kidpik – Making Shopping for Your Girl Easy!

UPDATE: The giveaway winner is Kelli! Congratulations!!!

Kelli, I commented to you below, but please email me your address for your kidpik box!


I am so excited to share that when kidpik saw the reaction to my curated box on their site, they were so excited that they offered for me to GIVE ONE AWAY to one of you! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post about YOUR little girl’s style (or a little girl you want to gift it to!). So cool that they offered to do this today! It wasn’t planned at all!

For those of you that have followed me for awhile, you might have noticed that recently I’ve gotten even busier than I was before. Now I am not complaining at all, I feel so incredibly lucky about everything coming my way, but that means I’ve needed to really figure out ways that I can save time! I’m even working on a post dedicated to saving time, and I will be posting it really soon!

kidpik has made my life so much easier!

Today, I want to talk to you all about kidpik, because I truly think it’s an awesome RISK FREE service for parents! Plus, like I already mentioned, it’s a HUGE time saver. I am constantly on the hunt for clothing and accessories to show you all on the blog, and I never have a ton of time to spend on the kiddos wardrobe. kidpik truly has been my saving grace!!! kidpik is a subscription box service that is made specifically for girls like Molly, offering sizes 4-16! It truly takes away all of the guesswork and difficulty in shopping and putting matching outfits together for your daughters. Not only does it come to my door and save me so much time, it is such a fun experience for Molly.

toddler kidpik clothing subscription box

Making Shopping Easy for Mamas+Dads

It’s tailored to individual budgets, moms, dads and girls – and in my case, especially busy mamas! I no longer have to spend time searching the internet or in stores for Molly’s clothes, because a box filled with styled clothing now comes to my door. When you first sign up with kidpik, you can take a fun 2-3 minute quiz so that their stylists can personalize looks that suit your kiddos size, style and fashion!

I cannot tell you how much easier it is to get Molly to try on clothes when we get to make a fun activity out of the unboxing! It’s like Christmas! Especially because Molly is starting to develop her own sense of style, so taking this style quiz was so much fun for both of us! I think one of the questions was something like “on a scale of 1 to 10, how sparkly is she?” So adorable. When Molly’s older, she can take the quiz herself, and it will help her to build confidence by allowing her to create looks that express her personal style and unique fashion sense, with some guidance from a team of experts! 

toddler kid clothing subscription box

We had a blast during our recent unboxing! It came while Molly was at school, so right when she got home and came inside she saw it sitting there! The look on her face was priceless! Man, this girl already loves clothes. That’s going to get me in trouble in a few years! Ha!! But anyways, she was so excited to open her kidpik box!!! We opened everything one by one, and ended up having a fashion show! You can see from the photos how happy she truly was! She was in heaven!

What’s great about the kidpik box is that it contains outfits that are designed to be mixed and matched, with 7 coordinated items! It even comes with shoes and an accessory! And kidpik‘s design team seriously thinks of everything!!!! They know our kiddos are going to be wearing their clothes to school and to the parks etc. so some pieces like skirts have shorts built in! Which is great for girl’s like Molly that love twirling around and doing somersaults. Their jeans and bottoms have a lot of stretch and also have adjustable waists so that your kiddo has the perfect fit! This is one of my personal favorites because if something is a tiny bit big on Molly, I can adjust the waist to be tighter and then as she grows I loosen it up! Since it’s adjustable, it makes clothes last even longer!

And kidpik does everything in-house!

Another thing to mention is that kidpik only sells their own designs. This is HUGE to me because it ensures that all their sizing runs the same and the colors match. I am sure you have noticed in my fashion posts, I tell you what size I get in certain things because all brands run differently. That’s even more tricky when you are shopping for your kids because finding items that fit right seriously feels like finding a needle in a haystack! Because they sell their own designs, they know their fit and they are much more likely to get the sizing right for your girly the first time! Everything that Molly got in her most recent box fit her, and that truly is amazing.

toddler kid clothing subscription box

If for some reason something doesn’t fit right, you can send anything back for free within 7 days! That means you can have a full on fashion show in your living room like we did, see what you like, and you won’t be charged for anything you send back! You only pay for what you end up keeping. So it’s totally risk free. Also, since you are at home for said fashion show and not in a dressing room, you can also take the new clothes into your kiddos closet and see which items will mix n match best with pieces that she already has. Game changer!

High-Quality, Cute Pieces at Affordable Prices – Delivered to Your Door!

The pieces that you get in these boxes are high-quality! And I mean that with my whole heart! I feel like that isn’t always the case when purchasing children’s clothing. You typically pay a premium price for a small amount of fabric, and one’s that aren’t even the best quality! But the kidpik clothing pieces truly feel like my own personal clothing – and did I mention that they are really affordable!? So you are getting great quality pieces that will have your kiddos lookin’ stylish at great prices. How stinkin’ cute does Molly look in her dress and fur vest in the photos below!!!! And for anyone wondering my wedges are from Daybreaks shoes.

toddler kid clothing subscription boxtoddler kidpik clothing subscription box

No Styling Fees, Free & Easy Shipping and Returns!

And just to be clear, there is zero commitment. There’s not even a styling fee! I’ve seen other types of subscription services where if you send everything back, they keep the styling fee. But since there isn’t a styling fee with kidpik (how awesome!), it is absolutely risk free. They always offer free shipping and returns. And boxes come however often you like, whether that be every months, every other month, or every 3 months. You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time. You can set them to ship automatically so that you don’t even have to stop your day to think about when you’re going to have time to get your daughter some new clothing! I hope this is as much of a no-brainer for you as it is for me!

