Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi, folks! Happy Valentine’s Day, well almost! This is Kevin writing this. Every so often, I “hack” into Ali’s blog and write a post in an effort to alleviate some of her stress. I certainly wouldn’t know how to link outfits or anything like that, so I once again enlisted the help of Ali’s assistant, Madi. Thanks, Madi!

Happy Valentine’s Day


First off, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. People have strong opinions about this holiday. If you see it as a nice opportunity to celebrate love, good for you! It’s always nice to acknowledge love. Whether that’s romantic love or platonic love, I don’t think it matters. People seem to stress about this day, and I really hope you’re not currently dealing with any of that anxiety! It’s supposed to be a fun day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or anyone else. And I give this advice regularly, but don’t compare yourself to other people on social media!

Everyone is going to be posting pictures of huge floral arrangements and expensive, romantic dinners and that can easily lead to negative thoughts and feelings. Don’t let it! People only post their best content, it’s not typically reflective of real life. Do you think I pick Ali up on our front porch when there isn’t a camera around? I don’t! I hear occasionally that we are “couples goals” and it makes my skin crawl a little bit every time I hear it. We’re not perfect! Nobody is perfect! We argue, we make relationship mistakes and we make parenting mistakes. My point is, for your own sanity, don’t compare yourself to others. Especially if you’re already a little depressed about this “holiday of love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Speaking of these pictures, we took these a couple weeks ago and they really reminded me of some photos we took a little over 2 years ago when we first moved into this house. Ali was pregnant and Molly was Riley’s age! Unbelievable. Having small children around really helps you see the passing of time. It’s crazy how quickly they grow and learn and mature at this age. I love that we have documented every step of their lives. I think those photos and videos will be invaluable, as we get older. If you’re a new parent or a soon-to-be parent, that’s definitely a piece of advice I would give. Document everything! I know it can be a pain to always whip out that camera (phone), but it’s totally worth it. Ali & I have been making little movies of meaningful moments like Christmas morning & their first haircuts. I can only imagine what I will feel when I watch those in 30 years.

ali and kevin manno

As far as us celebrating this holiday, Ali and I aren’t really big gift givers. I honestly think gift giving can be way too stressful! I’m way more into experiences. For example, me writing this post to give Ali a little time away from her computer is my gift to her this year. One year I gave her a little handmade coupon book for things I would do around the house. Other years I have made her an old school “mixed tape” or write a nice long letter. That stuff is more memorable and meaningful in my opinion that something you went to the store and stressed about the cost of. I would rather hear Ali tell me that she appreciates and loves me opposed to opening a gift that I don’t need.


I appreciate you checking out this blog post and I appreciate you spending any time at all on Ali’s blog. Whether you know it or not you’re supporting our family & I sincerely thank you for it. I hope you have a great, stress-free Valentine’s Day! If you’re not celebrating this year, I guess I hope you have a great Presidents’ Day on Monday! Feel free to follow me on Instagram! It’s mostly cute pics of Molly & Riley. And if you need more Kevin in your life, I do a morning radio show here in Los Angeles. It’s Valentine in the Morning on 104.3 myfm. You can listen anywhere via iHeart Radio.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hi guys, Ali jumping in here! Writing this with a few tears welled up in my eyes! Kevin is so sweet. When he asked me for these photos, I just thought he wanted them to have on his computer for his background or something. I truly didn’t even know he was doing this post! I’m so grateful for him. And thank you so so so much Madi for linking all the outfits above.

Happy Valentine’s Day


But I did want to tell you about my outfit, which is why I shot some of these photos in the first place! Ha! But Kevin using them for this is WAAAAY better 😉 I just think this outfit is sooooo cute (and comfy!), not only for Valentine’s Day, which is obviously over after today, but just in general. You might recognize this pink cowl neck sweater because I also have it in a cream color, a rust color, and a blush. And if you saw me write about it before than you know it’s my one of my absolute favorite sweaters ever! It’s still available in four colors. But honestly I think this is going to sell out fast because legit last week when I ordered the sweater it was available in like 10 colors. So it’s going fast! I absolutely love how the cuff of the sweater is so long and it is the softest and most flattering thing ever! Some people say in the reviews to size down, but I get my normal size, which is a medium, and I love how it fits.

