Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

So many couples! I love that I can break my post up by couples now. It means paradise is doing it’s thang! Not every couple survived and I am soooo shocked by who went home last night, but let’s discuss!

Kendall and Joe

What happened between Kendall and Joe was absolutely heartbreaking. I cried while watching it. It truly affected me in a way that almost seems silly because I’m just watching a TV show about other peoples lives. But I really felt their heartbreak. More so than other break ups on the show. Much more so. I think we’ve all known all along that Kendall wasn’t into it as much as Joe was. I honestly think she truly wishes she was in love with him but she’s just not. And I know at the end she kept saying if he had opened up to her earlier maybe things would’ve been different. I honestly don’t think they would have. I think she has known where Joe has stood all along and she just can’t get to the same place even though she wants to. My heart breaks for both of them. They’re both incredible people and I really hope they’ve connected after Paradise and somehow realized they’re absolutely perfect for each other! I can’t wait to see the reunion episode and see if they are together. I just ADORE them!

Kevin and Astrid

This was a huge shock to me! Anybody else?! I for sure thought these two would be getting engaged at the end of paradise. In fact, they were the only ones that I was super sure about. Well them and maybe Jenna and Jordan. As much as I like Kevin, I think he really messed up here. He should’ve been more upfront with her much earlier in the process if he was having doubts. He knows the point of paradise and he knows that in the end the expectation is that you get engaged if you fall in love with someone. If he felt overwhelmed by that, he should’ve been more vocal about it throughout. And you don’t have to get engaged! I guess what blows my mind the most is that he didn’t even want to see where they could go outside of Paradise and I wonder why. Was he afraid that she would be expecting an engagement and angry if she didn’t get one? I don’t really know what to think. I just think he really messed up and that stinks because I really like him as a person.

Kamil and Annalise

Kamil keeps shocking me. I keep thinking that there’s no way that they’re going to keep moving forward in the relationship and then he totally surprises me by wanting to move forward with Annalise. My gut says there’s no way these two are getting engaged, but then again he keeps throwing curve balls. So maybe they’ll be the only couple to get engaged, who knows! Ha! But I just had to think this was a paradise relationship and probably won’t go on much longer once the show is over.

Chris and Krystal

I’m not sure what to think about these two. They seem to have found companionship in one another, but is it love? I don’t know. Only they know that. Actually, maybe they don’t even know that. In places like Paradise you can definitely mistake lust for love. The real test for these couples will be when they leave paradise. I will say however, I do feel bad for both of them. Since they were both kind of villains on the seasons they were on, I don’t think people are going to rally behind them as a couple. But I guess the best way to know that is to ask you guys. Do you like them as a couple? Are you happy to see them together and hope they get engaged? I’m not totally feeling them but maybe many of you are.

Jenna and Jordan

Why are Jenna and Jordan so stinking cute! It’s funny, because when watching Jordan on the Bachelorette I wondered to myself many times, who’s going to end up with that guy?! Even though I totally loved him on Becca’s season I just couldn’t imagine what kind of girl he would end up with. But now that I see him and Jenna together, I feel like they are the absolute perfect match! They’re both a little crazy and over-the-top, but deep down really sweet people. It melted my heart when Jordan said “I didn’t think I’d find my Jenna” or something along those lines. I think for sure these two are getting engaged and I can’t wait!!! I REALLY think they need their own reality show. I hope someone gives them one. I would watch EVERY episode! Do you think these two will get engaged?

I am kind of ridiculously excited for part two of the finale tomorrow night. And the fact that we get to see where the couples are now is even more exciting. This has been my favorite season of Bachelor in Paradise yet and I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow night with all of you! Let me know who you predict will get engaged! My predication is Jenna and Jordan for sure! Kamil and Annalise won’t and I am soooo up in the air about Krystal and Chris. It could go either way. Let’s discuss in the comments below.

And sorry I have been soooo slacking with my blog. I only did one fashion post in the last week. But it’s for the BEST tunic for fall (good for covering your butt while wearing leggings) and it’s on sale for only $27!!!! It comes in a bunch of colors. I have pictures of me wearing it in blush and white so I will post pictures of both below!

35 Thoughts

35 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part 1

  1. I look forward to this blog post EVERY week because no one I know watches and I NEED to see what other people are thinking lol!!

    But I LOVE Jordan and Jenna and will be so upset if they don’t get engaged. I feel as though Jordan speaks from his heart and is so in love with Jenna it’s crazy. I smile each time I see them on the show.

    I really hope Annalise does not get engaged. I feel like she’s forcing it way too much!!

