My Season of The Bachelorette – My Thoughts a Decade Later

Hi guys! Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I have blogged. I absolutely had to come back to the site to talk about my season of the Bachelorette that is re-airing tonight. Did you guys watch? Or maybe you’re on the West Coast and it hasn’t aired yet, but will you be watching later?

Before I get into the show, real quick I just wanna link what I’m wearing tonight because I’m getting a lot of DM’s about it!!! I love the top because it is so lightweight and comfortable. I am wearing a 6 but could have gone down to a 4! These darling pants are also beyond comfortable and I am wearing a size 8 in them. summer20 will get you 20% off the top and pants! Also, you’ve probably seen me wear this hat many times because I love it so much. It is so versatile and I highly recommend it!!!


It was such a trip down memory lane for me! I have the worst memory ever, so I completely forgot many of the things that happened – watching it reair was so crazy. I’m also gonna share some photos with you guys that I completely forgot about as well!

I want to start by thanking my producer on the show, Cassie, for sending me all of these photos last night. I had sent her a text and told her that I don’t have any photos from the show and I was so blown away that she was able to send me so many! Back in 2010, we weren’t allowed to have any sort of camera. I think things might be different now. Cassie snapped these pics on her phone while we were filming and sent them to me. It was bizarre looking through them. And these are just some of them. She sent so many more. One of my faves is this wig she got me so no one would recognize me when we traveled. Ha!

You’ll probably notice that the majority of the pictures have Frank, Chris, and Roberto in them. And that’s because Cassie would always take photos of the guys she thought that I’d end up with because we figured I’d want to have photos with someone I choose over the others. So it’s not that I’m choosing to show pictures of mostly me and these three guys, it’s that those are what most pictures are of!

Also, I always talk about my chin acne in my insta stories and sometimes people say they don’t remember me having any. Well just look at the photo below! I’ve just found products that help me with it now!

Me and Cassie

Night One

Okay, where to begin? I guess a good place to begin is talking about some of my thoughts from the show and then talking about what it was like to watch it with my husband. Ha! I’ll get to that towards the end. Let’s start with night one. First I’ll say that I think from the get-go I thought it would be Roberto in the end. I remember on the first night being adamant that I wanted to give my first impression rose to somebody I really thought I could end up with at the end of everything. And for me that first night it was Roberto! I mean heck, he’s a handsome guy! I was smitten from the start. I’ll get to more on Roberto later.

Anyone else think I kind of look like a haggard Britney Spears in these pics? Not nearly as cute as her, just like poor man’s version of her. Ha! Oh my gosh the photo below is what was going on under my dress that first night. I had tape holding everything in place! Ha! I wish I didn’t feel the pressure to try to be sexy because I knew that wasn’t me.


And honestly , if could go back and do anything different I would tell myself not to put on an act that first night. My voice and how I was acting is just not who I am and not even who I was throughout the rest of the season. I blame being young and wanting to try to be “cute and sexy” because I just didn’t believe I was either of those things. I truly felt all along that I was the least attractive Bachelorette to date and I still feel that way to be honest. Not that looks are what’s most important, but to this day I’m surprised they chose me for the role. But man, am I grateful they did.


I’m gonna talk about Frank first because he was my first date. I chose him to go on that first date because I knew he would be a lot of fun, but also my producer Cassie suggested him as well because she really thought we would have a strong connection. I really wasn’t so sure about him after night one, but after our date I knew Frank would be in my top two. He was exactly the kind of guy I described to the producers as my ideal match – and I stand by that to this day! Not that I was supposed to be with Frank. Obviously I don’t think that. But he was what I described to the producers when they asked me what I was looking for in someone.  

It’s funny because as soon as I started dating Kevin, so many people would comment on the fact that he and Frank looked very similar, and I totally agree! I can see the physical resemblance and they’re both midwest boys from the Chicago area. But what I don’t think people realize is that Frank and Kevin are also very similar personality wise. I think they’re both really smart and witty which were very important to me in finding a match.

Obviously, I ended up with the absolute perfect guy for me and Frank’s wife is just adorable! They seem super happy and I’m so happy for them! Anyway I’ll come back to Frank a little later.

