so I am not saying his delivery in these conversations is best, of which he admitted since himself!)…but his stance is based on a belief system that Hannah states she too shares-and yet we do not see that their moral convictions line up to be the same. The relationships on the Bachelorette would be challenging enough to negotiate, let alone in a situation where on larger moral issues of sexuality present with conflict, as opposed to unified stances one should be reliably able to expect.
      They are simply not like minded, and that has to be disappointing and frustrating.

      1. I agree with you about Luke too! While he doesn’t always express himself and how he feels in the best way possible, the man has a point!
        As much as i like the other guys, the fact that they don’t seem bothered about the naked date has me wondering if they really feel strongly for her. I also don’t care for Garrett too much after this episode. I feel that a lot of the guys know how to goad Luke and Garrett often seems to be the ring leader. I feel like i’m watching bullying sometimes when it comes to Luke and the other guys and it doesn’t sit well with me.

        1. What the gang has done would be seen as bullying in anh workplace or school setting.

          I find alot of Luke’s way admirable . He doesnt name call or bait others. I see him as genuine, flaws and all.

          I’m glad to see recognition for him as the weeks pile up. So overdue.

          Mike is out for Bachelor. Garrett is hateful. Even Tyler is shown taking a cheap shot in Previews.

          Why? If you luv your bros so much, enjoy clubtime, go dates and let Luke be.

          But Garrett, Mike, Jed and Tyler aren’t *lovers*. They are haters in 2nd place or lower.

          Luke has grown a bit..the other Alphas have gotten worse.

  39. The people of Latvia rock! They are not so uptight about their sexuality. Tired of all the slut shaming. These leads are looking for someone who suits them and accepts everything about them, unconditionally. Luke and Tyler have opposing views on the naked bungee jumping, so obviously Tyler is a better match for her. I wish women would support each other more. Why can’t Hannah be a woman of God AND still feel comfortable enjoying intimacy? Does it really matter whether she kisses 4 guys or 8? It’s part of the show. Whoever she picks, I am sure they will have an amazing sex life. If you feel uncomfortable with a women comfortable with her own sexuality in 2019, that says more about you than it does about Hannah. I applaud her for being unapologetically herself. Is she going to find her Mr. Right acting like someone she’s not? Doubtfully. I wish her nothing but the best and I hope she is happy with who she chooses. It’s not up to us. More love, people, less judgment please.

    1. More love, for sure Brenda. I don’t know that what we saw was intimate, though. Straddling sends a let’s-have-sex message that kissing only hints at.

      Going from Peter to Jed within hours made each interaction suspect – as in what IS Hannah Expressing or Investigating ? How is that functioning for her?

      I only know for myself: body contact means I flood with emotion around that person. I wonder how Hannah could feel balanced or sure of her feelings having those exchanges so close together? Is physical stuff is easy for her to process – meaning it’s *just* exploration, and not emotionally weighted?

      Have you had heavy make-out sessions close together and gained clarity ? Was it light and breezy?

      I’m not Hannah. That contact would too mixed/heavy for me distill. It would also be something I wouldn’t want my future spouse to view – which proves your point that my response says more abt me than Hannah B.

      Your post makes me think maybe she is consciously choosing full contact with several contestants because sex is very important to her. Otherwise it’s rando lust- a bad sign for a faithfull marriage.

      I hope we learn how it has been for her to navigate the sexual path, and how it affects the men to view it.

      Men who like displaying their partners sexuality have been abusive or cheaters in my experience. But again, that is me.

    2. I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote, Brenda! I see Tyler as the best match, long term for Hannah! He is educated, smart, athletic, funny, relaxed and easy going, accomplished and very confident in who he is as a man. He has modeled, so probably understands the pageant experience of Hannah, too. Peter is sweet and would be devoted to Hannah but I think he may not be as adventurous, free-spirited and playful as Hannah would love in a partner. I think she would be bored with him quite quickly.

      1. Yes – boredom !!

        That is a n o t h e r thing that Luke never gives her.

        BamaHannah loves a rollercoaster, or t h i n k s she does!!

