Bachelor in Paradise – Randone Wedding!

Tonight’s episode was so amazing with the wedding, didn’t Krystal look so beautiful in her dress?! I can’t even wait to get into all the details so let’s begin!

ali fedotowsky manno affordable dress chris krystal wedding


Chris + Krystal’s Wedding

The wedding was beautiful – I’m super happy for them! If you guys didn’t get a chance to listen to our Bachelor Happy Hour podcast yesterday, take a listen today! I’ll link it here. It’s just me this week since Rachel was off getting married to the love of her life! But I got a chance to chat with Krystal and Chris about their wedding and everything with that went down at the reception. They also have some very interesting opinions on the Clay, Nicole, and Angela situation. So definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already.

krystal chris wedding



When Dean left at the beginning of the episode, I knew he would be back. I think even just by how much Caelynn was talking about it, when she was talking about it to Connor it seemed obvious he was coming back. And I hope Caelynn ends up with Dean to be completely honest with you. I don’t think this is going to be the popular opinion but I just don’t think she’s really into Connor. And I know the show is painting it like Connor is a good stable guy, but I’m still upset with

Connor for how he treated Luke P at the Men Tell All.

dean leaving caelynn bachelor in paradise

He told him to “F off” and called him a psychopath. It just really made me look at Connor differently. But he’s young and I realize he probably just made a mistake. But I just don’t think he’s necessarily ready to get engaged at this point in his life. That’s just my opinion. Not that I’m saying Dean is. But I think every guy is a free spirit and can’t be tamed until they meet the right girl. Hey just look at George Clooney! Everyone thought he was the forever bachelor! Then he met Amal and everything changed. Maybe Caelynn’s that person for Dean. I hope she is! I really like them together. This might not be the popular opinion so I’m super curious what you guys think. Let’s definitely discuss in the comments below.

JPJ and Derek

So much for Derek being the next Bachelor. While I don’t think that Derek was at fault in this situation, I definitely think his chances of being Bachelor were ruined. Only because there’s no doubt in my mind that he told JPJ that it’s easy to hook up with girls after the show. He for sure said that. I’m not entirely sure where JPJ was so focused on Derek’s podcast. And of course the way that JPJ handled that was totally out of line!

JPJ derek fight bachelor in paradise wedding

It’s honestly a huge bummer because I really loved JPJ up until tonight’s episode. He just really changed my opinion of him. But mostly, it made me realize how young he is. There’s not really much I can say about the situation other than the Bachelor producers and editors wouldn’t have shown us all the footage of JPJ bashing Derek and saying that all he wants to do is sleep with women if the Bachelor franchise was considering Derek for Bachelor. They’re absolutely not because they showed us that footage. And my second takeaway is that it’s just a big bummer because JPJ showed a really nasty side of himself.

Clay and Nicole

I was really rooting for these two! And I still am. I definitely think they have a good chance of making it out of Paradise together. However, obviously Angela showing up is going to rock the boat quite a bit. It wouldn’t be surprising to me whatsoever if Clay ends up sending himself home. I would if I were Clay! That’s just too weird to be in Paradise with someone that you had that serious of a relationship with. Dating for eight months, looking for houses together, and talking about children is not a fling. And I 1000% would not want to be in Paradise, even if I was dating someone else, if an ex-boyfriend like that showed up for me. If I were Clay I would leave, and tell Nicole that I’ll contact her when Paradise is over. But will have to see what happens.

clay and angela BIP wedding

Next Week…

I am so glad that Dean is back and I really looking forward to seeing that unfolding. Also, I am really not sure what Clay is going to do!?! What do you think? Is he going to go back to Angela or stay with Nicole? Tell me all your thoughts on the wedding too! Can’t wait for next week, let’s discuss what you think is going to happen below!

Outfits + BIP Cast Recap

Here I am going to link a few outfits that I found since last night’s episode, along with a few from tonight’s wedding! Are there any others you want to see me link? Let me know!















Make sure to jump over to last night’s BIP blog or the Affordable Friday post for more great looks!!!

