Bachelor in Paradise – Who will get engaged?!

It’s Paradise night!!!! Eeeek we are officially ending the road with this season. In just one week we will find out who is engaged! I am so excited for all these amazing people! Speaking of excitement, make sure to checkout my giveaway toward the end of this blog post!

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Hannah and Dylan

I will be the first admit that I was wrong about Hannah and Dylan. At the beginning of the season when he was being so cheesy with her, I thought there’s no way on this planet that she was going to fall for him. But she did! And I was wrong. And I’m so glad I was. Because they are just a darling couple! What I love so much about Bachelor in Paradise is that when people say I love you on the show, they mean it. Whereas on the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, I never think those “I love you’s” are genuine. And that’s the truth. You just don’t know the person well enough in my opinion.

hannah dylan bachelor in paradise blog i love you engaged

I say this all the time but I’ll say it again, to know someone is to love someone. And you don’t really get to know people on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. You spend less than 72 hours total with them from when you meet them to when you get engaged. Rachel Lindsay, who I do the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with, even thinks it’s closer to 48 hours. And if you ask couples who have gotten married from the show, many of them, if not all of them, will say that they actually fell in love after the show. But this is what I love about paradise. The couple spends so much time together, that they actually get to know one another. It’s why the success rate of the show is so much better than the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.

So when Dylan and Hannah told each other that they loved each other it felt so real. It was real! And I love seeing those real moments on the show.

Connor and Whitney

At first I thought the whole Connor leaving and then Whitney showing up two seconds later was really stupid because the producers obviously could have stopped that. They completely control when someone walks down the steps and they definitely could’ve told Connor he had to wait to leave for another hour. And also, it’s just so late in the game that introducing new people at this point seems silly.

So as I was watching it play out I just thought it was a little bit of nonsense. But then when the whole scenario played out and when she went to his hotel it actually seemed very romantic. I’m happy for them!

connor whitney bip engaged

Rose Ceremony

I wanna spend the rest of the blog focusing thing on the more serious couples, but I will say I thought it was kind of weird that Bri accepted Matt Donald’s rose and that Angela and Chase gave each other a rose. I just don’t understand why they exchange roses and then broke up the next day. Do you guys? I feel like Chris Harrison made it clear that accepting that rose was a very serious step. And then the next day all of a sudden became even more serious?

I get that Chris Harrison came in and told them that they needed to be ready to take the next step as a couple. Did they realize there’s only a couple days left to Paradise at the rose ceremony? I just thought it was weird that some of the couples that have only been there for a few days or a week or two gave each other roses.

And why the heck did Matt give his rose to Bri and not Sydney? He even said that Bri was the supermodel and he had a better conversation with Sydney. I feel bad for Matt cause I just think he’s super inexperienced with relationships and he’s choosing like a 12-year-old boy instead of a grown man. He’s got a lot of growing and learning to do – I think we can all agree on that. And good for Bri for calling him out on only seeing her physical appearance and not what’s on the inside. I love that she said that! She has so much MORE to offer than just her looks.

Tayshia and JPJ

Never in 1 million years did I think I would get so emotional about the relationship! But watching them talk to each other before they said goodbye really showed how much admiration and love they have for each other. I really teared up! I guess what I thought confusing is it was so obvious that she really cared for him. So why did she feel the need to completely break it off with him? Is that because of the pressure of the show? Like, I get that she shouldn’t have to feel ready to get engaged to him, but it seems pretty obvious that in the real world she might still date him. Right? Or maybe not? I’m really interested to hear what she has to say the reunion special.

tayshia JPJ

Demi and Kristian

What can I say about the relationship other than I really admire it. They had incredible communication and understanding of one another. Every time Kristiann talks she’s putting Demi’s feelings first. And vice versa. I feel like whenever Demi is talking, she’s talking about how it’s not fair to Kristian that she’s having a hard time opening up. I just love that they always put the other one first. How awesome would it be if they got engaged this season?! I’m really rooting for them!

Chris and Katie

I think they both seem like great people and I hope they both find the person they’re meant to spend their life with, but something in me says it’s not going to be each other. Are you feeling that way too? If they do end up getting engaged, then I am so happy for them!!!

Who Will Get Engaged?

