Bachelor in Paradise – Dean is Back!!!!

Forgive me in advance because today has been an absolutely insane day so I’m not gonna hit on everything that happened on the show tonight. But I did want to touch base on a few things (like Dean coming back!). And I kind of skimmed some of the episode so I also apologize if I missed anything big! Let’s jump right into it.

Tayshia and JPJ

After last night’s episode, I honestly thought she would be sending herself home at this rose ceremony. I was kind of surprised to see her give JPJ  the rose. Nothing to do with him really, but just because she seemed so much more into Derek last week and then she sent him home and then JPJ hasn’t really shown the best side of himself since then.

jpj tayshia dean is back

But at the end of the day, if she sees something in him I think that’s great! I said it before and I said I’ll say it again. I think JPJ must be a good guy because the cast members absolutely love him! However, he made some pretty big mistakes recently and I just hope he learned from them. And I can’t go without saying how impressive it was that he caught a fish with his bare hands. I feel like that’s crazy impressive!

Kristina and Blake

The first thing that kind of bugged me about the Kristina and Blake situation was that when Blake went to the bar and asked her to talk she immediately said “no”, like it was weird that he was coming to talk to her about getting a rose. When last week literally she came up to him multiple times and asked to talk so she could get a friendship rose. So I don’t get why she was so put off by him wanting to talk to her in the first place. But I’m just going to say it was editing or there was something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. Like maybe a producer tipped off her off to the fact that he wants to talk to her about something serious. Who knows.

But also what bugs me about the situation is that we hear Blake stressing about possibly going home the next day and then all the sudden he has this revelation about Kristina. I’m not buying it! It really kind of feels like a Hail Mary at this point. All his cards have been played and this is his last option.

kristina blake dating?

I’m happy that Kristina is hesitant about it. She should be. At the same time this is the girl that used her first date card to take Blake out on a date just to call him out. And this is the same girl they gave him a rose after Hannah chose Dylan so she could, and I’m paraphrasing here, watch him suffer. It just makes absolutely no sense in my mind why a girl that’s saying all of these things and expressing a lot of anger and, quite frankly, hate towards Blake, would then consider dating him. As you guys know, I’ve always thought the Kristina was more into Blake then she was letting on and that’s why she was doing all of these things. But the whole situation is just not good and extremely confusing.

I never like to be the type of person that inserts my opinion about whether or not a couple should be together. I always say that’s up for the couple to decide not me or anybody else. But I truly do not want them getting together. And they shouldn’t! This is not really a healthy foundation to start a relationship on. What do you guys think? Is there something I’m not seeing? I’m totally open to different opinions because I’m honestly just baffled by the situation.

Sydney and Matt Macdonald

Oh my gosh I was just dying over the whole kiss situation. It was hysterical! Poor Matt. He’s such a dork and I love him for it. And the montage when he was kissing her had me crying laughing! Well done editors!

Caelynn and Dean

I didn’t even have to watch the scene to know how much I was going to love it. As you guys know from my post last night, I was super excited about Dean coming back. And when he told the story about him getting on the plane home and then driving to the Grand Canyon I just about melted. What an incredible story! It’s not like he went back to his hotel room in Mexico and then realize he wanted to be with her. He left. Drove 8+ hours to the Grand Canyon and sat there and thought about her. It’s just so romantic to me! And I mentioned this last night too but I feel like Dean could be George Clooney and Caelynn could be Amal.

Every guys a bachelor until he meets the right girl. I think Caelynn is that girl for Dean. I kind of think it’s silly that they left it as a cliffhanger because it’s so obvious to me that Caelynn is going to give it another shot with him. When she put her hands over her face to show distress, you could see her smiling under her hands. She is so pumped that he is back and cannot hide her excitement. I’m sure it’s gonna be hard for her pull the trigger on Dean and say goodbye to Connor but I know she’s going to do it. I cannot wait to watch next week! And that’s because I think Caelynn is leaving and she’s leaving with Dean.

