Bachelor in Paradise – Angela’s Arrival + the Downfall of JPJ

I always say that there is so much to discuss, but truly, we haven’t had an episode yet where there isn’t a ton to discuss! Ha! Paradise is full of things to chat about!! Based on past seasons, we can assume that there are probably only a few episodes left. That is just so crazy given where we are with some of these situations (come on, JPJ!). I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about tonight’s episode!

Angela Showing up

I totally get why it seems like Angela’s being totally manipulative by showing up in Paradise. And in a small way she is. Clay was there first, so given their history and how much he broke her heart, it probably would be best for her to bow this one out (even though producer’s obviously asked her to be on the show). But here’s the thing, being on Paradise is a huge opportunity! The first reason being that you’re given the opportunity to potentially meet someone, which I’m sure she’s desperate for because she so heartbroken over Clay. I would say the best way to get over someone is to date somebody else. That might not be the best advice in the world, but it always worked for me in the past. I’m not saying to get in a super serious relationship right after dating somebody. But date just to keep yourself busy and take your mind off of the terrible break up.

The second reason I don’t blame her for showing up is because going to Paradise leads to a lot of opportunities. Look at Ashley I and Jared. They are absolutely killing it after being on two seasons of Paradise. Meaning they are MARRIED now, but they also both have huge social media followings, work with a ton of businesses, and I’m sure are making A TON money. And good for them! I think that’s awesome! So I think for anybody to go on the show and not think about the opportunity is just naïve.

angela bachelor in paradise JPJ

And I know a lot of you don’t want to hear this because so many of us are romantics and want to think the show is all about love, but it’s just not these days. If anyone out there is going on the show and saying that they aren’t thinking about the opportunities that it comes with, I think they are being foolish. I think your first and MAIN reason for going on should be love, but I would definitely be thinking about all the upside in addition to love that comes along with it. Love to know what you guys think about this. Do you agree with me? Do you think it’s possible to even go on the show and not think about the upside of instant Instagram success? Or do you think I’m terrible for thinking this way? Ha. Kinda kidding. Be nice in the comments please 🙂

Anyway, back to Angela. I just think it’s kind of unfair to her for us to say that because Clay got there first she shouldn’t be there. I’m sure both she and Clay got asked to be in the season from the get-go. It’s been up to the producers when they choose to introduce different players into Paradise. From what I understand, everyone is flown down to Mexico at the same time and kept in a hotel and then brought to Paradise as the season unfolds. The producers decide who are the first cast members on and then as the drama unfolds that determines who comes down the stairs next. So what if Angela was the first one down there and then Clay came later. Would he have to go home and not take the opportunity just because she was there first? I’m just not sure I agree with that. But with all that said, it’s so awkward.


He made a lot of HUGE mistakes up until this point. Demi was so right when she was talking about how hypocritical he was talking about how Derek disrespects women when he was so completely rude right to Haley’s face. And I definitely don’t think Derek is this monster that JPJ is trying to make him out to be. I have not seen Derek treat a woman a single woman in Paradise with disrespect. But I have seen JPJ do it. We saw him do it with Haley.

demi JPJ Haley bachelor in paradise

After she explained to him how she felt misled by him, he patronized her by telling her she was a “big girl” and can figure it out. What a terrible disrespectful thing to say to her. I’m just so unbelievably disappointed in him. Especially because I like him and I hate this side of him. I know he can do better. Do you think Tayshia will give him a rose next week? I’m not so sure, but a part of me thinks she will. Let’s talk about Tayshia quick…

