The Bachelor – Matt is the BESSSSST

I’m so excited to bring my Bachelor blog back! I feel awful that I didn’t get a chance to watch Clare and Tayshia last season. Just between the move and going to my in-laws for a couple months and then moving again, it’s been a lot. But I’m really gonna try to watch Matt’s season every week and blog so I can chat about it with you guys!


I’m honestly pretty stoked that I decided to catch up after being behind the first two episodes because I am loving this season! To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t so sure I was gonna like Matt. Only because I’ve seen some videos of him online from social media with Tyler from Hannah’s season where he seemed a little bit young to me to be the Bachelor. I don’t even know how old he actually is. It’s just the way he was acting seemed a little young to me. But I’m so glad that they chose him because he’s not only kind, but he is extremely emotionally intelligent and humble. I love it when a man can express his feelings and I just think Matt does a really great job of that. So I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong in my initial judgement. He’s a class act.

I’m also so glad to see some true, real diversity this season with the women. I feel like every season there’s always a few diverse people but it kind of feels like they’re just filler – like the show didn’t spend the time to find women or men of color that would actually mesh with the Bachelor/ette if that makes sense. I actually remember Catherine Lowe saying something to a magazine once or maybe it was a social post where she said that she felt like she was just filling a quota to be one of the racially diverse people on in the cast. Whereas this season, I feel like the diversity is something different. Not only is it greater, but it just feels more real. More representative of what our world is like. And up until tonight’s episode I was loving the group of women! But they really disappointed me tonight, which I’ll get into.

I would rehash some of the first two episodes, but I feel like we have too much to talk about for what happened tonight so I’ll just say I’m loving it so far. Bri is probably my favorite – let’s get into tonight’s episode!

The Rose Ceremony

Since the show started off with the rose ceremony, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Yes, the producers are asking Matt to keep Victoria. Do the producers have control over who he chooses and who he sends home? No, they don’t. But when you’re the lead of a show like this you play ball a little bit. Did I when I was a Bachelorette? No. I fought them so hard at every twist and turn. But the show wasn’t what it is today when I was on the show. Heck, I didn’t even realize how popular the show was when I was on it.

Nowadays with social media being so major, everybody knows that you want the show to go well because you want be on the producers’ good side when it’s over, and that’s just the honest truth. So I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, if it’s not already completely obvious. Yes, the producers for sure asked Matt to keep Victoria. But he was the one who had to choose to keep her. He could have fought them if he wanted to, but he’s just playing game. He doesn’t care if she’s around a couple more weeks as long as the people he really likes get to stick around. There I said it. Ha!

1st Group Date

I so wish we could’ve heard Victoria’s actual erotic story. It seemed pretty hilarious, but all I could think the entire time the girls were reading the stories was how awkward it would be to be Ashley I sitting next to Chris Harrison during all those. Or even more so how awkward for Chris Harrison a man who is 50 to be sitting in a room full of girls much closer to his daughters age reading these things. Eww.


During so many seasons there is somebody who gets one of the first dates who has a really hard time with the process and I feel like that person gets a bad rap every season! Not only from the other contestants, but also from the people watching. But you have to realize the reason this is a pattern on so many seasons is because it is truly sooooo hard. I feel bad for Sarah. I know what it’s like going on one of the first dates, well, because I was the very first date on the season of the Bachelor that I went on. Then to watch that person that you have these feelings for so strongly so quickly go out and develop feelings with other people when you feel like you have something special that nobody else has, is really hard.

Sure you knew what you signed up for, and sure you knew he was going to date other people, but there’s no way to know how you’ll react. No matter how much you prepare. There’s a reason it’s a common trend on most seasons. It’s not that something’s wrong with Sarah, it’s because somethings wrong with this process and it’s hard. Nobody has experience dealing with something like this to be able to know how to react.

