The Bachelor Final 4 and Chris Harrison

Hi guys. Thanks for coming over to the blog today about Matt and the final 4! I apologize for not getting a blog up last week. Quite honestly I just had too much going on in my own life to give the blog the proper attention that it deserved after last week’s events. To let you guys in on how I normally do these blogs,  I watch them in maybe 30 minute increments and quickly talk to text this blog on my phone in between being a mom and just trying to juggle life. So if they are scatterbrained it’s most likely because that’s how I write them. Then my girl Madi edits them for me so them seem somewhat coherent.

And last week with everything going on with Chris Harrison and how he handled the interview he did on Extra! with Rachel Lindsay, I really just felt like a scatterbrain blog post was not appropriate. And beyond that I didn’t even have time to watch the whole episode. I had to text Madi to find out who was even in the final four because I didn’t make it to the end. So those are a few of the reasons I didn’t blog last week.

And to be completely honest,  I still don’t feel like I can give this topic the justice it deserves. But I put my stake in the ground and said very publicly on my Instagram and now here that I do not condone any form of racism. My mother raised me to love everyone as they are. What Chris said was uneducated, ignorant, and insensitive. He knows it. He apologized for it, but I know it is not my apology to accept. Of course he has a lot of learning to do, as so I. That’s said, I do not believe in cancel culture. I believe in giving people a chance to learn, grow, mess up, learn some more and ultimately be better. If you want to learn more about what happened, I strongly suggest watching this video from @theblckchelorettes.

Please know that any racist comments on my blog will be deleted. Like I said, I will not tolerate racism in my life. So let’s keep this a positive and safe space for all!

Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Episode | Final 4

Now I am going to continue my Bachelor blog because it’s something I enjoy doing and honestly I want to support Matt. Plus, I think it’s pretty awesome that out of the five cast members left, Matt and the four girls, four of them are black. I want to talk about that! I want to support the season, so I will watch and blog and I hope you all watch too. I’m guessing you do if you’re reading this 🙂

I didn’t even think about the fact that for hometowns they wouldn’t be traveling. It just feels like such a fantasy land that I didn’t really think about how it’s real life and there is COVID! I know that probably seems weird for somebody to say that was on the show. But it was just so long ago, that I feel like sometimes I forget, and I also didn’t go through it during pandemic! So let’s talk about these dates.

Michelle’s Hometown

To be honest with you, I thought the classroom thing with her students was kind of awkward. I’m not quite sure what grade they were in maybe second grade? Maybe she told us this information, but I just can’t remember. I pretty much have the worst memory of all time. Although I do think Matt did a good job of answering the questions because the real answers to those questions were highly inappropriate for children.

I know I really enjoyed their visit with her parents. Her mom and dad are so cute and I just loved how nervous her dad was talking to Matt. He was so awkwardly adorable. And then Michelle’s conversation with her mom had me crying! I loved Matt’s first 1-on-1 date with Michelle, but something since then doesn’t seem as strong. I can’t put my finger on it but he just doesn’t seem as into her as he once was. Also, the fact that he told Rachael that he was falling in love with her and said told Michelle’s dad he was falling in love with her, but didn’t say it to Michelle when she told him at the end of the night, at this point I think says a lot.

Rachael’s Hometown

I’m pretty shocked that Rachael suggested the skydiving date. I never really got the feeling from her that she was super adventurous or a thrill seeker. Which is fine, I’m not at all! I just never really saw that in her, but it’s pretty obvious that Matt is, I mean he told us he is, so I think it’s pretty awesome that they have that in common. And oh my gosh, that’s all so terrifying! I can’t believe she didn’t get more hurt than she did. She could have broken her nose or worse, her back. I’m just so thankful she’s okay!

One thing that I found a little disappointing was how different Rachel seemed with her parents than she is with Matt or even in the house. But the more I sat back and thought about it, maybe she’s just not super close with her parents and doesn’t have the best relationship with them. Honestly that’s how it seemed to me. And when I was her age, that’s kind of how my conversations were with my parents. So I definitely don’t think any of us can blame her for that.

Bri’s Hometown

I don’t know what it is about Bri but I just have so much respect for her. She just seems so smart in badass, but in such a subtle way, that it’s even more badass. I can’t really describe it, but I think she’s awesome. But I do not see her with Matt. It just seems so obvious that the connection wasn’t there even though I so badly wanted it to be.