Justin ‘Rated R’

I can’t even tell you how many people have asked me if the producers asked me to keep Rated R. I’ll just say this, I knew Rated R was no good from the get-go, but I wanted to figure out what he was hiding because I just knew it was something. I know you hear me talk about how I think he’s sweet in some of the clips, but I didn’t. I knew he was playing a game with me and I was gonna play one right back until I got to the truth. I mean does anybody really think I was interested in him? I don’t mean that as an insult, I don’t think he was ever remotely interested in me either. My feelings for him were pretty obvious in my opinion. It was only a few weeks between finding out he had a girlfriend and Frank had a girlfriend. And my reaction to those two things were very, very different. I wanted Rated R to leave as quickly as possible and put him in his place vs. when I bawled my eyes out when I found out Frank had a girl back home.

The producers asked me to run after Rated R because he was getting away and they wanted me to confront him on camera, but I REFUSED to run. I walked every step. If you watch it back, you’ll see that I never ran after him. I pretty much just went downstairs and then watched him run around. And I told the producers the only way I was going to talk to him is if they brought him to me which they ended up doing.


Oh Casey! When Kevin and I watched the show together Kevin kept talking about how much he loves Casey! Casey might be Kevin’s new favorite person ever. Ha! He just kept saying that he wanted to see more of Casey. Anyway, I kept Casey around because I feel bad for him honestly. He is a nice guy and it made me so happy to see him with his wife and adorable little baby on the show tonight! I knew from night one that he and I would not be compatible, but I wanted to give him a chance because I wanted him to feel good and seen – and I’m glad I did because it gave us something to laugh about tonight! Oh man that singing! I remember how hard it was not to laugh every single time.

Also, I don’t think they showed this on the show tonight, but there was more to his tattoo. Yes, he had the heart protected by the shield with the rose, but what you don’t hear him say is that he has 12 studs on the shield because there’s 12 studs (twelve guys) left in the house. I’m not even kidding. That’s pure Casey! You can’t make this stuff up!


I also want to mention something real quick about my 2-on-1 date with Justin and Casey. The volcano we visited was an active volcano and about two weeks after we left Iceland it erupted. You guys might remember it because it disrupted air travel from Europe to United States for a couple weeks I believe. Kevin told me tonight that he remembers that because his brother was stranded in Europe at the time. So bizarre to think that we stood on that volcano of just a couple weeks before. Yikes!

I didn’t kiss many guys. Maybe four or five, which I know things are very different these days.

More on Frank

Looking back, it seems so obvious to me that he was in love with someone else. I was constantly reassuring him about my feelings for him. But I thought he was just nervous about the other guys.

Last night when the scene aired where Frank left me, Kevin asked me if I knew something was up. I said I didn’t. I told Kevin that I woke up so excited to see Frank because I thought Frank would be the one in the end. Kevin then looked at me lovingly and said “that makes me so sad for you”. That my friends, is the type of man my husband is. It’s one of the many reasons I married him. In that moment last night watching Frank leave me, crying while watching it, to have my husband react that way just reinforces how dang lucky I am to have him!

And yes, I cried watching. With my husband. Seems awkward right? It wasn’t. I teared up because it was emotional to see again of course. But I think the main reason I was emotional is because heck, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette producers make a dang good show! They’re good at pulling on your heartstrings. I cried watching all the other seasons too and those weren’t about my past. I mean who doesn’t cry watching the show when there is a huge heartbreak or amazing proposal?!

Chris Lambton

I had to let him go early because I knew there wasn’t a future with him. Chris and I were never anything more than friends. If you asked him, he would say the exact same thing! I didn’t even spend the night with him in the fantasy suite. The show makes it look like I did, but I actually left the room about an hour after the cameras stopped rolling. We were just great friends. There was no way I was going to put him through a proposal knowing that we never even got close to anything more.

But man is he a good guy! I’m so happy for him and Payton and their beautiful family! And watching the show back he had me laughing with some of his one-liners! And yes, thank you Chris for not “killing the Bachelorette” on your scooter.