  2. I could not believe Kevin!!! I’m really disappointed in how he handled things.

    I LOVE Jordan and Jenna too! Jordan has really impressed me with how he’s handled Jenna’s mini-breakdowns and insecurities. I don’t think most guys his age have the maturity to stay that calm and be as comforting in those situations.

    1. I listened to Jordan on a recent podcast and learned so much about him. There is so much more to him than what is portrayed of him on this franchise. I have watched the finale so I won’t go into too much detail for a few days and will them come back and update my post

  3. Last night was a huge stunner. While I never really expected it, I was really hoping for Kendall and Joe to try things out. She is pretty “deep” and seems to be an “over thinker” where he appears so chill and matter of fact. I think he would have been great for her in the long run. Chill her the heck out…. Kevin. Hmmm. I think bringing Ashley on really upset his progress. Had that not happened, he may have been able to move forward. The rest of them? Yikes. All a toss up! I think your comments about a reality show with Jenna and Jordan are SPOT ON!!! Even my husband loves hearing Jordan’s comments! Tonight should be fun! Well, maybe….. 🤨

  4. I never once saw it in Kendall’s or Kamil’s eyes that they were truly into their significant other. I think Kendall really wishes it were Joe but it’s just not happening. That “spark” or “physical attraction” or “deep connection” is missing. SOMETHING IS MISSING . And I think Kamil is just stringing poor Annaliese along. She’s always the one all over him and I don’t ever see him reciprocate, which then shocked me when he told her last night that she had all the qualities he was looking for and it was her! This is my first season to watch BIP and I am totally obsessed with these people’s love lives! 😂😂

  5. First off I just want to say I love gour blog. 😊
    I LOVE Jordan and Jenna together. I think they are perfect for each other and both just so honest in a real way. I really hope they get engaged.
    I am totally 50/50 on Krystal and Chris but I’m hoping it’s real love and that it works out for them.
    And I hope Annalise doesn’t get engaged. From this season I think she’s a total stage 5 clinger and just wants love so bad that she would force it with anyone.
    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  6. Jordan and Jenna for sure. When their love story bloomed, it was obvious Jordan was smitten and fell for Jenna that he tried to pursue her despite the challenges and obstacles along the way. That’s the point of a relationship, never give up! 🙂

    My husband and I never liked Jordan in the beginning because of his sudden anger but I guess he toned down because of his love for Jenna. Jordan also knows how to handle Jenna’s emotions and to affirm her of what is to come between them.

    Other relationships are bland and I do not think they will be able to go out of Paradise together. But who knows?

  7. I was waiting to read your thoughts Ali, love your blog so much!!
    I agree about Kendal and Joe, and although it was so sad to see them separating, I felt through all the season that Joe deserves better. I like Kendall but she is always so focused on herself that she doesn’t notice him, and I loved that he was able to express his feelings. Maybe she will get what she lost and will see him in a different light.
    Kevin and Astrid – he did express to her previously his fears insecurities and the baggage of the past relationships, so it wasn’t a surprise to me, since he was traumatized by being in the same position and it backfire. I think that he was just experiencing a panic attack. So if Astrid was more supportive towards his meltdown, I think he would come around. All that she had to say that they don’t have to go to fantasy suite and get engage, leave paradise together and see how their relationship work in the real world. So I think they will be the couple that get engaged in the reunion 🙂
    Jenna and Jordan are adorable and I love to see other side of Jordan, they are the most romantic couple there.

  8. I definitely agree with what you said about Joe & Kendall. I really would have loved for them to work out because they really do seem great together, but there were times that I felt that Joe deserved someone better.

    Krystal & Chris both kind of just weird me out haha. So if it works for them, great. If not, it really wouldn’t make any difference to me.

    With Kamil & Annalise….I really hope they don’t get engaged. Simply because I really don’t think they’re on the same page. Annalise is clearly all in (although I feel like she was all in with every guy she was attracted to this summer) while you can tell that Kamil doesn’t feel the same. I think he definitely likes her, but he’s not as far along in his feelings for her. I think they’d be better off just dating in the real world & see where that takes them.

    Jordan & Jenna are awesome! I totally agree with you that they need their own show! That would be amazing. I’ve always enjoyed watching Jordan, but then got a little iffy on him after his “anger episode”. But now that he seems to be past that, I really like him. I think Jenna brings out the best in him & truly makes him a better person. I think they’re the perfect fit for each other.

