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Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog about Bachelor in Paradise last week! But I hope to blog about it every week moving forward because I am soooo obsessed! This show is so good! I hate to say it, but I think I’m kind of over the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. It’s the same thing every season, while Bachelor in Paradise seems new and exciting! But even though I’m obsessed, since it airs every Monday and Tuesday each week, I won’t be able to do two blogs every week. I’m a mom of two these days and I just don’t have that much time. Ha! But I’ll try to blog about at least one episode per week or maybe both episodes on Wednesday after they’ve both aired.

What I totally don’t get about the season so far is why everybody is ganging up on Colton. Look, I get that the Tia and Colton situation is complicated. And I completely understand why Tia is upset. She obviously has super strong feelings for Colton and unfortunately it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t feel the same way. I think he took her on a date when he first arrived in paradise because he felt like it was the right thing to do based on their history. And I definitely think he led her out a bit on that date. Even though he didn’t completely commit to her on the date, he definitely made it seem like he was open to them getting back together. And if I were Tia, I would take that as him wanting to take things slow but wanting to be together. But it was pretty obvious when she got back from their date that she thought things were good with them. But that’s really where I think Colton‘s mistakes ended. After that he has been super honest with her and everybody else regarding how he feels about Tia. I think it’s a bit unfair that everyone expects him to immediately commit to her when he got there or totally move on from her. To be completely honest, I think Colton took Tia on the date because he liked the first date they had together 6 months ago and wanted to see where it would go in Paradise. But he quickly saw that she was way more into it and invested after they only had one date together and I think that made him back off. I guess I just think it’s kind of unfair to him that she is sort of claimed him this season when they haven’t gone in a date in over six months or spoken since he left Becca’s season.

And it’s so interesting with the show decides to focus on create drama around. For instance, it’s not like cold and was going around kissing multiple girls. Whereas, Kendall did kiss both Joe and John and nobody says anything about it. In fact, she made out with John at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony and then ended up giving her rose to Joe. How was there not drama around that on the show last night? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Kendall and I think she’s playing her options as she should. But why is it so different for Tia and Colton because they spent one weekend together 6 months ago? I don’t know. I totally Tia’s side of things but I totally see Colton’s side of things too. It’s an unfortunate situation. I think Tia needs to let it go and move on and Colton should be free to date anybody he wants.

Anyway, I’m so interested to see what all of you think! The woman in me wants to totally be auntie aside. And even though I really feel for her because I know she’s hurting, I can’t help but feel that Cohen is getting treated unfairly in the situation. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below! And forgive me for typos on this. I wrote it SUPER quick this morning and now I need to go tend to my little guy! But I will respond to comments this afternoon!

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76 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise – I’m Obsessed!

  1. I didn’t watch last night’s episode, but I did see last week’s. I completely agree with you on Colton. Give the guy a break. He didn’t ask Becca to be let go so he can date Tia. Tia was the one to confront Becca about Colton. So, why harp on him coming into Paradise? I hope he does get his chance, but I have a feeling he is still in love with Becca and he’s not ready.

    1. Okay, after watching last nights episode I feel Colton is not ready. But we will see what happens tonight. I feel so bad for the guy… Breaks my heart.

      1. I think Colton had no business being in the Paradise right now, he’s clearly not ready to date anyone new after Becca. In my view production brought him in to give him more screen time and develop ‘Team Colton’ interest to make him the new Batchelor. And Bibiana giving him a rose is another production stunt to keep him on screen a bit longer for that same reason.

        Tia is not doing herself any service by clinging to Colton after just one date many months ago. She’s clearly not getting the message that he’s not as into her as she is into him. He left her to date someone else after their date, didn’t reconnect with her after he left Becca’s season and now keeps telling her to date other guys and that he wants to explore as well. How much more clear the message needs to get?!

        Ali, I agree Batchelor in Paradise might have started as the side kick to the main franchise, but has outperform it on many levels since. So much more interesting to watch mad it’s couples last longer. Can’t wait for another episode! Hopefully we get to see more couples getting screen time instead of this overplayed Tia/Colton drama.

