The Bachelor – The Demise of the “Queen”

Hi! Welcome to my Bachelor blog today! I really want to jump right into it today because I can’t wait to discuss all these personalities with you!!! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s jump into it!

I have to start by saying that it is absolutely incredible to me that there are two sides of some of these women. How completely opposite they act when they’re together and then when they’re with Matt. Specifically Victoria, Anna, and MJ. Serena can be pretty mean, but at least she owns it. She even said that she couldn’t believe all the apologies that we’re happening left and right.


I was so so so proud of Matt for saying goodbye to Anna as quickly as he did. He kept saying it was his responsibility to create a safe environment for the women and I’m so glad he sees it that way because his actions are going to largely impact the future of the house.


I don’t want anybody to take this the wrong way, but hear me out for a minute. I do think Victoria kind of think she’s being funny. Do I think she think she’s being playful funny? No. She’s being mean funny. But obviously it’s not funny when somebody else is getting hurt.

I honestly think we’re gonna see Victoria on Bachelor in Paradise and we’re gonna end up liking her. Almost like a Jordan Kimball. I hated him on whoever’s season he was on. I can’t even remember who. But then I took all his crazy antics as just pure humor in Bachelor in Paradise. But I think something happened to him in between where he learned to take that side of his personality and humor and shifted from being malicious to being more playful instead of straight out mean. I’m thinking Victoria’s gonna learn the same lesson. Also I guarantee you Victoria ends up with somebody named Matt on Bachelor in Paradise!

The Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony even started, I said to myself that he was going to give his first rose to the woman he thinks he’s going to end up with in the end. But then when I saw he gave it to Brittany and then Ryan, it made sense that he would do that to send a message to all the women. So then right after Ryan got the rose again said to myself the next girl who gets it is going to be the one he ends up with. I was kind of surprised to see it be Rachael. Although I will say, I’ve seen some people on my social media and on my comments here say that they think he ends up with Rachael in the end. So as much as I haven’t seen it up until now and maybe the show is hiding it from us, I have to say I think it could be Rachael. If it’s not her, she’ll definitely be in the top two. So after this rose ceremony my top three girls for the season in terms of who I think is gonna make it to the top three are Bri, Michelle, and Rachael. Which leaves me to thinking if Bri and Michelle hadn’t already had roses already, would one of them been the first one he gave one to? Who knows.

Rachael’s Date

I usually think these over-the-top dates are used on somebody the Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t really want to spend quality time with. Like sure, let’s just have somebody try on clothes all day so you don’t actually have to talk to them or really spend time with them. But now that I’m seeing Matt and Rachael’s relationship, I’m wondering if giving gifts is Matt’s love language. Everybody shows it in different ways and maybe his way of showing love is through gifts. So maybe he thought this was the perfect date for someone he’s really into.

Look, he doesn’t plan the dates. And sometimes you don’t even know what the date is when you pick the person to go on it. But usually the producers are pretty good at giving you guidance on who to take on what date. Like I remember the producers letting me know if the date was going to be something where I have to be really physically close to somebody so I made sure that that was with a date with somebody I was actually attracted to. Then if it was a date where we wouldn’t have to touch that much, then I would take somebody I wasn’t really feeling on that date. Does that make sense? That’s why I guess I’m just a little surprised he took Rachael on this date.

Although it is so clear that Rachael is a front runner for Matt. After tonight’s date and her getting the first rose (besides the new girls) at the rose ceremony at the top of the episode, I feel pretty confident she’ll be in his top two. If not his final one.

Group Date

I’m curious how you guys felt about this. Did anybody else feel it was kind of icky the way Matt ran up and started making out with Pieper when she was doing her interview. I don’t know what it is and it’s almost hard for me to explain or put my finger on it, but I think it’s the way he was making out with her it just seemed so adulterous. That might seem crazy to you guys for me to be using that word in the scenario because it is the Bachelor. But it just felt like I’m so hot and heavy for you right now because I know the other girls are nearby and wondering where I am. They’ve just had such a little interaction and it came out of nowhere without them even having a 1-on-1 date that it just felt wrong to me

Btw, it is very interesting that Abigail got the first impression rose but hasn’t gotten a single 1-on-1 date yet. Any thoughts as to why?