Like I said, every item in our most recent box Molly LOVED! And there’s a perk to that! If you keep every item in the box, they take 30% off the overall total of the clothes. (And keep reading because I have a code for you to get even MORE $$$ off the box) This brings the average price of each item down to just over $13, and the entire box on average comes down to $95. So for $95 you get to keep three whole outfits, including shoes! Speaking of which, how awesome is it that the box also includes shoes?! Sometimes when I am in the store browsing, I cannot believe how expensive kiddos shoes are!!! So not only does it help keep the guesswork out of finding which shoes are best and at a good price, but it also helps you get your hands on super affordable shoes that are adorable for your little girl and match her outfits!

toddler kidpik clothing subscription box

Helps you get out the door quickly!

If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you have seen me mention how some mornings, it takes me a quick minute to get Molly out of the house. I get it, we don’t all have great mornings everyday, and our kids are no exception to that. Ha! So especially on those mornings where she just wants to lay on the floor and snuggle with Mr. Whale instead of wanting to go to school, having outfits that are already pre-styled save the day!

It’s one less thing to think about when I am trying to get her out the door. Since the boxes are pre-styled and the pieces can be mixed and matched, I can just grab them from her drawer, throw it on her and get her out the door. No one at school needs to know that kidpik was the one that styled Molly in the morning and not me. Haha!

toddler kidpik clothing subscription box toddler kid clothing subscription box

If you can’t tell from these photos, Molly is living her best life! She absolutely loves all her new outfits, especially her new gold sneakers and “princess jasmine” skirt! Every outfit that we received is so fabulous. I am trying to decide which is my favorite piece from this box… and I am having so much trouble! Because I love them all so much! I think if I had to choose I would say the precious floral dress. The material is lovely and soft and is such high quality. How stinkin’ cute are the little ruffles around the neck and arms!

I guest-styled a Back-to-School Box!

I’m super excited to share that I guest-styled a Back-to-School Fashion Box for kidpik with all my favorite fashion piks for Molly! So you can head to their website and get Molly’s exact look by purchasing the box that I styled. Or you and your daughter can take the style quiz and receive looks that are selected just for her unique personality. Here’s the link to the Ali’s piks box – featuring my favorites of the personalized items we received for Molly. They are just perfect for back-to-school, and I also love that they’re super transitional – everything can be layered for when cooler weather rolls in.

toddler kid clothing subscription box

toddler kidpik clothing subscription box

I hope you guys love all these looks as much as I do! Both Molly and I cannot wait for her next box to arrive! Also, I am so excited to share an exclusive code for your first time purchase! Use code: Aliluvskidpik to take $25 off a purchase of $50 or more. You can even combine it with the 30% off discount that is automatically applied if you keep everything from your box! So if we do that math on that, that means you get all 3 mix n match outfits including the shoes for only $70 your first order! Eeek amazing.

And FYI, promo code Aliluvskidpik for $25 off already also applies to my curated piks too, except please note you can only do exchanges if you order my custom styled pik box (not refunds). And the 30% discount is automatically applied and already reflected in the listed price ☺ Just so you know!

Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about your kidpik boxes! Which is your favorite outfit? From 1-10, how sparkly is your daughter?! Let’s chat below!

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210 thoughts on “kidpik – Making Shopping for Your Girl Easy!

  1. Love Kidpik! I’ve been getting for my soon to be 8 year old for over a year! She loves trying stuff on and mixing/ matching the items! I’ve had to update her profile as she decides she doesn’t like this or that. The extra little gift they include is always a HIT!

    1. Finally after two boys, I got my little princess! I told my husband I won’t stop until I get a girl 😂 so he’s lucky she came now. She’s 7 months old and I love dressing her in anything girly, headbands and all! All I do is online shop for her and this seems like the perfect fit for my new addiction! Would love to try KidPik.

  2. Ali I don’t think you saw my comment on you insta story but I’m wondering about the safety fence you use for your pool! Can you give details? Thanks!!

        1. To my neighbor’s daughter whom father walked away on them and now they are leaving with her sister’s family. Te little one loves dresses, she is such a loving 3 year Girl. She deserves the best in this world and her mom is trying to give her the best she can.
          PS: Thank you for doing this type of give aways Ali you are the best!

        2. Maybe it was already installed when they bought the house? Who knows the reason as to why Ali didn’t provide more information. Not sure why she’d withhold the information if she had it. Maybe try to see it in a different light instead of being negative.

      1. My 6 year old granddaughter LOVES dresses, tutus, etc. she’ll dance around the house, climb trees, jump on the trampoline, and ride her bike around the neighborhood-all in her dresses and costumes!

      2. For my 3 year old daughter Natalia. She is such a girly girl, from head to toe literally!! Hairbands, jewelry, nail polish, purses, dresses, shoes & pink is a must in her wardrobe. It’s like she’s 3 going on 13, I can already see what’s in store for me in the future!! LOL

  3. My daughter Lily is 4! She loves to be girly and dress up. She will wear anything with sparkles or glitter and loves pink.

    1. My three year old daughter loves clothes! We pick out our clothes in the morning together. She says she loves “poppa dots” “Ariel” and “happy clothes” . We love clothes and trying them on. It’s such a fun age! Especially when we agree on the clothing haha!

  4. My 3 year olds style is well, what I like 😂 London is your typical sassy sweet girl. I actually often times see clothes Molly is wearing that we have in London’s closet. Kidpik sounds so fun!!

  5. My little girl’s style is girly but casual & sporty! We love anything and everything Autumn style – mustard, olive, and burgundy tones for days 🙂 She rocks it all; camo, overalls, and dainty dresses. Oh and I can’t forget the bows, lots of bows!