  2. Thanks for your posts as always! I am loving Bachelor in Paradise too! Completely agree with your comments on Colton and Tia-I think that they were just in different places. Seems like he just got off the Bachelorette and maybe needs to take some time to figure things out on his own before jumping into something super-serious (but do think the producers had something to do with Bibiana giving him a rose!)! Also no need to apologize for the typos-I am impressed that you had energy to blog in the first place!

  3. Agree. Agree. And agree.

    I noticed the Kendall thing too…
    Colton saying he can’t just be all in for Tia made sense. I also felt he really did love Becca based off his reaction. I feel kinda bad that during the episode he said he loved her I was like “yeah right.”

    But as usual you and I share very similar thoughts.

    Can’t wait to see your thoughts next week 🙂

  4. I totally agree. I feel bad for Colton… he was coming into this being completely open and Tia is limiting his options, as well as the other contestants! It seems to me like the other contestants are blowing their situation out of proportion. They are acting as if Colton and Tia had an extensive dating history and that he owes her something! They spent one weekend together 6 months ago. Like you said, I think he took her on the date because he thought it was the right thing to do and to see if the connection they had 6 months ago was still there. It’s very clear that Tia is more into him than he is to her. And I find it funny that Tia keeps saying that she knows what she wants; a man who is ready and wants the same things she does. But she is going back and forth between Colton and Chris. I love all the drama!!! 😉 and now i’m thinking they may be setting up Colton to be the next bachelor!

  5. I totally agreee!!
    My question is…do you think the producers asked/made/paid Bibiana to give him a rose? It just seems like that was so unexpected that it might have been planned.

    1. I thought about that too. I’m sure since she hadn’t made any connections they were like please keep him around and not wills or John.

  6. It’s clear that Colton isn’t quite over Becca. Tia did point that out but she was unnecessarily harsh, I think. She expects too much from him. If Colton wants to stay, that’s his choice even if he doesn’t develop a relationship with anyone. And the situation puts Chris in the middle. Hope he doesn’t get hurt either.

    1. I agree. And it kind of seemed to me like even though she did acknowledge that he isn’t completely over Becca yet, Tia expects him to automatically be at her level with things just because she’s been waiting around for him. I think there could have been a potential for them to work out if she had been willing to really take things slow with him, but since she basically said that she wants a full commitment right now, I think it caused him to pull back.

  7. I totally agree! I feel like Colton can’t catch a break right now. Regarding the date he took Tia on, he was pretty much damned if he did and damned if he didn’t and that’s the way I feel like every situation is for him so far. And then when Becca came on at the end, I was like, please just let this guy go home and be at peace!

  8. I was super embarrassed for tia during that convo w Colton before the rose ceremony. I am sure she watched it back and cringed. I don’t think he has done any wrong. He told her to go ahead and date, he’s exploring other options and is being 110% open. They spent ONE WEEKEND together. ONE! I really think Tia just is a mess in all this. Going on Becca’s show to tell her about her feelings for him, trying to win him back. I don’t know, it’s all a little too much.

  9. I agree completely. I see why she’s upset, but he tried giving it a second go and realized he didn’t have the same feelings and told her so. He told her to date other people and she just can’t handle that! Frankly, I’m over all the love triangle and I’m pretty annoyed that they brought Becca in. Seeing Colton heartbroken, was sooo sad! The cast seems to see him as the bad guy, but he had his heart broken by Becca and I think he does blame Tia for that a little bit. I like that you added the bit about Kendall cause it goes to show you how editing is in play. I’m sure John and Joe weren’t thrilled about that. Although, that is what paradise is! Time for Tia to see that. Why can she date Chris, but expect Colton to date no one and go home? Her rose comment to Colton also seemed a little black maily. Which isn’t the best look in my opinion. I’m ready for new cast members, new couples and new drama though!

  10. I am actually more annoyed about how the men are treating him. First of all, the majority that are frustrated voiced just as much love for Becca. He is not the first one to come right to Paradise after The Bachelorette. Back to Tia, she just watched him fall in love with Becca. Seems silly that she is frustrated that he won’t commit to her hour 3 in Mexico. Good on Colton for playing the field. Not to mention, maybe Chris should be shading Tia for JUMPING at the chance to going on a date with Colton AFTER she had already been on a date with him. And lastly, I know that these shows would be nothing if it weren’t for the production of it all but it’s super BS that they are bringing Becca back to help Colton talk through this. Come on, now. Actually this is my last thought…I adore Bibianna and think that it was great of her to give him the rose (but I’m going to pretend that production had nothing to do with that one 😉 )

    1. I’m annoyed with how the men treat him too. And they did that a bit on Becca’s season as well. I think a big reason why is because they can see that he’s a good catch. He’s attractive, he has a good charity that he runs, he’s nice…he’s just an overall good guy. And I think some of the guys are jealous/intimidated by that & they keep trying to put him down to try to get rid of him since he’s competition.

