Affordable Beauty Options for Spring/Summer and Vacay!

Hey guys! I was in Miami last week and there’s a few products that I was using these that I think are absolutely perfect for vacation and/or spring and summer! They’re all really affordable so I wanted to share them with you guys. Plus, most of them are on sale right now. Mostly linking my LTK throughout this post so that everything will be linked in one spot for you guys!

Make sure to check out my Instagram post to see videos of all the products and the before and after of my sunless tanner!

Sunless Tanner

The first is St Tropez sunless Tanner! You can either get the full-size bottle on sale right now or get a smaller size bottle that comes with an application mitt that is also on sale. Both are great options, but if you already have an application mitt, then I say just go for the full size bottle! But you absolutely need an application mitt to apply it! I have used so many sunless tanners over the years and a good moose sunless tanner with an application mitt is by far the best way to apply it for the most streak free, beautiful coverage! I love love love this sunless tanner! This and Bondi Sands. Both are incredible, but this one’s on sale right now and it is a must get! If I haven’t already, I plan to post a video to Instagram showing the application and before and after. There was no way I was going to Miami as pasty white as my skin was. Ha!


Also, my girlfriend told me before our trip that she wasn’t planning on using sunless tanner because she said it always would get all over everything in the days afterwards. I don’t find that at all with this sunless tanner. I actually had her use it and she told me she is so happy with it and plans to order it herself, so I just wanted to share that story with you guys in case any of you also have concerns with it rubbing off on things. And just quick clarification, I mean after you’ve showered. It will definitely rub off on things when you apply it while you’re waiting for it to develop, so make sure you’re wearing something black and loose while it dries.

Oh and I’ll also link my $16 pink suit. It’s a junior size so size UP one. I’m wearing a medium and I’m normally a small.

affordable beauty for spring summer vacay


Lip Repair Oil

The next product I want to tell you about is this lip oil by Hard Candy. It’s only $7 and for the price, it is one of my absolute favorite lip oils out there! This and Merit. Merit’s gonna be a little bit more expensive, so I was on the hunt for an affordable version that I thought was equally as good to share with all of you, and this is truly great. The applicator wand isn’t quite my favorite, but once it’s on, it is so beautiful, glossy and amazing on my lips! I got the peach color because I just like it even though it’s pretty sheer on. It could totally be in my head, but I think it even has a peach flavor. It definitely has some sort of fruity flavor that smells so good while it’s on! It also has vitamins in it.


VERSED Sunscreen

Next thing I wanted to share that I think is pretty great, and I actually think it’s on sale this week as well, is this VERSED Guard Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen. At first I thought it was gonna be a tinted sunscreen because it has a little pigment to it, but I wouldn’t exactly call it tinted because it doesn’t really provide any coverage, which is totally fine, but oh my gosh it goes on so nice. I think it’s a great affordable option for sunscreen, and for me sunscreen is an absolute must, especially during vacation and during the spring and summer.

Brow Ink

This next one I surprised myself with because I truly didn’t think I was gonna love it. I am just such an eyebrow pencil girl that I felt like something like this Revlon Brow Ink wouldn’t be for me. But I actually love it! I got it in the waterproof blonde for our trip, but I actually kind of wish I got the brown for a little bit more of a cool tone. I really wanted something for our trip that would fill in my brows, but not come off when I was swimming or in the water and this waterproof blonde is so great! I wouldn’t call it 1000% waterproof. But it definitely stayed on a lot better than my pencil!

If you click through to the product and read the reviews, you’ll see that other people actually also were super pleasantly surprised by this product! And it’s on sale for under $10 right now if you want to try it yourself.

Waterproof Mascara

If you’re looking for another really great waterproof option, I have to recommend this L’Oreal Paris mascara. I’ve used this mascara on and off for years. I truly believe that one of the biggest differences between mascaras isn’t necessarily the formula in many cases, but it’s the brush and how it’s applied. This curved brush is one of my favorites of all time! If you’ve been following me for a while, then you might remember that years ago, I used to rave all the time about this mascara. It’s still a favorite of mine.

Glitter Shadow

Last but not least, I just wanna shout out to this Lottie London glitter eyeshadow that I like to put on my eyelids when I’m at the beach just cause it’s so fun.

A few other of my favorites below!

Have a wonderful week!

I hope this was helpful for planning the products that you are going to use this spring, summer and on vacay! I can’t believe it’s already spring and I am sooo excited for the warmer weather and beach days. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

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