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Morning loves! Got your coffee? I’ve got mine and I have sooo much to discuss with you guys! Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise was sooooo good but it also had be wanting to throw my wine (and this morning my coffee) at the TV. Let’s discuss!

When it comes to this show there’s really only one thing I’m completely certain of right now, and that’s that Chris is a total D-bag! What an jerk, right? The way he talks about women is just disgusting. And he apparently thinks he’s some hot commodity. I’m honestly completely dumbfounded by how many girls are interested in him. I really hope he ends up leaving Paradise soon. Because I don’t think I can handle much more of him.

Last week I was pretty disappointed with Tia regarding how she was handling the Colton situation, but this week I felt so completely and utterly sorry for her. The poor girl has been jerked around by too many people and she definitely reached her breaking point at the beginning of the episode. I see her trying to be strong, like when she confronted Chris about kissing Crystal, and I admire her for that but you can just tell that she’s reached her limit. Not many people could handle the roller coaster of emotions that she’s been through on the show already. The thing that really stinks is that if a guy had shown up the first day who is a great match for her, she wouldn’t be dealing with any of this. It’s such a crapshoot what kind of edit you’re going to get when you go on the show because it all really depends on whether or not you connect with someone right away or not. If you do, you end up being the hero couple of the season like Jade and Tanner. But if you’re jerked around by somebody or if you’re interested in somebody and they leave you for someone else and you get upset, you end up looking needy or unwanted. As much as I love the show I definitely could never be a contestant on it. You never know what you signed up for because you don’t know if you’re going to form a connection right away or not. Those who form the connections right away get a good edit, and those who don’t might end up looking a little desperate are crazy. Even though they’re not. I think I’d probably end up with the crazy girl edit if I went on the show. Ha!

I’m just glad that she and Colton decided to give it a go. Keep in mind, even though we’ve watched hours of the show already and it feels like they’ve been in paradise for a while, they’ve really only been there for a few days. Part of me thinks that Colton just didn’t want to jump into things with her because he didn’t want it to look like he went on the Bachelorette with Becca knowing he was into Tia. So he had to wait a few days so the viewers wouldn’t get upset with him. And I’m not mad at him for doing that. I get it. But I kind of think he wanted to be with her all along at this point. Ok moving on…

I kinda feel like Caroline and Jubilee are both using John. They just don’t seem into him at all. As much as I love this show, it’s embarrassing to see what some people are doing just to get a rose. Or even more embarrassing to see what people will do when they have a rose. What I mean by that is it’s upsetting to me to watch someone who has a rose, and therefore has the power, go around and kiss multiple people throughout the night. And I get that you might think that I’m sort of being a hypocrite because I was the Bachelorette. But in my mind that’s different. You’re kind of forced to date multiple people in that scenario. Put it this way, I would cry on many dates when I was the Bachelorette because I knew I wasn’t going to end up with that person in the end but I couldn’t send everybody home the first or second night. If I were in Paradise, I don’t think I would make out with multiple people in one night to see how I felt. I would already know who I was the most into and I would only want to kiss that person. Again, it’s really hard to explain and some of you might think I’m a total hypocrite for even saying this, but they are just two totally different scenarios.

The whole Jordan situation was pretty disappointing for me. I’ve been a huge fan of Jordan since the beginning and even though he said some mean things in the past, they’ve always been so ridiculous that they kind of end up funny. But I definitely think he crossed the line last night. I just look at him differently now. He’s definitely in the dog-house in my book and the only thing that will probably make me come around to him is to see how he interacts moving forward with Chelsea and Jubilee. If we see them talking on camera that means that he patched things up off camera. Or maybe we’ll even see him patch things up on camera but I doubt it. I feel like that story line has probably run its course and tonight‘s episode is going to be all about Jenna wanting a new guy.

And the last thing I want to say is that I’m totally bummed that Bibiana went home. She seemed like a really cool person that got along with everybody. I especially liked how she talked to Colton about going back to Tia when she knew her stay in paradise was at jeopardy. She very well could’ve asked Colton to give her his rose since she gave her rose to him the week before. But she didn’t do that proving that she was being selfless in the situation.

That’s all I got for now. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight! It looks like it’s going to be a pretty dramatic episode. But aren’t they all! Ha! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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72 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise

      1. It was shortly after the show, their Instas both said they have mutual respect for each other but it just didn’t work. Tear!

