Our New Bachelor….

Bachelor in Paradise was once again sooo good last night and we must discuss! But I want to start with discussing who ABC chose as the next Bachelor. If you don’t want to know or have somehow avoided the news on the internet (It’s been EVERYWHERE) then DON’T read any further! Because this will spoil it for you! I will put a picture below to keep you from reading further if you don’t want to. Ok here’s what I think…

The New Bachelor

Let’s talk Colton. I was completely shocked when I woke up this morning and found out that Colton is the next Bachelor. To be honest with you guys, up until this morning, I was pretty certain that Colton wasn’t going to be the next Bachelor. In fact, I had written a whole section for this blog post last night all about why he wasn’t going to be the next Bachelor. My thinking was that last week on the show we saw Raven warn Tia about Colton saying that his intentions were not true. If ABC wanted to set Colton up as the next Bachelor, I didn’t think they would have let us see footage of someone bashing his character or questioning his purpose for being on the show. I just really felt that if ABC was strongly considering him, that conversation between Tia and Raven would’ve been left on the cutting room floor. But it wasn’t and I’m so confused why.

And I personally am so torn about Colton. I like him but I’m not sure about ABC’s choice to make him the Bachelor. It’s almost like we can’t trust people on Bachelor in Paradise because they could be using the show as leverage to get more airtime to be the Bachelor. No offense to Nick Viall, because I really like Nick and consider him a friend, but I almost feel like ABC made a huge mistake by making him the Bachelor after he was on Bachelor in Paradise (Even though I think Nick had NO idea they would make him Bachelor after BIP). Because now every guy that ever goes into Paradise could potentially dump a girl at the last minute in the same fashion Colton did to Tia in hopes that ABC makes him the Bachelor. It’s going to hurt Bachelor in Paradise in the long run. I think we will see less long term couples from the show because of this. So I guess I am saying that for the sake of Bachelor in Paradise, I think ABC made a mistake in choosing Colton as the next Bachelor.

All that said, I hate to judge someone or make assumptions about someone without having real proof.  Don’t know for sure that Colton wanted to be the Bachelor all along. Maybe he didn’t. But I think from now on guys will use Bachelor in Paradise as an audition for the Bachelor and therefore be less likely to commit.

And I will support Colton as our new Bachelor. We are family in the Bachelor world and we try to support each other.

I’ll end this section of my blog by saying this. We all need to send Tia some love today. Poor thing. I can’t imagine how she is feeling. I know she congratulated him via tweet, but she must be hurting. So hop on Twitter and tweet her some love.

Forgive me for what I am sure are tons of typos above. I wrote this when I found out the news this morning with a toddler AND an infant on my lap. Not easy.

Now let’s chat about the show a bit…

Jared and Ashley

I totally cried watching Ashley and Jared getting engaged. I’ve met Ashley multiple times and she really is the sweetest girl. Their story is so beautiful when you sit back and think about it. But I also think that all the single people out there watching them need to be cautious of their story. You know that book and movie “He’s Just Not That Into You?” Well in it they talk about how these type of situations are the exceptions to the rule and not the rule. Meaning that if a guy isn’t into a girl in the beginning, but somehow ends up coming around and they get married – that situation is the exception to the rule. Whereas the rule is usually if he’s not into you at the beginning of a relationship, he will never be into you. So with that said, I just hope that any of you single women (or men!) out there watching the show don’t let their story give you false hope for a situation you’re going through. But then again, you could be the exception so I guess it’s kind of a crapshoot no-matter what way you look at it.

Kevin and Astrid

I’m so glad that the producers made the decision to give him the date card. It honestly would’ve been BS for them to give it to anybody else since he just had to watch his ex get engaged. He really needed that time with Astrid. And they said I love you! It felt very real and heartfelt. I’m very happy for the both of them. And let’s face it guys, Kevin’s are really just the best guys to date/marry anyway right?! OK OK, I’m a bit biased. But I definitely think we’ll be seeing an engagement with these two at the end of the season.

Kamil and Annalise

Kamil might be one of the most genuine honest people on the show. I think the way he handled the situation with Annalise and going on another date was the best way he could’ve possibly handled it. He is so honest with everything he says and he’s always make sure he’s completely transparent and I think he’s pretty dang awesome for that.

UPDATE: SO sorry! I wrote this after watching half the episode and forgot to update it after watching the whole thing (I write these blogs WHILE I’m watching). He was totally honest at first! But then started being deceiving when talking to Chelsea and some other people. He said they were “just friends.” Soooo not true. Such a bummer.


What else what else… John has proven to be quite the player. I think because he’s so dorky we don’t fault him for it, but I think he leads girls on more than anybody else on the show. It’s pretty messed up in my opinion.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll leave you guys with details on some of the things I posted to Instagram story this week that you guys have been DMing me about. Starting with the bandana I’ve been wearing.