  11. Completely agree with you, Ali! I also think that he took Tia on that date because he felt like it was the right thing to do & wanted that chance to really discuss things with her & see what her thoughts were. And even though he did lead her on a little bit on the date, he did say that it wasn’t going to be easy between them & he didn’t want her thinking they could just jump right into a relationship. And I don’t think it’s fair for everyone to be giving him such a hard time about him not knowing what he wants. He JUST got out of a relationship with Becca where he really thought he had a good chance of ending up with her & is still getting over that & figuring out what he wants. I think it’s smart of him to be trying to take things slow & not just rush into something that he could end up regretting. Also while I do understand why Tia is upset & do understand her side of things, I don’t like how she approached her conversation with him before the rose ceremony. It just wasn’t cool how she basically dangled her rose over his head & said that if he doesn’t want her then he’s going home cause no one else wants him to stay. I feel like during their whole conversation he was being as open & honest with her as he could & she just didn’t like it because it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. I’m curious to see how the whole things plays out…I think it’s best if they both go their separate ways & try to move on.

  12. I completely agree. My heart broke last night for Colton. He really is going through a rough time. I loved that Bibiana took it upon herself to give Colton her rose. I don’t understand why everyone was ganging up on him. He really is a sweet guy who just doesn’t know what he wants and he clearly still has feelings for Becca. Tia really needs to move on from it. I feel she was pressing him. I mean they all just got there! I do hope he’s going to stick around for awhile. Also I just love Kendall and Joe together! He is so sweet. When he said he doesn’t want a rose unless it’s from her awwww! Probably the most down to earth and genuine guy they’ve ever had on any of these shows! I hope to see their relationship grow.

  13. Totally agree paradise is way more fun than bachelor or bachelorette these days. Anyone else want more Jordan the model? I never get tired of the hilarious random words coming out of his mouth! And I want to see what Eric is up to, he was one of my faves on Rachel’s season!!

    1. I love Paradise way more than the bachelor(ettes) season. The original series have become way to goofy as the producers try to copy Paradise and it just isn’t working. I LOVE Jordan. He is super witty and a great entertainer. Kendall and Joe seem like a great fun couple. I don’t find Colton staying to figure himself out. He isn’t giving up on himself or others. Especially since Becca encouraged him to move forward and give Paradise a try. I thought Becca was very respectful to Colton and I loved how she said it good to show his emotions and especially crying. All in all Paradise is great this summer. Thanks Ali for blogging for us all. Love your babies.

  14. I completely agree with what you said about Colton and Tia. I think both of them have done some wrong things to each other in this episode. I think Colton likes Tia but he isn’t sure if he wants to go all in with her right of the bat. I agree that he shouldn’t have led her on, that’s wrong. And I think that Tia really is into Colton and wants to be with him and I think she is just stringing Chris along to try and make Colton jealous so he will miss her, want her and go after her. And I think that’s wrong, too. I think Tia wants her happily ever after so badly and she wants it with Colton and wants him to run after her, but he’s just not going to do it. I think she wants Colton gone so bad so she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore because she’s just not over him. She hasn’t completely closed that door yet because she doesn’t want to. She still has hope.
    And I think Chris is stirring the pot, too. Instead of asking Tia where she is with him, he goes to Colton and tells him he needs to figure out what he wants and now. Which is unfair (I agree with you).
    I also thing a wild card was thrown in with Bibi picking Colton. Interested to see where that goes.