Like I mentioned above, from the very first night I thought it would be Roberto in the end. Obviously that changed after my date with Frank and as the season progressed. He is super attractive, charming, and a really nice guy. He definitely wasn’t my type of guy. After Frank left, I had to convince myself that I would’ve chosen Roberto regardless. And honestly I don’t know if I would have. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have, but I’m just saying that it’s impossible for me to know what I would’ve done because that’s not the life I lived. If I’m being honest with myself, and I wasn’t for many years after the show, if Frank hadn’t of left I think I would’ve chosen him.

I wanna be really clear right now that that doesn’t discredit my relationship with Roberto. I stand by saying that I think he is a great catch and whoever he ends up with one day will be very lucky! But being a great person doesn’t mean that he’s a great person for me, and he wasn’t, and I wasn’t a great person for him. We were just ultimately so different. Whereas with Frank, we were so similar that I think we would’ve had a better shot. And that’s why, like I said when talking to Chris Harrison tonight, Frank and I got together after both of our relationships ended to try to see if there was something still there and ultimately we decided there wasn’t, but the great thing is we’re friends! I love that we’re friends! His wife actually tagged me in a post on FB the other day saying she was excited to watch! I think that speaks volumes about their marriage and how solid it must be! Kevin felt the same way before we watched tonight. He was genuinely excited to watch because it’s a cool part of my past.

The End

I’ll wrap this up I think saying thank you so much for watching along with me tonight and for taking the time to read this post. I’ll leave some more photos below of random things that happened during the season. Makes me laugh to see all the fun moments with different producers and with the guys. It’s an experience I will look back on so fondly and be grateful for my entire life because ultimately if I wasn’t in the show I would never have met my husband on a different show and had this amazing beautiful family that I have. So thank you ABC and thank you to the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise for everything! I am eternally grateful!

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69 thoughts on “My Season of The Bachelorette – My Thoughts a Decade Later

  1. Hi Ali — it’s funny how life leads you down certain paths in life. I watched your season and was both sad and enlightened after hearing Chris Lambton’s story. You see, my grandmother passed of the same disease that Chris mom did. As I learned that his family had a group called Compassionate Care ALS in to help his family during the difficult days, I looked into volunteering with the organization as a lawyer and just a friend. My two sons and I worked on their fundraisers for CCALS and I gained so much heartfelt love in my souls for these people who struggle and for CCALS. if it were not for you and your season, my two boys and I would not have had those wonderful opportunities and the feeling of closure for my grandma. It’s amazing how people’s decisions in life can touch so many lives. God bless you and your lovely family. ❤️😘🎈

  2. I was so excited when you were announced as the bachelor. You were so normal and I felt like you were just like me and my friends! My favorite bachelorette to date!

  3. Ali
    This is so Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing al of your thoughts & just your heart. You’re season was my favorite. You made me laugh. I was always praying for you to find your’e true love. I am so Happy that you have found Him!! You have such a Beautiful family. I am So very Happy for You!!

  4. Ali, this was so crazy to watch and read this together. I watched your season 10 years ago when I was in Highschool and I remember being so fond of you and this season in particular. I now follow you on insta and adore your kids and hope to be as good as a mom you are one day. Thanks so much for sharing it was fun to rewatch

  5. Thank you Ali for sharing. For the record, I’ve been watching the Bachelor/ette series from the beginning and you are one of the most beautiful! Thanks for all you share with the rest of us. Your kindness and joy go a long way!! xoxo

  6. Hi Ali,
    I just wanted to say that while you talk about not feeling either cute or sexy, I remember watching when this originally aired and being super impressed with how you pulled together outfits and how you made even the simple clothing items look adorable on. To this day I still follow you for that same reason-your amazing fashion sense. Just know that we are all down on ourselves so much, but there were so many people who looked up to you as the bachelorette. So glad you’ve found love and happiness with your beautiful family.

  7. I love this blog and being able to watch you on the bachelorette ! Love following you , you’re beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  8. It was so exciting to rewatch your season highlights. It’s fun to see how much your life has evolved since then. I love watching what you and the kids do daily, from gardening to swimming in the pool. Watching you continue to be real is inspiring!!

  9. Big fan of Bachelor/ette, long time viewer. And you’re the only bachelorette I follow on social media. You’re the most beautiful IMO and your season was great. Love watching your insta stories and hearing about your kiddos and fun life! Hope you guys come settle in Indiana eventually (where I am!)