Happy Valentine’s Day


And I’m so excited about these white pants. I’m wearing a size 6, which is my normal size so I would say they’re true to size. And I love them because they have this “Ab-solution” technology that is incredible! They just smooth everything out and make my tummy feel nice and flat. And they’re incredible priced for only $68! That is great for quality jeans. Plus, they come in seven colors! So if white isn’t your thing you can get them in another color. I highly highly highly recommend them! And as you can see by the 150 reviews other people love them too.

I’ll link the heart earrings too. I’m honestly not even sure if they’re still in stock as I write this. But hopefully they are!

Anyway just wanted to share because I truly love this look! Hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day tomorrow with your loved ones… or self-love day for yourself! xo

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57 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. So sweet. You guys really are fun to follow and the kiddos are such cuties. Thank you for keeping it real and sharing your lives.

  2. I love Kevin’s posts! He is such a caring husband and father. You are one lucky gal to have him and also he’s lucky to have you. 😉 Happy Valentine’s to you and your beautiful family!

  3. Kevin you are so sweet and just seem like the best husband ever! Obviously no couple is perfect, but just the fact that you take the time to try to make Ali’s life easier, are so involved and present with Molly and Riley, and seem to be a genuinely good and funny person, make you a star in my book. And Ali, I love you and your outfits SO SO much!!

  4. hi Kevin & Ali
    reading your post really helped me feel less stressed.
    being together with the ones we love is what’s most important. (& the ones that are not with us, too)
    thanks Kevin
    happy valentines day everyone!
    pretty in pink, Ali 💕

  5. What a sweet gift you gave your wife! It totally melts my heart and I to can relate to how you Express yourself with acts of kindness! I think shows so much about your character and the love you have for one another and your family. I wish you both a lovely valentine’s day full of love and happiness.Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Kevin and Ali,
    This is such a great post, and so sweet of you to write it, Kevin! Thanks for sharing your family with us, and I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day together!

  7. Kevin Manno is awesome! I’m so glad to see people in the public eye keeping it real. I agree wholeheartedly about Valentine’s Day and the stress surrounding it. Love watching your family love! Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!
    P.s have your tried the Waxelene I recommended for Riley’s skin? I keep seeing moms rave about it on insta since Hilaria
    Baldwin posted about it. 🙂 XO

  8. This was such a beautiful gesture by Kevin. He gets it!! We, women do not need over the moon things, the smallest gestures speak volumes. Happy Valentine’s you two 🙂

  9. Kevin and Ali thank you so much for everything you share with us. I love how real and honest you both are! Thank you

  10. What a sweet blog post! Love the idea of just doing nice things/experiences with your significant other vs buying something from the store for Valentine’s Day. Hope you guys enjoy the day!

  11. Well done KEVIN!!! We need more men like you in this world…..your so lucky to have each other…… you have a wonderful family. Enjoy the kids while their young, time flies and they will be grown in a blink of an eye….

  12. So, first of all, @kevinmanno…..MAJOR husband points. You’re the best! You’re both so lucky to have each other. And, secondly, Ali, LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. Super cute. I follow you both on IG and would like to thank you for the smiles every day. ♥️

  13. Awwww! I love this post and the intention behind it!! You guys are all so genuinely sweet that it makes me happy that you both have each other!! I hope you guys will have a great stress free day also.

  14. You two are adorable and your littles are adorable too. I love your style and I just logged into your blog and thank you Kevin for your amazing words… and one gal here who never looked forward to valentine’s day. I do now because of my 3 littles. But your words were so on point. Happy Valentines Day!!!

  15. I honestly was more curious to read this post after hearing how REAL it was. No one has the perfect relationship and that’s okay.