Here’s an adorable dress that I wanted to share with you! I haven’t posted this one yet, but I love it! This dress is only $49. I love the details of the small buttons down the front. And how stinkin’ cute is the ruffle at the bottom! The pattern is darling and I feel like it’s one of those dresses that you can wear spring, summer and fall depending on your weather. I could totally wear it here during all those seasons! It’s definitely on the more casual side and isn’t super fitted. But I like that look.

ali fedotowsky manno affordable dress


ali fedotowsky manno affordable dress


Thanks so much for stopping by my Bachelor in Paradise post today, I can’t wait to here all your thoughts on the beautiful wedding!

78 Thoughts

78 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Randone Wedding!

  1. I look forward to your blogs after each episode-almost as much as I look forward to the episode!

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I absolutely hope Dean and Caelynn end up together. I’m totally rooting for them!

    Everything you said about every person was so spot on! Looking forward to reading next week! 😘

      1. Me too! I love reading your recaps, Ali, and Reality Steve’s too! He is trying to figure out how to send a wedding gift to Rachel. He always sends a gift to any Bachelorette or Bachelor who actually marries their first choice pick (sorry Arie and Jason! No gifts for you!)

    1. In really don’t care for Chris and Krystal so skipped over the wedding. (Chris treated the girl he was dating in paradise last year HORRIBLY when Krystal arrived and just lost all respect for both if them.)

      Yeah-JPJ went off the rails. I mean, he is already pretty immature but that was bad.

      This show is crazy – not sure why I even keep watching!

  2. It was totally disrespectful the way that JPJ behaved at someone else’s wedding. I agree with you that he is pretty young and immature. I thought it was kind of weird how some BIP people stayed and some left, but it was kind of random who they sent away. Next week looks to be interesting. You are right that the producers are good at creating drama!

    1. I am guessing the people who stayed are those that knew the couple personally. Which I get. They probably wanted the reception to feel more personal.

    2. Yea what was that all about, just choosing certain people to stay for the reception, that’s weird and tacky

  3. You really don’t seem into this at all and I don’t blame you. Unfortunately you have made it part of your job but you are better than this. What a waste of energy.

    1. Oh I love it! I was just busy today and didn’t get a chance to write a super detailed post. It’s hard when there are two episodes every week for BIP. But I truly LOVE the show!

      1. You shouldn’t even have to explain yourself to some random person commenting! Of course you love the show and your post didn’t come off as “not into it” at all. I was just thinking how you even find time to write a post when you’re working and taking care of kids and all. I can barely feed myself and keep my plants alive lol.

      2. Hi Ali
        I’m sitting here watching this episode in New Zealand so a bit delayed , I often read your blog and watch at the same time and love your blog so much. I am not a big comment person but saw this and thought argh !! You are amazing I love watching your gorgeous kids and how dedicated you are to letting them grow up in a fun and free environment and documenting it in such a fun way – omg I wish I had this technology – my kids are 20/18/15 and we have to get the old video machine out to watch there moments. Molly so reminds me of my middle child Ella , she is now 18 and used to dance and have similar tea parties – she is currently in New Orleans after finishing a stint being a camp councillor in Maryland – life changing . Love these moments as before you know it they are calling you up from USA at 4am to say hi.
        Anyway keep doing what you do , ignore the negative and drink wine xx

  4. Hi Ali! Yup, Derek is out! There is definitely something shady about him. Rumor is Peter will be the Bachelor. Sigh. He is the best option I guess but he reminds me of Clay a bit. I feel badly for Angela. Though I think there is someone out there who will be much better for her than Clay! I wish Angela had a heart to heart with Becca because Becca (with Arie breaking her heart) knows what it’s like to have your whole future ripped away from you. It is brutal when that happens…but it will be better for Angela in the long run. I found it disturbing how everyone talked about Angela’s revenge body…maybe she has lost a ton of weight from stress and sadness. She was absolutely stunning during her entire relationship with Clay. She certainly didn’t need to change her physical appearance in any way. I think it’s too soon for her to be in Paradise and for Clay as well. Crystal looked stunning and I can’t wait to hear your podcast. Why do they all call Chris that funny nickname?

    1. The talk about Angela’s revenge body was odd because she was so hot before- she just lost some weight. She was always thin and in shape, and didn’t need to lose weight, so I don’t get why being a tad slimmer is “revenge”.