    3. Yes! Totally agree! These ladies shaming Hannah are clearly out of touch with reality. Especially in Europe… like she said… if she went to a nude beach, she’d go nude. Because it’s NORMAL! I am actually surprised in this day and age how judgemental people are about nudity. She is YOUNG and having fun! I thought it was a the most fun episodes and dates yet. More power to her, she looks damn amazing and those make out sessions are hot, people express themselves differently and if you have passion with someone it is hard to keep your hands off them.

      Luke P – I hope his mental health is doing ok, it must not be easy to watch this. Clear cut signs of an emotional abuser. Hopefully this experience makes his grow and change. He did post that one Instagram apology originally so I’m sure he isn’t happy with himself.

      Jed – awkward timing with the ex gf video/ episode with him signing the whole time…. maybe he does have real feelings for Hannah…. I’m sure that 3 week fling was infatuation… that girl is fame hungry, however it still doesn’t look good for him.

      1. Hayla – I appreciate the nude beach scenario…
        But; they were ON each other. ( And she is American. sigh ).

        If she really felt cool with how that read, to people who care about her, then that’s her truth – and so be it. But skin to skin with a guy she’s iffy about while dating a few others she really likes looked negative to me.

        It’s good to read your post, because I see certain things do and don’t get me.
        I agree -her physical expression is hers, youthful, and wonderfully shame-free…until I cringed at the Double Make-Out session and the Nude Jump. So that’s My Stuff.

        As for Luke – I, too, hope he has support around him . Alot of people see the good, and express it here, but it seems he is a lightening rod for some harsh reactions. I don’t recall this degree of hating on – or off – the show.

        Weird stuff.

  40. Love to hear what you think
    About the news that Jed had a gf… as I too thought from the beginning he was the one!
    And what you thought about their little one on one time.

  41. I love Tyler C! I have always loved their connection. And he is a total dream boat.

    I liked Jed too until I heard about this latest mess about him having a gf up until the day he left for the show. I can’t look at home he right way anymore.

  42. I don’t think Garrett is a stand up guy at all!! I think he is totally stirring the pot in the house and he is the cause of most of the drama! He’s constantly going back and forth with Hannah and then to the guy saying luke P said this Luke P said that. I think he is very immature and not here for the right reasons at all. I think he thinks he’s “so great” and such a “man” because he is calls luke out in front of the guys. It’s so old and he needs to get over himself. I think he’s an immature bully!!! He needs to gooooo!!

  43. I just want to say about Jed…

    He admitted to Hannah on their first date that he came on the show with the intention to promote his music career and wasn’t expecting to have feelings. I think that happens with most people who go on the show. “Oh, this will be a good time and maybe I’ll get some Instagram fame out of it, but I probably won’t actually fall in love.” Even if they WANT to fall in love. Even if they ARE ready for marriage. He was upfront from the get go without anyone prompting him to be.

    There are also 2 sides to every story. The media and society have already strung this guy up to die when we’ve only heard his “girlfriend’s” version of the story. Like Ali said in her blog about Scott, she stayed with her ex-boyfriend the night before she went on the show! I’m sure most of those guys are dating around and talking to different girls right before the show. I’ve seen the alleged text messages, and well, I’m still not convinced he’s all that bad. He clearly wasn’t that into this girl to go on the show, and supposedly, SHE LET HIM.

    I’m just sick of girls playing the victim card and ruining people’s lives because someone moved on, etc. From what I’ve heard they weren’t together for very long beforehand, and you can’t help when you fall in love with someone. Jed was probably shocked when he had real feelings for Hannah. I just know when I think about the complicated and messy relationships people can have, I think about my husband and his ex-girlfriend. Had he gone on the show to get over her, he would’ve still been at her house the day before he left. And she would’ve manipulated everything about their relationship, because she was crazy and kept making excuses for why she didn’t want him but then kept him on the back burner. But those situations don’t mean someone is not ready for the right person.

    Maybe I’m completely wrong, but I think Jed is genuine in his feelings for Hannah and obviously didn’t handle the ex-girlfriend situation well. We’ve all made mistakes and nowadays, if you’re in the public eye, you’re never forgiven for your mistakes. It’s an awful society to live in. From what I’ve read about this girl, she seems to have come forward with an elaborate story at the right time. People will do anything for a little attention.