Kit’s Date

I hate to say this, but I took two things away from his date with Kit. First, oh my gosh I didn’t realize her mom Cynthia Rowley! Very cool! And two, it’s really really really really hard for me to watch the two of them kiss. Ha!

There’s just not much to say about the day. Kit’s an absolute sweetheart and oh my gosh is she stunningly gorgeous! Like she might be one of the most perfect looking humans I’ve ever seen- and she’s a real sweetheart. Sure, she definitely had her moments with the group bullying, b  gut I think honestly she was just kind of going with the crowd and sometimes that’s a form of insecurity in itself. But I really like her all around and do I think they’re gonna end up together? No. So I don’t really have a ton to say.

Jesenia and MJ

Team Jesenia all the way!!!! She was so incredibly spot on when she said that Matt would know the truth and so would everyone else when this aired and we’ve seen MJ bully night after night. I agree that I’ve seen two very different sides of her with the girls and then with Matt. So I’m curious what the side is when the cameras are rolling, but I will say firsthand that I know from being in the house that it’s very common for some people to act different when the cameras are on versus when they’re off.

I really hope he doesn’t send both of them home next week because I really feel like Jesenia,  just like Katie did the week prior, was just trying to stand up against all the bullying in the house by letting Matt know about MJ. I think there’s no way that MJ is sticking around, but I really hope she doesn’t take Jesenia with her. Not that I think she’s going to stick around until the end, but she doesn’t deserve to leave that way. We will see next week!

Me This Week

As for me this week there isn’t really really much to say. I’ve been laying kind of low. I did do an Amazon live about my favorite loungewear that you guys should totally check out. I think you can fast forward to see the different looks. But I highly recommend getting all the loungewear looks I share! I essentially share three of them that you can mix and match. If whites not your thing, the white that I’m wearing at the beginning of the video is the exact same as the black one I’m wearing at the end it’s just obviously in a different color. It’s the best loungewear I’ve ever had and I’m obsessed! I also show you guys how to style them to go out to run errands.


Okay, now what do you guys think about tonight’s episode? Let’s talk in the comments below!

53 Thoughts

53 thoughts on “The Bachelor – The Demise of the “Queen”

  1. I’m just happy that the mean girls are going home. Wonder if producers tried to get Matt to keep any of them another week.

    1. I LOVED how Matt took the bull by the horns and just let Anna and Victoria go when he heard about all the conflicts.

      For me, it was very hard to watch Rachael’s date since so much has come out about her and the racist remarks she’s made on social media and partook in among her friends. I wouldn’t normally believe it, but the receipts are there. It’s so disheartening that on a season with the first Black bachelor, someone with those viewpoints would make the cast.

      1. I went to school with Rachael (unlike the person from Tik tok). She was popular. I wasnt. We were not friends. However, she was just as she appears on the show. Quiet. Well liked. Wasn’t going to go out of her way to be friends with you if you weren’t “cool” but also was not a bully. I think if you ask a lot of high school students 8 years ago (pre BLM and all of the learning we are doing as a society) what cultural appropriation is, some if not most would not know that dressing up as a Native American for halloween was disrespectful, especially in the south.. Its terrible don’t get me wrong but it was a different time. If people went and searched through her old stories, she posted about anti racism months before being accused. Whether she posted it becuase it was a popular thing to do (which if her friends are racist, that would in fact be the unpopular thing to do) or because she meant it isn’t up to me to decide. If someone recognizes and changes their opinions, who are we to use the R word and define them by pictures they liked in the past. To not believe in change defeats the goal of the BLM movement doesn’t it?

        1. I never comment on these but I just want to echo what someone else already said. Bravo to you. This week and last week. I’ve really appreciated your kind, well-thought out comments.