  6. My daughter’s favorite color is blue! She likes to be active so comfy and casual clothes are her favorite. I love more girly clothes, but sometimes it’s hard to find girly blue clothes!

  7. My little girl is 2. She loves anything sparkly and glittery, especially shoes. Anytime she gets something new she says, “it’s beautiful!!” This looks like a fun thing to try!

  8. I have two little girls and finding time to shop can be hard so this sounds great!
    ! And what little girl doesn’t love getting a package in the mail! ❤️

    1. Didn’t complete my thought! Typical mom brain! My oldest loves anything that sparkles and that she can dance in and my little one is always on the move and loves the color blue. Love that you can specialize the box for each kiddo

  9. My 5 year old loves to pick her own clothes and is all about rainbows and unicorns right now! She loves wearing dresses with pockets. She is also very much a shoe person and loves her shoes! Kid pick sounds awesome!

  10. Molly looks adorable in this outfit. My little girl is very similar to Molly with her being so independent and wanting to do things herself. My daughter is a tad more sassy though 💁‍♀️ My daughters name is Emerson and she loves dresses and skirts. That’s all she ever wears. It’s a struggle to get her to wear pants or jeans.

  11. My 17 month old is already full of sass! She loves wearing dresses and dancing away. She also loves athletic wear and playing outside for as long as I will let her.

  12. My three year old loves trying on new clothes. She is all about dresses, soft fabrics, and anything that shines or sparkles!

  13. Love this idea! Have a just turned 1 year old little girl, she is girly tomboy! I love dressing her like you do Molly depends on the day and event but always up for running and playing but loves her bows and dresses!

  14. My sister in law and brother just had their first kid. I want to try this out for them!! I think it sounds like an amazing deal.

    Also Molly and Riley are just the cutest. I admire you so much for everything you do. Thank you for sharing all your amazing products on Instagram, Facebook and your blog. I love to follow you!!

  15. My niece is 2 and she absolutely loves sparkles coloring reading drawing and dressing up! She’s a wonder and would love the opportunity to give her a gift she would play with and use for hours!! She would dress up all the time and never get out of the clothes because she loves them so much!!!

  16. My little one is 3… her style changes everyday!! I swear one day she wants to be in a sparkly princess dress and the next day she wants to be in sweats and a tee shirt!!

  17. My 7 year old daughter loves soft feminine clothes with a splash of edge. She loves anything that has to do with cats or tigers and she always says that animals are her passion. She also loves rainbow colors and sparkles but is not into unicorns or mermaids- I think she likes to go against the trend somewhat. We would love to try out kidpik!

  18. Omg! This idea is so adorable. I have never heard of this subscription box before but it is right up our Ali! (See what I did there!)! We have a 2 girls (5 and 3) so of course they are obsessed with wearing dresses and anything sparkly and unicorns. Quintessential girly girls! And they wear the same size in clothes and shoes right now! Haha

  19. I have 2 girls. My 5 year old loves colorful, comfy clothes. She says she doesn’t like fancy anymore. 😂 My 3 year old loves anything that twirls and anything fancy! They’re so different!

  20. I love finding new stylish clothes for my girl! And she loves trying new things! So awesome to see them get their own sense of style

  21. Kidpik sounds like such a great time little girl literally loves everything girly .. dresses, name it! Would love to win the giveaway.

  22. You had me at shoes!! We have such a hard time with shoes. Going to the store is just not easy with a two year old. Matching colors, coordinating this would make my life much easier and getting dressed in the morning would move faster. Thank you for sharing about this company.

    I have a 2 year old daughter who loves to run aroud, so easy to play in outfits are key. Easy to slip on shoes. Loves all colors and animals!

  23. My 10-year-old stepdaughter Audrey would love to win a box! 🙂 She is just now starting to enjoy clothes. Before I could hardly get her interested in what she was wearing! Now she claims her style is “vsco” girl and of course she has to teach me what that means haha kids these days!

  24. My daughter, Stella, will be 2 next week. She loves wearing fun new clothes— especially dresses and shoes! Extra points if she can get on the shoes by herself! She also loves to feel like she is from a Disney movie and loves to match her mama. 💜

  25. Hey Ali!

    My 3 year old daughter Rylie loves dresses and rompers and loves to wear bows in her hair 🙂 I actually started my own business making bows and scrunchies because I was tired of buying them for her LOL she also loves to wear shirts that sort of look like a dress where it flares out at the bottom. She is in a size 4!

  26. My daughter is the most confident joyful and caring little 3 year old. Her style totally matches her personality, everything is pink, rainbows and beautiful!

  27. My daughter Rylee is close to the same age as Molly and I laugh at your videos cause they are so crazy and similar. My daughter is all about a dress that can twirl..and trust me she tests out the dress while On the hanging rack and will spin it just to make sure it will definitely twirls. If she is not wearing a dress, she is all about the cozy leggings and a cute sparkly top, and she loves it extra if there is a unicorn or Elsa and Anna on it. Would love to try this out and see her smile and how much she loves this kidpik box!

  28. I would love to receive a free gift box. My daughter is almost 6 and she has a hair condition where her hair breaks off and doesn’t grow past her shoulders. We use a lot of headbands and girly outfits to help boost her confidence. People always ask if we cut her hair and sadly we haven’t. Cute clothes are great but we are also teaching her that beauty is within and as long as you are a kind person on the inside, you are beautiful on the outside ❤️

  29. My niece, Evie, has such an eclectic style – she’s 3 and picks outfits based on what sparks joy for her vs what “matches” to us adults. I love her free spirit and way she finds joy in the little things in life!