  1. I’m super conflicted on how I feel about Tia and Colton. If Colton pulled all that just to save face on TV, then it kind of makes me not super into the show. But I mean those tears with Becca were real…

    Also, I felt sorry for Tia that she was so happy that Colton said he was choosing her “so you’re choosing me?” Yeah, after days of not wanting to, and being hysterical over another girl… that’s just not how I would want to be “chosen” – at all. Interested to see if they’re still together….

    1. And his comment about only having two choices…pick Tia or leave paradise. If he heart wasn’t already broken, it is now that she heard that on national television! Ugh

    2. I totally agree with you. Also I don’t know but it seems as if he’s not sure of choosing Tia? He seems as if he’s not that into her. He’s just trying to do the proper thing but he doesn’t seem to be sure of his decision. He seems confused.

      1. Agree, and Tia is just so into him that she’s blinded by all that. I mean we can only go based on what we see- and bibs talking to him and convincing him to try with her… eh…

    3. Thanks for posting! I feel so conflicted about Colton. Sometimes when I see him getting emotional I connect with him and feel he genuine, but then at times I feel he is calculated. As Raven says, he reached out to Tia because she was the “it” girl, a possible bachelorette. Even now, he says he doesn’t want to hurt her because I think he has aspirations of being the Bachelor and he’s not sure he likes her enough to give that up (though, honestly, I don’t think he will be the bachelor)… I just can’t tell what’s in his head and it makes it hard to trust him.

      Even with his virginity topic. On the one hand, I feel like that’s so private and none of our business. But if he’s going to open up about it, it’s hard for me to understand his explanation of it because I feel like that’s something he’s not telling us (eg. It is for religious reasons?) and I’m not sure why he’s not telling us (he doesn’t want future dates to think he’s waiting for marriage? He thinks that will make him undesirable as the bachelor?… which I think the opposite, look at Sean Lowe. Not a virgin but waiting with Catherine and supposedly did not have sex in the fantasy suites. And he’s one of the most loved bachelors)…

      Similarly I don’t understand what his hang ups are with Tia. Is he mad at her for getting him kicked off Becca’s season? (Because he wanted to go further so he could become Bachelor?)… is he just not that into her? (But then he seems into her at times)… they seem comfortable together and I actually think they are cute together. She clearly likes her and he has a spot in his heart for her. But I don’t know where his head is at.

      As a side note, that’s one of the things I love in #BlakeForBachelor—I think we will understand very well where his head is at.

      And I love Bibiana! She’s great. She totally deserves to find love! She’s also funny and sweet. I want to see more of her!

  2. I think Chris is the first person where I know 100% why he is single. Yuck!!!! Some people I think just haven’t met the right person yet. There is no rt person for him. He is gross and totally disrespectful.

  3. I was really bummed to see Bibi leave also. (Maybe they need another bartender? Ha!). She was fun. I’m going to miss her!

    1. My mom said the same thing! She should be a bartender since she gets along with and counsels everyone! Love her!

  4. I’ve never been into the whole Colton thing….yes, he’s attractive but other than that I feel like everything he says is fake to have this innocent persona (Becca’s season included). I almost feel like he’s giving into tia right now bc he can’t really date anyone else without her drama and if he doesn’t date someone else he will be sent home. I love BIP but this season is becoming the Tia show. I forget half of the cast exists bc all they show is tia and her drama.

  5. I am completely in agreement on the Chris subject. Seriously dude, grow up!! That is NOT how “real men” act. For me, the same goes for Jordan. He is a comedian…I get it. But he is also a spoiled rotten baby brat! What the world is he throwing a temper tantrum for while wearing that outfit!? I mean, Wills can put that sort of thing off but not you Jordan. No. Way.

    On the next topic…I have a sneaking suspicion that Bibi will be back. You know how this show loves the plot twist!! Yippee…can’t wait for tonight! FYI…I’m WAY too into this show also 😂

  6. I’m so with you when it comes to Chris. I really cannot stand him. I wish Tia would have told him what he needed to hear, but she’s too nice for that I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens tonight!

  7. YAS. I’m so sad Bibiana went home. Absolutely agree — she’s a very genuine person and I wish she’d find love on this show. She deserves it. Probably one of the only ones that wouldn’t take advantage of someone for a rose! Bibiana for Bachelorette :).

    And I feel the same way about Jordan. Before, his outbursts were just humorous — but last night it was not cute at all.

    Lastly, Chris IS such a d-bag! And that bandana. Good grief.