  10. Loved watching your season and still follow you on Instagram . Your were so beautiful on the show and still are. You and your family are so fun loving and your kids, omg are so darn cute. Keep doing what your doing, I love following you on Instagram.

  11. Ali- been watching you/Kevin on insta for years now, because you’ve been one of my fiancé’s faves since your initial season (she was a freshman in college so she’s a super fan.) Plus, y’all’s kids are so cute.

    Loved watching your season, as she’s talked about it for so long. But I hate to read about your feelings on your looks then and now! You’re one of the realest girls I’ve ever seen on this show and your down to earthness just is awesome. All I can say is that we all have insecurities, but I don’t think your’s are accurate at all!

    Love you and Kevin’s pages! Thanks for the great recap on the episode.

  12. I absolutely loved your seasons. Before I even read your blog I am watching your season tonight and decided to go back and read your blog first. When your season tonight started the thought ran across my mind was “Ali looks like Brittany Spears” so funny that you said this in your blog. Also as o e if your followers I watch your live stories everyday you once said that you kind of go got the nerdy type guy. When they were introducing the guys I thought to myself I bet Frank will be one of the last few guys.
    I love that your so transparent and love that you share your true self.

  13. Dear Ali – I remember watching your season when I was a young teen. I still think it’s my favorite season to this day. I just wanted to say for the record that I have always thought you were one of the most beautiful Bachelorette’s and one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen inside and out. I’ve followed you ever since and watching you and your family change and grow. Xoxo

  14. Hi Ali 💕
    I am just finishing watching the show. I remember your season so well. I am surprised that you didn’t think you good measure up as The Bachelorette. I thought you were stunning back then and think you are absolutely beautiful, as well as a beautiful heart. I remember being so mad at Frank at the time for breaking things off, but yes Roberto was who I was hoping you would pick…Fast forward to present day…I am so happy you found such an amazing husband in Kevin. You two make a gorgeous couple! I love your relationship together. You can tell that you are truly partners in crime. You compliment each other so well and make the BEST team. Your sweet angels Molly and Riley just make my day. Watching your instastories of these two bring me so much joy. I swear that little Molly is a future superstar. I love her spirit and her sweet singing voice. I loved hearing her sing Havana. She is such a light! Sweet little precious Riley is such a little heartbreaker. Love his sweet laugh. I’m sure it was a little odd to watch this back, but as you said….if you didn’t become The Bachelorette your life would be so much different. I’m so glad you did as your have such an amazing little family. It’s been a joy following you. You are such a positive light in this world. Sending you so much love. Have some wine tonight girl, you deserve it!
    Ontario, Canada
    ❤️ 🌹

  15. HI Ali: you always impressed me as the bachelorette. You were smart in your choices, witty, kind yet determined. I thought when you choose Roberto it was the wrong choice. I am so happy you & Kevin have such a fabulous marriage with two adorable children. You will always get & deserve the best. One of the best bachelorettes in my book! Hope your feeling better these days!
    Hugs & kisses to you and your family

  16. This was fun to read and now has me wondering how you met your now husband. You are such a genuine human and you have so much going for yourself just by being authentically you, and so positive and uplifting to others all the time. I think that’s why you are the perfect choice for a GOAT bachelorette! You have also aged so beautifully— you were super cute on your season but you’re a knockout today!

  17. Thank you for this blog and the great insights! . You were a great bachelorette, and I love seeing what a beautiful life you have now with your loving husband and adorable kids! Glad everything worked out for you!

