Bachelor in Paradise – Caelynn and Dean Forever

Wow, I seriously am so happy with tonight’s episode!! We are continuing to see these couple’s flourish (yay Caelynn + Dean!) and grow and I can’t wait to see where they all end up. Let’s get into tonight’s episode, I laughed and I cried!

Caelynn and Dean Forever and Ever

Oh my gosh, I could’ve watched an entire episode about Caelynn and Dean. In fact, when they were driving away in the car together talking about sleeping in his van, I honestly wish the cameras just stayed on them and this turned into a reality show about their life together. I know Caelynn seemed a little turned off when he talked about cooking ramen in the van, but to me that sounds like a fabulous vacation! Ha!

dean comes back BIP caelynn

You guys know how much I love my Ramen. But in all seriousness, I just love them together! I think him coming back is ridiculously romantic and like I said in my blog last week I think it takes the right person to turn a notorious Bachelor into a committed man. I think Caeylnn could be that girl for Dean. If they end up working out and I kind of feel like they will, I hope we get a reality show about their life because I will be a loyal viewer! Ha!


All that said, I did feel bad for Conner. What Connor said is so true. Caelynn really did downplay her relationship with Dean and she didn’t say sorry to Connor. All of that was wrong and I am sure Caelynn felt bad watching it back. I think she got wrapped up in the romantic gesture that Dean did and so did I! I think we all did.

connor crying dean caelynn bip

To be completely honest, I didn’t even really think twice about Connor until we saw him break down and talk about how hurtful it was to him. And then I even felt like a jerk myself for not thinking about him more. I’m not mad at Caelynn. I genuinely think she’ll feel bad about how the situation played out when she watches it back. And I stand by the notion that I think Caelynn made the right choice because I think Dean is the one for her. But Connor really did get screwed over and I really do feel badly for him.

Chris and Katie

I’m curious to know what you guys think, but I don’t think there’s anyway possible way they are getting engaged. I’m not even sure they’re gonna leave Paradise as a couple. And I don’t really have a ton to say about it other than that. What are you guys thinking?

Demi and Kristian

I feel like it’s hard for me to even say more about the situation than mention the fact that I was utterly glued to my TV watching every moment and every word spoken between them. Not only was I crying like a baby, but I was just so impressed with the relationship and how clearly they’re able to communicate with each other.

demi kristian chat bip

I truly cannot imagine being Demi and coming out in such a public way for so many people to judge. I know what it’s like to be on the show and for people to rip you apart for who you are and with so much hate in this world, I can only imagine what Demi’s going through. I stand by her. Both her and Kristian. And that’s all I really have to say about the situation. Honestly, I can’t say more because I can’t see through my tears right now. I write these blog while watching the episodes.

Tayshia and JPJ

So we’re on the same page that there’s no way Tayshia and JPJ are going to end up together. In fact, Tayshia even said on our podcast a few weeks ago that she single now. So I think it’s pretty safe to say this was a fun thing for her and much more serious for JPJ, but I think we all knew it wasn’t gonna work out.

tayshia JPJ prom bip

By the way are you listening to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast? If not you totally should! I’ll put the link to subscribe here.

Blake and Kristina

Now all of Kristina’s actions make a little bit more sense to me. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why she would even consider a relationship with Blake after all of her actions this far in Paradise. I talked a little bit about that last week. So her leaving him this week makes much more sense to me. Her actions all through Paradise match with how she’s actually feeling.

kristina blake BIP break up caelynn

And I wanted to feel bad for Blake I really did. Because I always try to see the best in people. But I couldn’t help but feel like it was all an act. And I’m not trying to say he’s a bad guy, because I definitely don’t think he is. I think he’s a very sweet person who is desperate to be liked. And he was so nervous after this whole situation, and I think maybe worried that people are going to hate him that he wants to do everything he can to make people like him. And I sympathize with that. I’m a people pleaser too. So I wish both Blake and Kristina the absolute best. Because I know they’re both good people and they both deserve love.

Who will stay together in Paradise and who will leave together?