The chairs in my kitchen that you’ve all been asking about…



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117 thoughts on “Our New Bachelor….

  1. I’ll admit….I’ve been checking your blog all morning, just to hear your thoughts on Colton.
    Now that you’ve posted, I have to say I kind of suspected ABC was going to name Colton as the next Bachelor, since they delayed the announcement somewhat (since the Bachelorette finale) and one of the other frontrunners (Blake or Jason) could have easily been announced already. So…I guess we’re in for an interesting season!

        1. I don’t think Colton knows what he wants. And The Bachelor isn’t the right platform for him to find love because of that. So bummed he was chosen. Jason was my pick hands down!

          1. I agree. I am so disappointed that he has been chosen and after all that happened with Tia (and Raven). He’s young and commitment-inexperienced (because I personally don’t think being a virgin is a huge deal) so how can he use this platform to make the greatest commitment of his life? He won’t. It’s a mistake. I feel bad for him and all of the girls.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote 100%. I like Colton too, but his intentions… who knows. Poor Tia. She seems like the sweetest girl with her head on straight. I know she’ll find what she’s looking for someday. I hate to see her go through this though.

    2. @Jamie. They haven’t announced the new Bachelor directly after the Bachelorette since Juan Pablo. They learned announcing so early was a big mistake. It’s been the norm over the past 5 years to announce soon before filming starts and near the end of BIP.

      With that being said, I’m conflicted on it being Colton. I’m not surprised they chose him, however I am very surprised they chose him considering his edit. They didn’t try hard enough to make us want him to be the next bachelorette.

      1. @Krystal… I 100% agree. I feel like they made us fall in love with Blake and Jason, but when it came to Colton, they didn’t spend a lot of time making him come across as lovable. Maybe he came across as more “marketable”???

    3. I know a lot of people from friends to my clients which are designers that will not watch this season or who know girls that applied for the show and are withdrawing now since it is Colton. I hate saying anything negative about people, but I will say this with only pure honesty, nobody wants their daughter or leading man on tv to be emotionally unstable and without a real job. He is very screwed up mentally in many ways and more importantly, he knew all along Tia wasn’t for him and he played her on Paradise. Jason was the top pick and then Blake thereafter. Jason has the looks, personality and a great job to support a family! That’s what parents want for their daughters. I won’t watch this season.

  2. I think ABC is trying to reinvent The Bachelor and shock their audience. I don’t think that necessarily is a good thing. I would have loved to see Jason to be the next bachelor. All I can say is it is going to be an interesting season, not sure I will watch the whole thing I maybe tune in to watch the last three episodes!

    1. I am hoping they stop the animal costume person. That to me screams the person wearing the costume is making a mockery of the whole show. I also think it might be more reasonable to cut from 4 to 2 and have more one-on-one time with the last 2 people.

    1. Hi Hannah, I loved Blake too and would have loved to see him as the bachelor but after seeing some of his recent tweets/Instagram posts recently it seems like he wasn’t sure he wanted to be.

    2. I think that Blake was way to in his head there towards the end and showed he didn’t have that maturity that you need to have. He was freaking out because Becca and Garret might have a stronger relationship and didn’t understand how his relationship might not be the “strongest one”….just my opinion:) I loved Blake but not not as a future bachelor. He wouldn’t be able to juggle those relationships.

    3. Am I the only one that DIDNT want Blake as the Bachelor?? I felt there was something really off about him? Clingy?

      I’m thrilled that they chose Colton.

      1. I thought Jason would have made an awesome bachelor. Very mature. Liked the way he handled himself. Especially at the Bachelors Tell All episode.

  3. I like Colton a ton, but I’m not sure he’s the right choice, ABC! I was routing for Jason!! Maybe ABC chose him because of his virgin status?? I’ll watch, but pretty unpleased!

    1. There’s a theory going around that they chose him because his views are similar to Sean Lowe and Sean has been the only successful bachelor thus far.

        1. People don’t count Jason because Molly wasn’t who he gave his final rose to. So it’s like it doesn’t count.
          Not to say that I don’t love Molly and Jason, they’re on my favorite couples.

      1. True, but Sean wasn’t a virgin. He and Catherine decided to wait until marriage, and he was celibate for a few years before, but he wasn’t a virgin.

  4. All I can say is, Tia is one strong lady. I know that we’re watching the show but it was taped earlier this summer. However, to just watch the episode you were dumped on and wake up to see your ex become the next Bachelor…. yikes! Something tells me he knew prior to BIP what the end goal was. If he didn’t publicly tie things up with Tia, then it would’ve been a lingering question throughout his season as the Bachelor. Those are my personal thoughts. Producers knew Tia was in paradise for Colton, and Colton knew it too. He was there for her as well, but it wasn’t to form a lasting romantic connection. You could just sense it from him. He was never “all in”.