Clay and Angela

I wanted to end with them because Angela is going to be on our podcast tomorrow morning and she gives me some insight into the conversation. You guys know I love Clay, so I think I probably cut him some slack when I shouldn’t. And this is one of those instances. I understand what he was trying to say. For example, when he was talking about going to the gym. She mentioned that he’s there for four hours and that’s not for her. But I think what he was trying to say is that he wanted someone to share something in his life that’s really important to him with. Which is going to the gym. I don’t think that’s a bad thing and that makes complete sense to me. I talk about this on the podcast so I hope you guys listen.

clay angela bip bachelor in paradise

But where he kind of lost me is where he said he was upset that her only goal is to be a wife and mother. He just should not have brought those two things into the conversation. Anyone out there that is a parent knows firsthand that it is the most selfless and difficult job in the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that being your main goal in life. Heck, it’s always been one of my main goals in life to be a mother. So Clay made a big mistake by making it seem like that wasn’t a big enough goal for him.

Instead, I wish he never mentioned that because what I think his point was that he didn’t feel that Angela had ambition to do anything professionally in her life. And I’m not saying that he’s right or wrong in feeling that way. But I do think that he is entitled to look for what he wants in a partner. If he wants someone that’s ambitious and to have a career, then he should find someone like that. I don’t think he’s wrong for wanting that. But I’m not sure he explained it to Angela in the best way he could have. Are you guys following? What do you think?

And like I mentioned, Angela’s gonna be on the podcast tomorrow and it was very interesting to hear her take on everything. It was especially interesting to me to hear about the timeline of their break up. For example, they broke up three months before he went on the show, but casting for the show starts a few months before anyone goes on the show. Except in this case, which Angela explains onthe podcast. And you guys definitely want to hear how it all went down.Right now if you think she shouldn’t have gone on the show, you might think differently after listening to the podcast.

Here’s the link for the podcast if you don’t have it yet! Bachelor Happy Hour

Final Thoughts

Again, sorry if I missed anything crucial. I really had the busiest, but best, day today! But eeep can’t wait for next week, especially to see what happens with Dean and Caelynn. I am pretty sure they are leaving Paradise together, what do you think? Are there any parts of this episode that really surprised you? What do you think about the Angela/Clay situation? There is so much to discuss! Let’s chat!

This Week’s Outfits!

I’ve compiled some outfit items from last night and tonight’s episode for you! Plus, don’t forget to check out my post all about the best high-waisted jeans. I’ve featured a pair below for you!















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paige jeans nordstrom


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paige jeans nordstrom


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These are TTS. I got a size 28 and I am normally a size 28.

Thanks so much for coming by my Bachelor in Paradise post today! Don’t forget to check out the podcast tomorrow morning!

69 Thoughts

69 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Dean is Back!!!!

  1. Loved all of this Ali!! I think I am the most excited to see how the Dean and Caelyn thing works out. Also at this point, Blake and Kristina need to just give up and go home. I kinda feel like they’re just hot messes using each other to stay around at this point…I don’t know they just bug me a bit lol. ALSO. I am so excited to listen to the pod cast with Angela!!!

    1. Hey Alexx ~ I enjoy the Dean Caelynn romance too. JPJ/Tayshia is my top love storyline. The Angela Clay stuff just feels tired to me, much as I dig Clay.
      I wish we had a bit more of The Lovers (Chris and Katie, and Demi and Kristian).
      Alot of time seems wasted on meaningless back and forth or petty tensions.
      To love, right??!!

  2. I’m so love the fact Dean has potentially found love. He has always been one of my favorites to come out of this show & I truly hope things work out between them.

    I am so sad for Mike. I truly hope he finds love because out of all these men he is one who truly deserves it.

    & lord help some of these people! JPJ is a-little too much for me. I just honestly can’t take him serious. & Blake is always going back in forth with so many women right now, I don’t know where I stand with him.