I think because she had the first 1-on-1, I’ve been pulling for her all along, but also so confused why she hadn’t gotten any air time. I just kind of figured all along it’s because she ended up with Matt and they didn’t want to include her in any of the drama but, I’m also realizing now that we got to know her a little better that’s probably because she it’s too smart to play the Bachelor game. And what that means essentially is she probably didn’t give good material during her interviews because she’s too smart to be manipulated. A similar thing happened on Peter’s season with Kelley Flanagan. She was the lawyer that Peter ended up dating for a while after the show (maybe they are possibly even dating again? I’m not sure). She didn’t get very much air time, but I think that’s because she’s a lawyer and too smart to give them what they want from contestants. So that’s kind of what I think happened with the Bri situation.

And oh my gosh, can I just say how much I love her mom. She’s so wise and smart and drop dead gorgeous! I need to know what her skin care routine is stat!

Anyway, as much as I like Bri I don’t think she’s ending up with Matt and I would love to see her as a Bachelorette! Although I don’t think there’s anyway that’s gonna happen because if she wasn’t giving the producers what they wanted on camera on this season, they’re not gonna cast her as a lead. Hopefully at very minimum we will see her on BIP!

Serena’s Hometown

Her date was super cute! I love how playful they are together and how much they laugh. But the thing I was most focused on during their date was what kind of ice skates she had on. He clearly had hockey skates on, but hers looked like black figure skates. I have to give that a little bit of slack because I can say from experience, because I skated in hockey skates last month, they are so much harder than figure skates! That toe-pick is essential for stopping yourself and getting going if you’re not good on skates. By the way I realize how ridiculous it is that this is what I focused on during the beginning of their date. But I’m traumatized from trying to ice skate in hockey states. Ha!

So I know Serena is from Canada, but do they still live there? I must’ve completely missed that because I’m pretty sure the borders have been closed to any nonessential travel. Anybody have any insight into this? Or are the Bachelor producers in the franchise that powerful that they can bring people across the border is during this pandemic?

I’m curious how long ago Serena’s last relationship was. Because it feels very recent to me. Like recent enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together after this. She keeps saying she doesn’t know what it is because Matt checks all the boxes. It’s the spark. The spark that nobody can describe that makes you feel attracted to someone. Makes you feel like you could fall madly in love with them. It’s either there or it’s not and clearly it was not in this scenario. She made the right choice to leave.

The Final Three

The last thing I wanna comment on regarding tonight’s episode is Bri’s concern with getting the last rose. I really wish I could let her know that she shouldn’t be concerned about that whatsoever because the producers 1000% choose the order in which you hand out the roses. I remember one rose ceremony that was particularly emotional for me, I was adamant about giving it to my top pick first. But other than that, I just handed them out in the order they told me too.

And wow the next few weeks look good. I’m surprised to see Chris Harrison hosting the Women Tell All, but my guess is they recorded it before his Extra interview. I’ll be curious to see who fills in for him at the After the Final Rose. I hope it’s Rachel Lindsay, if she chooses to do it. I think she’ll be able to ask some hard, honest, and raw questions to Matt and to Rachael since they will both be there regardless of whether or not they end up together at the end.

Thank you so much for coming by the blog today and let me know what you think about the final 4!

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66 thoughts on “The Bachelor Final 4 and Chris Harrison

  1. I’m hoping to see Serena as the next Bachelorette!! This episode felt blah, but I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  2. Really missed your comments last week Ali! 😘 I’m 10000% rooting for Matt and Rachael! They are completely smitten with each other! I hope her dad can get on board with the process. Serena and Matt seemed more like friends, and I was actually super surprised he took her leaving so hard. I think Bri seems like a great girl and definitely a close second behind Rachael.

  3. In reference to the Canadian border, I’m Canadian and we can fly into the US for tourist, business or other purposes but we can’t enter by land crossings for anything other than business or commerce. Whereas Canada is closed to US tourists.

    1. This! But US citizens can apply for an exception to visit/care for family, but they then have to quarantine upon arrival. Canadian citizens who travel outside the country also have to quarantine upon return. I have family in Canada.

