Affordable Friday – Transitioning to Fall

Happy Affordable Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week so far, and I hope this post makes your Friday even better because you find some inexpensive new clothes! How crazy that it is almost September! I cannot believe it – but that means we also need to start talking fall clothes! So today, I’m sprinkling in some items that can be worn either now or later in the fall with a few accessory changes! Everything is SUPER affordable and from Walmart. I truly spend a ton of time searching for the best items there and I am always soooo happy with how these Affordable Friday looks turn out and I hope you guys are too! Here we go!

Fringe Blouse

Let’s start with the adorable blouse that I am wearing in these photos. I genuinely love this top so much. How fun is the white fringe around the bottom?! The added texture and detail help to make this top young and fun! The vertical stripes add a level of sophistication. You know how much I love my blush and blue!!

There’s a few things that I want to point out about this top. First, the fabric is similar to a linen material and definitely looks and feels super expensive. But it isn’t expensive! In fact, it is only $14 now! When I purchased it, it was $24! So you’re getting an extra $10 off! Gosh you have to love Walmart’s prices and sales! Another thing to note, is that it is slightly cropped (not by much), the jeans I’m wearing with it aren’t super high waisted and everything is covered. But you might not want to wear low rise jeans.

affordable fringe tank ali manno



I paired my outfit with these gray slip on shoes that are under $20. These shoes also have ridiculously good reviews. So I’m not the only one who loves them. Plus I’m finding that I just really love slip on shoes these days because of the easiest to throw on when I’m running out the door with the kiddos. If you are in-between sizes, size up!

walmart stripped tank ali manno


Accessorize Your Dress

This next outfit is definitely one that can be worn both now and in the fall. How stinkin cute is a dress paired with a scarf! Unfortunately it looks like my scarf was just taken off the site, but I found a handful of other options that are all under $15!

dress with scarf ali manno

 1. DRESS | 2. SCARF

The dress is really loose fitting, and what I mean by that is it doesn’t have too much shape to it, but I have found that this sort of dress is perfect for wearing with a scarf or jacket or another layering item. That’s because the material kinda just goes with the flow of whatever else it is paired with. So maybe this is more of a fall dress, or even just for a slightly cooler summer night where you can pair it with a cute light jacket! Denim or a colored leather jacket, would both be darling! It’s also on the longer side. I find that most dresses like this tend to be on the shorter side. So this is nice for those who don’t like short dresses.

Sweater Tank

Okay so I have to say that this sweater tank is one of my very favorite new apparel items. It is SO comfortable. I’m sure that you’ve already seen it on my stories quite a bit, because I have practically been living in it! Ha! It is great for lounging around the house or running on errands. I love the material because it is so soft. And even though it is a sweater-like material, because it is a lighter color and has a bunch of knitted holes in it, it is really breathable. Oh and it’s only $15, which is amazing!

sweater tank ali manno

affordable sweater tank


As for what bra to wear, I’d say either a strapless or bralette would be best if you are trying to avoid the straps from showing! But even a regular bra can be covered up pretty well since the straps are wider on the tank! You just might see it under your arm. And in that case, a bralette would be the way to go depending on how it fits you.

Here’s an iPhone pic so that you can see how amazing this top is, even without a professional camera! I’m also wearing the $9 jeans

affordable sweater tank ali manno


I’ve shared these jeans before but I want to mention them again since I am wearing them here and they are only $9!!! Trust me when I say, you will be like, how are these less than $10?! If I didn’t know I would think that they were probably more like $60 jeans. I recommend them to everyone because they are so flattering!

