Bachelor – 3 Hometown Dates… and 1 Cancelled

Can you believe that after tonight we are down to only 3 women left? It seems like we just had so many, and that’s kinda because we did. I have a lot to say about tonight’s episode and I really think that you will too! Let’s chat!

Hometown Dates

Hannah Ann Hometown

Let’s just cut to the important stuff. When Hannah Ann’s dad asked Peter where his relationship with Hannah stood compared to his relationship with the other girls, he completely dodged the question. Peter said “what I can tell you is that there is something real here” and said absolutely nothing about his relationships with the other girls. I’m honestly a little bit surprised that her dad didn’t call him out on that. But I think he was sensing a little bit of bullshit.

hannah ann dad hometowns

I can’t believe I’m using those words to describe something Peter is doing because I don’t feel like Peter is misleading whatsoever. But I definitely think that his hopeless romantic side is getting the best of him. Or on the flipside he totally is falling in love with her and we just have not seen any of that on camera. I just feel like on their last one, it he went from kind of questioning her to all of a sudden falling in love with her?

And I say this every season but the forced “I’m in love with you” or “I’m falling in love with you” is just getting older and older to me. I remember this part of both seasons I was on and it’s just so forced on both sides. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s all that you’ve thought about or has consumed your mind for two months now so you have to say the words to yourself over and over to believe them rather than actually feeling them. It’s hard to explain.

hannah ann dad hometowns

Kelsey’s Hometown

There isn’t a ton to say about the date. But I am honestly surprised that he didn’t keep her over Victoria. Especially when she told him that she loved him, and he responded that he could “definitely see a future” with her and how meeting her family was a “huge step in them growing together”. Just because I don’t understand how he could really think him and Victoria have a future after what happened in their hometown day. What do you think?


I just adore Madison. I love that she’s a little basketball star and I thought her taking Peter to play was ridiculously cute! Girl has some skills!

madison hometowns

That said, much as I want to see Peter and Madison together I’m just not so sure it will work. When you are someone that is as committed to your faith as Madison is, I think you need a partner that is equally as committed. I mean we heard her question it over and over and her parents as well – they want to make sure Peter’s values line up with hers. Peter is not exactly a born-again virgin Sean Lowe. For anyone new to watching the show, Sean Lowe is the Bachelor a few years back.

Anyway, my point is that Peter is known as the contestant who had sex in a windmill four times in one night. I’m sure Madison’s family is aware of that and I’m sure that really bothers them because of how they view sex before marriage. Do I think it would bother them in general? I don’t know, maybe not. But I definitely think it’s a concern when it involves the guy potentially proposing to their daughter who’s saving herself for marriage. At least I know it would to me if I were them and it was my daughter.

madison hometowns

So I just don’t know with them. What I do know is that being on the same page in terms of religion is extremely important in a relationship. While I do think Peter is the type of guy that would do everything in his power to make Madison feel comfortable in terms of where she is in her faith and where he is in his…I just don’t think that’s enough. What do you guys think?

Victoria F’s Not Really Hometown

Where do we even begin with the Victoria stuff. I guess I’ll start with the fact that I think Peter couldn’t have handled it better. Well let me backup, I think when he got that information from his ex, Marisa, I think that he brought it to Victoria in the best possible way. I understand Victoria‘s initial reaction of being pissed about it. But if she had just spent two seconds to be humble and listen to what Peter was saying they could’ve worked through it so easily and continued with the hometown date. He even said to her something like “are you hearing my words?” I think this conversation really showed Victoria’s age. Because when I was her age this is probably how I would have reacted to the situation as well. And honestly, at 35, I think if I was in the situation I’d be hurt at first but then seeing how understanding and non-accusatory Peter was being, I would’ve been able to have the conversation. With age and maturity that’s something Victoria will learn to do.

victoria hometowns

As for Victoria showing up at the hotel room, I am glad she apologized for how it was handled. However her telling him shes falling in love with him at that time seemed even more forced than normal. And how it’s interesting that he says 99% of the time together he sees it and how it feels amazing, but only 1% terrifies him. Maybe they have more chemistry off screen that we aren’t seeing, since they are mostly only showing the arguments/breakdowns. I do feel like if she didn’t come to the hotel room that she probably would have been sent home.

Rose Ceremony

First, I was completely shocked when he gave Victoria a rose. She’s got to be the next want to go. But I guess who knows at this point. I feel like he gave her a rose really just for lack of options. I mean, it was obvious that he didn’t really have a great connection with Kelsey. I was SHOCKED she lasted this long.

I don’t know if Peter just didn’t have compatible girls for him from the get-go or if he let go of girls that maybe he was more compatible with, but I just don’t think the final four left are right for him necessarily. I would say Hannah Ann is probably his closest match compatibility wise. But I just think she’s too young for him. I don’t know. I kind of feel like the season is a wash. If I was a gambling man, which I am, Ha! I would bet that none of these relationships will work out in the long term. And I absolutely hate seeing that! Because I adore Peter and I think these are great girls. I just don’t see a match. And I wanted so so so badly for this to work out for Peter. Probably more than any season yet. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just feel protective of him. Like he’s my brother or something. What do you guys think?

My gut says he’ll end up with Madison, but I don’t know that it will work out long-term because they’re on such different pages faith-wise. Put it this way, at After the Final Rose from Hannah’s Bachelorette season, when they were talking about Peter having sex with Hannah four times his parents cheered him on! And I thought that was awesome! But I don’t know that Madison’s parents would’ve thought that was awesome. So I just don’t know with them. OK I said enough. I have to know what all of you think!

Outfit Recap!

As you guys know, I love ending Bachelor posts with my outfits from the past week! This week was extra special because one of the posts was written and posted by my sweet husband, Kevin. Check out the entire thing here if you haven’t already. I seriously was tearing up not only reading his post and thinking about the incredible gesture that he did, but all of your sweet comments. We really love you all so much. Thank you for being apart of our story.

Gorgeous Green Dress

I think what I like the most about this gorgeous dress is that it is really flattering and flowy! It cinches at the waist in the perfect spot, and isn’t too tight, so it allows for movement while you are wearing it. This is definitely a dress that Molly would refer to as a “twirling dress” – something about it just makes you want to spin around! The chiffon-like material feels so delicate and expensive. It has a geometric patterning on it, which I really think makes the dress pop. Oh, and did I mention that this beautiful green dress is under $60 from Nordstrom?! Such a bargain!

geometric green dress

geometric green dress


I want to say that the dress is pretty true to size. I am a medium, and that’s what I am wearing in these photos! I’d recommend ordering your true size. Because the dress has a bit of structure, you don’t want to end up with too much fabric, or have it be too tight in the shoulders. If your sizing is no longer available, I would say definitely size up though!

Pink Sweater (and Kevin’s Sweet Valentine’s Message)

Like I said, I am just so blown away that Kevin always knows just how to say and do the right things for me. You have to head over to the post to see it, because it doesn’t really even do any sort of justice for me to paraphrase it. But I really love that he talked about how Valentine’s day isn’t about the gifts, and how it should be focused on your love ones and self-love!

But I did want to tell you about my outfit, which is why I shot some of these photos in the first place! Ha! But Kevin using them for this is WAAAAY better 😉 I just think this outfit is sooooo cute (and comfy!), not only for Valentine’s Day, which is obviously over after today, but just in general. You might recognize this pink cowl neck sweater because I also have it in a cream color, a rust color, and a blush. And if you saw me write about it before than you know it’s my one of my absolute favorite sweaters ever! It’s still available in four colors. But honestly I think this is going to sell out fast because legit last week when I ordered the sweater it was available in like 10 colors. So it’s going fast! I absolutely love how the cuff of the sweater is so long and it is the softest and most flattering thing ever! Some people say in the reviews to size down, but I get my normal size, which is a medium, and I love how it fits.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Affordable Blush Dress

I wanted to wear something festive for Valentine’s Day, so I went with this beautiful blush dress that I got recently. To be completely honest with you, the company sent me this dress as a gift. With no expectation that I would write about it or even wear it for that matter. So I looked it up online to see the price and was very happy to see that it was affordable! But shocked to see the photo of it on Macy’s website. It looks awful on the model! And I feel bad even saying that because I don’t know if they put her in a size too big or if they didn’t tie it properly. But the photos on the website just do not do this gorgeous blush dress justice. And neither do my pics really because I didn’t steam it before taking them!

blush dress

blush dress


When I first put it on before I tied it in the front, I was concerned. Ha! Just cause it looks pretty funny before it’s tied. As you can see in the photo above. But once I put that tire in the front I feel like it instantly looked super chic and expensive! I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size, so I definitely would say it’s true to size. And of course I’m wearing it today for Valentine’s Day, but this blush dress would be beautiful all throughout spring and summer. If you have any spring weddings coming out this is actually be a pretty dress to wear to a spring wedding. For more details on this dress, head to the entire post here.

That’s all for today!!! I hope you have an amazing week, can’t wait to talk about the hometown dates with you all!

I just came across this while shopping for my upcoming family vacation… do you think this is Hannah Ann? I feel like it might be!

248 Thoughts

248 thoughts on “Bachelor – 3 Hometown Dates… and 1 Cancelled

  1. It’s outrageous to me that Madison would go on the bachelorette knowing her expectations about sex.

    Victoria F is shocked that she is still on! She seems like she isn’t into Peter and is just waiting for him to send her home because she doesn’t wanna leave herself.

    Hannah Ann bothers me. Maybe because she looks so young. Idk.

    He’s only happy with Hannah B. That’s the last time he looked in love. I agree-this season is a wash!!

    1. Why would Madison reveal this now? And to wait until she’s in the top 3 to pose an ultimatum? I mean…we are entering Luke P. territory at this point.

      1. If you think back this is the exact same point that Colton told Becca he was a Virgin. Even though his reasoning was different they both were at the same point in the show!

        1. Except that Colton didn’t say that Becca couldn’t sleep with anyone! It’s great of Madison to tell him this (how ballsy!) but when he sleeps with both Hannah Ann and Victoria, she’s still going to get engaged to him? Gross!

          Madison is acting exactly like Luke P…they are welcome to share their feelings but have they ever watched the show? Other than Sean Lowe, the leads don’t seem willing to get engaged without having sex first.

      2. I was just going to say!!! She’s doing EXACTLY what Luke P did!! I thought the backlash he got was so unfair. What a double standard.

        1. I honestly think that they might be setting it up to look like Madison tells peter he can’t have sex with anyone else. When in reality I feel like they just aren’t including her follow up statement in the previews telling him he can do what he wants. We have to remember they drag out the drama as much as they can on this show!

        2. I don’t think it’s fair that you’re judging Madison before we even see the episode. And I don’t think that it would be unfair for any of these girls to hope Peter would not sleep with the others and respect the strongest connection. Luke P judged Hannah as a human and a child of God. He was possessive and his delivery was terrible. If Madison says anything like the sound bytes we’re getting, my interpretation would be, “Peter it hurts me to think you would have sex with the other women just to have sex with them knowing – one, how strong I believe our connection to be (you told me you love me) and two, knowing how I feel about sex in a relationship.” That’s just my interpretation based on a teaser we see. So I don’t think we should hastily jump to conclusions comparing a sweet, young girl to a complete jerk.

      3. I think she waited because this is a very personal topic and she wanted to see if they even got to this point before having such a serious conversation with him. I don’t think Madison has a manipulative bone in her body and I think Luke P. Was trying to manipulate Hannah B. With his ultimatum. Obviously Madison knows he’s not a Virgin and I’m sure she is aware that most people she will choose to be in future relationships with will not be a Virgin either. I think she’s truly sharing her heart with him when she tell him she can’t move forward if he’s intimate with the other women. I can’t blame her for feeling like she doesn’t want to get engaged to someone that just had sex with another person (other than in Bachelor world who would ever be okay with that?!?) I liked it a lot better when we all had to wonder if sex happened in the Fantasy suites! Also most Bachelor/Bachelorette leads admit after the show that by this point they already knew who they were going to pick and that is the only person they were intimate with during fantasy suites! Can’t really blame a girl for saying if you think you want to be with me, don’t have sex with other people right before we make a huge commitment to one another! Besides if the quality of sex is his tie breaking decision maker it won’t last anyway and I wouldn’t want him to pick me if that’s what it came down to in the end.

        1. Well said! My sentiments exactly! Madison shouldn’t feel shamed and she reserves the right to decide when to reveal/not to reveal her virginity. If she didn’t reach the final three, then there really is no reason to announce it to the world. Men and women shouldn’t have to walk around with a sign declaring themselves a “virgin” or “non-‘virgin”….that should not define us, That’s why we date, to get to know one another. Frankly, It’s nobody’s business, until it’s their business! Most Bachelors/Bachelorettes do know who they’re going to pick, so why be disrespectful and sabotage a budding relationship by being intimate with someone else! Loose morals!

        2. Morgan- that is exactly what I think! It is a very personal and intimate subject to talk about your virginity. You could tell Madison didn’t want the Bachelor season to be about her virginity and all the drama that brings! I wanted to see Peter’s face when she tells him… how will he react? What will he think? Can’t wait until next weeks episode!

          1. Hi Sarah – Given how strongly Madiaon is devoted to religion and how PURE her father told Peter Madison is … Peter should have surmised this already – right?

        3. I agree, Morgan. I would feel the same way as Madison. I don’t view test driving sex as vital to considering a life partner, especially when deciding between multiple people. That’s my opinion, and other people are open to different ones, BUT I do think it’s an important compatibility discussion. I don’t look at it as telling someone what they can or can’t do or an ultimatum, but I do think she’s being upfront about her deal breakers. I respect it.