OK so now here begs the question, what couples do you think you’re going to get engaged at the end of the season? Right now for me, the only two that I think will get engaged are Demi and Kristian and also Hannah and Dylan. Hannah and Dylan are pretty obvious at this point, I think. And do you think there’s a chance JPJ is actually proposing to Tayshia at the reunion special? I have a feeling he’s not and he’s doing something else silly but I’m dying to know! And I am so so so so so excited that we are finally going to find out who the next Bachelor! Who do you guys think it’s going to be? I really think it’s going to be Peter but I feel like we’ve been so surprised in the past that I just don’t know. Let’s discuss everything below! Before we do, I have to tell you about the giveaway on my blog right now!


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Weekly Outfit Recap

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Thanks for visiting my Bachelor in Paradise post, I can’t wait to see who is going to end up engaged! Eeep.

41 Thoughts

41 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Who will get engaged?!

  1. I really wish Mike would be the next bachelor that would be so great to watch. I dont know that I can see Demi getting engaged. I feel like she still has so much growing to do and exploring herself. It’s hard with hannah and Dylan because they haven’t showed them much at all the last few weeks. I wish they would have more so we could see their relationship blossom.

  2. I think it is going to be Peter but I am really hoping for a throwback and unexpected bachelor! What are your thoughts about Clay and Nicole??

  3. I just finished up watching the Tayshia and JPJ conversation and I couldn’t stop crying either! I totally agree she felt the pressure and ended things right then. Maybe if they left together to explore their relationship outside of paradise that would have been the best option for their situation, since they started their relationship later in the season. JPJ has such a big heart!

  4. So I’ll leave Demi and Kristin out of this, they never should have been on. Any other person who had a significant other wasn’t put in a good light. So now making exceptions?!! Not a fan. Yeah for Cailyn and Dean, love that they’re giving love a chance. Not seeing Clay’s relationship working, that man needs to show a little more excitement!

  5. I’m hoping for Peter, but would also love an awesome surprise! Really hate to say it and would love to be proved wrongBut not feeling Clay and Nicole🤤

    1. I was back and forth about JPJ but once he did the prom for her that was it I was hooked and so sad when after she ran to him he just gave her a hug and said “goodbye Tayshia” 😢 Love that Caelynn left with Dean, I want them to work more than anyone!! But Chris…why does he always look so depressed? Like he just seems like he’s being tortured! Why?!

  6. I was legit ugly crying during Tayshia and JPJ’s goodbye!!! The recap of them too together showed how much fun they had together. Great people all around, hope for the best for the two of them.

  7. Peter seems the obvious choice for bachelor. But, Maybe the next bachelor is Derek?
    And from the scenes for next week, it looks like Katie and Chris get engaged and…. ???

  8. I 100% agree with your thoughts on JPJ and Tayshia. I was so confused. If they both had such strong feelings (obviously stronger on JPJ’s side), why not continue to date after the show?

    Question about the Kidpik’s, is it only little girl clothes?

    1. I’m rooting for Chris & Katie! I think Chris is so scared because he knows Katie is THE one and he’s in love. I think they get engaged! I also think Dylan and Hannah will get engaged. As for Kristian and Demi and Clay & Nicole, I think no engagement, but they’ll continue to grow their relationships after Paradise. The breakup between Tayshia and JPJ was sad, but I didn’t see them long term. I did love their easy relationship and friendship…and oh the laughter and comical hijinx!

  9. The next bachelor has already been leaked a few weeks ago, will not be a surprise to many that have seen it all over social media! I honestly could careless about Semi’s relationship; bringing in her GF ruin this season for not only me but so many BIP fans! I think Hanna and Dylan will get engaged! JPJ is very strange and immature and I think Tayshia knew it was not the future she is looking for! Clay will not commit and that relationship will not last, or will any of the others! I see one true engagement that could possibly work Hanna and Dylan! Worst BIP season ever was very disappointed My personal opinion! I love BIP more than bachelor/bachelorette; fast forwarded through most of the season 😢

  10. I think Peter will be the next Bachelor!! I’m excited to watch!! I don’t see Clay & Nicole lasting….it seems like Clay is afraid to commit (or isn’t as into the relationship as Nicole is).

    Your links to the white tanks aren’t working.

  11. First got to say-Love those ripped jeans!!
    I do agree that these couples get so much more quality time together and the connections soooo real. I think that Katie and Chris leave engaged. I don’t know why. Just a gut feeling but I like them together. I was sad when I saw him crying and she asked “is this really happening”. I like that she talked to him calmly and reassured him but I also hope he really feels that way and didn’t just say he would try because he felt bad and didn’t know what to say. I am rooting for them!

