The Bachelor – New Girls Shake Things Up

Happy Bachelor Monday everybody! There is SO much to discuss in tonight’s episode and I can’t help but start with chatting about the new girls! Let’s get right into it!

Normally in past seasons I would not have been okay with new women being introduced mid-season. I would’ve thought it was super unfair and I would’ve been on the side of the women who had been around for the past couple weeks. That said, I don’t feel that way this time around. Truthfully it’s because the majority of the women in this group have been pretty awful. I’m not saying they’re awful people, because they’re not. They’re put in a really hard and shitty situation by going on the show and sometimes it gets the best of you and sometimes they edit it to make you come across in a different way than you are. There’s so many things that could be going on. But just as a whole I’ve been super disappointed with this group. There are a few that stand out and are awesome, I’ll get to them! But for the most part I’d say the majority, meaning over 50%, are pretty nasty or at least acting that way.


So I’m gonna take this opportunity to once again give Katie another shout out for being absolutely awesome. Good for her for putting Victoria in her place when she continued to talk down on Sarah after she left. Katie is the only one that stepped up. At least the only that we have seen step up. I kind of believe that if more people that had put Victoria in her place it wouldn’t have been added it out. Victoria’s drama is welcome on the show in any shape or form. It creates ratings and the producers know that and so do the editors. So it leaves me to believe that Katie is the only one that showed any class when these horrible comments continually were made, and not only by Victoria. Victoria’s were just the harshest.

My Bachelorette Pick and Who I Think Matt Ends Up With

I’m almost positive we have never seen Bri negatively talk about Sarah or any of the new girls coming in. Nor do we even see her give a dirty look. That tells me one of two things. She’s a complete saint and never ever has even a resting face that could be edited as a nasty look. Or the editors and producers are keeping her out of the drama whether she wants to be a part of it or not because she either ends up with Matt or they want her to be the next Bachelorette. So I’m declaring it here now. Bri will either end up with Matt or be our next Bachelorette and I’d be pretty happy with either one of those outcomes.

I get why the girls are upset – it sucks to have new girls come in. Like truly truly truly blows! But at the end of the day the woman that really have good relationships with him aren’t going to react to that much because they’re confident in their relationship. Every season the women that throw the biggest fuss are the women that don’t have a connection with the lead at all yet. They know there’s probably a chance they’re going home because someone new came. Whereas if you have a great relationship you’re not as thrown by it because you know you’re gonna be around for a while to continue exploring it.

New and Shiny

Multiple girls talked about the new women as “new and shiny” stuff. And if that is something you’re concerned about, then you’re not ready to be in a relationship with him in the first place. A relationship is built on trust and if you think that he’s going to pick something new and shiny over you, your relationship is doomed from the start.

The new girls that got roses over the girls that have been around for a while is not because they are “new and shiny” but because Matt clearly wasn’t able to form any sort of relationship with the girls he sent home over a three week period. If he sees more of a connection with someone new than you after three weeks why would you want to be with that person anyway. I’m just trying to point out that many of the girls that are still around Matt never saw connection with from the very first night. You just can’t send everybody home the first night.

Group Date

First and foremost, oh my gosh the squirrel costumes and searching for the acorns had me laughing out loud. That was hilarious!

Anna and Brittany

Anna is no better than Victoria. But the thing is I honestly feel really bad for both of them. I truly believe that their mean girl mentality is directly related to their insecurities. They feel insecure with something in their lives and definitely with their connection with Matt so much so that they have to bring down others. I felt really bad for Brittany! You could tell that she was completely caught off guard and for someone to use a word like that about you is super damaging to your reputation. Because when somebody hears it once it’s something that will always follow you.


Michelle and Matt forever! I write these blogs as I watch the episode. After every date or rose ceremony I stop the show for a few minutes to write in the blog. So everything I wrote about Bri at the beginning was before I saw that date with Michelle. Now I’m pretty convinced that Michelle will either end up with Matt or be the Bachelorette. In fact, if I had to call her right now I would say Michelle ends up with Matt and Bri is our next Bachelorette based on editing. Their connection is just so incredible and undeniable. I found myself smiling ear to ear their entire date and just really pulling from them from the very get-go.

And this might seem weird to say but I always think every time I watch Matt kiss somebody it feels gross or something. Like I imagine him to be a bad kisser. Maybe it’s because he kisses with his eyes open sometimes. Ha! But he and Michelle kiss really well together. Like I found it super steamy and it just seem like they fit.

Also, I took the above photo from his Instagram. He posted this last Friday and I even commented that I thought he went rogue and that the producer’s were going to have him take it down. But it is still up as of right now!