        4. If she had revealed her virginity early on I’m sure it would have been a big issue during the whole season which I’m sure she was trying to avoid… kudos to her

    2. The only Bachelor they have had to actually marry his final one, Sean Lowe had the exact same values. He and Catherine waited. Also Colton didn’t sleep with Cassie while on the show… Sex on the show is not a requirement and shouldn’t be an assumption

      1. So agree. It is not a shame to be a virgin and to want to wait for marriage. It is sad to me that people act like virgins don’t have the right to look for love.

    3. It’s funny because of a contestant tells the bachelor or bachelorette too soon about being a virgin they get backlash. She waited because she wanted to be sure she was falling for him and she gets backlash. The difference between her and Luke P is Luke was demeaning and made Hannah feel like a slut. Madison is simply saying she doesn’t think she would feel right about going forward if he did have sex. It’s totally different. Besides, Luke had already been a complete ass prior to saying that, as Madison has never been mean or unkind.

      1. I agree whole heartedly what some are saying and I hope Madison is the one. However im not happy it all comes down to sex. I just dont understand how the last 3 shows that is what it is about.
        I agree that it was always exciting to think if it did happen or didnt in the fantasy suite. Now we learn Peter had sex with 2 girls already. No morals at all.
        In my opinion there wont be a relationship that will last for him. Hannah is too young and immature.
        I hope the next season starts out with brand new people and not face any of these again. Sorry…im fed up.

    4. You are exactly right in my opinion. I completely agree with you. It’s a wash for me too. I’m afraid Victoria wants his money, maybe or popularity from the show. And she has a nice body to keep around for Peter. I loved Peter and I think he’s so easily led that it won’t work for those girls. Maybe Hannah Ann like you had said. But I am disappointed in the girls for him too. Hannah B was so great to look at, and strong and knew who she was as a Woman. I miss her after this season. I was bored this time around. I do like Peter, ???

    5. I totally agree with much of what you said. None of his final four are a good match for him. I feel like now more than ever, him and Hannah Brown are perfect for each other!

      1. I agree whole heartedly what some are saying and I hope Madison is the one. However im not happy it all comes down to sex. I just dont understand how the last 3 shows that is what it is about.
        I agree that it was always exciting to think if it did happen or didnt in the fantasy suite. Now we learn Peter had sex with 2 girls already. No morals at all.
        In my opinion there wont be a relationship that will last for him. Hannah is too young and immature.
        I hope the next season starts out with brand new people and not face any of these again. Sorry…im fed up.

      1. Yes, they modeled together and are friends! That’s how the producers found Hannah Ann. Hannah G. even gave her a bit of advice before she went on the show. Hannah G. talks about it on Bachelor Happy Hour!

    6. The issue with Luke P and Hannah B wasn’t that he didn’t want her to sleep with the other guys. It was that he was judging her and calling out her faith. If he had said, “I cannot continue with you if you have sex with other men at this point,” and then eliminated himself, without “slut-shaming” or putting on a holier-than-thou front, it would’ve felt really different. Everyone is entitled to their own boundaries and decisions — just don’t make it about the other person. Make it about you.

      1. His delivery was not great, but the reason he was struggled as he did was because they should have been both on the same page as far as their moral stance on sex before marriage. As a Christian, the Bible is The Standard on these matters…and so there should have been total alignment on their stance on sex outside of marriage. It is shocking that there was not, when one was led to believe (based on what we see on the show and social media), that both Luke and Hannah declared an allegiance to God, and the Guide that the Bible provides to those who have declared they are Christians. Luke P’s delivery may have completely lacked the sensitivity he should have used, although his expectations that they would have unity based on a shared confession of faith in Christ were not based on Hannah’s profession of faith.
        I am not judging anyone-but believe that what Luke had every right to believe would be common ground for him and Hannah is all too often attacked as him be unreasonable and unfounded. Which is completely false, given her own public profession of faith.

    7. I completely agree with you about everything. I have said more than once that the chemistry isn’t there with any of the girls like he had with Hannah B. I love Hannah B anyway so I would love for them to end up together. But I for the life of me can’t figure out why Victoria is still there.

    8. Same, I totally agree with you. He seems interested in Madison the most but after she tells him about her not wanting sex before marriage I’m not so sure. Let’s bring back Hannah B, I am so curious how this will end if he will be with anyone!

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this but i miss the group drama! Ha when it gets the home towns it’s not as exciting .
    I’m with you i don’t think any will work out – Madison and Hannah Ann are too young and Victoria is pure drama. Sad !
    Still excited for the next few weeks though . Who the heck will be the next bachelorette ?!

  3. This episode made my head hurt! I seriously don’t know what he was thinking keeping Victoria! Why would he want to keep someone around who treats him like that? They can’t ever have a conversation without her walking away and crying. When he left in the car before meeting her family, I thought that was good-bye. When she showed up at his hotel room, I thought he would have finalized the good bye. When she showed up at the rose ceremony, I thought Peter was going to take her aside and walk her out. Victoria getting a rose blew my mind!

    1. It is ridiculous for him to think they could ever work. She can’t even have a hard conversation with him when is is basically begging her to tell his side.

  4. I agree! I thought for SURE it was Madison, but this week totally changed my mind. She seems to be detaching from him because she knows that while they are super into each other, they probably aren’t built for marriage. I don’t really think it’s fair to come on the Bachelor and then wait until Fantasy Suite week to pose an ultimatum about sex. Like…it’s a well-known thing about the show that there’s a very high possibility that the lead will sleep with multiple people. So I don’t understand her thinking there. This is basically the same as Hannah’s season with Luke P. telling her “the marriage bed should remain pure” and that he’d go home if she slept with anyone. Why would Madison decide to reveal this now? I’m so confused. I don’t think she’s as into him as he is into her.

    1. I think it is one thing to save intimacy for marriage for yourself but another to project that onto someone else, especially in this format.

  5. Agree so much with you, Ali! You hit the nail on the head I think. I’m sad because I agree that I don’t see any of these relationships working out.

    The worst part about the Victoria stuff for me is that I think she was on the defensive right away because she is hiding/keeping something from him. I don’t know what is true about what his ex said but I think something struck a chord with her for a reason. And I’m so mad that she managed to manipulate the situation so that they never actually revisited that conversation. She provided no clarity on what he brought up to her, and that seems very fishy to me.

    1. I completely agree!! I think Peter felt so bad that her date got ruined that he didn’t push it and I think she’s hiding something too! I think Peter falls for her puppy dog act sometimes.

  6. I think producers had something to do with this. Like peter said He didn’t see a future with either and they said keep Victoria bc she will be more drama for fantasy suites. Because there is no way!!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! I think out of V and K he kept V because people will tune in for her chaos.

      Although i feel bad for Kelsey having to watch it back and see that she lost to Victoria after her tantrum.

  7. Totally agree with everything you said! I’ve always thought from the beginning that Victoria acts too young and she shows her age in every situation she has been it – I don’t think she is right for Peter and I really hope he doesn’t pick her in the end. I do love Madison, but agree that they might not last for the long haul. All the girls just seem soooooo young this season – I don’t know how anyone can be ready for marriage and a lifetime with someone at 22 (and only knowing the guy for such a short amount of time). I do wish the best for Peter, but his odds aren’t looking great…

  8. It’s so hard to watch him and Victoria communicate. She shuts down and is so rude to him. He deserves better. I don’t see the passion or love between him and Hannah Anne at all. I feel like it’s contrived. Madison is the only one I could ever see Peter with, but I agree and don’t think they’ll work out. I wish they would tho. They are adorable together. I think he sleeps with Victoria and Hannah Anne tho, and Maddie leaves. That’s my two cents.

  9. Victoria F is such a gaslighter and so manipulative. It’s emotional abuse and red flags everywhere with her, yet I see Peter so into her. Which is a red flag, too. I see the most connection with Madison. The way he looks and acts with her is way different than the others. I’m glad Kelsey went home and saved her from anymore heartache going through the fantasy suite. If peter knows it’s Madison all along, why even sleep with the other two women? So to me, if I were her family watching all of this and he chose Madison, I would be highly upset. She’s such an amazing woman and I do not believe Peter is the one. Hannah Ann at this point is who I see more than anyone, and that’s pushing it.

    1. * If peter knows it’s Madison all along, why even sleep with the other two women* ? Last flinfs b4 settling down, bery motivating and hes been liiking at them, drooling, for weeks.

      1. This. Exactly this. It’s so obvious to me that the ONLY reason he kept Victoria is because she has a bangin body and he wants to have sex with her. He sees they aren’t a longterm match. He’s just thinking with the wrong head. But I also believe there was probably way more to their conversation and we only heard a tiny bit of it. Who knows what all Victoria said to him but it had to be more than what producers gave us because there’s no way he would have been cool with that explanation/conversation.

        1. I thought this for a split second and I think it’s probably true for a lot of guys but I like to think that Peter isn’t one of them. He admitted he didn’t mind a little crazy so maybe he truly is into he and doesn’t just want to bang it out with her

        2. hey Annette – yes. what we have been shown is juat the conflict stuff. I think they VF and PW have something real. Je digs her fire and grit. not just the hot bod.
          She is honest about her vulnerabilities. I see thar when I rewatch. And he hears that.

  10. Ugh. I am so fed up with Victoria, and now with Peter for putting up with it. Their whole relationship is so incredibly toxic, and it’s been toxic for quite awhile now. Last week, it was so obvious that she needed to go, but this week… This week, he’s got a field full of gigantic red flags, and he’s still hanging on. This is insanity. I’m incredibly disappointed in him and SO FRUSTRATED.

    I agree that Madison and he aren’t compatible in the long run. The difference in their faith is just too great. Saving herself for marriage and sex four times in a windmill does not indicate being anywhere near on the same page as far as values. They might very well end up together, but I have a really hard time believing it would work out in the long run unless Peter really, REALLY put a lot of work into his faith and relationship with God and really changed his heart. And saying a relationship would only work if one person changes quite a bit doesn’t bode well. I’m frustrated that she hasn’t brought it up yet. It should have been talked about on their second one and one date before hometowns.

    It was obvious that he didn’t have the same strength of connection that he has with Hannah or Madison, but she would have been a much, MUCH better choice than Victoria. ANYONE would have been better choice than Victoria.

    I think he and Hannah Anne are the most compatible, and I could actually see them working out. A big deal is being made about her age, but the truth is, they’re only five years apart, which is no where near incompatible or insurmountable. I think the main issue is that she LOOKS so young, but really, that shouldn’t matter as much as maturity and compatibility. I could see them maybe working out if they really gave it a go, but between all the craziness with Victoria and how much I think he really sees himself with Madison, I’m not sure. She’d be my pick for him, although I think it’s going to be Madison.

    This season is driving me crazy. I love Peter, but there’s a lot about him as the Bachelor that isn’t working for me. He’s way too indecisive, far too easily swayed by tears and emotion, disrespectful with his physical displays of affection, and his inability to separate chemistry and compatibility. Him keeping Victoria is just insanity. I’m incredibly irritated… And I still think he and Hannah Brown should be together. But his pride won’t allow it. This is just so disappointing.

    1. Hannah Brown needs alot more than Peter Weber. Thats not a slam about either of them, but she is just getting started on life (in terms of shaping things) and Peter is pretry much settled – as far as lifestyle and expectations or goals. Sure, he wants more, but is fine if things remain as they are.

    2. I really like Peter too but feel he’s totally screwed! I’m seeing Hannah Ann as just way too young for him. I don’t feel like she’s ready to settle down & be married. Madison was my choice but I don’t think she’s willing to see him play this out with the others. When it comes down to her faith, he would have to be all in for her & no one else & I don’t see that happening. Victoria is a hot mess. Super immature & I feel she’s says whatever he wants to hear. If someone is not there for the right reasons, it’s definitely her. Kelsey was nice but to me, I feel they really didn’t have any chemistry together.

  11. I am very concerned for Peter that he is keeping Victoria around. Man, is she manipulative or what? And the way she talks to him is terrible. He tried his absolute best to confront her in such a respectful way and she knew just how to turn it around on him to make him feel badly and apologize. He owed her nothing! She has quite a bit of maturing to do and I’m not convinced she has nothing to hide judging by her reaction!

  12. You are right… worst group of girls ever for Peter. He was much more compatible with Hannah B. than any of these girls. He likes Madison a lot but they are not a good match. If he was 100 percent set on her, he wouldn’t sleep with Hannah Ann or Victoria and he would get engaged to Madison. Instead, he will sleep with both of them and still get engaged to Madison?? Yuck! How could that be okay with her and her family? But as you said, everyone knew his fantasy suite background! Peter just seems to be playing a part around Madison’s family but it’s not his fault! He’s just being sweet and polite but his family, his upbringing, and his past relationships have been so different.

    He obviously just wants to sleep with Victoria. Their communication is beyond awful and she’s too immature. The reason she got so upset was because she was caught! She’s apparently broken up four marriages in VA Beach… and these were all couples whose weddings she had attended…so Reality Steve has heard.

    Hannah Ann is gorgeous and stunning and seems very sweet…and…???? Being stunningly gorgeous has not been enough for Christie Brinkley, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston in their relationships. There has to be more!

    I think you are right…Peter is doomed! I cannot imagine him marrying any of these girls. I hope he and Hannah Brown get together!