  30. Would love to gift this to my niece. She has a much better style than I do. She loves dresses, but can dress it up or just be casual.

  31. I’ve got an 8 year old who is starting to find her own style…and I love it! I’ve always kept her in kind of classic/preppy styles, which she still likes (thankfully nothing too wild!), but she’s also starting to accessorize on her own and it’s so fun to watch!

  32. Hello! My daughter is 3.5, going on 16. 🤣 She is all about dresses, specifically pink and, or purple and the more sparkle the better! She also loves surprises so kidpik via mail would be a huge hit around here!! 😍

  33. My little girl will ONLY wear dresses. Love learning about this brand! Could use some other dress options for her! If she’s this opinionated at 2.5….. what am I instore for even she’s 16! Ahhh

  34. My daughter is 3. . She is very into princesses, so a dress is usually seen on her once a day. She is very into pinkalicious, so everything is pink right now! , She loves to pick out her own outfits, which I think is great to give her confidence and have fun! This sounds like a great idea to look into, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  35. My little one, Aubree, just turned 1!! She is a happy little girl full of sass! She wears floral prints and lots of basic wear. All about that cute comfort style 🙂

  36. My daughter, she is five years old and her style is very girly, pink, sequins, floral, lots of dresses, anything that makes her feel like a princess, She is very much into picking out her outfits now and loves pairing them with jewelry.

  37. My daughter Cecilia has a variety of styles. She loves everything from dresses, trendy jean/vest outfits, to comfy yoga pants (just like her mama). She’s always excited to try new outfits! We would love the chance at winning this giveaway!

  38. My daughter is 2, and we’re really starting to see her funny, spunky personality, and shes starting to have opinions on clothes!! Recently, she’s been obsessed with accessories. Her current favorites are a straw hat that she insists on wearing most days, and her “red shoes”, which are actually Minnie Mouse vans that are a size too big. It is killing her to not be able to wear them yet! As a working mom, this seems like an amazing way to get her clothes. And Molly always looks adorable 😊

  39. I love putting my daughter in dresses! I can’t get over how cute she looks in them. Thank you for doing this giveaway!! ♡♡

  40. My niece Lachlan, who is two, would absolutely love this. She’s a little sassy, adorable girl, and my little bestie. Luckily she still lets mommy dress her but it won’t be long!

  41. I love watching you as a mom. The ups and downs you go through make me realize that my hard days are normal. I have a 19 month old little girl who is super active but also loves a good twirly dress just like Molly.

  42. My 8 year old daughter is really starting to love picking out her own clothes – her style changes from day to day. One day she will pick something sparkly and girly and the next day it’s athletic. Love that she likes to change it up!

  43. My 3 year old is a mix of girly and sporty! She can play outside kicking a soccer ball while wearing a sparkly outfit! Would be sooo excited to try this!

  44. Our little girl loves to wear dresses and cute leggings with fun tops! She enjoys being stylish while still being cozy! 🙂 This would be so fun for our family to try! ❤️

  45. My daughter just turned 2 and all of a sudden she has lots of opinions about her clothes! She likes the twirly dresses but comfy shoes. She also loves a good pair of bloomers or cartwheel shorts under her dresses for some reason! Kids are so funny.

  46. Our 3 year old loves anything she can twirl in and loves bright colors to match her vivacious personality! Most importantly, she must have clothes she can run, jump, scoot and play in because she is always on the move! 💃🏼 Kidpik looks so fun!

  47. My daughter is 2 and is already particular about what she wears! She loves comfy clothes and shoes, loves purple and animals.

  48. My 3 year old daughter Ella loves to be girly and wears dresses and skirts. But she also loves to wear just casual jeans a T-shirt and get dirty! I would love to try the Kidpik box!

  49. My daughter, who is 3, is about to become a big sister! Ever since she could talk, she always told me she wants to wear a dress. So she basically wears one everyday! Even hiking in the mountains, working at the ranch or playing at the park- a dress is always on! Love that she can look girlie, yet tough.

  50. I would love to gift this to my dear friend’s daughter who will turn 4 in a few days. She’s fun, caring, and a gorgeous little girl; just about anything will look awesome on her! 💜

  51. Hey Ali! you were my first season of the bachelor and my fav (I had to be like 13 yrs old??!?)So happy for you and the good things that have come your way!

    Thought of my twin cousins who just started school when I saw this! They are the sweetest pair and haven’t had the best luck in their lives. Ally is spunky athletic and kind and Ari is sassy and so smart! They love unicorns and flowers. Hope you’ll choose us. Lots of love!!

  52. I’ve honestly never heard of Kidpik until I seen you post about it! I just know my daughter would love it. What girl doesn’t like cloths and getting fun mail! She is all girly girl but also isn’t afraid of going to farm and getting dirty with the boys! Dress and cute shoes at home, jeans and work boots at the farm!

  53. I have two little girls and I absolutely love shopping for them. My older girl will only wear twirly dresses and I try to stick with brands like Alice and Ames, June and January, etc. I put my 1 year old in a lot of neutral colors and earthy tones and of course we never leave the house without a cute headband or turban! ❤️

  54. My daughter is 4.5 months, so she is really into eating her onesies! Right now, we put bows on for photos only 😉 I can’t wait to see her little style develop. I personally love StitchFix, so Kidpik is right up my alley, Ali!

  55. Oh my goodness, this is so cool! I wish they could make these boxes for boys too, I’d order it for my son (in a few years). But if I were gifted a free box, I’d send it to the daughter of my best friend from college.