    Also, I’m calling it now. Jordan and Jenna are going the distance. They will be the proposal at the end. He is SO smitten. As always, thank you Ali for your thoughts! My favorite blog to read!

    1. I agree with you. But don’t you also think Tia kind of made this into a bigger thing than it was? He said at the beginning he wasn’t sure and she kind of vilanized him for simply not being into her. So, he tried to force it and then realized nope I’m not into her. I don’t know. Just seemed like Tia needs to take a deep breath and enjoy her life and not try so hard.

      1. Thank you!! I was waiting for this comment lol. I never understood why people made Colton out to be the bad guy when he was open and honest from day 1, when Tia was the one that was going back and forth (ever since she gave Becca the go ahead to date Colton). I also don’t think he ended things with Tia just to be the Bachelor, he doesn’t seem like he was in to Tia that much from the start (seriously if a third party has to convince you to give this relationship a shot, you weren’t that in to her from the start) and when he realizes that it wasn’t going to happen, he ended it. If he really wanted to follow Nick’s footsteps I feel like he would have stuck it out for more air time. Especially if the producer was behind all of this, they would have convinced him to stay til the end because the shock value would be way bigger than ending it on a beach, even before the fantasy suite date. I for one am VERY excited for him to be the Bachelor, honestly haven’t been this excited since Sean’s season! #teamColton

  5. I think a lot of people are bashing Colton and Tia situation on paradise, but I think paradise was set up to give Colton and Tia the closure on the possibility of th as a couple. Now they can both move on to other things.

  6. Honestly I told my husband “I think Colton wants more tv time and wants to be the Bachelor”. Either it’s just for fame (I know you like Nick but honestly he’s not serious about love) or he’s homossexual and trying to find a girl that “will change him”. I’ve watched every season up until now but I am pretty sure I don’t want to see Colton continually play with women’s emotions. Tia dodged a bullet as far as I am concerned.

  7. All I can say is, Tia is one strong lady! My personal thoughts are that Colton knew all along what his end goal was. Producers knew Tia would only be in paradise for Colton, and Colton knew it too. He needed to wrap up his relationship with Tia publicly otherwise it would’ve been a lingering question throughout his season as the Bachelor. He was never “all in” and it was apparent. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but Tia literally just watched her break up air last night and then woke up to her ex becoming the Bachelor. I’ll tune in to his season but I’m a little worried about how ready he is for it. Hopefully he can pull it together and be “all in” for someone.

    Also, Jordan and Jenna are going the distance. He is SO smitten with her. They will be the proposal. Thanks again Ali for your thoughts.

  8. Totally not sure about Colton. I did feel terrible for him and cried during the scene of him in the car Leaving paradise.
    Now, about Kamil. He definitely is not totally honest because he keeps on telling the other girls that he and Annalise went on one date and are just friends?? What the heck….

  9. To be honest I knew Colton was going to be the next Bachelor as soon as he broke up with Tia and they got him on camera bawling his eyes out. As soon as he left and they said they would announce the next Bachelor the next day I just knew it was Colton. I was hoping to be wrong to be honest with you because I feel like Colton doesn’t really know what he wants right now and I was really hoping for Blake. But I will watch and support Colton because I’m addicted to this show. I just hope he finds happiness at the end.

    Poor Tia!! I’m sending her tons of love today. <3

    I'm on the fence with Camille. I mean you hear him say one thing to Annelise but then tells other girls that they are just friends then he goes and says something different to Annelise. I mean did I hear that wrong? He tells one girl that he wants to meet other people romantically then gives the rose to Annelise. I can't help but wonder if he's stringing her along. I really hope not because I love Annelise and thinks she really deserves love.

    Ashley and Jared were so cute and I'm so happy for them!

    Can't wait until tonight's episode!

  10. I think it’s great Colton is the bachelor. I haven’t seen any red flags from him (maybe I’m not seeing it). But even when he was ending things with Tia he was honest with his feelings and never lied to her. I’m not sure why Raven said those things about Colton. I don’t see how he can have bad intentions when he’s just following his heart trying to find love. Maybe they are leaving out some of the fishy things he’s done, but I overall have thought he’s a genuine guy. Doesn’t seem like he’s doing it all for fame to me. I think him as the bachelor is going to turn into a great season. My heart goes out to Tia though, that must be tough to watch!