  5. JPJ’s behavior was uncalled for in a wedding. Really???? Such a turn off.
    Let’s not always blame this person’s attitude on his being young. I’m not convinced that age determines how you behave. I always believe that good manners start at home, although I don’t discount the fact that we have free will and the influence of outside environment contribute to this nasty attitude. I don’t want to judge but JPJ is a bully.

    1. Watching JPJ go off on Derek & not let him speak or defend himself, gave me a glimpse of what it might be like being married to him. Yikes

  6. What a great episode. I really agree with you on most of your comments!! I absolutely want to see Caelynn needs to end up with Dean!!! They were the perfect match and you’re right, people can change when they find their person. I think and hope Dean has. As for Clay, he is a sensitive guy and I think he feels bad for Angela and still cares for her, but he isn’t in love with her. I think Clay and Nicole have a great chance at love. Very frustrated that they brought Angela to Paradise. Stupid. And finally, JPJ. He’s going off the deep end. Lol. He’s very young and inexperienced. Poor Derek. That whole thing was weird and absolutely won’t impress Taysha. I liked JPJ a lot, now I’m not sure and I still really like Derek.

  7. Any thoughts as to why they only picked a few people for the reception? And why they picked those specific people?

  8. I’m totally rooting for Dean & Caelynn!!
    I love them together. Also, I’ve never really cared for JPJ, so tonight just confirmed that one for me!

  9. I cannot help but get soooo disappointed everytime you defend Luke P. If Connor said that – I’m sorry but good for him! He deserves it. He does and said way worse on the show and over social media. He takes responsibility for nothing. Connor was one of the few men that showed Luke any grace.

    I don’t agree at all with what JPJ did but when I read you say that these one time incidents totally change your opinons of people I find it so strange and so frustrating! That goes for Connor’s comment as well. Are people not allowed to be human in your world? People can’t make mistakes? You should know that these shows have a way of bringing out sides of people they may not have even known existed! I’m sure based on how you presented/handled yourself with your time on the show you wouldn’t want people to have a totally changed opinion of you. And hold your actions against you.

    Overall I feel bad for the cast this year. They are so under the microscope. And in a way you can’t understand because social media isn’t what it was when you were on the show. People apparently can’t make mistakes anymore. Silly me – I thought that was all apart of growing as an individual🤷‍♀️.

  10. Honestly I haven’t seen the episode yet (mom of 3 little boys so I’m usually in bed and watch it the next morning) but I love reading your blog and getting teasers 🙂
    I am actually rooting for Caelynn and Dean. I’m not a huge fan of Caelynn, from her time on Colton’s season and how she acted when she came into paradise. However, I thought that her and Dean’s first date was cute, real and genuine compared to a lot the other couples. I like them together!

    1. I agree with you in this! JPJ didn’t even consider what Taisha wanted! It was her that went to Derek. Not letting him talk and all that. Sure showed his age!
      I really hope that Dean is serious and isn’t playing games! I don’t think he would do that. I hope it works and maybe it’s him and Caelynn that leaves together next week.
      I feel bad for Clay. It has to be hard! Plus how Nicole was with Christian…I wonder if she deserves Clay…. I hope for the best for them though. I didn’t like how Nicole went off about Clay’s ex with Derek…she seemed to make stuff up about her…not classy at all….I hope they all figure things out!!!

  11. I do not see Caelynn and Dean together long term at all. I think Dean is going to make travel and exploring his entire life and Caelynn may love to travel but I’m thinking she stays at 5 star resorts. Dean will find that person who will travel the world with him, he doesn’t need to settle. And I think Caelynn and Connor are an adorable match. More realistic.

  12. Krystal looked so beautiful in that dress. Great choice of a gown. Chris looked amazing as well. Happy for them, they do compliment each other.

    On the other note, I was so disturbed by this season of BIP. I honestly feel like there’s some bit of acting happening. First why would they invite Clay to the reception?? Okay I understand they are friends but then why would they invite Tayisha to the reception?? It’s like as if they wanted her to take back the gossip to Nicole to stir up some drama. On top of all that why would Angela allow to return to BIP knowing that the guy she still has feelings for is there with some chic hmmmm that’s so disturbing.