  3. It actually kind of triggered me when Clay mentioned that Angela only has goals to be a wife and mother. As a stay at home mom, its the biggest and most important job to me. When Clay said that to her all I kept thinking was “Oh boy, you think she will pop out a couple of kids and go right back to work the next day?!” At that point I wanted to yell at the t.v for Angela to RUN. Becuase she may be on her own raising kids if she ever marries a guy like Clay who won’t be “into” being a dad. Lets hope if he does ever have kids with someone it will make him realize that it really is the most important job and should be every parents priority. Angela can still have other goals after having kids, but right now this is what feels right for her.

    1. Hi Mina! Thank you so much for your viewpoint on this! I can completely see why you would feel that way! I definitely don’t think that he expressed his opinion very well on this!

  4. How did you feel about matt being so shy with Sydney even saying he didnt want his mom to see! Then to go on a date with bri and makeout with her! Hmmm thoughts?

    1. L o v e d the fireworks clip when Matt kissed Syd …did he just need to get over the cameras or is the fact that Bri looks like a Victorias Secret model what made it so e-z on his second date??!

  5. Ok. I may be the only one not excited about Dean coming back. I felt horrible for Connor. All of the other cast members were voicing how they felt Caylin was more in love with Dean, or how much passionate n she had with him right in front of Connor. 🤦🏻‍♀️😢 I can’t help but to feel bad for him. It was very inconsiderate. I don’t care for Dean, but I know most ladies like the bad guys, or rebel but I’m all for the good guys, the ones who have it altogether. So, I’m sure she is leaving with him, I just cannot help but to feel horrible for how inconsiderate the others were with him sitting right there.

    Tayshia, what the heck?? She left go of Derek for that mess?? Lol sorry but he’s so gross.. how he blows his nose like he did or vomits right in front of a chick he’s dating instead of excusing himself. He’s a mess.. and what he did to Derek was awful.. and at that wedding. Then Tashia falls for him and lets Derek go?? What is wrong with these ladies?? Lol.. eh.. I’m 50 or will be next week, so maybe it’s because I am all about security at this age. Dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️..

    I’m still not understanding why Demi and her chick is on this show. Like I am all for love is love but this isn’t how this show was designed so it’s a given that they get to stay and Demi’s chick isn’t a Bachelor alumni. Don’t understand that. But I am happy for her.
    Blake was just going after Kristina to one, save his reputation from when he leaves this show, and two, get a rose to stay, I don’t think for one second he had a revelation that he was in love with Kristina.. all he has done since was talk himself into why he didn’t go on that date with Bri. And Kristina is no better. These two are a hot mess.
    Angela and Clay. I don’t know enough but Clay just irritates me. He appeared to be not over Angela and making excuses for why he ended it with her. Dang you f I would want to spend four hours at the gym.. and it was like his goals were all that mattered. Angela dodged a bullet with that one. My bet is, he has commitment issues.. I don’t think he is going to commit to Nicole either.
    Sorry for the long rant.. everyone else is safer lol.. crazy season..

    1. Ha! Hi Patty! Thank you for all your thoughts on this episode! I keep saying it, but I think there must be more to JPJ than what we see on the show. All the cast and producers seem to love him! I’m interested to see how this all plays out!

      1. Hey Patty ~ JPJ made a public apology to the Randone’s abt his wedding drama.
        Much as Derek, Krystal and Chris have slammed JPJ none of them seem to give credit to production – who not only filmed and aired it no doubt stirred JPJ up begin with.

      2. I feel like people love him as long as he’s at arms length. He’s fun to be around, and is always a good time, but I can never unsee how he was with Derek. Maybe the cast members weren’t as bothered by it because 1. it wasn’t THEIR character that was questioned and 2. most of them thought this was about Tayshia, whereas it was actually about avoiding defamation. It’s all fun and games until it’s directed at you.

        Re: gym for four hours – okay, it’s what you are passionate about but I am with Angela on this one. I’m an active person who enjoys exercising and fours hours is way way wayyyyyyyy too big of a part of my day to spend in a gym, especially for a guy who looks down on what I find important in life. And Clay’s gym time is intense! This isn’t like four hours hikes where you get to talk the entire time. His time at the gym is like DO NOT DISTURB ME intense!