    1. I agree! I love Colton! Following him on Instagram and he’s so sweet and generous. He loves kids and dogs and if he’s a fake, he’s got me fooled. I think he is young but I also think he was trying with Tia but it just wasn’t there. He was never disrespectful or hurtful to her. She really did become territorial right from the start with him and he never really had a chance to be Colton without Tia. I hope the best for her but sometimes a person just doesn’t feel it no matter how hard they try. I don’t fault him for that. I think the editing on last night’s Episode was done poorly though because it did seem like the breakup came out of nowhere. I truthfully didn’t see a connection with them from the start so it was inevitable they would break up. I truly think Colton knew he couldn’t be in paradise without giving everyone what they wanted and to try with Tia. It was either that, or be hated by everyone and go home. No one wants to be a Leo! 😂

  11. I feel they choose the bachelors and bachelorettes based on what will get the most attention. Now they have a story… Colten is a virgin. The drama with Tia. It’s all about ratings people!! It’s all premetitated and so obvious it’s kind of sad we all fall for it. They have the viewers in the palm of their greedy hands and laughing all the way to the bank. Lol personally I think Colton is possibly gay. But duh of course I’ll be watching!

    1. I was thinking Colton was gay. What’s next? LGBT bachelor/bachelorette? So, it is becoming a “soap opera.” Why can’t every season have all new characters? I’m done with this fake soap opera.

  12. What about all new fresh faces? Why do we need to recycle anyone? I think Colton is a hottie and a catch for any good girl but I think it would really shake things up to start anew.

  13. Kinda disappointed.. Colton seems confused and seems like he will be a big heart breaker :/ Don’t get me wrong he will be the perfect catch when he is caught finally. #teamblake

  14. I watched Ashley on bachelor in paradise in the past and felt she was a bully to Caila. Not sure I tbink she’s a nice girl. But I don’t know the full story.

    Agree about what you say about their pick of the new bachelor.

  15. I definitely agree something is fishy, I felt something fishy about him also when he was on the bachelorette, and bam the Tia bomb gets dropped… I think Colton really did love Becca, but I also think he is a fame seeker.. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but it’s so strange to me that him and tia were in such a good place and eating hot dogs then suddenly they break up and he initiates it..? fishy….. I wanted Blake to be the bachelor he is a good looking guy. (Colton reminds me of the jocks that picked on the geeks when I was in high school, sorry, not sorry for the stereotype) The breakup between Blake and Becca was dramatic, so I was convinced. I commented on bachelor ABCs instagram page and said “they were thinking with their head and not their heart” when they made this decision. Sorry this comment is kinda choppy 😂✌🏻💕

  16. I think Colton was the only person on BIP that could only date one person. His choice was try with Tia or leave. He never seemed that into her and I think he felt he should give it one more spot to see if there is anything so they could end this saga. I do feel bad for Tia but I don’t think he led her on. She posted something really nice about him this morning.
    I don’t know if he is the best choice in terms of really knowing what he wants, but I think he really is a good person – look at his feed and how much charity work he does and did before any Bachelor programs. I also agree with Ali in how the producers showed him in BIP was weird and kinda negative when you think they would want him to be in the best light. I also think that is too many shows. In the future, it should not be someone who goes from Bachelorette, to BIP to Bachelor.

    Now to hope they find some great girls for the season!

  17. My thought is that the producers told him if he broke it off with Tia on camera on BIP then they would make him bachelor. Thoughts?

  18. I like Kamil and I think he is respectful about Annaleise’s feelings. however, I just don’t think he is near as into her for the long term as she thinks he is. I think Shu felt shocked that he would choose Annaleise over her, because I feel like she is a little full of herself.
    Colton SHOULD NOT be the Bachelor. I agree that they played out the him and Tia role because they wanted to show this caring, sensative about the womans feelings side of Colton, and give their relationship closure in the public eye. I think they want to use his Football player Virgin status as the platform for his finding love. It is going to get so OLD if they keep on about him being a Virgin during his time as Bachelor, and saving himself etc. I too wonder if he struggles with sexuality. He admitted that he is always worried what other will think and feel so he never puts himself first.
    JOHN IS A MAJOR PLAYER! I told my husband that last night! WOW, this dude acts all geeky and shy and awkward while he uses that to his advantage with women.
    KEVIN IS A STUD! I have really grown to adore him this season. I hope he and Astrid work out long term. I think it was so crappy they made him watch Ashley’s proposal. They should have sent him off on his date during this time.

  19. We need a discount code for those bar stools!!! I NEED two for my new breakfast bar and they are just so $$$$!!! Also, chair talk–do you know the exact chair you have in your office. The link you posted in a previous blog took me to Wayfair chairs, but not the exact one!

