The Bachelor Premiere – Does Hannah Stay?

Holy smokes! The Bachelor Premiere was so good tonight and the teaser for the upcoming season st the very beginning of the episode was unreal! I was on the edge of my seat and if the Bachelor was on Netflix and available to binge watch right now, I would stay up all night long just to watch every single episode! To be completely honest with you guys, I almost didn’t want to watch this season. Not because of Peter. I love Peter and I know (and knew before seeing the teaser) that it would be an incredible season with him as the lead! I got to chat with him a couple of times and I was just blown away with how sweet and adorable he is!

the bachelor peter weber

The reason I didn’t think I was going to watch, is honestly just cause I’m super busy! A two-hour TV show every week plus blogging about it is just a lot. And you guys know me, I can’t watch and not blog about it! I have to share my thoughts with all of you and hear what all do you have to say to! So it’s either watch and blog or don’t watch it at all. Ha! Anyway, I’m so excited for the season and I’m going to be an edge of my seat, along with all of you, every episode!

Let’s talk about the girls that stood out (at least to me):

The Ladies from The Bachelor Premiere

Alexa (the waxer) – I can’t even put my finger on what I like about her so much. I guess in my mind it just takes a very confident person to be able to wax somebody else’s genitals. Ha! And I liked her sense of humor and confidence about it. But she said “I’m ok” when Peter asked her how she was when she came out of the limo.  Just OK?!?! I feel like it came out the wrong way. I’m guessing she was just nervous!

alexa waxer the bachelor premiere

Hannah Ann (a model)- She is so stunning it seems unreal. It actually kind of feels unfair. Ha. Without a doubt she’ll make it really far – top 3 for sure. Especially after seeing how Peter reacted to her coming out of the limo and giving her the first kiss. And who knows, maybe Peter is destined to end up with a Hannah! And btw, doesn’t she look SO MUCH the Jenna Dewan? Let’s discuss in the comments below

Victoria Paul (a nurse) – When she broke down in tears because she was so emotional about meeting Peter I just thought it was so sweet. And you can just tell she is a sweet soul which is exactly what Peter said he’s looking for. A kind heart.

Madison (A basketball champ)- SUCH a cutie!!! Peter’s poker face when he met her was so bad! Ha! It was so obvious that he was drawn to her at first sight. I will get to their date in a minute.

madison the bachelor premiere

Maurissa (works for a plastic surgeon) – I LOVED her. I was SO sad to see her go. Honestly it seemed EXTREMELY obvious to me that Peter kept some of the other girls because the producers wanted him to. Don’t you think? Which I’m not faulting him for whatsoever. When I was the Bachelorette, I picked the handful of guys I really liked night one and then honestly I was so exhausted at the end of the night (It’s 8 in the morning and you’ve been up all night), so I kind of let the producers pick the rest for me. I remember when we were going through the guy night one, if I could remember somebody’s face or name we kept them. Ha! That’s how delirious you are at the end of the night.

A few things I didn’t care for:

The dirty jokes out of the limo. Yeah we get that he had sex four times in a windmill but I just don’t feel like that’s something I would want to bring up the first time I meet my future husband. I guess everybody’s different but that’s just not something that I cared for much.

windmill entrance the bachelor premiere

I also felt like it was not the greatest move for Savannah to kiss him the way she did right out of the limo. Yes, he kissed her back but I think he was just trying to be nice honestly.

And the group date with Hannah. More on that in a minute. Let’s talk about the other dates first.

The First Group Date

Given that this first group date was at the airport where he learned to fly made me realize that this entire first week, and really the entire time they’re in Los Angeles before they leave, is like one big long hometown date for him and all the girls! Obviously the Madison date with his parents renewing their vows was the ultimate hometown date. And Peter’s not kidding when he says he lives right down the road from the mansion. He does! The hotel that all the Bachelor and Bachelorette stay in now while filming is in Westlake village (I say “now” because back when I was a Bachelorette I stayed at a house up the street from the mansion – not at a hotel). I don’t know if you guys remember but Peter is from Westlake Village. So this is literally all happening on his stopping grounds! I just think that’s really cool.

peter kissing kelley

All the kissing that Peter is doing in front of the other women is not cool. But let me say this for anybody else who’s thinking the same thing, I’ve met Peter and talked to him multiple times. He is such a sweet guy! Honestly so much of him reminds me of my little brother. And I honestly think sometimes he kisses out of nervousness, and then sometimes he does it just because it’s what he thinks is the nice thing to do.

I think the same thing happens with how he talks to women in front of other women! He is trying to be nice and say what he thinks that person wants to hear, but not necessarily what the other girls want to hear. Like when he gave Kelley the group date rose and said how special is was that is was in the place they had their first spark. And then telling Madison how stunning she looks and how special their date was going to be. I do hope he tones it down a little bit and realizes how hurtful it’s going to be by doing it in front of the other girls especially as things progress.

(Speaking of Kelley, I found her dress from the limo entrances in black)

Madison Date

Wow wow wow. Madison will be in the top 2 no question. And I will go as far to say that she will be the one. I was glued to the TV for every SECOND of their date. I was smiling, crying, laughing, heck I was going through every good emotion I can think of. I guarantee you when the producers asked him who he wanted to take on the date, they asked him to choose someone that he really thought he could end up with at the end of this. And I’m sure that’s just what he wanted to do because of the personal nature of the date. So in my mind right now Madison is the girl he’s going to end up with at the end of this no question. Well Madison or Hannah Ann. The first impression rose wins in the end by more than 50% of the time or something like that. Maybe even more than 75% of the time.

Group Date with Hannah –

The first thing I wanna say about the group date is it was in such poor taste. We all get that they had sex four times in a windmill. But that is just not something that needs to be recited in front of all the other girls. And I don’t blame Hannah. It wasn’t her decision to have the date be sex stories and then tell her story. The producers did all that. But she did go along with it. The only thing I will say is that it’s so hard not to go along with it when you’re on the show. And honestly, I think part of her wanted to go along with it because she wanted Peter to remember and she wanted to be with him. I mean obviously we know she wants to be with him at this point. But I’m just over the windmill – I don’t want to hear about the windmill anymore.

hannah brown the bachelor peter

In terms of Peter and Hannah, I think it’s safe to say that she doesn’t stay in the house after this conversation. If you think about her time on Dancing with the Stars it just wouldn’t add up unless the show never travels anywhere and stays in Los Angeles the entire time, which I highly doubt happens. At one point in the teaser at the end of the show, we see one of the girls say something about how he should just end up with Hannah. I honestly think they’re talking about Hannah Ann in that clip. I think Hannah Brown will leave at the beginning of next week’s episode.

I want to talk about the situation delicately because I think it’s a really tricky situation. Do I think Hannah should be there professing her love for Peter? No. I don’t. It’s not really fair of her. But I also know that sometimes with love you can’t control it. How you feel is how you feel and sometimes it can be literally impossible to hold back your emotions. I don’t think she went there to try to get Peter. But I’m sure it’s been in the back of her mind as a possibility. And I’m sure she was just hoping she could hold it together.

At the end of the day, after what happened to her with Jed and then watching Tyler jet set around the world dating Gigi Hadid for a hot minute, the girl has got to be an emotional wreck! I mean poor thing! She has been through the ringer. But at the end of the day, Peter is just her back-up plan. And we can’t even say Peter was her second choice cause really he’s her third choice. But I sooooo feel for her. I don’t think Peter should have even suggested she come in the house because it’s time for her to move on. She’s going to meet someone that’s right for her, but Peter’s just is not it.

I remember after I was the Bachelorette and Roberto and I ended our engagement there was some rumors that he was potentially going to be the next Bachelor. (BTW, I heard he just got engaged! Someone posted it to my FB group! So happy for him!) I remember I was sick to my stomach at the thought of it! For someone I cared about so much for so long to then go on to be the Bachelor was something I could not stomach. Especially someone I was once engaged to! So with Hannah, I’m guessing that she was so heartbroken about the Jed situation and then equally emotionally messed up from asking Tyler out on a date and then him going off and dating Gigi Hadid. I can only imagine that she second-guessed all of her past actions and of course now wants to be with a guy as wonderful as Peter.

peter hannah brown the bachelor premiere

I don’t blame her for one second for any of it! I just think it’s a sad situation and I think she needs to move on as best she can and find the man of her dreams and Peter needs to move forward with the girls in the house. But at the end of the day, it’s their lives and the only thing that really matters is that they both end up in a loving relationship. Even if that relationship ends up being the relationship they have with them self (I’m all about self love). And that’s the truth.

But if you want my take on it, and I’m guessing you do and that’s why you’re reading this blog, I definitely don’t think Hannah is staying around nor do I think she should stay around. What do you guys think? I MUST discuss in the comments below!!!

A Last Thought…

And last but not least, I just wanna say that one of my biggest takeaways from the Bachelor Premiere tonight was just how incredible Peter’s family is. He said it multiple times throughout the show and it was so obvious when we saw him spend time with his parents at the beginning, but he is so lucky to have such an incredible family. And I mean, the vow renewal, I was weeping like a baby. To grow up surrounded by all of that love is such a gift. Because most people don’t have that. I didn’t.