    Love you, Ali! Love your blog! I read it almost every day! 🙂

  15. I am definitely team Colton! Chris, Jordan, & ? ganging up on him was just ridiculous. I don’t think any of the 3 guys have any integrity or any other great qualities that I would be attracted too. Chris was a snake on Becca’s season & then thought he could redeem himself on Paradise! That isn’t going to happen, he is already showing his true character by jumping all over Colton, because he cares mostly about himself. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Seeing the previews last night it won’t take long for Tia to see that either. I wasn’t onboard with her decision to tell Becca at the last minute that she wanted Colton, especially without talking to Colton first to see how he felt. I think he has been totally upfront and honest but she doesn’t want to hear that. He might have felt obligated to pick her for his 1st date but I didn’t think he led her on. He obviously loved Becca & his heart is broken. He needs time to recover & maybe if he talks to Becca he will have some closure. I think Colton is a great guy, sensitive, fun, handsome, smart, intuitive, & only wish I was in his age zone!! (lol) I hope he finds someone special to love! I surely don’t think the girl will be Tia. They just don’t seem like a good match. I do prefer this show over the Bachlorette & Bachelor though.

  16. Yes people need to chill. Nothing wrong with Colton taking it slow. . I think he does like Tia but she just either needs to be patient or move on. In the end I believe if she was patient and a friend he would fall in love with her because what’s not to love with Tia.

  17. I think Chris R. is the one making Colton out to be the bad guy because he knows as long as Colton is there, Tia won’t focus on him. His insecurities are coming out just like they did on The Bachelorette. My heart broke for Colton last night as he is clearly not over Becca. I follow him on other social media and he is clearly a good guy. He deserves to find love again. I just don’t know that it will be in Paradise.

  18. I am TEAM COLTON. I didn’t understand why they were ganging up on him either. Chris always has to have someone to target. I’m over him. Tia is on my last nerve in this whole situation. I don’t think Colton was ready to come on the show and was very upset when they brought Becca on. That was totally unnecessary.

    1. I am totally team Colton. I thought the show treated him horribly by bringing Becca there and it kind of pisses me off at her that she would go! Tia had her chance at Colton and if she’s still hung up on him months and months later, that’s her issue. For her to be so obsessed with him is kind of ridiculous after such a brief time with him…and they didn’t even have sex!! But I also think she did him wrong by telling Becca in the beginning that there wasn’t any relationship with Colton. If she had admitted her feelings at that time, Becca wouldn’t have kept him and broken his heart. He obviously really fell in love with her and I think going on BIP is his way of trying to get over her. But to come there and have everyone expect him to just fall right into a relationship with Tia is unfair. And Chris is just an insecure jerk!
      I didn’t feel like Bibiana giving the rose to him was so out of line. I think she felt compassion for him and she hadn’t made any real connections with anyone.
      Oh….and Tia WAS totally trying to manipulate Colton to get her rose. I didn’t like that one bit!

      1. I agree with all of your points and after watching Tuesday night’s episode, you’re even more on point. I am not at all a fan of Chris, David or Crystal and did not care for them on Becca and Arie’s seasons, either. I would never trust Chris. I think he has a very mean streak and if he’s angry with you, look out. He’s a player and no catch in my mind! David is immature and clearly has little experience in dating. I did not like Becca coming to a Paradise. It is so phony to try to get the show’s followers to believe that Becca and Tia hadn’t already talked about the Tia/Colton/Becca situation! They’re supposedly very good friends. Come on! And what trauma for Colton to have Becca stroll in! Since you hadn’t watched Tuesday’s ep yet, I stop here?

        1. Thanks, Liz. I am still totally team Colton and even more so after Tuesday’s episode. He handled the conversation with Becca really well (wasn’t sure he could keep it together) and I think it helped him a lot. He still may not be ready for another relationship but….

          And Chris is just a an ass. I’m glad Colton went to Tia; it shows he has compassion and really is a caring person.

          Annalise and Jordan…she invested way too much into him in such a short time. He is a “smitten kitten” (as Tia says) for Jenna, but looks like she may be a bit of a tease. But when Jordan came to Annalise to talk about him and Jenna, at first I thought that was it was cool, but when he said he wanted to keep things open with her in case it didn’t work with Jenna, I thought she should have kicked him to the curb. Who wants to be the 2nd choice?

  19. THANK YOU! I completely agree! I can totally feel Colton’s frustration as everyone is pressuring him into making this commitment to Tia. He honestly doesn’t owe her anything. I feel like he was trying to be nice and keep an open mind by taking her on that first paradise date – and then just wasn’t feeling it enough to commit. Why is that so bad?

