Bachelor in Paradise – JPJ

Goodness gracious there is so much craziness going on in Paradise! I feel like there is some drama with almost every couple. And two new love interests for JPJ!

New Rose Ceremony Rules

I can’t for the life of me figure out why they tried to make it a big dramatic thing about how Chris Harrison was changing the rules of the rose ceremony. Obviously he was! As soon as they teased at the beginning of the episode,  I knew that it was for Kristian and Demi. And I’m glad that he did! But I don’t get trying to make it seem dramatic. We all knew what was going to happen. Anyway, let’s get into tonight’s episode because there is so much to discuss.

Tahzjuan and JPJ Date

I know they talked about how they never laughed so hard but seriously I found myself laughing so hard as well! I’m not quite sure there’s a connection there. As we very evidently see later on in the episode. But I love them both for making me laugh so hard!

JPJ Tahzjuan date laughing

Haley and Tahzjuan Showing Up the Same Week

It’s no coincidence that Haley and Tahzjuan both came into Paradise wanting a date with John Paul Jones. The producers are so good at their jobs and they planned it that way. They knew Tahzjuan and Haley were both interested in him based on their pre-interviews with both girls and they planned for both of them to come the same week when the guys were giving out the roses. Yes – these TV shows are real. I’ve always said that the feelings on the Bachelor, the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are real, but the show is heavily produced. Meaning, the producer’s know how to control and manipulate the situations so they end up turning out a certain way. And they knew that Tahzjuan and Haley were both into JPJ and that it would cause some drama this week, so they had them arrive on the same week, back to back. I’m sure that’s not surprising to any of you. Just thought I’d point it out.

Hayley and JPJ Date

As soon as Haley showed up, I knew her and JPJ would hit it off. I would not be surprised at all if they end up together the end of this. The only thing I didn’t really love about JPJ on their date is how when he went to put sunscreen on her he immediately started feeling up her butt. I get that she had a thong on and I get that she didn’t seem bothered by it – I don’t know I just felt like it was a little too much. I guess also they could’ve been on the date for a few hours at that point have already kissed earlier. But the way it was edited made it seem like it was 15 minutes into their date. You know? I also didn’t love how he awkwardly said goodbye to Tahzjuan when he went on their date. Or, he shouldn’t have even said goodbye at all because he didn’t really say “goodbye”. He just walked away from her. And I know he’s not doing it to be a jerk,  it’s just JPJ and his weird quirky self. But it still was very hurtful to Tahzjuan.

Tahzjuan’s Downfall

Tayshia said it best when she said she felt bad for Tahzjuan coming into Paradise this late because not only is her relationship not panning out the way she thought it would, but she doesn’t really have a friendship with anybody there because she got eliminated at the beginning of Colton season. That said, I found it painful to watch her. And I feel terrible saying that because I don’t want to speak negatively about her. But I really don’t like how the show was all about her and her downfall. That’s cruel editing. She definitely didn’t handle it well and the editor’s took advantage of her sensitivity and emotion by making almost the entire episode about her freaking out.

can i spit in her wine haley tahzjuan JPJ

Obviously they had to keep in some of it because of how she reacted when JPJ and Haley got back from their date. She was extremely rude to Haley and the way she acted it was very concerning. But I just think with my concerns for the show and mental health the editing should’ve been toned down a bit.


Last week Kristina gave Blake her rose to “make him suffer in his own personal hell” watching Hannah and Dylan thing. This week she wants his rose because she and Blake are such great friends. I am so disappointed in her! I know Kristina and this ISN’T HER!!!! Truly I don’t know this person. I wonder if because she was so hurt the first time she was in Paradise that she is in it this time just guns blazing and walls up. I just truly don’t think this is who she is. Although, I completely agree with Kristina that Blake is NOT into Caitlin.

kristina bachelor in paradise

But Blake telling Caitlin he was going to hundred percent give her his rose and then to take that back so quickly afterwards is so messed up! And he even said to her that Kristina deserves a second chance at finding love. But what? Caitlin doesn’t deserve to find love? I feel like the Blake and Kristina situation is so sketchy and I don’t like it.