Where Sarah went REALLY wrong is going to the group date. That wasn’t the time or place. She should have processed her emotions without interrupting that date. That said, you can’t interrupt a group date without the producer’s permission. You just can’t. And beyond that I’d have to imagine that while she was spiraling, the producers popped the question into her head, “Hey, why don’t you go talk to him?” This is a reality show. Meaning sure it’s reality, but it’s also a show… meaning it’s PRODUCED. Someone encouraged her to go there – I’m sure of it. So I just wouldn’t be too harsh on her, she was definitely spiraling and I felt for her.

Where I think she handled everything really well, is that she chose to hide away in her hotel room. I think that’s the right move to avoid the drama as much as possible. Even though the girls really hated that she did that and in turn it created more drama, it’s exactly what I would’ve done to be honest. Seems to me like she realized that her emotions were getting the best of her so the best thing she could do is separate herself until she felt in control of her emotions. This is EXACTLY what we teach Molly to do. Sure Molly is 4 and some of you might argue that, but I think when you’re really upset the best thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation until you are clearheaded and able to calmly address it. Once Sarah was able to do that, she came to talk to the group. While I think she did the right thing in handling it by keeping to herself, I do understand why the girls are upset, they just handled it the wrong way.


I don’t have a ton to say here. I mean, what’s not to like about her. She’s beautiful, smart, well-spoken, and just all-around adorable.

I’m really glad that she wasn’t around for the bullying of Sarah. I don’t think she has it in her to be mean to Sarah, but it feels like the group is sort of just feeding off each other’s energy in a negative way.

Means Girls

I want to end this by saying that the way the women were ganging up on Sarah was not okay. Look, am I here to put them down and say they’re terrible people for what they did? No. I wasn’t super nice when I was on the Bachelor either. I was 24 and still learning about myself and didn’t fully know how to treat others at that point in my life. And that’s just the truth. Quite clearly, a lot of these girls don’t either. Especially Victoria. She is so manipulative and such a bully. That said, she’s that way for a reason.  I’m no therapist or psychologist, but I’d put my money on the fact that she put others down because she’s hurting somewhere inside. One of my favorite quotes is hurt people, hurt people – and that’s what she’s doing. I weirdly want to like sit down and talk to her because I honestly think she’d be completely cool and fun to hang out with if she dropped the Queen act, gave people grace, and continued making people laugh with her actually really good sense of humor.

Beyond Victoria, for all of the girls one after another to put Sarah down like that so harshly was just really hard to watch. My heart broke for Sarah. I hope it’s not the end of her and I hope she comes back because like Katie said, how could anyone feel comfortable getting engaged at the end of this when he doesn’t get to truly explore every relationship that he wanted to. It seemed pretty clear for me that Sarah was one of his top three women from the very beginning.

Shout Out for Katie

I want to give a shout out to Katie here. She’s obviously a standup act! She’s funny and has a great sense of humor, come on the vibrator thing was pretty funny, it could’ve been super tacky but her sense of humor just made it funny and made me giggle! Plus, the fact that she was the only girl to go talk to Sarah and have an honest and real conversation with her as a human being (instead of putting her down), just has a lot about Katie’s character. I also love that she reminded the girls to be classy because clearly none of them were being classy. I just really like her and I think she would be a pretty incredible Bachelorette at the end of all this. If she doesn’t end up with Matt, which doesn’t really seem like it at this point.

My Week

Anyway I’m gonna end this blog like I do with most of my Bachelor blogs and share a few fun things about me from the week. Mimi and Papa headed home to Indiana so we are officially on her own as a little family here in Nashville! Well I shouldn’t really say that because we actually found someone to help us with the kids that started today and she’s pretty wonderful, so we’re grateful for that, but no more Mimi and Papa. At least for a couple months!

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Until Next Week

Anyway I know this is a long blog so if you are still with me at this point, thank you for sticking around! If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I launched my Scunci line with Walgreens, which by the way if you haven’t checked it out yet please go to Walgreen’s site and put in your ZIP Code to see if your local store carries it! Anyway, what I’ve learned from launching that line is that you guys are the most incredible and supportive group of people I could’ve ever hoped for! So thank you for reading this blog, thank you for supporting me, and thank you for being a part of my life. I’m grateful.