  44. I loved Tyler during the Riga song at the end of the episode 🤣 had me cracking up! He’s a good time.

    1. #Ham
      trying to steal some fire from the musician. I liked TC enough until he height-shamed his castmate in previews .
      Real giants don’t put people down.

  45. I got really mad when Luke was gas lighting Hannah when she was trying to call him out on his crap. It made me feel like I should quit the show. I won’t, of course (lol), but what he did even beyond the body is a temple garbage was so wrong and infuriating to watch a man do to a woman.

  46. WOW – so many comments! Here’s my two cents: This IS the most erotic season; all she likes to do is straddle men in public! She might seem like a sweet, southern girl; HOWEVER, her morals are very low. And she appears to instigate these ‘positions.’ Again, I find this season the sleaziest of all seasons. I think Peter is missing something; he seems uncomfortable at times. Maybe it’s the cameras. I think there’s a phony side to him; I would not pick him as the ultimate winner. I do like Jed; and again, I think it was in People that they announced about his girlfriend back home.

    1. I agree! And why is no one talking about the fact that Hannah inappropriately brought up her naked jumping to her Group Date! She obviously wanted them to get jealous!! It’s not all Luke – and she forgot about that when she disciplined him like a 5 year old.

  47. I think your observations are spot on! This is my first time reading your blog (I have no idea why). I love it!! You were one of my all-time favorite bachelorettes. I love your commentary on the episodes!

  48. From what I’m reading Jed lost his reputation as one of the fan favourites real fast in the past week with all this new info coming forward! What a jerk he is! Especially if he is who she chose. What a waste of her time and a waste of the season. And not fair to who she would have ended up if he had just stayed home being loyal to his gf. Definitely not a Jed fan. Love Tyler C and Peter!!

    Luke is a disaster. What a nightmare it is watching him. Hoping hes gone soon!

    I don’t judge Hannah for any intimate or physical relationship she has with anyone. And neither should anyone else. Who are we to say she needs to slow down. She’s doing what she personally feels like she needs to do to figure out who she wants to spend her life with. And I am not saying that because she’s a woman but because of who she is. I wouldn’t judge a man/the bachelor for doing it either unless I felt he as a person was someone insincere and just using them. Her relationships her call.

    I overall really enjoyed reading this weeks recap! It actually made me stop and respond and want to talk bachelor/bachelorette! Too be honest the previous recap I did not enjoy and actually felt a little bad for Hannah. I like these honest and light hearted recaps better. Because really why does anyone need to be so harsh towards her. It’s a show and it’s not our lives!

    So here’s to hoping Jed is not her final pick! And that Luke P is gone soon!! He reminds me too much of Josh Murray who is an abusive man. Luke P makes me change the channel when hes on thr screen. I cannot watch him anymore.

  49. Maybe someone else mentioned this and I missed it. But as much as I hate Luke and what he told her was ridiculous. I also thought it was completely inappropriate for her to talk about her date with Garrett to the other guys. It was something that didn’t need to be shared while she was on a group date with them. I just thought that it wasn’t necessary for her to share those kind of detail with other guys that have feelings for her. It was inconsiderate and immature in my opinion.

  50. Honestly, nothing is relevant anymore.. This season has been as fake as ever!

    The women from last Bachelor are not if the same caliber of years past.

    The make out sessions are so scripted, and I think that’s why it starts out awkward.

    Sincerely disappointed 😔

    1. Agreed! From Becca’s season to this season is such a huge contrast! So much immaturity on Hannah’s part – while she has a few really stand up guys who I think are truly looking for a wife. Is she acting like she’s trying to find a husband? Uh, no. She’s acting like a horny teenager. Sorry, she is not classy. I hope she doesn’t pick Tyler because I think he deserves some better options than phony-baloney Hannah. Honestly she and Luke might be perfect for each other because I feel like she talks in circles sometimes, too. She’s a chameleon and says what she thinks people want to hear. I’m over this season. Tyler for the next Bachelor!