Transitioning a Dress to Fall

I LOVE this next outfit because it truly is perfect for transitioning summer to fall. Isn’t the pattern for this dress so cute?  The material is lightweight so that it can keep you cool in the summer or warmer fall months. I love the neckline on this because I think it is really slimming. I’ve always talked about how I typically like to keep my upper arms covered, but when necklines are like this, or square, I feel like it really makes everything looks amazing! As you can see in these first photos I am wearing it with heels, but it can also be paired with boots! It’s great because it is really versatile! It’s $27 – and I know that I am going to get so much wear out of this during both seasons!

affordable cow print dress


Here’s how you can wear it for fall! In this photo I have layered the dress with a long “trench coat” style jacket, that is the same length as the dress. A long black sweater would also be adorable! My dress is 10 years old and unavailable, but most jackets and sweaters with the look would do! The dress is just the right length where you can also wear it with short boots, or booties like I am wearing here! I truly think that this is going to be one of my favorite looks this fall. Don’t you love it?! spotted pattern dress affordable


I got these booties awhile back, but I’ve linked a few affordable options here that I think would be really cute with this outfit!

A Great Errand Dress

Last but not least is this blue dress. You know how much I love wearing light blue colors, and this is no exception! How adorable! This dress and material are very casual, I will probably wear this for school drop-offs and out to errands. It is really nice and lightweight for only $11. I would say this dress would be also great to wear as a beach cover up. For the price point, it is absolutely lovely!! I do want to point out that I would probably not wear it anywhere too formal, as it is a more casual material. Added a belt would definitely dress it up a bit!

affordable blue dress $11

affordable $11 dress ali manno


There you have it for Affordable Friday’s! Awhile back you asked me to do these more often, are you liking them? What do you want to see more of? What style of looks are you excited to see more of for fall months? Also if you didn’t see it, I did a post last week with 10 outfits, plus bras for each!

Thanks for stopping by my Affordable Friday’s post sponsored by Walmart.

40 Thoughts

40 thoughts on “Affordable Friday – Transitioning to Fall

  1. Is this a sponsored post since it looks like most everything is from wal-mart? In my experience, Wal-Mart does not have the most flattering and well made clothes which is why it is SO inexpensive. I’d rather spend more money on clothes that will last longer and be flattering from all angles not by select poses that would make any outfit look nice. End rant! If you could please post clothes from other companies more often it would be much appreciated as I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks!

    1. That is so funny that you said this. I feel just the opposite and tell all my friends how I LOVE the clothes I get from Walmart. The materials are beautiful and the fit and shape are great. I get compliments all the time! I don’t mind spending money on clothes I shop a lot from Stitch Fix and J Crew etc but why spend the money when Walmart can offer good options! 🙂

      But of course, to each his own!

      1. I’m with you! I’m always completely blown away at the quality of items I can get for the price. Is every piece a winner? Absolutely not! It isn’t from any store I shop at. I always buy a bunch of stuff and send a handful of it back. And then I post the pieces that I absolutely love the most on here for you guys! I do the digging so you don’t have to! So glad you love their clothes too and I hope you really love this affordable Friday post!

    2. I’m so bummed to hear you feel that way. I plan on posting some Instagram stories today so you can see the clothes in video so it’s not a situation where it’s about the angle the clothes are shot in. I truly love all of these pieces in this post. And I spend a lot of time. Maybe too much time. Ha! Searching the site for the absolute best pieces that I love!

  2. I love the Affordable Friday posts and have purchased a couple of items you’ve shared. I like to have a mix of clothing and spend more on classic staples that will stay in my wardrobe for a long time. The less expensive items are great fillers to add into the mix and when they are no longer stylish, I have no guilt finding a new home for them!

  3. Oh man so many great options. I really do love the sweater tank and the black dress it’s perfect for fall and winter! I’m always blown away at some of the clothes Walmart has! Sometimes it hit or miss but that’s with all stores. But they are so affordable and comfortable so who cares 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing clothes that everyone can get 🙂 you look great! I love that you are wearing less makeup too! You are so relatable and that’s why I love following you. Keep it up!

  5. I for one shop at Walmart (no shame here!) I have found that you really have to pick and choose from certain cuts and fabrics, but I am always getting compliments on what I find! Quick question…can you recommend a good tinted moisturizer? I hate the feel of heavy foundation, but still need a light overall coverage. I love that you are so open to a natural look!!