Okay, now it’s time to discuss all things Matt! What do you think about my thoughts on the season and tonight’s episode? Do you agree with me? Do you completely disagree? Let’s discuss it all In the comments below!

64 Thoughts

64 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Matt is the BESSSSST

  1. I totally agree with all you have said regarding Katie and would love to see her as the next Bachelorette! Thinking of Sarah and her family… Huge favor to ask you….. I loved Sarah’s sweater at the end of the episode! Any idea where it is from?

    1. Ali, I agree with your sentiments about Katie. As much as Sarah may have taken away time from the other ladies, she was clearly dealing with some things. Instead of extending grace, I felt the ladies were very unkind and it was all just a bit unnecessary. Katie expressed her feelings directly to Sarah, and checked on her, while reminding the ladies to be classy – so impressed by her character and maturity.

      Hope you guys are settling in well in Nashville! Love from Canada!!

    2. Hey, I have that sweater and I got it from Nordstrom last year. But it looks to be sold out. It’s called Contrast Funnel Neck Sweater.

  2. Ugh! I felt for Sarah! Honestly she was the only one I liked and after tonight I can’t stand anyone else. I can’t believe how awful they were to her. They just sat around and talked about her. It was so hard to watch. Good for Katie for talking to her! I’m not looking forward to these new girls showing up lol but we shall see how that goes

  3. I agree the mean girl mentality re: Sarah was totally inappropriate tonight … bullying isn’t okay. That said, I went back and forth between feeling bad for Sarah and being annoyed, especially when she told Katie she wasn’t leaving because of the other girls in the house (and brought up her dad’s health situation) and then ran to Matt and basically contradicted that by blaming the girls in the house. Something isn’t adding up … but $10 says Sarah’s back for a second chance in a couple episodes.

    1. I agree with you, Jessica! Sarah isn’t keeping her intentions consistent…she was willing to tell her family story for the show intro, then she told Katie she’s leaving because of family, then she told Matt she’s leaving because of the girls. And if/when she comes back, what kind of message does that send?. Although I can’t imagine what she has gone through, it doesn’t excuse her theatrics on this show.

      1. I was thinking all this at first as well but remember they edit a ton! The may have produced this episode that way and made Sarah seem contradictory, who knows! I’m sure it will all come out in the women tell all episode!

      2. I think she was just telling Katie that it’s not worth it for her to be there and be trated the way she is being bullied when she has a sick parent at home. That’s how I read it.

        And yes the show edits so so so so so much. Sarah might’ve mentioned to him that she also wanted to go home to be with her dad. I think for sure she did that’s why he was so understanding of her wanting to leave. If she only told him it was about the girls I think he would’ve fought harder to get her to stay but he didn’t want to fight her wanting to be with her terminally ill dad. Make sense?

        1. Yes, that makes sense! If she comes back though, that means she never left the resort and her actions and words won’t line up. I’m also confused why she didn’t tell any of the girls besides Katie about a family illness when several of them asked many times if anything is wrong, especially bc she knew that would be her backstory (that was her intro). If the girls knew that at the time, they likely would have been more understanding.

  4. Omg 100% with everything you said from Sarah’s timing and keeping to her self until she can control her own emotions and then going to apologize I felt horrible the way the girls attacked her one by one no one deserves that and agree about Victoria I don’t like her mean girl attitude I don’t think it makes for good TV I think he’ll see through it. And what a big person Katie was to go and talk to Sarah one on one she’s a good person!

  5. I love Matt and his character. But Sarah was milking it just a bit. Also I can emphasize with Sarah. I lost my dad 14 years ago. The girls had no right to be that mean.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks Sarah should have not come on the show in the first place? If she quit her job to take care of her dad but then leaves him to go find “love”, I don’t find that cool at all. She claims he may have only weeks left. So whose taking care of him now? If she got approved to be on the show, she could have opted for next season. Granted, it’s a very emotional time for her, but I think her decision to come on the show was a mistake.
      On another note, I like Rachel! And I like that Katie did come talk to Sarah but we don’t know for sure she was the only one but maybe the only one they showed. As the producers interfere with the show more and more, I’m beginning to feel it’s like a scripted show. Just let it be organic.