    Ali, who do you think will be bachelorette? I hope it’s Angela from BIP! Or even Tia. They won’t have Madison since she’s a virgin, Hannah Ann doesn’t have a big enough personality…who is there????

  13. 1st of all who else thinks Victoria is auditioning for her own reality TV show & her idols are CLEARLY the Kardashians!! She is their clone!! I’m with you Ali this season is a wash for me too!! I like Madison but if her values & beliefs are as important as her family made them out to be why are we at fantasy suites & she is just now telling him she is saving herself for marriage? Also I’m sure she knows about the windmill so why would she even be interested in Peter? Doesn’t make sense to me. Clear chemistry is with Hannah Anne even tho she is so young & immature. Peter is also super immature & needs to get a backbone in my opinion. I think you are protective of him bc you can tell he acts like a little boy most of the time instead of a man! Kelly pegged him she is the only one on the entire season that has any sense 😂😂 ok rant over! All just my opinion lol! Thanks for sharing yours with us 💗

    1. I agree with you about Peter being super immature. I’ve noticed that a while back. He says that he wants a serious relationship, but it doesn’t look like it.

    2. OMG LIZZY!! YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! Honestly I think he & Victoria feed off of each other’s drama. I really don’t think either of them are bad people. They’re both too
      immature & emotional for this. That said, I do understand why she reacted the way she did. I mean if some guy said “so my ex basically told me you’re a home wrecker” I wouldn’t be like “Ok, let’s go meet my family”….I really don’t know how he expected that to end all..

    3. I thought the exact same thing about Victoria and being a Kardashian clone! I had not noticed it much before this episode. Also did anyone notice the Hunter Hayes song that she and Peter danced and sang to was called “I want Crazy”? I kept thinking this was too ironic that it was the song playing when he was with Victoria and he was singing along to it. Lol!! Seems like Peter likes the drama more than he says he does. I am glad he sent Kelsey home tonight for the sole reason that it will spare her feelings because she clearly loves him. I am holding out hope that maybe Peter’s thought process was not to string Kelsey along and to spare her feelings, and I think the producers convinced him to keep Victoria. Or maybe he just wants to sleep with her.

      1. I think Kelsey has been playing the hand dealt to her, meaning she likely knows he is Insane for Madison, and though she digs Peter she is going along emotionally because Bachelorette is on the table if/when he propsoes to Madison.

        Runner up is a better win than Future Mrs. Weber.

  14. All I’m going to say is that I’m disappointed in Peter for choosing Victoria. The relationship that they have (or at least what we see) is not a healthy relationship. He says he doesn’t like drama, but I’m not so sure about that.

    I think he let go of a lot of serious girls that are ready for marriage and serious relationship and left a bunch of babies.

    I don’t care who he will end up with. I also don’t think he will be in a long-time relationship with any of these girls.

  15. Omg Ali, I totally agree with you. This is the most confusing season for me. I like you adore Peter. But in all honesty I am kinda of disappointed in this adorable guy. In part I will say I don’t think Peter was ready for this. He was hurt by Hanna B and I think down on hiself, then he has 25 beautiful women. Then is now down to 4 and then sends Kelsey home after what Victoria pulled only proved to me that he is making decisions without being totally sure and really wants all of them. Which speaking of telling Hananna he loves her and next thing making out with the other girls. I don’t know maybe I am too old fashion to give my take on it. To me it was disrespectful towards Hanna and each girl because those girls are nervous and not real mature. How’s sweet Madison going to feel if he chooses hanna and watches the tape of him telling her he loves her.i think our sweet Peter needs to grow up a little more or heal more. I do adore him and wish him the best.

  16. I’ve only got 2 words. Hannah brown.

    That’s the only true happiness in seen with him. You only get one life. Go get her!! ♥️♥️♥️

    1. My thought is that when you see the preview of his mom crying and saying “Go get her”— maybe she’s saying that about Hannah B—-

  17. I have to admit, this entire season has been pretty disappointing to me. I’ve been watching the bachelor/bachelorette for years and typically think that there’s at least one person who the lead could potentially end up with at the end. Granted, they usually don’t, but at least one person that makes sense. Watching tonight‘s episode I was so frustrated when he kept Victoria – she clearly isn’t ready for a serious, adult relationship. I have to assume this was a case of Hannah Ann & Madison being his final 2 and listening to producers for who else to bring along. I hope at least?!

  18. I actually really see the chemistry between Victoria and Peter. When they were singing Hunter Hayes song it was so clear. Does she handle the conversations maturely? No, but I think she’s the realest contestant we’ve seen in a long time. You can see how uncomfortable she is in front of the camera. And when she was crying after leaving his hotel room, I felt sincerity. I like that she’s not as perfect or proper as so many girls try to be.

    Madison seems too young for Peter. It’ll be interesting to hear why she came on the bachelor knowing he’s open about being intimate. Definitely not my favorite season. I don’t even see a clear choice for the Bachelorette.

    1. I actually agree. I don’t think we are seeing the connection he has with Victoria, I think we are only seeing the arguments, I do think there’s more we’re not seeing.

      I think Madison is wrong for waiting to share her beliefs with him. And I think Hanna Ann is fake and always has the “pageant” face on.

    2. I hadn’t thought of it that before, but you’re right. Victoria probably is one of the realest contestants on the show. I do think a lot of her actions have to do with the cameras & the intense emotions the show invokes. Personally, I think she has a really low self esteem and doesn’t think she’s worthy of love. I think she’s seeking Peter’s approval more than his love.

      1. Yes, E.E., regarding Esteem.
        Victoria looks like someone who follows male sexual expectations placed upon her – and has yet to reconcile her own values and voice in the world as a woman, and more deeply as a whole person.
        I think she plays along with the Hot Routine because it offers some power and because she hasn’t defined her own rulebook yet. None of this is a criticism by the way. More that she has a ways to go balancing what she wants for herself and how others want her to be.

        They looked like they had more fun on their date than anyone else. She looks like person whose party we all want to go to- and the fact that she blows things up does have some authenticity to it. That Peter would see it as caring more about feelings than winning.
        This rocking of the boat is like her physical allure – it needs insight and intention to be used in a way that helps her, and isn’t destructive.

        I can see why he trusts somebody who is willing to walk away…though she is manipulated by and manipulating with her emotions. I give Peter credit for keeping a cool head in the midst of a heated response, but ultimately what we are shown between them falls short of a viable understanding needed in the real world.

      2. Mmm.. I think Victoria likes to be chased. As a contestant she is doing the chasing so by creating drama she gets to storm off and peter comes after her.

  19. VICTORIA drives me insane, however I think she’s good TV so the producers like to keep her around. I love Kelsey and she has really grown on me since her infamous champagne scene.

    Also- hi Ali! I’ve been following you on social media since your days on the Bachelor, I so enjoy your instagram stores and watching your sweet babies grow up.

  20. I think the real Victoria came out. She can’t hold an adult conversation. And when she gets questioned about anything real her defense is to always cry. I feel like she thinks it’s worked for her in the past so she keeps doing it. She loves playing the victim. Never putting herself in Peter’s shoes.

    1. I thought she humbled herself when she went to his hotel room. She listened. Kept quiet.
      I gotta say, what a shame bomb to be sitting on the steps of your house facing a slut shaming. Cameras rolling and all. Very button pushing. to say the least. If they had the convo prior away from the dinner with family moment, I think it would have gone better. Production really put her in a corner and as we know, it doesn’t take much to get Victoria into reactive mode. Not saying she is faultless, just saying it was so amped up to go poorly. Like, guaranteed.

  21. I agree entirely. I really wanted this to work for Peter, but honestly, I’m not happy with any of the girls he’s kept for the past couple of episodes. He doesn’t seem truly in love. Almost like he feels like he ‘needs’ to choose someone or it’ll all be for nothing. I wish he would be real with himself and just step down and admit that “his wife is NOT in this room.” Poor Peter. If anyone deserved for this to work, it was him. :/

  22. Madison knew before she even went on show that Peter slept w/ Hannah B— I think he’ll end up going back to Hannah B!

    With that said— as far as season goes— Madison is his best choice— I do like her💞

  23. Your are so right. I think that Peter who is a very nice person got totally ripped out with the girls yes girls not ladies that came on the show. I was hoping for Kelsey because she was more mature then the other girls. Victoria needs to leave she just dont seem to want to be on or confused and scared. Or on just to be on for the next bachelorette. I feel for Peter because I really dont think the last 3 girls or good for him. But we all shall see.

  24. I think it’s super important to tell the person your dating your views on faith.
    When I started dating my now husband, I was older (and not getting younger), knew I wanted a family and definitely feeling hard for him. So I needed to tell him that he had to convert in order to marry me like the 3rd month in. He took it so well and started reading up on it and converted and we are 6 years in our marriage! I do feel that home towns was not the place to bring it up— she should have told him earlier too many emotions now. I do feel though that it’s something they need to talk about and be on the same page.
    As for Victoria, I think he felt bad for her, maybe. I dunno.

  25. I cant believe that Victoria is still here. The way she handles conflict speaks volumes to her lack of readiness for marriage. Communication, in good and bad and when facing conflict, is literally the most important and she’s just not there yet.

    I just love love love Madison. I was just like her when I was her age. And I fell in love with a man with a sexual past. We are happily married with 1 kid and 1 on the way but it’s not easy to get past that part and takes work. I think they have potential to be very compatible but its really going to be interesting to see how their conversation goes. Because it is obvious that he is crazy about her, I think he will want to do right by her. What exactly that will look like, we will have to see.

    1. I agree too that they have potential to be compatible and are in some ways already from what I’ve seen. A think there’s real love between them and God brought them together. But I guess we’ll see like you said. I’am rooting for them!

  26. Let’s be honest…he kept Victoria because he wants to take her to the fantasy suite. Then he’ll send her home, I guarantee it. I think he likes Madison the most, but they’re just too different to make it work. If my daughter was that committed to saving herself for marriage, I’d definitely be concerned about a guy with a reputation like Peter’s. He seems like a player to me. I don’t see any of these girls as Bachelorette material. I hope they pull from another season. I also hope they do a better casting job next time. This season was so so bad!!

    1. Mmmhmm.
      His heart flips for Madison. He can only hope to be in her league. But he had to sacrifice Alayah..and who else, Sydney. There is no way he is going home without bedding at least One of his, um, ****s desires.
      Thy name be Victoria.

    2. I totally agree. The casting job was horrible. None of the girls even seem to have any connections with each other! They are all just so young and not ready for marriage. All the connections seems forced at this point and it feels like Peter is just going to settle. I think he does like Madison, but it’s never going to work out long term. CLEARLY Peter is a sexual person, they played up the sex in the windmill all season. I’m surprisedMadison hasn’t talked to Peter about this yet, and I’m surprised she went on knowing how the show progresses. I also don’t see which one of these women could be a good bachelorette!

  27. I totally agree that this season feels like a wash. I’m barely seeing a connection between him and the two front runners Hannah Ann and Madison. I can see him and Hannah Ann ending up together moreso than Madison because she seems way more sure of her feelings and into Peter than Madison! With Madison, you can clearly tell there is something that is missing in Peter for her,, whether it’s the religion thing or not, she’s just not convinced he’s the one for her and that’s pretty obvious! I can totally see her as the next Bachelorette! ❤️

    I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that he knew who his final 2 were (Hannah Ann and Madison) so it was just a matter of not wanting to lead Kelsey on any longer because she was clearly more into him than Victoria. Plus he won’t have to face sending home another ‘family’ or set of promises and conversations next week since he didn’t Victoria’s family. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. It’s interesting that two of the last three standing have not handed him their hearts.
      For All The Validation Peter Weber seeks, he really seems to love the chase. Its also interesting to see the contrast between how Madison and Victoria, weild or contain their passion and emotion.

  28. I knew he was going to keep Victoria bc we all didn’t want him to! Just how it always plays out, j think producers said to keep her and I didn’t see him and Kelsey together in the end. I originally thought Madison was the one he would maybe end up with, but tonight I thought what if his mom is saying good get her about Hannah B!! What if they do end up together. Nothing works out with the other girls and he ends up with Hannah b! Anyone with me on this theory?!?!

    1. I really think that ship sailed.
      I mean, what did he offer her she she did her gueat spot? A place in the line up.of thirty women? What did she choose instead? – her gig on DWTS (and she admits to Not loving dance).
      Also: if Hannah really valued Peter over career mojo, would she have popped up a opening night, shocking him? Would she want someone from her past showing up on Her opening night? None of that was about selfless enduring love.
      I honestly think her visit did alot of damage- it rocked his boat big time, day one. The ripples of that unnerving visit seem to have continued through most of his season.

  29. Call me old fashioned, and trust me-I am NOT old at all…why would anyone who REALLY cared so intently about someone, consider proposing a few days after Fantasy Suite dates even consider sleeping with someone else? Even if for the only reason, that the person you are considering proposing to could very well end up watching it on national television?
    Seems crazy, and hurtful!
    I understand the Faith dimension that is present in this situation, and can totally see how committed she is. He clearly is not living out that type life in his actions. That is a HUGE issue that really makes their relationship impossible.
    Except if this happened; if Peter chose to go back to living out the faith he professed he once had.
    In Madison’s defence might I suggest this; that if Peter was THAT serious about asking her to marry him…he would seriously consider NOT sleeping with any of the other women in the first place regardless of what the typical practice of the show is! Not sleeping with anyone else alone would speak volumes about where his heart really is!
    What one of us would seriously think a guy on the Bachelor was not pretty seriously committed, if he said no to the free for all, out of consideration and respect for the one he truly wants. Regardless of faith being an issue or not!
    I am sorry, I do not have any issue with Madison and what she believes-or what her expectations might be. Peter is free to make choices, either he will consider his relationship with Madison worthy enough to abstain and pursue it, or it will not simply not be worth it enough for him to say no to the other girls.
    Clearly Madison knows that she has to deal with whatever choices he makes. Expectations are an important in every relationship and I laud her for being honest with Peter. And having the strength to deal with whatever choice he makes-because ultimately Peter will do what he wants either way.