I never really talk about it because I feel like I don’t want to make my parents feel bad or something, but they had a terrible marriage. They fought violently when I was young. Thankfully they got a divorce when I was 12, but it was really hard those years prior. So many people have children who aren’t in the right relationships. I don’t know, I’m rambling now because this blog is supposed to be about the bachelor premiere. But I took so much more from the episode then just the entertainment I normally do. I hope so badly that Kevin and I are that example to our children for the rest of our lives.

Fashion Updates!

Okay, I can’t go without talking a little fashion! I love sharing some of my favorite looks with you guys at the end of my Bachelor blogs. So here a few of my favorite outfits that are still in stock that I’ve written about since my last Bachelorette blog! I’ll start with this top it’s only $39 and the comfiest thing ever that you will never want to take off this winter! Keep reading for my FAVE $17 sweater!!!!

ali raglan top neutralraglan top


It is seriously SO soft and a great neutral color. The best part is that it is under $40 – and it really looks and feels like it could be worth over $100. It comes in three colors, the beige that I am wearing here, a purple and heather gray! (I also own the purple one FYI) You really can’t go wrong with any of them. I would say that it is pretty true to size. I am a medium and I am wearing a medium in this photo.  It’s great for cooler winter days because the texture of the top is soft and almost like a light fleece which makes it super cozy. You can read more about this top and outfit here.

Believe it or not, some of my friends are still attending holiday parties this month! Which is so crazy to me, but I also love that people are still having a reason to dress up and get creative with their outfits. One of my favorite dresses from this holiday season was under $130, and it is so colorful and pretty. I’m wearing a size medium in it which is my normal size. So I would definitely say it’s true to size. I love the exaggerated sleeves on it. Not only the puff sleeves, but it has these incredible built-in details down the lower third portion of the sleeve. It has a vintage feel with a modern twist.

floral wayf dress

floral wayf dress


The colors are so vibrant! I almost wore pair of black pumps with this but I thought because of the super fun vibrant colors a white bootie just made it so much more fun! But you could totally do a black pump with us and it would still be such a showstopper! It’s definitely a little bit more of an investment than I normally spend on clothes but is just over $100. I still think it’s a steal because it’s just so so so beautiful!

And the lip I am wearing in this is a Nars Lip Pencil in the color Red Square FYI.


I also recently did a post where I compiled a list of 3 sweaters that are all under $17… yes, $17! You read that right. I will show you my favorite of the three here, but you definitely should head over to the blog to check out the rest. 3 sweaters for under $55 is unheard of!! At least I’ve never seen deals that good!

This knit sweater is another one of the sweaters that I just didn’t know what to expect when I got in the mail. But as soon as I took out of the packaging I was absolutely blown away by the quality! It’s again only $17 and it’s absolutely stunning! It comes in seven colors total. It’s funny because it actually doesn’t have the best reviews on the Walmart site which I am shocked by. I really highly recommend picking up the sweater and seeing for yourself. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, I feel like if I saw this on somebody out and

about, I would think it was $100+ sweater — if not $200! I’m wearing a medium which is my normal size.


I have my $16 pair of jeans on in these pics too! If you bought these jeans when I blogged about them in the past, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Peter this season, now let’s talk about the Bachelor Premiere!

211 Thoughts

211 thoughts on “The Bachelor Premiere – Does Hannah Stay?

    1. Part of me feels like they both want to be with each other. Maybe they were scared of how amazing it would possibly be so they didn’t go for it. Love can surely be overwhelming and for some it’s hard to take the leap. I’d be happy for Hannah B and Peter to be together if it’s what they both want.

  1. I’m going to throw my 2 cents in ;). I personally think Hannah B is one of Chris Harrisons favorites. He has said so in interviews recently. I also kind of feel like Hannah B is ABC’s “ace in the hole” type situations. People love her or love to hate her. She was a main runner in Coltens season, became bachelorette herself, won people’s choice award, won dancing with the stars, presented at the CMAs and was at the Golden Globes. I just feel like ABC is going to be making her front and center as much as possible. Chris Harrison and Peter have both said in recent interviews that she wasnt “always” away with dancing with the stars and that she will be a very strong presence on this season. I also find it very odd that there are absolutely ZERO spoilers out for the ending. Kind of makes me wonder if Hannah B is who he ends up with.

    1. My friend and I thought this too!! They say online this is the first season to not have spoilers and that preview of the finale at the beginning …. maybe Hannah leaves and then comes back at the end??? I’m on edge and it’s week one.

      1. Yes!! I just feel like hannah is going to be around for awhile. I think he has a good head on his shoulders and will do what he feels is right for him. Coltens season didnt end the way I thought but he stuck to his guns and went after his girl. I just feel that Peter is to Hannah what Cassie was to Colten.

      2. I was thinking that too about spoilers. Personally I think Hannah and Chris Harrison would be a great match

        1. I find Chris creepy & too old to be host of a show like this. There isn’t much about him online. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dated a lot of the contestants

    2. Yes!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! I’m so hoping that it. There is always a spoiler. Hannah also dropped out of doing some of the traveling dancing with the stars so I was thinking it’s because of some commitment here!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

      1. It was an interesting opener! I really liked Madison and feel she will be a top runner.
        Very interesting about DWTS, Arielle. I just checked their schedule and Hannah is only listed for one date, the one in NYC.

    3. I agree totally with you. There were many spoilers for Hannah’s season. Many people kept asking her in interviews why she would not date her partner on DWTS. She would just smile and say he is just a friend. I believe if her heart was available and open she would have dated him. But many individuals don’t put Hannah and Peter together because they were being filmed for two separate shows. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Like Ali I will be at the edge of my seat.

    4. I agree 100% with what you said about Hannah B. She seems to be ABC’s “poster girl.” I wish this season were just a fresh start of new faces, aside from Peter. Let Peter have a fresh start.

  2. Unfortunately Hannah and Peter has not processed what happened between them. My gut says that she needs to stay away. She probably needs therapy to help her get stronger. If Peter is determined to be w her, at this point needs to go through the process of the show to really see if that is what he wants. If he truly still loves her he won’t get engaged at the end. He will know at that point. In all fairness to Peter, I hope they allow him to proceed without Hannah coming on anymore. Just my two cents.

  3. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but I LOVE Hannah and I think her and Peter make a great couple and I hope they get together. I do agree that I’m not sure that it is possible for hannah to stay with everything else she had going on but I do hope she comes back on at the end or something and ends up with him!

    1. I kind of agree with you – I think it would be really fun if they end up together in the end – however, I think it is a bit unfair to the other girls and a waste of a season… but hopefully they can spin it in a way it will still be fun to watch!!!!

  4. I love Peter and Madison so much but I also feel like if she wins they’re making it WAAYY TOO obvious this early. What do you think?
    Also I’m surprisingly a big fan of Kelsey who he had met before! Usually when this happens it is so frustrating to me but I feel like she’s not going to rub it in girls faces and I feel that them running into each other was really just chance. Thoughts?

    1. I thought it was whether or not she would even be on the show. I don’t think they will end up but she might become America’s favorite for the bachelorette. I also don’t think he’ll end up with Madison, I just didn’t feel the connection between them. The nurse who vomited seemed like a great fit though.

  5. I can’t believe that they let the girl win the competition when she clearly cheated. It was in poor taste to allow her the win. This season should be interesting.

  6. I really feel like Hannah Brown needs to leave. She’s had her chance and she messed up. If she is to be with Peter, then perhaps that decision will be made at the very end if Peter says no to all of the women. I really like Kelly, but she did ignore all of the obstacles when riding the trike. I have never been fond of the interrupting and intruding on the conversation moments.

  7. I literally had GOOSEBUMPS watching Madison’s date. She is his wife …. she has to be. They were so effortless with each other and she truly looked like part of his family. But I also love Hannah B and watching them be so upset about each other made my heart break.

  8. I have to wonder because there are no spoilers out that the ending truly hasn’t happened yet. I think we will all be surprised at what happens at the end. I would honestly LOVEEEE if Hannah B and Peter end up together. You can see the emotion in their body Language. However, I will say when Hannah is in front of all the new girls I can guarantee all the emotions came rushing back and she wishes that she didn’t let him go. It’s very sad to see but I am also obsessed with Madison! She is cute, bubbly, down to earth, and seems like she is true to herself. I can’t wait to watch their story unfold. I def think she is the last girl standing but no engagement at the end of this season…..

    1. I completely agree with you!! I so wish they could have ended up together at the end of her season because you can tell how much they truly love each other – and I think there’s little chance that he gets over her and ends up in a successful engagement. He just doesn’t seem like he’s over Hannah yet and I seriously wonder if this is why there are no spoilers!!

