Time for Vacation!

UPDATE: I just found that the white dress I am wearing below also comes in a maxi dress in a bunch of colors. It is a great option for people that want to be a little more covered, but still wear this gorgeous dress!

I can’t believe we are only a few days away from going to Hawaii! I’ve mentioned this you guys before but this will be our first, hopefully non-rainy, vacation since before Molly was born! I say non-rainy because we did go to Hawaii once when I was pregnant with Riley but it rained the entire time so at seven months pregnant it was kind of miserable. Normally if it would rain in Hawaii I would make the best of it. Had some drinks in the hot tub and well, just make the best of it! But since I was pregnant I couldn’t drink or go in the hot tub so neither of those options are available. Ha! Anyway, you get the idea.

Who Needs Some Vacation Inspiration?

White Dress

This time not only can I have a cocktail or two. Which means it will be my first drink ever in Hawaii since both times I’ve gone in the past I was pregnant. But I could also enjoy who the hot tub so even if it rains I’m enjoying this vacation! Anyway, I started packing and I just love some of the options that I’m bringing with me so I wanted to share them with you guys. Just because I know March and April are really big travel months for people because of spring breaks and school being out so if any of you guys are going on vacation I thought you might want to snatch up some of these options as well! Let’s start with this absolutely gorgeous dress/cover-up/sexy sleepwear look!


I’m not even sure if this is considered a cover-up. Maybe it’s more considered lingerie? I think it could be worn as a dress, a sexy nightgown, or a cover-up at the beach! I feel like it’s versatile! All I know for sure is that when I put it on, I felt absolutely beautiful. I feel like this would be really pretty for a bride to wear to bed the night of her honeymoon! But it also comes in a bunch of other colors so you could even wear this as a dress to the beach during the summer. The one thing I will say about the white is that it is slightly sheer so you would have to wear a slip under the white if you decide to wear it as a dress. But from what I understand based on the reviews the darker colors are not as sheer. One person in the reviews described it as an instant boob job! Ha! And I kind of have to say I agree. I felt like my boobs look so good in this dress!

beach vacation dress

beach vacation dress

beach vacation dress


I could totally see myself putting a slip under this and wearing it to the beach with sandals and a jean jacket over it. But if you just want to get it as really cute and sexy PJs to wear to bed I say go for it! My point is I just felt incredible in it and I think many of you will too! The reviews are pretty amazing! And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you trust my review and my review of it is I feel insanely beautiful in it. It’s TTS size FYI. I’m wearing a medium.

Button-Up Blouse

I didn’t know what I was going to think about this blouse when I bought it but I just love it. It’s totally got a chill vacation vibe and I can’t wait to wear it with a pair of linen pants in Hawaii. I actually think the sage green linen pants that I’m wearing below would go perfectly with this top. I’m bummed I didn’t think to photograph them together for this post. I see myself wearing those pants in this top with a piña colada in my hand! Ha!

white blouse for vacation

white blouse for vacation


Also, without a doubt, I will be bringing the below hat with me to Hawaii. Keeping my skin safe from sun damage is extremely important to me! As many of you know I just had basal cells removed, which is a form of skin cancer. What I love so much about this hat is that it’s not only really cute, but you can also pick your size. Whenever I buy a hat that is one size fits all, it never fits my huge head. That’s right, my head is massive. So I’m wearing a size large in this hat.

When I wear a one-size-fits-all hat, I have to wear on the way back of my head and it doesn’t even cover my face from the sun. What I like about this one is I can actually wear it fully on top of my head to keep the sun off my face. You probably won’t see me without this hat in Hawaii. Or without the hat that I will show you in the next look!

white blouse for vacation


Brunch by the Ocean Outfit

I love the white and neutral tones in this last look! One day on our trip, I’m hoping me and Kevin can do a nice bottomless mimosa brunch while our moms watch the kiddos! This is definitely what I’d be wearing. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my mom and Kevin’s mom are coming with us on the trip so we can have some time to relax and have alone time while they watch the kiddos. I am so so so excited about it!