Group Date Fight

I am so over the fighting dates. I think everybody’s over them. The contestants, the viewers, and quite clearly the Bachelor. Matt didn’t plan that date and I guarantee when he found out that it was happening he didn’t want it to happen. Given what little time they spent actually showing us the date I’m guessing the producers even realize it’s a tired thing. Let’s get rid of the physical, aggressive dates on the show once and for all. It’s so unnecessary.

Group Date After Party

Rachael said something perfect in the night portion of the group date. She said “If it’s really meant to be at the end, nothing can change that. Even 5 new girls showing up.” I love that she said that! Because it’s so so so true! There’s so much drama every season but rarely ever surrounding the person or even a few people to end up in the top two or three. That’s because those connections are strong enough that all the other little drama stuff doesn’t matter. So when these girls get so mad the new girls showed up, or are so mad that somebody pulled him away, you’re really just buying more time on the show and not going to end up with Matt.


Eff yes Katie!!!! I almost decided to swear there because I think she is so freaking amazing! This is my official petition and declaration to the world that I want to be best friends with this girl! You can tell she’s fiercely loyal and has an incredible head on her shoulders! I’m so proud of her not only for holding her ground and sticking to her morals to the women but telling Matt. He needs to know and he needs to step in. She’s tried her best to get the girls understand and she knows they’re not hearing her. She had no choice but to go to Matt and I’m so proud of her.

About Me This Week

Okay, a little bit about me this week. Well, I’ve been struggling to keep the kids occupied for sure. I actually did a blog post about some activities we’ve been doing with them that I got super quickly with my Walmart+ membership. I know I work with Walmart and they sponsored my blog but seriously you should check it out because I just find it so helpful. And this little arts and craft kit I got Molly has kept her really occupied especially we went outside and grab some nature items from outside to add to it.

I also did a few Amazon lives this week. In fact, the sweater that Sarah wore in last weeks episode was pretty expensive but I found one it looks exactly like it for only $24 and I did live about it here. It’s the sweater pictured above! I just love it and I love the version I found! I think her this is made of wool which is probably itchy and mine is so comfortable!

I also did a live about some basic pieces that I wear and love including my new version of a white tee. You guys know I wore white T-shirts all the time in California but now that I’m in the colder weather I need something similar but with long sleeves so I didn’t laugh about that as well.

What else, what else. We took the kids ice-skating and even visited a lake here in Nashville that was absolutely amazing. I posted pictures of both places to my Instagram!

Let’s Discuss

Okay, now let’s talk about everything! What did you guys think of the episode tonight? Are you happy that new girls arrived? Do you think the original girls have a right to be acting the way they are? Please say you don’t. Let’s discuss everything!

104 Thoughts

104 thoughts on “The Bachelor – New Girls Shake Things Up

  1. I’m honestly so turned off by the mean girls. I don’t even think it’s a good excuse for ratings. It’s so unattractive to me. It makes me not want to watch the show.

    I agree with you about Katie! Would love to be friends with her!

    1. Agree completely!! Victoria has (almost) made me not want to watch this season, and now Anna is just as bad if not worse. I’m just ready for them to go home.

    2. Jessica, I completely agree with you. Honestly I am really just watching next week to see Victoria and Anna be put in their place. If this continues, I’m done watching it. I’m so happy Katie said something. Imagine if she didn’t. How much longer would this go on for? This is messing with people’s mental health and I’m so disappointed in the show for not stepping in. Thank goodness for Katie!

      1. I am SO glad I’m not the only one feeling these feelings! I literally had tears in my eyes this episode watching the bullying and mean girls. I’m sick about it. This is gross & shame on the show for allowing this to go on. ABC needs to be better and do better!! In the world we live in today HOW is this ok?!

  2. I am OBSESSED with Katie. I’m not sure I see her with Matt, but agree that I would love to be best friends with her. I also thought Matt’s date with Michelle was super cute and their connection was refreshing! Ready for Victoria and Anna to go.

  3. First off I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I missed the first 1/2 hour because of a meeting so I missed Katie standing up to Victoria so I can wait to find that clip tomorrow. With that being said the way she stood up for the new girls during the group date was amazing AND the way she addressed it with Matt showed that it wasn’t for her benefit. She was doing it for her genuine concern for others. Secondly, LOVE Michelle! I agree they have to end up together. Their natural chemistry and similarities in what they are looking for in life is ridiculously obvious! She was a breathe of fresh air! Cant wait to see where it goes!!!

    1. My ONLY thought (I changed my mind since writing this. Ha!) that maybe Michelle and Matt aren’t together is that he posted a picture of them the other day and I thought for SURE it would be taken down but it’s wasn’t. And I feel like the Bachelor producers wouldn’t let him keep it up if they were together. Especially because he captioned it “Better Late then Never” Thoughts?