    1. This was written perfectly and my sentiments exactly, Catherine!
      Why do people think a young woman of faith
      who expresses her values is so much more
      ridiculous that sleeping with two woman and the next day asking to marry another one?????

    2. Yes exactly! And people are upset about an ultimatum when we haven’t even see their conversation! And consider the source of who is saying she gave him an ultimatum…Madison has showed her character, she is not going to be the type to go “you cannot sleep with anyone else”. I imagine she says that she isn’t sure she could stay around, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that is her decision!

    3. I totally agree with this. Maybe she could have told him sooner, but she did not. This seems like a good time for her to see how serious he really is about their connection. It seems like instead of calling it an ultimatum it could be called perfect timing on her part. Unexpressed expectations are a communication killer, so there is no question as to what she expects. He can decide how to proceed from there!

  30. It’s obvious that Peter is most into Madison, it seems like he may be fooling himself just a little bit into thinking their values align. I do think it’s unrealistic of Madison to expect him not to sleep with the other women, especially when she knows for a fact he’s not a virgin. I remember Sean Lowe & I agree if Peter had decided to remain celibate until marriage then that would be known. I do think he’ll respect Madison’s wishes if he chooses her in the end, but to expect him to do that now is unfair.

    The one thing that I thought was really cool about Madison’s family was the “special plate” I think that’s a real sweet tradition.

    As for Hannah Ann’s date her dad’s facial expressions were priceless. He was wearing his feelings right on his face.

    I kind of knew he was sending Kelsey home when she told him she loved him. I could tell by his face he just wasn’t feeling the same way, but he wanted to. I knew for sure when he told Victoria he couldn’t make a decision in the hotel room. I think it would’ve been really shitty of him to bring her back for the rose ceremony to send her home. I hate to say this because I don’t think Peter is a terrible person, but part of me thinks he’s keeping Victoria around so he can sleep with her.

    I really think Peter could have waited until after meeting her family to address what Marissa told him. I get that it messed with his head, but as someone who has had a former friend spread vicious lies about me I get why she was upset. I was talking with my sister about it. I told her if someone I was dating ran into her before meeting my family & then brought those things up to me, I don’t think I’d be in a place where I could introduce him to them. Just hearing her name upsets me, and I could see that in Victoria’s face. I honestly couldn’t tell if her reaction was based on maturity, blind emotion, or a mix of both. I can just empathize with where she was coming from, I do think they both could’ve handled it better, and I am glad she came back to talk to him.

    Is it just me or is it messed up the final 3 have to stay together? That just seems like a recipe for disaster.

    I still think Madison is going to leave and he’s going to go after her.

    1. Stay together? How?
      Don’t they split off for the Fantasy Suite week?

      I loved the Special Plate thing too.
      And Hannah Ann’s dad- a classic hometown dad!!

  31. I don’t think Peter was into any of the ladies from the get-go. I see zero chemistry with any of them. And I can’t even with Victoria… she should have been sent home a long time ago. I can’t imagine watching any of these girls be the next bachelorette, so maybe this will give the show a chance to reset.

  32. While I am sure Madison’s family knows about the 4 times in the windmill I don’t think they can hold that against him at this point. Peter didn’t know Madison at that point and so I don’t think is fare to say that Madison’s parents wouldn’t like him or would judge him for that but I do think that if the continue to move forward, then he has to consider not sleeping with either of the other remaining 2 girls! I think it will be Madison in the end! Although something tells me nothing will work out for him in the future with any of the girls. I thought this episode was kind of boring and I’m over all the Victoria drama for sure!

  33. Peter should have dumped Victoria. Shes too much drama. I LOVE Madison and pray it works. BUT…TMZ reported a Bachelor leak; Peter runs off with a producer??? I will totally lose all respect and hate him if that’s true. I pick Madison as Mrs. Weber if that’s TMZ fake news.

  34. I feel Victoria has some mental health issues. I sense almost no chemistry between Hannah and Peter. Madison has ever right to Peter know her beliefs, but he is a bit of a playboy- not going to work ! He had real chemistry with Hannah B. Boring season with immature women.

  35. Yes i do agree with everything you said… however… your thoughts….

    Back on Sean Lowe season, he picked Catherine as we all know, and Catherine was not religious or not as focused on her faith as Sean Was during his season. Sean’s runner up (her name has slipped out of my memory) but she was very religious just like Sean. Faith wise he matched up with his runner up (as far as we saw on tv) However he picked Catherine, who was a bit quirky (in a good way) and Now she is very committed to her faith and church. So it will be interesting to see Peter and Madison, if they end up together in the end.

    1. Catherine was/is also a sexual type person. So…of Peter is a Sexy type with God as a secondary thing and Madison has the God stuff as her strength maybe they are Sean and Catherine in reverse…??!
      ( Except: Sean was a self confessed sex junkie in college, and that Aint Madison, so maybe my theory Tanks!!)
      Hmm hmm hmm.

  36. I’m so shocked at his decisions…I really had high hopes for him and thought he would be such a great Bachelor because he’s got a great heart and the hopeless romantic in him BUT I think that’s really affecting his clear decision making skills. I don’t understand why he continues to keep Victoria around. So much focus on the drama it’s hard to see a genuine connection. I agree with the Madison concern, I love her SO much but I think the polarizing view of sex before marriage is really going to be troublesome. Understandable she has these values but hard to see how she came on Bachelor knowing the culture is so different than her values. Also, has anyone noticed that he didn’t ask for any of the Dad’s blessings? Not sure if it was just an oversight on his side but again I think that showed either a lack of maturity or his head just isn’t there yet.

    1. I’m relieved he didn’t – mainly bc he has been so wishywashy. He’s more of a laid back type to begin with, but given all the bavk and forth I think it’s great that he spared himself and the families that kind of Yes/No proposition.
      He seemed pretty clear on Not revealing his standing with the other women when the dads asked. ( The whole * what I can tell you * speil.)
      Your comment makes me wonder how intentional his Not asking for a Blessing was…this improved his standing imo.

  37. I agree that Hannah Ann is too young for him..but Hannah Ann and Madison are actually both 23!! I think Madison should of already told him she was saving herself for marriage. I don’t think peter is going to take it well. I like Madison but I agree..I don’t think it works out with any of the girls.

    Victoria has been way too dramatic this season. She was so defensive and immature when Peter tried to talk to her. I can’t believe Peter gave her a rose! How could be realistically see himself marrying her, I don’t get it!

  38. I do not think it is unrealistic or unfair AT ALL for Madison to give him an ultimatum about sex. I applaud her for holding high standards that seem to rarely exists anymore which is proven by everyone’s comments on here. Idk about you but I would not be ok with the bachelor having sex with the other two if he really felt confident about me…I know sex is important to him but I can almost guarantee you if they have an amazing relationship outside of sex they will have an amazing sex life too come the appropriate time. Sex shouldn’t make or break a relationship. Just my opinion tho.

    Also, Victoria’s attitude sucks and she is SO rude. BOO!

    1. Yaaaas! Love your opinion on Madison and Peter! 1000% Agree! The debate about sex on this show is bizarre to me. In the real world Madison and Peter’s “issue” with sex and even religion could be worked through.

    2. The reason I find it unrealistic & unfair has nothing to do with how I feel about her values. I think it’s admirable that she’s so strong in her faith & wants to save herself for her husband. My reasoning is based on the situation. She entered into this situation knowing that he’s not a virgin, and he’s dating other women.

      Anyway that’s just my opinion.

      1. Going into the known realities of the situation and navigating the discoveries along the way…I guess that IS the show to a large degree.

        PW tongues women in front of other women. The women tongue him in front of the other women. And so on. In some ways there is a Pass or Fail aspect to the *tests* of the show ( Lying is a Fail, screwing around…*depends* etc) But facing who and how You ( any given castmate) are – that is when the show succeeds, regardless of outcome. Meaning the Authentic Self wins, even if it’s *just* confronting what their deal breakers and shortcomings are, and what those things cost.

  39. Totally agree! I will say I just adore Madison and while I get the comparisons to Luke P, I do wonder if she went into this waiting to have this discussion until she could see a future with Peter? So far, she’s been very solid but even her family said she takes time. I wonder if she was taking time to get to know Peter, develop a relationship with him before she really reveals the depth of her faith and her choices. Honestly, I do find it a little refreshing that until it’s time it actually is a necessary piece of information, it hasn’t come up. Both viewers and Peter have gotten to know her for her rather than as the “virgin” like we have seen on other seasons. I get that she should know beforehand that the fantasy suites are part of the Bachelor and especially for Peter… but that further makes me wonder if she wanted to have a connection with him and see if it was even going to come up before she told him. Maybe that doesn’t make sense. But I just feel that she is intentional and I don’t think she is naive to his past but wants something specific for the person she marries. All that to say, I think Peter wants to try to get there for her but I don’t see it panning out. I wish it would, but he will play catch up with her faith. Just my thoughts but hopefully everything works out for both of them!

  40. I think the rose ceremony was rigged by the producers. They knew that Peter wasn’t feeling it for Kelsey so let’s send her home. Keeping Victoria will cause more drama and fans will freak out and want to know what happens next! Just my opinion!

    1. …they’ve shown alot of Kelsey screen time, suggesting Bachelorette grooming – but must have been thrilled to keep V.F.
      I thought Peter was going to keep Kelsey longer. But Victoria and Hannah Ann are easy enough for him to pass over for Madison. His justification against choosing V, H.A – or K – would be drama youth, and friendship.
      i think V connects w her producer and was well advised going into the hotel meeting ( stuff like he really digs you, hear him out, reassure him you’re on board..).Ultimately I think V has a lot to gain from the storm that has been this season. It exposes her (avoidance and blowing things up, as well as her strength for speaking truthfully). Seeing these things and gaining strategy around them will elevate her Victoria then, unexpectedly, but to Victoria!

  41. My daughter and I think all the girls were too young and immature for Peter except Kelley who had the brains but was left in his friends category. Peter drinks his wine and champagne just not sure Madison does with sweet tea being the choice for toasts. I’m not sure if that is a factor. Hannah is sweet and like Arie might like to nurture her growth. Victoria has blown this already and is there for the drama. He has a really strong connection right from the start with Madison but she hasn’t told him her secret. You don’t start a relationship with altimatum

    1. Love the sweet tea analysis.
      Surely he knows he has to give up sexual escapades…but wine? No way. He’s a California Guy – Madison!!

  42. I so badly wish Madi had revealed this about herself sooner. As someone who relates to her beliefs, it’s something I am upfront with VERY soon in a relationship because if I respect them, I respect their time and that means giving them all the information and then letting them make a decision on if they can align their beliefs with mine. Madi should’ve done something of the sort before this point. From the preview of next week it feels less aggressive than the Luke P situation but still has the same vibes.

    1. Is it a surprise though? I wasn’t shocked at all that she was a virgin. And I’m sure Peter wasn’t shocked either seeing he has had actual conversations with her and sees so much more than we do as viewers.

  43. Did anyone else find it weird that Peter didn’t ask any of the fathers permission for marriage like they usually do?
    Or maybe he wanted to make sure we new who he wanted first, idk!

  44. I think he just wants to sleep with Victoria F. He’s attracted to her and wants a fantasy suite date with her. The song they danced to kind of sums of his feelings towards her: “I don’t want easy, I want crazy.” Many men can be swayed by a hot girl who toys with their emotions and is a bit off her rocker. He’ll eventually figure it out but right now he is not thinking with the head on his shoulders. I totally agree that I don’t see true comparability with anyone at this point. I think he’ll likely end up with Hannah Ann but I don’t think it will last; she just gives off a phony vibe to me. I think she just wants to be famous.

    1. Or maybe the producers did victoria wrong. The chase rice concert, the ex girl friend strategically placed at the home town. I’m sure they arranged the “I want crazy” song being sung and who knows what they edited in or out. She is young and made mistakes and maybe they are capitalizing on them

      1. Jane!
        I think Victora has been the most mistreated contestant on the show in a long time.

        The only others that come to mind are the Sex w a Producer Shamed blond, pre MeToo…thereputation dustup between Derek and JPJ…and the mental derangement exposure of Kelsey (? was that her name) on Chris Soules season) .

        As far as crap date set ups, Victoria holds the crown .

  45. I think it’s Madison, that he will end up with. Although there will be a lot of work that he will need to put in on his part, because I feel he does mess it up to some extent.
    With that being said, I think Madison presents it to him as hey these are my convictions, what I believe in. I don’t know if she tells him directly that is he sleeps with others there will be a problem. Then again I could be wrong, but we will have to see how that plays out.
    Can we also talk about the fact that the girls are together??? I mean that has never happened in previous seasons for overnights. I’m kinda mad that they produced him and also the girls to that extent.
    This is my thing though. You can’t just throw the word love around lightly, he said he loved Madison today. Só from my point of view, is why isn’t peter holding himself to better standards? If he loves Madison as he says he does, why does he feel the need to sleep with someone else. As someone who claims to have seen the bachelor in the past he should know that it doesn’t end well, and it causes a lot of strain on the person that gets chosen at the end.
    As far as him not being on the same level of faith, I always believe that people can grow into that.
    I wish him all the luck.