You might recognize this cream colored cami because I blogged about it in this post before. I love how versatile it is. I can wear it with a pair of dress pants to the office, then out to drinks with girlfriends. But I can also dress it down with a pair of white linen pants for a vacation look.

white linen vacation pant


By the way, I feel like nobody can go on vacation without a pair of white linen pants. You can dress them up and down. I’m wearing them with nude heels here. On the trip I’ll probably mostly be wearing them with sneakers and sandals. Maybe a pair of wedges here and there. By the way, I asked you guys for help the other day finding a great pair of wedges, and I just wanna say thank you so much for all of you that commented on my little blog post with ideas! I was able to find a couple great pairs that I ordered for my trip!

It looks like stock is getting low on them, so I am going to link a few similar pairs here at a few price points.

And last but not least my big floppy hat. You will rarely see me outside in the sun without a hat these days. So I’m bringing multiple to Hawaii with me. Sun protection is one of the most important things in my life now and I love that I can take care of my skin and wear a cute fashionable accessory all at the same time.

white linen vacation pant

white linen vacation pant


Well that’s it for me. I am so so so excited to go to Hawaii on Saturday! My soul needs this trip! I feel like I’ve been working so hard and so much without a break for years now, and I really just need to let myself sit back and enjoy this time with my family and especially the alone time with my husband. If you guys have any links to items you love for vacation, let me know! The last two times I was on vacation I was pregnant, so I really have a little to no vacation clothes that aren’t maternity so I’m basically buying an entire new suitcase full of clothes for this trip. I still need to grab a few things. So let me know if you have any great options!

35 Thoughts

35 thoughts on “Time for Vacation!

  1. Not a big fan of this dress. Looks to me like a nightgown, definitely not cover up for a beach. All outit ideas are little blah, Hawaii needs more color 🙂

    1. I am a neutral girl too. I think the looks are all spot on. I love the white blouse. I had commented on your mom outfit post….I’ll be it a little late, about holey Jean’s and trying too hard. I am 42 w a 3 year old and dont want to seem like I’m trying to fit in w the younger moms. what is your take?

  2. I love these outfit ideas Ali! They all look so comfortable, soft, and breezy, and their soft colors are relaxing just to look at. Perfect for a vacay! Love your blog soo much!! Keep doing you!

  3. You need to try the mill house at the plantation for a romantic sunset dinner!! It is not a beach dinner but the view will blow you away, It is so beautiful and the food is amazing! Farm to table and they have lots of vegetarian options, although the menu might have changed since we went in October! Have fun!

  4. This is not a cover-up at all. It looks like lingerie and weird to be wearing in public.
    Also, who did your makeup for this shoot?
    The colouring is all off. Your eyes look sick.

    1. Neliah,

      Do you enjoy being an ONLINE bully?
      Her make- up is beautiful and if you read the post, she explains how she didn’t know if it was a cover-up or a dress. But thank you for posting your nasty comments on someone else‘s appearance. Ali, enjoys making all others feel beautiful and welcome. Too bad you can’t do that too.

      1. If she really did enjoy “making all others feel beautiful and welcome” then she wouldn’t have made such insensitive comments about people missing teeth in the days leading up to her getting her tooth pulled.

  5. You do realize that when you write a PUBLIC blog you open yourself up to criticism right? Deleting comments that call you financially privileged just substantiate those claims. And you cannot deny that you are financially privileged. The fact that you’ve been to Hawaii three times in the past five years? And you complained that you were pregnant on 2/3 trips? Some people aren’t lucky enough to go once.
    All we’re doing is trying to make you aware of your privilege.

      1. Non stop complaining. And Kevin legit does everything for her. She needs to go. She hasn’t changed since her whiney season as bachelorette.

        1. Yes! Kevin does SO much for her. Yes she is lucky, but it’s ridiculous. How many times I’ve put my kids to bed while sick myself, or exhausted through pregnancy, or post csection.. I’ve just done it! Because guess what? As a mom of littles, that’s just what you do! So pampered, so spoiled. I always end up unfollowing her and then for one reason or another, come back to the blog and I’m quickly reminded why I unfollow. Don’t get me started on her tooth drama. Been there myself.. without anesthesia!! So here I go again.. unfollowing!

    1. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”? Does it make you feel better about yourself to leave such negative comments on somebody’s blog? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s really that simple.

      1. 100% agree, anyone who posts negative comments go to some other blog, No one deserves those nasty words. Life is too short for negativity. You have posted nasty comments multiple times here.

        Get off this blog. You are all disrespectful!