  4. Loved your thoughts, I was brought up a person is a person, you respect every person. Some people still need to learn words matter..sadly Chris Harrison should have known better…he is learning now..But I agree if you learn and do better, forgiveness should come, no one is perfect..I will be glued to AFR, sadly Rachel and Matts relationship will be impacted by what she did…I think it will be a different host…Too bad about Serena P because I think she would have been in final 2….but I think she needed more time to get there…great posting of thoughts as usual..

  5. As a fellow teacher, I was very confused with Michelle’s date. How can she still be teaching and be on the show. It just doesn’t make much sense. If those were not her current students, the by pretend they were.

    I felt that during Rachael‘s date, she was very honest with her parents about how she’s feeling and I think that’s maybe why we saw a different side of her. I think she’s just so comfortable with them because they are her family, she showed the viewers a slightly more confident side, but you can tell she still very worried because she said she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

    As far as Serena goes, I always saw them as more of like best friends and always laughing and having fun together but I also felt like something was missing between them.

    1. I agree the show was boring but, I watched each relationship very closely and with Michelle being first- he seemed more into her at the end of the night than any of the other girls. He went back for more kisses. I am rooting for them- I think they would have such a great partnership.

  6. Love your blog and look forward to your bachelor blogs when you are able to write them! Definitely agree that this episode was a bit of a snooze, but of course am still here for it all. Crossing my fingers for Bri or Michelle in the end!

    I do believe I read that Serena is half Indian and half white (as are my kiddos), so biracial but not Black.

  7. Hi Ali:

    I’m from MN and was really rooting for Michelle as I saw so much connection on their first date, but I haven’t seen it since. She is obviously a wonderful person, so I hope she finds her true love… who knows, maybe she could be casted as the next Bachelorette!

    As far as the “After the final Rose” special, I don’t think Rachel is a great one to take over. Maybe someone like Ben Higgins, or how about bring back a successful couple like the Tanners!!! I feel as though by having Rachel host, it may divide the viewers, and possibly make it about the controversy rather than focus on the new couple. (If there is one)

    Like you, I believe you should forgive when someone asks for it. If you’re a Christian, you are taught “what would Jesus do” I also believe we can learn from mistakes and be better people. This world is hard enough without the hate and finger pointing. I would love to see more forgiveness across the board.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! Thanks for letting me share mine!!! I hope you sleep better tonight! 😂♥️

    1. I could not agree with you more when it comes to Rachel hosting. I am also distraught as to why they did the interview with Chris in the first place. It wasn’t his “story” to tell. They should have waiting and interviewed Rachael after the finale aired or even right away. With everything that has been going on I feel like division is being intentionally enforced. Everyone has all of sudden forgotten how much bullying we’ve seen this season and all of the girls coming together and supporting each other? I’m confused. Hope I’m making sense.

      1. I agree with you! As if the world isn’t hard enough, let’s make our “Bachelor escape” a negative as well. NOOOO!!!! I really hope the producers are reading blogs, etc.. so they can see that the majority of viewers really want decency!!! I personally think these side interviews should stop. I have enjoyed watching Chris host since the show has started, and now look. Ugh… The only good thing that can come from it is teaching people respect. But I believe such respect should have two sides. ♥️

      2. Kamila I completely agree with you – it makes no sense why they did the interview in the first place. And you are totally right about the bullying and I think that was the point Chris was trying to make during the interview

    2. Hi, Lisa! I totally agree with you. In situations like these, those who weren’t involved in the situation seemingly become so perfect. No one is perfect, and we all make some terrible mistakes. Life is a learning process and about taking ownership. And it’s about forgiving people who truly own up to their mistakes. Until we can all get on board with that, the world will sadly remain divided. Xoxo Jackie

    3. I agree with Rachel not being the host. At this point she seems to have lost respect for this franchise which not good for a host. I also agree with Ali that I don’t believe in cancel culture.. Chris has been a great host and deserves some grace. I believe he has gone over this interview many times and realized how he could have handled the interview better. I have only seen Chris treat all leads and contestants in a respected way. Chris also is not just the host but is also a producer.

      I suggest JoJo do the AFR, as far as I know she is the only person who has ever hosted. She guest hosted a couple of episodes of Taysha’s season and pretty well.

