3 Sweaters Under $17! | Affordable Friday

Hey guys welcome today’s Affordable Friday post! I feel like it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one, so I’m so excited to do this one today! I tried to make everything I’m wearing from a few different retailers so it wouldn’t be too hard to order if you wanted to pick something up yourself! I just think these are three really cute sweaters that are all soft, comfy, stylish, and under $20. Actually, even better, they are all under $17 each! So I want to start with this first sweater because it’s my favorite of the three!

Sweaters Under $17!

Long Tunic Sweater (In 8 colors!)

Okay, so the reason I like this first sweater so much is because I really feel like it’s going to be super flattering on so many different body types. It’s got a really nice shape to it and it’s super long, so it will cover your booty and your hips. And it’s just ridiculously soft! When I ordered it, I had high expectations because there’s over 70 – 4.5 to 5 star reviews on the website. So I knew it was going to be good but I really didn’t think it was going to be this good! And it’s available in eight colors total so if you really love it you can get in multiple colors! And it’s $17 you just can’t beat the price. I got a medium, my normal a size.

white tunic sweater under $17


I’m wearing it with my $16 jeans that you guys know that love! I love them not only because they’re cute and super stylish, but also because they’re made from recycled water bottles which I just think is so awesome! And again at $16 you absolutely can’t beat the price of these jeans. In this post, I talked more about my love of these jeans and even had someone else review them! Check it out if you want more outfit ideas as well.

white tunic sweater under $17


The boots I’m wearing our Sole Society and there from last year so they’re sold out. So I’m linking a similar pair here at a more affordable price!

Zebra Print Sweater

Okay so animal print has been really in this year! You’ll see leopard print on pretty much everything these days. And this tiger/zebra print is also really in. The sweater is only $10 and really cute! I think you could wear it with pretty much anything but I decided to wear with my faux leather leggings. I have two pairs of the leather leggings. One is more expensive around $100 but these much less and soooo good.

zebra sweater under $17


I’m wearing these Chinese Laundry over-the-knee boots with the look. And they are on major sale right now! You’ll see every fashion blogger under the sun wearing these boots. They’re really cute to wear with sweater dresses too! And really any type of leggings!

zebra sweater under $17

zebra sweater under $17


White Knit Sweater

This knit sweater is another one of the sweaters that I just didn’t know what to expect when I got in the mail. But as soon as I took out of the packaging I was absolutely blown away by the quality! It’s again only $17 and it’s absolutely stunning! It comes in seven colors total. It’s funny because it actually doesn’t have the best reviews on the Walmart site which I am shocked by. I really highly recommend picking up the sweater and seeing for yourself. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, I feel like if I saw this on somebody out and about, I would think it was $100+ sweater — if not $200! I’m wearing a medium which is my normal size.

sweater under $17

sweaters under $17


And like in the first look, I have my $16 pair of jeans on. If you bought these jeans when I blogged about them in the past, please comment and share your experience with them! I have no doubt that you love them as much as I do!

Well that’s really it for me today. I hope you guys love this Affordable Friday post! The fact that you can get all 3 of these sweaters for under $50 is so crazy to me!  Let me know if you’ve any questions about anything or just drop me a note to say hi in the comments below! You guys know I try to respond to every comment and I love hearing from you guys.


34 Thoughts

34 thoughts on “3 Sweaters Under $17! | Affordable Friday

  1. Please google ramen and how bad it truly is for your body. It’s one thing to eat it yourself but don’t do that to your child.

      1. You eat just the noodles plain?? Or do you have your own flavor stuff you put on it?! I hate that I like the season packet of the soy one…but I do 🙈😂.

        1. Sometimes I will sprinkle a TINY bit of the pack on the noodles. Like 1/10th of the pack. But we mostly eat them plain! I just love noodles

          1. You just said you don’t use the sodium pack, now you’re saying you use a little bit of it. You are VERY confusing!!! 😂😂😂

      2. If you want to feed your kids ramen, feed your kids ramen! I’m sorry people feel the need to comment on your life choices.

