A Summer Affordable Friday!

Welcome to Affordable Friday! You guys know I’m taking off for a little bit and I wanted to make sure that I share an Affordable Friday before I do, and my goodness is this a good one! SO many good summer pieces!

Perfect Shorts for EVERYONE!

I have to start with the $20 shorts because they are incredible! They are Sophia Vergara’s line and I’m telling you her line truly knows how to dress a woman’s body. The clothes are made for curves! These shorts have a nice a-line cut so they won’t be tight around your thigh. You will love love love them! You can dress them up or down!

Truly go look at the reviews to see what other people are saying. In fact, for all these pieces in this post, I recommend looking at the reviews because they’re highly reviewed. There’s one negative review on the shorts saying the material is scratchy, but I could not disagree more. It’s super comfortable and super flattering! To get these shorts for only $20, it truly is a steal!


I paired it with this $7 top. You guys might recognize it because I have it in a blue striped version as well. I posted about the blue striped version a couple weeks ago and it sold out. I think it’s available maybe in like one size still. But the white is fully in stock in sizes XS to XXXL.


However, if wearing a fitted top isn’t your thing for whatever reason, I also wanted to show you the exact same pair of shorts, but in the white version with this beautiful flowing green top. This top is only $13! It’s true to size and available in XS to XXXL. It also comes in a navy color. It’s got incredible reviews and is perfect to tuck in like I have these photos or wear untucked. It’s nice and flowing, not form-fitting, if that’s what you’re looking for! Not to mention the white version of the shorts are just killer! I’m obsessed with them.

I can’t forget about these slip on sandals. They are only $14 and I love them so so so much! They look really nice and they’re so easy to slip on while running out the door. I actually had a pair like this a couple years ago and I must’ve left them somewhere when we were on a vacation and I was so bummed because I couldn’t find ones just like them until now. Highly highly highly recommend.

Romantic Floral Dress

Oh my gosh, how romantic and beautiful is this dress! Can you believe it’s only $19! I really believe this will sell out quickly, so I would get it quick! It only has two reviews right now one positive and one negative. I like the positive review. Don’t understand the negative review. Ha! The dress is beautiful and flowy and won’t make you too hot in the summer. I’m not kidding you. I plan on wearing it for an appearance soon because I love it so so so so so much! You’ve got to try it for only $19.98. I’m wearing an extra small and I’m normally a small. So you might want to consider sizing down.


I’m wearing these cute brown wedges with them. They’re really really comfortable. However, it did take me a minute to break them in on the front part. But wedges in general are super comfy, so just give yourself some time to break these in before you wear them for a full day. You could also easily wear this dress with white sneakers.

Pretty Woman Moment

I am so obsessed with this gorgeous navy dress with white polkadots that’s under $20! It’s available in sizes extra small to XXXL. If you have a smaller chest like me, size down one. If you have a larger chest, you should be fine with your normal size, but you might want to consider sizing down in general. It’s got over 65 amazing reviews so go check them out! It’s also available in three other colors/prints! I also love that it has a stretchy waistband. Don’t miss out on this one because it’s just so beautiful.


I love that you can choose to wear it with the buttons at the top undone depending on the look you are going for and how casual your outing or event is!


Nantucket Beach Vibes!!

This next look I’m including because I feel like this is the perfect Nantucket look! An all white outfit with a nautical striped top. It’s a cardigan, but it’s a short sleeve cardigan so it’s perfect for the cooler nights. Especially to watch the of July fireworks! It’s got blue and white stripes with a red trimmer on the collar, so it’s perfect! It’s only $22 and is such great quality! I’m wearing a size small and it’s true to size.


$6 Bra!

One very last thing! If you need a new bra and don’t want to pay a lot, definitely check out this one that’s only $5.98! I truly have no complaints about it. I feel like I could see these in an expensive store, I would have no idea and pay good money for this! But it’s so so affordable. It fits me great and is as comfortable considering the underwire. Which isn’t super comfortable for most people, but I actually don’t mind underwire and prefer it with some of my tops. Totally worth ordering to see if you love it and if you do, ordering multiple!

$6 BRA

Hope you Love!

Hope you guys love this Affordable Friday! I wanted to make sure that I picked some amazing pieces and this time I really edited this blog post down (I ordered WAY more than this) to share only my absolute favorites so that no matter what you get you’re gonna be obsessed!

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2 thoughts on “A Summer Affordable Friday!

  1. Cute, but what I wanted was sold out. Dresses way too long. YOU always look adorable in everything.

    1. Bummer! What one did you want? I have another Affordable Friday blog post today so hopefully you can snag something there! Check it out!

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