  56. My little lady is turning 7 this month. While she still likes skirts and dresses; she is starting to make her style her own by saying she likes “non-girlie” colors.

  57. Oh my goodness! My daughter would LOVE this!!!! Ivy just turned 4 and is just the sassiest thing! She picks out her own outfit every night before bed, she mostly has just the basics.. tank or tee shirt and shorts or leggings but the two dresses she has she absolutely loves!! She would love this!! 💗

  58. HI Ali! My little girl Violet is 10 months old currently and I love dressing her in cute rompers and dresses but she is also a rough and tumble little girl so Jean shorts and tops work too. I’d love to win kidpik for her.

  59. Never heard of kidpik until now. It looks awesome. After two boys (ages 2&3) I just had a baby girl a month ago (on 8/8/19). Although she is only a month old and doesn’t really have a style yet, I love to dress her in classic trendy clothes. When she is old enough I will definitely encourage her to be who she wants to be and let her choose her own style and wear what she’s comfortable wearing. I love when kids dress themselves. My niece used to wear a Batman costume with pink heels and a tiara to the grocery store and love how my sister encouraged her to be unique and herself. That’s what these little girls (and boys) need- to let them be who they are! 💜

  60. My daughter is 2 1/2 and loves shopping and trying on clothes. She loves picking out her outfits in the morning and even making sure she has the right shoes to accessorize! It may not always match, but she knows what she wants! We would love
    To try Kidpik!!

  61. I would love this for either of my nieces one 6 and one 4. In January of this year there brother passed away due to complications from his tracheotomy…..anyway I am able to give them a surprise is good in my book, they deserve it. Saying goodbye to my 8 year old nephew was so hard and still is but being able to give them little surprises makes me feel better!

  62. My almost 3 year old is such a girly girl when it comes to clothes, she loves dresses and tutus and anything pink. Her birthday is next month, would love to win this giveaway! 🙂

  63. This kid clothing company seems so affordable and update with fashion! I’d love to get my hands on them! I’m pregnant, so I’d love this to be for my upcoming daughter!!! Yay!

  64. My 3 year old loves to pick out her clothes and get dressed on her own! She loves dresses and skirts and florals and pinks! She likes to mix patterns and it’s ok if it doesn’t ‘match’ haha!!

  65. Omg…Molli is just adorable and her style sense just shines through!! My daughter is 8 1/2 years old and has always wanted to pick out her own clothes since before she was one. She is very trendy, but loves a cute dress. She loves jeans and jean jackets! Loves all kinds of shoes!! She does l9ve to be comfy in her leggings but dressed up with a cute blouse and denim or furry vest over it. She is very active, taking dance and gymnastics!! Omg to won this would be so awesome as I couldn’t get her anything for school yet cause I’m on SSI after becoming paralyzed!! Absolutely love watching you and your adorable family!! Thank you for all you do!!

  66. Hi Ali, excited to be entering the giveaway! My daughter has a great love of wearing tons of colors and fun designs! She also loves any dress but especially ones she can twirl in! She would love to receive a Kidpik!

  67. Hi Ali, excited to be entering the giveaway! My daughter has a great love of wearing tons of colors and fun designs! She also loves any dress but especially ones she can twirl in! She would love to receive a Kidpik! Great clothes!

  68. I would love to try kidpik for my daughter’s 6th Birthday, she is so fashion forward and would freak if something came in the mail for her.

  69. I have a 3-year-old daughter that loves picking out her clothes and shoes, she’d adore trying out kidpik! She loves dresses but also likes just wearing leggings and a shirt, then she always chooses her shoes carefully too! I love it!

  70. I’m having my first child in March and it’s a girl! I’m so excited to dress her in little fur vests and boots! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for so long!!

  71. My daughter’s style is very much like Molly’s so stuff like that would be perfect! (Well, except for the fact that my daughter is practically bald compared to her! Haha!)

  72. I love this! I have 2 little girls & I’m so excited to see their styles develop. My 3 year old loves anything with dinosaurs so I love seeing dinosaur clothes becoming more popular & more widely available for girls. For now my 1 year old is still willing to let me dress her in whatever I pick out which makes days easier.

  73. I would love to get this for my Goddaughter. She is so sweet and sassy. She loves dresses and refuses to wear pants. 😊 Since I moved farther away a couple years ago I don’t get to see her as much, so I would love to send her a little treat of new clothes.

  74. I have 2 little girls, 2.5 and 5. My oldest is the perfect combo of girly and Tomboy. She loves pretty dresses but will also rock a jeans and tee while playing in the mud! Her little sister loves and admired her big sister so much that she wants to be just like her!

  75. I love reading your blog. It is part of my daily routine. Your kids are so adorable! Molly reminds me a lot of my daughter. My daughter is almost 4 and loves to twirl too. She lives in dresses, anything sparkly and is obsessed with unicorns, kitties and puppies. I think the Kidpik box is an awesome idea!

  76. I want to gift this to my niece! She turns 3 next month and this little girl is so sweet and so so smart. My sister is the absolute best mom, she’s taught me so much. She does an amazing job finding great deals at garage sales for kids clothes but I’d love for my niece to have this gift of clothes right in time for her birthday!! ☺️

  77. My daughter is 3, she’s actually only a few weeks older than Molly! She loves watching your Instagram stories of your kids with me because she also has a brother that was born a month after Riley. Haha. Her style is sassy and fun. We love mix and match pieces! She loves to dress up but also to play in the dirt:)

  78. My goddaughter Harper would love to this so much! And I would love watching her pick out her “style profile”. I can see her loving Molly’s gold shoes and Imagine shirt/mint green skirt look – the cutest!