  20. Woah is right. Boy, it’s going to be an extremely emotional bachelor season. I’m sorry. I have no problem with a man crying, but Colton seems to cry on a dime. And we’ve seen him cry numerous times! Aside from that, he’s seems to be easily persuaded into feelings, rather than just have them. Does that make sense? And then of course, how many women are going to be competing for him to lose his virginity to them? How many villains will they cast? Lol! I think this could be the EPIC meltdown season!

  21. Agree on Colton. I feel like we can’t judge him because we don’t know him, but i thought with all of the Tia drama and tears there was no way he would be the Bachelor. I hope it doesn’t make BIP “tryouts” for the next Bachelor too! I’m totally Team Jordan and Jenna, Kevin and Astrid, and i love Grocery Store Joe and i guess Kendell because that is who he wants but she hasn’t been great to him (however, always honest). John has totally been a player!!! Everyone just overlooks it because he is dorky, but holy moly he has madeout with everyone! Recently i read how the only Bachelor out of 22 or 23 seasons who has been successful is Sean Lowe. (i love him and Catherine) But, what a disappointing statistic! However, i know the reality of the show isn’t best suited probably for picking a future husband or wife. Of course I’ll always watch- been watching since the very first one! Still remember you walking out of the limo in a yellow dress! I feel old!

  22. From the footage ABC showed us of Colton, he doesn’t seem to know what he wants in a partner or that he’s really ready to settle down. I can totally see that being a totally false representation because hello reality tv, but in my opinion, the whole point of the franchise is to provide someone who is ready for a family to meet someone in an unconventional way because the normal way hasn’t been working for them. I don’t know if I’ll watch this season, but I’ll at least keep tabs on it

  23. I absolutely love Colton. He’s always been my favorite. He seems like a genuinely good guy who cares about people and most importantly kids. I think he will make a phenomenal bachelor.

  24. I have no issue with who Colton is as a person. I think he’s a really nice All-American guy (kind of like the Sean Lowe type). I don’t think he was given a fair chance to really branch out on paradise because Tia (and everyone else for some reason!!!) expected him to date her on paradise because of their “history” (which was really more of a friendship than a relationship, it seems). So on one hand, i’m happy he gets a fair shot at finding love as the bachelor. On the other hand, I feel like he is still pretty young and has some growing up to do. Just because he didn’t want Tia doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he wants… if it isn’t there, it isn’t there. But I still have a feeling he hasn’t had much experience in relationships to really pick a lifelong partner. As you can see i’m so torn and can see both sides 😂 so I guess it is what it is and who am I kidding, of course I’ll be watching!!!

    1. I hope so. When Becca was so brokenhearted, Bachelor Nation has rallied for her. Hope Tia will be the next one. She deserves it!

  25. I would like to say that a gy or girl could have intentions to be next bachelor or bachelorette just as much as on bip. they could play the game all the way to end, Colton took a gamble he could have put himself out there with Tia and not get picked, he seems genuine,

  26. I don’t believe that any choices or decisions the producers of this franchise make has anyone’s feeling or best interests at heart. In fact, quite the opposite. They take no prisoners! How we are supposed to believe that so soon after supposedly falling in love with Becca and the leading on of Tia makes Colton anywhere near the point where he will find a wife in the 3 months (if that) it takes to film a season. I anticipate watching Colton cry a lot and his virginity exploited. That said, I hope I’m wrong.

  27. I was hoping you would address the situation with ERIC last night! What was up with him telling Angela he was all in, then flipping a switch when Cassandra walked in, and then saying to Cassandra that Angela was just a friend?! And then he told Angela she must have mistaken what he meant and was surprised to hear her say that she thought being all in meant exclusive?! He really irritated me! I see what you mean about John, but also Chelsea was kinda doing the same thing as John. I get that it’s a weird situation to be in, but I was a little uncomfortable with Chelsea going to Kamil to tell him that Annalise wasn’t super into him, I felt like that was kind of backstabbing of her. Can’t wait for tonight!

    1. Just a little fun fact. I was at Santa Monica Pier the other night with my (adult, not a toddler, LOL) daughter and we saw Clay, Chris and Angela just walking around. My daughter thinks they just wanted to get noticed! And, let me tell you, Clay is FINE in person…..:)

  28. It should have been Jason…sigh… Sure Colton is very cute and sweet but I just don’t see him carrying a show. I knew last night when he left BIP that he would be the one though. And I think part of the reason he was so upset was because possibly the producers sent him on the show to try things with Tia even though he probably knew she wasn’t right for him. That way we could see that it wouldn’t work and then we would be rooting for him to truly find love on the Bachelor. Oh well, I wish him the best. Oh – and Kevin and Astrid are so great together…I hope it works out for them!