      2. Uh yeah, sure Erica. Rachael is sooo racist that she is willing to put her life on hold to vie for a black man’s heart, knowing full well that if things progress well between them that she may even have him visit her own racist family home, in her home town bereft with Confederate flags and other ‘symbolisms’ of racism. Who is being a mean girl now? Or at least falling into that trap? It’s no different than Anna calling Brittany an Escort if you think about it. How do you think Rachael might feel when she hears these accusations against her? Actually, with the show technically over, she probably already has.

      3. Erica,
        My opinion on Rachel is this… I’ve heard a little bit about the accusations of her being a bully in high school, that said, she’s what, 24 now? So she’s been out of high school for at least 6 years. I know I’m not the same person I was six years ago, even a year ago. There is always learning and changing people can do. I personally believe that is a huge problem in our society these days is because somebody did something years ago that they should lose everything for it. If they learned from it, changed from it, then the past is in the past.

        1. Rebecca, You hit the nail on the head. We make mistakes and we learn from them and grow and MOVE ON. Can’t change the past just like we can’t predict the future.

  2. I loved all of your feedback, but let’s be real about Victoria- the producers SO wanted to keep her on as long as they could, and I commend Matt for sending her home! I can’t help but feel like, “who is the next villain here” though! It seems like it never ends! Thanks for always keeping it real Ali!

  3. I’m so happy that Matt cleaned house this week and got rid of the negativity and drama. That needed to happen.

    Rachel is definitely one of my favorites. It seemed early for Matt to say he was falling in love with her, but we will see what happens!

    Kit’s date seemed so short. I don’t think she will be sticking around for too long. I also think she’s too young. I want the Bachelor franchise to start including more women in their late 20s and early 30s. I find it hard to believe that a woman in her early 20s who is gorgeous really has had that hard of a time finding love. Give it time!!

  4. I agree with almost everything you said! I think you’re spot on about Rachael!! I think that if Victoria makes it to Bachelor in Paradise it will be bad as it’s showing her behaviour and bullying antics, whether she meant it to be funny or not are ok and tolerated by the franchise. I think it would be terrible if they let this happen and it doesn’t show the good values the franchise is trying to show they have.

  5. I am so proud of Matt for standing up for the women and working to create a safe environment for all the girls. I was cheering when Matt took a stand and tried to squash the nonsense instead of feeding into it each week. He clearly comes across as a protective guy, and who ever ends up with Matt will be a lucky girl.

  6. Aly I have to disagree with you on the pipier kiss! I absolutely loved it, I thought it was so sexy, one of the best kisses of the season if I’m honest! Lol he really is hard to watch kissing people but this kiss was different ! Iit was so spontaneous and I personally would have felt so special, he was away from the other girls so I didn’t see it as disrespectful at all. I agree Victoria had to go I was so done with her couldn’t watch her for another second! MJ needs to go next, and not a fan of Serena C. I love Rachel, Bri, Chelsea, Abigail, Serena P, Katie and Michelle, he really has some amazing women! I don’t know how he will choose.

  7. I think Victoria is the type of girl who can dish it but can’t it and also that she doesn’t have close girl friends. It’s one thing to be funny and sarcastic but it’s another to cal other women sluts and whores. It’s very childish.

    I hope MJ goes home. She clearly doesn’t have a connection with Matt seeing as he ran away from her firstly into the lips of another girl but also because she’s a mean girl who got caught and can’t handle it.

  8. I think I know the top four, Michelle, Bri, Abigail and Rachel.
    Final to Michelle and Rachel, he picks Rachel.

  9. You’re spot on everything and check out Kit’s IG! She looks like Hailey Bieber and Rachel (the “one”) looks like Katie Holmes! Love your little family and Molly is going to be a star ⭐️! Just saying.. nite

  10. I believe his final gal will be Rachel. Her smile is so beautiful Wow Wow they would make a great couple I just love ❤️ everything about Matt & Rachel. He is serious about finding his match. He is ready for the next stage of his life. Looking forward to next weeks show. 😊

  11. You are so on it! Rachael will definitely get the final rose! Michelle comes in 2nd and Bri comes in 3rd! Serena P. Comes in 4th place! I have been team Bri from the beginning! I’m so sad he doesn’t pick her …

    1. Seriously? Some of us don’t want to know spoilers and like reading Ali’s blog because she doesn’t know who he ends up with and gives thoughts based on her experience and behind the scene knowledge.