    Carey 🌷

  16. Sweet post Kevin! And I believe you are correct in giving the gift of time as a gift instead of material items💞 P.S. have you ever been told you look a lot like Rami Malek? BTW Rami is 👌🏻🔥

  17. I love following you guys. Truth be told, I’m not a huge bachelor fan. I discovered you through Kevin’s radio show. Well, I quickly fell in love with Ali through her instagram posts. Such an adorable family.

  18. Well if this isn’t the sweetest…even made ME shed a little tear! Thank you Kevin, SO much for the reminder to try not to compare ourselves to anyone else, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. Social media is a highlight reel, and I try to mind myself of that. Also, thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us. You are both a breath of fresh air in this crazy world! Much love to you 💙💙

  19. Very dear post, Kevin and Ali! You ARE a strong, loving, supportive couple! Here’s to you and your darling family! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. This really is what it’s all about. Being in the trenches and supporting one another. The best gift ever is simply being there for each other. Happy Valentine’s day to you and your sweet perfectly imperfect family! 💕💗💕

  21. You are both so gracious and down to earth. That’s why I love following your lives! Stay true to yourselves. Keep sharing your passions as they are the key to success. Have a great Vday! xoxo

  22. Thanks for sharing! Love reading your posts and enjoy watching your children grow. It reminds me of when mine were little. They are now 20 & 21. Time goes by way too fast. I never did like expensive gifts either. I would rather have my house cleaned or car washed instead. Have a great weekend! ❤️

  23. @Ali, please tell Kevin that you guys are totally couple goals – even if he doesn’t like hearing it 😋 But only because it’s nice to be reminded to do something thoughtful and kind for your loved one every now and again. As far from perfect as I’m sure you are, thanks for the reminder. Now I’m going to go kiss my hubby and tell him how grateful I am for him, and you can tell Kevin he’s t blame 😊
    Happy Valentine’s Day guys ❤️

  24. I seriously Love following you and your Sweet family. I love how real you are. Your relationship is similar to mine with my Husband. We’re always leaving each other Love notes.. he is my Best Friend.. my forever Valentine!!❤

  25. This was so sweet, it’s really encouraging to see you guys be so real and authentic! Thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful family as an inspiration! ❤️

  26. Ali (and Kevin), Thank you so much for this, and keeping it real. Your blog is by far my favorite! Happy Valentine’s Day to you two and your precious family 🙂

  27. Happy VD to the Mannos family! Your VD message was so sweet, Kevin, ty. I love your family, you’re so genuine. I loved the video of your little tike on Christmas Eve crying coo-kie coo-kie, Molly picking out flowers for Ali and Molly letting her bro on her bike after he was crying. She’s so supportive and they’re so cute. 😘😘😘😘

  28. HVD to the Mannos family! I loved your post, Kevin, it was so sweet and thoughtful. I also love your family bc you’re all so genuine. I also like the videos of your family, especially the latest ones and the Christmas Eve one. You all are so adorable.

  29. Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day Kevin and Ali. ❤️

    Thanks so much for this post. Kevin, I really appreciate what you said about “don’t compare yourself to other people on social media — they only post their best content; it’s not typically reflective of real life.” Amen, it couldn’t be more true and I have to keep remembering that.

    I love how you are such a supportive and loving husband and being up front.

  30. I ❤ this post!!!! Ali, the main reason I started following you is because how real you are!! The very first second I watched you on the bachelor, I loved you!!! You’re husband rocks, and your kids are so adorbs!! This was a great post, I can tell it was appreciated. I love that your husband wanted to give you a break!

  31. Aw, Kevin is so sweet! This was a great read and made me feel better as I came down with the flu this past weekend and felt like the worst valentine ever. Thanks for reminding me that you can celebrate love at any point, not just this “holiday” and the ideal valentine is subjective. Giving time is the best gift ever, and I’m glad Kevin reminded me of that. Whether it is giving time to yourself or your partner, spending time together, or giving time to recharge, it is truly the best gift and something we don’t seem to ever have enough of.

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