  8. Thank you for your words Ali. I agree that we need to give people the chance to learn & grow. I’ve been an anti-racist ally for years, and I always say if we’re working to change hearts & minds, then we need to work with people who are trying to learn & grow. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without the people who did that for me.

    I really wish the producers would focus more on the relationships that are forming & letting us see more of the women’s personalities. Last week they showed a little bit of Michelle’s sense of humor at the end & she’s hilarious. I would’ve much rather seen more of that, than the “mean girls” drama.

    Michelle seems like the best match for him based on what I’ve seen so far. But I agree with your point that he seems to be less interested.

    I really like Bri too, but I agree that I don’t see them together.

    I felt for Matt watching Serena leave, but she made the right decision. Her day date with him was my favorite. It just seemed like they were having so much fun.

    As for Rachel, it’s obvious that he’s really into her. I’ve had a tough time watching her due to everything that has unfolded. I did see her apology, and think she deserves a chance to learn & grow. I couldn’t help but wonder if the tension with her family had to do with the fact that Matt is black. I could be wrong, but I couldn’t help but wonder.

    I just hope that things work out for Matt. He’s the best bachelor we’ve seen in a LONG time.

    Thanks for your insight Ali!!! I love your blog.

  9. I’m really rooting for Katie to be the next bachelorette. I love her sense of humor, outspokenness and the strength she showed by speaking out at the bullies. Katie would be an awesome lead. I feel this season has been a complete snooze fest. Matt lacks personality, and the producers created and encouraged all the drama with the women to spice up this season. Unfortunately the cattiness and bullying with the women really took focus away from the love and journey. I’m glad this season is coming to an end, and from the recent spoilers, it just seems a complete waste of a season.

  10. I think Jo Jo will host After the final rose since she’s filled in for Chris before….just my thoughts!! I think he REALLY liked Serena and was heartbroken she left. In the end I think he will choose Rachel but they won’t last as he picks her only because Serena left.

  11. I didn’t think about them not going to actual “hometowns” for the hometown dates. And I was disappointed! I was curious to see Rachel’s hometown in Cumming Ga as my husband and I moved there from MI six months after we got married (1992), for a job transfer. We lived there for nine years and my sons were both born there. We were young (23) and bought a new home in that area very unaware of it’s history and culture. I once invited a coworker and her husband to a bbq at our home (they are African American) and the declined because they said black people weren’t welcome
    In Cumming Ga/Forsyth county. I was shocked and so unaware. Oprah Winfrey did a show in 1987 from the courthouse in Cumming Ga about racism. I have many friends still in that area, and happy to say things have changed for the better, but believe we all have so much more to learn.

  12. I think they should let your Molly host. She did a fantastic job today hosting a birthday party for you today and we didn’t even know it wasn’t your birthday! She’s very entertaining and would definitely ask the tough questions!

    But seriously, those questions were very inappropriate for kids. How did Rachel not die? And how are we not the least bit curious how quickly Matt grew that beard?? My money’s on Rachel btw.

  13. Such a boring episode. My biggest takeaway from this season is we are at hometowns, and I feel like I know nothing about any of the top 4 because they have stayed away from the onscreen drama. I don’t even feel I know Matt that much. Most of the season was spent dealing with mean girls and other house drama. And ABC planned on this historic diverse season, but most of the screen time was spent on mean white girl behavior. Such a disappointing season.

  14. I personally do not like Rachel L. She has always got under my skin for some reason. I hope it is JOJO as the host for AFR. She filled in for Chris last season.

    1. I totally agree with you. I always feel she has an agenda. She point blank asked Chris the question about his thoughts on Rachel, did he put his foot in his mouth most certainly but she provoked it. I think back a year ago when she tried to destroy Hannah B for rapping a racist word. I was so grateful that Hannah has family to help her. I pray Rachel from Matt’s season does too because Rachel L keeps pushing the story. If she hosts after the final rose I hope Rachel skips it because she will be bullied beyond anything the internet has said about her past. We live and learn from our mistakes, atleast that’s what I was taught 💓

      1. So, to your point about Rachel’s agenda…. I just read yet another story and direct quote from her saying that she was surprised that Claire and Dale are giving things another try. She states that he was using her, etc.. etc.. and that she stands behind those statements. Why does she have the authority to say things like that? Is she on their dates, involved in their relationship? This gal loves to spew anger and blame. I wish she would, in fact, leave Bachelor Nation and move on. She comes off so harsh and authoritative when some of these things are not her business. Let’s lift up this world and spread happiness and positivity. She needs to find a different career path and stop blowing up the show so many of us enjoy. (Well, not much this year?)