  4. I’m like you – I detest these “fighting” group dates. And I LOVE Michelle – I said to myself – she’s the one!!

    1. I hope this shows everyone what a woman of high morals and character should and shouldn’t do! Many young women watch this show. Hope they learn from it. Being mean is not becoming! . It’s very hard to watch as a woman, mom and teacher.

      Also the boxing/fighting dates need to go!

      1. The fighting dates are so unfair. They make the contestants feel belittled. I wouldn’t like that, of course the producers do. 😡

  5. I’m so tired of hearing that Rachael is racist (rumor started by a girl that claimed to go to high school with her). Except, she didn’t.. I however did. Honestly Rachael was a popular girl with popular friends. I was a total nerd. I wouldn’t say she went out of her way to be nice to me (it’s high school) but she was not a racist or even came close to being a “mean girl.” I hate this mean girl attitude in the show and in bachelor nation.

    1. I agree, but, it seems to be a little more worrying than a rumor 🙁 if Matt picks her, oh well. But she’s been linked through photos and Instagram to confederate flags, her town is notoriously racist (not that that’s proof but doesn’t help), posted both pro-police and Q Anon conspiracy content and has done a lot of cultural appropriation even after it’s become so obvious how bad it is. We’ll never really know what she’s truly like but there are a few more red flags than a rumor by some girl… Questionabke enough for me at least.

      1. I’m really tired of the confederate flag being automatically tied to racism. It’s a part of our history, and many people in the south fought for our freedoms and for the freedom of slavery. Yes, there are definitely some people that fly the flag for the wrong (and possibly racist) reasons. But many of them fly it because they’re proud of their heritage and history. Do your homework people and don’t be so quick to judge.

        1. ..but that’s a symbol of a “heritage” that enslaved other human beings and dehumanized, abused and killed for years and years and years.. Yes know history, but know it to do better. It’s not just a flag.

          1. Sorry, but for all the bashing of the mean girls mentality, which I 1000% abhor, I am seeing a bit of it in this particular post. Particularly by Bee, and even a little by Ali in her chosen response. To dehumanize someone as being a racist because of the community she is from, purported photos, or for being pro-Police (gasp) is unfair. And Ali?. While you didnt quite get on board, wouldn’t it have been better to respond that you prefer to give her the benefit of doubt and leave it at that?

            Despite that though, I do love reading your blog and think you give an honest an enlightening take on the show.

  6. Honestly by the time the fight date came all I could do was be mad at the show.. its been clear since clares season they are trying to keep things new and are just being straight up savage, knowing it’s real life it’s not fun to watch grown women bully like that , and then producers give them boxing gloves … might be my last season

  7. I agree with all of this!!! I honestly kept thinking to myself that it’s not the new girls’ fault that they showed up when they did, so why keep blaming them???

  8. Hi Ali! After watching this mean-girl themed episode and re-reading my comments on last week’s episode, I feel a little like a mean girl myself. I didn’t give Katie any credit, and I should have – she is a standout woman! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to recap the show, I enjoy your insight and positivity!

    1. Rachel I think it says a TON about you as a person to recognize this small mistake and do right!!!! I can tell you are a stand up human being JUST LIKE Katie 🙂

      1. 💕 Thank you, that means a lot! It’s so refreshing visiting your blog, FB group, and Instagram because you have built such a supportive community! Great recap!

  9. Katie is the best!! I would love to be friends with someone like that! Not with someone who bullies other people when they don’t know their situation at home.

  10. You know what Ali? I agree 100% with you about the nastiness of most of the girls and how it makes me feel!!! I feel like we tune into these shows to escape life as we know it, but there is so much ugliness on social media, not to mention human suffering everywhere you look, that it makes watching this PAINFUL. I was glad when they brought in new girls due to Michelle’s spirit!! You can tell she is a different human being than most! Minnesota nice!? Maybe…Matt seems like a genuinely nice man, with a Christian heart. There is no way you can root for any nasty girl to win his heart. Enough of these “classless, rude, mean girls” I pray the producers read your blog and pay attention. This show and it’s ugliness is not worthwhile entertainment. Ps. Katie does deserve a shout out!!! Well done.

    1. I think it’s VERY safe to say that Matt won’t end up with any of the girls who are being mean. I am confident there meanness comes from the insecurity of knowing that they don’t have much time left on the show because if their lack of connection with Matt. I always say this quote and I’ll say it again “Hurt People, Hurt People”

      1. Or maybe just opportunists who feel that any attempt to draw attention to themselves is a bigger better deal. They see no real future with him so seize the media buzz that presents!!! Just an ugly show lately!!! Producers, do better!

  11. I felt gross watching the episode tonight – from the mean girls to the fighting date it’s all just so disappointing. I couldn’t imagine being in this situation but it’s painful to watch grown women behave this way. Thankful for the gems like Katie!!

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head. It is SUCH a HARD situation. So while we have to hold these girls accountable but also cut them some slack.