Caelynn and Dean

I feel for Caelynn so much in this situation. I know it will be so easy for all of us to say “well Dean told her he wasn’t ready to commit” but it’s just not that simple. He was showing her the sweetest affection and I think she deep down believes that she can be the one that changes him. I’ve been there. I get it! And maybe she can’t be that one!I remember a girlfriend of mine when I was in my 20s who had a boyfriend that could never commit to her. He was on the up and up in his career and even though she was madly in love with him, he always put her on the back burner. That was probably over 10 years ago and now they’re married with a baby girl. I’m not saying that’s a common outcome.

dean and caelynn

To reference the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, they are definitely the exception not the rule. But I think there’s a chance for them. And I don’t think Dean is being fake with how he treats her. I don’t think he’s trying to lead her on. I think he’s genuinely into her but he knows that he has issues with committing. So he’s just trying to be honest. I honestly have high hopes for the relationship. I really think it could work out.

Where are Mike and Syd?

I’m kind of disappointed that we aren’t seeing anything from Mike! Like literally nothing. I don’t get it! I was so sure that the (Bachelor) producers wanted Mike to be the next bachelor but they’re not showing him to us. Which now makes me think that he’s not in the running. If he was, they would want us to be falling in love with him throughout the season. But maybe it’s just these past couple episodes. I will say that we also didn’t really see anything from Hannah and Dylan, Clay and Nicole, or Kristian and Demi in this episode. It’s only because there’s so much uncertainty with all the other couples that they just don’t have time to show the solid couples to us right now. I don’t know! But I still think it’s super important for us to get to know Mike better if ABC wants him to be the next Bachelor. I just find it interesting.

Tomorrow Night

I cannot WAIT for tomorrow night’s episode. I mean I feel bad saying that because it looks like there are a lot of tears and some fights. But come on, that’s what Paradise is all about. And I always try to have a soft approach when I talk about the show and the people on it. But I like all of you, get sucked into the drama and love it!

Let’s discuss everything in this post. I really wanna know your thoughts on it all! And what we think is going to happen with Caelynn and Dean’s conversation? At first I thought he was just gonna tell her that he was actually falling for her more than he expected coming into Paradise. But then we see that clip of her crying in the same dress she was wearing. So I don’t know what to think now! Also who do you think JPJ is gonna end up with? Any thoughts!?

Outfit Recap + BIP Cast Outfits

Here’s the part where I try to find as many of the outfit’s from this week’s episode as I can, and recap some of my outfit’s from this week too!













I’ve been wearing this top a lot lately, so you’ve definitely seen it in my stories if you follow me on Instagram! It is so comfortable! There are a ton of details going on, but I think it is just the right amount and not too busy. I love that the stripes on the pocket are horizontal and how the buttons colors add a slightly “earthy” casual feel. It is so flattering and can be worn a bunch of different ways. You could wear it unbuttoned with a tank underneath or buttoned up like this pic below. You could also wear it slightly tucked in the front, or tied around your waist. So many ways to wear this shirt!

drapey oversized womens tee

 1. SHIRT | 2. JEANS

That reminds me, here’s the pic from Bachelor Happy Hour last week when we had Demi on. I have it tied around my waist!

demi ali fedotowsky manno bachelor happy hour BIP

This sweater tank is one of my very favorite new apparel items. It is SO comfortable. I’m sure that you’ve already seen it on my stories quite a bit, because I have practically been living in it! Ha! It is great for lounging around the house or running on errands. I love the material because it is so soft. And even though it is a sweater-like material, because it is a lighter color and has a bunch of knitted holes in it, it is really breathable. Oh and it’s only $15, which is amazing!

affordable sweater tank


How awesome is it that this next dress is so versatile?! With fall coming soon, it’s the perfect time to get some pieces that will work both now and in fall!