        1. These are very typical criticisms thrown at strong black women. Often called “too angry” or “too aggressive.” Personally, she has every right to be angry with the franchise.

          1. Strong women should always be valued and heard. I do not find Rachel angry or aggressive at all. In fact I usually find her to be diplomatic. However, she has made her name for herself off the Bachelor Franchise and so I question why do you think she should be angry with the franchise?

        2. yes! Rachel Linsey has taken her role TOO FAR! Even on Winter Games, she badmouthed Dean the entire time and that’s when I realized that her head is way too big! She has been puffed up so much (I guess because she was the 1st black bachelorette) that she has now appointed herself as judge and jury over everyone that rubs her the wrong way. I think she’s a petty, jealous, girl.

          If Chris doesn’t come back, I’m done with this show forever.

          1. After reading your post, along with others, I’m glad that I wasn’t alone feeling this way. And if I hear “it’s prejudice to complain about her behavior” I will lose it. I’m so done with you can be vicious and place yourself into other peoples lives with no
            Consequence. It doesn’t matter what color you are! I don’t want to hear about color when it comes to expectations of decency. She has been given free reign on condemning others, but she sure isn’t looking in the mirror. It’s a terrible situation. There is only one judge, and that’s our maker. Everyone else? Be kind, be forgiving, and my word, love your fellow man and assume good intentions. Preach over. 🙏🏻

        3. I completely agree with your comment Lisa. Rachel Lindsay needs to go away. She is still upset they didn’t pay for her wedding and the edit she got perhaps. She has been trying to get back at the show ever since. Who made her the authority? She is negative about everything and everyone. Chris H. should be forgiven and definitely not lose his job over this. People need to learn, that is the whole point. Not destroy someone’s career. I saw that interview and I felt he was annoyed with her specifically because she is always harping about everything and it is never enough. Chris isn’t that way with anyone else. She set him up I felt. If you look at the 19 years he has hosted he is a patient and easy going person amidst all of the drama. If Rachel L. hosts I won’t watch.

      2. Pam I agree with you that Rachel L seems to have an agenda and I can’t help but feel that her not accepting his apology has to do with what she can get out of the situation -i.e. Bachelor hosting gig.

    2. Same here.

      Rachel L. feels she is the most perfect being in the universe. She has always something to say because she thinks she is always right.

      Sorry, just my opinion.

  15. Great blog and great comments! I’m so not sure where his heart is. Usually you can tell but with him I cannot. I too believe that they shifted the focus away from the bullying and onto Rachael and Chris. I don’t know that they’ll ever address the bullying, which is just sad. That is just as important! I don’t think Rachel L should host ATFR. I don’t think it’s appropriate. Jojo might be a good choice.

  16. I had the same question about Serena’s family in Canada! I have a friend who’s mom died a few months ago and she hasn’t been able to even go see her family in a year let alone when her mom died! It wouldn’t be fair if they got to go across borders for the Bachelor! But isn’t bachelorette being filmed in Canada right now or soon? So they will cross borders for that too?

  17. Overall not the most exciting episode. Not a spoiler bc I don’t know who he ends up with, but I do think he likes one of these ladies a lot more than others!

    Totally agree with everything you said about Chris Harrison and not believing in cancel culture. I agree that if he’s truly committed to learning and growing we can’t just cancel him or anyone else. Rachel Lindsay is very abrasive. I actually don’t think she’d be a good pick for any hosting in this capacity. She comes across as lacking in compassion or any kind of understanding that people make mistakes and do genuinely want to grow and learn.

  18. I feel like I know how this ends. I agree I was raised to treat people for their heart and soul. I hope Chris comes back after this journey. He has made many peoples dreams come true. Cancel culture and cancel people is not my idea of learning and correcting our issues.