Tayshia Says Goodbye to Derek

I think I’ve been pretty confused up to this point as to why Tayshia never jumped in on the JPJ and Derek drama. I mean I get that she didn’t wanna get involved but it was really completely about her. So I kind of just wish she stepped in and told them to quit it. Or really told JPJ to stop. I guess I’m just confused how nobody has told her what a complete jerk JPJ has acted like. She seems completely unaware of how awful he’s been. That said, I was really sad to see her tell Derek that she wasn’t interested. But I’m glad she did when she did. And I’m glad Derek sent himself home. I think at that point however, he knew he probably wasn’t getting a rose unless by chance some girl walked down that he had it off with. I think he was just over it at that point. He had gotten his heart broken twice in Paradise and didn’t want to do it anymore.

tayshia ends things with derek JPJ

I know a couple weeks ago a lot of us thought that Derek would be the next Bachelor but because of all the JPJ drama, I’m just not sure he will be. I think the way he left definitely put him in a better light again. But I’m not sure if the Bachelor franchise will want to take the chance on him after JPJ said numerous times that he said he slept with women who follow him on social media. Even though once again, I don’t think Derek said it that way. I think he said it the way he told us he said it. Which he said that he could but chooses not to. Not necessarily a great thing to say but not terrible either.

I truly don’t know if Tayshia’s going to give JPJ a rose at the ceremony. I think she’s gonna send herself home and then my guess is that JPJ will probably send himself home too. What do you guys think?

Old Matt Donald!!!!!!!

It just shows how much of an impression he made even after being sent home the first night. Everyone knew his name when he walked down the steps. I was SOOOOO bummed when Hannah sent him home the first night. I even said in my blog that I hoped to see him in Paradise and here he is! Yay! I am so so so happy for him.

old matt donald BIP JPJ

But I will say, after seeing him in paradise I kind of get why Hannah didn’t give him a rose. He’s got a lot of nerd in him. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I like nerds but maybe Hannah doesn’t. Ha ha! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when his voice cracked and then I hate to even say this, but I kind of rolled my eyes when he said he didn’t want his mom seeing him kiss somebody. I think he has a bit of growing up to do. And I mean that in the absolute nicest way possible because I truly do adore him.

Next Week

I am so confused by the Blake and Kristina thing. I never want to root against a couple because only THEY know what the truly have. But I just don’t see it at this time. I think there is too much hurt there.

I’m so excited that Dean is back! I said it last week and I’ll say it again but I just feel like him and Caelynn are meant to be together. I don’t know why I feel that way, I just do. I’m curious how some of you read the situation. Last week it seemed like a lot of you thought they were a meant to be couple as well. Are you guys still feeling that way? Let’s discuss everything in the comments below

This Week’s Outfits!

Also, I wanna link some of the fashion from the show like I do every week.


 Over the past week, I was able to find a bunch of the dresses that people wore to the wedding, so I will link them below!


ashley i leopard dress bip wedding jpj










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kut from the kloth jeans ali manno jpj


Thanks so much for coming by my Bachelor in Paradise blog today! I can’t wait to chat with you all!

47 Thoughts

47 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Angela’s Arrival + the Downfall of JPJ

  1. John Paul Jones:
    I think his passion and sincerity is FiRE.
    Paradise has never seen anyone like him – and, m o s t l y That Is A Good Thing.
    Derek – a worthwhile man – seemed more concerned/agitated about gettibg JPJ on camera to help clean up his image. Underatanable enough- as Ali points out busoness opportunities are on the line – but it does prove JPJ’S point that Derek has some ulterior motives around Tayshia/castdates.

    Regarding Haley and JPJ:
    Gotta disagree with Ali and give Credit to John Paul Jones for speaking plainly to Haley when asked AND actually going out on the date! Why:
    -T a y s h i a suggested he do so.
    -It was One Date – he wasnt three weeks in hiding his thing for Tayshia – how legitimately invested could Haley feel ?
    – The whole point of a date is to see how Both ppl feel, it’s not like JPJ knew how it would go either.

    I love John Paul Jones. I think he is courageous and honest. Any missteps are about Right Reasons. He’s not trying to screw anybody out of anything. He is standing up for what he sees as important and real. Zero meaness – and balls. Winning combo for me.

