Florals for Fall

I want to start this blog post by saying I have exciting news to share! Kevin and I officially sold our house yesterday! That’s right, we closed escrow. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment for us. We’re excited that we sold our house and can move on to something that better suits our family, but we’re sad because this house means so much to us. Anyway, I just wanted to share the good news with you guys since it just happened. I’ll definitely do another blog post soon to share more about the next chapter of our lives and what we have planned! You guys have been such a big part of our lives that we want to fill you in on everything we have going on!

I’m also excited about today’s outfit post! I love all of the outfits that I post here on my blog, but there’s just something extra special about this one! I was actually going to post this pretty floral dress last week when I wore it, but then I went to check the dress online and it was sold out! I was so bummed that I wasn’t gonna get to share with all of you. But something in me today told me to check the dress online again and there it was! Fully in stock! I’m guessing that since it did so well and sold out so quickly the first time they restocked it. And as you as you can see from the reviews on the website other people love the dress too. It’s very flattering, affordable, and easy to throw on. It’s also a dress that can be worn in the Spring, Summer, and Fall! It’s also breastfeeding friendly for those who are curious!

In today’s post I’m wearing it with one of my favorite pairs of boots this season. These boots are just the cutest and go with so many things. You can see me wearing them with jeans HERE and with the cutest sweater dress ever HERE. You guys have probably noticed that I wear them a ton and with a bunch of different kinds of looks. I hope you’re not sick of seeing them because I plan on wearing them all Fall long!

I’ve also been carrying this large satchel a ton recently. Like I said in past blog posts, it’s just really great because it fits absolutely everything I need and still has room leftover! And I love the neutral tone because it goes with everything.

The last piece of this look is my $19 watch. I’m sad to say that this exact watch is sold out. However, a very similar one for the exact same price of $19 is available! I might even like it better than the one I’m wearing in these pics. So I’m sure it’s not surprising to you guys that I went ahead and bought it, so you’ll be seeing it with some of my future looks!

Anyway, I’m at Home and Family today making a DIY baby play/busy board! I teamed up with Paige Hemmis to make it and I think it’s going to come out really cool! You guys can see it on the show tomorrow morning if you tune in. And I’m co-hosting on Friday! That episode will air on Monday so tune in then too! Hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday!







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28 thoughts on “Florals for Fall

    1. Ali! Congratulations you and your lil family. Can’t wait to see what the future brings to you guys. Happy Thursday 😘

  1. I am so excited for you and your little fam! Once a week (maybe more, yikes!), I look online for houses in other states. Because come on, window shopping real estate is so much fun! Omaha is great, but LA would be so cool! Anyways, I stumbled upon your sweet home on Realtor.com! I knew it was yours because of the adorable bedding in your master, the squirrel painting and the little pictures of Molly on the wall! Ha! Your house is what HGTV dreams are made of! Love it! Good luck on your new journey!!

  2. Congrats on selling your home and good luck finding a new one. I love that dress and I’m seriously thinking of buying it before it sells out. Cheryl

  3. Congrats! We just moved into a new house and my daughter (who is the same age as Molly) has completely regressed with her sleeping since. Your cry it out post encouraged me to do the same as I had been in the same boat all long. Will you give us an update on her sleeping and if you’ve dealt with any regression and what you did?

    1. We haven’t dealt with regression at night yet. Only for naps. And we haven’t done anything about it yet. She only naps once a day for 45 mins to an hour.

  4. Congratulations on selling your house! Trust me, I totally get the mixed emotions. We just sold our first home – where we brought both our babies home – and I sobbed during my last moments inside because all I could see were the beautiful memories we created there. Good luck with finding your next home!!

  5. So excited for your family. A new adventure. God bless you as you move on to the next chapter. Love that you are on Home and Family.

    1. Thank you Ellen and thank you for watching me on Home & Family. I feel so lucky to be a small part of the show!

  6. Congratulions on selling your home!!! My family of 4 is moving to a bigger home as well, after my little girl turns 1 later this month. If you have any tips on packing with little kids, please share!

  7. I thought you were going to say you are pregnant 😁 You have mentioned a few times you have been so tired in your insta stories so i thought that was a hint to us. Congrats on the house closing though and for a new home! I’m sure we will be hearing baby news sometime down the road 😊

    1. I think Molly is just wearing me out!!! She is amazing, but man is she tiring. She is a NON-STOP toddler. Never stops running around! And I certainly hope I’m lucky enough to have another!!!!!

  8. Congratulations, Ali!! What a bittersweet yet exciting time for your family! Wishing you all the best.

    Quick question on your super cute satchel – are the handles long enough to wear comfortably on your shoulder?

  9. I’m happy for you, Kevin & Molly (Owen, too) on selling your house.
    I remember when my 1st home sold….I sat on the floor of the empty house & cried.
    I keep the memories close to my heart. I know you will too.
    I have the same dress!
    it’s so comfy.

  10. So so exciting! We sold our condo in Playa Vista and moved out to the LA burbs (Agoura Hills). The things we do for our kids haha. We have a little boy who shares a birthday with Molly, so we are beyond excited to be able to give him a backyard! Best of luck!

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