I LOVE this next outfit because it truly is perfect for transitioning summer to fall. Isn’t the pattern for this dress so cute?  The material is lightweight so that it can keep you cool in the summer or warmer fall months. I love the neckline on this because I think it is really slimming. I’ve always talked about how I typically like to keep my upper arms covered, but when necklines are like this, or square, I feel like it really makes everything looks amazing! As you can see in these first photos I am wearing it with heels, but it can also be paired with boots! It’s great because it is really versatile! It’s $27 – and I know that I am going to get so much wear out of this during both seasons!

transitional fall and summer dress ali manno


Here’s how you can wear it for fall! In this photo I have layered the dress with a long “trench coat” style jacket, that is the same length as the dress. A long black sweater would also be adorable! My dress is 10 years old and unavailable, but most jackets and sweaters with the look would do! The dress is just the right length where you can also wear it with short boots, or booties like I am wearing here! I truly think that this is going to be one of my favorite looks this fall. Don’t you love it?!

I got these booties awhile back, but I’ve linked a few affordable options here that I think would be really cute with this outfit!

I genuinely love this top so much. How fun is the white fringe around the bottom?! The added texture and detail help to make this top young and fun! The vertical stripes add a level of sophistication. You know how much I love my blush and blue!!

walmart stripped tank ali manno


There’s a few things that I want to point out about this top. First, the fabric is similar to a linen material and definitely looks and feels super expensive. But it isn’t expensive! In fact, it is only $14 now! When I purchased it, it was $24! So you’re getting an extra $10 off! Gosh you have to love Walmart’s prices and sales! Another thing to note, is that it is slightly cropped (not by much), the jeans I’m wearing with it aren’t super high waisted and everything is covered. But you might not want to wear low rise jeans.

There you have it! I posted a handful of other outfits in my Affordable Friday post last week if you want to check that out. I can’t wait to chat about tonight’s episode, and again about tomorrows!

Bachelor Happy Hour

Don’t forget to check out the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that is OUT NOW! The episode that came out today features Chris and Krystal and they gave me all the details about their wedding! We also had country artist Matt Stell, who played while Krystal walked down the aisle! Here’s the link!

54 Thoughts

54 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – JPJ

  1. I’m kinda confused as to why Dean is on the show if he doesn’t want a relationship at the end? Isn’t that the point of the show? I also thought he was pulling Caelynn aside to tell her he’s falling for her but then saw the clip of her crying in that dress (makes me think they edited it to look like he makes her cry but don’t know) anyway I think it would be really crappy of him to pull her aside after giving her a rose with everyone standing there, on her birthday, if he’s going to break her heart!
    Also, I think this whole friendship rose nonsense Kristina keeps saying is bs! If she meets a guy next week she wouldn’t think twice about sending him home to give Blake another shot at hopefully finding someone! That’s not the point of the show!!
    Sorry it’s so long! I have a lot of thoughts roaming around my head right now lol!!

  2. I semi think Kristina is wanting Blake to come out and say deep down I like you and that’s why she kept him around and why she wanted his rose too. He says oh you’re my best friend here but I don’t believe it, I dunno – not sold.
    I feel bad saying that I think caelynn is gonna get hurt – dean is telling her all the things to be ready for.
    Ya where is mike !!! He is so fun why aren’t we seeing him and getting some good laughs!!
    Is JBJ gonna try to start a fight with Derek ?? What !!
    Haha I love this show

    1. Yup… deep down Kristina wants Blake as more than a friend. They’ve both been so awful, they deserve each other at this point.

  3. I think Dean is definitely going home. He gave Caelynn the rose so she could stay and he’s going to leave. He’s only there to promote himself to keep up his lifestyle (which I don’t blame him for) and he’s realized she’s going to get hurt so he’s going to bow out.

    Totally agree that we all want to see Mike and Sydney! The fact that we haven’t is weird and makes me think they won’t work it and that they don’t want him as bachelor. I’m kinda disappointed since I love him and her!