We are almost at the end here, and I can’t wait to see who ends up leaving together to explore their relationships more and who is going to get engaged!!! So exciting! Who do you think is going to remain couples? Do you thinking the remaining couples will make it? What do you think happened with Caelynn and Dean after they left? Let’s chat!!

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floral dress nordstrom affordable


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best toys for toddlers bounce and spin dog


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63 Thoughts

63 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Caelynn and Dean Forever

  1. 2 things real quick. 1. Sign me up for the dean and Caelyn reality show. I was literally saying the exact same thing out loud during the episode! I just wanted to see more of them! And 2. I swore I heard caelyn apologize more than once to Connor (I also watch with subtitles so maybe it was quiet when she said it) but it was definitely at least twice. And maybe I’m a jerk but how long were caelyn and Connor together? 3 days? Like I get that the whole situation sucked for him but wahhhhh. Dean and Caelyn 4eva!

    1. You are right! Caelynn definitely said she was sorry. At least twice and those were also her final two words to him before leaving!

    2. I agree! I didn’t really watch the rest of the episode because I was so excited about the Caelynn and Dean relationship. I see them together forever!!

      1. I stopped watching after Dean & Caelynn left. I would watch their reality show. I think they’re adorable and I think he gets a bad rap. I rewatched his hometown w/Rachel a few days ago and it was heartbreaking, and quite frankly, felt exploitative compared to every other hometown ever. I wish them both lots of adventures, growth, acceptance and love !

    3. Blake and Kristina must have made a pact on the show. You keep me and I’ll keep you… friendship roses to the end. If we don’t find love connections we will pretend to try to make it work between us so we can stay on national tv. Such horrible acting. Ugh what a joke.

      1. Not a bad theory, KM. – if so she is a Great Actress, and he s u x. I believed her every step.of the way on the date

        He has to find some root to anchor him. Seeing him be a real bud to castmates gives me hope for him, but he has got to detox from his distortions. Stat.

    4. I loveeeee Caelynn and Dean! Yes to a reality show! And she did say she was really sorry to Connor – before she left when she sat down with him and said she was leaving. She said “I’m really sorry”..

  2. Wow. I haven’t been a fan of demi and kristian all season bc I’ve felt that it was a bit staged, but their convo tonight showed a deeper side to their relationship. I’m here for it.

  3. Love Caelynn and Dean together!! And am I the only one who heard her say sorry to Conner multiple times when she left?

  4. I heard Caelyn say sorry at least twice. I hope they are still together.
    I think Blake tried too desperately hard at the end. I don’t think he was into Kristina either.
    JPJ burped in Tayshas ear, right? I just find him a palling after the snotballs and the burps. Taysha is way too good for him.

  5. I am OBSESSED with Katie & Chris! They’re by far my favorite couple on paradise. They have great chemistry and I think it has just taken them awhile together. Plus they are commenting alllll over each other’s instagrams so I’m pretty sure they end up together!

    1. Previews show a black woman’s hand getting The Ring.
      So, c’mon, right?
      Mrs Bukowski we’re looking at You, right??!

  6. I really don’t understand your zest for Dean. He has bailed on every girl he’s been with so far. Why is it that you all can give him so much credit now?If Caelynn was a friend of mine, I would be giving her a stern “watch out” talk. I think relationships need a firm foundation and how do you acquire while questioning what they are going to do next? Are they going to bail when the going gets tough? Idk.. Ali, I feel like you have more insight as to what’s going on currently and that’s why you’re putting such a positive vibe out there in support of this relationship. If she was my daughter, I wouldn’t want her anywhere near him.

    Maybe I am ultra skeptical this season, but I don’t see any couples lasting in this group. I don’t see the Tanners or the Haibons in this group!!!! I will say it’s been a very entertaining show! I’ve enjoyed watching it! MINUS BLAKE!!! He is an actor playing a role!!! There is not an ounce of credibility in his behavior. He needs some deep therapy…. yikes!!!

    1. Are you a fan. of Ashley and Jarred? I think as Ali put it a bachelor until the right girl comes around just like Jarred. He was in denial forever and hurt Ashley so many times but look where they are. Who knows if they will last but I do not believe Dean would have come back if he weren’t serious about at least trying to make a go of it. He even said I don’t know where this will go or what path it will take but I just know I want to try. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic!