    1. You may want to read over your comments before posting hun. MAJOR spelling/grammar issues. Your comment was very hard to follow.

  2. I agree with most of what you said. I also think Derek was not given the opportunity to respond to JPJ verbal attacking him. The producers could have at least let Derek explain himself to the viewers. I think tonight Derek was trying to say they were discussing Blake’s stagecoach shenanigans and he used himself as an example saying he could but he chooses not to. I don’t think that he Randomly just said oh I can sleep with my followers.
    I think blake is using Kristina saying he has these feelings because he is afraid she is connecting with Luke and he feels like he won’t get the friend rose again.

    1. Hi Lori ~Blake is .turning in to the new Cam at this point 🙁

      Derek is consistently Derek. But he d i d get screen time, with and without JPJ.
      I like him.- he is a peacemaking type of person. Nothing about Derek is conniving. But JPJ gave him the opportunity to challenge any falsehoods last week – and Derek.was blown away. He faltered. He tried this week too, but came up a little short. Not alot, but he didnt win any points in my view.
      I appreciate his.candor about being disappiinted in love – that it hasnt happened yet, and he has been trying for it.

      I don’t see Derek as being slimed by JPJ. I see him as human (ie susceptible to some.of.the trappings of insta fame ) and wonderful (ie lovely despite the temptations of instafame). But he.did seem more.upsrt about his reputation than losing Tayshia in particular. And honestly how truly into Tayshia or Demi could he be? I think he dug them, a caring person, but neither seems to be *his* person. There is some block Derek has to overcome for love to come. The hug with Kristian gave Derek fans all the proof anyone could need to see who he truly is – a sweetheart.

      Producers did.*give*.us that- whew!

  3. M i k e:
    points to him for asking Angela *did it break your heart?* but WTF for the *Clay said he never said he loved you*

    Im confused. Angela just told him they dated 8 months, looked at houses and it was the biggeat breakup of her life…does Mike really believe Clay never dropped the L Bomb? Did they edit out Angela correcting that ?

    Once again we are at editor’s mercy.

    1. No way will Mike be bachelor! That was just cruel! And we didn’t even get to hear Angela’s response…we just saw the pain on her face. 🙁

      1. Hey Sara – we are so close to the end now, I was thinking the show mightbe saving some serious Mike time for the laat chunk of the show (considering all the fanfare for him to become Bach) but I’m glad they aren’t.

        I’m glad he didn’t make the cut. He can be so well-spoken when he wants to be, but the taunting verbal abuse he gave Luke P in the house made him undeserving in my mind.

        I hope Clay gets a good look at Angela’s face when Mike dropped that bomb, btw. It really said it all.

  4. I’m barely into the episode but already just have to say…not a good luck at all nicole! So rude to instantly bash her and call her creepy, telling her to get a life. Not cool. Idk if Angela has the best intentions but she still has a right to be there.

    1. Nicole juat seems like a kid to me.
      Interesting she and Tayshia seem tight – as T has alwaya struck the mature one on these seasons. Sigh.

  5. Hi Ali, I usually agree with your posts but I want to add something about Old Matt Donald.

    Having deaf parents and a deaf brother, you learn to communicate with your whole body, face, eyes, facial expressions. Voice comes last because it serves no purpose. Things that he’ll physically do will definitely impact his parents more because they can read into body langage and it’s not just a kiss. I get that he’s still new at this bachelor thing, and he’ll get used to the cameras eventually, but I respectfully don’t feel that nerd or someone that has some growing up to do is an accurate way to describe him. It’s actually very refreshing to see someone have normal reactions over there! I can’t wait for the next episode!

    I still hope for Derek as a bachelor, JPJ is clearly taking words out of context and doing things out of jealousy. Love makes us do crazy things I guess, but it was still not okay. I wonder how he will react watching this back.

    1. JPJ really stood.put as stand up when Haley came at him. He doesn’t shirk responsibility or try to spin his way out of things.
      I think you hit it when you say Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things . I hope the gods of love reward JPJ for his brave heart.

