The Bachelor – Will The Drama Ever End?

Welcome to my Bachelor blog today and happy Monday! I hope all of your weeks have started out great so far! You might have seen on my stories but I started my day sharing my bowl of breakfast pasta with Riley. Ha! Anyways, let’s get right into today’s episode because it was packed with so much drama!


Thank goodness MJ went home. I am so curious as to what she thinks watching all this back. I bet she’s tweeting about it somewhere – and I’m sure she’s blaming editing. While I don’t doubt she got a bad edit, I also fully believe all those things came out of her mouth. The short of it is it’s hard to make a really nice person look bad with a bad edit. And it’s easy to make a person who says shitty things look really really really shitty with a bad edit, if that makes sense. But regardless we heard her say things that were really mean and definitely bullying. So hopefully she’ll learn something by watching this back.

And I have to give Jessenia props for keeping her cool. I thought she was extremely poised and classy the entire time and I don’t think I could’ve been quite that calm and collected. So I have to give her a shout out because I think she showed a lot of grace and class.

Pieper Date

I am so so so so so confused by Pieper. Actually let me rephrase that, I’m so confused on how Matt feels about her. His actions make it seem like he feels so strongly about her. He randomly makes out with her on group dates and seemed very physical with her during there 1-on-1 date, but I just don’t know what it is and I can’t quite put my finger on it but something’s off. Some of you actually disagreed with me last week when I said I thought it was kind of inappropriate the way he went up and made out with her during the group date. I actually think a lot of you are right that it is romantic if they have a relationship. I guess we just haven’t really seen any sort of relationship and the fact that he was running up and making out with her when they hadn’t even had 1-on-1 date, yet just felt wrong to me.

And then on the date she tells him she’s falling in love with him and he doesn’t say it back even though he just said it back to Rachael on their date so that leads me to believe she’s definitely not on the same playing field is Rachael. So I don’t know. It’s weird because I feel like the way they talk they talk like good friends or brother and sister, but then they make out like rabbits! Ha! I kind of feel like based on what we saw tonight she’s gotta make it in the top four right? So I guess her, Michelle, Bree, and Rachael are my top four at this point. But I don’t know what it is, something is just telling me Matt isn’t as into her as he’s making it seem. I think he just really likes making out with her. Maybe she’s a good kisser? I could totally totally be wrong and I don’t know why I feel this way I just do. I’m curious how you guys feel. And there’s always the chance they edited out that he said he was falling for her too.

Group Date

I think because of Matt’s initial interactions with Bri she’s always just been in my top three list. But I’m starting to realize that we’re just not seeing any of her. The producers aren’t even choosing to show us her interviews. So it’s starting to make me think that not only is she probably not in the top two, but they have no interest in making her the Bachelorette, otherwise we’d be seeing so much more of her so we could fall in love with her. So I’ll be interested to see how the rest of her time of the show plays out.

I wrote the below in bold BEFORE Matt sent the date card asking them to come back

But it was so clear to me after the bowling competition that Matt seemed disappointed that the pink team won. Did anyone else see that? You could flat out see the disappointment on his face. Even said he felt bad that they couldn’t come to the after party. It’s got to be because Rachael and Bri are on that team. But then what about Michelle? She was on the pink team, so wouldn’t he be pumped about her? It just makes you think she’s not the one he thinks he’s going to end up with. So everything to me right now is narrowing things down to Rachael or maybe Bri if we start seeing more of her.

Okay, I was going to erase the above and start this paragraph over. You guys know I write my blogs as I’m watching the show. I basically take commercial breaks to write out my thoughts. But I decided to leave that part in because oh my gosh, now it’s even more obvious that he was disappointed with the girls that won the bowling competition. And I think it was so obvious to the producers and they probably felt like if they didn’t have those girls come back it was gonna be so obvious how upset Matt was.

And then we didn’t even get to see his time with the girls that came back to the date. Why? My only thought is they had to exclude all of the girls from the losing team otherwise if they showed some and not others it would’ve been weird and he probably flat out told Rachael or Bri that he’s in love with them or something. I don’t know. I just thought the whole situation was odd and there was some major editing behind the scenes.

Katie Date

As soon as Matt said they were pranking Tyler for Katie’s date, I knew she’d be going home. The producers probably set this all up for a date where he didn’t have to be that physically close to somebody. I bet before the date they said this is a date where you don’t really have to touch the girl or be romantic who do you want to take and he probably said Katie because he knew he wanted to send her home. I fully without a doubt believe he knew he was sending Katie home before the date even started.