        I was also really disappointed in Nicole and Tayshia the way they were mocking Angela. Angela had a mature conversation with Nicole and she has been nothing but true to those words. She had left Clay and Nicole alone and focused on her time in Paradise without bothering anyone. Catty mean girl stuff is just petty, regardless of how insecure you feel.

        Patty – I’m right with you on a lot of your points and I’m basically same generation as those girls! So you are spot on in my opinion!

  6. Dingbat JPJ hi home, so sick of this immature boy his behavior is unacceptable , ever since he created a scene and attacked Derek at the wedding ,

    1. I dunno …
      That fish-catching/toss back was pretty Man Impressive.
      That only-has-eyes-for-Tayshia at the RC was pretty Man Impressive.
      Fighting f o r Love every step of the way pretty damn Man Impressive, too!!!

  7. Dingbat JPJ hi home, so sick of this immature boy his behavior is unacceptable , ever since he created a scene and attacked Derek at the wedding ,

  8. I am sooo here for the Caelynn and Dean relationship. I’m so excited to see how their relationship unfolds. I’ve listened to Dean talk about Caelynn on several different podcasts and you can tell he’s into her without revealing their relationship. I would be really shocked if they don’t end up together. I’m really bummed we have to wait another week to see what happens.

    1. That’s good to hear abt Dean being iinto her on other venues. It is impossible to see them together and not feel the click. It feels like a deep belonging, no matter how long it goes.
      B u t I gotta say it made me nervous when he flashed that fixed smile. It reminded me of his last time on BIP, and how that smile came out when *stuff* was hitting the fan. I am leery of his flip-flopping bc he did so much of it last round.
      Only time will tell, right??!

  9. I love that dean came back for caelynn! And I totally agree with you Ali- it’s such a cute love story. I think she is the one to change and challenge him. Can’t wait to see it all okay out.

  10. If Clay had his own life together more, he wouldn’t be so concerned about Angela’s “goals.” You can tell there was a light bulb moment when he realized she wasn’t looking for him to take care of her and the future family on his own. He’s a grown man and doesn’t know his next move. Men define themselves by their success, title and income…he’s lost on most, if not all of those. Now that timing is in question, he probably assumed that she expected him to take care of her and the eventual kids as an excuse to break up, get more attention and hopefully find a new life outside of the NFL. Ugh.

    1. I completely agree! I think Clay was anxious about being able to provide because he wasn’t getting recruited for teams while they were together so his career was in limbo.
      I think given the nature of his career, he would rather be with someone who has a career and can help contribute to the household because he may not always be able to do that and it’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. I think they both need to find people who have the same goals.

      I don’t think Caelynn and Dean will not last. I think they will date for a while but she’ll tire of his nomadic lifestyle. She has stated she doesn’t want to live in a van and I believe her. I think she’s young and thinks she can do it but it snot her so she will stop faking it and become resentful. Dean has also said a lot of things about how he doesn’t want to go on double dates and have dinner parties and all the “traditional” couple things. This seems like the exact opposite of the type of relationship Caelynn wants. I think leslie was a better girl for Dean because she s more laid back and I could see her living in and travelling in a van way more than I can see Caelynn.

  11. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for giving us this post on your crazy day.
    I actually think Clay was voicing concern about financially supporting a family – not so much dissing Angela as being unambituous for wanting motherhood.

    He seems like a family guy, and work/income has been upside down for him. If his oncome was clear would he even have done BIP (or split w Angela!!) ? It looks like a pitch to get into broadcasting ala Colton and Rachel – and that’s not a criticism of Clay. I think money is weighing on him.

    1. I totally agree with you that Clay was saying that he was not ready to financially have to take care of a wife and children.