  79. I have 3 girls, 9 years old, 2.5 years old and 3months. Both the 9 and 2.5 are super girly and love dresses and bows and headbands!!

  80. My 3 yr old daughter’s go-to look is casual and cute but loves playing dress-up just as much. Her favorite color is purple and would let me paint her nails every day if I could…wouldn’t we all?

  81. Love this. My soon to be 3 year old daughter is def showing her taste in clothing more lately. Wants “beautiful dresses” as she calls all dresses now while playing with trucks. Haha. It would be so fun to do fashion shows with her with all the choices.

  82. My daughter loves picking out her own clothes and accessories. She wants to be comfortable & she gravitates toward all things sparkly and pink! She has an eye for fashion – even as a toddler 🙂

  83. My little girl is obsessed with everything pink! All her clothes have to have pink in them or she won’t wear them – she’s only 3! Lol she loves twirly dresses like Molly!

  84. My daughter Ella is creative, confident, shy and full of spunk at 3.5 years old! She lives her live magical and leaves me inspired to have a dance party almost anywhere and see the beauty shine through her! I’d love for her style to represent this vibe too!

  85. How fun is this! My daughter is almost two and has such a creative fashion sense. If she were to pick out her clothes daily, she goes for the “sparkly” and “bright” clothing items. She loves playing dress up and wearing dresses she can twirl in! Girls are SO fun to dress!

  86. I love this idea and cant believe I have never heard about it! My newly 3 year old is a pajama princess, she loves to be all dressed up or happily staying in pajamas all day. There is rarely an in between with her (and I sort of love it!).

  87. My daughter, Kelsey, loves to wear all different types of clothes. Lately, she’s having a little bit of a princess phase, but still loves a good sporty outfit too. I love that these clothes are all unique and not something I could find at my local retailer. So excited to give kidpik a try!!

  88. My daughter has her own style. At almost 3 years old she picks out what she wears in the morning. Now, they rarely match, I am happy that she is already starting to be who she wants to be.

  89. I would absolutely love to try Kidpik. My baby girl is 6 months old and daddy does most of the dressing in the AM as I am already on my way to work. This would make his job so much easier and my sweet girl would be cute too which is such a bonus.

  90. My girl just turned 3, and loves to wear a variety of clothes, but mostly gravitates towards girly things like tutus and bows. She also loved playing dress up.

    P.S. in your insta story yesterday definitely saw an adorable shirt with hearts showing what colors mix to make other colors. I googled it and bought from Target (for like $3 😀) immediately

  91. My almost 6 year old girl loves anything pink, princess, sparkly and good for dancing in! The fancier the better in her opinion!

  92. My daughter and I love kidpik, though we haven’t ordered in a while.

    My daughter’s style is colorful and the sparklier the better! 🤩

  93. My daughter, Audrey, is 2 and a half and loves to pick out her own outfits! She loves anything brightly colored and anything unicorn designed. I would love to see her face opening up a Kidpik box!

  94. I have a newly turned 3 year old whose fave clothes are paw patrol t-shirts LOL would love an exciting box to arrive to help us with some fresh looks!!!
    I also have a super sassy 10 year old who is just getting into fashion & loves the looks at hollister and American eagle.

  95. My little girl looooves dresses. Wears a dress probably 6 out of 7 days of the week. 😆 When we redecorated a “big girl room” for her before her baby brother was born this summer, we added an extra closet rod at half height so she could go pick out her own dress every day. Only the “ok for school” dresses go on that rod – the fancy occasion dresses are on the regular height rod.

  96. My sassy little 3.5 year old girl either loves long twirly dresses or leggings and t-shirts. But try to put shorts on her, and it’s an epic meltdown. She knows what she likes 🙂

  97. I have 3 girls (4, 4 and 6) who all love clothes and they love to pick their own outfits every morning. This is so awesome that all the pieces coordinate, so no more mismatched outfits when they want to dress themselves! I definitely want to give this a try! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  98. I’m submitting my entry for my 15 month old nephew:) He’s just beginning to walk and need some new stylish clothes to show off!!

  99. My 3 year old daughter loves to pair leggings and T-shirts that have a feminine flair to them (think ruffles, sparkles, etc.).

  100. My daughter is almost 2 and I absolutely LOVE buying her clothes and dressing her up (I’m jealous of her wardrobe haha) and she loves shoes, just like her mama!

  101. My great niece would love Kidpik! She just turned 10 & is a fiesta little sweetheart! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  102. Kidpik is so amazing! It’s so nice to get coordinating items and that fit their personality so well! I have 3 daughters and they each have their own style. Kidpik would be perfect! My 7 year old love adventure and creativity, but still loves the sparkle 🙂❤️

  103. My 2 year old daughter Harper loves dressing up, but also wants to keep up with her big brother, so she also likes her Nike’s T-shirt and shorts 😊 she’s so much fun!

  104. My oldest daughter has a wide range of style…. everything from sporty to complete girly sparkle! It really depends on the day and her mood. She defiantly keeps us on our toes!

  105. My girl is Alyssa and she is super girly! She loves brightly colored floral fronts, ruffles, lace, and pretty headbands/bows!