      1. He is soooo awful, I literally talked to my tv last night (while getting looks from my husband) asking WHY these gorgeous women are interested is him?!?!? He’s the WORST

  8. Omigosh…. These people are soooo high school!, I think the only reason Jenna accepted Jordan’s rose was to stay… I wouldn’t give any of these guys the time of day except maybe the grocer. Kenny is a player, Colton is a child, Chris is a ego jerk…. But yet I keep watching!!! Hypnotic isn’t it??

      1. Ali, this has nothing to do with the subject we are on, but I have always liked “Wells”, the bartender these past few seasons. Anyone know why he never got “his own person “ , his “forever after?” I appreciate anyone’s comments, thanks!

        1. Wells is actually in a relationship woth an actress right now and they are really cute together! follow him on insta and you will see, he’s my fav too 🙂

  9. Ugh. I literally can’t stand Chris. He’s the absolute worst. I can’t understand how anyone could be interested in him after seeing the way he talks about & treats women. And why haven’t the men gotten upset with him? They get all worked up because Colton is indecisive, but they’re completely ok with Chris being a total d-bag?

    Yessssss!! I was so upset that Bibiana went home. I loved her! She’s so normal & down to earth. I feel like she’s someone I would be best friends with. I actually think she would make a really good bachelorette!

    Ohhhh Jordan. I feel the same as you. I have enjoyed watching him so much just because he brings so much humor to the show. However, last night he was definitely out of line. I in no way agree with or condone his behavior…he definitely crossed the line. BUT, I feel like by now Jenna probably already knows about his history with David & how much David is an instigator & likes to get under Jordan’s skin. So while I do feel that Jordan has NO excuse for his behavior, why hasn’t Jenna told David that he needs to just back off & stop trying to get her attention if she’s really happy with Jordan? Because I feel like Jordan wouldn’t have acted so extreme if it had just been some other random guy flirting with her.

    1. I completely agree with you that David has pushed Jordan’s buttons. But mostly in the past. David is just playing the game at this point and Jordan just couldn’t keep his cool. I’m hoping he redeems himself because I have enjoyed watching him.

      1. I can’t stand David, it really seems like his whole purpose is just to piss of Jordan like he doesn’t really even care about getting in a relationship he just wants to get under Jordans skin. Jenna just kind of seems like the kind of girl who is stoked that two guys are “fighting” over her and kind of enjoys the drama while acting innocent. otherwise she would see what David is doing and tell hin to back off.

  10. Omg soooo excited for Benoit to be on!!! Loooove him!!! Suuuuper annoyed and waaaay over Tia. Maybe it’s the edits but she acts like she’s 5. Wants Colton to be with her and talks about it with absolutely everyone BUT him until he came and pulled her aside to talk to her (which I’m glad he finally did! So we don’t have to see her be so annoying and whine and cry to everyone about it). I think they could be a good couple if she starts showing signs of maturity. No idea how people are interested in Chris! Umm did they not watch the bachelorette at all?! The guy is nuts! Lol and not even that attractive. Who knows. Super sad to see bibi go home! She’s so sweet! Hoping Annalise can find someone…maybe Ben Higgins if he comes on for real…or I could see her and Jon being a good match. Love Jon! Or have him as the next bachelor!! Or Benoit!!

    1. Why do I not remember Benoit at all?! What season was he on? I think Annalise and John would be a GREAT match!

      1. Benoit, as far as I can recall, was in Bachelor Winter Games last February. He got engaged with Clare but broke the engagement in April. I just checked google on the dates. Ha ha

      2. Benoit was on the Bachelor Winter games and initially he proposed to Claire, but they have since broken up. He’s a very nice, loyal, sweet man.

        Also, I liked Bibi better in BIP, but I wasn’t her biggest fan when she was on Bachelor and I was frustrated when she walked away from good guy in Bachelor Winter games, but she was better in BIP.

        Yes, Chris is a d-bag, but he was on Becca’s season too.

        Jordan has been funny, but last night, he crossed a line and I think Jenna will be done with him now. I hope she doesn’t go to David now, because his taunts with Jordan are all consuming to him and I don’t like it. I think it’s very immature.

        I hope that now that Tia and Colton are cozy (and I wish them well), they focus on some of the other relationships.

        Looking forward to tonight too.