  9. Hi Ali: I love your openness and honesty. It seems this show always brings someone back from a prior episode, all just to stir things up. I completely agree Hannah B. needs to move on as do the windmill stories….ugh!!! I’m so hoping for a happily-ever-after ending for Peter. I also hope it it’s Madison. Hannah Anne seems immature and pushy. Just my own observation.
    Looking forward to reading your blog each week.🌹

      1. Hanna Anne seems manipulative too, When she was approached about the interrupting, she just smiled and agreed with the girl… she knows how beautiful she is and uses it I think. BUT I do think Peter is in awe of her, and that she will be around for a LONG time

        1. I have mixed feelings about Hannah Ann. However, I do get irritated when the women cry and lament about not getting enough time with him while they are sitting around and doing nothing about it. He is not necessarily going to grab every single girl. If you want time with him, go and get it! That’s what Hannah Ann did, and it worked in her favor. But I also felt like Shiann was looking for drama. When Hannah Ann responded “I want that for you too”, it was basically her saying, “Stop wasting time with me and go talk to him!” I agreed with that. She shouldn’t have to apologize for fighting for what she wants.

  10. Looove Peter as the bachelor! He is so sweet and genuine. During his one on one date with Madison when his family came out to dance with them the season should’ve ended there!!! 😍😂 they are perfect together!!!! And I love her! She’s beyond sweet and incredibly genuine. Alabama Hannah coming on the show and talking about the windmill is awwwwkward! But the producers are gonna do what they wanna do 🤷‍♀️ Peter’s parents vow renewal was so beautiful. I was crying

  11. What do you think the previews were about when his mama told him to bring back his girl/go get her?! Do you think it was about Hannah B?!

      1. I think it was Madison. But the 1st episode I doubt will be how it ends up.
        Truth be told, I am getting tired of seeing Hannah B. and especially on night 1. I’m sure it’s all for the ratings but she needs to move on and stop being on every tv sow, especially this one.

      1. It could be about Hannah B. Or Madison since they met them both. Or…do they have a pet? Maybe they lost their family pet…producers would make it look as dramatic as possible!

        I think Madison is going to be the Virgin…can you really see Peter with a virgin? Not sure if I can!

  12. I honestly think Hannah B will stay and I’m kinda pumped about it. Her and peters love is undeniable! I do agree with you about all the windmill jokes and Hannah’s windmill date. It is unnecessary, but I think it was part producers, part Hannah. Love the girl though! And PETER!! His parents are the cutest!

    1. She was filming DWTS at the same time, there is no way she stayed. They traveled the world and she was in the dance studio every day in LA.

  13. I love your blog and I’m with you on Hannah taking a hike. She feels lonely and hurt and wants something she had but threw away. She definitely needs therapy to help her move on. I’m personally not a fan of hers bc she is too much for me. Who cares about the sex 4 times?? Not interested. Lol. I hope he tries to move on and can open his heart to finding love again with someone else.

  14. I’m so torn on the whole Hannah B situation. Part of me feels like she had her chance & needs to move on & allow Peter to do the same … but at the same time can we talk about the chemistry Hannah B & Peter still have?! I feel like they’re noticeably still crazy about each other and you can’t fault them for acting on those emotions. I see genuine connections forming with some of the new girls, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Peter & Hannah B give things another shot if he doesn’t come out engaged!

    1. I agree! They have so much chemistry and when Hannah talked about how she felt when she saw him at after the Rose! I felt like they still had so much chemistry then and I really thought she would ask him out at that point…

  15. As soon as Hannah Ann stepped out of the limo I thought she looked crazy like Jenna Dewan! I told my husband & he agreed! Secondly, I knew he was gonna give her the first impression & I can see her going far in this season… With all the Hannah drama, I’m ready for her to be old news. She had her chance & is going to do anything she can to stay in the spot light. It’s not fair to Peter or the other girls for her to come back. I am SOOOO over the windmill jokes. Seriously. They need to move on. A lot of their entrances were a lottlw much for me too. He has to be over all the pilot & windmill jokes! I know I am! Sheesh… I’m hoping this is a good season for him & hope he finds love! He is so CUTE!

    1. I might have have the unpopular opinion but I can’t stand Hannah Ann. I think she’s snarky, into herself and is way too young for him. Madison is young but seems more mature, I like her. A Hannah B and Peter outcome would be my favorite ending, but due to following her on dancing with the stars, it’s unlikely that she’ll stay. Fingers crossed she comes back at the end!

      1. Interesting! I want to hate her cuz she’s drop dead gorgeous lol but I thought she was really sweet and handled that situation when the girl confronted her with much maturity

      2. I completely agree with your thoughts on Hannah Anne. I’m not a big fan of Hannah B. She doesn’t seem to know what she wants and needs to figure herself out first before getting into a committed relationship.

  16. I left week one already so emotionally invested! Completely agree with your front runners as Madison (sp?) and Hannah Anne! Madison’s date get so real and comfortable and like a home town at the end. They’re adorable together. Gosh my heart hurts for Hannah. I agree she is absolutely just going back through all her decisions and feeing emotionally overwhelmed. I don’t think she will or should stay. And agree she probably didn’t intend for all the emotion to overflow when they had her do the group date. Gosh m thwart hurts for her and just want her to be happy and find that undying love! I am so invested in this season already and love reading your thoughts! We always tend to think similarly! Have a good night!

  17. Love Hannah B and really want her to be work Peter. I have said from watching her season she made a mistake and should of ended up with him. I’m rooting for them and I know people may not agree with me but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  18. My prediction is he gets to the end and still can’t stop thinking about HB and goes back to her and then make it work!

  19. First of all – Peter’s Family💓. There is no doubt that his Mom and Dad set a great example for him and he is going to make one of the ladies very happy…. Whether that be Hannah or not?? One part of me wants that for Hannah (and Peter by his emotions on tonight episode) but like you said Ali, Hannah is for sure stuck in a situation of “what if’s”. On the fence with how to feel about this!

  20. I can see Hannah B. being the one in the end, whether she is on the show or not. That would explain the different ending talked about. 🤷‍♀️

    1. I don’t think so based on what she tweeted recently. She said something about how “that was not a blast. a day I was not looking forward to reliving”. If they were together now, why would it be hard to watch? It would be in the past and you would have love. I feel like if they ended up together then she would have said something more like “Coming back to fight for love!” I dunno. Thoughts?

      1. I think she’s playing both sides especially if ‘no spoilers are going to be released’. She can’t give things away, so maybe she’s just playing the devil’s advocate here.

      2. Maybe that tweet was just because the group date was in poor taste with the windmill rehashing and she is embarrassed? It might not be about them being together at all….

      3. I think “Coming back to fight for love!” is too big of a spoiler. Also even if it worked out for them in the end I can see why that scene would be hard to relive. Yes they got the chance to talk but I personally don’t like to watch myself be so very vulnerable. And as genuine as they were being, I’m sure a lot of people were hurt by that scene, like Tyler??? Or even other girls who put their lives on hold who were truly there for Peter. Both Hannah and Peter seem truly empathetic so whether they end up together or not I’m sure in hindsight that was an uncomfortable scene for them to live through again.

  21. Not a fan of Hannah Anne at all! She seems so young and a little arrogant. Madison is sweet, but she looked so nervous and unsettled when he kissed her! She pulled away pretty fast and then he just kept going in! Peter is super super sweet!

  22. Okay, so this is not going to be a popular opinion but I defiantly think there’s still something between Hannah and Peter. And if she did go on the show for him, I’d root for her all the way. People make mistakes. And it can’t be easy making those decisions. Two people can find their way back to each other if it was meant to be. Who cares how they got there, just that they are together in the end.

    1. I don’t like the girl who he met in the hotel lobby a month before. She clearly cheated and should have been disqualified on the obstacle course!

  23. I think Hannah B and Peter’s relationship had a time and a place and this is not it anymore. Which is probably not the most popular opinion but that is how I really feel. I think it’s time for them both to move on and that he should be able to find love away from her.

  24. Going to be an interesting season for sure because some of those gals are too emotional right out of the gate. Hannah B needs to move on. I like her but feel it is very selfish of her to come back and play with Peter’s heart and I felt like she did that when she got up off the sofa and stood away from him. I honestly felt that it was not heart felt and just for show. Why now? She could have contacted him before. The producers really messed up I think by bringing her on. And totally agree about the four times in the windmill. Let it go already, almost turned it off at that point. Show some class people. I like Peter and I hope he tells Hannah to move along and that she doesn’t string him along for a few episodes and breaks his heart again. Could totally cause the other girls to distrust him and where his heart is. Who wants to compete against Hannah B? Although it seems there are some really nice girls there with good hearts, so I am hoping Hannah B rides off into the sunset and continues to emotionally heal!

  25. If Hanna and Peter wanted to be together they would have BEFORE going thru this shows process again…this is all just for views and i’m confused as to why Hanna would agree to come on the show? I’m just confused tbh…

  26. I agree that Peter’s top 3 will be Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria. I did not really feel that Kelly will last as long even though he is into her.
    I think it’s tacky that Hannah had time to come back and talk about her feelings before the cameras were rolling this season. I don’t feel it’s genuine and it feels set up or else it would have happened prior to this TV opportunity. I have been a fan of Hannah all along, but this just feels too scripted.

    1. I thought it seemed so produced, as well! Why now? Either this is all for ratings, or Hannah is an extreme narcissist ! Why would she sabotage Peter’s night by making it all about her…..AGAIN? And if they do end up with each other, what a waste of time this whole season will have been.

      1. I agree about it being staged. Me and my husband both said that. Love Hannah B., but geez, how much tv time do you need. It’s too much. Move on. Let Peter do his thing..

