October 9, 2017

Florals for Fall

I want to start this blog post by saying I have exciting news to share! Kevin and I officially sold our house yesterday! That’s right, we closed escrow. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment for us. We’re excited that we sold our house and can move on to something that better suits our…

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July 17, 2017

Coffee Talk: Leaving Baby Overnight for the First Time

Monday calls for coffee!!! This is going to be such a long week for me so I've really been dreading this Monday for a while now. Mostly because tomorrow is going to be one of my hardest days as a mother yet! I have to fly to New York and leave Molly…

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June 23, 2017

Mixed Prints

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Kevin, Molly and I are actually in Williamstown, Massachusetts for the weekend. It's my niece Blake's first birthday and we are here celebrating! It's pretty cool because my sister's daughter (a.k.a. my niece) was born just 10 days before Molly. So really we're celebrating both of their first…

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June 16, 2017

Classically Girly

Hi friends! Happy Friday! It's been a crazy busy week for me since I was at Entertainment Tonight all week (did you watch? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!). Plus I was taking care of Molly and trying to keep up with my blog. And I have a few…

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BreastFeeding Friendly Fashion
June 2, 2017

Beautiful Day in Beautiful Dresses

Today's Inspiration Awards were so incredible! I absolutely love this organization and was so inspired today! Sharing my dress details with you guys since it's one of my favorite ever!!!! So pretty right?! And my earrings (see last…

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April 13, 2017

Spring Florals and Stripes

Hi Guys! I'm co-hosting Home & Family both today AND tomorrow! I absolutely love coming on this show. It's a feel good and fun show for the whole family! If you guys haven't watched it before, I REALLY suggest tuning in. Not only because I'm on - HA! - but because it's…

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April 9, 2017

Light and Bright Spring Outfit Idea

I absolutely LOVE today's spring outfit idea! I mean, doesn't this outfit just scream spring time!!! When I put it on this morning I realized I need to make my house feel more springtime too, so I headed out to buy flowers! I love having fresh flowers in the…

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