  51. Did y’all see Hannah’s instagram story yesterday where she was talking about the naked bungee jump? Looked like she had been crying and said she wanted to set the record straight referring to her “no no square” and said she was wearing panties and Garrett was wearing underwear and said that his “no no square” did not touch her “no no square”. Left me wondering if maybe this is an issue now with whomever she picks in the end.

    1. If that is true, shame on producers. And shame on Garrett for telling the house they were naked.

      Amped up edits is one thing – but making is think his penis was oj her body is too much.
      Also: Hannah spoke of the nakedness on group date.

      Perhaps they edited out her – or Garrett – mentioning underwear.

      Will we ever know?

      It sucks, because it isn’t juat shading the truth. It is presenting a lie, and portraying a vulgat act.

  52. Does anyone know the puffer jacket that Hannah was wearing for her date with Peter? That is exactly what I have been looking for.

  53. “…because you’re forced to figure out who you want to get engaged to in such a short period time.” Not sure forced is the right word when one willingly signs up for this show.

  54. This was a great recap!

    Re: Peter, I feel like he really cares for her . I don’t think too many of the other guys are here for her as much. I can understand why Peter’s career would make relationships hard- sort of like a military spouse, a lot of absence. He also just seems like a really good guy.

    Re: Tyler, he has a Kennedy-ish charm, and is a model, so while I like their chemistry a lot, I always worry about ulterior motives.

    Re: Jed, the dude is CONSTANTLY exhibiting his musical skills. I feel like he lied when he said he is no longer here for that, but here for Hannah.

    Re: Luke, I think he came on the show *only* because it was Hannah, so isn’t so easygoing about the whole sharing format. I agree with you, I wouldn’t want to hear someone I was dating got naked with someone else (and I wouldn’t want to accept a proposal from a guy who slept with two other girls the week before), so I see his point of view on all of it frankly. Others have girlfriends waiting for them and are promoting their singing careers or modeling careers or whatever so may not really care what Hannah does- they aren’t thinking to marry her one day. That said, he can’t tell her who to be or control her, he can only leave the show and find a better match for his values if he finds her choices so upsetting to him. I’m glad she is making the most of her experience (there have been less than a few handfuls of Bachelorettes EVER, it’s a once in a lifetime experience), she shouldn’t dim her light for anyone.

    I think she is keeping Luke around because she thinks he’s hot and she wants to sleep with him in the Fantasy Suite before dumping him (spoiler alert… rumored spoiler ahead so skip to next paragraph if you are spoiler free … I read she brought four guys to the Fantasy Suites which confirms for me she just wanted to use him for FS fun and then focus on her real three after a night with him).

    Re: Garrett, he’s kind of a jerk. He keeps stirring the pot. I think producers are encouraging him to get Luke riled up, and I don’t think he is attracted to Hannah. She is right, he didn’t blink when she took her top off, he seems to enjoy the drama of the house more, and any guy who didn’t care at ALL that Garrett and Hannah got naked together on some level probably doesn’t care that much about her. If you are crazy about someone, it’s going to bug you, even if you handle it better than Luke did.

    1. Hi Penelope – I agree, most of her top picks have selfish motives for being there.
      Even Luke ( who is the most into Hannah ) looks like he wants some cred in the Cross Fit world.

      Maybe it’s instant karma – HB seems very engaged with her growing stardom. Tyler. Mike.
      Jed…only Connor has come across as a pure heart. His decency is no doubt the reason he got no air time in Episode 7.

  55. Does choosing the phrase No-No Square undermine the I Am Bacheloretter Hear Me Roar position for anyone else out there?

    H a n n a h…I bet the crew was glad to wrap. She is a once-in-a-lifetime contender, but a total handful. too!!