  106. I have a 3 yr old granddaughter that would love this. I have a much pickier 10 yr old granddaughter whose style has changed so much this past year. Yikes, it’s hard shopping for that one. 🙂

  107. My daughter is more my style since I’m doing the picking and choosing I suppose! Haha. I love sporty casual little girl clothes, she is a little Tom boy like I was growing up – always going a mile a Minute! So I like her to be cute – but comfy ❤️

  108. So fun! My daughter is a 5th grader. She plays all the sports – volleyball, basketball & softball. She’s into a sporty stage. (And anything comfy! haha)

  109. My little girl loves going to her closet and picking out her outfit for the day-usually whatever the brightest thing is in the closet! She’d love to get a whole box of colorful clothes just for her!

  110. My toddler’s style is girly but playground-appropriate! I love pinks and sparkles but shes active/a tomboy-at-heart so her outfits are things she can climb in. Sparkle factor is probably a 5, right in the middle of girly and outdoorsy!

  111. My girl is 6 and is so creative, especially with her style. She loves anything with cats on it, but also likes to dress girly and for the occasion. She loves to pick out her own outfits and they’re (usually) very stylish!

  112. Would love to try kidpik! My 1 1/2 year old daughter is a 10 when it comes to sparkle! She loves dresses and any kind of shoes! She loves to dance to any type of music her favorite song right now is “Almost Paradise” she loves watching the beginning of Paradise! We love anything transitional!

  113. For my 15 month old granddaughter who seems to love all dresses and everything with a cat on it!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway

  114. My girl just turned 6 and just started Kindergarten, she is into dresses and leopard print and all unicorn things! Its adorable!

  115. I would love to try KidpIk!I have a baby girl in january after two boys! I want her to sparkle! I love to dress her, but I can’t wait to see her personality start coming out more and more!

  116. My daughter is 2. She is the youngest with 2 older brothers so I tend to dress her as girly as possible. A lot of pink. A lot of dresses and girly cuts of clothing. She is really into things with animals or insects on it and she also really likes shoes and all the accessories!

  117. My little girl is newly 2 and she is starting to really get into clothes. She loves tutus (skirts) as she calls them and dresses! I cant wait to see her taste shine through this next year.

  118. My daughter (she’ll be 3 in October) loves anything with characters on it or dresses, which she thinks turn her into a Princess. If her “Princess Dress” is dirty when she wants to wear it, she’ll pull it out of the laundry basket, throw it into the washing machine, and demand that I do a load of laundry. She demonstrates that princesses can be bosses too.

  119. My daughter Audrey loves to match things together and simply adores anything that is pink and sparkles! She is a total girly girl. 🙂

  120. My 2 year old style is sweet and sassy just like her personality! She loves picking out her own clothes so its nice to have the mix and match options!

  121. I would style my two year old daughter. She’s a feisty little thing with the cutest little curly hair. She’s definitely a little fashionista, like her momma. She’s got a twin brother, so I try to share time with them both separately and she loves to go shopping with me. So this would be so fun having outfits delivered at home and having a little fashion show.

  122. I had no idea about Kidpic until I read about it on your blog! What a cute idea for our little fashionistas! I LOVE the dress your cute Molly got. My girl is all about dresses and all things sparkly, as well as any kind of shoe. Two year olds are so much fun to dress!

  123. With twin 2 year olds, a boy and a girl, we go through quite a bit of clothes, as you could imagine. Life with twins has definitely been challenging but being able to get the best of both worlds, is a dream come true. Our sweet girl, Marie, is always up for a new wardrobe adventure and this sounds like a perfect match for that!

  124. I have 2 girls, ages 5 & 3, that both LOVE clothes. They have to pick what they wear everyday. I love to shop with them and for being so young, they sure have style! This would be perfect for both of them. It is very nice to have a giveaway for the little ones. Thank you.

  125. My sweet one loves comfortable clothes that don’t impede her getting around! She loves vibrant colors, but no bows for her hair (I apparently was the same way as a little one)! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  126. I have 6 grandchildren but one in particular, Rosey, who is now 7 years old, has a real future in style. She loves clothes and always wants to look stylish and cute. Even when she was still in pre-school, one night when I was at her house, she came in with two outfits, one in each hand, and asked, “Gigi, which shall I wear to school tomorrow?” I couldn’t believe it. Ha. More recently she just started 2nd grade. I was at her house a few nights before school started and she lead me into her room to show me that she had all her outfits chosen and laid out for the first two weeks of school! Rosey is a doll – so sweet, funny and self -assured. She would absolutely love this!!

  127. I was so excited about this until I tried to sign up for it only to realize it’s not available in Canada 🙁 hopefully soon though!!

  128. OMG Ali!! These are the CUTEST outfits and every time I see you post Molly (and Riley too) on your stories and pages, I think they are the absolute twins of my children – not looks, but ages and mannerisms and the way they play & love each other. I love watching and always think that Peyton (my 3 yr old daughter) and Molly would be best friends! Peyton’s style is just like Molly’s and she always loves picking her own clothes out for school every day. She loves a sporty look somedays but it’s hard for her to pass up a twirling skirt or dress or anything with glitter! I would LOVE a giveaway box from you!

  129. My daughter loves anything sparkly, but she is also a little tomboy! She will be out playing in the creek in her skirts and sparkly shoes!

  130. Hi Ali! Would love to try Kidpik for my daughter Kamryn! She’s turning 3 in October and loves everything fashion 🙂 thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  131. Omg, it would be so cool for my niece. I don’t have a daughter, i only have two boys. So getting this would be a great gift for my niece who I consider my daughter. On top
    of that, she is turning 4 on Oct. 8th. What a great birthday gift it would be. Thank you.

  132. Hi Ali I’m a big fan of the podcast and I’m loving your blog so much! You are so relatable especially since we both have young daughters! Thanks for sharing about Kidpik and giving us the chance to win a box! My daughter’s style is very beachy, casual cute since she’s being raised in a house of Floridians! This consists of alot of flamingos and bright colors!