  4. I’m so disappointed in Kristina! She’s coming off the be the bad guy after last season where everyone fell in love with her because of how she carried herself through the triangle she was in. I think dean and Caelynn are super cute and every girls wants to be the one that can change him! I’ve been there myself! I hope it works out for them. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!

    Also I’m pretty sure you can find Tayshia black swim suit in different colors on amazon as well for cheaper! 😉

    Love reading your blog every week!

  5. First off, I loved at the very end when Wells acted like JPJ!!! I laughed so gosh dang hard!
    And I never know what to think anymore… I just enjoy the ride and see what happens next!

  6. It’s weird to me that Demi and Kristian are still on the show. They’re not going to stray from one another even though the editing tried to with JPJ.
    I agree with mikes lack of screen time = pilot Pete is bachelor in my mind.
    Do not like the Blake and Kristina thing at all. Who’s Blake going to get with – a new girl?

  7. Can I start off by saying JPJ is one of my favorite characters in the franchise now? He makes me laugh so hard yet there’s a genuine guy in there!

    I’m really disappointed in Kristina as well. It seems like Blake was into Caitlin and wanted to get to know her more/explore that relationship until Kristina manipulated his thinking. I did not like that at all. Just because Blake might not have been AS into Caitlin yet as she was into him, doesn’t mean he couldn’t get there with her. Really disappointed that a potential relationship was ruined because she selfishly wanted to stay! Does she really think her Prince Charming will come down those steps being so far into the season already? Idk. Just really disappointed in Kristina as well.

    Also, I really admire Demi and am so happy she and Kristian figured out they wanted to be together. But what are they still doing in paradise? I feel like once they sorted everything out last week and decided they were committing to only each other, they should leave and explore their relationship in the real world. Kristian has expressed how she’s still uncomfortable with the whole situation with Derek still being there. Ans kristian is not used to being in this environment like the other contestants are, so it has to be hard for her. I think it would be better for Kristian and their relationship if they left paradise and tried it in the real world.

    1. I completely agree about Demi and Kristian. Like we get it! Demi is brave and strong for coming out! But how silly to for them to stay in paradise. So like at every rose ceremony they are just going to keep handing each other a rose? I definitely celebrate them and are happy for them, but I just feel that it messes up bip and it’s not fair to Derek.

  8. I agree with you on the Dean thing. Part of me thinks he is going to leave…fingers crossed he comes back and confesses his love for her. They are so cute together.

  9. Ali, please call this crap out.
    The Bachelor is ghosting Mike. They know how many of us wanted him to be the next Bachelor, they know it’s looks SO bad that they have not had a Black Bachelor. But instead of giving him the chance to be a fan fave and a fair shot, they hid him. They knew they were not going to choose him and wanted less fall out. The question is why… why not Mike? Why not prioritize brining some diversity to the male leads when you have a great option!!! It’s past time. What are they afraid of??

    1. I don’t think it’s that they are ghosting him, maybe he is now in a relationship with Sydney and doesn’t want to be bachelor. Maybe that’s why they aren’t getting much screen time.

      OR the second half of this season they start to highlight him more?

      OR maybe if the Derek and Tayshia thing doesn’t work out, maybe the producers are gunning for Derek to be the next Bachelor?

      Just a few thoughts

  10. Could Kristina really have feelings for Blake and just doesn’t want to admit it because of all the drama he found himself in?

  11. Ali!! I LOVE Tayshia and Derek….I would be so giddy if he stepped back, relaxed and just went for it! I agree with all your above….but I am absolutely fixed on these 2 now!!!!

  12. Thx for giving insight on Hailey and Taz. JPJ has no right to be mad at Derek. He went on two dates and ignored Tayisha. Dean in my opinion is just there for a place to stay, free food and a vacation. I hope he leaves and she gets to stay. Do not get me started on Christina! 😖. Missed Mike too…but heard there was a big campaign for Derek to be Bachelor.