  46. Victoria needs to go home! Pete has confronted her twice now about rumors and she runs away, she is not going to running away from being confronted and her getting a rose tonight just told her she can get away with it!

  47. I agree Ali, this season is a wash. I don’t think he ends up with anyone from the cast. I’m starting to believe the producer rumor more and more.

    I think Peter was right that him and Victoria F do not know how to communicate. She should have defended herself or told him why that girl might say what she said. I’m sure he would have believed her. I feel like she’s 23, but isn’t she 26?27?

    I’m losing interest and that’s crazy to say, I watch every season, faithfully! lol I will keep watching but it’s just not super exciting.

  48. Yaaaas! Love your opinion on Madison and Peter! 1000% Agree! The debate about sex on this show is bizarre to me. In the real world Madison and Peter’s “issue” with sex and even religion could be worked through.

  49. It was so obvious the Producers talked Peter into giving Victoria a rose. Poor choice! Is there any integrity left in this franchise? I think not.
    I think we all know the final outcome at this point. Madison gives ultimatum, Vitoria is sent home, Hannah Ann is sent home after not being proposed to and Madison goes home night before final rose as she was the one he was going to propose to and we all know why. She does not compromise at all when it comes to her faith in the Lord, staying pure (no fornication), and wants Peter to become a born again Christian. She is a phenomenal woman and should expect nothing less, I know I wouldn’t. Peter will never be able to stand up to her morals and standards therefore it will NEVER work and she intelligently sees that. My final theory.

  50. Hey Ali,

    I look forward to reading your recap every week! What are your thoughts on Bachelor casting directors choosing people a little older than 23?? Like, who is really ready to get married at that age?? I wish they would pick girls in their late 20s/early 30s, I feel like it would give the relationships a much better chance at lasting!! Also, does it seem like more and more contestants are ex-pageant girls and instagram models?? I’m so over it!! Pick more girls who work at Facebook 😉

    That being said, I love Peter, but agree with you that this season was a complete waste!!

  51. Ali, I agree with you on so many levels!! I don’t see much of a lifelong connection with any of the girls and if I had to pick one that I have always seen it with the most, it would be Madison….that is until next week. I feel like they are just too different on some major issues. Also, her telling him what she does next week gives me total Luke P. vibes! Seems unfair to Peter and kind of late in the game to say those things. Finally, Victoria’s entire family bugged me in that scene at the end. They all seemed to talk similarly to how she does and they were picking on the sweet little Nana. I was hoping better for Peter this season, but I’m just not sure what the best case scenario could even be at this point. Before long, I guess we will find out!

  52. I’m shocked, I’m sure like everyone else, that Victoria is STILL there. She totally deflected the questions Peter asked her and never even gave him an answer as to whether or not what he was told was true or not. Yes, maybe the way that she was acting was her way of telling him it wasn’t true but on the other side maybe she acted this way because that’s all she knows. To cry and be the victim when she gets called out. There’s just something not right about their relationship. He’s putting in more than she is and it shows.

    Madison is still my favorite this season. I really hope that it works out with the two of them if he picks her but I do agree with what you said about how their faith isn’t on the same level.

  53. I kind of understand Madison not telling him until now, because she wanted a REAL chance to get to know him without her virginity becoming a “thing” in the house. And also, like… when was she supposed to tell Peter? Lol. On their first date at his parents vow renewal?!? Lol or casually at a rose ceremony!? She needed the time and space. She’s so sweet and lovely and I love her and Peter together! And I actually do understand her request. She’s basically saying that if peter KNOWS it’s her at the end of this, she doesn’t want him to sleep with the other two girls. But if he is so unsure, and the only way to clarify for him is to sleep with them, then she doesn’t want to get engaged because clearly he doesn’t love her ENOUGH to be in a marriage place with her. It makes sense. If he KNOWS it’s Madison he wants, and that’s who he’s pretty certain he will end up with, you’d think he’d be willing to do anything for her — And I actually respect her for requesting that. You don’t want to feel like the second runner up to a guy you’re getting engaged/married to and for him to be so unsure that he has to have one last fling when you’ve said it’s important to you that you’re the ONE… Whether it’s a part of the show or not. I don’t think she’s done anything wrong and I think shes willing to forgive his past and move forward with him, if he’s sure it’s her and is willing to prove it. He’d have to work on his faith, for sure. But Peter is so sweet, and I think he would WANT to embrace that part of life if he knew how much it meant to Madison… and maybe he needs Madison as a light and the guidance to faith in his life in order to get there. Like Catherine needed Sean.

  54. Peter and Madison are being very naive. There is too much to overcome. She needs to find a guy from her town with the same lifestyle. Doesn’t seem that hard where she lives. Does Peter really see himself sitting at that dinner table multiple times every week? Because Madison is never leaving Alabama. Her parents would never condone her living in California and she doesn’t want to live anywhere else. It seems like Peter isn’t having conversations of any depth. It’s all just kissing. Hannah is a baby and Victoria F is incredibly toxic. There is no love story or engagement this season. Not like we haven’t seen this coming for weeks. For me the bigger question is does The Bachelor ABC even want that anymore? It seems like the casting choices and direction of the show is changing. This is probably my last season watching.

  55. I can’t believe Victoria is still there! I was literally yelling at the tv the entire time they were together. She is so immature and seems to be on the show for publicity, not love.

  56. When Peter had to choose between Victoria and Kelsey…he knew Kelsey wasn’t his future wife, so he spared her feelings and let her go before fantasy suites. But he should not have told her he saw a future with her. Those “mixed messages” make it more difficult to process the end for her. I am wondering why Madison thought it would be ok to date a guy that she knew was sexually active and how did her family agree to support her on a reality show that openly discusses sexual interaction and a secular life style? We see that Porter’s mom begs him to go after someone that she believes God brought into his life. Obviously she would like to see Peter with a girl of Madison’s spiritual commitment. If Peter does choose to go after Madison, I believe he could easily become her “spiritual” forever guy. I think he is more that way than we may realize. Hopefully he finds his happy ending and they make it last.

  57. Completely agree…the season is a wash! Have to say when the season started, I absolutely loved Peter. Not so much now. Madison is so sweet and my choice but I too dont think her choices for herself match with Peter’s. Seems Peter is just saying sure faith is important to make her comfortable. Seems as though she should have said something sooner. But what do I know, I’m not there.

  58. Agreed! This season is a wash! Just don’t see Peter with any of these remaining girls! I just don’t see these connections he claims to have with any of them. Madison & Hannah Ann are just too young & Victoria F, oh my goodness….I mean she she cries & runs away every time he tries to have a serious conversation with her! Do you notice how she doesn’t make eye contact most of the time when talking to Peter? She’ll glance up at him from time to time, but, always is looking away or down. Also, why didn’t Peter make her answer WHY this ex-girlfriend of his said Victoria was responsible for breaking up relationships or however it was worded?! He just let that slide?! What?? Agree 1000% Peter is not ready for marriage.

  59. My opinion is why Would Madison go on this show if it doesn’t align with her faith and values. I think it’s far off in the season and she should have set the record straight about her morals and religion with Peter. Now they’re down to fantasy suites, even though she doesn’t need to be intimate, she has to think about him getting intimate with the others. Ultimately, I think she’ll leave before the final rose. I don’t see this working for Peter.

  60. I don’t like any of them, I don’t see any chemistry with any of them, and he is infatuated with Victoria because she’s a challenge. Him not seeing the circus that is in his future if he picks her, is infuriating. That is all.

  61. Did anyone else notice that it looks like they have all three girls together in one suite next week? They have never done that in the past, and it seems producer driven to make sure Madison knows he sleeps with them. This whole season has felt more “producer driven” than others (maybe because Peter is so easily manipulated?) and I really don’t like it. Pretty sure Peter isn’t ending up with anyone, and I dont really see anyone for bachelorette in this group.

  62. I am having a hard time seeing a future with any of them! I really like Madison! I can not understand how Victoria stayed! Do producers ask them to keep the drama ones longer. I feel like that’s what happening. I did not act like her in high school.

  63. All I’m going to say is #teammadison! If she isn’t the final girl, I’ll be shocked. I think she would be an amazing bachelorette if she doesn’t end up with Peter. The other girls are either too immature, or too much drama 🙄

    1. Ali-

      Please pass along to the producers:

      1) that we do not want a bachelorette from this season

      2) pick a lead a bit older, so the pool of girls/guys are older as well. 22/23 year olds aren’t workin for this show!!!!!

      1. Janel – I 100% agree! I want someone who is actually looking for love! The show started as something that was like… your last effort to find love on tv. Not about being Instagram famous… And they are SO young. I do think Madi is a sweet girl.. but I couldn’t watch a super religious 23-year old pretend she wants to find her husband this way… Not to mention she got caught posting positive comments on her own Instagram (people think she has a fake account to pump herself up). That is NOT what i want… I want someone mature… like Elyse from Colton’s season!

    2. Madison can’t put together a sentence without three to four like’s in the sentence. So sick of listening to her. She’s cute, and I like her moral compass, but as a lead, no thanks. Too young.

  64. Victoria is a nightmare. Everything said about her all along is accurate. I feel he just wants to sleep with her. She has a lot of growing up to do.
    I feel he let women go that would have been great for him. These girls are way to immature for him. He seems to like it though. All the drama!
    Madison and her faith are never going to line up with Peter, although why would you go on a tv show as a Christian/virgin to meet someone. This is not the right platform for that.
    I like Hannah Ann but also very young. Rumor has it he ends up with a producer any thoughts on that?

  65. I completely agree with you! I think it’s Madison in the end and I think he’s known for a while it would be her but I think they will try and make it work but their values are just too different. Peter seems very passionate and shows women he cares for them in that way and Madison won’t see that and it will end up being frustrating on both ends. I don’t think she really gives him an ultimatum- I think she is expressing her stance on how she wants to wait and that at this point he’s told her he’s in love with her more than once so of course she would think that if he’s saying that and wants to be with her in the end that he would wait too. For her it would be really hard to move on with a guy when you told them you wanted to wait and then he turns around and sleeps with other women but wants to be with you. I don’t think she ever says you can’t do this or I’m leaving, she’s leaving the decision up to him. I don’t blame her for not telling him, that’s a personal matter and you don’t go into night one leading with that. She probably felt that if things got serious enough with Peter she would tell him then.
    I truly like them both and wish it could work and who knows maybe they will defy the odds but the whirlwind press tour they will have to go on after won’t make it easier on them.
    Hannah Ann is a sweetheart but I just don’t really see the passion in there relationship, on paper I think they both match up and it seems like it should be a good fit but for some reason they are just not connecting that great and it all seems superficial. If he does end up choosing her they will make it work for a while but ultimately it wouldn’t work out for either of them.
    Victoria just seems like a girl who doesn’t know who she really is. She’s done some questionable things in her past but because she can’t figure herself out so she’s grasping at anything and everything. She gets defensive when she’s questioned about her actions because she knows they are wrong but she doesn’t know how to stop doing them so she just lashes out and tries to blame others. I think that her and Peter have a very passionate relationship but that’s all there is. He ultimately knows if he picks her they are doomed but sometimes you get lost in the throws of that passion you feel and can’t get out. Peter will find his way out from her soon and look back on it and realize it would never work. As for Victoria I wish I could tell her that she needs to be alone for a while and figure herself out, look at her actions and really question why she’s doing the things she’s doing and then take the steps to change that, so she ultimately can be happy with herself and then find someone.
    Poor Kelsey I do feel for her. I think he knew that it wasn’t there with her, he wasn’t falling in love with her even as much as he tried.
    As for fantasy suites it is what it is. Peter has the decision to sleep with the women or not and he has to live with that.
    In the heat of the moment we all make the wrong decision sometimes and I think if he’s truly in love with one of them and they truly love him back they will make it work otherwise all the petty drama gets in the way and they can’t make it work. We’ve seen it time and time again with this show most of the contestants and leads go on to have happy full lives after the show so it will work out for Peter, Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria in the long run!

  66. So in the previews for the overnight dates it shows all the girls staying in the same hotel room? I always thought that they all stayed separately. Are the producers just trying to produce more drama!? So over the drama.
    I agree that this season does seem like a wash.

  67. I definitely agree about this season being a waste and he is not compatible with any of the girls. Madison is definitely my favourite and I wish he would have changed to be with her and not slept with the other girls. I think he was stupid to sleep with Victoria.
    I think he kept Victoria so that he did not hurt Kelsey by taking it further because he knew it wasn’t her.
    Madison is Bachelorette material. The other girls are way too immature and emotional to be the Bachelorette.

  68. Ok lol where to begin.

    I agree Kelsey and Peter didn’t have that connection and I wasn’t surprised to see her go.

    Hannah Ann just isn’t right for Peter. I don’t think they are a good match at all.

    Victoria has a lot of growing up to do and definitely would be toxic to Peter. She needs to go.

    Madison never should have come on the show if it bothers her so much that Peter might have sex with other girls. She knew he had sex four times in one night in a windmill and had no problem with it and can’t on the show. Now all of a sudden it’s a dealbreaker if he has sex with any of the girls? Just seems too much. Also she should have told him a long time ago about her faith/values. Not wait until hometowns! They will never work out!