  18. Hi Ali, how awesome and unexpected that they re-aired your season! Thanks so much for sharing! I loved you as the Bachelorette and your post really brings back memories. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years. The saying of ‘everything happens for a reason’ definitely applies here… and as you said, “If I wasn’t in the show I would never have met my husband on a different show and had this amazing beautiful family that I have.” I am really happy for you that you had such a life-changing experience and because of it we get to share in your journey! ❤️

  19. Your season was the first season of the Bachelorette that I ever remember watching. I was 11 when it came out and I remember watching it with my mom and being obsessed haha! I remember how much I loved watching you and rooting for your happiness!! I still love following you on instagram and seeing your adorable family! Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

  20. Hi Ali,

    How unexpected and awesome that they re-aired your season… I loved you as the Bachelorette and this brings back such memories!! Thanks for sharing! Everything happens for a reason and it’s your story — as you said, “I would never have met my husband on a different show and had this amazing beautiful family that I have. I am thrilled that you had such a life-changing experience that it brought you to where you are today…and we get to share your journey! Much love always ❤️

  21. Ali,
    I love this! I still love that you and Kevin are so genuine! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    💕 Anna

  22. It’s amazing how in the end you end up with who you are supposed to be with >>>Kevin Manno. It was all just a part of the journey. ❤

  23. I loved you as the Bachelorette Ali! Loved reading your blog about your season. You always keep it real but you should give yourself more credit, you deserved to be the Bachelorette! I’m so glad the show ultimately lead you to Kevin, you two are perfect for each other and your kids are adorable. If you know any great single guys, mid-late 30s, send them my way Lol. Still waiting for my prince charming! ❤

  24. Thanks to you and Cassie for sharing all of these photos!

    It was so fun to relive your season – yours and Jillian’s were always my favorites because you were so silly and real.

    It’s crazy that the Casey singing was 10 YEARS AGO!
    My husband wasn’t into Bach yet back then but he remembered me yapping about Casey’s songs, so I was pumped to escape life with him for a few hours tonight (we have kids the same age as yours and are nearly wrecked 😜) and get to look back on your fascinating season as he watched for the first time.
    Also – we were laughing so hard at the way Casey was left on the glacier and how the helicopter took off without him. It made amazing television back then and certainly held up to this day. Haha, still laughing!

    You also gave Chris the most respectful goodbye in history!
    What a lovely guy.

    I’ve always appreciated your blogs over the years divulging little tidbits about the show, and am so delighted for you that your Bach journey led you to Kevin and your kids.

    Thanks again.
    All the best!

  25. Ali! I have watched The Bachelor since day one & you have ALWAYS been one of my absolute favorites!! I loved getting to re-watch your season tonight. I am so happy for where life has led you & love that we get to follow your journey with your beautiful family now!
    All the best to you & your sweet family!

  26. You are one of my 2 or 3 fav bachelorettes & the first I started watching. I like your laugh, honesty & that you didn’t just make out with everyone or be fake. I had a huge crush on Roberto during your season! I think overall you had some great guys there & your season was enjoyable. Ali, you are so cute. BTW I have chin acne too. Nowhere else on my face just my chin. I’d love to know how to get rid of it & the scars!

  27. I’ve loved following you and Kevin on Instagram for many years (since Molly was a baby), but I just realized I don’t think I know how are you MET Kevin. Do you have a blog post about that? Or could you do an IG story about it? I’d love to hear!

  28. Ali, I was so surprised when you said you didn’t think you were pretty enough to be the bachelorette ( can’t remember your exact words) but I think you are adorable and have such a beautiful personality. Looks are not everything ( but doesn’t hurt either). You need to look at the whole person. I thought you were honest with yourself and the guys. And my final comment: I live 1 hour north of Toronto and Justin embarrassed Torontonians and Canadians. He was NOT representative of the really great people off Toronto as well as Canada!!

  29. Loved your season! Loved you on The Bachelor with Jake. Such a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing all of the BTS shots!

  30. It was so fun to see your season again. From seeing your life now & the person you are, that was totally not the same “Ali” we have grown to love. Was that your real hair? I don’t know if extensions were a thing back then but it was so long. And that dress you wore for the proposal was gorgeous! I was shocked that it doesn’t quite fit because I think you look thinner now than during your season. You really got to go to some amazing places but isn’t it funny how every move we make & every decision we make, no matter how small, leads us right to where we are supposed to be. Something else I noticed, the budget for your clothes during your season doesn’t seem like it’s as high as it is now. Is that the case? It was so fun to see it again!