  12. I had my top 3 picked out already and Michelle is making me question everything! I love Victoria for the drama but all love Katie calling her out on her BS.

  13. This is the first time I wanted to turn the show off. I have watched for years and this bullying behavior is horrible and is uncomfortable to watch. I can’t believe how almost everyone got wrapped up in it and felt like its ok to act that way. I might be done with show 🙁

  14. I agree with you! Major props to Katie for calling out the bullying! And I think Matt and Michelle are great together.

  15. Being a long term bachelor/bachelorette fan, I’m pretty disappointed in how things are being aired this season. There has always been a “villain” but I don’t remember the last time there has been this much mean girl attitude through most of the house. If this is where it’s at to get ratings, it’s time to figure out how to refresh the show. There is too much “mean” in our world to be displaying it for entertainment.

  16. Ali thank you so much for typing up these posts each week! I love reading these and hearing your perspective! I agree with your thoughts!

    I continue to be so impressed by Katie’s brave and kind hearted actions. She seems like she has a strong desire to show fairness, kindness and do what is right. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend!

  17. I’m so glad you noticed he kisses with his eyes open. It’s weird, right? I agree with you on Katie! So mature, when you don’t see a lot of that. It’s probably so easy to get caught up in talking crap about others, and it’s amazing she stood her ground. I would love to see her end up with him.. although I haven’t seen a connection yet. If not, she needs to be considered for the bachelorette!

    Aerie long sleeve henleys, you’ll love them!! I live in Michigan and am always searching for activities – it is hard with Covid but we do swim lessons, children’s museum, play dates and lots of amazon purchases – kinetic sand and magna tiles have been this winters lifesaver!!

  18. I love Katie don’t see a relationship nwithbher and Matt. Michelle nisncute And chemistry nisntuere but I think final pick is Rachel. Victoria and anna need to go I understand the girls being nipsey when new girls came in but it is their fault so don’t take it out in them how about taking bit out in producers

  19. Omgosh my favorite now is Michelle! They not only look great together but they just clicked! Ok everyone else can go home now! Lol Lost so much respect for Anna tonight! Billing is NEVER ok no matter how old you are! Pretty sure she just sent herself home! She can take Victoria with her! Mean girls are bad enough but grown women that bully are so much worse! SMH Canon next Monday! Can’t wait for next week’s show!

  20. Matt and Michelle for ever! But I’m all about Katie and her sticking up to that crazy lady Victoria! I can’t wait to see how this all turns out! I also love bri but I totally see Michelle with him in the end! The chemistry is in deniable.

  21. At first I was hey not fair but truely I thought about it and honestly the majority of the OG’s are brats. bring on the new girls. I love Michelle and Katie and I also love Abigail. Who knows. Loving it so far . I’m so glad Katie said something to Victoria. She is out of control..

  22. *I have never cared for the fighting dates.
    *I have no desire to watch mean people.
    *I love that Katie stood up to speak goodness.
    *I didn’t enjoy Matt’s kissing til Michelle. ‘Just appears to be a comfy match & a nice fit for both. 💋
    *Doesn’t matter if twenty MORE ladies are introduced … if it is meant to be, it will be! Be confident in yourself, be present & what will be, will be!
    Love well.

  23. I feel like with a Bachelor like Matt – who is clearly a man of integrity, kindness and certainly genuine – those self proclaimed OG girls were just not a good match! That is why the few girls with kind character stand out because he is certainly coming thru as America’s kindest Bachelor ever !! I know the ratings would be low with a vanilla cast of girls – but the mean girl mentality is dated and plain ugly.

  24. I agree with pretty much every single thing you said!

    Let me just say I want to meet the Bachelor intern or producer who came up with that squirrel themed date. I just imagine them all in a conference room and someone going, “I have an idea! We have the girls dress as squirrels, search for acorns, and paddle across a pond in a pumpkin!” Errrrr…. Heck yeah!!

  25. I agree with your comments! The meanness of the girls is making me uncomfortable. I really like Katie, and there seems to always be one girl that the bachelor can trust to tell him what’s really going on… and usually that girl ends up being friend zoned. I really like him with both Michelle and Bri. To be honest though, I am not feeling like we know Matt that well as the audience, and it’s weird that they don’t talk about Tyler C at all even though it was Tyler’s mom who encouraged him to apply and they are clearly attached at the hip in real life. The new girls add-in would usually bother me, but Michelle seems so genuine and Brittany seems like she will make the girls nervous (although I hate the type of gossip about her).

  26. I love that Katie told Matt about the girls being bullies. But most of all, I love how she did it. She didn’t throw names out there or single 1-2 out even though she could have. She just made a general statement of concern and didn’t have to throw anyone (or maybe she threw everyone) under the bus. I respect her for sure! The girls were soooo caddy!