        1. Agree 100% Debbie and Leah. She’s so fame hungry she can’t even let someone move on and have their own experience on the Bachelor. It was so staged… to the point where she sat on the vanity and was surrounded by the lights..barf.

  27. Hi Ali,
    Glad you are watching this season! I enjoy you blogs on it and would have been disappointed had you not. So yay!!! Glad you are here. I agree with everything you are saying. But I am a fan of Hannah B. Actually would like to see her with her dancing partner tho. I think the girl deserves a break in love. As for Peter, Omgosh… Madison is adorable… I loved her conversation, and it Sounds like they both have the same goals in life as well as similar upbringings.
    She’s my pick! I am not a fan of Hannah Ann, and I thought the same, she looks like Jenna.
    Looking forward to how this season evolves. Btw: thank you again for captioning your IG posts. This hearing impaired mama appreciates it so much!!! 😊

  28. My gut is that Peter is with Hannah. I just feel that they have a connection that these other girls won’t come close too. I think they had go through the motions of dating and will end up at the end of this turbulent ride!

  29. I can’t wait to watch Peter’s season. I watched the premiere and the whole Hannah B. Thing has got to stop! She had her chance with him and she chose not to give him her final rose and even after the show chose not to ask him out. Her loss move on!! All that she is doing is screwing with Peter’s emotions and that is not fair to him or the other girls in the house. I hope she just chalks it up as another loss and they both get their closure and move on.

  30. I also can’t stand that Hannah told the windmill story to those girls… that’s in such poor taste. Also that they let the girl win when she cheated..he clearly wanted the time with Kelly. I feel the producers are making this way too fake. Madison seems like the obvious choice from night 1. I didn’t like Hannah Ann interrupting 3 times…immature but he saw it as being bold. I like Peter, without having met him, I can tell he’s one of the nicest guys truly, but come on!

  31. I think you might have heard me screening from Tennessee! Please stope talking about the windmill and the ones who can have that conversion with him right off the bat I can’t believe they are serious about the process. Even as adult I got embarrassed about the comments and I love to watch with my 22 year old snd 17 year old girls! Not any of the things I would want them to be discussing with the man they might marry like that! The jokes all of it was so distasteful but with that said we are excited about the season already too! We love Hannah B and ache for her but it’s time to move on! We totally picked those too two also as it’s very noticeable and have already picked out the villains! I want you to know we’ve watched you from day one and your precious babies have given me so many smiles on some dark days as I’ve battled Leukemia and being single mom and fighting for them! You’re so inspirational and your family is adorable!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I kept looking at her and thinking, who does she remind me of? Yes, Tiffany Amber Theisan, no doubt.

  32. When I saw glimpses of Hannah B on the show my first thought was did the producers allow and maybe even push for it bc they knew both Hannah and Peter didn’t completely end things? Maybe having her in bits through the show also helps him push through to know what he truly wants so he won’t regret the choices he makes and wonder what if ?

  33. HB left such a bad taste in my mouth from Colton’s season and I never got over it. She could not be 100% real – ever, and brought allll the drama… then when karma came back to bite her during her season she acted so above it. And just because she likes to be open about her sex life doesn’t mean everyone does! She could At least be a little more tasteful about it. After the catwalk episode on her season though, tonight’s shenanigans didn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve just never gotten a great vibe from her. Also, who doesn’t get jealous when their ex starts to date again? Especially when your recent relationships have fallen apart… but we‘ve all known a Hannah B in our lives that keeps her ex on the hook after she broke his heart, without any regard for his current relationship. Girl, bye.

    1. Completely agree Jess; I tried to boycott HB’s season b/c I find her nauseating and don’t get her appeal AT ALL! HB is immature, and so inarticulate~she shouldn’t even be on TV! I already think Madison could run circles around her, and wish she would just ‘stay in her lane’ and leave Peter be..

  34. While I understand the love and heartache both Hannah B and Peter must be going through seeing each other, I hope Hannah B goes home. Peter feels like the 3rd choice- as he should- and he deserves so much better! He genuinely seems like an incredible guy and he deserves to be someone’s first choice every time! Back to this season. I loved Peters date with Madison- seriously amazing family and I definitely cried. Love his family/parents! ❤️ Hannah Ann will make it far as well I predict, but for some reason I’m cautious about her.. Love Victoria P, but motion sickness with a pilot husband?!? Loving the start to the season. I truly hope he finds his happiness!! 🤞🏻

  35. Literally thought the same thing with every single girl!!! And didn’t think it was very classy with all the windmill talk. Couldn’t agree more!!

  36. How is no one talking about the cringeworthy bald cat intro or the dry sense of humor is the only thing dry?!! 🤢 So bar. Keep it classy people. Also, all I can think about is how did no one help a girl out and wipe her face?? So crazy they didn’t wipe it …not Peter, not a producer? I mean the girl is going to be meme city. I couldn’t look at anything else but raccoon eyes. The poor dear.

    1. This!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! Keep it classy. Remember that the whole world is watching Including your family, current and future employers etc.
      And I kept waiting for Peter to hand Hannah a Kleenex. Sheesh bro.

    2. Omg yes, that bald cat intro was so cringy and awkward! I was like, how could anyone think to do something like that?! I agree about wiping her face! Like, give her a Kleenex or something🤦🏼‍♀️It was hard to watch because it bothered me so much lol. I was talking to the tv like, “Please wipe your face!”

  37. I thought it was the sweetest thing when they brought the family back out on his one-on-one date and Madison ran right up to his mom and hugged her! It really shows how welcoming and loving Peter’s family was to her.

  38. So in my opinion Peter and Hannah B both still have feelings for each other but that’s ship has sailed. It’s time to let her go and move on to better things. I absolutely love Maddison! She is so beautiful and has such a charming personality! I think they are perfect for each other! I completely agree with you about him taking her home for his parents vowel renewal because he feels she could be the one at the end of this! I was sobbing and Awwwing the whole time during the renewal! I do also like Hannah Ann because she is very aggressive and the girl goes for it! I feel like that’s what he wants. The other girls get pissed about it but they could be doing the same thing! I am so excited for the rest of the season! I love watching every season! Yours was still one of my favs! 😘

  39. Ok totally agree with everything you said!! Literally all of it haha.
    Also thanks for sharing about your parents. I would NEVER have thought that based ok the obvious love you and your husband have for each other. Your kids already see it 😘

  40. I thought Peter was great with handling the ladies. I feel like Hannah did the right thing exploring her heart. I think people deserve to find love no matter how that is found. He could upset all the girls in the house but they’ll get over it, if he ends up picking Hannah B. I mean, it’s wrong but if it’s true love (love Olaf) all their cold hearts will warm up to it. Lol. Anyways, I loved tonight’s episode. I don’t like Victoria just from what I’ve heard about her but I’ll give her a chance. See what Peter sees in her.

  41. I agree that hannah should not stay in the house as well. I understand she might still have some feelings for him but he was her 3rd choice and that says a lot. She missed her chance. They both will find their perfect match with someone new.

  42. Thanks for this blog post and sharing your experience with your family. I was so frustrated at how much emphasis was placed on how long the girls’ parents and grandparents had been married for, as if it was their personal accomplishment. Peter seemed to translate that as a positive reflection on the girl that she had a stable family life with successfully married parents, when really it’s not a reflection of the women’s character at all. While I’m happy for those women, coming from a less stable or traditional family doesn’t mean they are any less valuable or desirable future partners! I feel like it was brought up several fines tonight, and just rubbed me the wrong way.

      1. Congratulations to Roberto and his BEAUTIFUL fiance!! So happy he found his happily ever after and his TRUE love ❤❤❤❤❤

  43. In regards to Peter and Hannah B…I honestly did not like them together on Hannah’s season, but seeing the emotion they both had on the episode last night has completely flipped the script for me. Love can be hella complicated, especially when you fall in love in such an unconventional, public way. I think they would be a great love story, but also wish Peter hadn’t been put in this position and Hannah had just claimed him when she had the chance!

    Another note, I could not get over how young some of the women are on this season. The 2 “frontrunners” you mention (Madison and Hannah Anne) are only 23…that just seems crazy to me! That being said, I really did enjoy watching Madison’s date and feel like she is sweet and genuine and obviously gorgeous.

  44. My prediction is they end up together (Hannah B and peter). Not engaged, but he decides its worth another shot.

  45. Hannah G from bachelor/bachelor in paradise had pics of her and Peter….then of her and Hannah Anna on insta last night. Hmmmm did she give something away? Hope not… Not because I don’t like her, I just don’t want to know until the end. Great blog, I agree with your thoughts 🙂

  46. I’m not normally a hater or negative towards people, but I think Hannah B was just being straight up selfish. Chris Harrison asked Peter if he was over Hannah B in the very beginning. Peter said “I am, I wouldn’t be here if I wanting.” Then Hannah comes back AND TALKS ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE. OBVIOUSLY this is going to rekindle their love. But even past that she starts crying in a separate room waiting for him to come find her so she can be selfish again and say ” I miss you!” Like what a worse way for him to start the season, I’m complete confusion. This is his show, not hers. She had her time now it’s Peter’s time. Just made me mad how she was back and messing with Peter’s head so much. Just confusing him. And Peter is too nice to just say “it’s over I’ve moved on!” And I truly think she knew he was too nice to send her home.