  31. Ali, the entire time watching the GOAT show last night, I was amazed at how much Frank reminded me of Kevin! And that break up! I still remember how sad I was 10 years ago! I thought y’all were perfect for each other. But, God always knows best. We just have to trust him 💛 You’re still my favorite bachelorette to this day 😊

  32. Out of all the GOAT episodes yours was the one I was the most excited to watch!! I loved you from the minute you walked out of the limo and introduced yourself to Jake and was super excited when you were announced as The Bachelorette!! You are and always have been such a beautiful, smart and good hearted person!! I have followed you and your sweet family from the beginning and absolutely adore your two children! I loved you and Roberto together but am so happy that you found the true love of your life and wish the same for Roberto!! Many blessings to you Ali and I know that you will always have a prosperous life because of who you are!!!

  33. I think it’s a little bit odd to be writing such a long-winded blog post on this. I mean…totally your choice, but I really think it’s weird to go into such detail about the guys and your feelings for them. The season is over. It aired 10 years ago. None of it is relevant anymore. It’s just weird. Also, why do you have to compare yourself to other bachelorettes/bachelors and say “I only kissed like 4-5 guys.” If other people want to kiss everyone, who are you to judge them?

  34. It is so interesting how subjective beauty is and how our insecurities make us view ourselves in a harsher light than anyone else could. I have always thought you were one of the most beautiful bachelorettes and your personality just makes you that much more beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful family with us. It brightens my day and provides a nice escape.

  35. You were my favorite Bachelorette to date!
    I know how self-critical we are as women, but take this from someone who self-criticizes all day long… I think you’re STUNNING!!!! You were back then and even more so now! You are my style-con and YOU (your personality) makes you even more beautiful xx

  36. Ali,

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos! I remembered watching your season like it was yesterday but also feels like a bizillion years ago because the show has become so different since then. Honestly, I think u were the PRETTIEST bachelorette — not only are you gorgeous on the outside but your personality is GOLDEN. I connected the most watching your season and I’m so happy I can still follow your journey with your family on this blog and on instagram 🙂 Love you!

  37. I watched your season when it aired and again last night. I too thought you were better matched with Frank and was so sad when he left, but so happy for you that you got your happy ending on the show and now in life since I have followed along on instagram..Thanks for spilling the after story on Frank…Loyal viewers shouldn’t be surprised by that!! Thanks for constantly encouraging women!

  38. I just want to say that you are crazy. Girl you are (and always have been) gorgeous! You were my favorite Bachelorette of all time and I still think you were the prettiest one they’ve ever had. I got 4 friends hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise starting with your season. I was so into it I even dragged my husband to the taping of Jimmy Kimmel (we were living in LA at the time) to see you and Roberto post filming! I’ve been following you on social media since the show airing and it has been such a fun adventure to see your life evolve and to watch your kids grow as mine has (although my son is in between Molly and Riley and I have one on the way). Congrats on everything! I taped your GOAT episode but was able to tune in to your and Kevin’s interview with Chris at the end. So sweet!! I’m glad Kevin is so supportive of you. You can completely see you guys are soulmates!

  39. Long time bachelor viewer and your season was one of my favorites! You are so beautiful and I hope you know that, inside and out!

  40. Ali- I am never one to post comments unless i truly feel the need to… I know you are in a much better place not, but i feel it is important for you to know. You are and always will be one of the most beautiful bachelorettes in the history of the show. I was in high school when your season aired and I was obsessed with everything about you. My prom dress that year was so similar to your yellow dress when you were on the bachelor… i bought yellow converse because of you… and those darn white linen pants LOL
    We judge ourselves so harshly, but we forget to sometimes take a step back and see the beauty and the good qualities in ourselves. You are still beautiful, I still love everything about you and I am so thankful for the franchise introducing you to so many of us.
    It was fun to rewatch last night 🙂

  41. Hi Ali,

    God certainly works in mysterious ways and I’m so happy that you have been blessed with such a amazing and loving husband and family. I’d just like to say that you honestly have been my most favorite bachelorette ever. If fact, you were my favorite from when you were on the bachelor and it was heartbreaking when you had to leave the show to go back to your job at facebook, even though you did come back at the end. I remember being extremely excited when they announced that you would be the next seasons bachelorette. You just made me feel like you were so relatable, like the girl next door that I somehow knew would even up being a bestie for life. Your down to earth, bubbly personality and caring for others makes you an amazing human and you showing us that you have doubts about yourself and your looks makes you so normal to all of us. You are beautiful and deserves everything that you have achieved and you should not second guess yourself! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us ladies!