    1. Yes, I agree, Leah – Katie reassuring Chris was just lovely partnering. His admission of being a handful had it’s own beauty, too. They seem to have what it takes. I hope he has good support around his issues. Dean and Chris seem similair in this area of retreating, but Dean seems less weighed down.

  12. I was pretty annoyed at the Connor and Whitney thing because I just kept saying that the producers knew this was happening and made it way more romantic. It was probably best for them to be out of paradise and get to know eachother off camera but it just seemed unnecessary.

    What are your thoughts on Nicole and clay? I say that they stay in a relationship but no engagement. I don’t see them working out long term.

    1. Thr thing felt like a timr filler – with zero suspense . It also made Connor’s upset at Caelynn’s departure seem really shallow…cuz Whitney was clearly his jackpot girl.
      Hope Caelynn feels fortified by that footage!!

  13. I didn’t see Mike sitting with the rest of the cast so I kind of think him, also the guy walking in to the audience looked taller than Peter, like maybe might. Maybe it won’t be someone from Hannah’s season!

    1. Someone fresh would be appealing. There was a lot of Other Woman taint on Hannah’s dudes. Still, Peter’s family is Golden- wpuld love more of them. He is also one of the few who didn’t shit-talk other castmates. He is a pretty nice man.

  14. Thanks for the blog Ali – I always love hearing your perspective.
    I don’t have anything new to add on most the couples but had a thought on the weird way they handled Conner and Whitney’s staged ships passing in the night scene and it’s a kudos to the producers. At this point in the show I think couples need to be very strong and coupled up talking about engagements to continue else leave separately…and there was no way that Conner and Whitney were going to get there in 1 day, so I think they set up up for them to be able to meet up outside of paradise and get to know each other without the paradise rules. Not because they wanted a dramatic come to the hotel room scene. I also think this is why Dean wanted Caelynn to leave. Because we know there are rules in paradise!!
    Thanks again for doing your blog Ali!!

  15. Anybody else bothered by Hayley’s slam against Luke Stone? IRL, I get someone saying that kind of thing – meaningless girl talk – but on camera it felt needlessly mean.

    Loving her new hair color in the After BIP clip, though – ha!

      1. Mmm hmm.
        Painted by producers as a The Loser.
        And for what? I don’t think anyone is enjoying or entertained by these *storylines*. Credit to production for stuff like the Matt Donald First Kiss Epic Soundtrack – hilarious. But this hater streak, eh, I think if we as BN organized against it Maybe they would knock it off. These are creative people, can’t they mine the humor and honest drama without exploiting the cast?
        The whole Rejection Rose of Luke S had to be a setup too. He couldn’t’ve gone blindly into that one, I’m sure he had conversations abt giving it to whatever her name is.

  16. Loved hearing your opinion. I too had heard the spoilers for the new Bachelor… it’s OK, but was hoping for someone else. Am I the only person who just gets annoyed when both Connor and JPJ talk. They sound like teenage surfer boys. I don’t get the appeal of either of them.. but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority. While it would be nice if Chris and Katie would end up together… I just don’t see it happening. I don’t think commitment is his game.. so maybe Bachelor in Paradise shouldn’t be his game either. Dylan and Hannah will get engaged. Not sure about the others. I think that they need to take the get engaged or leave aspect out of this show. The couples should be allowed to say we want to try this outside the show and we are willing to commit to that. Having people leave like JPJ and Tayshia just seemed wrong.
    Demi and Kristian will end up together.. just feel that happening. eventually. But I’m not sure it should be right away. Clay and Nicole… nope. Maybe work on things; date for a bit and see; but not engaged. I’m sure I’m probably wrong about all of this, LOL

    1. I can’t understand the “pressure” to get engaged.. they are all adults and can “jump the fence” to try a relationship in their real lives..not everyone needs to be engaged in the show. Tayshia was free and happy with JPJ and needed more time, but she has all the time in the world..why end things so painfully for both sides

      1. Re JPJ and Tayshia:
        When Karen says *it just seemed wrong* and Luna says *why end things so painfully * it makes me think What If:
        they had the I Love You, Im Not There Yet convo, held hands and got into the same SUV and drove off together like Dean and Caelynn?? I guess JPJ would have come up w that idea if he thought T might not be saying I ❤ U back…or if they thought/decided they both needed to get off the island and live their romance IRL. Seems her *rejection *( not rejection!!) stunned him.
        Looking forward to After BIP Tayshia and JPJ meetup!!