    I also had a feeling Dean would be back. He seems like a changed guy and not getting caught up in drama this time around. I wish him nothing but happiness. JPJ he is simply childish!!!!! There’s no better way of saying this. He needs to grow up . I understand Derek may have said some of those words but the way JPJ was allover his face and not letting him say something smh… however I liked the fact tha Derek stayed mature in all this otherwise someone else would have blasted JPJ face.

    Kristina, is she okay? I really really loved her before this BIP but something is up with her this time around that’s why I feel like they are not being real but acting out.

    Thank you Ali I like your blog.

  13. So obviously Kristina didn’t know Caelynn and Conner talked and kissed at the reception, but her attitude that Caelynn is after all her leftovers, I just find myself liking her, less and less… What are your thoughts on Kristina from tonight’s episode?!

    1. Brandy I so agree with you!! I really liked christina on last season of BIP but this year she seems very full of herself saying that caeylnn is going after her left overs. She is making me dislike her more and more every episode.

    2. I came here to ask this exact question! I don’t understand Kristina’s vendetta against her. While I’m not a fan of Caelynn for many reasons, Kristina just came in ready to throw daggers. She’s gorgeous but wow so mean!

    3. So so many thoughts on this one.

      Yes, Dean and Blake are both “leftovers” that Caelynn is “eating” but these are 2 guys that I absolutely loved on their seasons of the Bachelorette and then came into paradise as totally different men. I don’t think that they’re right for any woman at the moment. As for Connor, I think that was just out of poor jealously that Kristina said that considering they had both just met him at the wedding and he chose to take Caelynn on the date. Kristina never really even got her spoon in that pudding lol. I think they just both have very similar taste in men, they act alike, and it makes them both react. I feel like they could be really good friends if they were both in serious committed relationships.

  14. Totally agree about Dean and Caelynn! I’d like to see him step up a bit more but I think it’s possible, and I like them together.

    REALLY bummed about Derek. I was rooting for him to be the bachelor and would still love to see that. I guess it will be Peter then!

  15. I honestly just do not get the appeal of John Paul Jones. I don’t know if it is just being older now, but he just seems really immature and has trouble having regular conversations with people. I never saw him on the bachelorette (did not watch last season) so I don’t know if this is just an act or what, but all he does is just laugh the whole conversation. Also that is no way to act at a persons wedding. You need to leave if you can’t control yourself.

    Hoping to see more of Mike and Sydney. Though with the little bit of air time maybe he’s being set up to be the next bachelor. Who knows?!

    1. Also forgot to add… I just don’t get the whole Blake/Kristina thing. I used to love Kristina, but this season she has really changed for me. So Blake gave her the rose… next week when girls are in charge. So if a guy comes down she’s interested in will she give it to him and send Blake home? It’s just too confusing anymore. They’re just two friends who wanted a trip to Mexico.

  16. I love Clay and Nicole but I have to say that I don’t actually love the things Nicole said about Angela. I TOTALLY get how upsetting it is to see you boyfriend’s ex (I’ve been in that situation) but I also don’t think it’s right to say hurtful or mean things about them. I used to feel that way and thought that it was okay when I was in my early 20’s but I quickly learned that it wasn’t the right approach. Again, I love Nicole and hope that she has found her person in Clay but I just don’t love the way she reacted towards his ex.

    1. Especially since Angela was so heartbroken. It’s not like she cheated on Clay or dumped him…he totally led her on.

    2. After seeing how Nicole talked about Angela (who did NOTHING besides saunter in with a “look what you gave up” attitude.. rightfully so) after she got back to paradise, I hope Clay goes back to Angela! Tayshia really didn’t help the situation. Why would Angela have any direct involvement in the decision and obviously if the couple knew Clay very well too! They are vets, they should have known it was the producers. Getting mad at Clay and Angela for the reasons they were just made them look sloppy drunk hah!

  17. This episode blew my mind. Holy cow jpj is a mess i dont taisha woth pick either one and i hope clay goes home he is in such an awkward situation. As for dean i like him but if hes back for caelynn i wouldnt trust him he may break her heart again!