      1. The o n e thing that made it OK for me that Dean went the way he did was that he dropped the grin and looked her deep in the eye and gave her as much of a committment as he could. I think his magic is that he knows Nobody Knows what lies ahead in life ( and Caelynn gets that)- plus he owned up in his fault lines, and thats about as much as anyone can do.

  7. Hi Ali, I love Caelyn& Dean together. I’ve always liked Dean & I liked Caelyn on the Bachelor too. I think Dean has really done some growing & is sincere in wanting to be a better man. I did feel bad for Connor but she did say she was sorry. I’m disappointed that he tried to make her look bad by saying she didn’t. Connor was one my favorites on Hannah’s season.
    I didn’t necessarily like or dislike Blake on the Bachelorette but I definately haven’t cared for him on Paradise. I do think that he probably is a nice guy & just wants to b liked but he doesn’t go about things the right way. I loved Christina on Paradise last year but I have not liked her at all this season. I’m glad she was honest with Blake about not being able to get there. I could tell by the way she was acting that something was missing.
    I didn’t care for JPJ on the bachelorette & i really don’t like him on Paradise. I think he has a lot of maturing to do yet. Some of his habits are just gross. I don’t see him & Taysha together. She’s way too classy for him.
    I think Hannah & Dylan will stay together. Not sure about anyone else. I hope Caelyn & Dean stay together. I hope he doesn’t break her heart again. They make such a nice looking couple.

    1. Caelynn and Dean are u n d e n i a b l e

      They will have a true adventure together – maybe for a lifetime. And who knows – C coild be the heartbreaker (!). So much discovery ahead for them. Wonderful to see it all happen before our eyes.

  8. Well I guess I am literally the only one who loves JPJ!!!!! I think hes an absolute sweetheart and yeah the commotion at the wedding was uncalled for and not st the right place BUT he was just sticking up for his girl and had strong feelings for her! Yes maybe him and Taysia are not the best couple or match but hes fricken adorable and every girl would love that st least the thought!

    I’m over Dylan and Hannah unfortunately. Dylan is soooooo into her and I just don’t feel like hannah is kn the same page but time will tell.

    1. I Love JPJ.

      Big Time ~ reciting Shakespeare. Catching Fish by Hand. Crowning T Prom Princess!!

      I L o v e him.
      Fighting f o r Tayshia (not against Derek).

      Passion. Humor. And a Damn Good Looking Prom King Suit. John Paul Jones has made my summer better.

  9. I love Dean and Caelynn together and I really hope it works out but I can’t help but be skeptical after watching him with Lesley on winter games and that didn’t work even though it seemed like he was telling her the same kind of stuff😕 I really hope he is truly ready for a relationship now!

  10. I really like Katie and Chris I just think they need more time together and to talk about their flaws and being able to deal with them!
    Team Dean all the way!!

    1. Yeah, Connor who…
      Connor, a bit of a sore loser – rubs me the wrong way. He griped afterards on Hannah Bs season, too.
      Over that.

      She would have always wondered, if she let Dean go. At this age, a risk with Dean is worth a *sure thing* with Connor. ( And really: just how *safe* is he- after 3 kinda dates ~ Eh!!)

  11. I’m excited about Caelynn and Dean! A love story for the history books! Tayshia and JPJ are cute but won’t last. I wish they would tho. And I just can’t wait to see what happens next time. This BiP has been the best yet, I think. Of course I loved Jade and Tanner and Carly and Evan. 🙂 I think Dylan and Hannah and Dean and Caelynn will be the new Jade and Tanner/Carly and Evan.

    1. Agree!!
      Best BIP yet and it isn’t even over!!

      JPJ down the line for Bach, too – Give him a little time – sort out the stomach issues *etc*.

  12. Loved Caelynn and Dean! I watched that part like 3 times!!! She DID say sorry, twice! Yes it was quick, but she did say sorry to Conner, twice!! I agree with you on Blake! Glad he and Christina finally came to the end of this…wasn’t fun to watch! Not sure there are many couples that come out of it but I wish them all the best!! #teamcaelynnandDean Can’t wait to see what happens next for them! He was very sincere!! Glad she saw that! I listen to the podcast! Will be fun to hear from them!! Thanks for your posts!!