  12. I don’t think Dean and Caetyln are a good match. Especially since he lives out of his car and left the show. Connor is a more stable man and they are better together,

    1. Connor seems a little arrogant.

      Tall, lean Connor – like a girl would ne lucky to touch him. Ive become turned off. He doeant seem as nice as I had thought back on Hannah’s season.

    2. I admire Dean’s choice to van around America – I mean this is the moment to do that. It feels like Caelynn needs to go off the grid, too. They both have an *unsorted* streak in them…who knows how long it would last, but I think that unknown/discovery part is key for both of them at this point in their lives.

  13. With Angela and Clay. I think he wants in a partner someone who’s invested in his hobbies as much as he’s into hers. They don’t have to be joined at the hip but they could train together. She could join some classes whiles training. Just trying is all he is asking since gym time is a very big part of his life.
    Also, I think he’s looking for someone who has goals of having a career and family. Since he supports so many people on his one income, he doesn’t need one more person to support. He’s looking for a partner not another mouth to feed.

  14. Once again, I totally agree with everything you’re saying. I’m so excited to listen to the podcast tomorrow because I’ve been super interested to hear Angela’s side of how everything went down.

    I couldn’t agree more on how Caelynn could be THE one that changes Dean! I’m so excited for next week!

    Also, can we talk about to fact the Mike didn’t find his person? I’m so devastated. I just love him so much and I’m already hoping to see him next summer!

    Can’t wait to watch & read next week. Much love from Alabama!

  15. I think Nicole has been kinda mean with all of her mocking of Angela, not very mature or secure. She should focus on clay(who I’m not a fan of) but she is bringing her down. I’m sad mike left…. he was one of the best guys on the show! Connor thinks he is the coolest guy but he isn’t.

  16. I’m loving your Bachelor in Paradise blog. I felt so bad that Mike went home tonight. I do think that Caylyn and Dean will get back together. I don’t know why it took me so long to what this show. This is my first season watching this

  17. – Nicole has been so ruthless towards Angela. I really hope this is addressed. She attacked Angela out of insecurity and it’s so ugly. Angela (and everyone who has ever been dumped) wants to be their best the next time they see their ex, but I don’t think Angela wanted him back. Nicole created this whole thing and even got Tayshia to participate. If that’s how she behaves when she knows she is being recorded…sad!
    – Tayshia basically begged for Derek to notice her after Demi and gave JPJ a pass to go on a date… and then a 180. Poor Derek. JPJ must be a nice guy, but last week was awful and he’s just been a complete goof or overally emotional. I just don’t get them together. She needs someone ore mature.
    – Dean… C wants to be the one that will change him. Not that it can’t happen, but as much as she’s ping ponged back and forth, I wouldn’t leave with him. She knows he he feels now and he will wait if he feels she’s worth it. Be confident, give her space.
    – Kristina and Blake are either so wrong it’s right or they just don’t want to leave. I agree she’s been more into him than she would admit and I think he’s desperate.

    1. Reading comments about Nicole’s immature jabs at Angela, and realizing that Tayshia is one of her Parqdise besties I am starting to realize that Tayshia has a r e a l l y young side to her. She is poised and a strategic thinker, but the kidstuff with Nicole and JPJ (who I l o v e) reveal a different side.
      The episode where she confirmed Colton was a bad kisser disappointed, too. As in Why Would You Get Engaged To A Man Who You Thought Sucked At Kissing???
      It made me think Tayshia was sinply gaming for Bachelorette. Of course, being the

      1. (continuing:)
        being the lead is on everyone’s radar. Her focusing on Derek…I think that was strategy over feelings, buy JPJ proved irresistible.

    2. Hey Jacquie – the thing I don’t get abt Dean proclaiming his love for Caelynn is the deadline to leave *now*.
      What is demanding the man in the van return anywhere asap???
      It feels so contrived – and worse, just the kind of thing that would play into Caelynn feeling screwed over if things tank.