    Love your clothes and suggestions. I so need help with my wardrobe! Wish you would come to Colorado and help me!! Love you girl and so glad you are happy!!

    1. Rhonda,

      We haven’t even seen what happens to make JPJ lose his cool on Derek. Don’t be so quick to judge? Spoiler Alert: Tayisha sides with JPJ. Also, as much fun as JPJ had with Haley Tayisha’s his girl. I’m curious to see how this unfolds.

  13. I have always believed that before they start filming BIP, they ask each person who would they like to see or meet there. It’s pretty obvious so they can add to the drama. Yes it’s bad to be the one to come to the show so late in the game but let’s face it, it was much too hot for Tahzjuan there anyway. As far as Kristina, I do not like her. I think it’s mean of her staying there for no reason. Personally, I think she is still into Blake herself and just not admitting it. I don’t take the show that seriously to worry about things. If they end up like Jared/Ashley that’s great. I can’t believe they are going to show this wedding tomorrow night. I barely remember those 2 & have no idea if they met on BIP or just through just being on the show

    1. Ashley and Jared got married in Mass.
      This is Krystal and the Goose’s wedding they got engaged in paradise last season!

  14. I did not really like this episode. Maybe that is because I cannot take JPJ seriously and they focused so much on him in this episode. I am also shocked that they welcomed somebody who was sent home on night one of the bachelor to BIP. I feel like they always stick with the front runners and known contestants. It is nice that they are giving unknown contestants a chance at love, however it is hard to watch a date featuring a girl I do not know.

    I like Caelynn and Dean together but I can’t really see them getting married. Not yet at least. I hope that changes towards the end of the season.

    Lastly, Kristina is driving me CRAZY. The friend rose that Blake and Kristina have going on is just childish. I also can’t be the only one who thinks that Kristina is still into Blake romantically right?

    Ps I cannot wait to listen to the pod and also RACHEL IS MARRIED!

    1. Personally, I found Tazjuan pretty darn funny. I am always that one person that is too hot in every room, so her constantly pointing out how hot she was made me laugh.

      1. Me too! I showed a clip of her to my husband (he refuses to watch with me) and told him that would so be me in Mexico!

  15. Ali! I need those necklaces you have on in the picture of the sweater tank top! Have you shared the links before?! I have been looking for necklaces like that forever!

    1. Same! I remember they were on your story a while back, but I cannot remember the name of the brand!? HELP!

  16. I fell asleep before I could see the last half hour of the show last night….that’s how boring I thought it was. Why did Dean come back to Paradise if he’s not wanting a committed relationship?? No matter who he hangs out with, he’s giving them false hope. And what woman wants an unemployed drifter as a boyfriend?? Come on Caelynn, open your eyes! Sure, Dean is sweet and cute…and that’s about it. (I did love him on Rachel’s season, but he seems to have changed.) I am hoping Derek and Tayshia work out….they do make an attractive looking couple, and you can tell they both care about each other as friends. That would be a solid foundation for a future together. I just don’t like Kristina…I kind of liked her during Nick’s season, but her first round of Paradise 2 years ago turned me off to her, and now this season, she’s just mean. He’s just not that into you, Kristina….and she never learns. Also don’t like her plan to sabotage Blake and ruin Paradise for him, either. Let Blake get burned on his own, he doesn’t need her help. And has anyone seen her smile or laugh or have FUN?? Nope…she’s a Debbie Downer, in my honest opinion.

  17. I think you are totally right that they shouldn’t have focused so much on Tahzjuan not being able to handle the situation. My sister actually was really upset and said that it seems like they are exploiting someone who has mental issues to get ratings for their show 🙁
    I love JPJ!!! Omg, I laughed so hard during his date with Tahzjuan.
    It was not right of Blake to tell Caitlyn that he would give her his rose and then let himself be manipulated by Kristina. Kristina has already been on BIP! If anyone deserves a second chance it’s Caitlyn.
    I am sooo happy that Katy opened up and expressed how she felt and was picked over Jen.