  27. I really like Matt as the Bachelor but most of the girls are disappointing. They are very mean this season and it’s not ok. Katie is an absolute Gem! Good for her, they need more Katies! You’re right, the ones that will go far don’t get involved in the mean behaviours. It truly is sad that girls act like this to each other. Rating or not, it’s not ok to say the things a few of these ladies were saying! I really hope they watch this back and learn and reflect on their actions! 🙂

  28. I agree with you completely! It was HUGE that Katie told Matt about the bullying. She has put herself on the line with the “OG’s” by doing so… that might end up being tough on her in the end. Women can be brutal.

    Bri is a class act. At least the editing makes it seem so. Abigail as well. She seems to rise above the drama.

    So OVER Victoria. I know it’s mostly editing and production but she’s just yucky and there is zero chemistry between she and Matt. It’s a joke and I don’t think it’s helping the ratings.

    LOVE following you and your adorable family!

  29. When the new girls came in, I didn’t understand why the girls lost their minds. Yes, it seems unfair after you’ve been here doing it, and they haven’t. However, if it’s meant to be, new girls won’t change that.
    The girls being mean has reached a new level of petty. Victoria asking for an apology from Katie after she called Victoria out was insane!! It speaks to the level of immaturity that some of these girls have. I’m definitely over it, and I’m glad Katie said something to Matt.
    I definitely agree about Michelle! She seems super sweet and down to earth!
    Overall, I feel that the series is going downhill. Dates used to take up so much of the episode. Now, we are just watching the girls gossip and being rude. The drama has increased over the last several seasons. Having Claire as the bachelorette was supposed to “fix” that, but that was a hot mess too. I used to be excited about this show, but now, I don’t really care for it.

  30. I am so disappointed in how these girls portray female relationships. Women should NOT behave this way. Do they even realize how awful they look? I am totally turned off by it and hardy watch the show anymore because of it.
    At least Katie represented a mature female. The rest are just awful.

  31. I just watched the episode and it’s awful the way some of these girls are talking about the new girls that came in. It’s hard to watch and I’m hoping some of them leave soon so the experience can be more positive for the rest of them! Katie is definitely awesome how she’s trying to get the bullying to stop. Also loved the date with Michelle!!

  32. I’m honestly shocked the Bachelor franchise would let all of this bullying air. We already have such a huge issue with bullying women in general, it makes me disappointed to see this. I feel like most of the last two episodes were mostly the fighting and bullying instead of actual sweet moments with him and the girls. Absolutely love Matt and Michelle together! I’m also seeing Rachel as a front runner if not the winner. Hoping the drama/mean girls go away next episode. It’s hard to watch in my opinion.

  33. Last night’s episode was definitely my least favorite so far. I can’t stand it when the producers have group dates like boxing/wrestling. It’s totally unnecessary!
    Katie is awesome. I don’t see her with Matt, but she is definitely the most mature, level headed woman on the show.
    Michelle might be my favorite one so far. Her and Matt seemed to have instant chemistry. I’m rooting for her since she’s from my home state of MN!

  34. I totally agree with you. What Katie did showed what a good person she is. Anna seems worse that Victoria at this point. Spreading rumors can ruin a person’s reputation forever. She was also childish hiding Brittany’s acorn! A lot of these girls are very immature. My stand outs for Matt to find love are Bri, Michelle, Rachel snd Abigail.

  35. I have been a fan of this show for years but this season is literally making me cringe and it’s uncomfortable to watch. I can’t stand the mean girl mentality. Many are blaming ABC but they aren’t responsible for what comes out of the girls mouth. What they can do is use their editing to somehow turn this into a positive. They edit anything else so I’m holding out hope they will do the right thing. The season is still young so there is time for this to turn around… 🤞 fingers crossed

  36. These girls are ridiculous and mean. All the OG and Varsity comments are so gross to me. I’m sooooo glad Katie stepped up to try to quell the tension herself and then went to Matt when her efforts weren’t working. Normally, I don’t like to see ladies throw others u Der the bus, but Katie did it not to make herself look better, but to protect the girls being attacked. I would love to see Katie as the Bachelorette!!!!