  13. Connor- Yes it is sad for him and she didn’t say sorry he’s right that’s odd. BUT I hated how he went on and on about what he thought she should do and he was bashing Dean. He could take some tips from Derek. Connor never said anything like you need to do what you feel or it’s your choice.

    Weirdly enough I’ve been in a similar boat to Cailyn. The safe guy who was so into me and seemed he’d never hurt me and it’d all he easy. Annnd my now husband lol. The complicated slightly scary but person you couldn’t control how drawn you were to them and all the feels. We’re married with our second kid on the way so it worked out for me…hope it does for them too! Even if it doesn’t atleast she tried. Let’s be real she wasn’t going to end up with Connor either way.

    1. Connor has a real disconnect going on – hopefully he sees it. He was cocky sounding when C was sitting with Dean, then as you say Tiffany, he just Bashed Dean (for his own purpose, not in support of Caelynns) and Only after he lost did he Get The Feels.

      Wake up Connor: you’re only *great* if you connect your gorgeous body and handsome face to your heart and voice – It’s meaningless otherwise.

      BTW – A great example of that connection is Demi. Wows everytime.

  14. I love Dean and Caelynn and I also believe I heard her say “I’m sorry” at the end after giving him a huge. Obv her discussion with him didn’t revolve around an “I’m sorry” but I do believe I heard her whisper it. I’m sure she was just a mess of emotions!

  15. Confusing Items:

    Nicole.declaring how in love with Blake Kristina is, then hearing K detail how.she didn’t desire Blake.

    The weird back.and forth between Katie and Chris. All this time I thought they were swimning along, then he says he is less than 100 percent, and we hear her say she’s happy with their exchange – Uh, what did we Not see?? Cuz one of the women of color gets a ring. I think it’s Katie. ( Though I.wish Tayshia and JPJ could dance and laugh for us forever )

  16. Dean and Caellyn have great chemistry and seem to flow which is great. I do like JPJ and while maybe I didn’t see them lasting forever, I was a bit disappointed that you just said Tayshia said she was single – it would’ve been nice to finish the season unspoiled which is why I had avoided podcasts and articles that might spoil anything.

    I do love Katie so I hope she is happy no matter what.

    1. I would love a Spoiler Alert. too.
      Especially since JPJ’s story is one of my top faves ( the other is Demi, *of course*)

  17. I’m team dean and caelynn, though I felt they were very insensitive toward Connor, making out right in front of him especially. Why were they having that conversation right there??
    I don’t think Chris and Katie have a super lasting relationship, but I do think they get engaged based in the hands they keep showing. Pretty sure one of those is Katie’s hand.
    I’m finding myself less invested in this season than in the past. Even the couples who seem “solid” had such shaky starts that I’m concerned about all of their futures together. Not saying you can’t get past it, and I hope they do of course, but I don’t know if I get Jade and Tanner vibes from any of these couples. Just me?

    1. PS: I just have to add, I absolutely loved the emotion on Dean’s face when Caelynn decided to leave with him. He was SO genuinely happy!

  18. I love, Love Caelynn and Dean!! I’m all for love and they are young and have time to make mistakes. I hope they explore the world falling more in love.
    I too felt bad for Connor and felt it should have been handled differently by everybody to be honest with you.
    I felt Kristina was totally out of line to go talk to Dean. Only because I felt like she was taking for Caelynn and since they weren’t even friends it was kind of presumptuous to do. Plus, it didn’t seem to be about caring about Dean either. Just to gossip. I have never really been a fan of hers but I get this season she has come off as a mean girl and bitter.
    I really feel like she came to screw with Blake. She took a friendship rise when she knew he liked the girl!! SELFISH! I feel like she wanted to make him suffer and she did. I feel like Blake has some issues for sure but deep down is just overwhelmed and made some bad decisions. I’m cheering for Chris and Katie mostly because I like them lol
    As for tayeesha andJPJo say it was a great lifetime memory and that’s a great thing. Love both of them!
    Demi and Kristian… my heart hurt for Demi. We have put so much pressure on Demi and everybody has had so many opinions (me included) about coming to paradise in a relationship but now I just support both of them. I stand by Demi and support her in finding her way. She’s extremely strong and confident. She just needs to find her way and I know she will. Love her! And Kristian too! So sad the season is almost over