    Peter belongs with Hannah B. End of story!😉

    p.s. love you Ali!! You’re awesome!! And your kids are so freaking adorable!!! Cheers!

  69. I’ve been disappointed in this season. I had high hopes because I think Peter is great and I hated that he got his heartbroken last year. I just don’t see or “feel” he is head over heels in love with any of them. I feel like it’s being forced or he’s forcing himself. Madison is definitely my favorite and if he was on the same page as her, I think they could be great but I’m not sure he is. I don’t understand the Victoria thing. I’ve never been a fan of hers and really have a hard time listening to her talk 🙂 There was no spark with Kelsey but there isn’t one with Victoria either. I just don’t see this season ending in a positive way. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  70. The “aim falling in love with you” statement seems like a ploy to get to the end. If you don’t say it you’re screwed and probably sent home, so I feel like each girl felt forced to say it so they’d make it to the next round. Victoria is the worst. She is a child and could’ve have been mature and handled it so much better. I’m glad Peter confronted her but maybe it wasn’t at the right point in time? Could he have done it after? I also agree that Madison may have some follow up words to the preview, but who knows. Didn’t she only say she’s be upset if he slept with other girls? Isn’t that allowed to voice that opinion? He should know it’s due to her faith. I don’t think they have to sleep with them either, but seems like it always happens on the overnights.

  71. I agree with everything you said BUT why, why, why do women go on THIS show knowing there is the possibility of having sex. I am sure Madison and her family know about he and Hannah having sex 4 TIMES! If she was, then WHY ON EARTH would they let her go on!! I truly wish He would get back together with Hannah B. They have such great chemistry and it’s real for both of them I think they would make a great couple and I hope he moves on in that direction.

  72. Another thought I have about Victoria…..if I was to put myself in her shoes, if someone accused me of something and I didn’t do it or they questioned me and I could see that they were losing faith in me, I would do everything I could to prove them wrong. He hasn’t known her long enough to know whether or not she’s being truthful. Sometimes you just don’t know anyway. She just constantly says “I just…this is just…I’m like…I’m like. I’m like just disgusted.” He asked for the truth and her response is “It doesn’t really matter anymore.” Sure it does. She really just doesn’t allow him to speak and talks over him with odd comments and never really attempts to clear her name.

  73. Honestly, I think Victoria isn’t into Peter at all. She is trying REALLY hard to stick around long enough to be considered for the bachelorette. I adore Madison, but I think she should have been honest from the beginning. Yes, it’s a hard conversation to have, but honesty is key in any relationship. If they built their relationship on that from the beginning, maybe they would have something solid, but because he doesn’t know this huge part of her life up to this point, I don’t think it’ll ever last. Hannah Ann is way too young & immature to take on the role of a wife right now. I agree, this season is a bust.

    1. This. I think she wanted instagram followers and a shot at the bachelorette.

      Re: Madison, her sex life is no one’s business unless they are getting serious. She was right to wait. If she had told him and was eliminated week 3 or 4, the whole world would know her business and she has a right to her privacy. It’s his journey, but it’s her journey and life too, and she has to still live in this world after the show. She has a right to her privacy.

  74. If Madison and her family were really against Peter and his actions, maybe she should have not gone on the show at all. I just feel like she must’ve put some thought into that before going on.

  75. This season has just been so boring for me. I like Peter but I don’t really feel like he has a connection with any of the girls. I couldn’t believe he kept Victoria after her (un)hometown. Her lack of maturity definitely showed. But then again, I’m surprised the champagne girl (Kelsey, I know) lasted as long as she did. I felt like he would end up with Madison from the get go when they had the date to his parents vow renewal but definitely the whole faith thing may be what breaks them up. Curious to see how this one ends but definitely disappointed in this season.

  76. Victoria and Peter are not a match BUT there is a time and place for everything and confronting Victoria about a rumor on the porch of her home seconds before they are suppose to walk in and meet her family is NOT the time nor the place. Even if she had handled the confrontation differently, the night would have been tainted with that negativity. Despite Peter having received numerous red flags, he seems determined to see where their relationship goes. That being said, since they FINALLY had a good date, why not table that conversation, ride the momentum of the day, meet her family, and confront her in private afterwards!? Again, I don’t believe there a match, nor do I think he’s a match with Hanna Anne. There’s no indication that she’s mature enough to be a wife, much less be in a serious relationship. I just don’t see the depth between them that indicates they have a deep connection. It also turned me off when he went against her dad’s wishes in holding off on telling her he was falling in love with her. I’m rooting for Madison but a this point, considering who’s left, I question Peter’s judgment.

  77. At this point I’m not sure who would be right for Peter. I think maybe Hannah Ann. I’m not sure him and Madison are a good fit. I don’t think their values align. AND I am shocked he kept Victoria and sent Kelsey home. Maybe he just wants to take Victoria to the fantasy suite… She’s a lot of work – high maintenance. She is so childish and defensive all the time. Being that defensive is a red flag to me. And did you notice that the other girls weren’t friendly towards her at the rose ceremony? The others held hands and said hello, but when Victoria came in they practically ignored her. I’m just not sure about these ladies…

  78. I love Madison and I love her faith. I know she must have known Peter’s reputation from Hannah’s season so she should not be surprised. I know he can grow in his faith because God can do that but his history is not gonna change. She is definitely the best choice and I think he loves her

  79. I can’t even say it’s Victoria F.’s age at this point. She’s 26! She’s young, but old enough to know better. My sister and many of my cousins are younger than she is and show a lot more sensibility and grace. I just don’t understand how she’s been here this long because the way she treats Peter is just horrible. She is just acting mean and sarcastic and manipulative. I’m not saying she IS all those things, but that’s definitely the side of her we are seeing.

    Overall, it just makes me sad for Peter. I want to be so mad at him for making such poor choices, but I just feel bad for him because I think maybe he has some self-worth issues that aren’t being vocalized. I am 28, the same age as Peter, and I just cannot FATHOM putting up with someone treating me that way. I am currently engaged and if my fiance started treating me like that, we would not be getting married. If I started treating him like that, he wouldn’t tolerate it either. It’s so important to know your worth, and Peter deserves so much more than to be treated like that…and I just don’t think he sees it. Maybe because he feels like he’s no one’s first choice because of Hannah B. so he’s essentially taking what he can get, but ugh. I don’t know. It’s just so hard to watch.

  80. I think Hannah Ann broke out of her shell a bit more tonight. I love her! Regardless of what Her dad said to Peter he’s going to do what he feels he wants all while respecting the dads words. Also.. While everyone says she has that “baby face”… can we talk about Madi’s dad and how he looks 15?? I’m pretty sure Hannah Ann looks older than him.
    Madi is just too pure and I don’t like that her parents were very “does he know where you stand on your decisions?” That’s all I got out of this. I definitely don’t see them lasting long if he does choose her.

  81. I have been a Peter fan this whole time until now. The Victoria drama is just too much and I am beginning to realize that Peter just likes that about her. Maybe he isn’t as “ready for marriage” as he is pretending to be. As for Hannah Ann and Madison, i have nothing bad to say about them but they are too young and i just don’t see it working out long term. Hannah Ann will have fun on Paradise and getting her insta fame. Madison shouldn’t have gone on this show with the values she has. Nothing against her values AT ALL, but come on Peter was known as the Windmill Sex 4 times w/ Hannah B! It just doesn’t fit. I will always stan some Peter and Hannah B!

  82. Hannah Ann has been my choice from day one. I truly hope it works out for the both of them. I was not surprised about Kelsey leaving and like you, I’m surprised she lasted this long. Victoria F – just awful. She has a lot of growing up to do and I’ve read that she had been having affairs with married men before she came on the show. I have no desire to see her back on the show and will probably fast forward any scenes with her in them. I’ve just had enough of her drama. She has a lot of growing up to do before she moves on with any relationship.

  83. Honestly I think Hannah B and Peter have not had the best group of contestants. And maybe there were some that they let go early that should have went further. I will never forget when Hannah B sent Peter home; the girl was devastated. and so was I, I credit as hard as she did. You did not see that when she let Tyler go. I really think they have a connection that he does not have with any of the ladies from his season; I could be wrong, while I do not believe they will be together after this I wish they could try, like you said it will not work with Madison (BUT I LOVE HER, she reminds me some of Hannah B) if he ends up with anyone I believe it will be Hannah Ann and I need to go back and review some of their time together. :):):):):)

  84. Hi Ali,

    I totally agree with everything you said. I love him with Madison, but I do not see it lasting long term due to the fact that they have different values and beliefs. Victoria better go. I cannot stand to watch her anymore, if I’m being completing honest. It’s a train wreck.

  85. Bummer, but I feel like there isn’t a life-long partner match for Peter with the girls that are still on the show. They are all great girls, but not for Peter, at least what I’m seeing. No doubt that these girls see Peter’s kind and sensitive nature, but he needs a more mature woman that is on his same page with same future goals. Whoever ends up with Peter will be one lucky gal! Good luck to all! Thanks for the post, Ali!

  86. I honestly think he knows it’s going to be Hannah Ann or Madison in the end but I think he kept Victoria over Kelsey because he felt bad stringing Kelsey along any longer and breaking her heart even worse. I believe him and Hannah Ann are the best fit personality wise, but I’m not sure they are mature enough to make a cross-country relationship work long term. I love Madison, but I don’t think his values (even though he is a Christian) truly line up with what she’s looking for in a partner for the rest of her life. Madison is really the only one in this group that I’d care to see as the Bachelorette!

  87. I didn’t even like Kelsey, but I was shocked he kept Victoria over her. She gets upset over drama SHE creates. She’s incredibly toxic and very immature. Her and Peter would not do well together if they got married. I love Madison and want her to win, but she really should have told Peter ahead of time about her saving herself for marriage. I understand sex is a big deal and it can be hard to talk about, but now that it seems she’s going to spring it on him, I don’t know if they’ll work out 🙁 This season has really just been a shit show and I haven’t enjoyed it all that much. It’ll be interesting to see what happens at the end.

  88. The only one left with any substance is Madison. And hate to say it, but she’s too good for him. He’s proven his maturity and character by how many chances he’s given Victoria, so he should just end up with her and Madison can go on to bigger and better or maybe be he bachelorette?🤞🏼

  89. Where to start. I have watched this franchise from the very beginning. There have been some incredible seasons throughout the years, but this is not one of them. It’s actually difficult to get through, and I have even hit fast forward during cringe worthy scenes. Here are my thoughts…Kelsey: I knew she was going home and was surprised she lasted this long. There was never any real chemistry between her and Peter. Victoria F: I knew she was getting a rose only because there was unfinished business between them. Again, shocked she is still there. She is an emotional mess and I think she is probably on the show for other reasons. Madison: I’m surprised she would come on a show like this with the values she lives by. She should have had an honest conversation sooner with Peter about where she stands regarding sex before marriage. Hannah Ann: She was my pick the moment she stepped out of the limo. I have a pretty accurate record for picking winners. I do think that Peter will pick her, but I don’t see it lasting. There just doesn’t seem to be any real stand out chemistry this season. It’s sad and I do agree that it will end up being a wash. I also do not see any viable candidates from this group for the next Bachelorette. I wish they would go back to picking new people instead of recycling past participants. It gets a bit redundant. It could be time for a refresh for this franchise.

    * One final thought. STOP with the dinner dates. There is never a single bite of food taken. Just sit and chat on a bench, or a beach, or a blanket. Other option, actually EAT!!!! It drives me crazy!!!

  90. Unrelated…but you could have dry-socket, where healing from the top occurs before the bottom of the tooth socket. Call your surgeon. It shouldnt be getting worse.

  91. You make alot of excellent points. Hannah Ann seems very sweet, but also very young and a lot intimidated by the seriousness of this relationship. I think shes in over her head. And I think her dad was trying to tell Peter not to say the love word until he was sure he wanted to be with only Hannah… and then he told her on the porch. 🤦‍♀️ Disresepct in my opinion.

    Madison could be the next bachelorette! I think shes a major catch, but I agree that their differences in faith will be a deal breaker eventually. She strikes me as someone who will only get engaged once and with certainty that the man she says yes to will lead their home in faith. And I dont think Peter is that guy. I also dont think anyone can make that drastic of a change in their personal journey with God just for someone they love. Love is powerful, but still has limits.

    Kelsey, I wasnt a big fan after champagne-gate lol, but I think Peter was drawn to feeling so deeply wanted by someone. Even if he didnt want her back, as deeply. I think she only lasted this long because his ego needed it. Harsh, I know!

    Last but not least… Victoria. Oh man, I feel bad for her. She is so much out of her comfort zone. She obviously could benefit from therapy to understand her triggers and reactions, and unfortunately that is not something a contestant can get help with on the show. Having been in too many relationships where the high following the drama keeps you going, I can see why Peter keeps giving her roses. Shes someone he has to chase and it’s not easy, and she’s beautiful and a challenge. And who doesn’t wanna conquer the dragon to take home the princess? Hello fairytale ending. Unfortunately, I think this princess needs more time to grow as an individual before she can thrive in healthy relationship.

  92. I agree this season is a wash. I personally think Peter should walk away from all three of these ladies. I don’t see a connection with any of them and what little connection there is, it seems forced.

    I like Hannah Ann and if she was older I think she could be a good match for him or even Bachelorette, I just think she’s too young and should go experience life a little more. (But who am I to say anything, only she knows where she wants her life to go. I just don’t want to see a 23 year old bachelorette.)