  37. I find it hard to pay attention sometimes with all the unnecessary drama!! The true definition of mean girls is Victoria and maybe even Anna! I’m gonna say team Michelle all the way!! He does have a few good ones in the bunch. Much like any season, just gotta weed out the bad ones!! I do love Matt though and hope he finds what he’s looking for!! ❤️

  38. I’m about over this season and the show in general. They just want drama and I think they do things to create it. I can’t stand the mean girls and the fact they let it keep happening. Apparently this is the worst ratings season so I guess trying to get more drama but honesty it’s making me want to not watch at all

  39. I cringed watching last night’s episode. I’m not sure how these girls don’t realize that they’re mean-girl attitudes are SO unattractive. Victoria has to go, she came in hot and has been a full-on b*, just because she can. and then you have Anna… in my opinion, it almost looks like she’s trying to look cool to Victoria by portraying this bully look. The rumor she brought up was hateful and the fact she brought it up on group date in front of everyone, rather than pulling her aside, shows a lot about Anna and her intentions. Anna and Victoria are def feeding off each other. But another girl I noticed last night was MJ. She really started showing her true colors and I am NOT a fan of how she talks to and about others. This season is so petty.


  40. I cannot wait to show my daughters your kissing comment! I have been saying I think he is a bad kisser since the first episode…until Michelle. And I have all the feels about their chemistry in general. If I were a betting woman, this pairing works.

  41. I have never been so disappointed in the casting as I am this season. I feel like immaturity is playing a major role with these girls being so mean. Whatever the reason, I am not liking it. That being said, I LOVE Katie! I also loved the promo of Matt saying his responsibility is to make it a safe place for the women. *swoon*

    On a happier note, his connection with Michelle is undeniable! We saw more of his personality last night than we have gotten to yet. I’m so excited to see that relationship blossom.

  42. I think final 3 are going to be Rachel Bri and now Michelle. Then two Rachel and Michelle…not sure of the winner yet.
    Victoria and Anna need too goooooooo home!!!
    Yes. Yayyyy Katie, but she needs to be careful and watch for Victoria will ruin her as well.
    As for 5 girls coming in… well it sure was a twist did not see that happening. Love Michelle. Ryan too maybe will go alittle more weeks. As for Ms Puerto Rico….seriously, to go ona reality TV show to find love…. something for sure is wrong there. And is it Brittany…so sad she is going through all the bullying. Dont like this season and the bullying caddieness fake want to be there for Matt.
    This is my thinking. Have a good dayand rest of your week.

  43. Hands down Michelle is the one. She just has a calming and peaceful presence about her that I love! Just don’t know how that MN girl would be able to stay in MN if they end up together

  44. Every year there are “mean girls” but I have never seen a group of mean girls like this. I was honestly disgusted by these women’s behavior. You can get a bad edit, but you have to say the things for them to use them, you know? I almost turned the episode off because it’s so disheartening. For other women to use the words slut, whore, dumb hoe, and so many other slurs to describe another woman is hard to watch. Matt is such a class act and I feel that when he learns the extent of what’s been going on he definitely won’t put up with it! I’m hoping it’s all brought to light next week.

  45. I agree I absolutely love him and Michele together!! Their date was so awesome and they connected so well! I have read that she goes very very far. As for the next bachelorette I love Abigail! I am just really waiting for the day he sends Victoria home as I am ready for that drama to be done.

  46. Hey….
    Could you pls wait until the ep has aired on the west coast before dropping info about what’s happened? Not fun to know stuff beforehand. It kinda ruin the suspense & anticipation of watching the show, ya know? Thx much!!’

    1. Hi Abby
      I don’t get it – if you don’t visit the site on Monday til after you’l viewed the show, wouldn’t that keep you unspoiled?

      I LOVE getting the recap once I’ve watched the show on EST. I’d hate to have to wait 3 hours .

  47. This is the worst group of girls ever! There are always a few that we know are there for ratings. But there are just so many this season! There are very few of them that I like. KATIE is my favorite!!! I can’t even believe Victoria thinking everyone owes HER an apology! Like, seriously?!? She is delusional! I love Katie standing up to her and not even hesitating to say “you aren’t getting an apology”. This is a mess!

  48. Like you, I’m so disappointed in this seasons group of women (and honestly Peter’s group too). I feel like their mean girl, mob mentality drama really takes away the true meaning of this show which is for the viewers to watch relationships form and grow. I would really hate to see the producers reward the mean girls (notably Victoria, Anna, MJ, Serena C, Kit amongst) behavior with an invitation to Paradise so that they can stir up drama there. It’s unfortunate that these women (except Katie) has continued to stay silent and enabled Victoria and the other mean girls to ruin the experience and mood of the house. Ir was absolutely disgusting when Victoria took the crown off Miss PR Universes crown, or blatantly made the five new girls feel isolated in the house. I’m so glad that Katie stood up for Sarah and others, and addressed it with Matt. Let’s hope he nips it in the next episode and give the mean girls the boot! These “women” are so immature; if I were them, I would be confident in my relationship with Matt and would want him to explore his feelings before a commitment. I know this is a controversial thing to say (this is coming from a woman of color here) but I don’t think producers will cast another person of color as the next lead. So although Bri and Michelle would be great options, I hope they will pick Katie from this season (I don’t see any strong contender from Peter’s season). Thanks for your honest POV, Ali!