      I think Derek has lost very little credibility, too, btw. But JPJ Impresses me – he is not game playing or image building. He’s locked into Tayshia and is fighting his way clear – admirable, flawa and all!

    2. Thank you for your insights about body language, Nancy….and it IS refreshing when someone holds back in these settings!

    3. I completely agree with you, Nancy! I thought Matt was completely refreshing and seems like a sweetheart, not a nerd! How respectful of his parents to think about them during this time!

  6. I would LOVE to see Angela as the next Bachelorette! I wish ABC would add her to Peter’s group of ladies so she’d have a chance! She would be perfect! I am very team Angela not Team Clay. I think Clay did to Angela what Arie did to Becca (only for longer!) In fact, I would love to see Becca have a sit down chat with Angela as bachelorette. Angela actually wants to settle down. Nicole was so mean talking about Angela.

  7. I admire Cassie who is actually continuing a very challenging speech pathology masters program… she could easily just travel and be an Instagram star but she isn’t.

  8. Sorry, but JPJ is a child….blowing snot on camera ? everyone keeps saying how intelligent he is and how well-spoken he is, and from what I’ve seen he can’t put two words together without saying “ya know” so he does not get my vote. The rest of them are still acting like a bunch of high schoolers. I love that Donald can I just say that?? Why is a man that cute unattached??

  9. Okay, I guess the first things that jump in my mind when I think about this episode are WHY didn’t tayshia just go and straight up ask Derek and JPJ why they were fighting. Like guys screaming at each other in public is never attractive, but it was all instigated by JPJ and Derek was only trying to clarify everything and defend himself. So for her to put Derek in the same maturity level category as JPJ was shocking. My second thought is how freaking immature is JPJ in general? He can barely hold a mature conversation, he’s rude to women, he’s emotionally unstable (as we all saw tonight) and just a little bit crazy! I’m not a fan. But I was never a fan so I guess I’m kind of bias. I also love Derek and loved how good he was at explaining himself and his feelings. I will miss him a lot! Old Matt Donald….I totally felt the SAME! Initially your like “ok he’s cute, funny, sort of charming and seems down to earth” but then he starts talking and you’re like ummmm what did he just say? Just that like cheesy nerd talk that isn’t sexy…at all. Don’t get me wrong, nerds can totally have sex appeal, but I don’t quite know if he’s got that part down yet. Also, can we please just cut to the part when Caelyn and Dean get engaged and they drive away in his van? We know it’s coming lol they do seem absolutely perfect for each other, not sure why exactly, but they do! And I’m sure Dean realized that. Conner is like a giant Ken Doll and talks exactly how you think a Ken doll would sound lol not realistic and hard to take serious 🙂 Caelynn looks for people who intrigue her, who keep her guessing, that’s Dean. Anyways, can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!!! I hope JPJ is out for good!

    1. On The Road with Caelynn & Dean needs to happen!
      Derek is pretty much the only castmember with communication chops. ( But I l o v e JPJ for his purity of heart- and guts!!)
      The other thing about Tayshia escalating the J v D stuff: seeing how she stepped in and confronted C l a y abt not introducing Nicole as his gf…I mean, *ok* but what abt your own sh*t. I get it. she couldn’t deal. it’s human, but her hiding out at the wedding and trying to shut JPJ down w * I cant talk now* didnt help things.
      On first show previews we were shown two engagments. One of the women’s hands was a woman of color…so…is Tayshia getting engaged in Paradise !!??

  10. I was actually curious to what you would say about the Derek for bachelor thing. I thought they made everyone kinda feel bad for him and I think he may be the next bachelor. I think it will be him or peter although we haven’t heard a lot about peter and since Derek is so fresh in our minds heartbroken, I think he will be next bachelor.