  56. I have to say that I somewhat understood where Luke was coming from, however, the way he expressed it was way off, and it’s so frustrating to me how he can’t seem to get across anything he wants to say and it’s flipping irritating. I find myself wanting to talk for him constantly, like, “he’s trying to say this guys”. I feel like Garrett’s soul purpose is to egg Luke on at this point, and that’s way turning me off of him, and I agree, I don’t see the connection there. I actually don’t think that Luke bringing that up wasn’t “getting in someone’s lane”, because he didn’t even bring Garrett up to her, it was the situation that he was uncomfortable with. But he even backtracked on that, if you have a problem with something, own it, but don’t be a dick about it either. IM JUST SO OVER IT, I CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH TIME IS BEING WASTED ON HIM. Here’s my theory: they are going to put Luke and Garrett on a two on one, Luke will get the rose somehow because she thinks he’s hot and can’t seem to let that go, and then the following week he will have a one on one and that’s when the “Jesus still loves me” confrontation will happen and he will go home then. Then he will come back and be crazy and try to propose to her. That’s the only way all of these clips fit together in my head. I want her with Tyler and Peter to be Bachelor. I think after Colton, “innocent” isn’t really off the table anymore. I don’t find him quite as awkward as you, but my husband is kind of a goof like that so maybe I have a soft spot for them. Hahahahaha. Last thing, I don’t really have an issue with Jed having a possible girlfriend, he was upfront with her about why he came on the show, and you’ve said yourself that you spent the night with someone before leaving, and I’m sure that happens a lot, what I think the problem might be, is not being up front with Hannah about the girl. I don’t know though, it’s all just hearsay. Either way, I just don’t really love Jed anyways, I don’t know what it is. Ok, longest comment ever!!

  57. I love your recap as always. I just feel that everyone thinks Luke is horrible but does anyone see how creepy Jeb is? Aside from the rumors about his girlfriend, it is just so weird to have him singing to her. None of it seems genuine. He wants his 5 minutes of fame. I would not like to see her pick Jeb in the end. I love Peter and Tyler. They are two great guys. I also think that Luke it not a horrible person just misdirected.

  58. I love Peter. He’s been my favorite since day 1! He is sweet and awkward and just a cutie! I have to disagree though about keeping Luke around. She seemed really annoyed to be giving him a rose at the ceremony. I cant wait for her to say good bye to him!

  59. I think that Hannah’s age is showing in a lot of her decisions. First of all, the fact that she hasn’t been able to see through Luke P yet. Hopefully she will soon. Next, she is complaining that the guys haven’t gotten to know her yet, but part of it is that she spends her time with them making out really hot and heavy (if cameras were not there they would be having sex for sure) rather than talking. And I get it, I am a physical person in relationships. But you have to eventually talk. Maybe the issue is that she and the guys haven’t resolved the sexual tension yet; often the best talks are post-sex (lol). In any event, I think that is why she hasn’t gotten to know the guys yet and they haven’t gotten to know her. Heck, Nick Viall got more personal info out of her in an interview than any of the guys have all season.

    I remember being 24 and thinking I was ready for marriage, but I wasn’t. Even just a few more years make a big difference.

    Also, if she doesn’t pick Tyler C, she does not know how to see the best thing that’s in front of her. He’s the only man there. And he’s damn sexy. If she doesn’t pick him, I hope he’s the next bachelor. Granted, I’m not sure he’d make a “good bachelor,” per se… but he would make a damn good husband.

  60. Another aspect where she shows her age: kissing guys in front of other guys. Just don’t! They don’t have to see it. It is one thing to know it, but another thing to see it. It is ok if you are kissing your future husband and you don’t care who sees… but if you are kissing other people in front of your future spouse, you are just setting the stage for hurt feelings, insecurity, jealousy, etc. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s just about being considerate and smart.

  61. If you saw Hannah’s post today I hope you feel bad for being part of the problem. Your recaps (especially the one from last week) seem extremely judgemental. This week you back peddled and changed your tune a little bit which was nice to see but previous posts you started a conversation of hate and judgement towards Hannah. Your page now has comments everywhere about with hate for Hannah. And you leave them there for her to see and for others to read encouraging them to then comment. You were the lead once. Your page shouldn’t be the outlet for people to come and hate on her. I’m just a person posting so I know you probably really don’t care what I’m writing but when I read Hannah’s post your page was the first thing I thought of. Just sayin.

