Bachelor In Paradise
September 11, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

So many couples! I love that I can break my post up by couples now. It means paradise is doing it's thang! Not every couple survived and I am soooo shocked by who went home last night, but let's discuss!

Kendall and Joe

What happened between Kendall and Joe was absolutely heartbreaking.…

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Bachelor In Paradise
September 4, 2018

Our New Bachelor….

Bachelor in Paradise was once again sooo good last night and we must discuss! But I want to start with discussing who ABC chose as the next Bachelor. If you don't want to know or have somehow avoided the news on the internet (It's been EVERYWHERE) then DON'T read any further! Because…

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August 21, 2018

Bachelor in Paradise

Morning loves! Got your coffee? I've got mine and I have sooo much to discuss with you guys! Last night's Bachelor in Paradise was sooooo good but it also had be wanting to throw my wine (and this morning my coffee) at the TV. Let's discuss!

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 14, 2018

Bachelor In Paradise – I’m Obsessed!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog about Bachelor in Paradise last week! But I hope to blog about it every week moving forward because I am soooo obsessed! This show is so good! I hate to say it, but I think I'm kind of over the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 30, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise – Why Dean Why?

I apologize in advance for typos. I wrote this SOOOO quick before work this morning and had to post it without proof reading. It was that, or not posting at all. So bare with me.

Before I talk about last nights episode of Bachelor in Paradise, I want to talk a little…

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Bachelor In Paradise
August 28, 2017

Bullying is NOT Cool – Bachelor in Paradise

SPOILER ALERT! Don't read this unless you have watched Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise. I'm posting this before it airs on the west coast so want to give the warning first.

Man. So much drama on Bachelor in Paradise! Wasn't this show supposed to be fun and lighthearted? Don't get…

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Ali Luvs Happy Hour
August 28, 2017

Will You Accept this ROSE DAIQUIRI?! A Bachelor Worthy Cocktail!

Hey Bachelor Fans!!! And really just cocktail fans in general! Ha! I am so excited to share today's Rose Daiquiri recipe with all of you in honor of Bachelor in Paradise tonight! I told you about this recipe in my Bachelor in Paradise blog post a couple weeks…

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