    Something felt weird between Peter and Madison, especially after she was talking with her family. She seemed to have reservations, but as soon as Peter starting saying he felt so good about them and their relationship, it all seemed to go away. I like her, I just don’t see it with Peter. I’m not sure if she’s just caught up in the whirlwind of the experience or what,but I don’t think she’s being as “genuine and real” as she could be.

    I have absolutely nothing nice to say about Victoria F. So for that I won’t say anything at all. She could be a very nice person, however I’m not seeing it, I don’t buy it and I 100% think she’s not into Peter and is just bad news for him. I was absolutely surprised she got a rose.#kelseyforbachorette.

  93. I def feel this season is a wash. I also think everything is forced and fake and no one really likes each other. Its all manipulated by the producers. Its obvious some of the woman are chosen by the producers for the drama, I think this will be my last season watching. It’s just not healthy to watch beautiful young woman feeling so insecure, fighting, crying and being mean to each other all for a guy that I use to like, but he’s making it very hard for me the more the season goes on. It does make for great drama, but its all predictable at this point. And I think the contestants are starting to see the fame from other girls on the show, and have an ulterior motive for coming on the show rather than to really find love, but I think that’s a pretty obvious statement.

  94. My thoughts…HannahAnn and Peter have the best connection. Easy. Fun. Interesting. Good vibes. So, she is my pick for sure.
    Toooo much drama with Victoria. I do not trust her. The moods, the attitude, absolute fake.
    Kelsey seems real, but she almost acts desperate.
    Madison. I love her. I love her ideals, morals, beliefs and attitude. Madison and Peter seem great together, but I am afraid he will hurt her.
    Madison will be fine without Peter.
    Good grief, it’s quite the circus.

  95. I can’t believe he kept Victoria and let Kelsey go. Victoria is a head case. He will always be going in communication circles with her. It may be true that all he wants is her body but I was hoping that he wasn’t like that. I think he really needs Hannah B. Both of them seem to be fine with sex. Why would Madison go on this show if she has such Christian morals? She knows what goes on In the fantasy suites/windmill.

  96. I actually don’t like how Peter handled the hometown date with Victoria. They had a great date, and he let a female he used to date, turn him completely off lol. Dude, her family is inside waiting! Give her, and them, the benefit of doubt, THEN make a decision. If I were her family, I wouldn’t want her with him. I think she’s next bachelorette anyway so🤷🏽‍♀️

  97. well we all know how home town dates were but their fathers are quite
    relucant about letting their daughtrers go at this rate nonone knows nothing except victoreia should have been sent home fon’t know peters head is at but hopefully nexr week will be better

  98. It is!! First love your personality and honestly! lovee this shop!! Cutest vacation clothes. But yes Hannah G and Hanna Anne are both models for redress! I believe Chris Harrison did say Hannah G is the one who recommended Hannah Anne for the bachelor! There are pictures of them together from a while back together on their instagrams!

  99. Hannah G. was on Bachelor Happy Hour and said that her and Hannah Ann have modeled together and are friends. That’s how Hannah Ann got on the show, because a producer asked Hannah G. to give them her info. So it totally is her!

  100. That is 100% Hannah Ann in the modeling pic! Her and Hannah G are friends! A few weeks ago Hannah G reposted an old Insta Story from last year (ish?) of them together getting take out!

  101. Ali,
    I agree with you that this season is kind of a wash and that Peter in the end doesn’t end up with any of the 3 girls left. I believe your right that there were probably other girls that he let go earlier in the season that he would have been compatible with.
    That being said, I feel the whole Hannah Ann hometown date the I love you at the end of it was definitely forced it didn’t seem real and come from the heart. I feel her dad wasn’t into the situation at all either.
    I’ll just jump ahead and say that Peter gave Victoria a rose because I think it’s more about the chase with her. I also think there is a lust connection between the two of them not love hence why I believe he keeps her into fantasy suites because I heard they have sex and I believe that’s why he kept her there. Like I said they definitely have that lust connection and that’s it and I heard she is eliminated after fantasy suites so there you go.
    Also I heard going into fantasy suites that he has sex with Hannah Ann so damn Peter definitely had a lot of pent up sexual energy going on.
    I read that Madison says beforehand that she would be upset if he did sleep with the other women but did not give him a ultimatum but The other women tell her first they slept with Peter based on what I read which I believe is going to be really rough for her to hear given her stance on her faith and virginity especially when she told Peter how important this is to her.
    I absolutely love Madison I am rooting for her to win and I really like her and Peter together but given her stance on her faith I don’t think Peter is the type of man for her or maybe deserves her virginity based on what happens on this show.
    I just want to also say that Peter having sex with the other women is his and there choices. Intimacy is a very important part of a relationship besides all the other factors going into it especially before marriage especially in the decade we live in now. That being said I believe Peter to be the type of man who would want to have sex before marriage. I believe in the end he will pick Madison but it’s going to hard for their relationship to work going forward given her religious views. Maybe he can get there with her like I said but right now not sure based on what I read I don’t know if I would want to be with him if I were Madison but I want to see how it plays out on the show first to fully see how this going to go down.

  102. I read today that Reality Steve got so many emails and stuff about Victoria breaking up marriages that he reached out to the wives in these marriages and all of them confirmed Victoria’s involvement with the married men! She’s awful! Also, I read that producers tried to position Hannah Ann to be the vilan by setting her up to take the champagne and she caught on and didn’t play along with them and that that’s why there were so many modeling challenges, they were trying to bring out her competitiveness. Could that be true? Would they do that? if yes, shame on them and good for her. Madison is my pick and if she’s not picked by Peter, i hope she’s the next bachelorette! NOT HANNAH BROWN! So tired of her-go home already Hannah Brown

  103. I don’t think Victoria’s age has anything to do with how she behaved last night. She could have been 20, 30, 40, or 50 and had the same reaction because she is guilty of being with married men and was confronted. That is how a guilty person behaves.

    Madison is very sweet but I don’t see that working. I can see him with Hannah Ann.

    I do not think any of them can handle or should be the Bachelorette. I will say if Hannah B comes back as the Bachelorette, I will not watch. I couldn’t get through her first season. She is the most annoying person and ABC needs to stop shoving her down our throats.

  104. I found this episode so frustrating! Every time he is with Victoria they get in a tiff about something! She is exhausting and has some insecurities and communication to work on and growing up to do! I thought he would end up with Madison, but now I’m not sure. I don’t think any of these girls have been quite the right fit for him!

  105. First let me say, I think you are amazing! This is the first time I’ve ever posted on your blog. I am a little bit older than you are but I have to say I have enjoyed watching your journey throughout your bachelorette days. The Lord did not bless me with children and seeing you the way you are with your kids it’s just so moving. I think they are so blessed to have you for mom and Kevin for dad. I have loved watching Molly grow up and hearing One of her first words “up”. And Riley oh he is so handsome and cute and has the best little personality.
    OK now I want to talk about Peter and the episode that aired last night. I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with the bachelor or bachelorette the way that I am with his choice of keeping Victoria F. I love Peter I was so happy he was going to be the bachelor but something is amiss if he thinks that she could possibly be the one for him. Now again this is my opinion but you shouldn’t have to try so hard to be in a relationship with someone. I love Madison & I like Hannah Ann a lot but I agree I actually think they’re both too young. Again I do you like Madison a lot but her faith is so important I think ultimately it will be a dealbreaker. I’m sure you’re not gonna be crazy about this comment but ultimately I still want Peter with Hannah B. I think with her he showed more real emotion than he has in any of these relationships. I think that is what I’ve been really looking for & I just haven’t seen on his season as the Bachelor. He does have such a beautiful heart and I just want him to be with the one he so deserves.
    God Bless.

  106. Not much to say but I think everyone always says Sean Lowe is a born again virgin but I feel like I remember him saying he was a born again Christian – born again being an evangelical term that has nothing to do with virginity.

  107. I agree with you Ali. What is he doing? Victoria F is crazy town at this point.

    Also did Madison not watch last season? Why does she expect him to hold off on sex? That’s never been his thing. It’s annoying that she’s telling him now.

    Also agree with you statement about Kelsey. I’m shocked she got this far. I never saw them have chemistry.

    Also agree that the batch as a whole was not a lot of good options. Hannah Ann seems to be the best match for him. Don’t see them getting married any time soon though cause she is young.

    I hope that if Madison feels the way she does about sex that she stands her ground cause he’s about to sleep with people.

    Lastly I still feel strongly that Hannah B and him had insane chemistry and that if he got back with her in the end I wouldn’t consider this season a waste if he finds his forever person.

    1. Hannah B. and Peter may have insane physical chemistry, but just chemistry doesn’t make a life long commitment of marriage. Peter said that he wanted the woman he falls in love with to love him just as much as he loves her. That didn’t happen on Hannah B.’s season. I’m not sure that Peter is ready to settle down anyways. It could be that he just didn’t meet his one and only yet.

  108. Madison I feel is Peter’s best match. That said I don’t know how hard he is willing to work to have a woman like her in his life. I think she leaves and she is the girl his mother is crying about saying, “go get her..bring her back to us”.

    Victoria F. is so immature. She definitely needs mental counseling. When confronted with an accusation she always deflects. She is like a dear caught in headlights… “guilty”. She knows what has worked for her in the past. Avoid accusations, cry, cause a fight, walk away, next day apologize, then come back and offer sex. She seems to have her act down. She is calculating. I hope Peter believes his past girlfriend and sends her packing next.

    Hannah Anne is just too young. From what I have seen she is not ready for marriage. I think she is beginning to fall for Peter. Give them 6 months together and this relationship is over.

  109. Yep that’s Hannah Ann for sure…
    Who will Peter chose, I think Madison, but not sure it will last, I just want to know who his Momma was crying for, Peter just bring her back home to us !!!! Maybe Hannah B ???
    I can’t wait to see and I so wanted him to find true love but this season , too much drama !!!

  110. Ali I totally agree with you. Madison and Peter are great people, just not great together. Why would Madison “save herself” for a man who hasn’t saved himself for her?

    Hannah Anne is beautiful, sweet, and adventurous. I hope she is mature beyond her years so it will work out for them.

    Not sure how I feel about Kelsey. I was shocked to see her sent home.

    Victoria…..oh…my….lord. Does Peter have his head in the sand? That girl is whiny, crazy, manipulative and couldn’t resolve conflict in a relationship if she had to. Yes, she’s beautiful but that’s it. The allegations that she broke up several marriages is very concerning.

  111. Hiya Ali! Wow, what a dramatic episode!

    I think Peter eliminated Kelsey because she is super sweet and he didn’t want to sleep with her and then dump her. I think he kept both Madison and Hannah Ann because both are sooo sweet and he has strong feelings for both. I would be happy with Madison, Hannah Ann, or Kelsey as Bachelorette. I would love for any of these super sweet girls to find their love story!

    I don’t blame Madison for waiting to tell Peter about her being a virgin. It wasn’t his (or America’s) business because it’s HER sex life choice, a private matter, and is only coming up because their relationship is growing and the show’s time for leveling up the relationship to physical intimacy has arrived.

    I’m NOT impressed with Peter telling two girls he’s falling for them, I’m NOT impressed with him telling their dads this when he knows there are other women he said it to, I’m NOT impressed when ANY of the leads sleeps with multiple women and then proposes to one (it’s akin to having sex at your bachelor party with the stripper for “one last fling” the day or week before the wedding- it’s cheating, it’s gross, it diminishes the value of the main relationship, and it’s misogynistic too, treating women like pieces of meet to be had before he picks his final choice).

    I’m hoping at this point he picks Hannah Ann. and Madison is the next bachelorette. They are both young, but I think Hannah Ann LOOKING so young doesn’t mean she is immature or not ready, and I definitely think Madison wants to be married soon. Sometimes all it takes to be ready is to find a good match and just do the damn thing, and you learn as you go. I know people who are in their late 30s and don’t feel ready (commitmentphobes), and people who married SUPER young and rise to the occasion and make great spouses and parents, even if they were still hanging out with their friends every day and spending money on frivolity the year before. There is no date, age, or “sign” that makes someone ready… and frankly I’m just so happy the mean girls are mostly gone, that I’ll take any of the sweet girls as Bachelorette.

    I would also love a Hannah Brown 2.0! She was cheated the first time, and I think she’s be an AWESOME wife and mom, in addition to a successful career woman, so I’d love to see her find her happy ending.

  112. Don’t you think maybe he sent Kelsey home because she said she loved him and therefore would be hurt more by being strung along compared with Victoria? It seems to be a pattern that if someone expresses strong feelings, and the lead knows that person is not their choice, they send them home because it’s actually the kinder thing to do. Just a thought…

  113. Hannah Ann models for a clothing boutique named Closet Candy. She has been modeling with them for years. My whole closet is filled with their clothes! I’ve never seen the other hannah on their site. I’m pretty sure it’s a different boutique.

  114. Hannah Ann is friends with Hannah G. Check their Instagrams. The bachelor lately is just a mix of everyone knowing each other. It’s like everyone is now models or Miss USA contestants.

  115. VICTORIA needs to GO HOME! She’s insane! Absolutely psycho! I would never want to be in a relationship With someone who just shuts down and walks off every time you talk to them. I want Madison to win!!!