  11. JPJ to me is a cross between Wayne World and Wall Street, if he’s acting all that drama someone needs to sign him for the next Nicholas Sparks movie !! Jokes aside bless him for breaking down over Tasha after dating poor Hayley and the other one who’s left. Poor Derek just wants good old fashioned love and Serendipity – it will happen but possibly not on Paradise this time 🙁
    Love that Deans back !! I agree Ali they are so suited – so bohemian and can see them traveling around in a van etc – fingers crossed as I believe there is a good connection there.
    Looking forward to tomorrow night , have a feeling it last going to be a good one

  12. I felt bad for Sydney.But I do like Mike with Angela.I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal out Angela being there,when it’s almaot the same thing when Dean was there.Angela wasn’t there all over Clay she was there to find love and she truly deserves to be happy and find someone.I personally don’t like Nicole.I never heard Angela say a bad word about Nicole and Nicole talked trashed several times about Angela.Thats unlcassy.And angela even told Nicole that she wasn’t there for Clay and that she wasn’t going to go interfere with there relationship.
    When Christian was there Nicole was all over him making out on the beach.She wasn’t too into Clay then.On another note I felt bad for Derek.He got his heart broke twice.Shocked out how JPJ acted.Tyashia is a beautiful woman I am not surprised she had 2 guys fighting over her.
    I think Dean and Caelynn make a cute couple and can’t wait for him to return.I kinda wished Connor and Kristina would have had the chance to date.They would be so cute.

  13. Ok straight up, JPJ NEEDS TO GO HOME AND GROW UP !!! I am so sick of seeing him fighting and whining , OMG , enough, I wanna get a razor and shave that damn hair off !! He is disrespectful , and ignorant, that name is disgusting, he thinks he’s so hot and perfect for Tayshia, as for Tayshia she should have stepped in to ding bat and told him to shut up , that she is not a his possession, I feel bad for Derek, he’s so much better than that baby JPJ!!

  14. I agree with all of what you said ! However I really liked Dean when he was with Leslie too so we will see what happens w him and Caelynn! I think they are a good match if he doesn’t run away from it. But then if she does choose him I kinda feel bad for Connor – but she had no idea Dean would come back so 🤷🏻‍♀️. I do wish we saw more people stick up for Derek since everything JPJ said was ridiculous. I really liked JPJ before but I really don’t like this side of him – I really dislike how he couldn’t even have a mature conversation with Derek… I would be interested to see Derek as the Bachelor but I don’t think it’ll be him , I think it will be Peter!

  15. I always love reading your posts! Here are some of my thoughts –

    – I have no problem with Angela being there. Like she mentioned, why is it okay for Clay to go, but not her? And I think she probably feels awkward seeing him there too; I hate the way Nicole was attacking her (and her body) in front of everyone!
    – Matt Donald was awkward, but reminded me of my husband when we first dated. Ha! I think he’s a stand-up guy from what we’ve seen.
    – I was frustrated with Tayshia! She could’ve intervened long before she did with the JPJ/Derek drama.

  16. This show is definitely conducive to people faking relationships just to stay on the show longer, be paid more, get bigger followings. Someone pointed out something interesting to me (some of which is off-show but still related):

    1. Kristina was involved with Dean, now Caelynn is
    2. Kristina brought a YouTuber to Stage Coach, and Caelynn knew this yet still was seen making out with him
    3. Kristina slept with Blake, and the next day Caelynn did as well, EVEN THOUGH the night before she was hooking up with the YouTuber Kristina brought as her date to Stage Coach
    4. Kristina expressed interest in Connor at the BIP wedding, and then Caelynn made out with him and went on a date with him.

    Is Caelynn just following Kristina around, chasing guys Kristina is interested in? Does she have a tracker on her so she knows where she is, and shows up ready to interfere? Caelynn CREEPS ME OUT.