      Given how close to the end she is it would be great if C told him she would consider his plea in Paradise and let him know after. (As you say, if she isnt worth the wait…) Even More Romantic (ie Unselfish) would have been Dean travelling all the way there to let her know he would w a i t (like ten days!!) For Her.

      If he is so free and footloose w h y give her an ultimatum?!

      1. Never been a fan of dean after his last appearance on BIP BUT in his defense, I get why he’s saying now. The only thing that would come out of Caelynn staying on BIP til the end is more time with other men, more making out sesh and potential boom boom room visit. If I were in to someone I wouldn’t want them in that environment! I also find it sweet, because he just wants to live in the outside world with Caelynn sooner than later. And that’s the best way for them to really know how truly compatible they are.

        1. Well I love this Crestin:
          * because he just wants to live in the outside world with Caelynn sooner than later.*
          ~that is the way it should be

  18. I really hope Nicole is watching BIP at home and feeling sorry for how she always talked about Angela in such a mean girl way. Angela came into the show with a target on her back simple for being the ex. She did nothing wrong, yet Nichole mocks her and degrades her any chance she gets. Even Tayeisha was in on it last night.. so disappointing! Angela has handled herself in a much better light and it really makes me think clay will regret this decision one day. Good luck to him if he ends up with a mean girl like Nicole! It’s all jealousy. Jealousy brings out the worst in women!!

  19. What I don’t understand with clay and Angela is why is it ok for Clay to be there, but not ok for Angela? There’s been other ex’s on Paradise in the past and no one has had this kind of issue. And the fact that he said her goal was to be a wife and mom and he didn’t want to support that really hit me, being a stay at home mom myself. It’s way harder than working outside the house.

    Jpj needs to go. Hopefully he looks back at this season and sees how much he needs to grow yet. And good for Chris for pulling him aside and telling him that.

  20. Just have to say that it’s totally okay that Angela doesn’t have ambitious professional goals. That isn’t meant for everyone. I don’t have any lofty career goals. I am a stay at home mom and I absolutely love it. And it is hard work. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to be a wife and mom and raise her kiddos! But also it’s okay that clay wants someone with those kind of goals!

  21. I took Clays comment as that maybe he was looking for more of a partner from a financial side of things – he seems to be taking care of his whole family and that puts a lot of stress on him, so maybe a better fit for him is someone who could take some of that pressure off? I agree being a wife and mom is a VERY hard job.

  22. My absolute favorite part of paradise is Caelynn and Dean! They should have their own show. I’d watch it. Maybe of their love and their travels. AH!

  23. So excited about Dean and Caelynn! I’m a little nervous for her and hope he can actually commit this time, but I like them together. The Blake and Kristina thing is just irritating. I feel like they’re both just there to make money and I wish they’d go home already… and not together! I’m not saying it’s completely fake but I feel like they’re kidding themselves that this relationship has any potential.

  24. Thank you for taking time to post some of the girls’ outfits! I’ve noticed that a majority of the ones you post/find are from Revolve – do you know if Revolve has some sort of advertising/marketing deal with BIP? If so, props to them!

  25. Ali, thank you for sharing links to the outfits. can you help with the gold wrap necklace that Kristina wore in last night’s episode? It was beautiful!

  26. While I am disappointed in the whole Clay/Angela/Nicole drama I will say that Clay was working out 4 hours a day to stay conditioned for a possible signing in the NFL last season when he and Angela started dating. So in his defense he was doing what he needed to do for his preferred occupation. I did hear just a few weeks ago that his agent told him it was probably time to “move on” from playing in the NFL. I’ll listen to the podcast to learn more about what Angela said. Wish we would see more of the “success stories” and less of the drama for at least a bit of the show! Thank you for all your reviews Ali, I love your opinions!

  27. My two cents:
    💜 Dean…I think it’s awesome that he came back for her. (And I think they may still be together bcuz I saw a post invite IG yesterday where he had her name on his shirt) even with this, I have to say I was a bit put off by how quickly she turned to Connor and that she seems just as lovey with him. So I am not sure if she is falling or is just a person that is overly affectionate.