        I love your stories and your blog. Keep them coming, ramen and all!

        1. It’s meant for the good of the children, not for her. Besides, didn’t she recently blog about how to care for a sick child? Is she the only one who can give advice? Just sayin’

          1. Your posts are always criticizing. I don’t understand why you follow Ali if you constantly disagree with her choices. P.S. my kids ate Ramen, they are adults now and are perfectly healthy. It was a quick easy meal for us now and then, everyone has their own opinions and does what works for them.

          2. I don’t use the sodium pack in the water to make soup is what I meant and rarely use it at all.

  2. Buying this now. What do you usually wear under it, see through at all? Also, What gold necklace are you wearing with it in your stories? Thanks for sharing-So cute!!

  3. Ahhh I can’t decide which one I like better. I love the first one and the last one the best!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Also love the jeans I’m in desperate need of new jeans (that fit) lol

    1. Both are great. I feel the the 3rd one is now my favorite, but more people will like the first one. It’s more universal. I just love the detail of the 3rd one!

  4. Hey! That white knit sweater, every time I click on it it takes me to Walmart.ca ( I live in Canada) and it doesn’t take me to the sweater 😭 and I reeeeeally want it

  5. When you blogged about the jeans I went to Walmart to check them out. I found them to be kind of baggy for skinny jeans especially in the thigh area and I’m not skinny so I ended up not getting them. I am really interested to check out the white sweater though.

  6. Hey Ali – I recently had my son, who will be 3 in a month, scared at night. I gave him a soft blanket we always snuggled with on the couch for him to have in bed at night. We bring it back and forth between living room and then his room at night. So he can snuggle and be wrapped in it and feel safe whenever he needed me. It’s hard. I hope it gets easier. Katie.

  7. I love the first shirt you posted -the tunic sweater! Is the colour winter white? The link didn’t quite work for me it brought me to the wal-mart site but not to the sweater. I think because I’m in Canada it brought me to the Canadian site which doesn’t have this sweater. You look great in it, as usual!

    1. Yes is winter white. So very white! And search for Time and Tru Cableknit Chenille Sweater Women’s to find it onthe site!

  8. Hi Ali- I’m wondering why when you click through the links to order the products auto fill never works? (iPhone) I’m hoping it’s a setting? But I always find I just end up going to safari and the website you list and finding the item on my own because I’m usually in bed on my phone and the auto fill is always easier then getting up to grab my wallet. I’m making myself sound super lazy but I just feel terrible that you don’t get the sales credit and there must be a solution????

    1. Bummer! Are you an Canada? That seems to be a happening to a lot of people in Canada! And I’ll be happy as long as you find it!

  9. Hi! Love your choices and love that they’re affordable! What size jeans did you get? I haven’t ordered juniors since I was a teenager and I’m debating between 9 and 11 (I’m similar in size to you). Also, are they comfortable or do they cut into your tummy? Thank you!

    1. I am normally a 28 and I have the size 11! Although I was JUST thinking yesterday that I wonder how the 9 would fit me. You can easily return with Walmart so try both! You just print a return label off their website.

  10. Love all of these looks. Sweaters and boots are super cute. Chic and looks so pulled together without trying too hard. Thanks Ali❤

  11. Ali – I just ordered the white sweater. It looks so nice on you and your mother in law. I ended up ordering a large and an x-large because I didn’t know how big it ran. Can’t wait for it to come in. Love your posts and love following you!!.

  12. I absolutely love the cowl neck sweater! I actually bought two of them before I saw your blog & I’ve not shopped for many clothes at Walmart in the past but feel they’ve come a long way. These sweaters are so comfortable too! Great choice. 😊

  13. Hi Ali! Just wondering if you’ve heard feedback from Canadian readers successfully ordering the jeans and that cable knit sweater ? Can’t seem to find either on the CDN site ;(

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