        Ali just went threw a CANCER scare, have some RESPECT!!! If you don’t agree with Ali …. MOVE ON!

        Ali is too sweet to address this herself, because she has learned to IGNORE you.
        Good for you Ali, don’t change anything you say or do! They don’t deserve your time or thoughts!

        1. You do know that skin cancer is the most benign and treatable cancer there is right? And she was fortunate enough to have the funds to get that taken care of and get a facial on top of it. Doesn’t sound like a hardship worthy of respect to me 🤷‍♀️
          As Wendy said, she made her blog public, so that means that there are people who are going to criticize her. It’s a fact of life.

          1. My father in-law died of skin cancer, after a long, gruesome battle, not to mention losing half of his face. It’s not always so treatable.

          2. Are you in fact a dermatologist? Yes skin cancer is treatable if caught early but I have witnessed first hand what skin cancer can do if not found early. My father died (when I was 11 years old, I am now 34) from melanoma found in a mole on his back. They had to skin graph a large chunk of his leg to replace the skin missing on his back and endure chemo and radiation treatments for a long time before passing away. Skin cancer is not something to treat lightly and thank god there are more advanced treatments now a days to help people who are diagnosed. I also had a coworker within the last year find out that a mole she had removed was in the early stages of developing cancer, luckily they removed everything and she was cleared but she went through hell for weeks thinking of what it could have been. I am so happy that Ali has promoted the fact that we should all get our skin checked and I hope it was a wake up call to anyone that may be thinking that a mole that looks a bit odd is no big deal. I hope to god Kalista that you never have to go through something like that because it is torture.

  6. You look beautiful in everything! I’m such a neutrals girl so these are right up my alley. We are gearing up to go in June and I think I need to order that first hat. The Gazebo restaurant is delicious for breakfast. They have little wiki stick packages they give the kids to play with while you wait. Also boogie boarding is fun on Napili Bay! Have the best time!!

  7. If you have time for some adult time one afternoon, take a drive to Maui Wine! Was super fun – they give a tour and a tasting, and besides “normal” wines they have pineapple wines made from fermented pineapples. We shipped three bottles of that back home! Enjoy

  8. That dress is most definitely meant for the bedroom! Not something I’d be comfortable sporting in front of my mother and mother in law. But hey, to each their own.

  9. If I remember correctly your Mom”s came to Hawaii last time to give you some privacy and Ali being Ali couldn’t bear to be without Molly so it was kind of a disaster. I hope this time you can cut the umbilical and give Kevin the quality time he most definitely needs.

  10. Wow. I’m shocked at how many hateful comments on here from obviously jealous people. Ali is excited about her vacation, sharing beautiful clothes with us, and looks gorgeous. She’s worked hard for what she has, and you know what? No one is forcing you to follow her page and If what she posts and talks about bothers you, why not just unfollow? Oh, and no where did I hear her complain about being pregnant in Hawaii. She was stating a fact, people. Ali, have a wonderful vacation, can’t wait for pictures! My daughter, her hubby and kiddos have been to Hawaii twice in the last three years and loved it.

  11. Seriously am so sick of hearing you complain. Again this morning on instastory about how much you did before 9am…what do you want? A medal?
    You do realize you are FAR more privileged than the average parent out there, right? For you to always be pointing out how much you do and how tired you are just makes those of us who actually do have it hard, really angry.
    You need to practice gratitude.

  12. Wow, y’all are so mean! I mean why do you visit this blog if all you can do is make derogatory comments about Ali, her clothes, her lifestyle, etc. Let’s face it, some of us have money, others don’t, some of us have great husbands, others don’t. If you’re not happy with your own life, tearing down someone else will not change things for you.

    Ali, don’t let the negative trolls get you down. You look fabulous in your vacation outfits! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

  13. Ali, thank you for being real and sharing your life with us. I’ve got two kiddos about the same age as yours and life has its ups and downs, no matter what our circumstances may be. Please don’t let others get you down with negative comments, especially while you are on a trip with your precious family. I know this post is for fashion/vacation, but I am just so confused by the comments above and why people choose to say certain things. That being said, we need info on that bathing suit!! ❤️

  14. Hi Ali! Hope you’re enjoying your beautiful Maui vacay!
    Is it still possible to still shop your blush one piece bathing suit? My bad: you did post it plus a discount code on a video late last week, but I can no longer find.

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