    1. Sorry Karley!! I basically said the same thing you did below without first reading your comment!!! I think you are SPOT ON!!

  47. I just think Hannah B had her season…. let Peter have his! If it works out for them in the end, fine! But she needs to be fair to Peter and respect his decision to be the Bachelor.

  48. Who are you to say Peter is just ger back up plan? You don’t actually know how she feels. I’m sure pleanty of leads look back at even their top fives and 100% feel like they made a mistake. And very well could have made a mistake. People are only human. And are you not the person who called Jake after quitting asking to come back?? I can’t enjoy your bachelor blogs. Too judgemental. Always with the backhanded comments.

    1. Then why do you read them? We come here to hear what Ali has to say and she welcomes our opinions as well. I’m not sure why you follow her and comment if you don’t enjoy her blogs????

  49. Thanks for the blog. I would have to respectfully disagree with you about Hannah Brown. I don’t think it was her intention to come take Peter back, but I think once she saw him again, all the great memories and chemistry started to come back. I think that it’s only fair of Peter to explore those feelings to make sure he is 110% over with Hannah before he invests in relationships with the other women. I wouldn’t want to be with Peter one day knowing that he has unresolved feeling with Hannah. I’m really rooting for them! I don’t think it’s a matter of being second or third choice, I think as the bachelorette (and you would know especially if you had stronger connections than with just Roberto) that she could have loved Jed, Tyler and Peter, but felt pressure to just pick someone at the finale. She can’t just shut off her love for them just like that. I’m totally rooting for Hannah Brown and Peter, and I hope the most dramatic season finale ends with Peter realizing that he still loves Hannah B and pursues that relationship. Thanks for reading!

  50. I have this theory that Hannah B does not stay in the house and continues with Dancing with the Stars. At the end of Peter’s season, he doesn’t pick any of the girls and pursues Hannah B. Seems like a lot of other people think this as well, reading some of the comments. I completely agree with you on the contestants you like and I love Madison. She has a lot of similarities as Hannah B and I think Peter sees that. I’m also over the windmill, but it’s going to be a fixation this season just like Colton being a virgin unfortunately. Can we talk Victoria F for a minute….I think she confused a dry sense of humor with being ditzy. (That’s a little mean I know, but I’m not a fan of her and I think she comes across as insincere.)

  51. My name is Ali too!

    I think you should totally do a blog about your experience on the bachelorette — What you liked and didn’t like!

    Love your blog and pictures! So happy to see you happy.

  52. I have always liked Peter very much. But why the producers, or Peter himself, wanted Hannah Brown there I don’t know! Let her go. She’s everywhere!!!! She had her chance, she’s had the spotlight, now let her go and find REAL love. I HOPE she doesn’t stay! And, if you notice, it’s all about HER! Bye, Hannah B.

  53. Love Peter but he has zero poker face and needs to work on it.
    My biggest complaint about the Hannah B situation: if any of the ladies were still ‘hung up’ on their exes the way Peter and Hannah seem to be, people would be up in arms. And questioning their intentions.

  54. I have always loved Peter and really hoped Hannah B would end up with him on her season – I can’t image the stress that the Bachelor/Bachelorette goes through trying to narrow down their feelings. You’re literally living in a dream world and things can be missed/looked past! For some reason I can’t get it out of my head that Hannah happened to be the Bachelorette that just got way too confused and Peter was the person she was/is supposed to end up with! My boyfriend (yes, my boyfriend lol) and I were watching last night and were yelling how the season should just end and he should be with Hannah! I feel so bad for her, I feel like she is really hurting about him 🙁 … however, if the show must go on and there’s more behind Hannah and Peter’s story and they aren’t meant to be, I loved Victoria. She was so sweet and genuine! I think it will be her, Hannah Ann, and Madison!

  55. I 100 percent think that Hannah and looks like Jenna Dewan!!
    I really hate that Hannah is there… Like you said she needs to move on and let Peter do his thing and she needs to do hers. I feel like it’s a little selfish and unfair to Peter that she’s there crying and acting like she doesn’t know what to do with her life.

  56. I think your thoughts on Peter and the girls are so true!! I think Madison and Hanna Ann are potential for final 2! I wonder how far Kelley will get?
    I was glued watching all night!
    Your pickings are right up there with JIMMY k.
    Love your Post Ali!

  57. I was so upset at the Bachelor franchise regarding the group date with Hannah. You could tell that wasn’t her idea for the group date and that she was just going along with it. They were probably doing it to get emotion out of the girls and HANNA. Most likely she was still friends with the producers and they knew how she was second guessing everything….. and the played on that for ratings! I get it’s a TV show and that’s what they do, but I also feel like it was a little to much. I am also so sick of hearing about the Windmill!!!

  58. Definitely think Hannah coming on was totally inspired by producers to spice it up. She was paid to do it and she obviously agreed for the cash.

  59. The end made me sick. Hannah has no business being there and telling those girls that they did it 4 f***** times. That isn’t ok to to do to other women. They are freaked out enough. Come on now. If she still had feelings for him she should have reached out to him before the show started filming. He’s right….he was her third choice & he’s not about that. But, then you have a girl who you had strong feelings for sobbing in your lap, of course it’s going to bring feelings back for him. Hannah & the producers should be ashamed of themselves. Leave Peter & the girls alone. How must the girl be picked feel watching this?!?

  60. As an avid member of Bachelor Nation (have watched the show since the 90’s)… I have an opinion about last nights episode. I think that Hannah needs to go away and let Peter have his show, There are amazing girls there and the producers are making a mistake by letting her have all of this time on HIS show.

  61. I think I agree with EVERYTHING you said. The distasteful mentions of the windmill and his experience with Hannah should be in the past. And spot on about all his kissing. It’s like he doesn’t know what else to say or do so ‘we kiss’. I think he needs a talking to by his mother or a mature woman about what even a kiss means or should mean, let alone the physical act of intimacy.
    Also, did anyone else notice how he grabbed the FAKE flowers off the hotel wall to give to the girl who never received flowers before?? CHEES-Y….
    It will be an interesting season, I think I like the Bachelorette more though, a little less drama. But I do love seeing all the dresses (or cat suits)!

  62. I think they should be together!! She made mistakes in the past but I don’t think it’s unfair, I think the house is about finding your true love and there are definitely feelings

  63. I agree, Hannah should leave, I worry that if she stayed, Peter wouldn’t be able to truly focus on if he has real connections with anyone else. In the end, if his feelings for Hannah prevail after this Bachelor experience, he should choose someone and should let her know so they can be together. I love Hannah first rose gal but I also love one on one date girl, I forgot her name. Some of the other choices, I agree, must have been Producer choices, likely there’s some sort of drama associated with them, because honestly, what would The Bachelor be without drama.

  64. My hubby and I went to bed late to finish watching Bachelor last night. Geez… the drama was crazy,
    I agree, the producer should stop using Hannah’s windmill experience with Peter. That is no longer relevant now. Also, as much as we want Hannah and Peter to be together because their feelings are obviously there, I think, Hannah has to move on and find someone who is right for her. She made a big mistake in the past, she should have asked Peter when they saw each other in the Final Rose and not Tyler.
    Peter also has to focus on ‘now’ with these beautiful ladies in front of him who could maybe one of them will be his wife.

  65. I really love all of your insights Ali! Ladies that stuck out to me were Hanna Ann, Kelly, Victoria (the nurse), and Madison. I really think those will be his top ladies throughout the season. It was frustrating to see Hannah Brown involved in so much of the first episode. This is supposed to be Peter’s premier. She made the choice to let him go, and if she wanted another shot with him, she should have done so during After the Final Rose. She chose Jed, then asked Tyler our for drinks… but she didn’t try to rekindle things with Peter. How many people would want to be with someone after they’ve been ranked “third choice?” Additionally, I don’t think she really knows what she wants. In the majority of her season, and then again last night she kept saying “I don’t know…” If she doesn’t know herself well enough to make a decision, or we’ll enough to put herself in a vulnerable spot and actually say what she wants (aka, share her true feelings without fear), then she’s not ready for a long term, fully committed relationship.

  66. You may not have had parents who had a good marriage but you and Kevin seem like an amazing TEAM and you are an incredible example of great family! 😉

  67. Okay. So I’m so happy that the Bachelor is back so I can read your blogs about it! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a season solely just because I love Peter so much! But I was so annoyed when Hannah B showed up! It was cute at the beginning to return his wings but that should have been the end of her. I understand she messed up and she knows that too but it’s not fair to do that to Peter and make him second guess all his decisions. I hope they both get closure and she leaves! Last night watching the show I was so looking forward to reading your blog today to see what you had to say about it all! Thanks Ali!!

  68. The season is off to a great start! I think having Hanna B around was purely a ratings chaser done by the show. She’s definitely not sticking around. But boy oh boy! He has the worst poker face! It’s very obvious who he’s attracted to and interested in getting to know! Lets fast forward to group dates! Pretty sure I can pick his top 4 or 5 at this point already.