  19. I was saying that I’d totally watch a Caelynn and Dean reality show last week. I love them together! And yes, Caelynn did say sorry several times to Conner before she left. It wasn’t a deep meaningful discussion, but she did apologize…

  20. Okay.. I feel confused regarding Demi. She seems like a totally different person now to who she was on Colton’s season. She says she doesn’t like PDA’s and never has, yet wasn’t she straddling Colton on a bouncy castle and being overly sexual with him?!

    I get that perhaps she’s grown up, or maybe on Colton’s season she was trying to squash who she really was but it’s still strange. Just a complete 180 from when we first saw her on our screens.

    1. I agree about Demi. While I think it was very brave of her to come out, I think her and Kristina should have left then.
      And the whole PDA thing was kind of ridiculous. She obviously doesn’t mind PDAs with certain people. I felt like she was using that as an excuse to disguise her feelings of jealousy. She was certainly all over Derek and she hugs other cast mates. So for her to say she isn’t comfortable with PDA rings false to me. If you’ve looked at her IG, she’s very affectionate with girl friends..
      She’s cute as she can be and has a wicked sense of humor. I really like her but something just didn’t feel right to me about the whole PDA thing. I thought Kristian handled it pretty well. I don’t think they’re going to last though.

      JPJ just drives me crazy! He’s like an immature frat boy. He’s got some really disgusting habits that leave me cold. Won’t last w Taishia.

      I was happy Caelynn chose Dean and I hope they have some awesome life adventures.

      I don’t really have much long term hope for any of these couples. Maybe Cris and Katie if she is patient with him getting there. I don’t think Hannah’s as much into Dylan as he is into her, but I thought that about Evan and Carly too…

      Don’t think Clay is really ready, he needs to find himself and what he’s going to do with his life. Love Nicole…she’s a force to be reckoned with for sure.

  21. Hi Ali, I only want to say that I usually read your blog to learn more about English. I loveeeee your writing style and it’s so easy for me to understand you. Also, I love how you describe your emotions, it seems as if we were friends!.
    I would looooove to read more about your grandmother history, in case one day you want to tell us all, from the beginning to end.

  22. I don’t really understand why people have all this faith in Dean now. Does no one remember him and Leslie on Winter Games? They seemed so into each other and on the reunion for Winter Games he gave her a key to his place as a symbol for them moving even further in their relationship. Leslie was also a very adventurous person and loved to travel, but Dean inevitably got cold feet and called it quits. I mean whatever, it’s a show and not my relationship, but I think people are being a little naive when it comes to the whole Dean and Caelynn relationship.

    I may also be harboring some resentment for Caelynn after finding out that she slept with a guy the night before she slept with Blake at Stagecoach (a friend of Kristina’s). So overall I’ve just lost respect for her and find her to be too good at playing the victim since coming to Paradise.

    1. Molly – I must have missed that about Caelynn sleeping with someone else & that doesn’t make her look good but I think the thing is, is that we all love a good love story & are just hopeful. We all would like to think that a person can b better when meeting that “person”.
      I do remember Dean & Leslie & was rooting for that relationship also but I love him & Caelynn. It’s been awhile since Leslie so hopefully he has done a lot of reflecting & soul searching.
      I do think in the beginning of Paradise Caelynn did play the victim but of course we only saw what they wanted us to see. In reality we don’t really know any of these people.

    2. Caelynn is young, I’m sure some of us slept with multiple man at some point. she has a lot of growing up to do but as she said on the show she constantly wants to better herself. It is easy for us to judge her actions but we don’t know what she’s going through at that moment. I like that Dean and her committed to figuring this out together. That’s all you hope for in a partner.