  12. I still don’t like that he kisses girl after girl! It’s like he makes out with one then ten mins later he is making out with another. I don’t know i guess they should expect it cause that’s what they are there for.

  13. I 100% think Victoria should never be allowed to join another bachelor show again. If they allow that they are basically saying bullying is okay. This last episode showed how big of a narcissist she really is and it was sickening to watch her act that way.

    1. I agree with you but unfortunately people like Victoria bring drama and that’s what the producers want. But yes it really would speak volumes about the franchise if they took a stand showed some morals.

  14. Omg I just loved his one on one with Rachel a shopping spree 👍 That was so awesome😊 Then when Rachel was arriving to see Matt & getting out of the car in that royal blue dress & heels she was gorgeous. Then when they were talking at the table I was crying tears of joy for them as a perfect match for each other. Wow this could be the future Mr & Mrs. James in 2021 or 2022 ❤️

  15. I am THRILLED that Matt truly addressed the bullying and sent home the appropriate girls.. and even when I thought he missed MJ, he still confronted her at the end. I felt a sigh of relief knowing that he could see through the drama and that we could potentially have a very romantic/satisfying ending to this season.

  16. Okay…I am super glad that some of the drama girls are GONE!!! I loved Matt’s date with Rachael. I’m vibing with you on the final 2. We will see! The Abigale thing is odd to me as well. I would have thought he’d had a 1 on 1 already. Maybe it’s coming soon!

  17. Thank God Matt’s cleaning house! Some of the girls need to go. I want to see Matt explore his relationship with Abigail more. But I think Rachel and Michelle are clear front runners. I like Brie and Abigail too. MJ needs to go!

  18. I could not be more proud of Matt. Until people actually confront bullies no matter who they are it will never stop. If more people held bullies accountable immediately the world would be a better place

  19. Hi Ali! I’m a longtime reader but first-time commenter. So glad you’re recapping again this season!
    THANK YOU for pointing out Matt and Kit’s kissing skills (or lack thereof)! I was literally yelling “Ew! Ew!” at the TV, lol.
    On a more positive note, I also was proud of the way Matt handled the mean girl situation. I love that he didn’t speak a word to Victoria when she berated him on her way out.

  20. Just need all the mean girls to leave it’s like a women’s tell all every episode it’s not so entertaining when people are getting hurt left and right!

  21. Victoria is dangerous and mentally ill. She is flat out scary! So glad she is gone. Abigail got a pity rose-no chemistry there. I agree with Rachel and Michelle being there at the end.

  22. I thought the whole kiss with Piper on the group date was awkward too. It seemed almost like someone dared him to do it. I feel like overall Matt himself is just awkward. Could be because he’s not used to being on TV or just his mannerisms, don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ but i don’t find him as appealing to watch as previous leads. I also feel like he tells every girl he likes the same thing. He’s going to get himself in trouble the closer he gets to the end. I can totally see him pulling a Ben Higgins and telling more than one girl he loves them. Overall this is not my favorite season.

  23. I can’t believe Matt sent Anna home during the cocktail party. It shows a lot on his character. This was honestly the best episode because it showed us who Matt really is and how serious he is taking this.

  24. I also felt icky watching the kiss with Kit. She is very sweet but I don’t see chemistry there. I agree with “the Queen” showing up on BIP & predict there will be lots of crying. Maybe not as much as Ashley I but still crying lol

  25. Mean Girls!! Victoria is just straight up obnoxious…and she has to be doing most of this on purpose. There are some girls like Rachel who are definite front runners. It must be hard for the producers to come up with “dates” in the middle of nowhere, so I think they are doing their best. Some of these girls, like MJ and Kit are clearly too young for a serious relationship. I am impressed with the way Matt is handling the discord in the house.