  19. Hi Ali,
    I look forward to your blog every week.
    I feel bad for Matt because he seems like such a great guy and honestly I think he deserved a better season. But I wished Matt would end with Michelle. And as for the next bachelorette I am so rooting for Kristina Schulman to be it.

  20. Also, I loved Matt’s comment about not asking for every fathers hand in marriage just to check off a box. But you can tell who he is into and not into on the dates. And yes I think Serena still has feelings for someone else. You know based off this episode who he chooses in my opinion. I agree I think Rachel would be a great host!!

  21. I’m Canadian and our borders are closed to US tourism and most business. However US borders are not closed for Canadian tourism by flight but are by land. Your skate comment made me laugh, hockey players would disagree, they find figure skates hard. Serena’s skates are figure skates, they come in all kinds of colours for recreational use 🙂

  22. I think he intended to send Bri home, but things with Serena fell apart. He was really upset over her leaving so i doubt he would have sent her home.

  23. Snooze fest for me! Is it just me but I don’t see a strong connection with any of the women. Not that they’re showing anyway. Maybe it’s the editing. I do hope Matt finds his mate!

  24. I really like Bri too! She said her Mom had her at 13 which would only make her Mom 37- 38. I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like having a child as… a child. It’s no wonder they are very close and that her Mom is so protective.. They have basically grown up together.

  25. I love your recaps as always. I think all the events that happened are very sad. Everyone should have hashed this out in the After The Rose segment. Right now all involved are being crucified before speaking. The cancel police are making me feel they are no better than what they are fighting for. I know everyone is so happy to suddenly have a voice but now is the time to act wisely not out of emotion.

  26. If you didn’t watch last week you might have missed this, but a lot of Bachelor podcasters are drawing a comparison between you and Bri! Apparently, Bri also works at Facebook, and told Matt that the week before Hometowns, she had to either quit or come
    back to work, and she chose to stay! So obviously a little different there, but I hope if she doesn’t win, she can be Bachelorette and then we’ll have a full-circle moment!

  27. I was thinking the same thing about Michelle. It started out strong but seems to have fizzled.
    I have to say i hope they don’t let Rachel Lindsey host AFR. I didn’t mind her on her season but since I’ve been listening to her on the BHH podcast i find myself constantly rolling my eyes when she speaks. She is too judgmental of anyone who doesn’t agree with her and i fear if she hosts AFR she will make it all about her. I would love to see Wells Adams host! We need someone who wasn’t involved with the recent drama.

  28. Forgiveness is the key.

    I hope Chris Harrison will still come back as a host. Bachelor Nation will be different without Chris H.

  29. I read more about Serena who is Canadian- turns out her mom is actually of Indian origin and her dad is white – just a little correction for your blog ,but really cool about the diversity in the cast! I’m a proud Canadian of Indian descent as well, so it’s nice to see people like me represented on the show!

  30. I hope Rachel Lindsay is NOT the host. I’m just tired of her always having an opinion on everything. She seems very intelligent I don’t know why she doesn’t practice law like she used to. She was probably an outstanding lawyer. Why give that up to live in Bachelor world?

  31. Hi,
    I agree that something is off between Matt and Michelle – she seems to be in the friend zone.
    He has told both Rachel and Bri that he is falling for them, but he definitely seems most smitten with Rachel. I loved the advice Bri’s mom gave her.
    I felt that Serena’s family swayed her feelings for Matt and I think that she is probably regretting her decision.
    As for the Chris Harrison situation, while I do think he was out of line at times during the interview, I do not believe he should lose his job over it. He owned up to his mistake and has made a public apology and desire to do better. Considering that he has helped make The Bachelor into the show that it is today I believe the franchise should stand behind him and not get caught up in cancel culture.

  32. Ali, why do you say racists comments will be deleted and yet post that video from from someone who is cleary racist herself? And many of her assertions are just blatantly wrong. Racism by some not ALL) whites does exist, no doubt! Yet, those that shout it the loudest under the pretense of ‘raising awareness’ are just as racist. Why is that okay? I would have embraced her video had she called it out from all sides, and not have titled her account “@theblckchelorettes”. Don’t agree? What is the last thing she said? I’ll tell you… “Huhhh, white people!” Hopefully, you’ll leave this up like you did this woman’s video. But I doubt it. And that’s fine, because it’s your blog. But be honest. If I referred to myself as @thewhtachelor would you post it, regardless of anything at all I said to raise awareness of racism from all races?

