A Crazy Foot Peel Mask!

Warning. Gross pictures ahead!!!!

I thought for sure nobody was gonna wanna see my gross peeling feet from the mask I did a few days ago but I am getting hundreds of DM’s on Instagram from people saying they want to see, so I decided to do a blog post. That way people who really want to see can come here to see the photos, while people who don’t want to see won’t be surprised on my Instagram stories. Ha!

I got this foot mask cause my feet were getting so dry and cracked from the cold weather here. I found it while scrolling Amazon and saw that it has almost 30,000 super positive reviews and I thought, oh my goodness I’ve never seen a product with this many positive reviews, this thing has to be great! I ordered it and, oh my gosh it’s amazing.

Foot Peel Mask!

You ready to see? Here are pictures of my gross, peely feet. I used the foot mask that I linked in this live. It’s the very first item linked. It costs $30 but you get 4 foot masks. That’s enough to do both feet for two treatments. And I think you only use, at most, once a month. Although after this I doubt I’m going to need to use it for quite some time.

Not gonna lie the first time I did this I didn’t think it was gonna work for me because it took a good five days for my feet to start peeling and the same thing happened this time. You do the mask by leaving it on your feet for 60 minutes and then your feet just kind of get a little more rough over the next 4 to 5 days before everything just starts peeling off. And oh my gosh it leaves the most baby smooth skin underneath.

Only thing is, I have a formal event to go to Friday night and I was not thinking about this when I did the mask because I’m going to be wearing strappy high heels. Yikes! I really hope it all peels off in the next 24 hours. Or I’m gonna have to come up with a shoe plan B to wear with the gown I’m wearing. Can I wear boots with a gown to a formal event? Ha!

Anyway just wanted to share with you guys. I’ll link the foot mask here again. It’s the very first item linked below the video in the live I did the other day. I also linked the most gorgeous faux plants that I have in my house, my go-to lip color, an outfit that I’m obsessed with and a few other things. Essentially when I do these Amazon lives I just link a bunch of my most recent Instagram purchases of things that I found and really love and got for my home and think you guys would like to. Including the mask!

More Updates to Come!

Reminder, these are the results just five days in! It takes two weeks for the full results to happen so I will share updated photos once it all peels off and maybe even add some along the way to this post so keep checking back.

If you get it come back here and tell me how it worked out for you! I know you’re gonna love it. I’ve already gotten hundreds of DM’s from people telling me they’ve used it and love it too.

33 Thoughts

33 thoughts on “A Crazy Foot Peel Mask!

  1. Omgosh! I’m just thinking of all that skin in the bed, but it does look interesting to get smooth feet. My feet get dry in winter & I hate it!

    Stay safe in rain Thursday/Friday or maybe sooner for you bc I’m in western SC!

  2. Can you wear socks so it’s not shedding all over the place? 😂 or can you not wear socks? I feel like it’s gonna look like a snake shedding it’s skin! Haha

    1. Definitely gonna try these!
      It looks like my foot after I had my cast off from surgery. My foot peeled so bad but it was the softest thing after it was done!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I may need to do this before Summer Season here in South Carolina! ! I bet when it’s all pealed your feet feel so good! 🤗

  4. Looking forward to seeing the results on your heel. Keep us posted!

    Also for people who want to do this for their husbands…we could only find up to size 11-12 but that was more like a 10.

    Thankfully Brian has size 12 big feet 😂😂 but they were hard to really work on his whole foot.

    If you find anyone who sells the product minus the sock/boot please share.

  5. Are you supposed to let it peel off naturally? Or can you peel it yourself? I think I’d be too tempted to peel it off like I do when I get a sunburn hahaha

  6. Are nylons out of fashion? That would at least hold the “shavings” in and maybe cover up the look some? Just a thought.

  7. I’ve been waiting to see the results of this! Thank you for sharing! Do you have a before picture you could post?

  8. I have done this foot mask before and it does work and it is gross. And to answer another’s question here, no, you are not supposed to manually peel the huge pieces of skin off, but it’s impossible not to do it. he he he. It doesn’t hurt at all and results last for months and months.

  9. Soaking your feet and using a loofa or something to exfoliate your feet in the shower will help tremendously!

  10. I’ve used those peels for years and boy do they do the job. My tips are to soak your peeling feet everyday then rub them with lotion – it encourges faster peeling. Oh – and socks at all times, even in bed.

  11. Thanks for sharing!!! I’ve always been intrigued by these foot peels. I’m a “picker” and that scares me because all that skin is a pickers dream. Hahahhaa Gross I know!!! 🤪 thanks again for sharing and for all you do to make your page a friendly, fun, down home feel! Always makes me happy!

  12. I do it twice a winter for years now.
    I just did it and I will do again in early March. It takes a good 10-12 days for it to be normal again but your feet will be so soft and ready for spring.

    But I’m sorry to say, 24 hours might not be enough time to where open shoes!!!!! 🤞🏻Fingers crossed but it will be worth it 100%

  13. This is incredible! How do your feet feel? Is there any pain or soreness involved? It reminds me of peeling skin after a sunburn. I need to try this. Thanks for sharing Ali!

  14. It looks like once they peel, they will be so smooth. Not gross at all. I am sure they will fee amazing.

  15. Would you be able to take a picture of the ingredients on the box or packaging? They advertise as natural but don’t seem to be listed on Amazon and I’d love to double check – I have several allergies and the listing says not to use if you are allergic to any ingredients! Would love to try this though!

  16. Omg….I’ve done this before and was sooo shocked to see how much my feet peeled! It was both nasty and satisfying at the same time! 😆

  17. You over expose your kids on Instagram but you’re worried about a foot peel? I can’t with you. I liked you but every time you have a problem or pimple on your butt you have a code and a fix for it. It’s so fake. You should look to Melissa Molinaro for inspo. She’s the goat. Not fake at all. Also you act so perfect. You went to mount Greylock and use to sniff coke at 15. Gtfoh. You are about to be exposed.

      1. Sarah, if you don’t like her, don’t follow her blog in on anything. No need to be vicious. My goodness you are mean! She is a real person who has real feelings.

  18. I bought the lip color, love it. Also bought the foot mask and candles. Those are being delivered today. I love watching your videos.

  19. It will peel off by Friday.
    I love those foot peels so much and have used them for a year. Yes, you can wear socks in bed.
    Love them and your foot should be done peeling by tomorrow for your event.

  20. I’ve done this too. Loved the outcome, but not the process. Lol. I did it thinking, ok, it’ll be done in two weeks. A few days in and nothing, then, bam. So for me it took longer than I expected. And of course not thinking it was summer, going to Vegas, the pool. I was so embarrassed. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

  21. Wow, this crazy foot peel mask sounds absolutely fascinating! I’ve always been on the lookout for unique and effective self-care products, and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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