  69. Oh Ali! The bachelor didn’t bring near the tears that your blog did. You are the best writer and thank God you are watching because I love everything about your reviews. You are so real girlie. Love you. And about the divorce part – I’ve found myself all day thinking if I’ve messed my kids up with mine. Ugh.

  70. Oh my goodness! Last nights episode was amazing! It’s crazy I agree with a lot of what you said! I did not like that Savannah kissed him. Like NO! lol and I noticed when Alexa said I’m okay when Peter asked how she was, I thought that was so strange. Like OKAY? You are meeting flipping Piliot Pete!! You better be better then just OKAY! Lol but I get she was probably really nervous. I hope that you are right about Hannah leaving at the beginning of the next episode. She had her chance, she needs to just move on, plus it wouldn’t be fair to the girls with all the history they already have.
    I am SO excited for this season. It’s going to be super good!
    Also my guess for final rose is Hannah Ann!
    Love ya Ali!

  71. Thank you for breaking this down! I cannot spare THREE hours to watch anymore with a 5 mos old and a two year old 😆 I love the show but I feel burnt out after what happened to Hannah (and she deserves another season, I think) and am planning on hopping back in when they are down to ten or so. I love your blog and always agree with you!!!

  72. Oh my gosh Ali…’re being so nice about this Hannah situation! I am so ready to say goodbye to Hannah Brown! We’ve have seen way too much of her already. This is so unfair to all the girls that gave up jobs, money and time to come see Peter and their time is being hijacked by Hannah, who just wants to remain in the spotlight!

    And shame on Peter for entertaining it!

    As far as my hopefuls for this season…….Victoria P. is my number one so far.
    She seems so normal.
    Hannah Ann is cute, but too pushy.

    And Peter seriously needs to stop kissing in front of the other girls! This is so rude!

    1. While I agree Peter shouldn’t be kissing all the girls in front of the others, what do you expect? These girls come in knowing that there will be kissing and touching with so many others present. Most of those kisses he did not initiate. Don’t go on a show if you’re gonna be super jealous and get all possessive. We saw how that ended with Luke P last season. They’re also all over 20 they are mature enough to look away and not speak ill of the other contestants which most do. As far as Hannah, she’s pursuing someone she still has feelings for it wasn’t being hijacked HE asked her to host the date and the producers came up with the idea. I am not saying they both do not have flaws, but to defend the girls on the show who were talking bad and bullying the others the first night. They’re the ones who need to grow up.

  73. I thought the whole time that Hannah looks like Jenna Dewan too! So funny you thought that as well. I really think I’m going to like this season. I still wish they would bring new people in that weren’t previously on the franchise, but I’m happy with Peter. He seems really sweet and I’m looking forward to this season!

  74. I’m not watching this season (actually haven’t watched since your season!) but I’m hoping you keep blogging on it because I’ll definitely read!

    My parents also divorced but I was super young. I did not grow up in a house that showed how love should be. But I still found my prince in shining armor! My husband is my absolute best friend and HE shows me how love is supposed to be. So just to touch on that, I don’t think you have to grow up in a house with two happily married parents to know love (although I’m sure it helps)!

    I truly hope peter finds the love of his life! And I hope Hannah B. Finds hers. But I hope Peter also knows he should felt chosen every single day of his life. And never someone’s second (or third) choice!

  75. Hannah B did not pick him the first time and now that she is seeing him get all the attention thinks she wants him. I do not feel she has the love for him that he deserves. If she loved him then she would have contacted him. I would think his family does not want him to third choice. Again he deserves to be put first.

  76. I did not like Hannah Ann AT ALL. She knows she’s gorgeous and she’s using it to her advantage (understandable, but also annoying). I understand you need to be bold and aggressive when pursuing someone you like, but she butted in on girls WAY too much. Some hadn’t even had time with him and yet she comes in and asks if she can steal him. Like, we know you want to pursue him, but you don’t need to take him away every two seconds. I just feel like she is very cocky and uses her beauty to her advantage too much.

  77. The way Hannah B and Peter talked/acted towards each other was very real and raw. I can tell they still both have feelings for each other. If Peter is engaged and I was his fiancé watching that episode, I would be a little upset. I can tell Peter wants to be with Hannah B! I hope that if she is “the one” that Peter doesn’t drag all these girls around, only to still have feelings/be in love with Hannah (which is the feeling I’m getting)

  78. I really like Madison and think she will go very far if not win. She just seems so sweet and real. Also, I do not think Hannah B is staying. I have thought that since they showed the first trailer about it. I do not see how the timeline with her on DWTS would work with the bachelor. I don’t think it is fair to Peter or the other girls if she stays. Peter deserves better, he deserves to be someone’s first choice.

  79. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Hannah and I definitely do, but how unfair to all the girls of this season who had their hopes set so high. I’m sure it felt like they didn’t even stand a chance with her showing back up and his obvious feelings for her. If they end up together then great, they’ve definitely had time to think about it and hopefully it would be genuine and I would root for them for sure. But my heart would go out to the other girls. Part of me thinks it’s all for show because she is definitely ABC’s poster girl and good for ratings. I’m excited to see what happens!

  80. My gosh you nailed all my thoughts today ! From the bad sex jokes out of the limo which turned me off – to Hannah Brown needing to let go. It’s too much time to watch tv though – so I may bail this season. It’s just not healthy lol

  81. I agree with about 99% of your blog! I think you said everything so well and I admire you for that. Regarding Hannah. I too don’t think she should join the house, I don’t think that would be fair to her or the other girls and I think it would backfire on Peter. However, I don’t really believe in my heart he was her third option. I think she was blinded by other feelings. I NEVER thought she loved Jed, and I still do not, but I do think she loved Tyler and Peter. I don’t think her and Tyler would’ve worked out in the end, nor her and Jed, but I do think Peter and her could make it work. They both love so passionately and I genuinely feel like they were best friends on/off the show. If they want to try it again then hey, that’s their choice. I wish people would stop bullying her and Peter for it though. They don’t know the true feelings behind it.

  82. Agree. There is no way she is staying. Just wouldn’t add up timing wise nor do I think a previous Lead would ever go back to being a contestant. Understandably. However, I don’t think this has to be the end for them. He should do his season and at the end if it’s still Hannah he wants, he shouldn’t settle on another girl and if he and Hannah are still in the same place mentally I think they should give it a shot. Why not?

  83. It was so cool to hear more about Peter’s Cuban roots!
    I think Tyler had every right to move on. Hannah had every right to break up with him and then ask him out on another date. Feelings were hurt and there was disappointment, of course. But if Tyler was a woman we’d probably be saying “You go girl!” So I dont understand the flak he gets in the media.

    I wish Peter, Hannah and the other gals all the best! Hope they all find their loves!

  84. Hannah Hannah. Just not sure about her. She is cute and bubbly but I just don’t think her maturity is there for Peter. She isn’t sure what she wants. And that’s ok but not for our grounded sweetheart Peter. I love the home date. Peter is so sweet and real. He reminds me of my granddaughters boy friend. I just hope this sweet guy finds his soul mate.

  85. I feel the exact same way as you about Hannah B… if he wasn’t the Bachelor I don’t think she would be having this many emotions over it! I do feel bad for her and want her to find love, but if they were meant to be – they would have figured that out before he decided to be the Bachelor! I feel bad for him too – he obviously still cares about her and she’s putting him in a really difficult position!

    1. But remember- she said he didn’t reach out to her after the Final Rose. Tyler did. She didn’t know what Peter was doing (he was broken hearted) and thought he wanted to be the bachelor and move on from her. It’s not like love is a switch you turn off and in. In real life couples break up and get back together all the time- imagine the complications of being on a datibg show and in the public eye. There are still strong feelings there and I think we will see it resolved one way or another this season. .

  86. The first episode of the season was awesome and I can’t wait to watch the rest of this season. I think that in the end Peter and Hannah Brown end up together just not until the season finale. I don’t think she ends up in the house especially since she was doing Dancing With The Stars. I think they end up together in the end because of what Chris Harrison said about the finale being the most unexpected and dramatic. But we will see. Nonetheless whatever happens I hope that Peter, Hannah B, and all the other women find happiness in the end. Even if its with themselves.

  87. Ok Ok I don’t usually give my 2 cents, but with Hannah B coming back I felt I needed too. I’m not a fan of hers not sure why, but her season I kind of gave up watching it was to dramatic for me lol. I know these shows are all about drama, but it felt like she just couldn’t make up her mind about anything. I was so excited about Peter being the Bachelor it will be so great at it. I think Hannah B just needs to let him be.
    Madison is by far my favorite right now her fashion is on point and she seems to be here for the right reason. Hannah Ann is a close 2nd for me I really liked her as well. There were a few girls I wish he would of got rid of the first night 😂😂 Sorry this is longer then I thought it would be!

  88. Ok…let me just say EVERY season I say I’m not going to watch The Bachelor…same goes for this season but now after reading your blog I have to!!!!! 😀😀😀

  89. Ali – I was soooo disappointed that Hannah Brown agreed to lead off with the “sex ed” date that the producers and Chris Harrison cooked up. It was beyond insensitive and rude to share the details of her experience with Peter to the other girls who are nervously thinking about impressing Peter. And the girl who said she had a dry sense of humor and that was the only dry thing about her….I wanted to gag. Do young girls not have any self-respect these days; and do guys like Peter really like that kind of comment. And the windmill get up with her saying “let’s make it #5″…I’m with you and am beyond tired of the sex talk and windmill comments. Hannah Brown needs to move on and let Peter find his forever love. I really want Madison to be “the one”…..but previous suggest he may end up with no engagement. We shall see. Love your blog and your kind honesty.