  6. Hi Ali!
    You are just as beautiful with less makeup! Part of me so wants to do that but I’m just not sure where to begin. I get adult acne and have some blemishes/scars that I need to hide. Any tips / suggestions on what I can do?
    Just wondering, do you guys have a Giant Tiger in the states? Here in Canada we have them and that’s pretty much where I do all of my clothes shopping. 🙂
    I was also wondering if can you do a blog on where you buy your bras and which one(s) are you favorite.
    Love your Facebook posts! I look forward to seeing them every day! 🙂

  7. Loving your affordable Friday! I never buy clothing for myself from Walmart because I never seem to find the good stuff. You must spend a lot of time putting these outfits together because Walmart is sooo hit or miss. Thank you Ali!

  8. Your openness and honesty are SO refreshing! The fact that take time to create outfits that a woman on a budget can afford yet feel pretty and confident in is amazing! I appreciate it so much, especially in the because so many fashion bloggers show items that are unattainable for most women. You are awesome! Thank you for everything you are doing for women around the world, because you are making a difference!

    1. That is so rude, why would you ever say that to another person? Does that make you feel good to try and bring someone else down? Doesn’t this world have enough negativity? Why not spread some kindness instead! Ali is beautiful and real. She is showing that it is not realistic to have hair and makeup professionally done all the time. Let’s praise her for her transparency. Ali, don’t let the
      negativity get you down. You are inspiring women everywhere!

      1. Yes, well said, Rachel. Ali is beautiful and I don’t understand how anyone could look at her and NOT think that!

  9. For me clothes from Walmart are not good quality so they do not last long.
    Minimalist is in now. Will you do capsule wardrobe one day?

    1. When Ali was posting clothes from Nordstrom, although it looks nice, I couldn’t buy it, since it was too expensive for me. So I am so happy Ali shows us more affordable stuff that look great. Thank you Ali for all your hard work to find the best pieces for us! Love your website!

  10. For me clothes from Walmart are not good quality and do not last long.
    Minimalist is in nowadays. Can you do capsule wardrobe?

    1. Exactly. She has so many clothes and it’s all such a waste. She claims she donates most of them and that makes her “feel good”. But most people can’t afford to be buying new clothes every week. Such a waste.

  11. I would like to know where you can get some affordable jackets like the black trench coat. So cute! I LOVE this look!

  12. I’m obsessed with Walmart’s Time and Tru brand. As a Mom of 3, I’m always looking for flattering clothes for a great price. I adore you Aly and I appreciate you including affordable fashion for everyone! 🙂

  13. Hey Ali! I just watched your latest story and you should look into Dosist, they have CBD forward pens that always take away my anxiety if I’m having it in order to get a great night’s sleep. There are also a lot of dropper options (I put a drop in my glass of red wine at night sometimes!) it works way better for me than essential oils, just an option! (And it doesn’t make you high, which tends to give me more anxiety anyway!)

  14. What size did you get in blue dress from walmart? By the way… walmart has come a long way with quality in clothes. I’ve spent a lot of money at upscale stores only to find out that i wear it ince or twice and I’m done.

  15. Where do I find that black coat you paired with the dress?? I’ve been looking for a longer “trench coat” style jacket and that one is the perfect length!

  16. Hi Ali!

    I’ve DM’d you a couple times on IG but I’m sure you are bombarded with those and I’m probably a toothpick in the pile.

    This has nothing to do with clothes but I thought I’d give my question on here to see if you can help! 😁

    We just did a MAJOR makeover to our kitchen and now I’m just missing big country signs like you have in your kitchen. I’m having a hard time finding any that size. Do you happen to remember where you found those? I’ve been searching on sites like Pinterest but am only finding vertical signs that size. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ (Looking for horizontal signs like you have in your kitchen.)

    Thanks so much in advance!

  17. Wal-Mart has really stepped up their game. I love Time and Tru’s core high rise skinny jeans! They’re about $17 and super comfy!!

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