Although I’m so sad she went home this way. I just love her so much and she’s been such a class act throughout this whole experience that I hate that it had to happen this way. Especially to validate the main things that Serena was saying about her. I think she is genuine and was there for genuine reasons, but there was just no connection with Matt and that’s fine. I think deep down she knows it too, but she was hopeful because she wants to fall in love.

Love you Katie! You’re the absolute best and I hope we see you on Bachelor in Paradise and much more in the Bachelor Franchise!


The Heather situation drives me crazy.  I’m sure she’s getting so much hate from so many people for being there. And while I am not gonna be one of the people that hates on her, because this is not her fault, but she just has no place there. Especially the producers bringing her in this late. For Chris Harrison to act like it was a surprise for her to be there is pretty funny. Of course he knew she was coming and of course she was quarantined way before she got there. I’ve mentioned this in past blog posts but Bachelor weeks are only 3 to 4 days. They’re not full weeks. So she was probably in quarantine in that hotel room for 3-4 days max. Maybe five days if we’re really stretching it. So the producers for sure had her quarantine before she even confronted Chris Harrison. Especially if she was going to interact with the gate guard with no mask on.

Some of you might think there is a chance Chris didn’t know, but he’s an executive producer on the show, of course he knew.

All that said, the girls have absolutely every right at this point to be so pissed if Matt gives Heather a rose. Sure two weeks into the process, come on you can’t claim a guy is yours, but after you’ve been dating him for a few weeks if he still just randomly welcomes in any pretty girl that walks in, yeah there is reason to be upset. So I have full confidence Heather will not be staying past next episode. I feel bad for her though. She was set up for a really bad situation.

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51 Thoughts

51 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Will The Drama Ever End?

  1. Omg, I thought the exact same thing. Matt looked sooooo disappointed that the pink team one. I kept waiting, I knew he was going to invite them to join.

    1. Love your insider thoughts Ali! Glad MJ is gone, and my thought is he ends up with Rachael. I ❤️ Them together. I’m a big fan of Katie but it was obvious he wasn’t into her.

    1. Ooooh, I really hope so. She gives me such Jillian Harris and Kaitlyn Bristowe vibes, so she’s obviously rock it!

      1. Yes!! Reality Steve confirmed in a few days ago. I agree with you though – I wish you didn’t leave that way, especially because it makes Serena look right and that bugs me!

  2. Totally agreed about Pieper! She’s super cute and he’s obviously got a base level physical attraction to her, but I basically view her as the type of guy Matt would flirt with at a bar and not someone he’d actually end up with. She seems too young acting compared to other front runners like Rachael or Bri, or even Abigail (who I loveeeeee! Abigail for Bachelorette!).

    1. I agree. I love Pieper but just don’t think she’s the right fit for him. I feel similarly about Kit. I love her but she is SO young and I would love to see both Pieper and Kit on BiP.

  3. I love reading your thoughts on the episodes! They always align with mine and it’s a bonus hearing your point of view from experience in the franchise!

  4. I was bored during Pieper’s date because I just felt like Matt wasn’t super into it. I think the physical chemistry is there but the emotional chemistry isn’t so he’s giving it more time to see if they can get there. Just my opinion, but I don’t think she’ll make the top 4. Rachael, Michelle, Serena P and Bri are my top 4. I think now that the drama is fizzling out, we’re going to see more Bri!

    1. I felt so uncomfortable watching the Heather addition play out. The entire situation should NOT have happened. It is so cringey. Disappointed Hannah B supported her friend showing up on the show. How had Heather be so naive this was going to go in her favour?

  5. Kind of off topic but I saw they are casting for seniors looking for love! That’s great! But then I tried to picture in my mind them making out on exciting dates and ….🤷‍♀️ I’m totally not against seniors because I am one ha ha!! Can’t wait to see!

      1. Oh!? But they showed it last night during The Bachelor show? That seems odd to me. But I’m sure you would know more than I would.

  6. I am in total agreement with you! Matt was definitely disappointed when the pink team won! I hate Katie had to leave but I believe this is just the beginning for her! Love her and hope she’s the next Bachelorette! I love how she always stood her ground and took up for others. So glad that MJ left – bye mean girls! Not sure why Serena was so mean to her except for.her own insecurities shining thru. Hoping that she’s one of the next to go.