  18. I love you Ali! I enjoy reading your blogs to see your perspective. While I respect your opinion, I do not agree with what you said about Connor. He’s a great, solid guy. Sure, he said those things to Luke P. which came out very harsh I will admit, BUT we were not in his situation with Luke. There were lots of things behind the scenes and if all of the guys have something negative to say about Luke, including Hannah B., I don’t think it was crazy for Connor to speak out. He did make a post on Instagram explaining himself. I just think we need to show more grace for people. He said some things that were not so nice, but I know I say many unkind things weekly. His just happened to be on tv. Let’s show grace and try to see situations in THEIR lens especially when it was only one thing he did “bad”. I don’t think it’s right to immediately change your whole view on someone for one mistake.

    Just my two cents!

  19. I think Angela needs to spend the next 10 months or so getting over Clay so she can be the next bachelorette! She would be perfect… she’s now been screwed over twice (first by Eric on BIP then by Clay) and she actually wants to find her forever guy and get married. She’s not just in it for Instagram fame… unlike so many others. I know the show always chooses someone from the previous Bachelor season but they should change things up!

    1. Sara, I agree with you about Angela. I think she would be a great Bachelorette. And they don’t always choose someone from the previous season. Look at Nick and Arie!

  20. I live for your recaps!! So much fun getting your thoughts. I know you’re busy being a Mama and juggling all your other projects so thank you for always doing this blog!!!

    I am actually really upset that Angela chose to do paradise. She’s always seemed nice but it’s like she’s intentionally trying to make Clay uncomfortable which is just mean.

    And I agree with Dean. He seemed so upset in the car and I think I’ve heard rumors that they were together after paradise which is great!

    We still aren’t seeing Mike and Sydney! And I hate that because I love him!! Do you think him having little screen time means he will or won’t be the Bachelor? I’m so curious in your thoughts on that!

    And JPJ—ugh! I have no words, he needs to go home.

  21. I’m watching it now while I comment – JPJ
    Not sure what’s going on in that head of his ? Cray cray jpj ? So many emotions tonight as they are all watching 2 people have what they all want !!

  22. I love hearing other perspectives and I am excited to see what comes for some of these relationships. However, I am so annoyed with how this season is going. It just seems so scripted with all these intentional arrivals. I’m so annoyed! The Blake drama, Demi/kristian, then Connor coming after Caelynn says oh but he isn’t here. And now Angela??? Seriously! It’s not the same… disappointed.

  23. I totally agree that JPJ was out of line. At times I felt he was just rambling and not even making sense! He also kept telling Derek to get away from him however he was the one that continued to approach him! He wasn’t going to listen to Derek. Not a JPJ fan after this. Although It was funny when he was crying beside Blake, the nose blowing and all lol oh my goodness. Also Demi’s dialogue of Connor, Kristina and Caelynn….omg lol I was ROFL. Also I hope Clay and Nicole stay together, get out of here Angela! Anyway thank you for your BIP blog post, I love reading it!

  24. Thanks for doing these recaps! It cannot be easy with 2 kids, but I definitely like hearing your perspective.

    I usually agree with most of what you write, but I don’t know about Dean and Caelynn. I do think Dean likes her, but when people tell you who they are, I think you should believe them. I am guessing they will be together for a while as there is definite chemistry there but I think Caelynn will tire of the nomad life Dean lives eventually, and I dont think he is giving that up anytime soon.

  25. Weddings. They bring everybody together. I love love.

    I liked Caelynn and Dean. I feel like he made it clear right away that he wasn’t ready to get married and Caelynn deserves somebody that wants to commit. I don’t know if that person is Connor.

    JPJ. I did not care about his dates last week and I do not care about his drama this week. He is being so childish.

    I hope that Clay makes his decision quickly about if he wants to break things off with Nicole and go back to Angela or tell Angela that his feelings for her are done. But I don’t like indecisiveness. I would be very upset if I was Nicole because it seems as if clay was not single long enough to deal with paradise.

    Kristina is still acting crazy. I hope she is not on next summer’s season.

    Lastly Ali, I cannot wait to listen to the pod this week! XoXo

  26. I find it very strange that Angela is coming back to paradise after criticizing Clay at the wedding for going to paradise so soon after they broke up. I like Angela, but I really hope he stays with Nicole. They seem like a great match.

    1. That is a good point. But I guess at this stage in the game he’s already there so she probably figures it’s fair game now. And my guess is she wants to win him back!