    JPJ is not only immature, he is self-centered. He doesn’t care that Derek hooks up with women, it’s only a problem when the girl HE likes shows preference for Derek. JPJ was rude and obnoxiously loud at someone else’s wedding, rude to Haley, he isn’t what he was originally edited to be portrayed as.

    Angela has every right to be here. I CAN’T STAND when contestants (? maybe not the right word) feel they own the space because they were their first or other fellow bachelor/ettes are friends with them so the newbie isn’t welcome. Clay has been on the show a few times, Nicole had a few romances already, why not Angela? I didn’t love that Angela pulled Clay aside first (probably producers told her to, but they really aren’t friends, so it wasn’t necessary for her to get HIS opinion on BIP first). This reminds me of Tia, who felt that Colton shouldn’t be at BIP unless he was interested in her, and if he wasn’t, she and all her friends on the island felt he should leave, he wasn’t allowed to find love with someone else, he wasn’t there for the “right reasons” if he wasn’t interested in Tia. Very self-centered of Tia (and Nicole- if Clay wants her, she can’t lose him to Angela).

    I like Dean’s honesty. He lives in a van. He isn’t ready for settling down, and may never be. I have a LOT of respect for people who know they don’t want traditional things, and don’t force themselves into that box just to please others. The collateral damage that results from someone who was pretending for years and who finally is true to themselves is HUGE (kids, spouses, other family are all hurt when that person up and leaves). Better to just know who you are and be who you are from the get go.

    Wow, Whitney has great legs! #goals

    1. hhaaa – lotta #goals with our beach cast.

      Item 3 was a real whopper…that Caelynn:lotta going on.

      The unconventional honesty Dean has is something I think JPJ has as well. Dean is sweeter – and certainly more seasoned. But JPJs boldness is awesome to me, even though he has more growing up to do. I applaud his owning up tp Haley- not sure what you saw as rudeness there, HG – I jusy don’t get shittiness from JPJ. Overcome, strident maybe, but dude means what he says, Zero Bull, and he isn’t playing The Game, which ( as you point out ) the show practically counts on.

  17. Aside from JPJ trying to sabotage Derek’s reputation and condescend Haley, he truly lost me with all of the snot rockets. And cast members had to walk through that in their bare feet! (I don’t care how much sand you throw over it, it’s gross!)

    I’m so happy that Haley was able to call him out so articulately. He came away looking like a real tool.

  18. Ali I usually agree with you..
    I’m confused by now you saying it’s OK to NOT be there for “all the right reasons”. Suddenly the instagram/podcast/money ambitions are OK?
    Also, JP lost it for me when he intentionally snotted on the floor and rubbed it in with his foot. Gross! Who does he think will have to clean that up?

  19. JPJ reminds me of a boy in 7th grade with the way he’s acting. His fake, sarcastic laugh is just so rude and disrespectful. He needs to tone things down about 100 notches. If you’re going to accuse somebody of the things he’s accused Derek of, that person needs an opportunity to defend themselves.

    I also agree that Derek is not the monster JPJ is making him out to be. I just don’t see it. I think he probably did say those things in the way he described them, and honestly I don’t really fault him for it. We’ve all heard the way guys talk around each other. It is what it is. No harm, no foul.

    I am happy to see that Dean is back, but Caelynn seriously needs to get her story straight. I’m sure producers are telling her to say a lot of these things, but it’s really making her look ridiculous!

    1. Yeah – Caelynn n e e d s to be driven cross country a couple times…in a van…with Dean!

      JPJ and Derek are Awesome in my book. As you say, No harm, No Foul. JPJ dis his thing for the love of Tayshia, not to kill Derek. And Derek’s decency speaks for itself. Since when is fighting for love a shitheel move – on BIP, no less??

      Derek’s honor is more intact than ever. Wish everyone would stop slamming JPJ for his passion and youth.

  20. Wonder what your thoughts are on matt after he said he didnt want his mom to see him kiss Sydney but then kissed bri right away on there date aired tonight……..