  7. Don’t forget to include the code for the CBD items in your upcoming post. I’ve been meaning to try it and then I lose the information in your story! Thank you.

  8. Don’t forget to include the code for the CBD items in your upcoming blog. I keep meaning to try it and then I lose the code. Thank you.

  9. I totally had the same “something’s not right” feeling with Pieper. They are very physical but everything else seems very surface. I don’t think she’ll go much further. I 100% knew Katie wasn’t staying with that date as well. And you could tell that he was just focused on getting through it playfully and asked very generic questions on the dinner part of the date. The lack of connection was very obvious. Overall Matt is too easy of a read! I really love her though and do hope we see her again because I think she already has a strong following of people who would like to see her come back in some way! I think the producers really were shooting for the drama stars by adding Heather! I think they could have chosen someone more “realistically” ready for a serious relationship than her. Nothing against her, but it just wasn’t believable drama in my opinion. Just seemed like more fluff that could have been done without.

    Love reading your thoughts and insights!!

  10. Ummm, can I just ask why a 25 year old is driving a white mini van?!? Hahah Poor Heather, just the raw end of the deal all around 🙁

    1. I literally had the exact same though. I eventually figured it was either a rental car or one of the hotel’s vehicles that they loaned production to make it seem more “realistic” that Heather drove herself there.

  11. I agree that Rachael, Michelle and Bri are the obvious front-runners and the Pieper connection surprised me, too because it seems like it came out of nowhere. What surprises me more (and kind of bums me out) is that we haven’t seen more of Abigail this season after she got the first impression rose! I thought they had hit it off from the start and she’d be more of a front-runner for sure.

  12. I thought for sure the blue team was going to win simply based off the girls that were on that team.

    I totally get what you are saying about Pieper because I told my friend the exact same thing tonight. Something with their relationship just seems…off.

    I was also really bummed that Katie went home tonight and I’m very curious as to what MJ/Serena C/Victoria/Anna have to say after watching it back and seeing what Katie did wasn’t malicious by any means.

    My final thought…why in the world have we not seen more of Abigail? It seems very weird that she got the first impression rose but has not had a 1-on-1 date yet. I just really like her and want to see more of her.

  13. Do you think there is a chance that they just wanted to get Katie out of there to protect her from any negative drama coming her way? I heard rumors about her being the next bachelorette, but don’t know if that’s true? I knew instantly when that date started she would be going home!

    Also yes the Pieper date was almost cringy I felt like?! Something just felt off!!

  14. Hi Ali,
    I’m honestly getting bored & irritated with the formatting of the show. Maybe if they showed more of Matt’s conversation with Pieter & less of Heather’s stupid videos we’d have a better understanding of his feelings.

    I would’ve liked to see more of his group date conversations, although your explanation of the editing made sense. I find the competition group dates annoying. Time is such a commodity in this setting it seems unfair.

    As much as I LOVE Katie & was bummed to see her go, I knew he wasn’t super into her. I would love to see her on Paradise or as thr next Bachelorette.

    I’m annoyed that Heather is there too. I don’t think she deserves any hate for it. It’s not her fault they set it up this way. Why not just bring her in from the beginning?

    Michelle seems to be the best match for Matt, so I really hope she’s the one in the end.

    I just really wish we saw more of the connections he’s forming over all the drama. It gets old after awhile.

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    1. Hi Ali, Also know my comment was out of concern for you and others. There could be a benefit from the Care of option but from my experience & knowledge consulting a professional one on one can be more thorough. That’s all. Thank you.

  16. Love ur Bachelor blog updates and for the in scoops of what really happens behind the scenes that we the public didn’t know … we thought and u verified for us😊 Honestly over the years there is so much more drama on both the bachelor and bachelorette since your year !!! Nothing or no season was more romantic than Yours and Kevin’s❤️I am not just saying this because it’s you Ali!!! You saw the love you both had for each other each time you were together❤️ You guys are happily married with two beautiful children.. a true love story with a fairytale ending❤️❤️Wish there were more shows like yours and others like in the beginning !! They all seem so staged and so full of drama now😂

    1. What? Did you watch Ali’s season? Her pick was Roberto and that is not who she is married to! I do agree she has a beautiful family though with her love Kevin.