  26. I think he ends up with either Rachel or Michelle. I’ve noticed he seems to appreciate adversity in others. I do wonder about the fact that Abigail got the first impression rose but hasn’t gotten a date rose or a date since then. I think she made him feel at ease on night one when he was nervous but now he isn’t really feeling the love there.

  27. There is no way Matt had to clean his own house for the date or set up the whole baking scene! This season has seemed so fake … same with almost all of his supposed “relationships” I hope he finds happiness. He seems like a sweet guy.

  28. This is coming from an older lady who has seen a lot of life and I also have an adult daughter, Victoria was not being funny and she was just incredibly mean spirited and rude. She got backed into a corner and tried to pretend she was just being funny.

  29. I’m glad Matt sent Anna home right away. I hope she was sincere when she said she regretted the way she acted.

    As for Victoria I really hope we never see or hear from her again. I don’t even think it’s fair to compare her to Jordan Kimball. Yes, Jordan made little digs at people. He was obnoxious at times. But, he didn’t go around spreading vicious rumors about people. He didn’t repeatedly single out the same person. He didn’t bully people. Allowing Victoria to be on BIP would be rewarding the bullying. I loved when Matt said “In what context is it ok to call someone a whore?” I hope she learns from this & grows as a person. I just think allowing her to capitalize on the Bachelor Nation franchise would be rewarding bad behavior.

    I got so frustrated watching MJ & Jesina. Jesina was quiet when MJ first started talking, and then when it was her turn MJ kept interrupting her. Then she accused Jesina of talking over her. MJ was a mean girl, and if that’s “leading by example” she’s a terrible leader. Leading by example also means owning your actions. I really hope he sends MJ home & gives Jesenia the rose.

    Cynthia Rowley is my sister’s favorite designer so we knew who Kit was right away. I don’t think she’ll end up with Matt either, but she’s someone I’d love to see in Paradise. She made some mistakes but she owned up to it and apologized.

    I was curious is to why Abigail hasn’t had a 1:1 yet too. Maybe she made a great first impression & now he’s not as into her as he was in the begging. She’s really sweet & I hope to see her in Paradise.

    I definitely think Rachael will be in his top 3 or 4, but I don’t think he ends up with her because we saw him tell her he’s falling in love with her. That tells me the producers want us to think he ends up with her.

    My money is still on Michelle, they just seem perfect for each other.

  30. I hope you are right about Victoria I hope she can watch the season and learn I don’t like that abc is having them keep certain people for drama. Glad the bullying is hopefully over

  31. Can’t say I’ll even accept Victoria until I feel that her apologies are genuine. No, I don’t think I’ll end up liking her… none of her apologies so far have been apologies…. they’re all “if I made anyone feel” which completely denounces the fact that she did anything wrong 🙄 she was mean to a fault and until she sees that, ugh I have a really hard time with bullies

  32. A tad disappointed that you could see anything redeeming in Victoria. I do like Rachel and have since the beginning. Cant for the life of me decide who Matt will chose. Just thrilled Victoria is gone!

  33. Omg this kiss with Pieper was sooo weird and random. Adulterous was a good word for it. It was just so out of the blue and VERY hot and heavy for like no reason. Almost like the adrenaline of running away from a playful game made him do it lol.

  34. You are giving Victoria too much credit. I think she’s just mean and crazy honestly. I did love him and Rachel’s date and I think you could be right that could be his love language. I just can’t get over how good of a guy Matt is. He sticks to his guns and is always so respectful about it. I love it

  35. I just can’t stand that he’s always kissing with his eyes open. Anyone else? No, just me? It’s so awkward!

  36. Please tell me what you are selling? Is it only your favorite sleep ware. /the printing is so light I had great difficulty in reading. ,

  37. Kit is cute and seems like a little girl playing dress up. My opinion of course but I don’t see gorgeous at all. Matt seemed more paternal than romantic with her. Other than that I agree with you Ali.

  38. Hi Ali

    No one ever eats the food during sit down meals. Can you tell us more about this? Is it real food? Do you get to choose what you drink at supper?

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