  6. I’m not sure what to make of Sarah. Her story made her seem like such a strong woman, putting her career on hold to support her father. Also isn’t broadcast journalism a very competitive career with a significant amount of competition? Serena C said it best, “Your a grown ass woman who should have been able to handle those feeling and address them at the appropriate time”. However this season is already showing that we may not have alot of grown ass women, many still have a lot of growing up to do. Should be a fun ride!!!

  7. I was so disappointed in this group of women for bullying Sarah, and not being mature enough to try to understand what she’s going through. If I was Sarah, I would want to hide in my room too since the catty group of women did not give her a chance to explain herself. Every time Sarah apologized, there was Victoria jumping down her throat, and other women that contributed to the bullying. I agree with Katie that I too would want Matt to explore all his feelings before settling down with one. Too bad most of the women weren’t mature enough to think that, or handle the situation with Sarah more maturely. As for Victoria, she is completely the producers pick to cause drama. She is despicable, atrocious and honestly her exterior is as ugly as her interior.

    1. Oof. Harsh on Victoria. I always try to be mindful about what I put on public forums as I can imagine she would be pretty hurt if she read those words.

  8. I loved reading your blog Ali. I feel for Sarah on so many levels. I chose to move in with my mom to be a caregiver when she was diagnosed with ALS. A diagnosis that came 6 months after my dad died from an unexpected heart attack. I separated myself from my husband and children for a year, with once a week visits, until our house sold. Sadly, My mom passed away a few months ago. ALS is a heart wrenching disease and it is extremely difficult to watch someone you love lose all ability to care for themselves. It truly takes a very strong individual to get through the many emotions that come with it. This episode had me bawling !! It had to be very difficult for Sarah to leave her dad and she made the right decision to go home. She will be at peace with it. Some of these women will be ashamed of themselves, in due time they will feel very small for their actions !!

    1. Danielle, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother and your father. I can’t imagine how difficult that time must have been for you. I truly hope you are healing from the grief of such profound losses in your life. ALS is a very harsh disease in that the person going through it has no control of the deterioration of their body, even though mentally they are still the same person. My uncle passed away from it over twenty years ago, and I can still remember the pain of seeing him being stripped of everything day by day.

      A lot of people seem to be defending the actions of the girls (I say girls not women because their age and quite child like behaviour showed immensely) who were very vocal about and confrontational with Sarah. While they didn’t know the full story (though I don’t in any way believe that excuses their immature, instantly negative behaviour), I do believe their should be some class in getting to the root of something regardless of what the situation is. Clearly someone is going through something, and you know.. some humanity rather than attack mode all the time can benefit everyone in the long run. Girls on the show always tend to immediately make judgements and assumptions with no actual facts, and while I do agree she could have waited until a better time to speak to him (bad choice on her part), the fact of the matter is when she did try to speak calmly to everyone (twice) she was talked over, mocked, patronized, laughed at, clearly ostracized, disliked, and couldn’t begin to explain herself or get much out.. AND despite that Sarah never raised her voice, got petty, rude, or negative towards any of them personally. The vast difference in character between some of them speaks volumes. Also, all these Victoria defenders.. I am sorry, but she kept going on about all the other fake girls, and then she claimed to be concerned for Sarah to her face which was complete bull. She has been the leader in the charge against her, so when she did that she lost all credibility and if you still defend her it’s kind of laughable and hypocritical. I do give kudos to Katie for stepping up and having a genuine conversation with her, and then speaking to the group in a way that she respected Sarah’s family and their privacy. That is a decent person.

      As for people on the fence of Sarah’s actions, I chalk that up to people not really understanding that when someone is going through something so intense and heavy in their life, it can affect them in numerous ways. Not a lot of people understand the toll being a primary caregiver for a family member can take on a person. Especially for a person that means the world to you that is being unfairly robbed of their life with absolutely no way to fight it. It is terrifying, exhausting physically/mentally/emotionally, sad, painful, and you can carry guilt and regret for being able to do things or wanting more for yourself. Some people get through it well, and others have an extremely painful time. You don’t get to decide what is right, wrong, or strange about someones tough situation or how they are handling it. Be grateful you aren’t going through it, and give some support to those who are. The fact that she made the effort at all to drop what she had going on in life to be their for her family says a lot about her, and her father could have pushed her to pursue finding love and happiness because he knows she deserves it. I truly just hope Sarah and her family are doing well.