  90. I’m torn on the Peter/Hannah issue. I do believe that they have feelings for each other still so I’m not sure that he’s totally ready to be The Bachelor in general. But maybe he needs to go through the process to better understand what he wants. I’d be happy if him and Hannah ended up together though!

  91. Ali!
    I so agree with you! Hannah needs to finally leave this franchise and move on! I may take it a step further to say her 15 minutes of fame are up! (I know, that’s not nice)! Honestly, not sure if the real guys out there will trust their hearts with her, she seems fickle but who knows? You are awesome btw!!

  92. My two cents…I think It is down to two> Madison and Hannah Anne and Peter plans to ask Madison to marry him and Chris Harrison tells him she can’t do it, can’t accept a proposal (this is after he rejects Hannah Ann and is waiting for Madison) she needs more time and dating in real life and Peter is stunned but then at ATFR proposes to Madison. I do believe his parents fell in love with her early on and his mom is telling Peter to go get her! Hannah B is going to do Bachelorette round 2..You watch for it!

  93. I don’t agree with Hannah B being on the show at all! Not fair to the other girls one bit. And absolutely not she shouldn’t stay in the mansion. One word WRONG! I hope you’re right and she leaves and allows him to move on and that she’s able to move on as well. I personally think she should pursue her dance partner 🤣 They were adorable together. ❤️

  94. I totally agree with your point of view the whole Hannah B situation. She had her opportunity. I felt like that entire conversation should have occured before filming – it felt so inappropriate. I understand that all of the emotions are resurfacing for him by seeing her there and why he would want her to join the ladies, but I don’t think he has processed how that will affect his journey and the other women. It’s not fair to the women at all. It’s not fair to himself either! He deserves to be wanted first, not third, and I hope he sees that in the next episode.

  95. I think that preview at the beginning was about Hannah wanting him back right as he was about to propose to someone else. I totally think she comes back at the very end!

  96. I think it was Ashley I’s prediction but something she said seems legit! Though it’s all theories, but apparently in an interview he didn’t confirm that he’s in a relationship now, so Ashley’s theory is that when he’s at the final two, he can’t stop thinking about Hannah and may bring her back…could you imagine!! Anyways, just a theory!!

  97. So interesting to read all the comments here! My two thoughts on this are:
    1. Hannah will leave but come back before the final two meet the families or before Peter goes to give out the final rose. He will not make any decision on that day and go home to process and have time to think about it. I hope he is happy now, no matter what he decides to do… going after Hannah B. is somehow my favorite option but I hear people when they say it wouldn’t be right.

    2. If Madison is not being chosen, I think she will be our next Bachelorette. Hannah Ann just didn’t give me the right vibes for a Bachelorette. Even though I am sure the producers would find perfect slogans for a season with her xD

  98. I understand completely with what you said about the Hannah situation. I don’t think she went there to get him back but I think seeing him and talking about their past brought up a lot of emotions and I’m sure that was hard to deal with.

  99. I just wish Hannah B would go AWAY! Like you said, it’s just not fair to Peter or the girls. She wants to keep her face in the spotlight and in my opinion, it’s just annoying at this point. Go on paradise or something but move on. He’s a third option for her and I can’t believe Peter even mentioned her coming back. I agree with you, she’s gone next weeks episode! Also think Madison & Hannah Ann are top 2. Hands DOWN!

  100. Glad you decided to blog!! But know we would all understand if you decided not to.
    But now that you are, I want to know what you think of Kelley! I have so many questions on the fact that they met before. Did she know then she was going to be on the show? And did she know he was the bachelor? Is that even allowed?! I would love your insight on that situation!
    Thanks Ali! You’re great!!

  101. If I’m being honest, I have never been a fan of Hannah B. I think she is having a classic moment of I didn’t want him but I don’t want any of these girls to have him either. I loved Madison but the whole vow renewal thing with his parents seemed “made for tv” . The 31st wedding anniversary that happens to fall when your son is on tv doesn’t seem like the special moment when you renew your vows but maybe I’m being negative Nellie. I am surprised that some feel Hannah Ann is pushy but didn’t mention Kelly. I thought she was VERY aggressive last night. Of course if you aren’t aggressive these days you will find yourself sitting on the couch….alone! lol Totally disappointed in ABC and the whole Hannah B and the windmill recap, along with the other girls telling about something in their sex life or a fantasy….I mean really?!?!?

  102. Great thoughts Ali! The date with Madison was so sweet. The first group date looked like fun. But the second really did seem awkward even before the conversation between a Peter and Hannah. I agree that the windmill talk needs to go away (and the girls that focused on it on the first meeting seemed tacky to me!). Much like the virgin jokes, the windmill and focus on sex is not necessary. I cringed for the ladies when they had to listen to Hannah’s story and were told they have to write their own and share it in front of an audience. So between the will she or won’t she if Hannah staying and the rest of this date, it is definitely an awkward situation!

  103. I’m so torn!!

    One side of me is like if I were a girl in the house, I would be so mad. Yet, if I were Hannah or Peter, I would want that chance again.

    About the girls in the house, there is definitely a divide of solid, good girls, and those you can tell are there for ratings. Normally, one or two stand out above but rest, but I feel Peter has like 5-6 who seem amazing! Plus, like everyone has real jobs!! 😂

  104. Honestly watching the beginning when they showed him and Hannah on the last season it made me really miss them together. I would be so happy if they ended up back together even though I think your right about her probably leaving the show after next episode because of DWTS.

  105. Idkkkk….when I saw that clip of Peters mom crying and saying go get her and bring her home to us. I really think she was talking about Hannah b.
    I bet he made it to the final 2-3 girls and then when he got to talk to his parents he was like idk I’m so confused, I just keep thinking about Hannah and that’s when he ends the show and goes and gets Hannah. Even her insta post just looks fishy to me!

    1. Thank you, Ali! I appreciate your time to provide a thoughtful and candid post- it’s refreshing! I 100% agree with all the peticulars you didn’t care for about the episode. I also found a lot of it off-putting, and hope things improve. I do have a different thought and hope for the outcome, based on all the little clips. Peter’s Mom and Dad strongly felt and witnessed Peter’s shattered heart upon losing Hannah, and they know how fiercely he fell for and loved her, and how crushed he was to lose her. When I saw the depth to which Peter’s Mom was weeping (and Dad was crying, too!) in the one clip, that’s not an emotion that arrises for someone the family met this season. (Peter’s Mom was kind to Madison, but not connecting at a depth similar to how they adored Hannah.) I feel strongly she also really loves Hannah B for her son ❤️ This season, I hope Peter gains the space to test the waters and continue his journey without HB, while Hannah grips her brave heart to allow it and allow herself to do her own soul-searches within. Then, in the end, they individually and fully realize the depth of their love for one another, and space and time eventually bring Miss Hannah and Peter’s hearts together, for keeps this time ♥️ Cheers 🌹

  106. Hmm, I would have to agree with all the dirty jokes. I thought if was very distasteful. I completely understand you are trying to stand out and be funny, but as a mother of a daughter, I would be very disappointed if she spoke like that. Cheers to what looks like a great season, with a lot of great girls.

  107. I loved Madison too, i hope she is the one in the end. Ali, do you know where her pink dress from the date is from??

    1. There is an Instagram page that finds the clothing of the Bachelor/ette contestants present & past, and provides the links. I think it’s called The Style Spotter. 🙂

  108. Hi Ali, I so agree with you about the sex jokes from the girls upon first meeting Peter. And stop with all the talk about the Windmill! And I did not like the group date, at all, that Hannah was part of. I thought that whole thing was done in very poor taste. My thoughts tho, on whether Hannah should be professing her love for Peter is… Why is she there then if not to? I think she is very confused still and it’s not fair to anyone. I don’t think she should be apart of this season at all. If they are meant to be, then Peter will not choose anyone in the end except Hannah- but outside of the show. I agree with one of the other comments about disliking all of the “interrupting and intruding” on conversations. I think it is so rude and I don’t understand why the Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t say anything and stand up for who they are talking to at the moment.
    I love Peter and i’m so glad he’s the Bachelor. I just think he seems like a great guy. And, his family, omgosh, love them!
    Love reading your thoughts. I’m sure it does take up a lot of your time. It’s appreciated. 🙂

  109. Though I think Hannah had her chance and that she doesn’t deserve Peter after letting him go… in a way I want her to end up on the show and for it to work out for them because this is something that really has never happened before. Yes we have had contestants like Nick Viall on two bachelorette seasons, but never has the returning alum won. Each season of bachelor/bachelorette has become pretty predictable and sometimes boring. This would spice it up quite a bit.

  110. I’m not even a big fan of Hannah Brown’s but I want Peter to choose her at the end! She got so screwed over on her season… she knew she was picking Jed but he was a con artist. It probably was going to be Peter and Jed as the final two but the producers wanted Peter as Bachelor so they told her to get rid of him early. Peter was her #1 if you take out con artist Jed who ruined everything. Hannah and Peter are so cute and perfect together!