  17. I think Tayshia was just having a lot of fun with JPJ. She seemed to think what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. She seemed surprised that JPJ professed his complete love for her. Then she ran after him because she realized how much she hurt him. I think the line that got him was You don’t even know what you want. That pissed him off. That is why he left even after she said she didn’t want him to go.

    1. Pissed or wounded?
      I think his heart and pride took a hit when she couldn’t reciprocate. After all- weve seen JPJ pissed, and it didn’t look like that.

      I wonder that we didn’t get much emotiom in the limo from him. Was that an edit or did he never breakdown? And since its Bach, will we e v e r know?

      When she ran back and he lifted her up, I felt that was super male covering up kinda chivalrous stuff – and maybe that clamping down is what was happening in the limi rjde…Dunno…Love JPJ though- sterling passion, honor, guts, humor and style.

  18. Hi Ali,
    I was listening to your podcast with Dean. I had to stop listening after Rachel was so disrespectful to Dean. Knowing that Caelynn is his girlfriend, she told him she didn’t like her and she lacked depth. Has she ever met her in person? Are these comments just from watching the show, which we all know is edited and somewhat scripted. Just wanted to pass this onto you. I really enjoy your blogs and following you, but was really turned off by Rachel. All the best, Dana Keller

    1. I agree with Dana. I listened to your podcast with Dean too. I thought Rachel was VERY rude to Dean. She had no business talking so rudely about his girlfriend, Caelynn. It put him in a bad spot, but he handled it very maturely. I think Rachel needs to keep her comments to herself. If you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say it.

  19. Okay I love Chase! I kind figured him and Angela were gonna split. I was really rooting for Clay & Nicole, but something tells me he’s just not in it 100%! I really didn’t care for JPJ til prom and when they were breaking up. I really like his more serious side, but definitely some red flags. I think they are gonna get back together though! Ugh i love Katie & Chris!!! I really hope they work things out, I would love to see them engaged! Hannah & Dylan are adorable of course. I don’t see Demi getting engaged!! Not yet!
    Love the blog! 😘

  20. In all honesty, I cried like a baby when Tayshia broke up with JPJ 😭 it was so raw and emotional!! I think your right Ali, I think she wanted to explore more with him but the pressure to show puts on makes it difficult… they are SO SO SO cute together though, hands down my favorite bachelor in paradise couple of the season, so cute, I really hope they get a redemption story out of the reunion!

  21. I must’ve missed something on what happened with Clay and Nicole? Did they split up? I was really rooting for them to end up with each other! I agree completely with your thoughts on Chris and Katie and Hannah and Dylan. I was also a disbeliever when it came to Hannah and Dylan, but you can see now that they have so much love for each other. They’ve spent all their time in Paradise together and stayed out of the drama and I really admire that!

    Also, I think you’ve finally convinced me to give Walmart jeans a shot. I need/want new clothes, but hate spending money on them! At those prices why not?!

  22. Ali, it’s quite judgmental to assume that people are haters if they don’t embrace something contrary to God’s Word. Christians are called to love everyone. I’m tired of the media spewing lies about haters when that’s far from the truth for most people. If God made homosexuality than gay couples would be able to pro-create. Homosexuality, beastiality, man/boy love are unnatural sexual acts in a Holy God’s eyes.

    Opened-mindedness and acceptance comes to play when we can agree to disagree and still love one another. ❤

  23. I also was very turned off by Rachel. I haven’t liked the way she shares her harsh opinions in most of the podcasts but especially this one….esp knowing that her and dean are together. They way she speaks is like her opinion is fact and everyone else is wrong…I also dont lkke how she admits to not watching previous seasons and even knowing who a lot of these contestants are where ali is like a superfan of the show. I dont understand why she was picked to discuss a show that she doesn’t even regularly watch. I love ali and her compassion on the podcast but Rachel makes it very hard to listen

    1. Interesting – Rachel not watching previous seasons is one thing, like alright it wasn’t on her radar at that point in time, but not getting herself caught up is Bizarre – I mean ABC is paying her to do this, right??

      Wouldn’t Ali’s archives provide excellent background!?!!

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