  42. I really enjoyed watching your season again last night and liked getting updates from the contestants as to what they are doing these days and seeing their families. I was looking forwarding to seeing Roberto and getting an update from him and was disappointed that we didn’t get that. He was my absolute favorite and the only reason I watched last night. I wanted to know what he is doing now.

  43. Have you ever told the story of how you and your husband met and fell in love? Maybe it was on a blogpost early on?

  44. Ali I just have to say I love you, you were by far my favorite Bachelorette, you were and still are so sweet & kind and just an amazing woman! You hit the jackpot with your amazing hubby and your sweet kiddos. I wish you and your family the very best in everything you do! Your no# 1 fan Peggy M 💗 ( can’t wait gill H&F is back miss you) ❤

  45. Love this look back. I loved your season–it seemed more “real” than the others. You were so tan during your season, was that something they asked you maintain? Just curious. I think your fair skin now is so beautiful and much healthier! Thanks for the memories!!

  46. Hi!
    I don’t recall seeing your season, so I was glad that I got to watch it the other night. Roberto is a lovely guy, glad you guys remained friends.
    And the dress you worn at the finale, what dress is it? I’d love to find me that dress, it’s so beautiful!

  47. Hi Ali, I usually don’t comment yet I have to say that I loved watching your season again last night. I have always thought you were the most beautiful Bachelorette so I was amazed at your comment on how you have felt you were the least beautiful. You are beautiful inside and out, a very special person. I wish that recent seasons were still as classy as you were as the Bachelorette, too much making out with all of the guys now. God Bless you and your sweet family!

  48. Loved this blog and all of the pictures! ❤️ Can you share the brand or link to the purse you carried when you met with Nick Viall yesterday? Saw it on your IG stories, loved it, and now have to find it! 😊

  49. You were beautiful 10 years ago (on the inside and out), and I think you are even more so now! Also, I thought you handled yourself so well on your season, especially considering you were in your mid-20s. Not many people have the same level of class, respect, and positivity as you do! Lastly, Kevin is so thoughtful 🙂

  50. You were and still are just as pretty as all the other girls cast in this amazing role! You really seemed like the girl next door. I am just really sad and disappointed by how Meredith has been treated and how she is the one no one includes or ever mentions. Have you listened to Reality Steve’s podcast with her? It is absolutely heartbreaking. She is one of the strongest women.

    I wish you gave more details about why you and Roberto broke up!

  51. I loved your season. You were so natural and real.. I think it was one of the best seasons on the franchise. It was so much fun to see it all again last night. I still got as emotional as I did 10 years ago

  52. Hi Ali,
    I just want to let you know that have inspired me so much in the last decade. I was NEVER a fan of the show, but was so so so so glad they chose you as the bachelorette 10 years ago, and after reading your blog about your doubts on why the producers picked you…I feel I HAVE to tell you why I was so glad that they did! I’ll try and make this short. So back in 2010, I had never fully watched the show before, but saw clips here and there. I was never really interested. It seemed to only cast the same type of “societal version of beautiful” guys/girls that I never identified with so, why would I watch? Back in 2010 when your season of The Bachelor aired I was between jobs and couch surfing with friends in New York City. One of my girlfriends that I stayed with in NYC was OBSESSED with the show so I entertained the idea of watching it with her. I remember rolling my eyes just about the whole time because I thought the show was ridiculous…but then I was like, who is this Ali girl who speaks her mind? I like her! So, I kept watching & even though I kinda hated the premise of the show (I am a bit of a hardcore feminist…lol) … I was like, “I gotta watch her season of The Bachelorette! I totally have to see what this gal does on this kind of crazy journey!” I felt like they had FINALLY cast someone in the lead who was like me and I identified with. Independent, adventure seeking, career driven, discerning & also just genuinely looking for love…but also didn’t want to give up who she was in the process. So long story, short…I have been following your career/journey ever since, because I think you are fab. I don’t really watch the show anymore, but I want to reassure you that definitley were chosen for a really important reason and I’m sure you have inspired so many others like myself. I think you’re just as gorgeous, fun, sweet and all those things as all the other bachelorettes …but it was so REFRESHING to see a woman on this kind of show put herself & her career 1st…rather than giving it all up for a guy. That took a lot of guts to do. Especially on a show that pressures you (like society still does to women) to choose otherwise…and it has inspired me to keep doing the same. I’m also now in my mid-thirties, love my career, found the love of my life at age 30 and followed the path that was right for me…never giving up on what I really wanted in life, even when it got tough. And that is what I have seen you do all these years (via this weird world of the internet…lol)…and it has really kept inspiring me. I loved your show 1st look, and loved seeing you enjoy life & move forward after your break-up with the guy you were engaged to on the show. You have been a constant source of inspiration for me, thank you! Congrats on where your life has taken you. And thanks for taking a chance to go on that crazy show…I think your season reached a whole new audience of independently driven women who were hoping to see a different kind of woman really call the shots! All my best to you and your beautiful family! – Heather 🙂