    2. I too lost my mom to ALS in 2010, and also bawled my way through the episode. You are completely correct in saying it takes a strong individual to get through something like that. Your emotions are already so raw having to watch a loved one travel through that terrible disease. Then to be faced with how awful those girls were treating her?! Forget it! I completely get why she broke down and left. As for you Danielle, my heart aches for your loss. ALS is so rare that there aren’t many of us who can relate to the loss from that disease like we do. I just take comfort in knowing that our moms are no longer suffering through it. Much love to you and your family.

  9. Thank you for giving a shout out to Katie!! I was so appalled and shocked by that mean girl /gang up scene and couldn’t believe that Katie was the only one that reached out to Sarah. I just hope that those girls feel terrible when they hear the true story about what poor Sarah is dealing with at home with her sweet dad. No wonder she was so emotional. Anyway, love your blog and your Insta!! Huge fan!! ❤️

  10. I was disappointed with the episode. Feel sorry for Sarah. She has a lot of emotions and going through a hard time with her dad. My heart goes out to her.

  11. Totally agree with you on Sarah getting bullied by some of those girls. So uncomfortable to watch. I’m glad that Katie spoke to Sarah afterwards. I feel like she redeemed herself. I think that when Sarah interrupted her time with Matt Katie coming back and trying to cut back in got a little awkward there.

    1. Hi Noreen! I agree with you – I was so glad to see Katie take the time to go chat with Sarah and see how she was doing, and then also stand up the group. Thank you for coming by my blog!

  12. I agree that it is sad to watch these women be so mean to Sarah, or any person for that matter. Even to Victoria, as challenging as it would be to not roll your eyes at her or talk about her behind her back. It never helps any situation to talk about or put down another person. I really felt I could see the pain in Victoria’s face last week. I imagine (and agree with Ali) that something in her history has hurt her. I hope she can break through that. Her beauty would shine so bright from the inside.

  13. All your comments about the Bachelor were on point! I believe that the girls showed their true mean girl side and showed no sympathy. Katie on the other hand went out of her way when she interrupted her time to talk to Sarah afterwards and that shows how mature she is and how well she handled the situation. I would really like to see her as the next Bachelorette. Seems like she is there for the right reasons! Till next week!

  14. Maybe instead of choosing sides on Sarah vs. the girls, we should be looking to producers for creating drama in the first place 🙂 It’s not like Sarah pulled all of that on her own, nor did the girls choose to sit on one couch and talk about her all day! And I’m guessing the leading questions in ITMs got each one fired up, too. Unfortunately if everyone got along, that wouldn’t make good TV…

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for coming by the blog! I agree that a lot of it was likely producer driven, as I mentioned in the blog you can’t interrupt a group date without the permission from one of them! Regardless of producer involvement, I did think Katie reminding them to stay classy was necessary and important!

  15. I totally agree with your recap! Mean girls are not cool and at first I was like “What is Sarah doing?” But then realized she was doing what was best for her mental health which I admire. She’s going through a lot! Also, Katie… a total class act! She was the bigger person and was able to connect with Sarah on such an emotional level about their Dads… I was balling! Victoria needs to go…. she’s unbearable at this point. And I LOVE Serena! I also like that Matt has such a calm, cool, collective demeanor – he’s a good one!

  16. I think Matt is a sincere guy. Victoria drives me crazy. I agree with you about sarah. I hope she finds comfort at home. Abigail and Rachael are great and Bri too.