  11. Jordan bothers me WAY more than Chris but that’s not saying much. Low bar here for the worst ever. Bibiana coming back would be awesome. She really is a love. And yes, what happened to Clare and Benoit? Clare has had so many heartbreaks on the shows. Tonight will be most interesting…

  12. Over and done with Chris, Jordan AND David. The 1st two for all of the reasons others have commented and a David because I’ve listened to him on Ben and Ashley I.’s Almost Live podcasts and I’m not at all impressed with him. He has not said or done anything that shows me he is a mature, intelligent man and silly videos of he and his mom, who he still lives with, indicate he is a spoiled, immature guy. I am quite certain John has never had such attractive and accomplished women falling all over him. He is smart, rich, nerdy and so obviously inexperienced with women. Truthfully, I think he and Jacqueline would have made for a good match. I recall from Arie’s season how intellectual and academically accomplished she is and I think she and John could grow socially and romantically. It’s not going to happen. I don’t think John and Jubilee will last, either. Her life story is so interesting and incredible, but I think she may be too worldly for sweet, boring John.

  13. I get what you’re saying about Jordan but I think everyone should give the guy some grace. You can tell he had probably been drinking, not that it’s an excuse but it does effect decision making. Also, how would you feel if you had someone literally following you around and ruin EVERYTHING for you? I really feel like David is sneaky and tries to act like the good guy when all he is doing is bullying Jordan. I would lose my cool too – just some food for thought. 🙂

    1. I totally agree David would prolly make me lose it too especially if I was drunk lol. He’s like a little fly buzzing around in Jordans business constantly. So obnoxious and immature. I would never be into Jordan either but I can see why he would have a meltdown for sure.

  14. I was really disappointed in Kenny last night, I’ve always liked him but last night he showed the player in him. I think he’s kissed the most girls on BIP as of yet…. Krystal, Bibi, Annaliese and Jacqueline. He’s all over the place! Chris is DB and was on Becca’s season, and the bandana has got to go!!!! I seriously can’t understand what these girls are seeing in him. They must not have watched Becca’s season. David needs to go, I swear all he’s into is messing with Jordan and Jordan lets David get to him way too much. Can’t wait for tonight, looks like Jenna has found herself a Canadian : )

  15. Chris is for sure a douche bag! He changed his Insta profile to private!! He must have been getting a lot of flack, which he deserves! Ha I love #Coltia!! Has anyine noticed they follow each other on Instagram and and are always tagging each other or commenting on each others posts??!!

  16. Maybe I’m a little early on this, but I am totally on #TeamBibiana for Bachelorette! I feel like she would bring a fresh perspective and she’s great at articulating her feelings that she’s processing. I’m disappointed she went home, but I also had a hard time feeling like she was clicking with anyone.

    Was anyone else as surprised as I was when Kenny picked Annelise? I thought for sure he was going to pick Jacqueline.

  17. Chris made me so angry with his comments. Telling Tia he was undecided and then when she declared she was done, acting like he had decided that before they even talked. Then saying good. Ugh! I thought he was kind of slimy on Becca’s season, and he certainly left no question to the fact here.

    I never like Jordan, so his antics just get on my nerves. David is totally doing everything he can to get under Jordan’s skin though. (and I am OK with that :))

  18. Chris, ugh!!! So gross I can’t stand to watch him. And the bandana..what is up with that? It’s from a ‘70’s John Travolta movie!

  19. Love love love this dress ! So bummed it’s no longer in my size. You just posted an Insta story about the hardest thing with having two kids! I love hearing all your advice struggles and Success with two ! (16 mo old and newborn in November ) I have to know what is Molly sitting/standing at the counter ?!?! My daughter would love it !!!

  20. I was actually super excited when Colton decided to give it a go with Tia. I think they are really cute together when the drama subsides so I’m hoping we will get to see their chemistry unfold and it won’t keep showing wishy washy drama. I so agree avout Chris, hate him! even though I’m not the biggest fan of Krystal I still think she needs to see that ge obviously doesn’t care about her and is so incredibly insecure, it’s so unattractive. when Tia said she was done with him and he acted like he was totally done too and didn’t literally just say he still liked her it made me see him as some super immature insecure little boy who can’t even admit when he makes a mistake or how he actually feels. so pathetic. plus he has anger issues and always has to be in the middle of drama so, yea, no.

  21. Okay what are your thoughts on Kenny!? I like him but I’m not sure about the three girls he had and I almost feel like Annalise is just doing it cause she wants a relationship.