  53. I have watched the Bachelor franchise for many years including before you. As soon as they announced 10 episodes of GOAT I knew you would be included. I have to admit you look way different between then and now. I think you look beautiful both then and now and I know things like make up, eye brows, hair color, and tanning have changed but I’m just curious if you have done anything more. Like I said you look great both ways and nothing is wrong with surgery, teeth things, etc. Just curious since you are always so honest.

  54. Ali- as I rewatched and even more as I read your blog- you are a real class act. Not once did you trash any of the men. And it would have been easy to do so a couple of times. Be proud! One day your daughter will appreciate your classiness In dating and words about ex’s!💜 Thanks for keeping it positive!

  55. hi ali,

    huge fan over here. your season was my favorite. i was team roberto all the way!

    that said, i wish you would have focused more on the positives with roberto vs how different you were and how he wasn’t your type. that’s just so disheartening to hear. not sure if you noticed but in your section about roberto you transition into talking about frank again. get over frank. he dumped you, whereas roberto stuck with you through the end. again – wish you had given roberto more credit.

    maybe you have some painful memories that you would prefer to not rehash and i respect that, but all of us saw frank dump you for someone else and yet you gloat about him. it just seems so contradictory!

    life always works out, but something about the messaging just doesn’t sit right with me.


  56. I have no idea what you’re talking about, I think you are one of the most beautiful bachelorettes to be on the show. Most of them are botox and nipped and tucked and have flawless makeup. It’s a little over the top and fake and makes them harder to relate to. To me, you were the most relatable bachelorette EVER and definitely one of the prettiest. Your season was one of my favorites and I think you made a great role model

  57. Hi Ali! Thanks so much for your fun recap! Needless to say I enjoy your blog, Facebook group, etc… so I feel like I’ve seen so much of your journey since the show. I like your honesty. I also love all the pictures you posted! That wig is so funny! Loved this post so much. Keep giving your thoughts on the Bach franchise 🙂

  58. ALI!! I just want to start by saying you were by far my favorite bachelorette ever because you were so genuine. You were relatable, and that is why to this day, I still love following your blog! So don’t think for a second that you were not the most beautiful – you were THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and have the BEST personality!! And that is why they chose you.

    Also, I am dying about the Britney Spears comment because my husband and I kept saying it like a hundred times.. she looks like Britney!!

    Lastly, I don’t know if you ever shared your story with your husband, but could you share that sometime? I don’t know how you met or anything! And I think people would love to read it. 🙂

  59. Hey Ali! My name is Charis and I’m a SAHM in Minnesota. I’m a longtime fan of the franchise and of you personally. (not in a creepy way!) I so enjoyed watching your recap show last week! Thanks for posting your thoughts above–so interesting to read and delightful to see the photos! I, too, struggle with comparison when it comes to my appearance and worth, so I totally get that. Howevvverrr…you are so beautiful! You were then and you are today. Thanks for your bravery, your vulnerability and honesty. PS also really enjoy your blog!

  60. Thanks for sharing and being so honest! You are way to hard on yourself!! You are gorgeous and personally my favorite bachelorette!! Your kindness is evident and what I love about you most is how genuine you are!!
    Ps this font is perfect:)

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