  111. I was so saddened by all the kissing on the first night by both the girls and Peter. I guess my theory is they all want to kiss him, be the special one that holds out, don’t just be “any” girl. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  112. Hannah had her chance she needs to go away now she would never make him happy long-term. I think he got it wrong with the first impression rose. That really surprised me. Madison is a winner they look so adorable together and his family loved her. They saw the sparks as well.

  113. I feel like each season keeps getting More raunchy. Maybe I’m getting too old, but talking about your sexual experience with a group of people you just met, never mind strangers in the audience, is a little bit over the top. What if some of these girls are virgins? Are they supposed to make up stories? I don’t know anything about the windmill because I skipped the bachelorette & Patiently waited for the bachelor (I just can’t take Hannah B!) & here she is Infiltrating yet another show. I’m really hoping she leaves in the next episode.

  114. I agree with all of this. I’m so over the windmill talk. I think some of the introductions were classless and just trashy. The Hannah date was not ok on any level. Love your weekly blog and your instastories!

  115. It’s hard to believe you don’t read spoilers or just know what’s happened because you are a part of the franchise and last season you wrote as if you didn’t already watch episodes in advance! You would write “predictions” even though you had already seen episodes and knew what had happened. Like in this blog you say talk like you think Hannah isn’t staying because of DWTS. Why don’t you just say you know she doesn’t say lol we know you know and it’s not because you have simply gathered evidence lol.

  116. Thanks for a great blog post Ali! I think Hannah needs more time and space to process what happened to her. She fell in love at least to three people, and she chose someone who in the end was not who she thought he was.

    As far as Peter, he doesn’t seem over Hannah. I think if she had not asked Tyler out, if she asked Peter out, Peter would have only been dedicated to her and not dating celebrities or anyone else. Realizing this and seeing how Jed and Tyler were like in the real world, I think she knew of the three, Peter was probably the best choice for her.

    It’s heartbreaking to see what she has gone through but I think she’ll be stronger as she continues to make time for herself!

  117. I haven’t seen anyone crazy on yet. They always have one nut case! This has been bugging me for years, could you answer it? I noticed the grounds at the mansion are always wet. I often see the bottom of gowns all wet. They must spray the grounds? Why?

  118. I think that if Hannah and Peter are still in love with each other, they should be given a chance to see where it can go. Now I the first to admit that the timing is not great, but sometimes things happen for a reason. I ended up falling in love with my second husband a very short time after my divorce. He was someone I had known for a long time and we were just friends. We had tried saying years ago but it didn’t work out. Something about the timing was off. That could be the case for Hannah and Peter. The timing was off and soon enough it could be perfect.

  119. Don’t you think Maddison reminds you of Bachelor Ben’s girlfriend Jessica? So cute and sweet. Ben and Peter are similar too-both so genuine, with amazing families, adorable, and such gentlemen!! I think it’ll be her or Hannah B. I kind of wish Hannah B gave him more last night. He seems so into her still!!

  120. As much as I love Hannah, I hope that she chooses to not stay for her own sake. She has already expressed the feelings she still has for Peter. I just couldn’t imagine her staying and hypothetically lets say staying a few weeks and then he sends her home…I just see it ending in another heart break for her and her having to re go through all of the emotions she has gone through in the last year. I think they need to cut the ties they have and try to move on from one another.

  121. I feel like until Peter and Hannah are both in loving relationships they will continue to have a hard time moving past each other. Clearly they both had strong feelings for each other, that breakup was sooo sad! I love his parent’s love and just the whole family relationship/vibe and they seemed to love Madison, she seemed to really fit in nicely and get along with everyone. She seems sweet and genuine just like Peter. She’s for sure a front runner!

  122. Ok, I know I’m late chiming in, but I can’t help but LOVE Peter and Hannah! I was rooting for them last season and last night I felt myself hoping Peter would say he wants to be with her and the show would be about them making it work! Haha Honestly, I don’t know how it could really work if she stays but somehow I really want her to. If it’s not her, it HAS to be the girl that went to the vow renewal. (Forget her name). Loved them together! Gosh I LOVE this show so much!!!!!

  123. I’m so sick of seeing Hannah Brown. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I didn’t really like her on Colton’s season (perhaps she got a bad edit), she grew on me a little by the end of her season of the bachelorette, but my God it is time for the girl to move on. Peter has a great group of women and I’d hate for her to distract him from that when they already tried a relationship and didn’t work out. And I thought the group date with her was wildly inappropriate. I’m so sick of hearing about the sex in the windmill and really wish out of respect for Peter’s privacy that everyone would stop bringing it up. Sorry if this comes across as angry I was just a little frustrated about some things that went down in the premier!

  124. I know I commented a few days ago but something keeps popping into my thoughts. If you watched Dancing with the Stars, you saw Hannah not be able to “connect” on the dance floor. She had a very hard time being “all in”. I just wonder if she was torn by things going on with Peter’s season. Ali, you have been on both sides of the coin for bachelor/bachelorette. You know how emotionally taxing it is. It just makes me wonder if she was dealing with all of that, travel, and trying to give competing her all. Just a thought 🤷‍♀️

  125. I’ve been Hannah. I’ve darted back and forth between dating the bad boy and dating the safe sweet guy. In the end neither were my person. My person is safe and sweet, but I chose him for a much deeper reason. Love is such a weird and confusing thing. I believe their are so many layers to it and you don’t know what it is like to be with the right person until you actually are. I think Hannah loves the idea of Peter, but isn’t in love with him. I think Hannah wants to love him, but that’s just not how it typically works. I honestly hope they both find their person. Also, I’m over the windmill talk.

  126. I re-watched and thought of ypu, Ali with how Hannah Ann does look like Jenna Dewan! The first time I watched I saw Milla Jovovich- next time you watch look for that too lol!

    Enjoyed your blog and look forward to your thoughts on future episodes. Thanks for making time to post!

  127. Personally, I’m sick of Hannah B and she should just leave Peter alone to live his life.
    As you said, Peter was her third choice (thus, not really in the running), she just knows he’s pretty much an “ace in the hole” at this point. She needs to stop being a selfish little girl,(She’s not the “beast” and “strong woman” she claims she is. If you are those things, you don’t have to say it all the time, you just live it and people will see), and let Peter live. It would be so disappointing to all those women who have put their lives on hold for this opportunity and he ends up with Hannah B. Not to mention a waste of time watching this show. I hope this is the last we see of Hannah B.

  128. Agreed that I don’t need to hear anything else about a windmill again. I also think Peter just needs a clean break from Hannah and will hopefully send her home this week.

  129. A few thoughts on the premiere…am I the only one who notices an underlying snottiness in Hannah Ann? Some of her comments, the way she blankly stared at Shiann when confronted about cutting into their conversation, hogging him during the cocktail party. I don’t know, I get that time is limited but it also felt very inconsiderate to me. Maybe my opinion will change after a few more episodes. As far as Madison’s date..don’t get me wrong, she seems super sweet and I think Peter and her probably would’ve hit it off regardless, but I feel like that first one-on-one gave her a SUPER huge unfair advantage over everyone else. When you tip the playing field THAT much towards someone else, does anyone else really stand a chance? I too, think Hannah B ends up going home at the start of the next episode. I feel for her, I truly do, but I feel like after everything she went through with Jed and Tyler, she’s sort of grasping at straws right now. I don’t think she really wants to be with Peter.

  130. Hi Ali. I’ve only watched a few seasons of the bachelor/bachelorette. I found you to be really authentic & enjoyed your season. I have a few questions about the show: Does anyone tell you what to say, do or choose after each round? Do they film EVERYTHING? Can you say no I don’t want this part filmed or want it cut from editting? How many days is it filmed over? Do you go on a date every day? How much are people drinking in an episode? Why is there such a lack of racial diversity in the contestants especially who get to become the bachelor/ette at the beginning of a season? Do the producers create situation to instigate drama/tears? From blogs I’ve read I think the answer is yes.

    I feel like the show is more about drama than finding long lasting love. Why is the end goal of the show getting married? I feel like it should be someone you could date for a while instead, given the age of the contestants, filming duration & nature of the show.

    I read somewhere this season will be “unique” so I’m just going to guess both Hannahs will be at the end. I’d love to read a behind the scenes special blog about the show in general & or your season if you want to share. I enjoy your posts! Have a great day!

  131. I like Hannah B, but I feel if she and Peter get together, Peter will always question why he was her third choice in the past. I feel he would question what has changed that he could be her number one now in the present if he wasn’t in the past.

    Peter was deeply hurt when Hannah rejected him. Now she comes back and it’s like pouring salt into the wound (reliving the past), yet at the same time, healing that wound (knowing that she still cares). Peter deserves someone who will never doubt that he is number one in their life.

    I agree that the talk about the windmill is distasteful. That should have been a private, sacred and intimate experience between the two parties, not for the whole world to keep hearing about. It has to be awkward for the ladies this season to hear.

    1. I’m just getting a chance to watch and read your posts Alli, being in the U.K. now, and just have to say that you so called it for the top two!

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