    1. Grocery store Joe? In the whole franchise?! Why? I feel like Joe is very likable. The franchise is so big and there are lots of crazies I am surprised he is at the bottom

  22. Chris is the worst!!! I cannot stand the headband!!! Also so sad for Bibiana I wanted to see her stay so badly!

  23. Oh, and Chris is the WORST. With both Tia and Becca, he was all “I am so into you,” but then when they broke up with him, he was all “I was just about to break up with you first.” Major ego problem. Very immature. Cannot stand people who lash out like that. He would make a terrible husband (and a terrible ex).

    And as for Jordan, I think he made a mistake by ripping the stuffed animal from Jenna’s arms, and also for cursing at Chelsea and Jubilee. I think he should have directed his anger at David and not the women… Still, I love Jordan and I think it’s cute that he’s so giddy over Jenna. You can tell it’s really genuine. One good thing about Jordan is that he is very honest. I actually think they make sense. But she is more mature than she seems so maybe his antics will get in the way. We shall see…

  24. Oh my goodness, guys! Why is noone talking about how inappropriate it was for Jordan to throw Jenna’s huge stuffed dog into the ocean!?!? She liked that huge stuffed animal dog. And I would be all excited whoever it was from. And if the guy I was dating destroyed my new gift, on PURPOSE and in such a surprise way. Pretty sure I would be crying and scared of him and not want him near me. That’s not ok. At all!! It’s actually pretty violent. To destroy my gift because someone else gave it to me! Even if it was someone that I didn’t like. He did that with the cake too. He knocked it into the sand. Not cool. I like the conversation with Annaliese where she was super real with Jenna. And I TOTALLY get being upset with David. But, Jordan isn’t a tiny kid anymore. We don’t get to throw tantrums like that or destroy other people’s property. That’s abuse. And Jordan is funny and has earned a soft spot in my heart. But, his behavior, even before insulting the girls….. I find unexcusable. Great for a friend, but 100% not ok as a partner.

  25. I watched both episodes this week and it’s the same storylines and boring.

    Tia and Colton: I hope they stay together until the show ends so we don’t have to have the ups and downs and crying. With that said, I do like them together. I also, think Mexico looks great on Tia. The natural look makes her look more beautiful. I don’t think they will last, but I like them. He seems like a great guy dispute the negativity he gets.

    Jordan: I didnt find him funny on The Bachelorette and I don’t find him funny on Bachelor in Paradise. He has crossed the line a few times. When you make fun of people or talk down to others for comic relief, it’d not funny. I will say, that I do believe his interest in Jenna is genuine and he seems to be a very loyal friend – it’s how he treats those he’s not friends with that’s the problem.

    Chris – ugh. I am still trying to understand what anyone sees him in. He himself, talks like he is the best catch in the world – all I see is the biggest douche.

  26. I felt so confused seeing Bibi go tonight. Yes, she has not make a connection yet. But I swear I saw her in the previews on a beach, embracing the Kiwi guy she was with during Winter Games, and that scene has not happened yet! 🤷‍♀️ Kiwi guy is not even on the show yet. I get the feeling Kiwi joins and they will bring Bibi back for a second chance at love 💕
    So happy to see Benoit back, we need more sweet, genuine guys like him and less of the David, Jordan, Kenny types and don’t even get me started on Chris!
    Best season so far, can’t stop watching!

    1. YES! I saw that preview too with New Zealand Jordan and Bibi! Thank you, I’m reading through these comments like why is nobody talking about that scene that was shown?! They have to bring her back! Love Bibi, I hope she can find love.

  27. What are your thoughts on Leo? I don’t understand the infatuation with that man. Creeps me out…in so many ways!!!

  28. I am up to date on both episodes from this week and I can’t believe how entertaining this season is.

    Colton and Tia are finally giving it a shot, so hopefully, it works out for them. Raven’s talk with Tia was much needed though. I have felt that Tia has been so dead set on being Colton’s “choice” that she’s really selling herself short. Whether their connection is undeniable or not, she really needs to look at what may come after the show. Is he really “choosing” her? Or is she just convenient in the moment because it’s a guaranteed rose? Something just really seems off to me.

    Leo seemed like an absolute doll on Becca’s season but I’m really disappointed in how much he’s already playing the field. Kendall is ready to jump ship from Joe after her date with Leo, and honestly, all I see is Leo trying to secure a rose from anyone. I really feel like Chelsea will be feeling a certain way after she watches this episode playback.

    I hope Chris and Jordan go home soon. Neither is prepared to be in real, adult relationships. Jordan seems like he really does want to find his person but there’s a whole lot of maturing left on his part before I see him really establishing a lasting connection with someone. Chris is just gross.

    Bibi for Bachelorette! Too soon but I just love her.

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