  116. Being a born-again Christian with strong faith like Madi and her family I honestly believe that Madi’s parent’s were appalled by the 4 times with Hannah Brown in the windmill. Honestly, did we need to hear about that on television? Hannah Brown and Peter Weber do not represent Christians who desire to be obedient to God and His Holy Word. Sean Lowe is an example of a Christian who lives out a life of obedience and Madi does too. I agree that Peter and Madi aren’t a good match as they do not appear to be evenly yoked. Peter seems to me to be sowing his wild oats and doesn’t appear ready for marriage. If Peter loved Madi he wouldn’t have had sex with Victoria and Hannah Ann. How can someone be totally in love with their person, yet fornicate with others? In my humble opinion I just don’t think so.

    I hope Madi is the next Bachelorette as she is beloved by many of us. I realize the fantasy suites might be boring to some, but if men who love God and have similiar core values as Madi are interviwed and cast on the show, there could potentially be a beautiful love story. Hopeless romantics like myself want to see couples fall deeply in love and get married until death due them part. Not all of us like drama.

  117. Ali, curious question… are you able to back out of being a contestant once you find out who the Bachelor is? If the answer is yes, then I would have to wonder if her and her family’s faith is being highlighted because it is Peter and what happen on Hannah’s season. Faith is extremely important and I am not down playing it at all, but as you know the show tends to latch on to something if it can be controversial in the long run of the show. If she could back out then I think she would have knowing what had happen. I do see them ending up together in the end, but I agree that their faith differences might be a hurdle that they may or may not be able to over come.

    And as you said, I am SHOCKED Victoria is still around. Her melt downs are beyond, but as you have said before the editing they do on the show can definitely be one sided.

  118. I completely agree with your analysis, Ali. I feel like this season is a wash, and long term none of these relationships will work. I don’t think Madison (or her family) will respect Peter for sleeping with the other women during the fantasy suite and their faith is not on the dams level. Hannah Ann and Victoria are too immature for Peter. I feel like the only time that I have seen Peter genuinely happy and have the look of love was when he looked at Hannah Brown! Hope Peter and Hannah Brown will find each other again, and get back together. If not, then I hope Hannah Brown is the next bachelorette! I would not want to see any of this seasons girls as the next bachelorette.

  119. I completely agree with your analysis, Ali. I feel like this season is a wash, and long term none of these relationships will work. I don’t think Madison (or her family) will respect Peter for sleeping with the other women during the fantasy suite and their faith is not on the dams level. Hannah Ann and Victoria are too immature for Peter. I feel like the only time that I have seen Peter genuinely happy and have the look of love was when he looked at Hannah Brown! Hope Peter and Hannah Brown will find each other again, and get back together. If not, then I hope Hannah Brown is the next bachelorette! I would not want to see any of this seasons girls as the next bachelorette.

  120. I couldn’t believe Peter didn’t send Victoria home!! For a relationship to work you have to be able to communicate and she has NO skills in that area at all. I love Madison and I think Peter really is falling for her but the faith and no sex before marriage will probably be a deal breaker for him. I think Madison should have told him that she is a virgin and saving herself for marriage when they were on her front porch after her hometown. He needed to know before the rose ceremony. I guess that Hannah Ann will be his final choice, though I can’t see that lasting long term.

  121. It’s funny because in the beginning I thought Kelsey was too much and needed to go home. Now i think…she should BE THE BACHELORETTE! She’s real.

  122. I agree with all your observations, Ali. I also noticed Peter didn’t ask for anyone’s hand in marriage. That may speak to many observations thus far: Peter’s not found the one, he’s not reached a desired depth of feeling, he’s now just making the most of a less-than-ideal situation resorting to girlfriend/boyfriend-hood, he knows he’s developing feelings for someone other than the contestants, and/or he still feels strongly or heartbreak for Hannah B. Regardless, I’m not seeing any sign of marriage depth, and rightly so considering this season. I do really individually like Hannah Ann, Madison, and Kelsey character-all great people & families- and could see any of them as Bachelorette, if they really truely desire marriage so young (though in hindsight, I would strongly recommend growth and staying single/mingling in 20’s, and waiting for all of it until their 30’s!). The most depth of love I’ve seen from Peter, to the point it’s palpable, was with Hannah B. Wish they could have given it a chance🥀

  123. Love your bachelor review ,these gals are so immature it’s a big wash this season ,I too like Peter ,but he also is acting like a lusting school boy .. and 100% that pic is Hannah came across ..

  124. I just finished watching the most recent episode. I hate it when Peter (or any “Star” of the show) says that they are “sending someone home”. Maybe I’m trying to be glass half full, but I wish the focus was more positive. It feels like a contest, and that seems pretty yuck

  125. I am from Auburn… and I do know The Bachelor was there yesterday filming. It’s a small town so know way to keep it a secret.

  126. As a Christian, I can safely say Peter is just not compatible for Maddy. As you rightly point out, this is a guy who appears openly proud that he’s had sex multiple times on a windmill. That, in itself, is a strong indicator that they are just not aligned on what matters to Madison and her family. We’ve also not heard anything faith-wise from him so he is kidding himself when he says they’re aligned on values and compatibility. I see someone similar to Sean Lowe being a better fit for her.

    I want Madison back as the next bachelorette. She would make an awesome one!

  127. Now is the time, I start watching.. The hometown dates and the finale.. What was Peter thinking when he kept Victoria!! I think Hannah Ann is too young and I don’t think Madison is into Peter. I also think that Peter isn’t really into any of these 3 woman and he will not choose anyone. I still am hoping that Hannah B. comes back.. I think they both are still in love.

  128. I was wondering if any of the The Bachelor or the Bachelorette if made up by the producers. Meaning like di they ask you to keep certain people to make the show more interesting and things like that.
    Love your Page and Blog. I just got my my mother hooked too. Thx.

  129. Whoever Peter picks has got to have a strong support system at home bc let’s face it, his career keeps him away A LOT. it must be so hard to be a pilots wife. Having said that I think Madison would deal with it the best. Victoria would crumble being in a relationship with a pilot. And I don’t know about you but when I’m on a flight I hope to captain is well rested, stable, and drama free. Not exhausted from last nights fight Or distracted by drama at home.

    Also, is it really a shock that Madison is a virgin? Even before she revealed to the cameras about her beliefs, you could see it in how she spoke and carried herself. I don’t think she’s being manipulative at all. What’s the alternative? She waits until he proposes then asks “ did you sleep with the other girls?” And make a dramatic exit? That’s a Victoria move. Not a Madison move.

  130. I read somewhere that Kelsey’s house wasn’t really her house. They rented it for the hometown date. And the article said that that’s common on the show. Is this true?

  131. I agree with what Ali said!
    I did think of something funny! What if they conveniently faded out the face of Peter’s ex, just because she’s the one he ends up 😂 Talk about a plot twist! It’s never happened before 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😂

  132. Ok, a lot of opinions here!

    First of all, I didn’t want Peter to be the Bachelor, even though I liked him on HB’s season. I thought they would have brought in age-appropriate contestants for him, (you know, closer to his own age) but the producers totally screwed him over with what he had to choose from this season. And part of the onus is on him, because HE is the one who has his final three at ages 23, 23, and 25. These are girls, haven’t been out in the world long enough to breathe, let alone become a wife to someone!! It’s different for women today than when I was a young woman starting out, and I think it’s great. Women are traveling, securing careers, and establishing themselves before marriage and children. Peter himself is older and has life experience, so he may (or may not) be ready for marriage. I’d like to think he is, but with the decisions he made with Hannah Brown last year and with the women of his season, I’m starting to think maybe he needs to wait till he’s in his 30s. He says one thing, then does another. By the way, Peter, relationships should not be so difficult (Victoria) when you’re first staring out, so listen to your gut.

    Victoria is 25 and should be able to handle telling Peter the truth, no matter how hard it is, especially IF she wants to marry him. I don’t think she is into Peter, quite honestly. I think she was into the attention (tv show and Peter’s interest) and in love with the idea of love, but she has no clue how to have an adult relationship. At 25, she’s an adult (or is supposed to be!) and I find her sad to watch. I want to have a conversation with her that the choices she’s made in her past are going to live inside her and in every relationship they will affect her, unless she is honest with herself and future partners. There are men out there who will love her, IF she puts the past in the past, grows up, and starts acting like an adult. I think she should move away from Virginia Beach where her reputation is well known, otherwise she will have a very hard time finding love.

    I was yelling at my tv when Peter kept Victoria over Kelsey. I do like Kelsey, I think her nerves were on display a few times this season, and she gets a pass from me. At least she’s a grown up and I like her for Paradise. I really don’t want ANY of this season’s contestants as our next Bachelorette, and he__ no to Hannah Brown. So done with her. She ruined Peter’s season for me. Enough of the sex in the windmill….she has no self respect, and to announce it again in front of Peter’s women on the group date was totally reprehensible.

    As for Madison and Hannah Ann…..Madison knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up for Bachelorette. It’s fine to be saving yourself for marriage, I applaud her morals. However, the conflict between her and Peter and their values and faith is going to create huge trouble. The Bible says to be “equally yoked” and since he struggles with his faith, and she appears not to, this will not last, IF he chooses her. She also takes three times as long to have a conversation with him since every other word out of her mouth is “like”…to the point where I’m sick of it. Peter does enough of the “like” on his own, too, so together, it just makes my head hurt.
    As for Hannah Ann, I liked her dad. I’m sure he saw the windmill revelation, hence his not being so warm and friendly with Peter. You go, Dad. But like Madison, she’s way too young for Peter. Not mature at all.

    I’m tired of these women signing on the show to further their IG followers, their modeling careers, and totally over the pageant queens. Could we please have a normal season again with normal people looking for love like it used to be?? Around the time of Chris Soules and Ben Higgins seasons, it’s almost like trash tv on Bachelor. It went that way last spring/summer with HB’s Bachelorette season. You were a classy Bachelorette, Ali, and I wish the women would go back and watch your season, or Jillian’s or Ashley Hebert’s….or even Trista’s! Classy, strong, and beautiful ladies, all of you. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

  133. I agree that this season is a wash! It seems that Peter let go of all the serious girls that were probably more compatible with him and kept all these super young girls that do not seem ready for that kind of commitment at the end. I thought Kelly was a good match, Peter thinks he needs the dramatics to have a passionate relationship but why can’t it just work with no drama as Kelly said. It’s like Peter doesn’t want it t just be easy!!! HE LIKES DRAMA!!

    Victoria showed her age by running away from conflict, instead of having a conversation she deflected it all on Peter and made him back peddle, and she got super sassy very quickly.

    Surprised Kelsey lasted at all- thought she would be out the second week after the champagne ordeal.

    Madison and Hannah Ann just seem so young and I don’t see it working out with anyone in the end. If anyone, I would choose Madison- I think she is more mature then Hannah Ann.

  134. Ali!!! I was nodding along in agreement so much to this post my neck hurt! You could be a marriage counselor (in all your free time haha! Mamas don’t have free time! I get that now as a new Mama.) Anyway, I was screaming at my TV this episode! And normally my hubby and I watch together, but he fell behind a few episodes, so I had no one to debrief with so I instantly turned to your blog! I agree with a lot of the comments on here too! Madison is the sweetest one–a little too sweet for Peter I think–sorry. And faith is everything, can’t force it. I think (and hope) he was sparing Kelsey’s feelings. I’m a big fan of the enneagram (personality types) and by what we were shown on this season, they were NOT AT ALL a good match! Victoria…oh sheesh! She’s a mess. She seems to need someone to be as tortured as she is. The only time we were shown that she was understanding was when she first “felt” he was not ok. (So you can be aware of other’s feelings?? Sorry, that was judgey) Hannah Anne, girl, I do feel like you and Peter are the best match…I’m sorry that at this point that is not saying very much. I think maybe you both could grow together. It just bothers me when girls cry and they seem to be crying because the scene calls for it…yet there are no tears. Hmm. I respected Kelley at least for being more honest with how she felt even if it wasn’t always what the camera wanted (and I don’t buy for a second she was a villain. She was CLEARLY edited.) Peter, you need to have time to think. You mean well, but you try to reframe problems to a positive. Sometimes things ARE too hard to be right.

  135. I love Madison to pieces. She seems so sweet, but I think that her religious views are very different from Peter’s. I believe that they would not be the best couple together.

    1. I am wondering why Victoria is accused of “breaking up several marriages,” as if she is the sole party to blame. It takes two to tango, doesn’t it?

  136. I totally agree. I’m probably being bias but I think that he ends up with Hannah B in the end.I am willing to put money on it right now

  137. *Come back Hannah B*
    I don’t see half the chemistry with these girls that Peter had with Hannah B. I think they need to give it a shot in the real world!

  138. Ali your post is spot on. I agree with 100% of the points you made. I don’t think he has a successful option here. I think he should go back to Hannah B at this point. And please please don’t let there be a bachelorette from this season. Hannah gets my vote for that too…(And I was bummed when they picked her the first time haha.)

  139. I agree with Madison, in that, my dream proposal wouldn’t be for my guy to get down on one knee and propose to me after sleeping with possibly 2 other girls just a few weeks ago. However, she went on the Bachelor knowing that Pilot Pete’s claim to fame was having sex with a girl 4 times in a windmill! Personally, I think this show is too much about the sexual part. The liquor starts flowing endlessly; everyone hangs out in their bathing suits around oceans & hot tubs and they start making out from day one. It focuses on the physical only….and we’re surprised when the relationships don’t work out! News flash….if you connect with someone’s heart, mind & soul first…the sex part will be great….you don’t have to sleep with 3 women just to make sure there will be a physical connection….when did we stop believing in this concept??!!

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