  27. JPJ is a complete Jackass !! Wtf ! I said this b4 and will say it again, he is immature behaving like a child, he’s a BOY ! NOT A MAN !! Go home idiot, Loved 💖 the wedding the best part of the show , so very happy for Chris and Krystak 💕💕

  28. I wish Tayisha went over the JPJ and told him to get out of Derek’s face and leave, also Chris and Krystak should have requested he be removed immediately she started bullying Derek

    1. I hear what you’re saying but I think she probably wanted to stay out of it. If I were her I would probably be scared. The side of him he showed was very aggressive.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks Dean is too good for Caylynn? She’s a mess. He has told her all along of his lifestyle and that they wouldn’t mesh outisde of paradise. He’s been truthful and honest. However, she cries and says she was “blindsided”. And then 2 seconds later Connor shows up and the tears disappear. Have not been impressed with her at all.

    1. Exactly! She was literally crying to Tia about how she got dumped the night before and then all of the sudden Conner and his boys walk in and she’s all smiles and flipping her hair and then asks Tia if she looks ok. I haven’t been a fan of hers since she started the drama on Colton’s season.

  30. What is happening? Emotional hinges are coming undone! Wheels are flying off! I am getting stressed…

    I am seeing elevated levels of anxiety in some of the people. Now, an individual I truly appreciate is Wells! He seems to be well adjusted and respectful to everyone. ❤️ I think he is a sweetheart …

  31. Oh the irony….! You can defend and “feel bad” for Luke P and his constant controlling abusive behavior but you can’t get past Connor for calling him out once. We saw Luke P behaving poorly over and over on our tv screens. Can you just imagine how he was every day in the house with the other guys? Abusers are always worse when no one is watching. But Connor gets to the end of his rope and you can’t let that go. Wow! Sure, the F word wasn’t his finest hour but he was t wrong. Ali, you really need to figure out why you continue to excuse poor guy behavior like Jed and Luke P. I don’t know or care to know either guy but I can assure you Luke P is not your stand up guy! Connor at least has potential.

    1. I’m really sorry you read this that way! I think Luke P was terrible during his season and I don’t condone his behavior at all. I’m just saying that Connor really rubbed me the wrong way when he was so nasty at them until all. Just because other people are nasty doesn’t give you the right to be nasty back.

  32. I’m with you on the Derek/JPJ situation. I don’t think the things JPJ was saying are 100% false, but the way he handled it and when he chose to bring it up was WAY out of line and WAY out of the blue! I wonder if there’s something we didn’t see that triggered that outburst. I do have to commend Derek for how he handled it. He could’ve easily lost it on JPJ but he kept his cool and tried to handle it maturely.

    Like you said, JPJ is young and seems to just not have that level of maturity yet. I feel like that’s something we’re saying about people in this franchise a lot lately. I wish they’d go back to the cast being late 20’s early 30’s. In my opinion 23/24 is just too young for most people to handle this experience maturely… although it does make for great TV!

  33. Ali I’m one of the old gals that actually remember when you were on the shows and I’ve followed you for years. Typically I agree with you but not always.

    First, JPJ is 24 not 16 and should know by now how to conduct himself in a situation. He says he doesn’t want Derek to insult his intelligence but he just did it himself. I’m sure as a financial analyst or whatever he is takes someone with a high intellect but he’s an idiot IMO. Flying off the handle at a wedding is uncalled for but apparently BN producers thought it was fine, as they allowed it to continue. If I’d been Chris and Krystal I’d thrown him out immediately.

    I like Derek. I’d love to see him as the Bachelor but as said prior it probably won’t happen now. We need someone with his maturity and not another young man who’s not ready to settle down.

    Now for Clay and Angela. They make a beautiful couple and I hope they can work through their issues. Nicole, I feel just chose Clay because her other two options got thrown off Paradise. She’s the queen of paradise or whatever she called herself and is leading Clay on.

    Another person that needs to grow up and I believe will be completely devastated at the end is Dylan. Hannah is about as much into him as I am with Brussel sprouts. She’s going to dump him like a hot potato

    Blake is a joke. Period. Why do girls think he’s so hot? I don’t get it????