    Also, side note, cannot believe that Chris was being so high and mighty saying he knows what he wants and goes for it but we see in the preview that he kisses Krystal in the next episode?! Hypocritical much??

    Lol sorry, rant over 🙂 Love you and your blogs Ali!

  20. I completely agree!! Colton was totally upfront with Tia on their date. I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong! I feel like Tia wishes he could be all in with her, but in reality he really does need time to figure it out. Everyone else, including Kendall, can explore their options! He can too. I really felt bad for Colton during the episode. I think maybe Bibiana felt bad for him too, so she gave him a second chance! I think he really is trying his best.

  21. I am so annoyed and disappointed BIP brought Becca on the show when Colton was there. What a blindside! She should never have agreed to that. How distasteful and rude! I just feel so terrible for Colton…..and angry at Becca. Of all people, she should have known better.

    1. I agree .. why would BIP bring Becca back. It is so unfair to Colton. I think Tia is obsessed with Colton and she is too obsessive when she is interested in any guy. I think she is so desperate to find love. She is going to drive away any man with her obsessiveness. I am totally team Colton.

  22. What is super frustrating besides the WHOLE Tia drama is why Becca came back last night?! Like really? The poor guy has had nothing but drama this entire week and KUDOS to Bibiana for doing what she did THAT was a class move and I appreciated it. I am team Colton all the way. Tia made a few bad moves in her conversations during Becca’s season and she has cut him off at the knees again on B.I.P. I hope he finds love. Hes solid he deserves it and Chris is a tool!

  23. Colton has a lot of maturing to do. Yes, he led Tia on in a huge way, but I don’t think he’s capable of seeing it. I hope he finds a friend/mentor/whoever who can help him strengthen his character because life hits us in ways that blow the Bachelor in Paradise drama out of the water. I give him credit though for recognizing that he shouldn’t be there. A lot of fans are theorizing that he will be the next Bachelor…gosh, I hope they’re wrong. That would be an incredibly boring season.

  24. I totally agree with you about the Tia & Colton situation. He was being totally honest with her, but it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, so she kept pushing it. I think Colton is being treated very unfairly here. And enough with the “Colton & Tia” show … you almost forget certain people are there because they get absolutely no air time!

  25. Yes I totally agree! I feel like Tia “claimed” Colton on Becca’s season, even when he was clearly very interested in pursuing a relationship with Becca. I feel like Tia should have let it go at that point. However, on the other side, Colton would have known that going on Bachelor in Paradise would open him back up to meeting with Tia again. I’m sure he was curious but I feel he should be free to explore his options since they are not in a committed relationship. I honestly feel like Tia is looking desperate in this situation, and I feel bad for her because she is such a smart, beautiful woman.

  26. Personally I don’t think Colton owed Tia ANYTHING! Supposedly before he even went on the Bachelor, they both agreed after their ONE date, that he if got picked to go on, he would. And if she got picked as bachelorette, she would. Period, end of story. I hate to be that person that mean person to talk about people, but I think Tia is in the wrong 100%. The first time she was on Becca’s season she said everything was fine and she supported Becca and Colton, then she comes back right before Fantasy Suites?? Call me crazy, but she is just looking for drama in my opinion or more air time. Again, hate to be mean, but it’s just what I am seeing. As for him “talking to her first” once he arrived……….UMMMM NO!!! hello!!!! aren’t you the one who showed up and basically told Becca not to pick him because she still had feelings after ONE weekend?!!! SHE should have pulled Colton aside and apologized in my opinion, or reached out to him prior to the show to apologize. She did neither and for that I lose all respect for Tia. Ok, end of rant….Carry on!! #TeamColton and now I REALLY hope is the next Bachelor even more. I think he is sweet, generous, caring and clearly just an all around good guy. Ok, seriously end of rant this time. 🙂 And Ali I just adore you keeping it real. xoxoxo

  27. I agree with a lot of what you said, too.

    First, I don’t think Colton was really that into her to begin with. If he was, he would’ve skipped the Bachelorette and tried to continue the relationship with Tia. I think he remembered that when they went on the one on one date.