  17. He is so hard to read! It’s hard to figure out who the top women are and legitimately that he would end up marrying. I don’t think in this season it will work out. Michelle and Abigail are my favorites. But I’m not sure Matt knows who his favorites are. My boyfriend said last night, imagine being Katie? The other woman just got her own carnival and she got stuck in the back of some smelly spa telling someone to pinch a guys nipples hahaha

  18. I totally agree with you about Pieper. I don’t see any connection between them.
    As for the bowling, whenever the bachelor or bachelorette breaks the rules like that it’s usually because the person they are really into is on the losing team. After seeing that last night I am convinced it’s Rachael.
    As for Heather being there, it is a ridiculous ploy for drama by the producers which is annoying because they already did that by bringing in the other girls. Enough already. And enough with having more than 25 women per season.
    Katie for Bachelorette!!!!!

  19. Thought maybe they were bringing in Heather to consider her for the next Bachelorette. None of the current ladies are really standing out to me as the next Bachelorette.

  20. Hi Ali,
    I completely agree with you in regards to Pieper. There is something missing! They get along and I’m sure he’s attracted to her but there’s something missing. Katie is fantastic, and was the “Mother” of the house. I really hope she’s the next Bachelorette! There was just no “sexual” chemistry between them. Of course Chris knew Heather was there, I laughed when I saw his reaction. I also feel bad about that entire situation, it’s just not good for anyone!
    Also, in regards to your codes, do you know if the Homechef code is good in Canada?? Thanks! 🙂

  21. Ali, this is the first time I have ready your blog but it will not be the last!!! At one point I actually stood up and yelled “YES!” because I could not agree with you more!! Thanks for validating all of my crazy Bachelor ideas!! Especially about Heather!

  22. I really want to hear Serena C’s thoughts after she watches this back. In watching, its so obvious that she is insecure about her relationship with Matt and the lack of interaction from him and was just looking for a target for her insecurities and landed on Katie. Yes, Katie shook things up but I thought it was genuine the way she presented herself. Sometimes that did take away from time all the girls had with Matt but I think Katie (and hopefully some of the other girls) “had the idea in mind that if he wants to be with a bully, I don’t want to be with him.” I hope when Serena C re-watches she realizes why she attacked Katie and apologizes.

  23. Totally agree with you!! I have never really seen a good connection between Matt & Katie so I guessed she was going home. For a minute I thought he had brought Tyler there to meet Katie😬 but I’m so happy to hear she’s the next bachelorette!!

  24. Hi Ali,

    Love your blog! I agree on Pieper. There’s just something off. Also, I love Katie and love what a class act she’s been through this whole process! Really hope we see more of her in future shows. I’m so frustrated with this season mainly due to the producers. I get they have a challenge with it only being on one site but having 30 women to start and then bringing in more a few weeks in and now Heather! It’s adding so much drama that is unnecessary! I feel like it’s taking away from Matt really developing his relationships. Just my thoughts! Thanks for blogging, I read almost weekly!

  25. I one hundred percent agree about Heather. I was disappointed that they played the cards this way especially after bringing in a whole new group of girls shortly after. Ali I remembered what you said about one on one dates without any physical contact & As soon as I saw what the date was going to be like with the pranking I knew she was going home. Rachel is one of my top favorites but about seven hours ago there was a breaking story about some racist incident involving her in the past. So we shall see where that goes. But overall, very dramatic episode with too many cat fights..

  26. I agree about the Heather issue. Did anyone catch that she said she was excited about meeting Matt as if she had never seen him face to face? When she walks in, he knew who she was. I am pretty sure I have seen her in pics on Instagram with Hannah, Matt, and Tyler. I was wondering if they were considering Heather as the next Bachelorette. What a gorgeous dress! Matt seems so sincere but really disappointed with all the drama with the girls. It just seems so unkind and mean for no reason.

    1. Karen! I totally thought the same thing. They brought Heather in because they are going to cast her as the next Bachelorette. We will find out soon. The dress also speaks about a possibility of being the Bachelorette. This season has not really had any substance other than cat fighting. So I am not sure that Matt will even find a match.

  27. I just don’t understand why Heather wouldn’t have just asked Hannah to set her up with Matt before all this. It makes me think that they either paid her to be there or maybe she really is going to be the next Bachelorette. But there are great women still there who could be considered and there is also the Katie rumor.

      1. I’ve reached out to her on several occasions asking the same question and she has not replied or addressed any of it. I think she stopped watching it because of the Chris Harrison scandal.

        1. Basic respect for the readership would mean a notice of some sort from Ms Manno, imo. Afterall, Bachelor Nation is pretty much what put her on the map. At this pont, it reads as indifference on her part.

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