    1. Wow – thanks for the news.
      Interesting to see that TYLER POSTED A BIBLE REFERENCE
      * let our Queen live and let’s embrace her on this journey. Few have a clue what it’s like to be in the leads shoes. Dont Christians claim that only god should do the judging-James 4:12 *

      Somebody’s giving Luke P a Religious Run For the Money ( or. Honey!!?)

    2. Please, give examples of what made you think of this blog as hateful.

      Hannah referencing being called immature is the only thing that seems to close to (but not exactly) what has been posted here.

      I say *not exactly* because I think the phrase, here, that she is *showing her age* means her a c t u a l age- not an immature version of a 24 year old.

      Also, for what it is worth, comments criticize others on the program. Luke seems to be leading there. And, then people (like me) speak up for him…

  62. Ali, could you put a hold on publishing comments until you have read them? That way there won’t be any spoilers. You could also weed out the rude comments people leave about things you write on your blog.

    1. I agree with you, great suggestion! Particularly about the spoilers, but also, sometimes I think Ali could say the sky is blue and people would still criticize her for the way she said it. People are so quick to jump on everything she says or does and assume so many wrong things. It would be nice for her to block or delete those hateful posts.

  63. Luke needs to be taken off TV. He is obsessive, manipulative (the back-peddling, oh the back-peddling!), and controlling. What he said about not wanting to see Hannah with any of the other guys and not wanting to know what she’s doing with any of them was a major red flag. Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone who thinks like that? How would he handle her having male friends? He would be so jealous, and I think he’s capable of being a real psycho.

    Part of me thinks whatever relationship she gets out of this is only going to last a few years. I don’t think she knows what she wants. When she says she wants “a man,” the behavior she alludes to always has to do with someone being physically strong, physically intimate with her, and take-charge. I really don’t see her responding much when the guys open up to her emotionally.

    1. Uh…he said *she’s your girlfriend and she’s my girlfriend* to one of the guys. Yes, he stands out, or apart, from the group for better or worse, but Luke seems to grasp that this Is a competition.

      I took the I-don’t-wanna-know as part of the whole Lane Goals.

      I’m impressd he hasn’t gone Psycho ( to use your phrase ) -given all the gang-button pushing. It’s been 6 weeks of crap slinging.

      I found Please Excuse Yourself comments to Garrett spot-on AND SO DESERVED. A few of the guys have been beating up on him, any push-back is overdue.

    1. Bully for Bachelor??

      why ?

      Yes he is a Cute, Stylin’, Funny. Talkative Bully…but he is Still a bully.

      And: he’s not really into Hannah.
      & she’s not really into him.

      #sincewhen… #!!!

  64. I also saw on Instagram that Peter dumped his girlfriend as soon as he found out he got on The Bachelorette-sounds like the Jed situation. Could totally be false!🤷🏼‍♀️

  65. They have the awkward make out scenes bc despite their best efforts they can’t make Hannah B interesting. So they are trying to make her “risqué” but guess what? Still not interesting. I’ve never gotten this far in the season and not known the guys names before. The only reason I watch this is to get to know the BIP guys.

  66. I love reading your thoughts and we are mostly spot on with each other except I want her with Peter or Tyler in the end. There’s just something about Jed that I’m not digging. Also I’m not sure I like Tyler’s clothing choices.

  67. **Ali – – please remind your readers NOT TO POST SPOILERS**

    Love your blog and want to read the comments but don’t want the dang spoilers!!!!!!

  68. This has got to be the worst season of Bachelor/ette yet
    I am tired of Hannah jumping everyone, she doesn’t seem to want to get to know any of these guys
    It has taken me over a week to watch last week’s episode – I struggle to to keep watching this

  69. I just wanted to say that Hannah keeps saying she’s frustrated that nobody is asking her personal questions, but several times in this episode when someone did instead of answering the question she just turned it into a steamy make out session! Also every time Luke addresses the group I think my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head. I don’t understand why he’s still there. I get that she has feelings for him but she also realizes how terrible he is! I’m sure she doesn’t want that in a husband and she has so many truly good guys there!

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