  18. I agree with all your thoughts and comments here. I am disappointed we’re not seeing Mike and the only thing I can think is that Sydney is so boring there’s just nothing to show!

    I have to say that this episode made me see JPJ in a whole new light. First of all, that whole conversation about not eating the “date food” was priceless. I love that he tried it anyway.

    But let’s talk about his outfit for the date. He’s got layers under that laid back surfer dude exterior. And those dance moves? Forget Hannah B. on DWTS… I think we need to see more of JPJ dancing!

    I never liked the twins on Bachelor and I don’t know if I see him with Haley. I think him likening her intelligence to a doctor’s was a stretch. I honestly liked him with Taeshia, but now I love her with Derek, although I do think she played on his vulnerability….

    Can’t wait for tonight!

  19. Did anyone else noticed the “Doctor” that came to check out Tahzjuan? Hilarious!! He looked so funny and fake!!

  20. You know the feeling when you start to date a new guy and he has that certain friend who is a girl and she swears they are just friends but passive aggressively is being possessive of the guy?

    That’s Kristina.

    She’s being cruel, and when she said “we both have each other’s backs” when she got her rose, I almost gagged.

    One day, she’s taking him on a date to trap him and come at him re: Stagecoach, then she’s also saying she wants him to live in his personal hell… and now she’s being ridiculous with Caitlin and shmoozing up to Blake for a friendship rose?!?

    Nope. I’m not here for it. Bye Kristina.

  21. I’m soooo insanely thrown off by Kristina. I used to be a huge fan, but I’m so confused why she’s got such a chip on her shoulder. I honestly think her and Blake just need to try being together because if seems like they’d be a good fit. Since Paradise, Kristina’s IG has become so “tough.” I’m not sure what’s going on with her. It’s hard to watch. ):

  22. Ali you didn’t mention anything about Derek and Tayshia… I hope they work out! Also Kristina is making herself look like a big jerk. I was hoping she’d go home. And Blake is all over the place!

  23. Wait I actually really want to know if there’s a reason not to eat the date food on the show!! Tazjuan made it sound like it was a rule that they weren’t supposed to eat on the dates. Is that true??

  24. Tahzjuan🤦‍♀️. That was so painful to watch. That was more than just heat. Clearly some mental health issues going on with her. I wish the show was more sensitive in these matters. Rather than humilating her. It was difficult to watch her part! Probably best she went home.

    Kristina has always been the sweetest most down to earth person! I think her first experience has her walls way up. I can’t imagine what it felt like to watch her season of BIP and have Dean fall for Danielle just based on her much so that he betrayed and very much hurt Kristina. I feel like she is closed off to the other women and she has her guard up in general. I am thinking maybe this setting is not bringing out the best in her and the way the girls have treated her and talked about her the entire season is not helping. Still love Kristina!!!

    Tayshia seems to be way more into Derek then JPJ. I can’t blame her. JPJ would be fun but as for a real future I would say Derek is a better choice for Tayshia. I have never been a huge fan of Tayshia but she and Derek seem good together.

  25. The show exploits and embarrasses people who clearly have mental health issues *Tahzjuan*. They do this for ratings and a good laugh.

    But how are you any better? You bullied Hannah all season. You have even name called. You posted Caelynn’s texts on your blog. Blake expressed suffering from anxiety and his friends from bach nation expressed this also. But still you and many other past bach people continue to tare him down (minus this one blog. Good job👏). You do it to get people to come to your blog. You even posted a picture with an obnoxious caption about Blake. So how are you any better? No compassion for mental health from any of you.

    You are so all sooo hungry for fame.

  26. Oh my goodness….I fast forwarded most of this episode, especially when Tazjuan just would NOT stop whining. Is there nothing else going on??

  27. Dean is not going to commit! He told Caelynn that he was there to have fun and just wanted to wander and travel around in his car or van. That is NOT a man looking to settle down. Caelynn is headed for heartache if she is. Looking for a serious relationship and marriage. Everybody warned her. She should have listened.