  29. Ali, Ali, Ali…….Kamil is the biggest (liar) story teller out there next to a Eric. He keeps leading Annalise on and telling everyone else they are just friends! WHAT? I was shocked last night but not as much as this morning with the Bachelor announcement.. what in the world? I think Colton has MANY other problems on MANY different levels. The first one is that he needs to be honest with himself. Period. I think Bachelor will be a disaster. I would not want to go on The Bachelor as a girl ……….he won’t commit..EVER!

    1. I totally agree with you that he is being deceiving. I am an idiot and forgot to update that part of my blog after watching the WHOLE episode. See my update above!

  30. Usually I think you’re right on in your assessment of people from this franchise but Kamil being an honest, genuine person? You can tell he is just NOT that into Annaliese, or not nearly as much as she’s into him. I don’t think he’s being transparent at all, I think he’s being incredibly shady! He’s telling her one thing and the rest of the girls another. Witness what he told Chelsea last night, how he and Annaliese are “friends” and went on “one date.” He’s the worst.

  31. Kevin and Astrid are just so lovely together!!! I love them so much! I’m so not thrilled with Colton as the Bachelor. They didnt evem show ANY of his interviews on BIP, so I feel like we don’t even know anything about him other than he cant make up his mind on anything. BIP felt like a platform…one that I would have better supported if they were gonna throw us a curveball make Joe the Bachelor. BiP would have given Joe more screen time to get the audience warmed up for him to carry an entire season. But Colton has been played out. Maybe they will give him a better edit this time? Maybe not. I’m already yawning.

  32. Colton should not be the the next Bachelor!!
    He is not ready to settle down, he is flighty and inexperienced. He needs about 10 years before he’s ready for marriage. Bad choice!!! Very disappointed, really can’t stand him.

  33. Ali I knew all along to Colton was gonna end up being the bachelor, my opinion of Colton is he needs time going to be the bachelor wasn’t the right choice for him I think he just wants all this attention he’s not ready to settle down he doesn’t know what he wants just as he told Tia what is how many months before bachelor starts us he gonna be ready I don’t think so , as far as the show goes my feeling it’s gonna be low rating just because everyone is getting sick seeing the same people and ones especially that create drama and hurt women . I know I can say I’ve watched every season I will not watch this season with Colton it’s gonna be fake I’m done with him already seen him ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!! MY heart goes out to Tia but I’m glad it ended this way she’s to good for him she does deserve better. I hope she finds that one that swipes her off her feet . Thanks Ali always love to hear your out put .
    I’m so glad you found your Prince and now with two precious babies . Hugs Ali 💕❤💕

  34. I think everyone needs to give Colton more credit. He was open and honest with Tia from the beginning. I don’t think he liked how negative she was most of the time. They need to focus more on the positives like the amazing charity work he does. He is a down to earth nice guy and very good looking. I’m happy for him and think he made the right decision in paradise.Can’t blame the guy for being honest with a woman and following his heart. He seems super sweet.

  35. Hello Ali,

    On a far shifted side note, Kevin mentioned on BIPs most recent episode that Ashley cheated on him. I’m not too sure as to the situation with that, but why is that not being talked about? Everyone loves the Ashley and Jared story, including myself, BUT, if it’s true, why is she not held accountable for her actions? Why is she not issuing an apology? She is portrayed as this sweet girl, and she probably is, and if your true love swoops in, isn’t it the honest thing to do to talk to the guy you were seeing in advance before anything moves forward with Jared? Why has all this been pushed under the rug?


    1. I read a story from Ashley earlier on regarding her Kevin/Jared situation. Jared approached her in the airport and kissed her when she was still with Kevin. She got really pissed at Jared and told him NOT COOL – I have waited for so long and now when I am in a good spot, with a great guy you decide you want me. She chose to give stay with Kevin, but said she just couldn’t stop thinking about Jared so she ended things with Kevin. It was a behind the back, intentionl cheating situation. She owned that in something I read and has always said what a great guy Kevin is and their break up was simply because she was so in love with Jared.

  36. First of all, I’m old enough to be his mother, but I think Colton is adorable! He’s cute as a button and so likable! He admits he hasn’t had much experience and that he’s not sure what he wants. I like Tia but I think she pushed too hard, she tried to convince him that it would work. I look forward to watching Colton on The Bachelor!

  37. I completely agree with you on the whole Colton situation and honestly don’t know if the new season of the bachelor will be worth the watch! But I just wanted to say Molly and Riley on you’re insta stories are the cutest! ❤️

  38. You can’t fault a guy for being in love with a girl and not THE girl that loves him!! Give him a chance! I like his honesty and his vulnerability

  39. I was shocked to see that Colton is the new Bachelor. I do like him, but I really wanted to see Jason as the new Bachelor. And I am so glad that Jordan (New Zealander) is finally on BIP. I wish they would’ve brought him in at the beginning!