    Dean… oh Dean. You are the most interesting guy and I hope you don’t change. Caelynn believes you can change or that she can change you but that would be a huge mistake.

    Love watching you with your babies. Please don’t change a thing Ali. Oh and my husband does most of the housework at my home too being retired and I love it. He’s really good at it!!

  34. 2 things that I can’t get over. 1. How incredibly stunning Krystal looked! And 2. JPS’s childish outburst. All of this drama with JPJ, Blake and Stagecoach, and Tahzjuan’s drama last week has really taken away from the rest of the cast. I’d like to see more of the other relationships and less of the childish antics. I’d also like to see more of Wells, because I think hes hilarious! On another note, I never thought Dereck was a real contendor for the Bachelor and I’m still rooting for Pilot Pete for the role!

  35. I love Dean and Caelynn together and hope that they do work out. Dean is such a sweet guy and I love that he is a nomad. It’s so exciting. They can just be nomads together.

    Wow, JPJ… I think what he did was out of line and I think it was out of pure jealousy… I feel bad for Derek and hope it does work out between him and Taiysha.

    I’ve never really been that invested in Clay and Nicole…

    Oh, and at the wedding, did you notice Krystal whisper “don’t laugh” with a very stern face to Chris? It was when they were spreading the sage… I thought that was so funny.

    Next week! I cannot wait to see Dean come back for Caelynn. I hope she takes him back. AW!

  36. I’m disappointed if Derek said that he’s only on the shows to meet new women and hook up. He always seemed more mature than that to me.

    Ali, what are your thoughts on only a handful of the cast getting to stay for the reception? I thought it was cruel and manipulative of C&K to pick Clay and not Nicole. I wonder if it was their decision or the producers’.

  37. Ali they announced last night on the BIP reunion show who is going to be the next Bachelor and it’s surely not Derek!! Do you want to know who it is? I think you will be happy. 🌹🌹✈️

  38. Isn’t Pilot Pete the next bachelor anyway?? I can’t believe Derek was ever even in the running?? He’s kind of old news…

  39. How funny was it when JPJ said he’s 24 and he’s been searching for his wife for 16 years?! Lol! I have an 8 year old son…he definitely isn’t focused on finding a wife just yet!

  40. I agree with you on Dean and Caelynn! Everyone is scared to make that jump into a relationship and sometimes it takes making the wrong decision (him leaving) to realize what you really want. I think he’s just been used to this lifestyle and this would be a huge change for him, but one I think he will figure out is totally worth that scary change! Rooting for them!

  41. Am I the only one who can’t stand how often/how many times these girls say ‘like’? With everything else going on, this is probably minor but a big pet peeve of mine. I mean, these ladies are not teenagers, they are professional women yet every other word is ‘like’. Hannah B was particularly bad about that in her season and I was surprised to hear it since she would obviously have to speak at events and such in her role. Can Bachelor Nation find some people who can communicate at their age level and BAN the word ‘like’?? Seriously, does it bother anyone else??

  42. What are your thoughts on not everyone getting invited to the reception? I feel like that was so weird. I hate that we can tell what the producers do just because they can even though it makes us viewers cRaZy! Lol

  43. I thought everyone ripping on Angela and assuming she was manipulating the wedding really bothered me. Like it’s not her wedding, clay and Chris are friends, of course he’s gonna be invited!! And since Angela is also their friend, why would they invite clays new woman and risk making Angela uncomfortable?
    This seems like a very catty response painting Angela as this manipulating villain, when…really, if clay is dumb enough or vulnerable enough to want to go back to Angela, that’s his decision. You can’t blame the other woman for just existing.

  44. Totally NOT team Dean and caelynn, I like Connor SO much better and I feel like the way he acted at the men tell all was almost warranted….I mean everything Luke P said and did, he ruined a lot of the guys time on the show. Dean is immature and doesn’t know what he wants, I think he leaves because he had something to attend to and I feel like it’s heavily produced him coming back. I don’t care for caelynn at all, and I really like Connor so I guess I don’t hope she ends up with him, but Dean is just so obviously the wrong choice!!