    Second, I think he really fell hard for Becca, probably more that he was even expecting. I actually thought he had a stronger relationship with her than Jason (and maybe even Blake). I had him and Garrett pegged as the final 2 from early on. And I know editing has a lot to do with it, but it seemed like Tia came in and torpedoed their relationship. And just like that he was sent home, without much closure. I think last night it all came suddenly rushing back, and like he said, he wasn’t ready for it. Felt bad for him.

    Having said all that, I’m actually Team Tia because…what’s not to like?! Smart, funny, attractive, outgoing. Besides…Colton will be fine when he’s the next Bachelor and has 30 women to choose from.

  28. I am anti-Tia. I think Colton has been upfront with her and she wants more. She completely sabotaged any chance by getting everyone to think Colton had did her wrong. He went on paradise to try and move on and the way they have all come at him just created drams for him which I guess the show likes. Totally unfair to have Becca come. I don’t think that has happened before. I thin it was unfair to Colton. Becca made her choice- move on and let him. I think that was wrong of the show. I love Colton and what he stands for– he is not going to commit unless he is 100% – I think if Tia had been more understanding and humble and not put the pressure on with him and EVERYONE — she may have got what she wanted in the end. With her pressure and talk I think Colton is too good for her – take sleazy Chris — he is saying exactly what she wants to hear after one date. Lets see if that works for long. Tia will be alone as just too needy in my opinion

  29. I think Tia and Colton should move on. A guy who does not pursue a girl is obviously not interested.
    I feel for Colton for being unfairly judged but he is also trying to move on from Becca’s season and at the same time heal a broken hear.
    Tia should forget about Colton becasue she is just hurting herself from falling to someone who cannot reciprocate.

  30. Let me start off by saying I love Tia and Colton! They went on ONE date six months ago….and he still went on Becca’s season. He obviously didn’t see a connection back then or I feel he would have pursued it. And I think you’re right, he felt obligated to give Tia that date card based on the past. As for the guys giving him a hard time, I think they should stop worrying about what Colton is doing and put their time and energy into forming their own relationships. There is a great group of people and I think it’s going to be an exciting season!

  31. I may be the odd girl out but honestly Im so over Tia. That girl came into this expecting Colton to fall all over her. Good Grief they had ONE date!!!! She did her best to mess things up with him and Becca and it worked but now he needs to figure out his feelings. I believe he made a mistake in going to Paradise so quickly after the breakup but he might be lucky and get his closure and move on.

    I agree he might be the next Bachelor and I for one would LOVE that. He was my pick out of the limo.

    1. So over Tia…. Not sure the timing is right for Colton to be next Bachelor, yet Tia is coming across as desperate. I wish Becca had told her to lighten up…seemed very inauthentic on Becca’s part. Colton is a doll.

  32. Tia should have just kept her mouth shut after beccas hometowns and let it all play out. It actually hurt her chances with Colton by inserting herself into beccas season like that. She should have let it all happen, gone to paradise and let him realize that maybe theres still something there. Tia pressured him too much! With that being said, I’m also SO over colton. I don’t want to see him as the bachelor. I think he handled the Tia situation pretty well given the circumstances, but then again, I dont think he was clear enough after the boat date with her so then all this extra drama ensued. He shouldn’t even have been in paradise if hes bursting into tears upon seeing becca. Also, more Jordan please! Lol!

  33. I agree 100% with you. I think Chris is such an instigator too, I couldn’t stand him on Beccas season, and it seems like he’s starting the drama as well.

    I honestly didn’t agree with what Tia did after home towns with Becca, regardless if he was going home or not. Then she didn’t reach out to him after, and has created all this drama. I was a Tia fan, but I’m not anymore. I’m more a Colton fan, I think he gave her the date to clear the air.

  34. I totally agree. I think Tia has pushed herself hard on him. she knew he was on Becca season and she leaped there and tried to mess things up. if they hung out or talked all the time then I would understand why she is like that, but if they had 1 date weekend then she is a bit crazy. I am team colton.

  35. Totally agree. I feel like they all just expect Colton to he over Becca at the snap of a finger. He fell in love with a woman then was dumped and went immediately to BIP. Just really felt for him last night. Then the torture if Becca showing up. Can’t wait to see how tonight goes.