  17. Ali, I highly agree with you on your thoughts about Sarah, Katie and the rest of the women in the Bachelor house. I honestly got teary listening to Sarah trying to apologize and explain to the women on why she was feeling the way she was. It wasn’t okay for the women to act that way. As for Katie, I loved how she was there for Sarah and she understood her after she listened to her share her emotions. Can’t wait to watch next week, I’m very impressed with Matt and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

  18. I loved your comments about tonight’s episode but I did feel bad for the other girls. Sarah was monopolizing time that wasn’t hers. She didn’t come off very concerned about the other girls. I think her heart and head were in two different places. I think she should of been more honest with the girls about her situation. Most of the girls on the group date had been there 3 weeks and hadn’t had time with Matt. They put their lives on hold to date this guy and they can’t even get 5 minutes with him. Id be frustrated too. But I do like Katie! Shes a sweet and compassionate girl. I hope Sarah’s father is doing well.

  19. I completely agree with you on how mean the girls were. They made it completely about themselves. While I didn’t love how Sarah handled everything she deserved to be heard out and met with compassion and grace. I really respect how Katie handled things both with Sarah and the other women. We should all be reminded that we don’t know everyone’s story and what’s going on inside of them. We should meet people with grace before making snap judgements.

  20. I agree with you on so many things. 1. I also thought Matt was going to be ugh another immature guy but I was wrong he is such a gentleman and I love his respect and admiration for his mom and each of the women. I like Serena P a lot they seem so cute together. While I like Bri and some of the other women I thought his connection with Serena was very easy and looked like he Really likes her. As far as Sarah, at first I thought wow she is amazing and seems so genuine but I kind of agree with the women on how “rude” she was acting. And she did come across a bit needy but Matt was there for it. On the other hand your point of. Im glad you pointed that out that you liked that sarah separated herself to work on herself, I honestly didn’t think of that. As a preschool teacher and a mother Im very big on that as well. But on this show, a lot of times one girl who has a connection with the lead and is separating herself from the group it just seems like she’s in her own universe. So I agree that it would normally be a good thing but the fact that she only came by when the cameras were on seems a bit strange to me. I did think the girls took it to far, but sarah really should understand this is a dating show. She isn’t the only one putting her heart on the line. Yes, I have never endured this and can’t understand that feeling, but I have dated a guy and remember feeling like? Hmm is there a reason why he isn’t “focused” on me?! I wonder if the other women realized their connection and started getting jealous and annoyed that she wasn’t upfront with her issues. When Katie went to talk with her and they discussed their father’s health wow that was a wonderful and heartbreaking moment. What a special person Katie is. She also telling the other women to remain classy!! I literally clapped I just love women who aren’t going to take drama and help spin it. So happy you are blogging on the bachelor again I so missed your points. I’m interested to hear what you thought about matt and his “religious” beliefs and how others are not there for it. As a religious person I actually did like it, but only because he seems to really live around his faith, it doesn’t seem like an act. Another thing I would love your opinion on is the fashion!!! Omg I really want your take as always!

    1. It was pretty apparent to me that Sarah’s head was not in a good place. I think she had a great day with Matt and definitely there are feelings there but there’s no way all of this emotion is coming from her feelings from one date.I would imagine that caring for her father and his condition is just emotionally taking a toll on her and all of it is just too much for her to handle at this moment in time. I was so disturbed by how the girls treated her in the group conversation. Mostly by Victoria and Kit. There is never an excuse for that level of cruelty. My disappointment came from a couple of the girls that I really like. While girls like Bre and Rachel did not comment and bully her, I always find it sad when people stay quiet in situations like that because you are being complicit and allowing it. It’s times like that that it is more important than ever To be a voice for those who need it. I love Katie. She seems to be the full package. I hope the bachelor gives her serious consideration as the next bachelorette.

  21. Victoria is a mystery! On her Instagram page, she seems so intelligent. She looks so much better than the way she portrays herself on the show. That hideous dress she wore to the rose ceremony with her black bra straps showing and wearing hardly any makeup seems like an act. Why would she want to draw such negative attention when her business is being a health and wellness coach? She also has a line of vegan beauty products.