    Also, I think it’s VERY VERY strange that clay and Angela never said I LOVE YOU to each other. What?!??!? 7/8 months together and you’re looking at houses and talking babies but you don’t say I love you? My red flags would be waving SOOO much if I was in a relationship for that long and there was no I love yous being said. Very very very strange. I am curious why that is …

  45. JpJ was a total let down! Immaturity is hard to watch when marriage is the goal. Nicole and Clay are not a match!! I’m calling it. She was way to into guys fighting over her. Clay needs someone a little less drama.

    1. Yeah, that was a bad look. She seems like she hated the actual fighting, but she kept telling Clay he needed to be more aggressive. And then SHE was super aggressive about Angela…who she openly admits she has never met but is constantly talking about how much she hates her. I get that being around your SO’s ex is hard, but she was being way too volatile about it considering Clay was the one who broke up with Angela, for seemingly nothing that Angela did wrong.. She has some maturing to do before she’s ready for a serious commitment, I think.

  46. Ugh..I just caught up with BIP. So here’s my opinion.
    1. Demi and kristen need to be out..they already had a relationship and obviously not looking for love. It could be 2 people that really are instead of them getting a free vacation.
    2. Blake and Kristina obviously need to go to. Kristina has something on Blake that he has to keep her there. Again that’s unfair they aren’t looking for love. Kristina is a trouble maker and Blake is just lost lol.
    3. I know the show is about drama but them bringing Dean again and Angela tells me the producers don’t care if they find love. Because they bring people in or back in the show when the viewer thinks…Clay and Nicole are falling in love or Caelynn getting heartbroken again by Dean!!!!!!!!

  47. This whole JPJ thing is just out of control. The episode on Monday confused me because JPJ went on a date with not one but TWO women who weren’t Tayshia….made out with Haley A LOT…and then was upset Tayshia was talking to Derek. Talk about double standards — he is allowed to go on other dates and make out, but how dare Tayshia try to talk to someone else and kiss them?!?! Ugh. Just irritated me. JPJ was OUT OF CONTROL. Even if Derek did say being on the show makes it easy to hook up with women…he could be there for genuine reasons (and considering he got engaged last time, he might be), and JPJ had no right to go after him like that. JPJ is the one who messed it up with Tayshia, not Derek. But of course, it’s much easier to blame Derek than to take accountability for your role in it. I obviously don’t know him so I’m not judging him as a person, but it’s just not a good look.

    1. On the next show when Derek asked JPJ to go talk, he finally got to say a few words without JPJ just continuing to spout off. He said…and I’m paraphrasing here…”and did you hear what I said right after (whatever he said about how easy it would be to hook up with all the girls now) that I DON’T DO THAT”. JPJ conveniently left that part out.
      I don’t care if he hooks up with girls all day long because of his “fame” now, but it wouldn’t be cool to brag about it. I don’t think he did brag and I think he’s a pretty stand up guy.

  48. JPJ’s actions were super immature and embarrassing. The fact that he wouldn’t even let Derek try to defend himself (although I’m sure what JPJ said was 100% true) goes to show how immature he is. You ambush someone, as Derek correctly stated, and bulldoze through all those statements, also correctly stated by Derek, and not even give the other person a chance to get two words in. I’m sure it was the editing, but it seemed very odd to me that JPJ seemed to suddenly have an issue with Derek after he suddenly realized he’s “in love” with Tashia. I don’t get how he can say those things when he had his tongue down Emily’s throat and hands all over her butt (under her bikini I might add) just the episode before! JPJ clearly has a lot of maturing to do….

    I actually really like Connor. I forgot about his actions at MTA and now that you’ve reminded me I do agree they were really inappropriate, however Luke P was also very inappropriate and extremely disrespectful to literally everyone involved in Hannah’s season so I do think his comments were warranted, but would’ve been better said in a different setting. I like Caelynn and Dean together as well so hopefully things work out between them. I’m curious to see who Connor ends up with.

    Can’t wait until next week’s episodes and your blog posts!

  49. I’m not sure if anyone has said anything about this but if I remember right it was Tayshia who approached Derek about spending time together. If she had just been up front with JPJ about her feelings then maybe he wouldn’t have aimed his anger at Derek.

  50. Why do you sound so drunk on your podcasts? I was looking forward to getting into bed tonight and tuning in, but I honestly had to shut it off. It’s a turn off!

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