  36. #TeamColton I think he should be the next Bachelor. The guys need to leave him alone and stop bullying him. Tia needs to move on, if he doesn’t feel anything when she kisses another guy then he isn’t in to her. I felt bad for Colton when Becca came to Paradise, you can clearly see he hasn’t gotten over her.

  37. Agree with you x 1000!

    They are making Colton out to be this villain and I just don’t see it. I’m sure it was just the editing but I almost felt like Colton was a little bullied. They tried to make him out as a villain on the Bachelorette too. I wonder if he is secretly a total jerk or something… or is doing something outside of the show the producers don’t like.

    I am 100% team Colton and although I have been in Tia’s shoes, it’s time to move on from that role of pursuer. Lots of great guys on the show and ya know, in the world.

  38. Agree with everything you said. I think what makes this show more exciting than (several of the same seasons of) the Bachelor and Bachelorette, is that there are more couples to focus on than just the one or two strong connections. Way more interesting and exciting to see how these people all interact with each other, at least for me. I genuinely feel bad for Colton. I agree with what you said exactly. Tia needs to move on and let him do him. I ended Becca’s season really hoping for Jason as the Bachelor (which I would still LOVE) but last night’s episode almost made me want Colton to have it more (and I wasn’t a huge fan of his during the Bachelorette season).

  39. You said it so well and I couldn’t agree more. Also why did they need to bring Becca there because that was useless and done to create drama too and she should not have agreed to that. She has her happily ever after she needs to leave Colton alone and let him heal so he can move on and find his happily ever after. I feel for Colton and I love Tia too but she just doesn’t want to accept that he isn’t in to her or ready to get in another relationship. Great blog Ali.

  40. I TOTALLY agree with you!! I was getting so frustrated last night watching! Like why is Colton getting so much crap for all the things everyone else is doing too? Also, let’s not forget that Tia gave Becca her blessing to date Colton and said she was over it and then took it back. So Tia has been wishy washy herself on Colton! I know it’s a small environment for Tia to be around Colton if they aren’t going to be together but Tia can’t turn everyone against him. It’s so unfair, I love Bibi for giving him her Rose! I was cheering.

  41. I totally agree! I could not figure out why people were getting on Colton’s case for being honest! He seemed to be pretty straight forward with tia about not wanting to be serious and she was pushing him to tell her what she wanted to hear!
    And I like Kendall but maybe don’t make out with 2 guys in one night lol

  42. All night watching I kept thinking, what the hell is Colton doing wrong I don’t get it! I thought he was pretty clear to Tia. I love both of them and hoped for a love at first sight reunion! But I get that Colton has unresolved issues and I hope Tia finds her true love!

  43. I feel so bad for Wills. He seems like such a sweet guy, and I wish he could’ve found a connection with someone there instead of going home at the very first rose ceremony. It was nice of Bibiana to give Colton her rose (though I’m about 95% sure she was strongly encouraged by production to do so, especially with Becca coming the next day), but I can’t help but wish Wills had gotten to stay instead, especially if Colton ends up taking himself out of the mix anyway.

  44. Agreed. And no one is commenting on how Tia told Becca originally it was only one weekend and that was it and she was fine with Becca dating him. Or the fact that she told Chris on her date that she was over Colton. In her interview she literally said “Colton who? We don’t know him here” but everyone is teaming up on him.

    I honestly Love him. He’s so genuine and real.

  45. I feel for Tia. She is in love with Colten and you cannot help who you love. She knows what she should do but her heart is still hurt. Colten spent a weekend with her. she fell in love with him, then he went on the Bachelorette – which hurt her. So i know she was hoping for a redo. Unfortunately for Tia, Colten is NOT on the same page and thats hard when he is right there in your face. I did not see Colten doing anything wrong. He is trying to give Tia the chance she deserves, but he is also getting over Becca and trying to enjoy his time on B.I.P to see where it could take him. Tia is there for Colten and Colten only. Poor thing.

  46. The whole time I was watching I felt like he was being treated so unfairly. I get it, Tia’s upset and feeling rejected. That sucks. But, when they were lounging together before the rose ceremony it was so obvious that he just wasn’t that into her. And, you can see he struggles with telling her that…which means he has a big heart. I quite honestly was turned off by Tia when she told Becca so late in the game that she still had feelings for him. It was kind of super unfair to both Becca and Colton.
    I hate how everyone was shocked and some mad that Bibi (who I LOVE) gave him the rose! Just because Tia got rejected doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a fair shot at finding someone. Isn’t that the whole point of this show? Otherwise, there was no reason for either Colton or Tia to go on it if they thought they belonged together. Regardless, I’ve spent too much time stewing about this haha…and can’t wait for my husband to fall asleep so I can watch tonight’s episode.