  49. I’m ready for Katie to be the Bachelorette. I agree that my top 3 are Bri, Michelle and Katie. She is just such a champion foe women and so comfortable with herself and I think we need that in a lead. She knows what she wants and she stands by it. She’s so comfortable in herself and she really defines “women supporting women”.

  50. I was really sorry to see Khaylah go last night, after the first week and their immediate chemistry on night one I thought for sure she’d be a front runner. I’m sad to see they didn’t get a one on one or really much screen time together at all. I really hope it’s just because their relationship didn’t develop and it wasn’t caused by all the drama.

    Michelle and Matt= love! Their date was the absolute best! I thought after Sarah left and how upset he was he’d end up spending the rest of the season “wondering what if” but after his date with Michelle I think he’s saying “Sarah who”. I really think she’ll be final 3!

    Katie for next Bachelorette!!! If it’s anyone but Katie I’ll be so sad! She has all the class, confidence, communication skills, and humor it takes to make a great bachelorette and I think she could be one of the best!

  51. As horrible as the mean girl, trash talk, slut shaming this season is, i feel like it’s opening up the conversation that it is NOT a good look. Making viewers really see how negative comments can completely transform a beautiful looking woman to a toxic person. We can all use this as a lesson to keep our mouth shut if we don’t have something nice to say. It’s most definitely stemmed from insecurities. We need to give ourselves more love and give other women more support.

  52. I am happy that the new girls arrived. They all seem really great. I don’t think the “OG’s” had a right to act this way. You should be nice to everyone, even if you can’t stand them. I just want the drama to stop so we can watch some romance. A lot of the good girls are barely having any screen time because of all this.

  53. I think Katie should be the next bachelorette if she’s not picked by Matt, which I don’t think she will be (they seem to be in the friends zone). She’s an appropriate age, and is very mature, well spoken, funny and fun loving. I think she’d make the perfect bachelorette end better than Bri because Bri is pretty young!

  54. Yep. Michelle and Matt forever. Two peas in a pod. And I still can’t figure out the Victoria thing. She looks pretty bad (I feel guilty saying that) on the show, but on her blog she looks very good. Is it all an act?

  55. I am so frustrated with the show, it feels so fake to me. Especially when Victoria is still there, she shouldn’t be. I love Katie as well, she is awesome!’

  56. I Started this season thinking it was such a great group of girls, and thought wow how refreshing! I was soooo wrong!!!! The way they are bullying is just ridiculous! I can’t believe nobody else is sticking up for Sarah, it just blows me away. Also, the way they treat the new girls that show up is ridiculous. while I understand it far from ideal for new women to join, they didn’t chose this, they have just a right as anyone else to find love with Matt! Plus, he knows how he is vibing with and no at this point.. Lastly, Victoria is disgusting and I find it so appalling the way she talks to people. I hope Matt calls her out at the women tell all or someone on the show, she needs to be called out and know that in the end bullying never wins.

  57. Ali, I love reading your blogs. I wasn’t a huge Katie fan at first, but now I am. What do you think about her bring the next Bachelorette? She would definitely not put up with drama. Either Bri or Michelle would make good bachelorettes also.

  58. It was incredibly disheartening to see last night’s episode. On the last After the Final Rose for Peter’s season, they addressed bullying and yet here they are showcasing it. It’s especially upsetting when there are really great conversations happening (Chelsea opening up about her hair, Michelle talking about connecting with her students after George Floyd’s murder and during the pandemic) and they’re barely getting air time.

    1. YES JENNY!! I agree. I was just thinking back to the AFTR where they addressed bullying, yet they keep the mean girls around for ratings. I’d much rather watch these important discussions and see the connections that are forming. I also wonder if they’d have a better success rate with the couples if the producers didn’t ask the lead to keep these people around. So much time is wasted on that nonsense.

  59. I think Bri has a lot of class and I can 100% see her with Matt in the end. Totally agree with all of you that Katie earned rock star status. Very mature and definitely best friend qualities!

  60. I thought this season started out so good but these last 2 episodes sucked. First of all, too much bullying…. the producers have to be forcing Matt to choose Victoria. Not enough of seeing each girl with Matt so you can see how the relationships develop. There should not be fighting and or wrestling dates. This episode was not enjoyable at all. Love Katie but
    I think it will be between Michelle, Bri, Rachel & Abigail.

  61. I really like Katie! She kinda reminds me of a mix between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jillian Harris! Maybe she will be the next Bachelorette? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  62. Oh my goodness 😱 I just finished the episode and my stomach is literally hurting watching those girls take each other down like that! I almost feel like I sound naive saying this… But how do these girls feel ok letting words like the ones they are speaking even come out of their mouths?! In front of a recording camera no less! I am so appalled and I’m sad that Katie was the only one (that we see at least) standing up for humanity. I really hope these girls have learned a good life lesson watching this back… wow.

