More Affordable Friday!!!!

I couldn’t help myself but to share more Affordable Friday pieces with you!!!!! Woohoooo! I love when I love so many pieces from orders I receive. I mean this in all sincerity that I order tons and tons of clothes and only share my absolute favorites with all of you!

Cutest Top and Jeans

I have to start this Affordable Friday with my two absolute favorite pieces in this post. This super cute tank top by Jessica Simpson that’s only $22 and these insanely flattering pair of jeans by Sophia Vergara for only $24. Let’s start with the top. I’m wearing one size down in this top so I recommend sizing down for a perfect fit. I am in love with the detail down the front with the buttons and the little polkadot beaded trim. I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s just so boho chic and gorgeous! I legit would pay $50-$75 for this if I saw it in a boutique. It is an absolute steal at $22!

1. $22 TOP | 2. $24 JEANS

This pair of jeans by Sophia Vergara, oh my gosh, so so so flattering! Read the reviews on Walmart‘s website and you’ll see what other people are saying about them. I actually was told about these jeans by my best friend Stef in San Diego when we were visiting with them in California recently and I’m so glad I took her advice and bought them! Oh my gosh they’re so good! I’m wearing my normal size, so they’re definitely true to size. Did I mention how good they make your butt look?!

 1. $22 TOP | 2. $24 JEANS

I also wanted to show you the denim with a different top just so you can see. I bought this sweater top to wear to nicer events recently and I love it. I’m normally a small, but I got the medium and it still fits great. It comes in size medium to XXL just FYI, and also comes in black. I just think it’s the perfect kind of top to pair with jeans to look a little bit more dressy if you want to look dressed up, but still wear jeans. The material is really really nice. It’s only $21!

 1. SWEATER TOP | 2. $24 JEANS | 3. WEDGES

Vacay Dress!

Onto my next favorite, I had to show this little number. It’s a GORGEOUS and sexy!!!!! This dress is another absolutely incredible piece by Sophia Vergara’s line. It’s only $26 and comes in sizes XS to 5X. I love the material for the beach. This will be absolutely perfect to pack for any vacation you have coming up. Or just an awesome addition to your closet in general. Look at the reviews! People are obsessed and so am I! Oh and I love that it keeps the girls in! Even without a bra on! But you can easily wear a strapless with it.


Green Makes Me Happy

Sticking with green dresses. Apparently I’m really into green right now. I just think this one is so striking. The green print just makes me really happy for some reason. I feel like it has a designer feel, but definitely not a designer price tag. Read the 35 reviews on Walmart site. It’s true to size, feels like incredible quality, and a size inclusive coming in size is XS to XXXL. I also love that it has pockets and is the type of dress that really looks cute with white sneakers too.


Bold and Beautiful Dress

Oh my gosh this next dress is amazing too. It’s a different price depending on what size you get, which is weird. I’m guessing it’s because they have more quantity available in some sizes than others. I’m wearing a small and the small is on clearance right now for $18. The large is  $20 and the medium is $27. I don’t get it! But regardless, any price you get it is such a great deal. It’s beautiful, well-made, and the perfect work dress! Or a church dress or wear to a spring event. The print is just so bold and beautiful. I love it. When I bought it, it was $36 so it’s awesome that you can get it on sale right now!


Casual Dress

I have another dress just like this from Walmart that’s chambray. In fact, this dress comes in chambray if you want that denim look. However I saw this striped version and I got it because I love throwing this style on when I’m going to an event at school. It looks nice because it’s a dress, but it also is super cute to wear white sneakers with so that I’m really comfortable. I also think it’s a really nice casual lightweight dress for summer. It’s true to size and comes in sizes extra small to XXXL. Oh, and it’s only $19!


Nice Tops

I’m always looking for professional looking tops to wear to either events or meetings, and I feel like it’s really hard to find one that have beautiful pops of color. That’s why I’m so happy I found this one. This cobalt blue is so stunning and vibrant. The material feels really expensive. It’s only $22 and true size. I paired it with these $19 white jeans that I’ve linked these before. They’re just such an easy go-to. Some people are afraid of white jeans, but I say don’t be! Even if you get something on them, it’s so easy to bleach it out.


Going back to the top, I got the exact same $22 top but in the white color! I just loved the fit of the blue one so much that I decided to get the white too. I want to show it to you guys paired with the $20 floral shorts that I showed you last week in my Affordable Friday. The shorts are insanely good. If you bought them last week and already got them and love them please share your thoughts in the comments below so others can hear what you think. You can also read the reviews on the website. They are so amazing! These are shorts for the people who hate shorts. Ha! And that’s because they have a stretchy waist and a line cut, so they’re not tight around your thigh. I love love love them.


All White Look

I almost didn’t include this because I know an all white look isn’t for everyone, but I just think it’s so expensive looking and chic looking that I had to share. Plus, you could buy the top and pants and wear them separately if all white isn’t your thing.  The pants are starting to sell out in some of the smaller sizes so if you love them, snatch them up quick! Also, this is a good example of just another way you can wear the white blouse that I talked about above.


Painting, Anyone?

This next look isn’t gonna be for everybody, but I just think it’s so cute and fun and I had a reason to get it. My girlfriend is opening up a paint shop here in Nashville and I plan on wearing this super cute jumpsuit when I go paint there. It’s the type of place where you throw paint, so I kind of envision just kind of getting this covered in splashes of paint. I actually even want to gift it to one of my artist friends because I think it’s great for any artist to wear while painting – it’s just really cute.


Flowy Tank

Did I talk about this top in my last Affordable Friday post a few days ago? Honestly my brain is mush right now so I can’t even remember. Ha! Regardless, you guys might recognize this top because I’ve had it for a while and I’ve linked it before so a lot of you might even have it! It’s just such a great piece to throw on and not feel constricted. I feel like good flowy tanks are always hard to find that’s why I want to include a couple good ones in this post. In this green one is only $9.98 and it comes in a couple other colors! It’s true to size.

I’m wearing my normal size and it still has a ton of room and flow! I’m wearing it with the white jeans I talked about in the blue top look above. I love love love this crossbody bag. Get it and you’ll see what I mean. The material is so soft. I almost wanna sleep with it like a pillow! I got it because I really wanted a cute crossbody bag to wear with athleisure looks because I feel like I’ve been living in yoga pants for the last month. I love it and I know you will too.


Everyday Tank and Shorts

I actually bought this next look while I was shopping in Walmart. I tend to shop online, but these two pieces I saw in store and grabbed them right away. First the tank top, I got it in every single color. It’s legit only $4.98 and it comes in 10 colors! I’m wearing a size small which is my normal size and it fits me perfectly. So I would definitely say it’s true to size. If you want a little room here and not fitted I would go size up. But this is just the perfect layering tank or just tank to throw on all throughout the summer.

 1. $5 TANK | 2. SHORTS

Then the shorts I love because they’re a longer hemline, so if you don’t like short shorts, these are great. However, sometimes I feel like longer shorts can look a little weird on. However, because these are also high-waisted, they give a really nice balance so I think they’re so cute. They’re true to size and have a stretchy waistband so they’ll be really comfortable. They come in size XS to XXXL. They also come into other colors, including a hot pink!

Riley’s Top

Also linking Riley’s cute little top that I got at Walmart that was $11.98. I get sooo much of my kids clothes there, just because they’re cute, well-made and affordable!

Bye (for now), Friends!

Hope you guys enjoy this Affordable Friday! I am about to go offline for a little while. It’s for reasons that I can’t yet share, but I promise I will as soon as I can! I’ll miss you all so much!

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