  40. I agree with some others saying that Tia and Colton were only on Paradise for each other, however, I do think that Some of it felt forced. Colton was pretty upfront in that he wasn’t initially sure what he wanted but it felt like Tia and the others almost made it seem like he HAD to be with her and only her and if he wasn’t, then he’s the jerk. Nothing against Tia, just the vibe I got. Obviously I don’t know Colton’s end game goal either as far as becoming the Bachelor but in talking about people not going on there so they can’t dump someone right before, I think that initial situation should go to starting with Nick Viall bc he did the same thing (with Jen-I think that was her name) and dumped her and then conveniently became the Bachelor.

    I also think this season has been way too full of the guys pulling 180s on the females, which is fine on one hand, but DONT go and then blame them like Eric did last night. I liked Eric but what a sorry excuse of an explanation as to why he moved on to someone else.

    Sorry if I sound angry lol. I just needed a place to vent my thoughts 🙂

  41. Ugh! Can we talk about all the backlighting from the dudes in this
    show? This week’s winner – Eric. So gross.

    Colton is not the right person to be bachelor. I don’t think I’ll be watching.

    And finally, Jared treated Ashley like complete crap for so long. I think she deserves better.

  42. I knew they would make Colton the Bachelor. I wasn’t a huge fan of him on the Bachelorette but he really grew on me at the end and through watching him on Bachelor in Paradise. Don’t get me wrong – I was TOTALLY wanting Jason to be the Bachelor – I still think he’s WAY more ready to settle down than Colton but I really hope Colton finds love and will enjoy watching him. Him and Tia just were not a good fit from the beginning. EXACTLY what you were saying above…he NEVER seemed that into her. I knew it would never work. And did he dump her just to be the Bachelor? Maybe. But I think he knew it wasn’t right from the beginning. Love should be easy. Just my two cents.

  43. I don’t get Colton as the next bachelor at all! He seems too young. I actually liked him on Becca’s season but watching him BIP I just thought he seemed a little immature. I don’t think I would enjoy watching him, I was hoping for Jason. Seems like a weird choice. And I totally agree with your points about having the upcoming bachelor on BIP.

  44. Hi Ali! I love your blog! Thank you SO much for commenting on John’s actions! I thought I was the only one who noticed this. The entire show he has shown no real intentions with any girl yet lays on a couple lines at the cocktail party and for some unknown reason keeps staying…it’s terrible.

  45. Colton is super immature and doesn’t seem to know what he wants. Definitely wasn’t my first choice for the Bachelor!

  46. I don’t dislike Colton but honestly don’t think he is ready for the journey of being the Bachelor. I think he needs some more life experiences. In the scheme of things it is just a tv show.

  47. I think John is smart enough to know none of these women who he just met are THAT into him. They’re using him to get a rose and stick around. It’s mutually beneficial.

  48. I have a real problem with Colton becoming the next Bachelor. I feel like he has real issues with his sexuality (to put it mildly). I’m really not interested in watching him form non-lasting relationships. And good grief the amount of crying we’re going to see…from him. Ugh.

  49. Wasn’t surprised after last nights show that it is Colton. I think ABC is making a more risky move… he is the most controversial for various reasons… he seems like a sweet soul. I will be watching and will be shocked if he winds up engaged at the end.

  50. OMG, please no. There have been so many worthy guys that should have been picked before, Mr. No Personality, Colton. Really upset a whole season is about this Dude. Sorry, Bad choice:(

  51. I don’t think we should bash him for being honest . He has said multiple times that he didn’t want to be with tia but she kept forcing it leaving him feeling bad and just doing it . If he fell in live with another women ( beca) why would we all think he loved tia?
    Give em a break ,he seems to be a nice loving guy and to be honest he hasn’t played women like some say . He’s a virgin for god sakes 😂😂

  52. I wish the Bachelor/Bachelorette could get a new group of real people. I am tired of seeing the same people wanting to be famous characters. They all seem to be from the same circle.

  53. Look forward to reading your blog. Disappointed it’s Colton. I’d really like to see someone completely new! They used to do that. Some of their picks have been dreadful. Proposing in front of Kevin was just cruel.

  54. My first time visiting your blog and I absolutely love you Ali!. I read about half of the comments, but I’ll be late for work if I keep going. This could get addicting… here are my thoughts on why they piced Colton. Colton is a Virgin, he has genuine emotion, and he is very handsome. I think they are trying to reinvent the bachelor and this would be a first time that they have a bachelor male “Virgin”on the show and you never know what can happen. As far as Jason, I’ve been watching his social media and I feel like he thought he was going to be the next bachelor and for me, it seemed too presumptuous. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jason would make a great bachelor but I think they needed to Shake It Up. I don’t think Colton has the maturity to handle all the emotions and situations that he will face because he hasn’t had much experience. But we shall see….