    I was devastated when Kevin & Astrid broke up. I love them & think they are so good together! While I do think Kevin should have brought up some of his concerns a little sooner, it wasn’t a total surprise since I know he has talked about some of his feelings like this in the past. I think having Ashley & Jarrod show up really messed with his head & made him feel anxious. I think if after he had his talk with Astrid, if she would have then suggested just leaving together & trying to figure out stuff together outside of BIP, then they would have stayed together. I hope they’re the ones that get engaged at the reunion because I really do love them together!

  9. I’m so rooting for Jordan and Jenna! I never liked Jordan until I saw him with Jenna! I’m still not a fan of Chris and Krystal. I just kind of feel like early on they agreed to stay together for air time. And I also thought Kevin and Astrid was the FOR SURE couple. I’m completely blindsided lol

  10. Hey Ali! I was wondering if you could do a blog post on cute outfits to wear during a newborn shoot that would hide your belly! You always post the best sweaters and tunics! Maybe a fall themed post?! Thanks so much! Love your blog😍 Best, Leslie

  11. I was really rooting for Kevin and Astrid! Kevin messed that up.

    On a positive note I love Jenna and Jordan. I love how that day Tia and Colton went home and Jenna was sobbing and even at the engagement shoot how Jordan talked to her and really made her feel better. He can be so sweet. They are so stickin’ cute 🙂

    As for the other to couples. I feel Annalise is leaps ahead of Kamil and Krystal and Kris aren’t my favorite, but I’m interested to see what happens.

  12. This episode was absolutely heartbreaking. I think because Kevin and Kendall both seemed so unsure about their decisions, and heartbroken themselves, it felt like there wasn’t any closure for these couples. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they both will be reunited tonight! But only if they are REALLY sure this time, because Astrid and Joe deserve better…

    I feel kind of meh towards Chris and Krystal. I’ve really hated Chris’s behaviour on this season, but on the other hand, everyone has to end up with someone, and I’m happy they’re happy I guess.

  13. The Jordan on Becca’s show and the Jordan that transformed on BIP, is astounding. It just goes to show what a good woman will do!! I see a future for the two. As for the others…..meh.. I do hope that Kevin and Astrid will give their relationship a second shot off camera. As for Kamil and Annalise…she looks desperate for a relationship and I just don’t think he’s into her. His body language tells all.

  14. First of all I’m so glad you got to post before the final episode, because tonight it going to be huge!
    I feel like the show keeps eluding to hesitation with Kemil because he and Annalise won’t make it to the end, even though I think they’re super cute.
    As for Chris and Krystal they have really surprised me. I hope they last, but I’m not sure if I see it in the real world. I hope so but I’m just not sure.
    Kevin and Astrid surprised the heck outta me, although it all seemed like it was going too well, too good to be true.
    I’m so bummed for Joe and Kendell, i think they make the cutest couple, but I think Kendell is scared of being happy. I hope they do find their way back to each other.
    Jenna and Jordan, I can’t even with these two. They are absolutely adorable together. They are the kinda couple that are so cute they make me sick. I hope they get engaged and a show of their own would be awesome!!

  15. Have you seen Reality Steve’s post about Jenna? I loved Jenna and Jordan together and I wasn’t a Jordan fan before, but he won me over. Jenna however just lost all respect if what Reality Steve said is true…

  16. This part one episode was so sad especially for Paradise! I’m really looking forward to tonight to see how everyone ends up. I definitely think Jenna and Jordan will get engaged but the other two don’t seem to be quite as far along as they are. I can’t wait to see who is still together at the end!


  17. I feel awful saying this but Annalise kind of annoys me while I watch the show. She’s just too much, or trying to hard, seems needy… I’m not even sure exactly what it is but something with her just doesn’t sit right with me!

    Also; I disliked Krystal on the bachelor and I love her on bachelor and paradise! I love how she really (at least in my mind) made a comeback and she is more genuine, all the girls seem to enjoy her company. She seems like a totally different person!

  18. BIP made me loooooove Jordan. It showed how good of a guy he is to Jenna and he’s actually good friends with good advice to other fellow male contestants. And honestly hes funny AF. Very direct but what he says is so true. I melted when Jenna said something like if i go on a date with you jordan will pell ur skin off and cook it.
    I lost respect for Kevin. Thats all i have to say about that.
    Kendall will probably date a bunch of guys that will break her heart and not treat her 1/4 as good as Joe treated her, and realizer in her later years Joe is the one that got away. To Joe, i truly hope you find your person. You truly deserve it.