    I’m sure I’ll take heat from many, if not all, of your followers before you take it down, and that’s okay. Just calling it like I see it.

    1. Jason,
      YES! Rachel Lindsey is absolutely a pot stirrer and sees herself as the moral superior to every contestant on the show. Anyone who thinks that calling white people “privileged” and saying all the crap they do about whites, while viewing blacks as the constant victims, is racist, in my opinion.

      Now, after all these years of Chris Harrison supporting every person on the show, he’s being cancelled?

      He was clearly just trying to buy time so Rachael K. could speak for herself, instead of being crucified by the media.

      I would love to dig into Rachel Lindsey’s past, her husband’s past and every other “perfect” person who is speaking out on this fake racism issue. As a white Christian woman, I’m sick and tired of people thinking and accusing me or people like me of being privileged, never having been discriminated against and all the other cruel things that are being thrown our way.

      Funny how the black conservatives get hated on by the liberal black community too.

      Double standard much?

      Rachel Lindsey needs to step down off her high moral horse and quit acting like she’s the queen.

      And, now that Matt has publicly announced his opinion about Chris, I’m done with watching his season.

      Congrats Rachel! You’ve gotten what you want – a Black Bachelor/Bachelorette nation now. Have fun. I’m out. And not because I’m racist, but because you are.

    2. Jason you bring up an excellent point! I have been feeling the same way. I myself am a minority… my entire family consists of Blacks, Hispanics, whites and a bunch of biracial kids. If we as minorities want to be treated fairly we can NOT segregate our own people!! By creating black only clicks and groups and making comments about “white people” we are no better than those who discriminate against us! And we are continuing to encourage division!!! We need more inclusion not separation. Everytime Rachel L speaks i cringe. She makes us all look bad. We don’t all share her sentiments. The title of “Blackcherlerettes” was in poor taste in my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. Debbie and Michelle S., I appreciate your honesty and support of the points I was making. And, very honestly, I was not, and am not, trying to stoke any fires here. Debbie, I too am a Christian and try my very best to follow Jesus’ teachings… one the most important of which is to love one another. I firmly believe that doing so has nothing to do with others being of the same skin color. I also believe, in the deepest reaches of my heart, that I am not anti-black, Asian, Latino, Muslim nor any other human being. By some’s definition, claiming to be non-racist is proof that I am racist. What???

      Michelle S., I find your post very uplifting, loving, and compassionate. “We need more inclusion, not separation.” is a wonderful way of putting it. Perhaps it’s because your family is racially diverse that you understand the power and potential of inclusion, and the bond of love that can, and does, exist between all reasonable people of any race, any background.

      My prayer is that God empowers everyone, of all racial backgrounds to curtail the hateful name-calling, assumptions, and division, and give us the conviction to bond together through Him and his teachings.

    4. Thank you for this..
      I have been feeling so much like this and you put it so well without offending any group!

      thank you!!!

  33. Completely agree with you Pam. Rachel definitely has an agenda to push, and the way she talks down to people, is brutal. She acts like a bully. I feel bad for Chris – although it may not have been conveyed in the best way, he has a right to his opinion, made some good points, and it’s clear he cares for the entire bachelor/bachelorette family. He just wanted Rachael to have the opportunity to share her point of view, before all of social media jumps down her throat. Yes, she said some things in her past that she shouldn’t have, but let’s show her some grace. All former bachelors & bachelorettes have all these opportunities after the show, because of the show. As for the girls, all four left are very sweet but it’s clear he’s into Rachael. Serena would have definitely been in the top two if she didn’t leave. Loved Michelle’s parents, but agree with Ali that something is missing between her and Matt. So many of the other girls were bullies this season, disappointing.. nice to see this group left but having trouble watching the rest of the episodes with everything going on.

  34. I’m really super sad that Chris Harrison will not be on the show. He has made this show what it is. I’m pretty sure this is the last season I will watch and I’ve seen them all. Everyone has the right to their opinions. I totally believe that most folks accept people no matter what color or ethneticity that they are. For me I don’t care where or who they are as long as they act with respect. I treat all with respect as God loves us all

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