    Has anyone mentioned the juvenile way Nicole and Taysia make fun of Angela? I was extremely put off by them! Angela hasn’t done anything to Clay since getting on the show. She isn’t staring, trying to talk to him etc. she is just taking her own opportunity and running with it. Good for her!!!!! N & T showed their true colors with that. And it’s not the first time! They pretend to be sweet, and then play mean girl behind people’s backs. DISLIKE!
    Not a fan of JPJ…if T prefers him over someone like Derrick…she deserves what happens. I have a feeling she likes men she can push around a bit. She likes to be in control!

    I was cracking up at the animals celebrating the kiss! So funny! Matt was so awkward it was hard to watch!

    Very bizarre season….it’s all about throwing each other under the bus instead of finding love connections. The ones that have, are hardly shown at all. Really love D & K relationship-so sweet…you can see the love and affection for each other.

  28. I cannot wait to hear the podcast with Angela! I am definitely Team Angela and not Team Clay. Nicole has been so rude with her comments about Angela, which shows her own insecurities. I will never, ever understand when the “new” girl is nasty towards the ex who was dumped and heartbroken. I can’t believe Clay said he wondered what their kids were going to look like then broke up with Angela two days later. That is SO cruel! But Angela is better off and will find someone better. It was also ridiculous that Clay said Angela just wants to get married and have babies…um, like everyone else who goes on the show??!!!!?? I am sooo thankful Clay won’t be the next Bachelor.

  29. I thought it was very immature of Tayshia and Nicole to make fun of Angela. Was disappointed to see that. I’m over the Clay complaining about Angela being there. He must not be fully over her to keep complaining about her being there and seeing her date other people. He initiated the breakup he needs to let her go and let her do her thing. Paradise is not his place. She’s not bothered by him being there with a girlfriend. I am rooting for Angela!

  30. I missed the Monday episode because all channels in S. Florida were focused on Dorian, but thank God we were spared and got a chance to watch the second night.

    I really hope Chris and Katie get a date night, they deserve it. I am not excited with Dean coming back, he seems like a player. I just hope it all works out for them if Caelynn chooses to go back in the arms of Dean.

    JPJ should have gone home instead of Derek. Is it only me that I felt Tayshia wants to be the next Bacheloreete? With all her gestures and actuations, she seems scripted and doesn’t want to get involved with the mess that JPJ and Derek got into.

    Anyway, Dorian is out but has moved in the Carolinas at this time. I ask all of you to pray for the devastation in the Bahamas. Thank you.

  31. I thought JPJ was extremely immature and rude but Derek handled it really well. That being said, I think JPJ is very romantic at heart and sweet and a little naive. Whenever I watch this show I always have to remember how young they often are.
    I am going to go out on a limb and say that I do not think that Mike is such a super sweet guy like everyone seems to think. He did a couple of things on Hannah’s season that made me think that and when he told Angela that Clay said he never loved her I lost a lot of respect for him.
    Love, love, love Dean and Caelynn – I have from the start. I was very shocked when he left and I really hope that wasn’t done for ratings, but I am happy he is back and am so excited to see what happens.
    The only down side was that Conner will get hurt from it and I could not believe how insensitve the girls were talking about how much Caelynn loves Dean etc right in front of Conner!
    I also think that Nicole is looking very catty and immature making fun of Angela. Again, I have to remind myself that they are very young!

    1. Very young and no books, internet, radio or phones. I.hate to admit it, but I’d probably be *entertaining* myaelf/others with the same kind of

  32. I can 100% relate to the comment Clay made. I was a stay at home mom for 2 years and I had several people in my family who didn’t support me or understand why I was doing it..

    So I can definitely back this topic up!

  33. I do not understand what Taysha sees in JPJ. He acts like a teenager. He even talks like a teenager. I think he is just a fun, safe way to stay in Paradise for her.

  34. Demi had a cute Bracelet when she and Christian went on there last date, can you give me information on where I can purchase it?

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