  22. I completely agree with you. Last night, I was Team Sarah! I felt really bad for her, and it was really hard to watch. The girls had no idea what Sarah was going through leaving her father/home life to go on the show and see if she could find love with Matt. I remember her saying it was a really hard decision, but my father wanted me to find love. I think it’s a shame that MOST ALL the girls attacked Sarah and started what seemed to be a Mean Girls crusade against her. I’ve watched almost every season of the Bachelor/Ette and I’ve never seen soo many women all at once being so mean and hateful towards one another. Matt started off the first cocktail hour with a prayer, I think if he were to see how some of these woman were acting he would be ashamed. They were all so taken back by his “Christian” values, but that quickly went out the window. I do agree with you that Sarah could have spoken to Matt at a different time, other then the group date. However, I think she was so upset and unsure of things that she prolly wasn’t thinking clearly. Also, every time Matt took time to reassure Sarah that he wanted her there, the woman would get upset. Not at Matt, but at Sarah! I was perplexed as to why they didn’t have some kind of resentment towards Matt for this… anyway, II was happy that Katie took the time to talk with Sarah and show her a little bit of kindness… we definitely need more of that this season! In the end, I was sad to see that after all that had happened that Sarah did ultimately decide to leave. I agree with you that I think Matt really liked her and could potentially see her at the end of his journey. I hope Sarah got to spend more quality time with her family, especially her father. I do however, hope we get to see her and Matt together again!

  23. I agree with these comments and Ali’s position on last night show… Last night it was very very apparent to me that the producers care nothing for the ladies and only about making good TV. They purposefully ended Matt’s date after Sarah spoke with him just to make all the girls pissed at her. Even if she took up enough time for one girl to miss out on a conversation with Matt, she didn’t take up enough time for five of them or however many there were left without time. And I also hope that some of the sweeter girls that are in that group spoke up and editing just didn’t show it. If they didn’t, there’s really no one else I want to route for…. Katie did redeem herself being the only one shown to check on Sarah, but she acted really childish (and stirred the pot) when Sarah interrupted her date.

  24. I totally agree about Sarah and Katie and the whole mean girl mentality. I totally commend Katie for going to talk to Sarah one-on-one, and then not sharing the specifics of their conversation to the group. She mentioned the important parts without stating personal stuff about Sarah. I thought that was super respectful. I also liked that she reminded everyone to stay classy and be kind because you don’t know everyone’s personal, internal struggles/battles. I am LOVING this season so far!!

  25. I agree with what you’ve said! I cringed when Sarah interrupted the group date, but when she apologized… several times… I was horrified by how mean some of the girls were to her. It was awful to watch, and I’m so glad that Katie went to talk to her. I had tears in my eyes during their conversation. I think Sarah did the right thing for herself to go be with her family.

  26. Hi. I’m liking Matt as the Bachelor as well. He seems very level headed and a genuine guy. It is sad that producers have a pull into keeping bullies. It just brings out the ugly in people and women don’t think “what if this was me.” Nobody knows each other’s stories and until then women should support women.
    Thanks for blogging!! I’m rooting for Bri too.

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for reading my blog!! It means so much. It will be interesting to see how they all react when new women join the house.

  27. Immaturity plain n simple! Few are ready for the ups and downs of marriage… Matt needs to not get caught up in their “terrible twos” tantrums, but be mindful of the gossip and bullying to a kid the bad seeds! Do not be blindsided by jealous insecure beatches! That being said, Katie Holmes look alike, pure class! Oh and btw, Victoria is a psychopath, nothing funny about her antics! Narcissistic and in deep need of self reflection! Bullying is not an attractive quality for a lady!

  28. First of all:
    Love Katie! She was angry she got interrupted in the moment and that evening, but did not partake in the bullying (because that’s what it was).