  21. I was sad to see Derek go home. He was such a sweet guy and I feel for him for getting his heart broken twice. I had to hold in the tears at the end.

    I have to say, I have so much respect for Tayshia. For telling Derek up front right away, I’m sorry I just can’t get there, and as she said, which I hope is true, that this decision was based on their relationship nothing to do with JPJ. You could tell how close and how much Derek meant to her when she was crying at the end. I’m bummed he left, but am incredibly proud of her for making a decision and acting on it.

    JPJ, I think he has a temper issue. I’m just very confused about that whole fight. I can see how he does have feelings for Tayshia, but me in her position with the way he acted I couldn’t give him a chance. He has alot of making up to do. And pulling Derek aside at the wedding, so not the place or time.

    Excited to see the 2nd episode this week. Dean coming ehhhh. Not sure how I feel.

  22. I think that saying the best way to get over someone is to date someone else is not the best advice to give. I think this breeds the idea that a woman’s worth or value is based on whether or not she has a man. I’ve been chronically single for most of my life and while it sucks, I’ve found true independence and have never based my value on what others think or whether or not I’m on a relationship. I think this has made me a stronger person, who knows what I want and deserve and I think it’s so important to be able to love yourself. before tou can expect anyone else to love you.

    I agree wholeheartedly that people are going into bachelor nation with insta success in mind. This has taken away from the show completely for me. Which is why This season of BIP is my last season watching. I’ve been watching since the very beginning and loved the show but it’s getting to be too much. I find people are purposefully acting and wanting to be the villain for more air time and then going on to be “famous” for not having any particular talents.

    Lastly, while I also agreed with you that Angela shouldn’t be faulted for coming on BIP, I think Annaliese is to blame for people questioning Angela. She made such a huge deal about Clay coming on BIP so soon after the break up. In my mind, if Clay broke up with Angela three months prior, he was emotionally out of the relationship even prior to that. So who’s to say he wasn’t ready to move on? So for Annalise’s to call him out and that made it bad for Angela. So while I’m sure her intentions were food, it had a very negative effect.

  23. I just feel so broken-hearted for Derek. I think he’s a wonderful guy! I can’t believe how many girls have passed him up. He seems like the total package and is gorgeous!

  24. Okay this is what I’m going to say. Angela and Kristina are both bitter. Clay is terrified but he’s in love with Angela. Nicole and Kristina you can tell they’re very vindictive when it comes to them being hurt and they both put other women down. Blake what is he still doing there? Bye already. Catelynn and Dean OMG I am rooting for these two. That is the most sincere thing for him to do. I’m hoping for wedding in the future. JPJ I hope he’s eating crow . That was so crazy and he for sure owes not just Derek and Krystal and Chris an apology he owes everybody an apology along with Crystal and Chris’s mothers. Demi and Christian oh my God this was the best thing ever. Not only was it for the world and the change that’s going to come from this but she is living her truth. And that is a beautiful thing. I hate that people were attacking her in regards to Derek and hers relationship and then Christian and hers relationship . She was trying to find herself and what she is found is beautiful . I wasn’t fond of Demi when she was on Colton season but I fallen in love with her and I want her to be my daughter. I don’t think Bachelor in Paradise can go on unless they have Demi and Jordan as the “camp counselors”. They are the funniest Duo that I have seen in a long time. Like legit they should have their own show. I wasn’t fond of Jordan neither until he was on Bachelor in Paradise last season but he just made me fall in love with him even more when he stuck up for his friend. That guy that he got in the fight with whatever his name is he is a piece of work. I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to think of any other couples that stick out but nope. So I really would like Derek to be the next Bachelor but the way they kind of ended it with Mike I have a feeling he’s going to be the next Bachelor. Okay well that’s my two cents. Have a good Wednesday everybody.

  25. Hey Ali! Huge fan! Also from your home town! I was just wondering, did you know Dylan went to Williams College? Have you guys gotten to talk about that yet?

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