  55. Here’s what I think (and this may be unpopular opinion, buuut…) I like Colton, I really do. Is he the right person for the bachelor gig? I don’t know, I’m afraid for him that they’ll just turn it into a whole virgin bachelor show because that wouldn’t be fair on him. Also, I think ABC’s decision had to do with all the drama with the men from last season being accused of this and that: Colton seems like a genuine, pure guy, so I think this way hey get to reinvent the show and clear what happened last season. As far as the whole Tia situation: I’ve been over that since the hometown dates episode on the bachelorette. As you mentioned for Jared and Ashley, it was clear from the get go Colton just wasn’t that much into her. And as you said, for every one exception (Jared and Ashley) there are 1000 rules. I mean, the girl was just after him non stop and he was not having. Could he have been clearer about it? Sure. But I don’t think their relationship would’ve lasted if he weren’t named the bachelor or that he dumped Tia in order to be the bachelor.

  56. I feel like Colton has been groomed this whole time to be the next Bachelor. The connection with Tia, while I was rooting for them, seemed forced from the start. Poor Tia!! But the rushed way it was all done seemed to me like it was sort of all planned out. Anyways, I was kind of mentally ready for him to be the next Bachelor so bring on the new season!!!

  57. Okay, I totally get Colton, and it angers me that people bash him… I to have once been in a relationship where it started off as friends and they had strong feelings for me even telling me they were in love with me, and because that person was one of the best people I knew I gave it a shot, I tried and tried 3 times… but it didnt feel right to me and pained me because I knew I would not have them in my life if I didnt try, and they are an amazing person… on that note, after breaking it off, it hurt but then I met the man of my dreams and am so happy with him and we have two beautiful kids… I say dont judge him for trying to make things work and then ending it because it didnt feel right. Ps I love Astrid and Kevin, Jordan and Jenna ❤

  58. I love Ashley and Jared, I have watch and rooted for them since the beginning, but I was a little annoyed with the producers. I wish that they would have sent Kevin on a date before the engagement. They did not need to make him watch his ex, especially and ex that caused as much pain as Ashley did, get engaged.

  59. So this might be a very unpopular thing to say, but I am wondering if Colton could be gay? NOT because he’s a virgin, but because he says things like “what is wrong with me?” He has said other things that lead me to think there is something deeper going on. Don’t bash me for saying that. I have nothing against gay people AT ALL… he just doesn’t seem to know who he is and he seems to always be having some internal struggle. His fear of intimacy is staggering – even his concerns about staying with Becca if he had a fantasy suite date. I’m sure not everyone in the fantasy suite is having sex all the time, but it is a time to share some sort of intimacy and he was afraid of it. I think there are red flags all over the place with him, actually more like sirens going off. I really feel for him!

  60. Ali I have a question for you! I thought the Colton/Tia breakup kind of came out of nowhere when it seemed things were going well. Do you think it’s possible the producers approached him in paradise and basically said “Look, we’re interested in you being the Bachelor. How serious is this Tia thing?”

    Also Ashley and Jared’s proposal was the best I’ve ever seen on this show. Probably because they really know each other and have been on more than like 4 dates. 😆

  61. I think they should have skipped a bachelor and done another bachelorette. Make Tia the next bachelorette. I think she is honestly looking for love and poor Colton was just not feeling it. I do hope he finds the girl of his dreams, just because he’s the hot guy next door type doesn’t mean he’s not looking for love. He seems genuine and so does Tia. A few others on there are very sketchy! Blake would have been a genuine choice as well, but maybe we will see him and Jason on the next BIP.

  62. While I don’t hate Colton, I’m really disappointed that they chose him to be the next Bachelor. For as long as we’ve been watching his “story” I’m just not that into it and I would much rather seen someone else have a shot at love. Really hoping I’m not bored next season.

    I totally agree with Lauren above…
    When I found out that Jared & Ashley finally got together I was ecstatic (group texts to my girlfriends with heart emojis galore), but I thought it was in really poor taste to have the proposal in paradise — ESPECIALLY in front of sweet, adorable Kevin (clearly I love him). To be honest, it seemed like one big publicity stunt and now has me questioning Jared’s intentions. Yup, I said it — sorry not sorry!

  63. Oh my goodness even though I read the blog I hadn’t watched the episode yet. I don’t have feelings one way or the other with the bachelor. But the Ashley and Jared display in front of Kevin was the max level of tacky for Ashley and Jared and the bachelor franchise to engage in, especially after she cheated on Kevin. So disappointed I wanted to root for them, not I’m not big fans. #teamkevinandastrid

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