    I do want to bring up something semi controversial though. I know you mentioned this is possibly the most diverse cast the show has had so far and you are right in that it is racially diverser than ever.
    I am not religious, have nothing against any religion and am not an atheist. I just don’t know what’s out there. But here in US, that is often a shameful thing to admit. I’m from The Netherlands but I live in Austin, Texas with my Texan (Christian) husband. So I know what I’m talking about from MY perspective.
    During the first episode how Matt opened the night with a prayer, that’s cool. Good for him, and good for the Christian cast. But me watching felt super excluded. And thought: how would I react if I was one of the women? It brought up thoughts again of do I fit in here? Is there something wrong with me for not being Christian?
    They showed everyone oo-ing and aah-ing over it. Do they also have Jewish? Islamic? Atheists? Agnostics?
    If so, are they now afraid to be honest and say they aren’t Christian? Or made to feel less worthy of being there because they don’t share those beliefs (like how/why Ivan(?) was sent home after Tayshia and he discussed religion during their overnight date?
    I think JP was a Jewish Bachelor(?)
    Anywho, just wanted to bring in my perspective with this waay to long “thought”!
    I have nothing against Christians, but this has turned into more of a Christian dating show (Hannah B, Tayshia, Matt).
    I don’t want this to take away from how awesomely (racially) diverse this show has become though! They are almost there, just add in this cultural/religious diversity and they get an A+ from me!

  29. I had all the same feels as you mention on your blog – from someone that lost my mother recently I could not imagine not being with her the weeks/months prior to her passing
    My heart goes out to Sarah and I pray her Dad is comfortable and spending as much time as possible with his family!

  30. I’m with you 100% on everything you said 👍👍👍I felt so bad for Sarah. She’s a beautiful person. Sincere and real.

  31. Hi Ali! I’m so glad your blog is back!! I really missed it, but understand your move & family had to come first.

    Anyway I completely agree with your comments. I don’t think Sarah was trying to be malicious at all. I think the situation with her dad just exacerbated everything. I think she made the right decision to leave. It’s just not worth putting herself through that when her dad is terminally ill.

    I knew the producers asked Matt to keep Victoria around, this happens every season. I get that the drama brings ratings, but it gets irritating after awhile. I’m sure she has some issues causing her to act that way, but she’s just cruel and it’s frustrating to watch. I’m glad Matt isn’t into her, because he’s too good for her.

    I also thought Anna & Kit were really mean. Sarah was trying to apologize & it’s hard to humble yourself like that in front of a group of people. The women were justified in being upset, but treating her like that when she was trying to apologize was just mean & immature. I’m sure some of them were better about it, and they just showed us the drama.

    Katie is AWESOME! The way she talked to Sarah and showed empathy & kindness just speaks to her character. I’d love to see her become The Bachelorette. I don’t think she’s a front – runner, but she’ll definitely be a fan favorite.

    I’m enjoying the diversity too, past seasons were definitely lacking. I hope this is an indication of what’s to come.

    I think Matt is the best bachelor we’ve seen in a long time & I really hope this process works for him.

  32. I understand the girls know the process before they go in and that the reality is so much harder. I think Sarah may have had a harder time due to the situation with her dad. As much as she had feelings for Matt and wanted to be there, I think her dad was always in the back of her mind. I think she did the right thing but I would have liked to see her 100% on her game. And, kudos for Katie for being there

  33. This show has gotten GROSS! Meaning, how on earth do they allow these women to get bullied like this, broadcast it on national television as such and think it’s ok?? On a show supposedly about finding love. I know that we don’t get to see everything but what they’re giving us is awful. Don’t we have enough bullying going on in this world?! I feel bad for Matt, he seems like a great guy but I just can’t with this crap!

  34. Love Michelle was starting to loose interest because I realize they are keeping the queen for drama but it’s getting to much

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  36. I have watched this show since the beginning. After selecting Matt as the bachelor I need to rethink my tv watching choices. Why? Because I believe no one did their homework to see that Matt had so much mental/emotional baggage that he can’t get over. This troubled me to no end. Shame on the show for touting how great he was.

    I am thrilled with the choices of Michelle and Katie though. I feel these are two strong and mature women truly ready to commit.

  37. This season was such a joke. The man didn’t even want a commitment he needed a therapist. He finally gets down to two and his excuses for not proposing was his mom. That was his out. Then he picked someone and what she did in the past was his excuse again to get out. Yet no one realizes that.

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