  47. It seemed like everyone was focussed on the Tia/Colton drama which influenced Tia into believing that Colton had her in his pocket,…when all he wanted to do was try to relax and meet some new people in Paradise. He has evolved with his experience with Becca and he is not the same guy as when he and Tia had a date 6 months ago. Tia seems to have fixated on him and does seem to be in the same place as 6 months ago. I think if she had been more casual and realized that she should also wait and see how or if the two of them connected, there may have been a chance,…but Colton needs space after his break-up with Becca. After all, it would not have seemed genuine if he was able to jump quickly into a new relationship with Tia that easily. Ali, did you watch the episode where Tia tells Becca she still has feelings for Colton>?,..curious to hear your thoughts. I think I like Crystal in BIP,…wondered why no one has mentioned her in the comments.

  48. The editing was kinda obvious this episode. They kept going back and forth on Tia gushing about Colton, and then flash to Colton playing football with Angela or Colton telling the guys he doesn’t know what he wants with Tia and he wants to be open. Well when Tia was gushing she was in a red bikini, just back from her 1:1 date with Colton. But when they flashed to Colton, he was wearing the white shirt he wore to the rose ceremony. So they made it seem like Tia’s gushing was happening at the same time as Colton was flirting with Angela or having doubts with the guys when really those were two separate days.

  49. I am a HUGE Tia fan, and I couldn’t agree with you more about Colton. I feel he’s being completely honest and there is no reason why he can’t keep his options open as he told Tia to do the same. I’ve always been a huge fan of Colton and i would have loved to see him and Tia together but I think it just doesn’t seem like they had a connection and he saw that!
    Anyway. Love your blog Ali!

  50. Team Colton all the way. He deserves so much better then this clingy, insecure Tia. She needs to get the message let him go and move on. Not every love story ends with a happy ending. He will find his girl, it is just not Tia. She is so desperate for a guy she would date any guy. She jumped from Colton to Chris so easy, back to Colton, then back to Chris again wtf. No men wants an easy woman like that.

  51. I agree with you about Colten. I was not a fan of him at all last season but I’m really feeling for him now. Just because Tia is sure/in love doesn’t mean he has to be. That whole last conversation with them at the first rose ceremony was so cringy. I also thought it was interesting how everyone kept saying he was leading her on when he did the exact opposite for the rose ceremony. Most guys (or girls) would have said whatever to make themselves safe. He didn’t. He continued to tell her to go date other people.

  52. Awww. WHY don’t the guys gather around a brother who is hurting? Why do they leave him alone on the beach in pain??! That to me says alot for the crowd (unless it’s production telling them what to do).

    MEN, take care of each other. WOMEN, same for you.

    I’ve been watching Love Island UK (2017 season) and been so impressed with how the men and women (or boys and girls, as they refer themselves to ;)) team up IMMEDIATELY with anyone who needs support. That’s how life should be. : )

  53. Totally agree! I wanted to reach through the TV and give Colton a hug. I hate how this show (Bachelor franchise) manipulates people’s emotions, like bringing Becca on. Not cool!!

  54. How did you all feel when Tia said no one would give him a rose of she didn’t there for it is in his best interest to give her what she wants. I’m glad he called her out on that almost black mail tactic.

  55. I find it ironic that Tia is holding on to Chris in case things don’t pan out with Colton, just as she is accusing Colton of doing with her!!

    Grow up Tia. As much as Becca claims what you said has no affect on her decision, it had to have some impact. It was too convenient. You leave Colton alone and give him his own chance.

  56. I feel that only now we can see how genuine Colton is, and he is hurt. The other guys are totally intimidated by him, since he is a great and attractive guy. They say that he is not ready to date etc..but the bachelors and the bachelorettes are usually very hurt and in love when they move on and start their seasons, for example Jojo and Becca were very much in love in their he deserves the option to explore and be on this show.

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