  19. I was COMPLETELY shocked by Kevin last night. I thought Kevin and Astrid were a sure thing and it made me so sad. Their breakup coupled with Joe and Kendall made me text my sister: it’s official, love is dead. 😭
    I don’t even care for any of these other couples! But with all that being said, I can’t wait to see what happens on the show tonight!
    Love your blog!! 😍

  20. I totally agree !! I can’t believe how much I like jenna and Jordan they make me smile so hard !! They are adorable!! I hated Jordan on Becca’s season I thought he was so arrogance, but now he just makes me laugh!! I am super bummed about Joe & Kendall – hoping they get back together. Chris and Krystal, I agree again with you I am not sure about these two. Feel really bad for Astrid, but I don’t think Kevin was over Ashely 😞 can’t wait to see tonight

  21. I am really into this season of BIP and am taking these break ups to heart!
    Kendall and Joe’s separation mad me so sad for Joe, he is really a great guy and I think he deserves someone who adores him.
    As for Astrid and Kevin, I loved Astrid this season, she was one of the most down to earth girls on the show (her and Bibi!). She seemed to keep the other cast grounded and she gave great advice to the girls and some of the guys too! So naturally it was upsetting to me that she was hit with Kevin’s mental breakdown right at the end. She deserved her happy ending, and I hope they end up back together!

    I’m not a fan of Krystal…or Chris. Krystal seemed a lot better than when she was on Arie’s season, but still, she wasn’t my favorite. And Chris seems like a jerk, a jerk looking for his 5 seconds of fame :/

    Jordan and Jenna, let me first start by saying I LOVE THEM!! Jordan has really seemed to grow a lot since Becca’s season. He was hilarious all summer and he truly cares for Jenna. They just seem PERFECT for each other!! I hope to see them get engaged and their own show would be a huge bonus!

  22. Am I the only one who isn’t sure about Kamil? Didn’t we hear him tell the guys he wasn’t that into Annaliese? So he’s either acting like he’s all into her to stay in Paradise (who wouldn’t, right?) or he wasn’t honest with the guys. So if he’s bs’ing Annaliese, that’s totally not cool, and she has her head in Neil Lane’s jewelry store, nowhere else. She just keeps spinning their relationship into her own little fairy tale. It’s actually hard to watch them. If they do leave the show together, at the reunion after the finale, I would bet big money they are no longer a couple. If they are, I’m passing out!!

    Kevin (not my son, Kevin, thank God) was a huge disappointment last night. He was not fair to Astrid at all, but better to tell her before the fantasy suite, than IN the fantasy suite.

    I sincerely hope that Jordan and Jenna get engaged, are still together and live a happily ever after kind of life. Didn’t much care for him on Becca’s season, but he’s been the guy I’ve been rooting for the most on this season of Paradise. He’s really come into his own on Paradise, and he’s been a good friend to men and women alike. Except maybe Benoit, who was just looking for a Claire replacement.

    So…tonight we find out……very soon!!

  23. Hi Ali, I am on vacation in beautiful Croatia, so I didn’t see it tonight, but Krystal lives in my neighborhood in San Diego. I saw her a few weeks ago and will let you know if I see her with Chris soon. I don’t see them together, but who knows! Hugs to your sweet kiddies!

    1. I am I the only one who thinks Krystal and Chris are the only two who seem like genuinely into each other? I was always suspect of Jenna because she still kept going on dates with other dudes. I felt hesitation from her. But when you see Krystal and Chris… They both light up when they talk about one another. I felt like both of them stopped being fake. Krystal dropped her high pitched talking while Chris stopped being the tough guy goose. I am rooting for them the most.

  24. How true is reality Steve because I saw something sad supposedly from Jenna that they are just at doing this to further their careers etc. thought?

  25. I think Chris chickens out on Crystal, Jenna and Jordan have some weird thing going on like he ghosts her or something..? And instagram gave me the spoilers on Astrid & Kevin and Kendall & Joe. I haven’t watched the 2nd part of the finale yet but the teaser trailer hinted me a little. I was so happy for Kendall & Joe and Astrid & Kevin, I commented on their posts!! I told Kendall & Joe I think the last time I was this happy about bachelor in paradise couples was when Carly and Evan got together! It’s such a beautiful thing to watch amongst all the drama!

  26. Read Reality Steve….Jenna got called out bit another guy with texts to prove.. was using Jordan and claims she doesn’t love him or even like him. She’s a joke. Some people are great actors.

  27. I surprised myself by how much I actually ended up liking Jordan and loving Jordan and Jenna as a couple. I was so happy to see them get engaged and that they actually had set a wedding date.

    And now to find out that their engagement is broken and she cheated is soooo disappointing! I don’t even know them and I have real feelings about this!

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