  133. My 5 year old daughter loves anything girly, dresses, butterflies, flowers, and her favorite color is blue. She loves to get “fancied up” as she calls it;)

  134. My soon to be 2 year old gets so excited when she gets to put a new dress on…. I cant believe her lI’ve of clothing has started so soon ❤️

  135. I love a mix of 90’s style and a more old fashioned look for my girl. Not to sparkly or crazy colors or too much pink.

  136. Both my daughters (2 and 6) are super spirited and opinionated. My youngest a sassy red head who is so smart. My older daughter is so strong and amazes me daily. She has sever anxiety and has blown us away with her strength and courage. I look forward to checking these boxes out.

  137. My almost 3 year old is super girly. She must wear a dress everyday because she loves dancing and she apparently can’t dance without a dress. Not even 3 and she’s very sassy.

  138. The kidpik clothing on Molly is adorable and looks so expensive. Hoping to win you giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

  139. Let’s just say that my 4-year-olds own sense of style is not very…stylish. This mama could use some HELP! I love that shoes are included. This sounds amazing!

  140. I have a super girly girl 4 year old and a 2 year old who acts just like her sister 😂😂. They love anything princess or twirly. If you see either of them they are in a dress or skirt with cute top!

  141. Two of the things I love about my little girl are her loving personality and a huge gorgeous smile. She has a very sweet and girly style she loves wearing dresses. Thanks for doing this the clothes are absolutely adorable!

  142. My little girl is Ella ! She is 3 ! And honestly Ali she is so much like Molly , I end up getting some of the outfits u get her and they r just so cute !! So Ella’s style is fun , bright , loves anything with pockets !

  143. My little girl is Ella ! She is 3 ! And honestly Ali she is so much like Molly’ I’m so many ways .. , I end up getting some of the outfits u get Molly and they r just so cute and Ella loves them
    !! So Ella’s style is fun , bright ,and loves anything with pockets ! She is 3t mostly but is also fitting in 4 t 😉

  144. Those outfits are adorable! I can only imagine how much fun that was trying on clothing. My girls would be in heaven 😀

    I would like to know the details on your dress Ali.

    I read the giveaway details. My girl is now in preschool and would love some new fashionable clothing for school! She is 4 and all about unicorns, rainbows, dresses, and anything sparkly.

  145. My one year old is still wearing what I think is cute 😂 Ruffle butt leggings, cute tops, girly dresses. Lots of pink 😊

  146. My baby girl is finally here (7 weeks old) after having two boys! Her style is girlie girl with tons of bows to match every outfit.

  147. hi Ali
    how generous of kidpik to offer a give-a-way, through you.
    I would gift this great offer to my friend who has a 3 yr. old little girl. (she also has a 2 yr old son & another girl who is 2 months old!)
    the shiney shoes are cute.

  148. So excited about this giveaway! I have a 2 year old girl named Isabella. I call her my little sporty spice. Her style is a good mix of sporty but cute. She actually reminds me a lot of Molly!

  149. I have 2 little girls age 2.5 and 4.5! I would enter for my older daughter Brielle because she is very interested in the clothes she wears and loves to put together her own outfits and get new things (plus Fiona gets the hand me downs eventually, lol)! Brielle loves the Fancy Nancy books and show, I think that is her fashion icon! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  150. My five year old daughter, Claire is obsessed with all things girly and pink at the moment. She loves dresses, and who am I kidding, I love dressing her up in cute little outfits.

  151. I have 4 daughters and they would love this! They all are so unique in their styles; yet always seem to all want to look “fancy”! Dressing up and then asking their dad and I if they are cute is their most favorite thing to do!

  152. My cute little niece just started Kindergarten. She loves anything with the color purple, anything sparkly and anything with unicorns! She loves dresses, and cute hair accessories and always has the cutest shoes. She’s too precious and always looks adorable – gets her style and personality from her beautiful momma!

  153. I would love to gift this box to my little niece. It’s her 2nd birthday today!! We currently live downstairs in their suite, so it’s really awesome I get to see her everyday. She loves wearing shirts with animals on them and cute leggings. Once in a while, she likes to dress up and put on a poofy dress and spin around in circles. So far, she just lets us pick out all her clothes, but I’m hoping she will want to have more of a say soon!

  154. Just signed up for my daughter’s first box, can’t wait!! Thank you for this awesome post, did not know this existed 🙂 She is girly, sparkly, active and we will both love it!

  155. My little lady arrived after many years of me anxiously waiting to be a mama, so I love to dress her in fun clothes! We call her ‘Miss America’ because she loves to wave to everyone when we are out and about! She’s learning to put on her shoes and comb her own hair. She wears a mix of comfy and girly, perfect for learning to dance and have fun!

  156. My little lady arrived after many years of me anxiously waiting to be a mama, so I love to dress her in fun clothes! We call her ‘Miss America’ because she loves to wave to everyone when we are out and about! She’s learning to put on her shoes and comb her own hair. She wears a mix of comfy and girly, perfect for learning to dance and having fun!

  157. We just had our first baby girl, she has two older brothers! I am having so much fun dressing her and I am loving all things floral. It would be so awesome to win this, I have been wanting to try Kidpik! Either way I love you blog Ali!

  158. Ohhh we use kidbox for my son so I would love to try this one for my daughter, Lily! (Who reminds me so much of Molly! She will be 3 in December and my son, Max, will be 2 in december!) Anyways! She loves pretty much anything pink, purple, rainbow, or fun! 🙂

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