  63. I had to stop watching the incessant bullying!! This episode was so hard to watch literally only part I needed to see was his date with Michelle. I can’t believe no other girls besides Katie said ANYTHING.. i don’t blame the girls but I really hope they address this from ABC .. it’s not ok. ABC brought on Rachel before, Kaitlyn too to discuss the severity of bullying online.. while they are literally encouraging or allowing this type of behavior to go on and to be aired..!

  64. Watching the girl drama is too taxing on me. I don’t need it in my life and it’s making me feel like it’s not worth watching anymore. I just want the love and respect to be shown more than anything. We need more love in this world, less drama and less fighting. I would’ve said I’m not going to fight my friends like that and stood up for what I believe in. Violence is not acceptable. Period!!

  65. Admittedly Never having been in love before, Matt is going to gave a really hard time defining real love and picking the best person for him
    No wonder five new women arrived…the original girls are immature and petty except Katie and Bri. The drama is so biting and boring-disgusting actually!
    Sadly I’m just watching the good clips only now

  66. I am on the verge of giving up watching this season. Out of the last 2 episodes I’ve watched maybe 30 minutes. The bullying and mean girls are too much. I get drama makes for good tv but not if you can’t watch it. I really don’t think the Bachelor franchise wants this to be what the show is now. They need to fix this or I’m done. The show should be empowering women not cutting them down. They are an example for others who may think it’s ok to be a bully, after all they show it on tv so it must be acceptable. I’m just disgusted with this season.

  67. I honestly wondered if the producers brought in more girls because Matt had mentioned he just doesn’t have a strong enough connection with anyone yet?! I saw a story where they had planned to bring these girls in all along but I kind of wonder if it isn’t because he wasn’t liking anyone.

    Hate the fighting dates! I was honestly hoping two (or all) of the girls would go in the ring and not fight just to kind of stand up for themselves and say they didn’t want to do something so petty. I hated seeing them punch each other in the face?! I mean, why?!

    Also, agree that Katie is the REAL queen!

  68. I am actually so mad a production and producers for allowing such bullying and life altering rumors to be aired. They do have control of the story and this is just horrible.
    They are there filming and asking questions that could make this better or worse.
    ABC had really made me mad this season.
    I’m not for it! Yes, the girls are the ones making these decisions and saying these things but this rumor didn’t have to be aired and a different storyline could have taken place. I’ve watched since season 2 and been a loyal fan but this is just heartbreaking.
    How can we take a stand and not allow ABC to air such awful storyline!
    They have to do something about this! Then they allow Victoria to go in Good Morning America to promote their show with more mean girl smile, laughs, and insincere apologies.
    This makes me sick.

  69. I definitely think that Michelle & Bri will be in Matt’s top 3. I had the same reaction you did watching their 1:1. Their connection was just so instant & effortless.

    I am sick of the fighting group dates too. I’m glad Matt put a stop to it early on. It was obvious he didn’t like it at all.

    I’m also over the producers keeping the “villains” around for ratings. I’ve been watching the show for so long, it just gets annoying. I know they’re not going to stick around, and it’s just irritating.

    Ali, I know you have to be diplomatic on a public blog. II do agree that Anna & Victoria are acting that way based on their own insecurities. However, I’ve learned in life that some people are just bad people. Anna is one of those people. Anyone who goes on national television and starts a vicious rumor about another woman is a bad person. She knows what she’s doing. I think she specifically told Victoria because she knew she’d spread it. Victoria is no better if she decides to run with it & spread that shit.

    Katie is amazing & I’d love to see her as the next bachelorette. I usually cringe when anyone goes to the lead about the other contestants, but in this case I think it’s necessary. I really hope that Matt sends Anna & Victoria home.

  70. Thoughts on Katie for the bachelorette? She is so confident and kind. I love your other choices too! I do think that Matt is also intrigued by Rachael and there’s definitely a one on one in her future

  71. I follow your Facebook stories… I just love the little personality Molly and Riley have!!! I also love all the helpful products you share. How can I find out more about the CBD oil for anxiety.

  72. It’s become apparent to me that far too much, especially the drama, is planned. Victoria, in particular, should have been gone before tonight and seemed to survive simply to create such drama. Every season there seems to be someone like her who is selected just for that purpose. I’ve watched both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, as well as Bachelor in Paradise, etc., but I don’t like the manipulation. Also, nice as Matt seems, he’s kind of boring so far, IMHO. If the show really wants to create some interest, please pick some interesting people, like Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall, for example.

  73. I want Katie to stick around but I don’t think she will. She doesn’t have the connection with Matt. I do hope she stick in the Bachelor franchise though, she’s the kind of class act we could use on this series!

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