  23. Even though I agree JPJ is way more into Tayshia than she is into him and I was not expecting them to be together still, the previews for the next week show people getting engaged and one of the images is a white males hand putting a ring on a black womans hand. So either it’s Tayshia or Katie and Chris. And since I don’t think Chris is about to propose, that leaves JPJ. I guess we will see next week.

  24. I have to say, Ali used to have good analysis, but now it seems like all she cares about is not saying anything even slightly bad about anyone in fear someone criticizes her or so she can be friends with the people after the show. Thank God for Rachel who is honest and speaks her mind. Ali spends way too much time just talking about the good in everyone – (which for the record- we ALL try to see the good in everyone! We are ALL not hating on anyone either! It’s just that is not what we came to hear about) – and she spends next to no time on actual substance. I’m bored to tears by her prefacing everything with how they are such a good person- if I wanted a sermon, this is not the place I would come. Stop preaching, Ali. You were much better when you offered actual analysis rather than fluffy niceties. Instead of accommodating the people who criticized you for criticizing- why don’t you accommodate your loyal readers who appreciated your honest take? Because you are going to lose us if you just keep saying a bunch of nothing and fluff. I get that you want to be friends with everyone afterward but please stop saying the mom excuse. You can be a mom and use your brain to actually say substantive analysis that yes, might be critical. You once did this yourself but now seem to be bending over and becoming the weakest commentator in Bachelor Nation.

    1. I could not agree more! Ali is so worried that people aren’t going to like her that she spends half a blog post backtracking on anything negative she might have said. That is why she has so much criticism from her podcast followers. Say what you feel and leave it at that! It is so sad to me that she feels she has to be this goody goody two shoes persona so that people will like her. I liked her way better when she owned her feelings.

      1. Hey Cindy, hey Claire.

        I feel lucky Ali posts and we have a place to air our thoughts.

        After Demi’s podcast visit (where no one asked abt Derek being subjected to D and K dating in Paradise I just assumed ABC was pulling the strings and gave up.- why else would Ali not ask what the majority of posts wanted to know ( namely how D and K were cool putting Derek in that akward position). That said, the good so outweighs the bad – we get to obsess together and IMO hear Ali’s kind way of sorting the story.

        1. Yes Missus, we know you love to share your thoughts. 20 times per blog post is a bit much though. Where do you find the time?

    2. In a world full of negativity and hate Ali is very refreshing. Funny that you said if you want to listen to a sermon, this is not where you’d come…well, if you want negativity and hate you should watch the news!

      Keep doing you Ali!

  25. I have no doubt that Dean is sincere (in his own mind), but he is a walking red flag. People, resolve your major issues first, THEN start looking for a long-term relationship. Who wants to be the guinea pig as someone tries to figure out if they can commit or not? It seems romantic at first to think that you could be “the one” to bring down someone’s walls, but if they aren’t ready, they won’t be ready because of anything you do or say. They have to get there on their own. Also, Caelyn’s expression when he mentioned Ramen spoke VOLUMES. I don’t know if they are at all compatible outside the resort location where they met. They have literally no plans for moving forward on a practical level. Once the honeymoon phase is over, what do they have in common, aside from both being extremely attractive? Honestly as they were driving away it kind of reminded me of the closing scene of The Graduate…

  26. Hi Alli, I loved that Caelyn & Dean left paradise together 💕 I really hope it works for them both! They seem good together. Made me almost cry 😭 Absolutely think Dean is gorgeous 💕

  27. YAY!!! I’m a huge Dean and Caelynn fan! They look good together! I can imagine how gorgeous their babies will be. I’m soooo happy when he came back for her, the hopeless romantic in me was dancing that night. And listening to Dean defend her from anyone who talks sh*t about her is truly endearing. I’ll be an avid fan for a C+D show as well. She’s a Gemini and he’s an Aries, a match made in heaven!

  28. A little correction on your story about Caelynn not saying sorry to Conner. She did say, “I am so sorry” three times to Conner before she finally left.

  29. I would love a realty Show with Dean & Caelyn!!! I would love them to at least show their travels so we can see where they are at and/or headed to. They are so cute and just perfect for each other. I don’t want to forget about those 2!

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