  28. I saw an instagram spoiler that said Pilot Pete is the next Bachelor. Not sure if that’s true but maybe that’s why we aren’t getting to know Mike in Paradise.

  29. Just a couple comments
    #1 Demi and her gf need to leave Paradise , Go Home !!!
    #2 Tazjuan needs to realize it’s not a commitment after ONE date , holy crapp
    #3 PJP or JPJ whatever his initials are needs to grow up !! He’s 24 years old and behaving like he’s 5 !!! Go home grow up then come back

  30. You’re giving Kristina the benefit of the doubt way too much! She is a terrible person. She says she gave Blake the rose to find someone but when he did she doesn’t care, she just wanted to set herself up for a favor-staying to find HER person. She won’t give that rose up to blake now. Shes dangerously manipulative.

  31. Oh my gosh this episode was very hard to watch. Tazjuan was just plain annoying! Another very strange girl. I think her fatal attraction to JPJ was concerning to say thee least but aside from that she was just annoying as all get out!!!! So very glad she went home. I couldn’t take her any longer. JPJ and Emily was interesting. I think they’d actually make a good couple. They’re both a little weird. Lol. I agree with you that production edited their kissing encounter to look as if it was early on in their date. He made the comment “I know you already gave me permission, but sorry….” when he grabbed her butt. So we know that they’d already been making out. Chris’s decision to go back to Katie surprised me but I’m glad he made a thoughtful decision about it instead of leading both girls on. He was honest which on that beach is rare. Dean and Caelynn are at an interesting crossroads. I think Dean knew why she got quiet during their talk but was hoping for another answer and Caelynn was too scared to verbalize why she went quiet. I think she hopes she can be THE one that makes him change his ways. I don’t like that producers allowed him back on the show though when he admittedly went on only to have fun. That’s not really fair. People that are looking for love should be the ones given the chance. That’s my opinion on that. You mentioned that you felt that if Mike was to be the next Bachelor that you wanted to be able to get to know him more by way of him having more screen time. I have to disagree with you on this. We’ve had a chance to get to know him from his time on the Bachelorette and the time up til now on Paradise. I think IF he’s the next Bachelor that you want to really get to know him through that process. You don’t want to knowledge everything about him before then or his time being the Bachelor is going to be boring. Anyway I hope he finds love with Sydney. Why not? Ah Derek and Tayshia. Eek!! I really want them to work out cause they’re both great separately but you just never know!! That brings me to Kristina and Blake. Honestly these two deserve each other. I find Kristina extremely manipulative and filled with jealousy and downright awful. I challenge your comment about “knowing her”. I think that people put on a persona of what they want people to see and think of them. It’s when faced with obstacles in life that their true colors shine through. I believe that she is naturally a manipulative person. I believe she plays games and this is probably a very large reason why she’s still single. Frankly between her and Blake’s behavior I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up together at some point. I would not be unhappy if either one went home soon.

  32. I could not stop laughing at Taj and JPJ. How many times did Taj complain about it being hot? I don’t know why, but I found her to be totally hilarious! I am also confused on the whole Caelynn and Dean situation – why is she chasing after a guy who is self-admittedly homeless? Does she think she’ll change him? I think that’s a recipe for disaster. I can see JPJ and Emily ended up together for sure. They’re both quirky and goofy and I think they’re really cute together. Kristina’s words and actions lately are just terrible – I hope she gets sent home. Clearly no one is interested in her , so why is she still around? I was actually hoping that when Chris made his announcement about changing rose ceremony rules that it would be that people are not allowed to give out friendship roses anymore.

  33. So random… but o honestly thought that Tayshia was going to say JPJ was the worst kisser. Is it just me or does he look goofy kissing?

  34. I think it’s crazy (and maybe a little creepy) how much JPJ looks like Haley’s twin sisters boyfriend. They could be twins! I guess they definitely have a type.

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